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REVIEWS OF Tropical Pet Oasis IN Colorado

Cole Young

Great selection and helpful staff. One of the biggest fresh water fish stores I have found in the area.

Louis Chang

Can't believe I didn't know it was here all these years. Great, friendly staff and decent selection for both the freshwater and saltwater enthusiast. Only negative...that I will need to increase my "discretionary" budget.

Brandon Bullough

Such incredible customer service. Even through some of my own personal disappointment with a fish they initially said I could order and then told me was not available, they told me they would keep their eyes out and let me know when they are available. They also told me what was available and helped me order something else that interested me. I would highly recommend Tropical Fish Oasis to ANYONE in or around the Denver area.

Roman Ramirez

Richard Levine

Just all around great

Ryan Tucker

Friendly and helpful staff. Very knowledgeable. Beautiful corals and great selection.

Liz Overson

Great customer service! They answered all the questions we had and were very friendly! We won't be going anywhere else!

Aaron Tucker

Melissa Shipley

Abby Baird

Excellent and professional service! I was looking for a Beta fish for my daughter. Tommy walked me through every step of the process. My daughter loves the fish and has named it Pete The Catfish. Thanks again!

Harshal G

Nice place, cool people. Need more freshwater fish stock..

Nathan Rhodes

I had issues with a backyard pond that I was wanting to put Koi in for my 4 year old. Tommy walked me through the entire process of conditioning the water to achieve the correct balance. He helped order my Koi and they were delivered from Florida within a week. My pond is thriving and my 4 year old loves it. Thanks Tommy and Tropical Pet Oasis-you made a difference by taking the time to help me.

Rodney Burgerhoff

Fantastic fish store there salt water selection is amazing

Patrick Foley

Friendly staff and took the time to help me pick out what I wanted, they didn't go help other people while working with customers, they will take the time to answer a quick question but back to the customer at hand. They are open Thursday, Friday and saturdays only but are willing to open by appointment.

trey egas

Simply outstanding service. Talked to one of the employees for almost an hour, he explained everything to me. Knowing very well I wasn't making a purchase that day. They're not out to make sales, they're here to give knowledge and expand the hobby. The store is also the cleanest LFS in the surrounding area. Hands down a great shop!

Archit Agarwal

One of the best stores in the area! Clean storen friendly and knowledgeable staff, great selection of both, dry goods as well of healthy livestock!

Jordan Smith

Sean Thompson

Great place for hard to find and specialty stuff

Jordan B

Andrew Zukowski

Nice staff. Good selection for a local Parker shop.

austin cunningham

Great stuff in stock, they even have a freindly dog roaming the store!

Prior Identities

Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. If they don't have something they can get it ordered for you.

Wade Henkowski

Healthy livestock, knowledgeable staff, and a good selection of equipment.

Lindsey Leishman

Surendra Nath Bollineni

sean bonham

John Greeson

Excellent tropical fish with competitive prices and healthy stock. Some cool exotics.

David Keslinger

Wonderful customer service. Prices are excellent. The tank maintenance you can get from them is outstanding. If they don't have it they will find it. This is the go to store for freshwater and saltwater aquariums in Parker.

Ryan Vonderohe

Nathan Pavao

Rand Clark

Josh Simmons

Got a nerite,5rumminose,2shrimp,and 3corycats 1 shrimp vanished somehow. Not to worried about that. Everyone there has great knowledge (unlike PetSmart which is no comparison anyway). I'll go here first over any other place close. Support your local fish shop! It never hurts to ask. I had alot of questions answered and alot of things debunkt for me which made starting off alot easier with alot less stress. (This is my tank as of 7/19/19 just a 10gallon)

John Everett

Super great little fish store for both fresh and salt. A wide range of invertibrates and supplies as well. Call ahead, as he's not there every day.

RJ Lester

robert lukenbill

Best fish store in town great customer servive

chaz peoples

Great people. They have helped me a few times with my fish. I live in colorado springs and wont hesitate to drive north to get my fish supplies from them. Thanks guys

Lee Balmer

Chris Blumenshine

Brooke Nicole

Terry Quinlan

Awesome! Tommy is so helpful!

Johnnie Medina

I was given a 75 gallon saltwater aquarium that was in very bad shape! Tommy has worked with me, very patiently I might add, to get the aquarium back to a beautiful show piece in my home. Tommy, Josh, and Lauren are the best! I highly recommend them for all your aquarium needs.

