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REVIEWS OF Valley Pets IN Colorado

Luna Ebeland

Cool animals and nice employees

Kathleen Doyle

Super cool place with a lot of exotic animals. The store itself is a bit messy, they were cleaning fish tanks when we were there and so we were stepping over hoses and wires and things. But they have really cool animals there. All sorts of reptiles and amphibians, birds, mammals. They let me hold a snack and they got a dog out so that we could pet it.

Cynthia Beers

Cramped and not very clean.

Brandon Punihaole

The people here are very smart and great for what you need. Unlike other pet stores they custom ordered us a harness for our service dog. It is a pleasure doing business

Brandon Hondo

Prices are double sometimes triple of other stores for pet supplies. Customer service here is awful

Ken Klimas

Very nice pet store very helpful people

josh martinek

Owners are knowledgeable, friendly and fair. Recommend this place to any party owner

David Medina

They are always on point with their information on pets and what to feed them. Very friendly and helpful.

Karen S. Denson

Lots of 'lil' pets yo choose from.

Amy Greenwalt

I am posting this review as a buyer beware. I was simply taking my children into this store to allow them so see and give some puppies and kittens some attention and kill some time. They love animals and so do we so why not right!?! So very wrong we were! The puppies and kittens are treated horribly. It looked like every kitten had what is basically a herpes type infection in their eyes( this can be common in shelters as well) but these kittens were miserable, not jumping around and playful, instead they literally sat silently in their cage. A German Shepard puppy was being kept in a cage with no food or water and had vomited twice inside it. Right in front of me an employee looked down and said “did you vomit? Eww nasty dog” in such I way that I knew right then and there why every kitten and puppy looked sad and depressed and as if they were begging to be saved from this horrible place. I am literally heartbroken that I even walked into this store and showed my kids these animals being kept in these conditions. Maybe they do great at caring for tanked animals and such but they need to find the puppies and kittens homes and never sell them again. It’s cruelty to animals, simple as that and anyone who buys a pup or kitten from this place is supporting that. I wasn’t even a customer yet! I never will be either.

Christine Dibene

Very friendly staff and knowledgeable about all pets. We love this place.

Calley Vulich

I just stopped by to check out the fish selection Needless to say these people need to be shut down. Every fish in that place is sick. They either have sunken bellies, ich, or EXTREMELY white poop. They tried selling me a fish that had the whitest poop Ive ever seen. The fish that did have ich were covered. The staff was standing around talking to each other about other things. They need to treat their tanks asap. And clean out the dead fish that are in majority of the tanks. I used to like this store. But I will not be returning and i suggest nobody buy fish from there.

Sun Brite Gel

Everything in the world for a pet store and then 10 times more...Very Impressed with the amount of animals the amount of fish snakes tortoises lizards everything pretty much a zoo minus the large animals very friendly staff and knowledgeable lots of products on hand that no one else carries have a question about a snake or a lizard or pretty much anything these are the guys to ask.


I don't know how this place is allowed to be in business, the animals were in piss poor condition, the bunnies were breathing heavily, barely moving, the puppies looked sad and miserable and there was a baby ball python that looked very sick. Some of the products looked used and they were over priced. Not to mention the filthy condition the habitats the animals stay in and the filthy condition of the store. I personally will report this place

Flip Around

It was great. I just got a ball python and there is great customer service

Sabs Zitz

Great store.

Sarah Garcia

Dogs kept in inhumane conditions and likely purchased from puppy mills. Do not support this store - if you want a dog, research breeders on the AKC website or adopt from the humane society. Do not support the abuse of dogs and puppies by supporting this store.

Samantha James

Fun to go in and just look around! If they dont have something you need they help you get it.

Heather Simons

So friendly and they had everything I need for all my pets.


Good place to get feeders

Ari K

Staff is always friendly, pets are adorable and well taken care of, as well as a wide selection of pets to choose from. Good store for how small it is!

Kayla Winningham

Cashier was very helpful

Melody Anderson

I really liked that place ive been going there since I was little, everyone is friendly, my only problem is the dog and fish part of the store.


