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REVIEWS OF Seascape Aquatics IN Colorado

Dannon Dallmann

I've been looking for a local aquarium store who has good stock and knowledgeable staff and after trying three times, I've given up here. Their saltwater stock is okay but the staff was incredibly rude and unhelpful. I will not be returning to this store.

Echo7 Echo

I've never had a problem with them. Besides some rudeness on occasion. Mainly over the well being of the fish. Example; guppies and angel fish don't belong to the same habitat thus your hurting the guppies by adding them to an acidic tank. They come off rude but are some of the nicest people to work with. They just really care about the fish and their well being. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for fish/ fish supplies. The plants they have are snail infested but if you clean them off before you put them into your tank all will be fine. Btw I have a 75gal freshwater tank.

Zachary Cruz

Went is as a newbie. Both of them were exttemely condescending and rude. Their selection of supplies are decent but not exclusive enough to warrant me dealing with them. The tanks in store were okay to look at, and I was interested in beefing up my supply of stock but after both their attitudes there's no way I'd go to them after my experience. Much rather would go to AquariaMasters or even a Petco.

Jeff Perry

I thought it was just me but apparently a lot of other people feel the same. Both times I have been there were about the same. Not sure if I'm willing to go in for a strike 3. Even thought the gentleman who I assume is the owner asked if I needed anything, then said to ask questions if I had any, seemed really put out by me asking questions when I did. I used to have several aquariums and would not consider myself a novice when it comes to aquariums at all, but they could make you feel that way. It really seemed like it was more trouble to come out from behind the counter than to spend a little time showing me what he was talking about. You know, customer service. He stood there and pointed, and sometimes didn't even point. When I asked about protein skimmers, he said they're over there. That was that. When I asked a question about them he said if I didn't know what they were for I didn't need one. I called before reading reviews and writing this one. No answer. I suppose they won't call back either. Strike 3. There are other stores.

Jake S

I don't understand any of what other people are talking about with the employees and managers being rude, they are without doubt the nicest and most helpful people in the aquarist industry, I bought both my saddle Valentino puffer from here and my huma trigger fish, each time I go they are very helpful, instruct me on the food the fish have been fed and the fish schedule. One very nice lady gave me advice to clear one of my tanks of sand clouds with a type of filter pad and it worked instantly, by far my favorite lfs and a great place with a great atmosphere.

Christopher Tippie

Only been here once and was passing through Colo Springs. After visiting, I have to say the negative reviews HAVE to be from either a disgruntled former employee or a competitor. This place is worth the stop - if only to chat with the employees. They had some marine and reef stuff but what really caught my eye were the S. American cichlids. I ended up leaving with a nice male Geophagus steindachneri. They also had some Apistos that are certainly worth seeing. Seriously, I brake for local fish stores everywhere I go (I travel for a living) and give this place two big thumbs up.


I read the reviews before I went in and I can understand the 1 star reviews. The lady that was in there went through the customer service motions and I treaded lightly as to not to provoke what the other reviews spoke of. Overall, store does need a overhaul. Products are very limited although pricing was not bad on some of the Red Sea products. The display fish tanks in the front are well kept. The fish tanks in the back of the house needs plenty love. A few clean up crew tanks were not appealing at all and the sump tanks were even worse. But the fish and clean up crew were happy, so parameters maybe decent and healthy. As far as the rest of the tanks... well seeing the 1st few tanks kind of set the tone. All the livestock looked well and purchasable and decently priced as opposed to what I've seen before. I really think that they should hire someone who does have the passion for reef keeping and has some customer service skills and product knowledge. It would help greatly. Just get out your own way. Colorado Springs needs a good aquarium store for hobbyist.

Hugo Niggletz.

I wish I could give it zero stars place is a pile of feces. Owner's are rude will not be returning.