Chris Liegl

Damon O

Great prices, will order if not in stock. Outstanding customer service. These are great people to do business with. This is the only place I will even consider going to when I need something for one of my tanks.

Miranda Regnitz

Charles W. Jones

Amazing staff and stock.

Aarron Macias

Great customer service!

Ryan Washburn

Chuck Henry

Small store, but they are moving somewhere larger in the coming weeks. Super friendly people that were great to just shoot the breeze with. You have to work around the only 3 days they are open, but I have to say it was the nicest fish store experience I've had. Highly recommended!

Katherine Korenke

Love these guys. Professional and honest. We drive an hour to see them. Worth every mile

Jordan Dobrick

Matt Mulhern

The employees are always friendly and super helpful! Thanks guys!

Cliff Klein

The folks there are very helpful and patient...they will be getting all of my aquarium business

Samuel Snyder

Nice store with great customer service. Will definitely be doing more business with them.

Johnny Nunez

Chris Peters

Great shop, great people

Derek Marohn

Well worth the drive up to Parker from Colorado Springs to get great advice, great reef products and hearty fish and corals! Tommy is very knowledgeable and a great source of expert help. Thanks Tommy!

Mel Alexander

Staff are very knowledgeable and they seem to actually care when you say, 'So this is what I am thinking, will it work?' They took the time to discuss my shrimp tank ideas and special ordered me some fancy pants shrimp. The shrimp had a short delay from the distributor, but staff left me a voicemail explaining the delay and they were still working on getting my order fulfilled. The shrimp arrived, healthy and vibrant. I definitely recommend these guys.

Clifton Moy

Great owner very knowledgeable and very good customer service. He found me some perfect fish for my tank.

Jesse Gonzales

Great little jem of a fish store. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Berkley Nelson

Best Tropical pet store in Colorado!!! Kind and caring staff. Great prices. They are patient with all of my questions and they have extensive knowledge of the products and fish. Will always go back!!!

Howard Ward

Wow is all I have to say! First, i did a simple web search search and found out about this store. I contacted them via their website and within 10 minutes they responded. So i made the trip to see their store. Super helpful staff and very knowledgeable. Very reasonable prices and excellent selection of corals. Highly recommend

Travis Everist

the atmosphere and level of customer service is outstanding. you can tell they really care and have true knowledge about what they do. i highly recommend this place

Jessica Edmonson

Tommy had great advice and helped me get my tank up and cycled. So happy with the service here

Walter Kolak

Nice place.

Dave Karsh

Great store! Tommy the owner is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They have a nice selection of fish and corals, and the prices are more than competitive compared to some of the other local fish stores. I highly recommend TPO for those looking to get into the hobby, or the seasoned hobbyist that's looking for a great selection at very fair prices.

Micah McCloskey

Brittany Yu

Came for trouble with my daughters Betta fish and these guys were super awesome. I never thought I'd be so stressed over a $8 Betta fish, so happy I came to this place over any other fish store. Their saltwater fish are super awesome, will definitely be getting them to build our saltwater tank when the time comes.

Mandy McCloskey

Everyone here is so nice and helpful. There animals and corals always look great.


New store is clean and we'll stocked with corals, fish n supplies, both salt & fresh

Bill E

Awesome helpful honest staff....they really take time with you and answer questions.....great selection of fish and coral......worth the quick drive to Parker!

Caleb Wuellner

Tommy is always very personable and professional. You will enjoy your time with the knowledge they share and the beautiful fish

Rob Alejandro

Tommy is very knowledgeable as well as his staff. Highly recommend this place if you are starting out. I had my struggles at first, but with Tommy's advice I got things straightened out. He sold me a torch that split into two heads within a matter of weeks. A+++

Sarah A

Healthy fish and wonderful service.

Austin Printz

Good selection of corals and fish. Knowledgeable staff.

steve Von Strohe

Had a bad experience with fish a year ago but did go back recently. Good service and fish seem like they are in good shape. People are very helpful and clean shop. I will give them a second chance.

rick carter

Great Store and wonderful staff. Their large coral displays are beautiful and amazing. We bought an electric blue lobster that has added an entirely new dimension to the tank. Very knowledgeable staff that answers all the questions. The new store is clean and very busy on a Saturday afternoon.

David Gardner

Great help. Very friendly

Richard Mitchell

our return visit was much better, thank you.

