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REVIEWS OF Just Fish IN Delaware

tina wyatt

I got a betta fish a few days ago and it just died! I saw a bunch of dead fish there too. I highly doubt the fish are being taken care of. Also why don"t they take out the dead fish. Don't they know it spreads disease. I blame the stores terrible treatment of my fish for it's death. Do not go there!

Sam Margolies

The tanks are small and filthy and overcrowded and I have bought a few fish from here from time to time and they have all died in a few weeks. They also sell fish with parasites external and internal. I would not recommend getting a fish from this store if you want it to live.

Robert Cox

Our previous aquarium store closed. This one a good variety of fish and ok prices.

Lilla Murazo

Short summary-- Prices were high, the care for the fish is minimal, fish did not last I got 5 Cory cats here on Sunday (two weeks ago). Each of the Cory's were 6.99 each! When they were getting out one of the Cory's got pinched in the corner of it's tank. Once I got the five Cory's, I was immediately brought to the check out. Once I got in the car, and about five minuets away i looked in the bag and noticed that he was sitting on it's side and its gills were moving rapidly. I got the fish home and acclimated them for a LONG time, then they were introduced. The fish that was laying on their side was perking up and swimming so I added him. Monday afternoon I find that one of my Cory's died. Tuesday morning I found another one dead. Wednesday I found one dead in the morning and 2 dead in the afternoon. I've been able to keep a tiger barb FROM PET-CO for 5 years (since the tank was cycled) and a rainbow shark for 2 years

Alexandra Pettinaro

The animals weren't lively, there were months old dead (shriveled up) frogs, when we told the worker she simply said "Yeah, It happens". You would think that they would clean out that tank and remove the dead frog but they've simply left it there to continue rotting. It seems like a very sad life for all the animals there, their tanks/cages meet the absolute minimal requirements to keep the animal alive. Yes, they are all there to be sold to better homes but waiting until someone picks them out seems like a terrible way to live. They could at least spruce the place up a bit, it was dirty and the cages looked like they haven't been cleaned in weeks. Lastly, the staff was not very friendly nor knowledgeable when I asked a few basic questions. I'm highly disappointed and will not be returning. I hope those animals all find good homes because Just Fish is not the place for them to be.

Michael Benson

Great family environment. Wonderful mother figure for young folks, that is the owner. And by the way they have great products...

Samantha Casson

I wish I could give 0 stars. I try to avoid going in here because the store is deplorable. The animals are always crowded into tanks that are too small or not appropriate for the kind of animals. The fish tanks are dirty and there is always dust on everything. Most times the water bottles for the small animals are empty or filled with mold. Tonight I had to go in for some fish food... sadly they were the only place close by with the particular food that I needed. For once the water bottles were full but I was still sickened with the conditions. The baby bunnies, about 12 of them, were crowded into a 20 gallon glass aquarium. In the back area, where they have snakes and tarantulas, one of the heat lamps was laying on the bottom of the case... fire hazard. The worst for me was the sulcata tortoise area. My husband and I have a 4.5 year old sulcata which we have raised since a hatchling. We are not experts but are very educated on their particular needs. This poor tortoise in the store was in the wrong kind of enclosure, had the wrong substrate (which can lead to an impaction if ingested), had the wrong lighting, and no humidity (which they need when they are young). The shell was starting to show signs of pyramiding which happens from having the wrong care. There was a shallow water dish which did not look big enough for it to drink out of. The only remains of food was lettuce, which should only be given as a rare treat when they are so young. I would have talked to someone, however the only person behind the counter was a child no more than 12 years old who was ringing people up. No adult to be found, although I’m sure they were in the back. What a disservice to the animals!