COS B _fpv

I have to disagree with the previous negative reviews and this is why. I am a beginning fish collector and had the unfortunate experience of purchasing my tank mates elsewhere at big name pet stores. These stores left me with no information on how to take proper care of my fish, and gladly let me take home extremely incompatible fish species. I later had to take them back so that they would not kill each other. When I walked into Seascape Aquatics, I was immediately impressed. Although they are a small store, their selection is incredible. They have the cleanest tanks I have seen in an aquatic retail store. This shows me that they truly care about the life of the fish and not just the money that they make off of it. As far as costumer service goes, I was just as impressed. I had so many questions and came in right before the stores scheduled closing time. The wonderful lady that assisted me, stayed well past to help me find my new tank mates and give me as much information as possible to insure their survival. Any question I had, she had a great answer. I left knowing that my new fish would be perfect for me as a beginner and that I wouldn't be having any more surprises. I will always go back to this store whenever I need anymore aquatic friends for needs.

Blazin Blue Automotive

Awesome store very clean. Great prices and great customer service I would highly recommend Anthony and Kelsey

Allen Steeves

If you have a question about saltwater tanks this is a place to go... From start up, to maintenance and advice they can help everyone with their problem...

Kase May

Good selection, bad experience. Ugh my girls and I where ignored until I asked about some of the fresh water fish. I wish I didn't because I was talked to like I wasn't worth there time or effort.

Francisco Lobato

He was not at all helpful and rude. Will not return and will take my business elsewhere..


If you like sick fish that'll crash your tank and crappy service then this is the place for you!

Lisa Stump

We went to the store after reading some reviews, expecting the owners to be rude or unhelpful. That could not be further from the truth. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and did everything they could to answer our questions and make sure we had what we needed. She even discouraged us from buying more than we needed at the time because it wouldn't be the best for our tank. They obviously care about our long-term success and honestly could not have been more helpful. You should definitely give this place a chance.

Matt Harris

Got kicked out for sending pics to my wife to okay the prices of items for fish tank. Wont be spending $ here


I wish I had read the other reviews before I drove down here from Denver. The owners there are so rude and condescending. I asked the man who works there two questions and he gave me two smart alleck remarks. I can't figure out how people who treat their customers like they are a nuisance can stay in business. After his second response to me, I read the reviews and saw someone a few months ago recommended the store on Platte and went there instead. His salt water selection wasn't as big as this store's unfortunately, but he was so much nicer than these two people. The store on Platte has a good selection of fresh water fish if you're looking for that though. Only come to this store if you want to be treated like an animal.

Paul Pelezo

I like the shop very much and the owners was very helpful to me ill be back for sure

Pikes Peak Graphics & Decals

Great store 5star! People say they have a rudeness, but they don't, they are just quite people that are not so out spoken and people take as rude. They are very nice and will bend over backwards when they know you are not in their shop pecking on glass and goofing around in the store

Jon Xedis

Decided to give this LFS another shot, lesson learned, will never be back.

Mark Taylor

Rude. The store guy was so rude and nasty that I didn't bother looking past the first aquarium. DO NOT SHOP HERE! OTHER SHOPS ARE BETTER BY FAR!

Jack Bopp

I've been coming to seascapes about a year, I actually bought an eibli angel there yesterday, the store is nice and clean and they have great products. Fair prices on all the fish but supplies can run a little high. As for the owners, the lady can be a little sarcastic and even condescending but she can be nice after a while. The man has always be friendly and we usually make small talk about all the fish. Overall 8/10

Scottie J

They never answer there phone I tried calling several times over several days, how do you run a business when you can't even answer the phone. Poor customer service


I have been going here for years. The couple that owns this are amazing! Truly one of the few places in all of Colorado Springs who know the the salt water hobby.

Shannon Baumgartner

Great place to shop for fresh and saltwater fish and supplies.

Dhue Sey

We lost ALL of our healthy well established fish but 1 (10 in total now) and only 2 of the fish we paid good money for are surviving at this point. The fish we bought from Seascapes introduced ich into our healthy thriving tank!! We are SO devastated over the loss of our beautiful fish we watched grow from tiny fish to large gorgeous specimens dying slow horrid deaths right before our eyes. Hundreds of dollars worth I might add... and nearly $100.00 now spent for treatments that have done very little to save any lives thus far. We've only 3 sickly fish left struggling to live. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!!