Harold Robbins

Zac Fruits

Megan B

Brian Putnam

Wonderful, Clean, Great Service, Extremely helpful. We bought a fish tank for our 3 year old. We were unprepared for cycling and starting up the tank. Tommy and Josh could not have been more helpful and patient with me. They recommended our first fish and helped us get the tank up and running. This will be a good family hobby. We will be back. Thank you!!

Amanda Luker

Erin Stecher

I mean, Tommy is just great. You go in there and you just get to talk to someone who truly loves fish and clearly got into this business because of his love of fish (rather than money). Not only that, but customer service is the most important thing to me in the world. With Tommy, you forget you're a customer; instead you're just a friend. Need help with your tank? No problem. Tommy will tell you the best way to work through it. Have a mean anemone? They'll take it. Have kids? Yep, he even has candy for them, too. Good people, good fish, good corals, good prices. Why go anywhere else? One last thing. In the saltwater (and even freshwater) aquarium scene, a lot of places have employees who think they literally know everything. They talk and talk and don't listen. They tell you you're doing your water changes wrong (like that you have to do 40% once a month instead of 10% a week). It's like they think they have degrees in marine biology. With Tropical Pet Oasis, it's not like that. Instead, they take time to learn your situation, then make suggestions on what has worked for them in the past... and admit when they don't know something. Such a breath of fresh air! I mean water....

Joshua Kosloski

Dylan Compton

Awesome place. Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, and a great selection of freshwater and saltwater fish. Definitely the best in the area.

Kristen Key

We had a sick betta best advice in town! We will be back very friendly. Owner is so nice.

Daniel Olson

This place has gone above and beyond for me. The amount of support that I've gotten from Tommy the owner is amazing. I wouldn't expect to see your mainstream pet store products here. They have a great selection of foods and chemicals for both fresh and saltwater tanks. All of my Cichlids Are from tropical pet Oasis and they're all still alive and kicking. They also have a great selection of corals and they do have RO water.

robby vice

Great store of he don't have what you want tell Tommy he will get it

Melissa Comer

We have been going to Tropical Pet Oasis for a couple years now. Always a good selection, if Tommy doesn't have what you're looking for he will get it. I will never shop at any other fish store again because of the great service you get here. Especially after the bad customer service received at places like Neptune's. All the staff are knowledgeable and very helpful.

Jeni Foo Foo

Patryk Wiszowaty

I was getting back into the hobby and had lots of question and needed some guidance to be able to make the right decision for my new system. Tommy and the crew were happy to help and took the time to explain all of my option and were very patient with me. I’m very happy with my choice for my new tank and I’m glad I was able to go through the process with Tropical Fish Oasis guidance. Thank again guys!

Leroy Green

ryan mcmillon

Great people running the store and wonderful corals and fish. The also are one of the only stores to sell Reef Frenzy in the Denver Metro area.

Jennifer Vaughan

Tony McIlroy

Very helpful and willing to listen and advise. Very clean tanks and store

Molly Medow

Went here based on the recommendation of someone I work with and I really enjoyed the shop. The owner is a super nice guy and very approachable. He answered any questions I had during my visit and ordered a fish for me that he didn't have in store at the time. Will definitely continue to shop here even though there are shops closer to me.

Kris Petersen

Honest Reviews

Great shop! Not too big but quality selection especially if you're into saltwater. Staff was extremely helpful and took time to answer all questions plus show us pics of their personal tanks. Mom and I picked up a Columbian spotted pleco and a bristlenose. Healthy fish that took to their tanks with no issues at all! Definitely recommend checking out!

Vanessa Stevens

This place was awesome!

Adam Nichols

Extremely knowledgeable and professional staff. Down to earth and willing to answer any question and truly genuine and there to help. Best store I have been to in Colorado!

James Binder

Very helpful and friendly staff. They are willing to answer questions and make recommendations on what your looking for and what will work for your size tank. Have already recommended them to friends and family.

Brian Hazzard

Rory Reinschmidt

Can't say enough good things about TPO. The live stock, prices and customer service are outstanding.

Anneliese Smith

They saved my betta fish who had almost certain death in his cards! The associate helping me was very communicative and informed. He took very good care of my fish and actually knew what he say talking about, unlike Petsmart and Petco associates. I've bought 10 other fish from them and they were and still are healthy. Oh and TPO, has many high quality options of food to choose from and they test the water chemistry for free (with a detailed verbal analysis of the results). TPO had salt and fresh water fish alike. Excellent small business!

Chad Gau

Tommy and crew are great, I only go here for my aquarium needs.

Sherri Baird

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