This store has been around longer than any of the other half ass pet shops in town. 25+ years the same family has been working it day in and day out. For all you tourists that are unfamiliar with valley pets, this is a PET STORE so it stinks sometimes and the tanks may have water stains lol get over it. You get way more of a selection of all type of pets there and blows the cooperate pet stores out of the water. Buy local even if you aren't.

Ari V

A couple of the staff were dropping f-bombs and muttering about killing themselves within earshot of my child and a few other kids that were near the register, which I found shocking. One of the employees was really nice and helpful, and the animals appear to be kept in clean quarters.

Van d Vicious

Very friendly staff. High prices and small selection compared to other stores in the area.

Jay B

This is my favorite pet store the staff is very knowledgeable about the animals and products they sell The animals are well takin care of. And the prices are lower than most other places.

Hailey Linden

This place is sad and disgusting. Went here to look for a small rodent as a pet and only walked far enough to see the guinea pigs and walked right out. The puppies are in terrible conditions and they all look sick and sad. The place smells terrible and looks completely run down. The fish tanks are filled with algea. I don't know how they are still in business given the conditions that all of their animals are in. Its really upsetting and I doubt very much care goes into these animals. Please don't buy any animals here especially puppies.

david cornelius

Great people and prices. Very nolegable and customer service. Lots of variety.

Juliana Tuck

I got 4 guppies and a plant for like $11 here. The workers are super chill, and were very personable. I did not see the issues that a lot of other people apparently had here.

Susan Adams

The pets are always amazing and awe inspiring, however the customer service was less than desirable. The guy with ear plugs acted like he barely wanted to be there. When we asked him anything about the fish, he just said, "I have no idea." ... Thanks?

Trish Pitt

Great place! The people that work there are awesome!

Allison Clawson

My kids love to go see the animals in this place but the conditions that the dogs and cats are kept in make me sick. We were just there and one of the dogs had diarrhea so bad and was kept in a tiny tank. It had no where to move to get a "clean" place to poop. The owners don't seem concerned about their sick dogs. Not to mention they ask almost $1,000 for their sick dogs. It's sad. This store is exactly why I adopt and rescue from shelters.

Mikayla Roberts

Great knowledge staff!

Albert Bresciani

Have been in business too many years and have forgot how to treat their customers right

Axeman Falcon

Best place to go for special orders that chain store's can't order. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone if only for great advice on any pets.


Very unimpressed and disgusted. Called ahead to see if they had rabbits, they said yes but did not. Place is dirty, animals kept in cramped and filthy conditions. I ended up getting a puppy, very over priced. I normally wouldn't, but she clicked. Puppy ended up being emaciated and was fed iams cat food. Had the worst stomach problems that took weeks of special foods and probiotics to remedy. The only upside was the employees were friendly, but they need some SERIOUS work with animals, or to not sell live things.


Very knowledgeable and a wide range of animals.

Jason Skalberg

great people great prices

Theresa Hummel

Staff wasnt the friendliest

The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics

These guys are flippin awesome I’m from Florida and was visiting just to get fish and they gave me tips on how to travel with the fish and they are just so nice they discounted me 30 bucks on a fish great store would recommend

Robert McClintock

One of the better pet stores I have been too in the city.

Zia Takacs

The conditions they keep the puppies and kittens in is horrible... I went there and found a Lhasa Apso puppy and played with it. . Came back two days later and found the puppy very sick... They keep their animals in wire cages and don't give them good water. The kittens and puppies are WAY overpriced... If you ever adopt here I highly recommend that you take the puppy or kitten to the vet immediately.

cooking with barack

Epic bruh moments here + gamer time

Ember D

My daughter went in to buy her first pet. We were welcomed and helped with all of her questions. She was also able to interact with all of the animals.

