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REVIEWS OF Tropical Treasures IN Colorado

hello hi

Callia Nokomis Rieb

MiKenzie Miars

Amazing fish shop. The fish are so well cared for and the owner is extremely knowledgeable.

David Krosky

Aaron Retka

Love this place. Small and local, with everything you want from a true LFS. Nathan is patient, friendly, super-knowledgeable, and willing to discuss aspects of the hobby from novice-level to old pro. I've had great luck with their livestock, and he's willing to track down and order whatever you need. Can't rate it highly enough.

Mary J. Hoffman

Owner is helpful and knowledgable! I dont go anywhere else.

Zech Rex

Very clean and exceptional place to shop

Redneck Witch

Smells really bad.

Pourman fluid acrylic art

Friendy guy...great frewshwater selection....few choices for saltwater

Adam Lenepveu

Very friendly & helpful Store had amazing stock with go again


Great store, owner had a lot of knowledge and the fish are in excellent condition! If you're looking for healthy, happy fish this is the place to go!

Preston Beck

The person was extremely hopeful. Also they had a lot of the fish I was looking for. Can’t wait to go back and get more

Mack Hodges

Went to the store during a vacation. Have high quality saltwater fish and corals. On the fresh water side the best African cichlid selection I have ever seen. I did not see one dead fish in any tank or any ill looking fish. The base rock for saltwater tanks had a really good selection. All his saltwater tanks were set up very nice. Anyone who knows stuff about fish knows that if you have good water the water will smell sweetish. When you walked in the store you could smell that sweet smell. They also had amazing service. I would highly recommend this store to anyone looking to buy fish corals, or anyone setting up a new tank. The service was very good also.

Zach Johnson

Preston Blanton

Aaron Smith

Best fish I've found in this turd of a town so far!

whoop whoop StephanieN

Friendly and helpful staff. Prices are excellent. Fish are all vibrant and healthy. Staff is extremely knowledgeable.

Sandy MacFarlane

Went to this store because I read all the good reviews - was very disappointed. The person there, not sure who he was as he never really greeted us. We walked around for quite sometime before we even knew anyone was there. When we decided to go find someone and ask questions, we got answers to our questions and that was it! We explained we were new to trying a marine system, had we not already had in mind some questions I feel we would have not been talked to at all. Very little retail product was available and what was there seemed to be quite dated. Not related to this store but to its location, just as we neared the corner the overwhelming odor of marijuana was present.

stephen lloyd

Audrey Marie

So I am a bit judgey when it comes to stores that sell living creatures. Thats why I am giving a 3 star. The selection was minimal. Lots of african cichlids, a few angels, guppies, and limited saltwater selection. Freshwater tanks were coated in algae and filled with malaysian trumpet snails. The guy working didnt talk to us till after we'd been there for more then 10 mins. Which even then he shouted hey guys and continued to do whatever he was doing behind the register. Its a small store and the fish looked healthy for the most part but the store overall appearance is messy and unkept.


good selection on african cichlids. will come back soon

Svitlana Butakova

Timothy Riley

joshua hayes

Amanda Skolnicki

Best place to get all your aquarium supplies and fish. Wont go anywhere else!!!! So much to browse through and hes got jelly fish!

Truett Scofield

Not a lot of fish in stock when I went, but the tanks were clean and the fish they had were healthy looking. Friendly staff too

Nikki McCoy

Brooke Hafner

We had no idea what we were getting into when we came in with the kids looking for pet fish. The owner spent a generous amount of time talking to us about what we were looking for, what fish go together, which are easier to take care addition to how to cycle and care for a tank and filter. This is the place to go in the Springs!

Anthony Archuletta

Easy place to steel fish employee was a douchebag

Dominic And Barbie Chavez

Great store.

Sean Chedgy

Great fish, and great help. The place to go for cichlids in the springs. And they care about the fish.

james anderson

Nathan, has great fish choices, and has great prices. Thanks Nate.

Damon Puett

Ms Caldwell

Need more selections of species

Erin LaBrec

Jay dolensky

Great cichlid shop and great customer service!!! Prices are good.

Kim Welton

Nice place for fish

Samantha Smith

Great selection of fish and plants. The owner is incredibly helpful and not condescending to those new to the hobby.