It’s Tucker

This "store" doesn't even deserve a star! I have shopped at just fish multiple times hoping that it was just the fish that was given to me had something wrong with it but no, it's the store that has something wrong with it. It's very non hygienic for the fish being sectioned off in very poor water quality holding tanks which are bare. Which isn't terrible but still. Then don't even get me started on the goldfish. The monsters holding these fish in 10 gallon tanks with hundreds of other goldfish is ubsurd! It truly makes my blood boil! Then you're given the treatment of non enthusiastic gross workers who definitely make you want to come back? That was sarcasm for those who didn't get it. Can't wait for the day health/ animal inspectors drive their asses out of business. DO NOT SHOP HERE. Unless you love needing to go back to the fish store every other week because the fish that you have bought keep dying. I'm an experienced fiah owner for years now. I do not have this problem with any other store except this one. The state the fish in are so underfed and ripped up fins makes me wonder how they even got this far without being stopped. FOR THE LAST TIME DO NOT BUY FISH FROM THIS STORE.

Linda Boyer

Always have or can order what I need and they are pleasant. That means alot to me.

Jessica Zhang

Agree with some reviewers about the smell and the store being kind of crowded. Wide selection of fish and the one old lady who helped us was nice and seemed to know a lot. There definitely weren’t as many dead fish as people complained about, but I definitely saw a couple. My mother got a bunch of goldys there, some died but she got them replaced and they ended up doing just fine

Peter Max

The worst place ever , staff with bad attitude

Ericka Arenette

As soon as I walked In and saw the state of the store/ tanks I had to write a review. Extremely dirty not all that friendly of a place either. It's no way their fish can be healthy in those tanks. Just sad that they keep the fish like that.

Rick Creveling

jason lecates

Avoid this greedy store . They mark prices up 50% higher than the average LFS . Also watch their fish for 5 minutes and you'll see how sick they are anyone looking for Salt water fish or corals Try Aquarium world or Aquarium specialties and research . Don't promote this garbage can store . They even charge for water test lol

Paul Rickert

Great selection of fish and more.

Dawn Felmey

Sarah Law

Anna Geortler

Great experience!! Walked us through setting up a new tank, balancing and ensuring a good environment to take our tropical fish home. Answered a boatload of questions and two weeks later my tank is running great with my dozen fish. Very friendly and knowledgeable. My new found fish store.

Robert R. Odle

Ok. A little attitude by owners. Select of fish good. Aquarium plants not so much.

Chance Schneider

Havent been here for years before the other week. This place is disgusting and way over priced. Smells horrible when you walk in. Everything is grimy and all of the tanks are filthy. Afrifcan cichlid tanks were so nasty I had a hard time telling species. (Most labeled assorted) Small mammals are cramped and the reptiles are kept in the Chinese food-style containers that they were shipped in. I just felt bad looking at it all. These animals dont deserve this. How they are still open is beyond me. They had the specific aquatop filter media I wanted but I decided not to give them my money. Disgraceful.

Bria Estep

I really don't understand how this place has stayed in business...their tanks are filthy, their prices are outrageous, and the staff is less than personable. Once I mentioned to the staff that their Hippo Tang was covered in ich and they said that it was no big deal; they said it was simply a rash...Needless to say, I was put off by their nonchalance. Very disappointing.

Adiris M. Cordero-Torres

So you have fish? The place to go for hands down THE most knowledgeable folks who actually give a darn about quality of product and have the service to back up their knowledge to boot... guys, I come here sometimes ahead of needing anything because I look forward to this family owned gang! No matter who is behind the smile, it's a great time to visit Just Fish... actually the name doesn't do them justice. It's Just Fish AND bangin' service. There! Fixed it! You're welcome, ya'll!

Daniel Sullivan

Varry helpful super nice and have a large stock of fish selection and supplies

AndrewCox X

Too pricey. Sulcata tortoises which go for 100$ as babies are being sold for 250$ fish are way overpriced it would be a nice store if everything wasn't doubles it's value. More like a petting zoo to me now. Walk in with the cash and everything is through the roof. If you plan on buying supplies or fish I would recommend Williams green bank aquarium. This store is trash. And whatever lady works there, with the reptiles is a complete ignorant lady. Asking questions I got answers being shut down. Horrible worker and I think she should be fired.