Alyssa Schrimmel

This is the absolute best pet store I’ve ever been too! I wish I could pick it up and put it in Chicago where I live! I stopped in during an unfortunate circumstance of my dad dying that led me to Colorado and everyone in this store made me feel welcomed and informed, the owner (or owners son I’m not certain) is the sweetest man I’ve ever met and genuinely cares about the well being of the animals before anything else. I fell in love with a puppy and was pleasantly surprised when I found out his price, i wish I could have scooped him up! It’s very clear this store ensures the well being of the animals before caring about the money. Every single animal and enclosure was pristinely clean and it was so refreshing to see a store that actually has adequate enclosures! I recently got a tortoise and was looking for some tank items and possibly a tank, I was so excited to see all the custom tanks already set up at such amazing prices! They didn’t have one that fit my needs in store but the owner went out of his way to go and pick up a few options that would work perfectly for me from a different location because I had to leave the next day, he was so willing to help me find the perfect home and supplies for my new baby! As I was leaving he assured me if I ever had any questions on my animals care that he was willing and able to help even though I didn’t get my pet from his store! This is such an awesome store run by the most caring people! Not to mention the variety and prices are beyond worth it, please be sure to check this amazing store out

Diane Brooks

Great place to get pets ! They DO NOT support puppy mills ! David amd Jimmy rock

Zach Ellis

They are knowledgeable and help answer my questions.

denise dewalle

A small shop but they usually have what I need

Ken Martinez

It's a good place with lots of variety.


WOW me and my daughter really love this pet store. We have been there many times since moving here 2 years ago but almost daily this week because my daughter kept needing something for her new pea puffer fish. All the fish we have gotten have been healthy and happy. All the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They take the time to answer all our million questions and give me great advice. Try Valley Pets for your pet needs you won't be sorry.

Peter Kieliszewski

Best local, family run pet store in Fountain! Good selection of pets, pet supplies and a friendly knowledgeable staff!!!

Seven McFadden

I've been coming here for years I knew Dave the owner personally and Little Dave and it's a great place to go and they're great people! Great deals, great animals, and fish and such, and great food for said animals. They have pretty much got it all.

Michael Allbery

Been here before however the selection of critters was pretty scarce this time...

Leonardo ARROYO

Self dog bath stations very convenient and 5 washes for 25 its a great price

jeremy dixon

Had alot of diversity of species. Stuff you womt find in the big chain pet stores. I will definitely come agin for stuff I need for my Aquariums.

Melissa Drawdy

My favorite place to purchase tropical fish

Nick Hooks

Poor sense of community over priced and I was asking about the dogs and the woman called me “ buddy” and said “look dude” and she obviously has poor self respect for how she spoke and presented herself my friend said thank you ma’am and I said to him are you sure that’s a ma’am as in does she deserve that title of respect and she cursed me out the entire time I was leaving the store with up to 10 names of disrespect over her poor attitude I hope she comes to work tomorrow properly dressed and with a better attitude

Eva Talbott

As some reviews on Yelp mentioned, the place is a bit crowded and does have something of an odor. However, they were courteous and friendly, knowledgeable, and had exactly what I needed. Also, the prices on what I wanted were less than big box stores, and of better quality, and that matters.

Sabrina Bartley

This place is very knowledgeable. Also willing to help answer questions. Every time I have went in the place is clean and all enclosures have there last feeding and cleaning marked on the glass.

Lisa Joy

Only place I go for my slithering, scaly pets! My parrot also loves the goodies, food and treats. Associates are knowledgable and helpful. I get supplies for my dobermans and my cat here as well. Fantastic local business!

Kyla Gonzales

Not very clean. The used parts that they do sell do not seem like they should be used. The staff were not friendly, we did not get a greeting either of the times we went, but on my last visit when we checked out and paid for a new background for my fish tank the cashier said some dirty/ inappropriate comments. We were not impressed. The animals overall could be in worse containers, but it is always hard seeing puppy's trapped behind a glass wall laying in their own feces and then staff members doing nothing. I think the clutter and collection of junk here demonstrates that the income is the focus, not providing animals better sanctuaries/ lives. Sad to say I would rather go deal with the big box stores than this local one.

LJ Brunell

I like this place because they have things I have a hard time finding.

Skinny Minnie

The guys that work there are super nice. They take care of there animals if you are looking for weird lizards this is definitely the place. The guys there seem to know what they are talking about. I can see myself coming there if I want to have a first-time iguana.

Danyelle Barnett

Good variety of fish and reptiles. Only place I've found axolotls too. Fish tanks are covered in algae and there are some dead or sick fish in the tanks. Their tiger salamander was labeled as a spotted salamander and was being kept in water, despite it being fully morphed and therefore unable to swim. Their guinea pigs seemed fairly stressed out from petting too.