Bruce Berg

I've been going to this fish store since I first started my saltwater aquarium and I must say, they've been great! They guided me along the way for the past few years and their fish are always healthy when I bring them home. Their corals might be limited sometimes, but otherwise, their corals are usually very healthy. When it comes to the staff, the owner of the shop, Sage is knowledgable as well as humorous. Jim might not be a big talker at first, but as you get to know him and talk to him more, he's actually pretty cool to talk with. There's a third one that works there too, but I can't remember her name. Anyways, she's pretty nice and helpful. Shoot, all of them are helpful. They all help customers one at a time and answer any questions to the best of their abilities.

Isabelle vlogger

Great selection and very helpful staff

Tanner Tate

Stays well stocked, clean, and staff has been nothing but helpful anytime i have questions on livestock or care for my tank.

Erik Johnson

If I could give this store zero stars I absolutely would. Their customer service is atrocious and their fish are sick. I bought my first batch from them and they all had columnaris. Okay I thought it happens so I treated the columnaris. Then I wanted to fill out the rest of my school and unfortunately this was the only store that had the fish. So I went back and got three more. Upon introducong these fish to my tank they all broke out in ich and would not recover. I was upset and brought them to the store to see what they would do. The first woman I talked to insisted that there was nothing present on the fish. She had to consult her husband and another gentleman who I don't evendors know who he was. They finally conceded that there was ich present but made me seem ridiculous and said it was easily treatable recommending that I buy medication from them after they sold me diseased fish! I would highly caution anyone from going to this shop. These people do not care about you or their fish.

John Currier

Personal knowledgeable service for your fresh and saltwater fish needs. If they don't have what you need they'll get it for you. They'll even test your water for you.

marc lyman

Best fish store ever! Owners are also the best... they are way more knowledgeable and trustworthy than any 16 year old you’d get at petco/smart.... better selection and they are super nice people as long as you aren’t a total ass...good for them... it’s how it should be!!! For all you people who seem to have a stick up your ass a mile long... it’s a fish store ... it’s not Dutch Bros coffee don’t need to be constantly coddled and catered to like a little baby...suck it up... buy a fish or don’t. Go back to Cali and Texas where I’m sure your old fish store treated you like the princess potty pants of the cotton candy kingdom that you think you are! Unbelievable!

Devan Blackman

The owners are beyond rude and condescending. If you can look past being talked down to, and made to feel like an idiot over legitimate questions it's worth going in. their tanks are clean, MOST of their fish look healthy, and they have a decent selection.

Randall Hayes

The store was nice and we were eager to buy fish there, but the owners/employees saw we had brought in a fish that was now too large for our tank and so they were rude and unfriendly. They could have acknowledged that they wouldn't take our fish and still have been friendly,courteous and professional. But instead they chose to give us the cold shoulder and blunt rudeness.

Chad Wiginton

If you are looking for knowledgeable staff, honest service, and superior supply, then your search is over. Their specialty is in saltwater fish. For freshwater specialty, go to Tropical Treasures on Platte.

Kim Welton

Nice pkace

Johnny MaC

This place was busy compared to the other place I went to here in town. Obviously has a lot of loyal customer. I would think it is due to the customer service.

Melissa Hitchcock

Literally if you need supplies for your aquariums, whether freshwater or salt, this place will have what you need. A lot of folks slag the owners for attitude, but frankly I've never encountered this. In fact, the lady was awesome and helped me pick out some good plants for my axolotl tank. She even allowed me to take a glass top lid to my car so I could see if it would fit on a 75 gallon tank I had purchased that day. All in all, the experience was great.

Rob Whiteside

Wow. Must not be their type of people. We were followed around the store. Not really spoken to just stared at. Asked the owner or older man at the front counter a few questions about his fish and his business. Said he'd been in business 18 years. Could not see how. No customer service dirty fish tanks and a low quality selection. I would of been embarrassed. Sad day that I would have this experience at a local store would rather spend money local but got better quality product and a smile and a sale at a corporation down the street. Sad day.

Heather B

This was my first time at this store and the guy who was "helping" me did not help me at all!! He didn't want to answer any of my questions and he acted annoyed with me asking questions and and basically just annoyed that I was there. Hello!! I am paying customer, don't you want customers??? Maybe you should get a job where you don't interact with people. Also the lady that was there didn't step up to help at all. And if that wasn't enough their prices are considerably higher (some almost double) than other stores in the Springs. I felt very uncomfortable and frustrated when I left and I will NEVER go back.

