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REVIEWS OF Pho Lu'u IN Colorado

Jacquie Staples

Food is good but the service was horrible. Employees were rude and slow. I didn't want to give my money .there are much better places to go. They won't last long .Dissappointed.

Thomas Burgess

This is my favorite Pho place in town! Seen here is Grilled Pork roll and a medium rare steak. Always quality food, great service, and quite atmosphere.

Cansoni Canson

Food is ok unless you have never traveled to Asia before. The service is horrible. Don't let the waitress with the cap serve you. She is annoyed that she has to serve us. Horrible service. Our friends will not return. I will still go back just for the food.

Amber C

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. Okay, so when I drove up I was I went in anyways, and I am so glad I did. The portions are HUGE, you can easily get two meals out of their servings, and it is so affordable. Also, I ordered a coffee, and they make it on the spot right in front of you. The service is great, and they are attentive. I'm going to make a point to come here when I do want to go out to eat.

Kerstin Sophie Haring

This was all I needed! Delicious, authentic, quick! Rolling out of this place , filled with delicious food.

Valerie Looney

Cute little place. Good service, great broth!

Bill Wallbaum

Super delicious, huge portions well woth the money.

Jessica Price

My husband and I love this place we just moved to Colorado springs from Denver and have been trying to find a good pho place. We definitely found it!!! Amazing food and a great price.

Maria Niemier

The food is excellent the waitresses struggle with English, but I've been here my whole life and can't understand most people. The place is wonderful and the people are friendly if you don't expect to be treated like a spoiled brat. #1 spot in Colorado

Mary McFarland

Love Pho Lu'us. However, their waitstaff could be friendlier. I believe it's a family run business. Their food is Delicious! And, they are quick.

Bethany Kline

I have been going here for over a year and literally the quality and customer service is awful. The basil literally has dirt and possibly bugs and paid extra for basil etc. it’s all black. The lady hung up when placing the order tonight and had to call back. On top of it I asked for NON GRILLED shrimp spring rolls and got the grilled. Needless to say I will be taking my business elsewhere as I know quality pho and this is a disgrace.

Ellie West

Yummiest Clean broths Sooooo good

David Striker

First time eating Pho in Colorado Springs. It has been years since I had Pho. We were not disappointed. We will be back.

Matt L

The restaurant decor could use some improvements, but the food is great. I've had pho from several other restaurants in the Springs but this place is the best tasting. They also give you large portions at a good price.

Hannah Ahn

Loved the food but two of the waitress were rude, throwing things on our table and they looked mad. They need and attitude adjustments.

Logan Richards

Pho was great! Portion size was great, and the price is better than some other places. Not the most cozy or creative environment. Some lower hanging lights of a yellowed tone would probably be a nice touch. White lit places give me kind of a headache sometimes.

Christi Brown

Great food & affordable prices

Bre trujillo

Service was good. I ordered the meat plate and the steak and the chicken was dry. Don't think I'll be returning to Pho Lu'u for Vietnamese food.

Sandra Johnson

Food is great

Website Lover

Not a very nice place. The pho soup is straight from a powder; you can literally see chunks of it. The meat is uber-oily. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because of the chicken I ordered with the meat.

Sabryna Holloway

We LOVE the food here, have eaten here for about 4 years. We always get the vegan Pho bowls... very best tasting Pho of the dozen we have tried in the Springs. I was very sad when I saw the health department review of 7 violations. I hope they can fix the issues in the kitchen, we would love to come back and eat here again once we know it is safe.

Ruby Cheng

Not fresh and noodles were ok

David Faulkner

absolutely delicious food, try the combination bowl if you love meat!

Roy Jackson

Not the best looking restaurant on the planet but the food is fantastic and served in large portions. You will want to eat it all. Try one of the very reasonably priced combo dishes. Love this place.

S. P.

Not sure what to think. Ordered the chicken with ginger, which was abysmal, and the grilled steak, which was pretty good. I guess, just don't order the chicken and ginger.

Makenzie C.S. Miller

Love this pho.

Paul Warrick

I walked in was seated was asked my order and the pho arrived at the table in under 10 min I would say.... so good the pho stock is sweet and tangy with rice noodles, lime, cilantro, bean sprouts, basil, jalapenos, I use peanut butter and the sauce they have!!! Love it!!!!! the egg rolls are good. Go for pho

david higdon

Very good pho.

Jim Sharp

Service was just fine. Noodle bowl was the worst I have ever had. I was surprised after the reviews. My company sort of enjoyed hers.