BigPoppaJNutZ .

Large selection of fish & products. Some other small animals as well.


mo walker

Clean,. Knowledgeable staff.


Has much more than just fish.


They hands down have the most knowledge of any store in the area. Carleen and Kevin do a great job keeping everything in stock. If you need anything for your salt water tank come to this store.

Chris Mixon

Did not enter but looked very clean n busy when I walked by

KZ stay true

Dirty tanks, makes me not want to buy a thing from here

Sly Callahan


Loki V9

Tawana H

Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. If they carry something that's not in stock, they will order it for you and call you once it arrives. No complaints here.

Catherine Brown

OMG the staff is very well versed in "fishism"!! They are very friendly and seem to LOVE fish!!!

samuel Castillo

Christina Day-Bassett

They are a small hole in the wall shop that customizes to the customer. They even will hold fish for you if you want to come back later for them. They carry live food as well for very reasonable prices.

Dave Wild

Will definitely be back here

Scott Hutchinson

Good help, not very appealing to look at but knowledgeable staff. Unfortunately they are EXTREMELY overpriced. I looked at Kent Marine Phosphate 1.2 lbs. here it is 28.99. Petco, $10.05. I showed the add and they said they don't match. She gave me a price for the Bucket container of salt for 125.00, I bought on Amazon shipped for 49.99 (same size same salt). Unfortunately this is what puts independent businesses out of business. Not willing to compete, and sending the consumer to big box stores and the internet. Be careful here and watch the internet when buying something. She is fair on some things and grossly overpriced on others.

Bryce Landreth

This store is absolutely horrible the only person in there that is respectable is the elder lady she is very nice. But back to the point their tanks are disgusting. There are also four turtles that’s are about 10-12 inches long in about a 20 gallon tank. There are ferrets in the store where there cage looks like is hasn’t been cleaned for two weeks. There are snake and spider tanks are a plastic small tank in a big case. The fish tanks are disgusting and just not good living conditions. The fish I bought from there last just about two days until the just turn over and die. I bought a red tail catfish and 3 tiger oscars. $75 later All of them dead. Yet I went to petco the next day bought an albino Oscar and three cichlids but yet they are still alive. I had a problem with my filter and I bought one just for the mean time and when I got home it was back and working so the next day I returned the UNUSED AND UNOPENED filter. They could only give me store credit. Moral of the story is don’t go to this nasty place save your money and shop at petco

Jen Mobley

Very knowledgeable and friendly shop with an extensive variety.

Jon Eich

This place is awesome.. My wife and 2 kids loved it.

maria apostolico

I've been going to Just Fish for years. They always have a fantastic variety of fish & plants & live food (They also have other cool animals too but I'm only in the aquarium realm). The employees are friendly and knowledgeable. I love it there.

cassie king

I went to get superworms like i have a couple times before there in a box this time i went it was no where near 500 count appearently they do it by weight yeah im very dissatisfied and i wont be back there to get my superworms or anything im not happy at all i could had gotten what i got at petsmart for 13 bucks

Peng Sanith

The fishes are wayyyyyy over price

Charles Walls

Wonderful family run business. Very knowledgeable. Good selection.

nicole j

Smelly too small over crowded animals

Bill Shetzler

Mike D

Nice selection of fish. I haven't bought any yet but I have been thinking about starting up my saltwater tank again. Still putting together a list of what I will need. When I am finally ready I will be returning to this store. I trust them more then I do the big name pet places.

Ryan Mahana

Staff very nice. How ever the tanks were pretty dirty.

Sig Baconater

over priced

Georgia Squared

John Pasquariello

Fantastic staff!!! I was so impressed with the amount of time Carleene took with me to explain how I should set up my sump and plumbing as well as the rest of my system. More impressive was the fact that she knew I was not making a purchase on that trip and still took the time to answer every one of my questions and really really help me out!