Joel Cook

Did not like the employees at all. Seemed to have an attitude towards the whole thing.

Kellie Williams

The owners are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. One of the very few fish stores I've walked into that didn't smell super musty. The tanks are healthy and they have a great selection of both fresh and salt water.

Clint Bandura

I love this place. IMO it's the best LFS in the Springs. The couple who owns the place is always friendly and are very knowledgeable. The tanks are always clean. The fish and plants are healthy. Very competitive prices. Currently, the fluval spec V goes for $115 on Amazon, they carry it for $75. Did I mention I love this store? Will be stocking all the fish in my new 29g tank with fish from Seascape Aquatics. I asked if they could order some Silvertip tetras for me, and they said it wasn't a problem. Visit this store!

Jason Buckingham

I purchased 3 fish from the same tank a couple weeks ago and now all my fish are infected with Ich. I am medicating my fish now and I turned up the temp in the tank to 84 degrees F. Some of my fish appear to be getting healthier, however, the 3 fish I purchased from this store are heavily infected. I hope they recover as I am doing everything by the book to get rid of the Ich. I would look for white specs on the fish before your purchase. On another note, the owners were friendly and they did seem to care about fish.

Jenner Cramer

Fantastic people here. Great looking fish. I will be returning here for my future aquarium needs.

Billie Doom

Best fish shop in the Springs

Rick Rhody

Personable, knowledgeable owners. Tanks are maintained, fish and plants are healthy

Barb Clark

Clean healthy fish. Found the owner or staff to be extremely helpful and kind. Making this my aquarium stop.

Stewart Kett Laughlin

Very very clean store. All fish a very well taken care of. Staff are very nice. Although can seem awkward and quiet. Also if you just buy fish to kill and dont care about their little aquatic lives, you might be treated poorly here. This business cares about the lives of their fish.

Maegann Malone

Can't understand why people have rude comments about owners. They are very friendly, and will give you their honest opinion to make sure you are doing everything correctly. Better prices than Amazon and many other stores around town. Beautiful selection of corrals and fish. Don't judge the ratings it's a must go to store.

Sara S

I think this place is still open just because there aren't many fish/aquatic places in Colorado Springs. Biggest turn off of this place is the customer service. Every time I've tried giving this place another chance I am completely let down. The male owner always has the vibe of not wanting to be bothered, and when you ask questions you get looked at or talked to like you are stupid. The female is a little better than the male, but she can come off the same way or often times doesn't even acknowledge you are there. They just don't have the friendliest vibes. They have a decent selection of products and some beautiful fish especially salt water. When I've gone for cichlids they either don't have much to choose from or they had a nice selection that just got picked up fast. Overall if there was another LFS option to choose from I would definitely take my business elsewhere.

ill hearts


P. A.P.

Let me first state, that in Co. Springs, our options are limited on LFS, unless you want to drive to Parker or Denver. SeaScape Aquatics has a nice selection or fish and corals, decent prices and clean aquariums. However their Customer Service is sub-par. Sage the owner, will answer your questions, but she more than often tends to give off an condescending demeanor. Her husband Jim, is worthless and gives off the vibe that he doesn't want to be bothered, not sure why he is there. I was out of the saltwater hobby for several years and I looking to start back up. I was looking in the store and was trying to remember the rule of thumb regarding how much substrate and live rock is needed (basically 1lb for every gallon - a little more for substrate), Jim's answer was "it's a personal preference." I know it's a personal preference, but I was asking for the rule of thumb, especially since live sand and rock can help cycle the tank. I gave two stars, because although their selection and prices are good, I believe Customer Service is what drives business. I would rather drive to Parker and go to Tropical Pet Oasis, then have to deal with a crappy service. Only go to SeaScapes if it's an emergency or if I know what I want and don't need to ask any questions.

Doug Weatherman

Don't worry about calling they never answer the phone. We used to be customers but I can't get any info on supplies or food they carry so I'll be going elsewhere.

G Coop

I've gone here several times now and always left with something awesome. Definitely the best local aquarium store. The others in town are filthy, and extremely ghetto.

juli adams

Great selection of saltwater. The freshwater fish are much healthier than other stores too.