Ron Perez

Best fish shop in town;)

Monae Neal

Chris Collins

This place is The Place to find healthy fish of all assortments and sizes. If you have a sick fish at home and are clueless as to what to treat it with, Nathan will take the time to explain each and every type of medicine that can be used, and give it to you for a fair price, as is with all fish. You will not catch me shopping at the bigger name stores any more in the future for any of my aquatic needs. Like I said this is The Place!

Jaime Breban

Very knowledgeable. Good solid selection of fish too. Sketchy looking when you walk in but dude knows his stuff. I'm going there for fish going forward even tho it's way out of my way

Kelly Greer

Jace Fox

Great place, have had amazing customer service everytime we have been in there.

Joel Cook

This guy knows his stuff

Kellie Williams

Nathan is super friend and helpful. Can probably get you whatever you're looking for if you give him time to find it. Excellent quality fish, very clean tanks.

Kenneth Gayton

Some beautiful fish and Nate is very knowledgeable, he's been into fish since he was 8 years old!

Martin Stuebe

Horrible Place...Dead fish everywhere and the guy who was there didn't even try to help. Also, a piss poor selection of fish i can get at Petsmart.

Lauren Stevenson

Rude associate. Was asking questions and he just walked away. Was not impressed.

Jenner Cramer

Very nice guy running this store. They have great selection for freshwater and salt. He was very knowledgable and willing to talk and answer questions. This store is a hidden gem.

Ares Inamorta

As soon aa you walk the vibes are just awesome. The man working there has been open since 2008 he REALLY knows his stuff, coral, saltwater, freshwater. He is extremely knowledgeable and i will aways return to him for my fishy needs. The atore waa clean, ALL the tanks were clean and clear he was even maintaining one or two at a time while I was browsing but waa happy to immediately stop upon my inquiries. I saw NO dead fish in ANY aquarium they ALL looked happy and healthy as can be in there tanks. I was very impressed with the entire store and want my basement to look like his store one day, anyway i ONLY reccommend Tropical Treasures for ANY of your aquatic pet needs, even if its just questions hes got the answers for you. Thank you to the owner for my new lil friends and your fantastic customer service! I wish I could give 10 stars!!!

Ted Smith

Nice selection, well informed shop keeper, reasonable prices!

Billie Doom

If your looking for aggressive fish this is the place

Allen Lowe

This shop owner was so knowledgeable about cichlid that I purchased his fish food and a few peacocks. Will definently be purchasing more from him.


Great visit with my son. He was stocking his first 10 gal tank. The owner spent 45 min with him going over the right and wrong fish for a tank his size and vision. He went over stocking limits, water quality, community, and about every freshwater fish they had. 4 months later only 1 fish died, and it was from the filter. He has quality fish that are healthy. And a born teacher as I witnessed. People complaining that he does not answer the phone need to realize that he is likely giving top level attention and knowledge to people in the store.

Jacob Kettler

Mark Surges

Great place to find salt water aquatics

Caleb Dodge

Selection was great for large South American cichlids and African cichlids. There were also a few gorgeous guppies that this store had. However, the labels were fairly unclear and inaccurate at times. The selection for typical fish such tetras or other common fish were for the most part to not be seen. However, if you are an African Cichlid or large South American cichlid enthusiast than this is the place for you! From the South American fish side that I recognised there were red devil's, uaru, large electric blue acaras, large green Texas cichlid, angelfish, and many other fish. From the African Cichlid side there were gorgeous peacocks and other lake Malawi fish. Overall, this is a decent store that has great potential but isn't quite at the bar yet.

Brennon Stacy

Kelly Donley

The guy at the front counter kept doing deals with other people at the counter, but it didn't look like they were exchanging fish. I asked for a couple of their minnow looking fish and they had hundreds, but he said he didn't have enough to sell and wouldn't sell me anything. Not to mention the terrible smell when you walk in the door of rotting fish poop. Something fishy is going on with this store. Your better off going to seascape aquatics. They are a fish store that will actually sell you fish.

Wayne Martin

After going to the normal stores Tropic Treasures was a very nice change. The fish are healthy and selection of fish is far more diverse.