Very informative and they have an awesome inventory

Jodie Henderson

Horrible staff. Horrible store. Horrible everything. Edit: if i could give it zero stars i would!

Ellen Enderlein

The tanks are so dirty. The store is awful. Tons of dust on the merchandise. The store smells bad. Dont waste ur time here

Emory Graham

Will Cooksey

Everything costs 3 times as much as other places and has a terrible smell along with extremely dirty systems for housing fish.

Kayli Elizabeth


Rosangela Rodriguez

Todd Adams

Great place, friendly staff, only place i know of live brine shrimp

Raymond Eye

Good: great selection, knowledgeable staff. Bad: High prices, and good luck finding someone to check you out

Teresa Morgan

My son took his family, he didn't like the layout or anything.

Liz A

The fishtanks here are beyond dirty. Empty ones sit with piles of poop. No one takes time to clean anything. Tanks are still labeled when they've sat empty for weeks. They are overpriced even for shopping local. Not worth the time and Definetly not worth the money. They have a policy stating no health guarantee on all fish because they "dont know the environment the fish was in". Most pet stores replace their fish with a simple water check. The fact they can't do that goes a long way to show the laziness of the store. Save yourself the hassle and head down to Pet Kare in pencader plaza .


Art Hall

Not very clean

Lenny Rishkowski

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable people on staff.

Stacey Butcher

Was in there today. Loved the place! Reminded me of an Aquarium store my Mom and I use to frequent many years ago! Knowledgeable staff - I dealt with the owner. She knows her stuff! Helped me out with my water in my small tank and so far, so good! Fish all looked healthy and happy. Prices are higher than PetCo or other big name stores, but the quality is SO worth it! I also would prefer to spend my money at a small business that knows their stuff than a big box store with part-time help that is clueless.

Angie Denton

Mallorey Long

Last mom and pop fish store. Great one on one with knowledgable associates

Raina Sanderell

Sebastian S.

Dirty tanks, extremely overpriced fish. Good customer service but yeah everything was way overpriced. I understand paying a little extra but this store was way more expensive than several other fish stores that people claim are overpriced.

Crystal Garvin

This family owned business has always been my go to from fish tanks to lizard feed. And if they don't have what you need they work to get it for us.

kenny dalton

Big selection of fish & helpful employees.

Christie L.

this place yes the smell is horrible,but hey its a fish store and yes hot in there. Prices are EXTREMELY HIGH!! so ridiculous compared to other stores locally. Take your $ elsewhere. It used to be only saltwater around but now more options cheaper

Lexa The Minimalist

This place is TERRIBLE and needs to be shut down immediately. No one is helpful, they don't even say hi when you walk in the door, the fish habitats are barren aside from the overgrown algae, and all of the fish are very lethargic and look like they're dying. This is sign #1 that the ammonia levels are probably ridiculously high due to lack of maintenance. I know you probably want to "save" these fish, but resist. You'll only give them the money to abuse more animals.


They overprice their fish. Also saw many dead fish in their freshwater tanks. Don't waste your time going here. I figured I'd ignore the reviews below and try going and seeing the store for myself but as the others said don't go. I recommend going to Williams greenbank aquarium. The employees and owner are awesome, they have great knowledge of anything you need to know and can answer any question you have. Their friendly and everything is priced good. Located in Wilmington 19808

Janet Moody

I bought 2 fish on Saturday and both are dead by Tuesday. Every time i have bought fish there they only last a couple of days but buy fish at other fish stores and have had them for yrs.


Where should I start?!!!! Well, If you're looking for a Dog or a Cat... They do not sell them Here. This place sells mostly fish, (as the name says... "Just Fish"), but there is a few rabbits, rodents and reptiles to the right of the store if you are interested in that type of stuff. The elderly women who assisted me was nice and helpful. The one thing I don't like about this store is the Very foul ODOR. I know it's a pet shop.... but it's more of a Heavy Mildew smell that was making me Nauseous. So my purchase of Gravel for my Fish tank was Swift. If they get rid of that Odor... this could be a very Welcoming place.