Ralph Olson

It was ok, I've seen better.

James Scaff

This place is just “OK.” Probably better for more experienced aquarium keepers and aquascapers. I made the mistake of seeking their advice on my first planted tank project. Pros: good product selection, prices are reasonable, store is clean. I got a broken algae scraper, and they were really good about exchanging it. Cons: these people can be extremely helpful or condescending, and they aren’t as knowledgeable about freshwater tanks as they are about saltwater. After telling them that I was putting together a planted shrimp tank, she sold me a general fertilizer that turned out to put nitrates in the aquarium at lethal levels for freshwater shrimp, even when using it at 1/2 the recommended dosage. It killed half my livestock, which costs about $8 per shrimp, and I had to read about how terrible the Kent products are for freshwater invertebrates on web forums. It has taken me weeks to figure out what has been causing the spikes. Their freshwater plants are also riddled with hydra spores, which sting shrimp with their little tentacles after they hatch and grow. I even tried to order my shrimp through these guys, but they were so cryptic about when they could order them, or what varieties would be available, that I had to look elsewhere. The lady went off on a tangent while I was there last about how people are killing local business by purchasing online, but they made it so hard on me TRYING to buy from them that I ended up ordering from Flip Aquatics in Ohio. The mail-order, out of state store got product to me before these guys could even commit to ordering. They could have just been nice to me and I would have been willing to wait.


Best fish store!! Very nice employees, beautiful fish, and great prices. Would recommend this store for your primary fish store.

Robert C.

The fish selection is great, if they don't have it I can ask and once they get it in, they will call you. Jade and John vast knowledge of salt and freshwater fish will ensure your fish live long lives.


WORST customer service I have ever had... RUDE, talked down to, laughed at when I asked questions, couldn't give an answer that I already knew & had their noses stuck so far up in the air I was surprised that they didn't fall over backwards!!! Add that to being WAY over priced = I left and will NEVER go back! Horrible experience & was not impressed by the selection. If you don't mind a pot smoker and not so clean store that has EXCELLANT fish and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & THE BEST African SELECTION & GREAT KNOWLEDGE... go see Nathan at Tropical treasures on Platte Ave. Or if you want a clean store with someone that will TREAT YOU RIGHT, has GREAT PRICES and both fresh water & salt... go to AQUARIA MASTERS on Tia Juana St. NUFF SAID!

Chris Barker

We have had great luck with buying fish, reasonably priced and healthy

Steven Lochridge

Great products. The condescending owners just need to get out of there and hire someone else to be the face of the store. I asked about a product and they walked over and read the directions on the product to me. Yeah, I'll go to Amazon's site and buy it from there. Man, if you hate your job, find something else or hire someone for minimum wage to do it. It would be worth the money because you are chasing customers away. I guess they have the 20 loyal customers they want to just get by, so I'll spend my money somewhere else. So, I'd recommend this place for experts. Newbies should go somewhere else unless you don't mind be treated like an idiot if you have a question.

Jacki Tapia

I visited this store about 2 months ago, looking for information to start a saltwater tank. Admittedly, I am not an expert and was less so when I stumbled in; the store owners are not interested in being teachers to a newbie. They are interested in selling their fish to experienced reef keepers only... I felt very intimidated by my experience, and they actually suggested a betta and discouraged me from saltwater all together. It certainly encouraged me to do more research. I ended up at a different store that was much more patient with my questions. I would think a business would be encouraging you to make your purchases there and being a begginer is a money pit... just a thought.


Needs to work on manors.other then that great store to get supplys for salt and fresh water fish.

Sha Lo K

Fantastic knowledge of fresh and salt water fish. They were extremely helpful with all our questions. I'm not sure why the other bad reviews, our experience was great.

Brandon Visoky

Beautiful fish and beautiful store.

Theresa Keefer

Love this place. They go out of their way to make sure you have great customer service and understand aquatics...can't say enough about them.

S Chow

This shop has good fish and inverts but needs a major overhaul on their customer relations. Every time I've been in there, they come across as they'd rather be else where. I now go to Mr. Aqua.