Kyla Gonzales

WOW! This store is absolutely incredible and the store owner is even greater! He really took the time to talk with me regarding my fish and my plan with my tank. He didn't have the silly little piece I needed for my filter, but surely took care of me, provided many alternatives and solutions to where I could find this little piece I was on a hunt for. The store is absolutely unique to the other stores for fish here in Colorado Springs, I highly recommend checking out this Fishy sweet spot! Plus you can trust his products vs big box stores with ridiculous mark ups.


Awesome place. Hard to find plants and fish here! Best prices as well. I love this place. Best customer service for a local owned store.

Kathrine Mann

I love this place. The owner is highly educated about his fish & prices are very fair. The blue fish is a Electric Blue Johani & excited to buy more in the near future.

Silvia DeLaGarza Faith

Danyelle Barnett

The owner clearly loves the fish, and takes very good care of them! The tanks are clean, the fish get excited when you go up to the tanks, and there is a nice selection of fish. The owner is even willing to order in certain fish if you ask about them.

Robert Lays

It's a one man store, knowledgeable and helpful guy, specializes in African cichlids but has some fish for novices. Prices are reasonable.

James Scaff

These guys know their stuff! I was referred here by a coworker, and not only are they well-versed in planted freshwater aquariums, they are willing to order whatever you need and have a ton of great local suppliers. The guy with the long hair let me watch him do a water change so I could learn, and the plants I’ve bought have been grown underwater, so they didn’t have massive leaf die-off’s like I experienced with plants from other local stores.

Mikiah Adams

I absolutely LOVE this store! Not only are the fish beautiful and healthy but they aren't your average fish and his stock is always changing! The best part is the owner is friendly and knowledable and doesn't mind taking his time to help you! I've bought a 75 gallon tank, rock, drift wood, plants and fish from him, (I have 4 tanks in my home) the prices are always wonderful and the advise is free! I highly recommend Tropical Treasures!!

Dena Cannon

The location is nice, But I was not impressed by the inside of the store...It was tightly packed with fish tanks to the point of discomfort & while the tanks looked generally clean there seemed to be a lack of care and attention to the place and animals. Tanks are placed precariously in rows, the floor is uneven and it seemed like there were very few fish to view in the tanks, not much variety for a tropical fish store. I was not impressed by this tropical fish store.

Denise Lange

Nate is very knowledgable and helpful. Regarding the negative reviews about pot smoke-I have never smelled it and been in the store many times. Maybe you're smelling something else? Nate has a great selection that why the store is crowded. Tanks are clean, fish are healthy and happy. He's very helpful and takes time to explain and answer questions. If you don't like the store, may I suggest Petsmart to you? Good luck with their stock though.... Also-regarding pot, if that was indeed the smell, you sound like you could use a little contact high. It might help with that stick up your butt.

Nathan Burt

Very large selection of cichlids. Helpful staff

Andrea Cazares

Michellle Foxx

I got a pleco and asked advice on several subjects and nate was very knowledgeable I plan on going back tomorrow and he forever has my loyalty! Beautiful fish yes its kinda cramped but lack of space is squashed by the selection! And as far as algae I only saw a little algae and that was in tanks with algae eaters in them so if it was algae free the fish would die! Duh! But I will be a returning customer as long as he's there!

Sean Miley

Answer your telephone.

legofinatic 21

Very nice fish store. If your looking for exotic inexpensive fish this is the place to find them.

Victoria Harris

Todd Troyer

Neat place staff very experienced and well know staff

Ivan Cervantes

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great prices and big selection.

Nataly Vera

Great variety

Raymond Glenn

Linda Johnson

Very expensive

Renie DC Rojas

Ryan Osborne

An essential store for african cichlid enthusiasts in Colorado Springs.


Nice selection. Staff didn't seem interested in my questions

Steven Lewis

Walked in and almost immediately got a contact high from the cloud of weed. The fish in the salt water section all looked like they were dead or dieing. The fish tanks are all crammed in there with barely enough room to walk between. they have some huge fish but its not a place i would trust the fish from.

Cordell Kadlick

Andrew Kuraksa

I came on Friday at 11am. At 11:20 the store was still closed.

Matthew Barger

Great small business customer service. Cichlid expert.

Patrick Warriax


Nice looking fish, no accessories, homey feel.

Chad Cherry

To good to answer a phone or return a call. No wonder fish stores are going out of business.