Chris Lightfritz

Good selection of reptile stuff but quite overpriced compared to other stores

Kevin Gonzales

One of the last true pet shops here in the springs and not anothrr chain. This place has been here forever and always the same family. Looks and smells like a pet store with a good variety of animals - reptiles dogs vats fish even pond supplies. A great place for feeders - fish - crickets, fruit flies meal worms and mice or rats - live or frozen so that helps in mid winter when you cant get stuff mailed and animals need to eat.

anonymous 1zx

Good service

T1m3 L0rd

The owner of Valley Pets is great! Customer service based atmosphere and great exotic selection. However, some employees focus on sales and are pushy to make you spend more money. I almost didnt purchase anything because I felt bullied and cornered to purchase an expensive set up. Thankfully, another employee stepped in and had great customer service skills. So we purchased a beatiful normie hypo corn. Overall, great place to buy exotic pets.

maurice watson

Great customer satisfaction

Nikita Walker

Great place to get a pet. Especially reptiles. They care about the animals there and will not sell sick or injured animals.

Kelsey Bridinger

The saddest puppies I’ve ever seen. St. Bernard puppy panting like crazy and giving us the sadest “save me” eyes. Poor baby. I went looking some dog toys, these poor poor dogs. How is this even legal?

Gi Good

They have a lot of fish. However, there are a lot of very dirty tanks. Then, dead fish in those dirty tanks. I have not purchased fish there, but they have a great selection of aquarium supplies. From decor, to water treatments, they really do have a lot. So, I go there for that reason.


What a terrible place, this place needs to be shut down!! I don't know how many animals have died here. don't ever buy any animals here they will be sick and you will be stuck with a huge vet bill.

melissa vaughn

Very convenient place, however they were out of med live feeder rats again. Just alittle frustrating.

Melissa Lively

Nice place very friend and knowledgeable with be recommending to all my friends and family!

Nate perry

Love this store. I like looking at all the animals, the people are helpful. I would recakomend to any pet lover

Kwissy Marie

Expensive prices but they offer a good variety of things for all animals!

Kevin Romero

The best place to by fire belly toads. Very knowledgeable staff and friendly. Great place to go check out.

Angie Cruz

For a year and a half I have shopped here for feeders. Started with mice for my 2 snakes and moved up to hopper rats. Every week/10 days I'd come in to buy these rats. In the past when they're out of the size I need, I'd be told and given smaller which was fine. However lately I've just been given slightly larger ones. This of course comes with a price difference. So instead of around $8, I end up paying close to $11. If they'd tell me up front that it's going to cost more, I can make that decision for myself. I will say that it varies by employee, when one of the women helps me, they have only charged me for what I came in to get. It just feels wrong to tell someone 'sorry these are the smallest we have" and then charge me for an adult size and not even tell me. It's happened the last few times and today it happened when I sent my husband for me. I don't really appreciate it at all and I'm just going to take my business elsewhere moving forward.

Jason Johnson

Not a fan of dogs in cages and sold at pet stores for profit. But shop has good selection of reptile equipment and selection of reptiles. Still a huge fan of scales and tails more, but these guys are for the obscure items when I don't want to wait for online purchases to come in


We have been buying from them since January of last year and we love it the staff is great friendly and pretty knowledgeable if you come in with questions they will do their best to answer it and even if they don't have the answer you won't be given wrong information like other stores they definitely have customers for life from our family

Anthony Grimes

Very informative and informative with me and explained everything for taking care of different types of reptiles!

Angelika Williams

Very helpful,my pitbull loves the bones that Amber suggested


Huge selection and knowledgable staff but it's hot and muggy inside and has a strong smell from all of the animals, reptiles and fish in particular.

Danielle Pena

Family owned shop. Great to do business with.

Carlee Burton

Honestly, I just went in there and it’s all pretty clean. And there actually really nice people. She taught me allot about my lizard. And they have really decent priced tanks.

Jules Armstrong

Got some fish Corey catfish and balloon Molly's. staff and shop are great.