Tammy Fan

The couple that work here wouldn't know what a smile was if it bit them in the face. Very rude people! They assume just because you are shopping there tat you are very experienced in aquariums. When you ask questions they look at you like you're stupid. Never going back. Found a place where they know how to smile and are very eager to answer your questions. TROPICAL TREASURES! They don't even deserve one star!

John Heathrow

Is it out of business?? Ive tried calling the store four to five times over the last few days. No answer. Regardless.. I got annoyed and just ordered it online.

Mike B

I don't understand why they have bad reviews. I found the owners extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Had a great experience. Rude customers can create upset staff which was probably what happened. Personally I think it's a great shop with lots of cool stuff and a great staff.

Hash Ventura

The staff, aside from one guy that works there, is very helpful and knowledgeable. However, the guy will not tell you ANYTHING about the fish you are buying. I have bought numerous fish that didn't make it because he wouldn't tell me anything about them. Any of the ladies there will tell you what fish do well with others, if they need to be in groups, in what size tanks and so forth. DO NOT have that guy help you get fish- he won't help, nor give any info whatsoever that will be helpful in keeping your fish alive. Before buying from one of the ladies, they will tell you whether or not a fish will do well in your tank. They actually find out about your tank, and then help you from there. This guy? I ask about specific fish, if they would do well in my tank. All I get back is, "Yeah, how many do you want?" Well, first I want to feel as if you know where these fish are going. You know nothing about my tank, or what's in it. How can you say yes? Also, I was looking for INFORMATION. Not just "yeah." On another note, the store always has a great selection, both ladies have always been very knowledgeable in their products, and have always shared that knowledge with me. All my fish I have gotten from these ladies have survived, because they tell you what you need to know to keep your fish. The ones he sells me- don't make it past 24 hours. Either he doesn't mention the important things, or he is as clueless as most customers. They would be my #1 for fish supplies, however it's frustrating to go through the same thing every time. I buy a fish, wish he would give me more info on it, but figure it'll be okay anyway, and then I find my fish dead. Have one of the ladies help you if you want your fish to live!


Nicest fish store in the Springs

Chad Cherry

To busy to answer the phone. No wonder fish stores are going out of business. At pet smart at least they answer phones and have no need for an answering machine.

Alan Peak

I've sat there for 30 minutes asking them questions. They have always been happy to answer them all! Even if I ask the same question twice, two different ways. They will put in orders for you and call, even for a 4 dollar plant. Yesterday they gave me an amazing deal on a breeding pair of angelfish. They didn't up charge me for the fact that they were paired even though they could have. Don't take their suggestions as condescension. They are trying to help! Sage rocks

Sean Hardin

Some LFS! Really knowledgable staff, healthy fish, good selection, and better prices than the big box stores.

Thomas Ewing

They had a part I needed & no one else even thinks of carrying. I have gone some really remarkable fish before. Good health & great prices.

Amy Wieden

Nice selection of salt and freshwater fishes and invertebrates. They also have live corals and plants. They also carry the higher end aquarium supplies that the big chain pet store do not offer. This is an all around good place to shop for the more serious fish keeper.

steve smith

The staff was friendly but we had an issue with some fish we bought. My tank has been healthy for 2 years. We decided to add a few fish which we bought from Seascape. Within a week all of my old fish were dead from ick. I treated my tank and have made a couple of calls to which i have had absolutely no reply. Im wasnt looking for anyrhing except acknowledgment . Be careful buying fish from this place.

vysr om

Wow, these owners are really something. I feel as though I was a nuisance to them and everything I ask was just a bother. Very condescending and rude. My wife even pointed it out to me as we returned to our car before I even brought it up. Update: I went back to give this place another try. I'm going to change my 1 star to a 3 because the lady was helpful and nice this time. The guy that works there was still somewhat unwelcoming and very reserved. Perhaps it's just the way he is, I'm not sure. I recommend to anyone needing to use seascape to speak with the lady.