Minhee Kim

Jose Ivaldy

Sensational experience. Also, i learned a lot.

Angelina Wallace

I have gone in here and the minute you go in you get a bad vibe. I looked at all the fish and then asked to see the small animals and all the animals were overpacked in a cage. I have never seen such nasty living conditions for small animals. Cages were not cleaned smelled really bad. I will never go here again.

Kristopher Agreen

I'm not sure how well the animals are kept there... It's concerning

Randall Grunden

Jonathan Daniel

Aubrey Brenner

Been going here for years for My Fish and Bunny! They are very knowledgeable and take their time with me. Love that it's family owned!

chris martin

It was nice

Darrell Finch

Ive been going here to get food for my reptiles (whenever i owned one) for years...great people who are knowledgeable about the business they deal with.

Drew Farsaci

3/5 fish I bought died, and they said they dont take returns...

Chip Slanina

Michael Dzergoski

Old school Pet Shop has some really interesting fish you don't see anywhere else

Brittany Morerz

Ganeth .

I've been to Just Fish on several occasions to buy feeder insects and live bait. The staff are usually friendly and helpful and the prices are reasonable. The appearance of the store leaves a lot to be desired as many of the tanks look dirty, and things seem rather disorganised. In the back section, there are a few reptiles and invertebrates. The tarantulas that they have are housed improperly and didn't have nearly enough substrate in their enclosures. The hand written signs up throughout the store are also off-putting. They give off the impression that the customers are more of an annoyance than anything.

Luis LaTorre

They are nice and have a little bit of saltwater fish

Cheyanne Mummert

I wish i could give them negative 5 stars... i DO NOT recommend this place at all! Ive given them multiple visits even after they redid the store.. they have tons of dead moldy fish in all of their tanks. They DO NOT take care of their animals. Ive been in there count less times and it smelled of rotting cat pee. My boyfriend and i went there tuesday and got gold fish and roseys for our oscars and now they have a serious case of ich. Not to mention the times ive went there before when my fish didnt even make it a day from when i bought them. This place should not be in business.


Unfortunately the place smells pretty bad and the fish tanks are extremely dirty.

Melody Chance

Wide selection of fish, however the store is quite cramped and there is a smell from (I believe) the rodent pets they’re selling. It can get a bit too claustrophobic for me and I don’t end up staying long, which is a shame because the store does seem pretty well stocked.

Dana Cale

Had lots of fish an reptiles and didn't smell very good.

Will Davis

Very helpful people.

Sherm Porter

I went in about 6.momths ago to salt water fish tank. Everyone there was friendly and knowledgable. They helped me through every cycle and answered every question. I highly recommend.

Ming-Teh Su

It's still there?

annijas H

If I could, They'd get absolutely no stars from me. I walked in and basically walked out after seeing the conditions the fish tanks were, other animals crammed in tanks or cages, how dirty and cluttered the entire store was and not mention the outrageous prices. No wonder everything had dust on it, because it's too high. They should be ashamed to let anybody see that store.

Denyelle Hart

Audrey Fraser

Sarah Klingmeyer

Opens a little late for my convenience but the people are helpfully and nice

Cindy Salvadori

Very helpful! Loved seeing all the fish and the beautiful birds. The staff there knows their stuff! Thank you.

Michael Herman

Nice selection, smart people but the tanks are so dirty. They need to shut Down for a week and clean everything

Nancy Murphy

We saw positive reviews, ventured to this store trying to support a local business and figured they would be better stocked and attended to than a chain store. Oh we were disgusted! Overly high priced fish, even the freshwater. Tanks were not clean, filthy and we saw quite a few dead fish.