B_ onez

My fiance and I love this place! It's not another chain like Petco or petsmart so don't come in expecting franchise status but they do the absolute best with what and who they have. One of the very 'true to it's roots' kind of pet shops left on this side of town. People always complain about their pricing on dogs, to my understanding they're purebreds with papers. They have a very diverse fish, reptile, bird, and small mammal species and are always willing to make sure you leave satisfied. I just got a whites tree frog from them and he's doing great. Love this place! You guys ROCK!

Amber Romero

Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful saved my Bearded dragon's life very grateful

Lula Presley

We love Valley Pets. We've been using their service for 5 years. They always take great care of their people and always so helpful

wolfel elric

Friendly people. Always willing to help you.

Dom Welmon

Best place to deal with owner knows what he is taking about and how to deal with my puppy and how they helped me

Brenda Holliday

They always have what I need


We purchased a parakeet from this place a while back. first off the store was dusty and dirty with the bird and fish accessories and cages full of dust. We also later found out we were sold a cage meant for gerbils, not birds that was also overprice. They did not seem to care that the people knew what they needed for the animal (aka right food, and a cage that’s actually meant for the animal.) I was very dissatisfied with my experience, but am happy that my bird came out ok.

Sean Prosuch

Great place for all your animal needs it has been family owned for a long time and they know what they are talking about.

Chase Westphal

My all time favorite place to go for anything aquarium wise. I have two big beautiful red devil cichlids and a jaguar cichlid that are fat send happy thanks to this place! The guy who runs the fish side knows his stuff and has given me amazing deals on all my stuff! Usually end up there for an hour or more every time and leave with double what I came for for less then what I was gonna spend


Kind of over priced. Good variety of pet's for location and store size.

Tayyler Lee

My favorite place to go in the springs.

Andrew Maslanka

Awesome pet store! They have a wonderful range of animals and supplies that you can think of. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, so don't be afraid to ask.

Carlos Ochoa

Great service! One of the very few people who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to pets such as fish reptiles and so on!

Shekiera Goettl

One of my favorite places! I could work there and constantly have a smile on my face! I love the animals.

edell1200 gaming

Always nice staff.

Dallas McGregor

The staff at this store was friendly and very knowledgeable when I came in with questions regarding my bearded dragon. This store also has a a wide variety of products that I couldn't find elsewhere. I will definitely be back.

Valarie Whittaker

I love this place! Very nice variety of a little every thing that you need or want! It's not a normal pet store not at all very unique! Valley pets has the good deals! I tell everyone to go there!

Dupaa K

The place has a huge selection...with that said they have too many animals to keep them all in good health or keep track of them half the time. Pricing is good...and good spot for feeders of all types. But I would like to see a little closer care of the animals. Edit: 3 stars to 5 stars They have been taking better care of their animals recently. Adding more staff has appeared to alleviate this issue. Keep up the good work.

Eulises Nieves

Awesome place, Great owner. Come check it out!

Hannah Holum

I have purchased a few hamsters here they always live a long life and are always healthy. When I come to buy supplies they give me a discount and take the time to talk to me. I live around 45 min away and never mind the drive because they are so nice. I don't know why some people are leaving bad reviews they must be really rude to the employees.

Marissa Despain

Sheila neverette Dave's wife is a cruel woman. She basically stole my dog instead of fostering her untill I had a new house and refused to give her back. She told me she was in a good home and would be loved and cared for. 2 weeks later she had already passed her on to a new home. When I inquired about who had her and if she had done things like gotten vet references she blocked me and stopped all communication. What kind of a person does that? Not a business I would support. I have forever lost my girl princess thanks to these people.

Mason Mcgrew

Very good selection and very clean shop the animals all seem healthy and happy would recommend

Stephen Bloom

Great service and has great fish tank equipment.

Michael Knox

Awesome place friendly helpful

Kassondra Crane

Sweet place for little pet needs plus I got a this sweet little boy there too.

Randy Garner

Staff are generally friendly. Large selection of pets and supplies. Place is very . . . . cramped.

Abraham Gutierrez

They are for the most part really good. There has been an improvement in customer service. They do sell out quick if things, but that's mean business is good.

FreshN Fruity

I've known since I was a child that they treat their pets poorly.