Everytime I come into this store I am treated with respect and valued. I love this fish store! Friendly staff. Healthy animals! What more can you ask for!!

bighowards Reef Tank

Sea scapes is a great place to look, fresh water and salt water needs

Marsellus Wallace

Horrendous customer service. Condescending owner. This guy either had his nose in the air or had a slack jawed look of not knowing what he is doing there cannot or will not answer your questions. They never answer the phone. Same recorded message that never changes. I drove quite a distance TWICE to only see a pasted sign on the door saying they were closed that day. Sorry, I don't go to your store everyday to know when you are closing on a day you normally would be open. Is it too hard to have you update your answering machine to let people know when you are closing on special days? Absolutely terrible. The short balding guy in particular is the worst. He looks at you like you are bothering him. Plays (or is) dumb half the time as to not talk to you. Take your business elsewhere.

David Reade

How is Gussy?? thanks for taking him .... Ashlyn .... both Ruthie and I found the guy to be very hot and cold .... almost seemed like he didnt enjoy it anymore .... when we talked about buying a huge salt water tank he was very warm and touched my arm .... when I went in to buy 5 gallons of fresh water he was very cold ... he was very good about returning my calls about the tank ... I never figured him out .... the older lady who did the fresh water was AWESOME!!! I spent a lot of time talking with her ... so friendly and knowledgeable ....

randy culver

Great selection and service.

Beverly L.

Great spot, knowledgeable staff.

Matthew Rawlins

Doesn't seem like much when you first drive up or walk in BUT they actually have a lot of different kinds of fish and many kinds you wont see at pet smart. Once you start looking at the tanks you will discover all kinds of neat different fish species in the tanks. The tanks are clean and all the fish look healthy. It was apparent the lady I talked to really cares about fish and is enthusiastic about them. They also carry live plants in the tank that are BIG and at a great price! I don't care for the location but I will definitely be going back to stock my newest tank with plants and fish.

Michael Koch

Plants and fish are high quality

Justin Thrush

Great shop helpful staff and awesome tanks picked up some plants look great so far!

Grayson Gist

The selection is reasonably priced and the fish are healthy. Their live rock is very pretty and a great addition to the tank. They also let me have some extra shells for the hermit crabs I bought. They look great and the hermit crabs love them. I talked to one of the owners for about 30 minutes and she was very helpful. The only reason for 4 stars is that they don't answer the phone. And I've tried a lot.

Troy Lee

This is my favorite fish store in the springs. It's small, but it's well-kept. I know people have complained about customer service, etc...but I've never had a problem here and I've been here a dozen times in the last year. The owners are old school, and have been around for a long time. If I need anything, they've offered to special order it for me, and they always return my phone call if I call and leave a message. It's definitely a great change-up from the big box stores in town. Fish selection is great and prices are very fair. They're not dirt cheap, and things don't go on sale...but you pay for quality, and generally speaking that's what you'll find here.

Aunikka Meeks

Had a great selection and exactly what we wanted but the lady with short grey hair was extremely rude for no reason at all and spoke to us with a very passive aggressive tone. I gave her a couple of chances and she continued to talk to me rudely so I had no choice but to say thanks for your help and walk out. Very unfortunate because if we would have had a good experience we would have been frequent customers

Julie Paler

Seascape Aquatics is by far the best place to buy fish & supplies in Colorado Springs! Sage is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. The variety of fish is amazing and they always carry top of the line supplies and equipment at a reasonable price. Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Daniel Luna

No doubt, my favorite fish store in The Springs. Owners are friendly, and full of advice and information. They have a good stocking of tropical and saltwater fish, lots of hardscape supplies, dry and frozen foods, and all sorts of equipment. I have bought almost all my supplies from them for my 3 tanks. Check them out!

Lindsey Chernoff

I was surprised at how rude the owner was. She refuses to answer the phone if she is quote "busy". She thought that was fine even though her store was empty. She said she calls back people who leaves messages. To be fair, she was cleaning tanks when I finally made it there (after 2 unanswered calls, I decided to visit thinking her store was slammed). When I asked why she only has very young fish (as other stores often carry older ones that blend well into an established tank), she replied that that's how the fish come from the ocean. Her tone was wildly sarcastic. Her prices were so-so. Her store was tidy. Yet, I would never spend a dollar in a store with an owner so condescending and rude.

chevelle luver

They've got a nice store. Prices are ok. Not the happiest people unfortunately. They dont like cichlids tho. "Aggressive fish, cant put anything else in the tank wit em" is what i was told. Lol. But in all.. Its not bad considering we dont have many fish stores in the springs

Chris R

Love this place. Been going for 15+ yrs. Jim and Sage know their stuff, never try to over sell you on things and are always willing to teach you about the hobby. We drive a hour (1 way) to go there. Totally worth the drive.