Erin Kinderman

dunlieth built iam

Great service, no customer goes unnoticed, even helpful with any questions you may have. Good employee's wish they had more stores around

duranged313 .

Huge selections and good service

Henry Teachey

huge selection of fish. took staff a while to began talking and asking questions but very helpful once the conversation started

helen downs

Cramped space but everything u need is there !!

Dragon Fire

They are good and are the best I have seen


Tanks dirty . Fish way over priced...had a bad experience with this fish store.... would not recommend it to anyone.

Richard Gonzales

Great customer service

April George

They always have my black soldier fly larva or Phoenix worms.their all living when i get them. Their really friendly.

Señora Benitez

(Translated by Google) Well (Original) Bien

Rupert Turell

Steve Stout

Buyer beware! Terrible customer service. My son gave the store a large red Pacu (was outgrowing our 125 G tank), for which the manager said they would not pay anything, but would give him a fish in exchange. They lied. He didn't even get a discount, but instead paid $36 for a small peacock bass, which promptly died. When he asked for something back or a new fish, they said only if he had brought the dead fish back with his receipt and a sample of the tank water to prove it was good. So he bought the other peacock bass, and his friend bought an Arowana (another $72). Both fish died in one day. This time he returned to the store with both dead fish, his receipts, and a sample of the water, which tested perfect. Again, another lie. The kid in the store said he couldn't do anything, but would call the manager. The only thing she would do is give a discount if he bought another fish. He didn't have the money and we didn't want to risk it anyway. Sorry kid, you're out $108 and nothing to show for it.


Love this place I got a 75 gallon fish tank with a 800 gallon an hour filter and these people are so knowledgeable about everything they have in the store and my fish have been living for years thanks to them the great prices on feeder fish and they have a wide variety of aquatic and reptile and bunnies chinchillas have a large large pet selection I recommend the store to anybody need any product for reptiles or fish or if you want to go buy one

gabby ward

I absolutely love it there I went to get my 3 turtles they directed me to the best food. then after the best experience ever I went back to get my bunny. tomorrow im actually going back to get another bunny tomorrow. the staff has so much knolgle of all there animals and it is a well owned business and the fact that I know where the animals are coming from because they breed them thereselfes makes me feel better that there not being shipped form around the world.

Bryan Sorensen

I have been buying all my slimy friends here since 1997 when I moved to Delaware, always been satisfied!

Wilfredo Lopez

PittBull 302

Good Service

Monica Durrell

I’m really saddened to write this review. Growing up my dad had tanks upon tanks. Everything you can think of. All of our fish and supplies came from Just Fish. They were the bomb, they knew everything and if your fish got sick you could take them to Just Fish and they would nourish them back to health for you. That is when they were truly JUST FISH. Not they have become a whole pet store. A dirty one at that. Everything on the shelves are dirty and dusty and covered in cob weds. The fish tanks are atrocious. The last time a was here we noticed a mouse running around and mouse dropping everywhere. I brought it to the attention of the lady behind the counter. She said that she knew and claimed that the whole shopping center had mice because of the construction going on behind the building. I’m not sure whatever happened to this place to make it go so far down hill.

Deniz Tezcan

Cool store! Great selection and prices. Pleasant knowledgeable staff

Tequila Brown

Best place in Delaware to get fish and great advice for your tank!!

Brad Smith

This is the absolutely worst, nasty, dirty business I have ever been in. There was so much dust and dirt on pet food containers and everything on the shelves, huge spider webs all over store. I can not believe someone would actually give them a business licence, especially for pets.

Lew Jewell

Ryan ward

J3RX_legend 2006

Nice people great fish and excellent supplies

Kelsey Marie

2 Words Animal abuse! The fish tank are filthy and dead fish laying in the tanks and when you go to see rodent/reptiles the tanks they are kept in are filthy and you can smell the awful odor! The staff are not friendly not helpful and don't care about the animals! I'm so disappointed in this place! Something needs to be done about this and save the poor animals!