Cory Drake

Great people great environment totally woud refer anyone there that wants great customer service and top quality help. Thank you very much.

jason jordan

The Personnel were extremely knowledgeable and helpful for helping getting my daughter set up for her baby bearded dragon.

Anjelina Fauson

Very good price for pet suplies

Rayzer H

Poor bunnies were dying from being overheated


Avoid this place. There are other pet stores to go. The owner treated me like as if it was a bother for me to be there. Go somewhere else

frederic banks

Unique pets for unique people

Alicia Striegle

Nice people good atmosphere not bad prices

Joshua Taylor

Absolutely love this place. Been shopping here since I was a kid. The staff is awesome. I mostly deal with Jimmy, and Dave(owner) these guys are super knowledgable and just plane great to deal with. As I said I've been coming here since I was a kid, and now my kids come here. I love supporting local businesses, this one is far and away my favorite.

Michael Steven Morley

Been around for years,he's got some exotic snakes& reptiles. My motto is "the only good snake is a pair of boots!"

David Williams

Nice local pet store I ended up purchasing a Cream Chow Chow from here and get crickets and other stuff for a Bearded dragon to include a LG terrarium. Would recommend to anyone

Johnny Rodriguez

The customer service here that we received today was exceptional. Not sure who used to work here before but the previous guy was not friendly at all. Now it is a lot better!

Christina Payton

Amazing customer service everyone is super friendly and helpful

Haley Spence

Loved the staff, they were personable and helped us get some extra fish for our new tank and took the extra time to make sure all of our needs were met.

Jessica Kirchner

Over priced. Could treat there animals a little better. Staff is nice.

Amy Lund

Great shop. They always have what I am looking for. They carry lots of things other places do not.

Ronnie South

The staff was friendly and helpful, but the store itself needs some major TLC. Great selection of fish and reptiles, but dogs were few, and no cats to be seen. Overall good store but nothing out of the ordinary.

Wall Flower

Friendly helpful staff, sure the place isn't spotless. But I dont really expect it to be with thousands of critters. Everyone is super helpful and knowledgeable about fish, and all of there fish seem healthy.

Jeremiah Richardson

Good product and stock. Knowledgeable and humble staff. Got my pet needs co Reed here.

Jerrico Draceling

VERY poor care of animals, although most are exotic and found no where else. I once got some gerbils from here. There were two females with a male and the workers didn't even notice the 10 or so babies that were born, nor did they care that one of the gerbils was not fit to be a mother. I took them all home (except the male). I got them home and got them in their new home with a bit of the bedding given to me. Inside the bedding were dried up, practically mummified, babies within the bedding. The cages are rarely cleaned, they shove too many animals in one place (including fish!), and they pay little to no attention to their animals. Their fish tanks are covered in algea and dead fish, it sometimes makes me wonder if they sorce their fish from the same place as Wal-Mart. Once i went and saw a couple of guinea pigs. When one of the pigs let me touch it, the poor thing had scabs all along their back, and was obviously scared of humans. I'm not the biggest fan of reptiles or insects, it's very obvious that the creatures are treated poorly and given little to no bedding. I had also gotten a hamster from here before as well. It ended up gendered incorrectly and got cancer, she died at 5 months old. Last, but not least, the feeder animals. Now I completely understand not constantly keeping feeder animals up-to-date cleaned or cared for, this is cruel even for feeders. I will say I'm slightly biased because I own pet rats and mice, BUT other places take better care of their feeder animals. These rats and mice are shoved into a small container (no bigger than a 10 ounce container that you'd use to store food) and are forced to breed over and over and over again with them all stepping on each other and hurting each other. Mice are put in the same condition, but being smaller, they can be shoved more packly into the container. A friend of mine went here to get food for her snake. She asked them for a large feeder rat. They said they didn't have any, but looking at their feeder stock, there were plenty of large rats. These guys are terrible and should be the last resort to pet needs. I understand having a hard time keeping up with the animals, but the animals should at least be checked up on daily! I personally have almost 20 different exotic pets, but I still take better care of them than this place could of any animal. I would give zero stars if I could, but I wanted others to know what I have experienced so they know what is going on in this awful place. If you didn't see the animal cruelty here before, I hope you'll see it now.

Miss. Gold

Its like the best place to work or to go to look a t pets or buy pets its the best place ever u should go there!!!!!!