Nick Gilmour

Only in an emergency! by nick.gilmour1 on 03/16/2014 The store is okay. Reasonable selection of products, prices not outrageous and nothing to write home about either. The tanks look clean and clear, selection of corals and fish is mediocre at best. However my experience with staff/owners leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I am not a novice marine tank hobbyist and even worked for several years in a salt water specialty aquarium store. However, trying to engage in conversation or get detailed answers from the gentleman owner is frustrating and near impossible. Quite frankly he is condescending, unhelpful, and appears to not give a damn. Right now I am about to spend close to $2000 on a new tank and equipment. I have given this shop several chances to earn my business and they have failed epically. As much as I try to support local businesses, Seascapes Aquatics will not be one of them. In my opinion Seascape Aquatics is nothing more than an emergency supply store lacking courteous customer service.

Bre Forbes

Great selection of fish, but I was not a fan of the owner so that altered my view of the store as a whole.

Kelli O

Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful staff with a clean and comforting environment. Love it here and frequent often.

Irene Preciado

the fish selection was nice but the lady which I think is the owner was rude. I didn't like her one bit. When I asked her question she responded really rude. She looked at me like i was stupid.

Cory Waterford

I must not have dealt with Sage. I stopped in to find out what it would take to get into the saltwater hobby. The older kind of short guy was not willing to help at all. On top of it he was rude to my wife when trying to buy a beta before we left. I then went down to Mr. Aqua. Much better customer service. John was totally willing to answer all my questions and now I am set up almost ready to add fish.

David Lamb

Great prices, very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Dillon Buckner

Great staff! reasonable prices considering no one else in town carried the products I needed for hospitalizing a fish tank. Happy to report it worked and saved my clients fish. Will use again.

Laurel Barrett

I have been getting all my fish here recently and they are all very healthy and happy.

Daniel McCool

They have a nice selections of plants and I pointed out to the lady which ones I wanted and she reached into the tank and said this one was fuller so I said OK, when I got home and took it out of the bag I could see it was a hack job, horrible looking, I will never shop there again. Screw me once and your done. I DO NOT RECOMEND this place.

Rosie A

Best LFS in Colorado Springs. We are newbies to salt water tanks. The owners are knowledgeable and willing to answer all of our questions. Love the selection! Prices are better than other fish stores in the Springs.

Patrick McNabney

Nice little store, both the man and woman working there came by to ask if I needed help multiple times, didn't talk to the man there much, but the woman was very knowledgeable about the fish they had, and about other fish in general.

Corinna Tepley

Love this place.

Ayana Evans

I didn’t find anything wrong about the store. Fish are healthy and the owners are helpful. They sell some items I can’t even find in the chain stores.

Ray B

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced!

Danny J

They have great deals on tanks etc ...

Elaina Phillips

I fell in love this place the moment I walked in! A sweet lady helped answer all my questions and told me when their next shipment comes and what they'll be getting more of (plants and fish). They have natural driftwood and large stones for aquascaping too... Which is hard to come by! Great prices and healthy fish. I will definitely be back!

Zachary Kellner

Store and tanks are clean and the owner is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful... very glad to find it after moving to the Springs. It is evident she really cares about the hobby, not just a businesswoman out to make a buck. Best advice is to check out the store for yourself, not just make an assumption from the reviews.

Eric LaPorte

I have been going here for 7 years. I have purchased more fish and clean up crews than I would like to admit filling both my 180 and now my nano as well as a few fresh water tanks. Never once have I lost a fish, and even if I did, I know they would honor it. Never EVER had an issue and don't expect any in the future....

Zombie Daisuke

Excellent selection of foods and chemicals for all types of aquariums! Bought a very healthy Amazon sword!

Chris Sutton

Very friendly and helpful. One of the more knowledgeable stores around town. Clean aquariums and healthy product. Never had any issues with anything I have bought from here.

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