Sean Hardin

Simon Mullenix

Not sure what to think. I have not been to the store, but i called the number to ask a question. Someone picked up, and it was a Childs hospital phone. Yes, i used 719, and yes, it was the correct number...

Amy Wieden

Had the fish medication that I needed, and super friendly customer service!

steve smith

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Eli Mccaslin

amazing selection,local owned, great prices, and the doggie behind the counter is beautiful. Plus the owner/operater is nice, knowledgeable and polite. 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!

wes Gough

Shout out to tropical treasures! They have great prices and full of knowledge. After moving I was desperate for help to get my tank back to normal and after a quick phone call my problem was solved!!

Nathaniel Barbosa

Charlie Badger-Beck

A nice variety of cichlid fish and we'll kept in appearance.

Melanie Siedler

Phil Conway

Giovanni Magana

Very knowledgeable staff! Nice place Awesome fish! Will come back and buy more fish

anthony davis

Great place.

Grayson Gist

This place has a great selection of freshwater fish, albeit cramped. The owner was very friendly and informative. I went when they were almost out of saltwater fish. The place is right off the street which is nice but it's easy to miss. I might be back after they restock. The corals are very great!

Dan McCool

Chris Cox

Best place to get your African cichlids, lots of variety and great prices, nice clean water. Very friendly great place to visit or get the best fish in town or fish food. Thank you tropical treasures

Kendra Rutter

Skip petsmart or petco for any aquarium need, this place is amazing! If he has the room he will take fish you are trying to get rid of. He has such healthy happy fish that are well cared for. And he is patient and takes his time to help you with anything you need.

Dusty Joyce

Awesome store

Godly Corn snake Kneel

He keep Great Fish that's guarantee to live a long life

Daniel Luna

Great local fish shop with a great selection of freshwater fish. They carry some saltwater fish as well.

jon w

Healthy fish with a large variety.

Lindsey Chernoff

Awesome staff, great prices on saltwater.... out of all the aquarium stores in the springs, you should shop here!

Jeremiah Richardson

Great stock! Best in town. Very friendly Nate, always very helpful with good advice for any fishkeeper.

Victor Gomez

chevelle luver

I love this place. Fish are beautiful and i was able to walk outta there with a smile and more knowledge.. And the man that runs it is great.

sara middleton

Chris Campbell

great service excellent selection of fish

Charles McClain

Samantha Seifert

Great quality fish. Nate is Knowledgeable and friendly

Sara Comeau

Love chiclids,love, love, love em

Danielle Timmons

Clint Fox

Beth Oneel

P0C0Y0_S0y Y0

Crazy expensive. I don't know how they manage to stay open for so long..

Heather Leacock

Amazing selection and healthy stock along with a very knowledgeable owner. Love this store!

Matthew Lidberg

Saw all the good reviews so I went to check it out. First thing I smell when I walked in the door was the distinct smell of weed. All the aisles were as wide as me and every aquarium was green with algae.

keith cruz

Great place with all kinds of fish and everything you would need.

Corey Griesemer

Appeal: From the outside this place is nothing short of a dump. It's peeling paint and absolutely horrific sign hardly invite you in. From the moment we arrived, I was ready to leave. Facilities: We stepped in and we were immediately overwhelmed with smells of POT and CIGARETTES. Yummy right? I brought my 4 year old with thinking he would love seeing the tanks and the fish and help Daddy pick out fish. We couldn't believe the tanks, the amount of algae in them and obviously the smells in the place were disgusting. Cleanliness this place is NOT. Service: The guy in the place looked like your typical hippie, but seemed friendly and eager to help. Buy or Beware, they do not offer a fish warranty like Petco and/or Petsmart. Normally I like the smaller non-chain stores. But this place did not meet my expectations at all. Overall: I wouldn't buy anything from here and if you do, sterilize it first.

Bonnie Desmond

Small store but amazing fish and very clean tanks! I didn't see one dead or sick looking fish in any of the tanks there. Good second hand tanks and some chemicals and decorations. If your looking for corals you can also get them here. The guy up front is very nice and answered my questions quickly and he definitely knows what he's talking about! My new favorite fish store!

Donald Williamson

Nice fish store. Ok selection with a nicer price tag as it should go.

Seth Essington

Table Top

Zombie Daisuke

Rob Black

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