Body by Steph

Needed to purchase fish for our office aquarium and Just Fish came highly recommended. At first glance, the store looks a little dark and cluttered, but the selection is nice and they do have a wide variety of both saltwater and freshwater fish. Prices are a little higher, but the quality of the fish is good. The only downside (and this is not a small one) is that one of the employees there - a woman who I think is the manager - was not very helpful at all. We left feeling less than valued. The owner (I think his name is Keith...can't really remember) was VERY kind and helpful. But we drove all the way from North East to get there so we probably wont return. Kinda stupid to call and see who is working on any given day.

Amy Senquiz

Very expensive They do not let you hold the animals you are interested in purchasing. The older lady is just mean.

Randy Jones

reptiles are full of mites at least the snakes are the sold me two snakes a male and female so they said but is not the case I checked them tonight and both are girls smh this place sux

Charleigh3 DIY

Great bought a lot of stuff from there!!

Antonio Panaccione

I was disappointed with this store. I bought stuff from the store when it first opened approximately 15 years ago, and it was clean and had a variety of great fish. The last few times I've been there recently and realized that the store just went downhill. The crustaceans are very high priced, and the tanks are not clean. There is a horrible smell coming from the other side of the store where some other animals are kept. I will not be shopping there anymore. On the positive side, the staff was helpful.

kieran hawkins

Kate Dawson

My absolutely go to place for all of my supplies! Staff is amazing and always friendly and helpful!

Kyle Mench

Purchased a clown fish for 36 dollars. Pricey, but nice sized and very active so I assumed it was worth it. Within two hours of acclimating it and adding it to my tank it had died. No good. No returns no exchanges at this store so basically just wasted 36 dollars. All water parameters tested good, so as far as I can tell not my fault the fish died...

Gerry Reed

Very good inventory of fish

frank the danger noodle .

Lots of amazing animals and the people there know their stuff

Karen c

The people here are very friendly and will help you pick out the right fish for your pond

Dr. Ashmon GetFit Movement Dr.Trifinia Ashmon-Ebed

We have received a very delightful experience for many years. I am a returning customer for pond supplies and koi fish. Great purchase, price and excellent customer service. The store has a large supplier of outdoor pond fish and pumps/fish food. I always enjoy Just Fish store in Bear, Delaware.


was in there for 15 min. no one asked if they could help me. there was was a dead clown fish in one tank, their are very few saltwater fish to pick from and they are very expensive and they have debt have a replacement policy based on signs in the store. you buy it, it dies and you are out of a lot of money. and the store really smells.

Mike Vito

I love this place. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They care about your aquarium as much as you do. If you like their facebook page you can also get updates on what new stock they have coming in. Some of their items are a bit more price wise but you get that in return with awesome service.

Joshua Stanley

I love this place all ways have what I need and if they don't have it they will get it for you with

Indrid Coole

Place is a mess, needs a deep cleaning...everywhere. it's a shame cause I'd love to support a good LFS and need one close to home.

Evelyn Breza

Very helpful and a whole lotta neat fish, check it out

Matthew Finley

Verry poor quality store very limited supply and extremely dirty tanks

John Comer

Went looking for things for fish there prices are high i got 6 porshins of brine shrimp looked like 1 porshin fish expensive i raise fish and sell fish i buy lots of fish will not buy there would rather drive 100 miles else were to buy ghost shrimp 4 for dollar most place you get 12 for a dollar that will be my last visit to the store i will go out of the way to buy ftom now on its a shame because i spend 100 to 200 dollar a week so it wont be there do your self a favor find a differnt store unless you just wanna spend your money

Pete Gordon

Great selection of fish and pet supplies.Very knowledgeable owners to help you

Cassandra Poe

Abigail R

Bought my first bunny there, staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

keith whitcomb sr

Nice people

Laura Evick

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