David Blotter

Everything sold from this store (animals, equipment, decorations, everything) is way overpriced. I saw some equipment I needed for my aquarium and after feeling the price was a little high looked it up. It was literally 100% higher in price than it was on internet sites. Buyer beware...look up prices of things you are interested in if you go. Greed has ruined this store, I do not plan to go back.

Sutra Healing Center

Very Knowledgeable staff. I always get help as soon as I walk in the door.

Orren Wescott

Get the cricket card. Saves ya a ton o scratch!

Amanda Hansen

The staff at Valley Pets are awesome! We bought a ball python from them for my son's Christmas present. I have no knowledge on snakes at all, but any question I've ever had, these guys have always helped me out! Very friendly, very helpful, and just all around great! This is the only pet store I go to when we need anything for our snake.

Sangria Fraley

These guys rock. They have a decent selection of everything. I have going almost all my pets there. I will not pay for a cat so I didn't get my kitty's there. Anyway. I go in a couple times a week to get crickets and worms. So I take a stroll around and look at all the animals. To tell you the truth it looks and smells like a pet store. I fells like a pet store not a pet store like Pet Smart of course. But one that caters to a variety of animals. And is cheaper then the mall pet store and in some was even Pet Smart.

Jimmie Stevens

Very rude and disrespectful no customer service animals are kept in very bad unclean conditions plus they are very overpriced

Dani S

The people were great and the reptiles were amazing but would not get any sort of rodent type pet from them. Also the dogs in the back reaked so bad that as soon as you walk towards the dog area it hits you like a brick.

Snow Whitehorse

Great pet store! Been stopping by over the year's!

Robert Bosinski

Good service and unique selection

Cindy Averill

They are awesome there! They know their stuff and helped us with caring for our bearded dragon and I got my beautiful Zeus there three years ago!

Michael Esler

Its a pretty good shop, kind of cramped but seemed to be well stocked.

Pershon Houston

Very limited in a variety of pet suppliestore look chaotic only upside with staff was friendly

Sheila Edilson

Everyone is always very nice and helpful, great advice when it comes to my bearded handicapped dragon. :)


I've always loved the variety of reptiles and fish at Valley Pets as well as their friendly, knowledgeable staff. Lately they have worked hard on organizing and cleaning the store so it is really looking great.

Robert Ploessel

Awesome staff and very knowledgeable about the animals they sell, they listen to you and do their very best to help you and the animals

jim thuesen

Pretty much the most knowledgeable pet store in the state of Colorado so many different pets so many different types of animals fish lizards tortoises rabbits ferrets everything you can possibly think of dogs cats birds Turtles you name it they got it and they know how to raise it and they have the stuff there to send you home to properly race at yourself as well as many different kinds of rare foods that no one else has on hand

adam delveaux

Introduced 3 new fish into my already well established tank my fish now have ich. And i saw this bunny in the store.

Rosemary Velasco

They are always very helpful. They also have very good deals.

Elaina Phillips

Huge selection for fish and reptiles when I went there. It's hot and muggy inside so wear lose clothing and deodorant. Lol. A bunch of used tanks marked down to okay prices. They have a great selection for statement lava rocks and a few other rock varieties (they do not come clean though, and watch out for spiderwebs!). The place was well lived in and a bit of a slightly organized mess which I found charming, until you get to the "puppy wall." Just seeing large puppies or any animal for that being behind plexi glass with no air vents is... wrong. They looked healthy when I was there... but one had sat on their own poop :( I hope there's some sort of air circulation for them. I didn't stay long to find out as young children were all over that area. I wont be returning, found a nicer fish only shop closer to where I live that is much more satisfying.

Dylan Rydalch

These guys are awesome! They have helped with getting my animals (snakes and turtle) diet where it needs to be and educating me in how to make sure they are happy and healthy. Today I went in and the helped me trim my turtle's beak and nails. Thank you guys so much for all you do.

Michael Fauson

Very knowledgeable I have been working with them for a while back 8 months ago just be patient. They will work with you.

ZachB 0367

Valley Pets is a small shop of the side of the road, and they have some great animals there, any you can think of. They keep care with their animals, and keep a good experience for you.

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