I almost came here everyday during February and March. Food here is excellent. One day I tried pho in a restaurant in Denver, but that is not a smart decision. Then I stayed with Pho Luu. Still come here every week.

Janet DeLoach

This is one of the best Pho restaurants we have ever been to. Great food and service. Great way to help clear out your sinuses if you use the red chili pepper.

Borra Porter

Pho is always fresh here but the waitress needs to straighten herself out. ATTITUDE! So rude..


Always the go to for the family when we need to clear some sinus action as well as get a full belly. I'm sure many can relate to having a go to spot the whole family can relate to and this is that place for us. Typically from the time we sit down and order food is on the table in a matter of 5 minute. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Victoria Lynn

It was alright. The food was kind of tasteless and the service was okay, kind of awkward. It wasn't bad though. Definitely go try it out for yourself. They have good prices and a lot of food.

Enjoying Life

this little place always makes me happy

Mark Reagan

The meatballs had no discernible flavor. The table smelled of mildew from a nasty cleaning cloth. The service was fast. The pho was decent and for the price the portions were agreeable.


the boba i had ordered was pretty hard, other then that the presentation of the foods were amazing.

Jon Krantz

Food is fantastic and you get a lot for the money. Some staff can act a bit grumpy but if you visit enough, you will find accidental smiles. One of our families favorite go 2's

cynthia homstad

Decent food and the service was great

Laina Le

Great place to get pho! It's a family owned restaurant and so the service is a bit slow but they get the food out pretty fast. The food is always really good and I love coming here.

Troy Shimamoto

Good pho

Jason Benjamin

Some of the most bland customer service ive seen, beef in my soup was obviously expired and looked like gray death.

Karl Bonitz

One of my favorite spots for authentic Pho! I will sometimes visit weekly as the wait staff is extremely friendly and family owned and operated. It's always nice to go in somewhere where you can see a friendly face and they remember your order! I have never had a bad experience at this restaurant. All of the food is authentic and extremely tasty!

Heather Stettler

Great food, great prices!!

Tom Quinene

Nothing too special. It gets the job done. Ordered pho and some appetizers. A quiet and quaint atmosphere...

Jason Peterson

Fast, great price & delicious. The wait staff isn't to attentive but, it's Pho they give you your room to slurp.

Sherry Mutter


Donnie Ray

Best pha in town

Joshua Haarbrink

Great broth! I ordered the tendon-only Pho, as I always do...delicious and the chunks of tendon were a good size (not tiny slices like in some places). The small bowl was perfect for me, medium is pretty big. This is now my official Pho destination for Colorado Springs!

Michael Sean Christensen

For about seven bucks you get a bowl of pho as big as your head. Aside from the shear volume they give you (even the small is huge), the flavor is exquisite. This is a no-frills come as you are sorta joint. Service is a little... bland. Don't let that fool you though. Your mouth should be full of pho not talking to your waitress.

jennifer kruse

The best Coconut Boba ever! I love the Vietnamese Egg Rolls and the Rice Noodle Bowls!! I haven't tried everything here yet but that's my goal! This place is the bomb!

Annalissa Barraza

Food is delicious but service is lacking and very slow

Chase Stricklan

Me and my wife go to Pho Luu for take out often. We always order the same thing and it's always delicious. They also have incredibly consistent quality. We get the eggrolls appetizer and the combination noodle bowl. It's easily enough to split.

Michael Billot

Pho-nominal Food

Thuy Monroe

Great food. Great service highly recommend. Great for vegans. Authentic vegetable broth cooked seperate from other meat dishes. Veggies and tofu also cooked in seperate dishes from meat dishes.

Tasha Hoffner

They've been my favorite pho place for years now!

Stefanie H

Broth is delicious! They did not put much meat in though, if more meat was in the phó I would have gave 5 stars!

Andrew Combs

Always great food. They offer vegetable broth, so you can get a tasty vegan pho.

Ji T

One of their waitress so FREAKING RUDE every single time when i visit there. I ordered pick up today, Her voice was so rude and not pleasant. When my husband picked up my order, my husband asked if he can have chili sauce. And she was up and rude saying what kind? She knows what chili sauce is. This isn't the first time i ordered from them. They have a great food! But they need to either fire her or teach customer service. If she has problem working there then she needs to quit or give f*** customer service.

Ha Ward

Bad customer service and rude , I didn't get what I Oder for never say sorry

Troy Monroe

Place was threatening to open for a while now. Finally opened and we went. Kinda standoffish server, but I don't trust us 'mericans too much either. I digress. Spring rolls: Small and bland. Plate size is good. I got the medium combo rice noodle. My woman got the small pho. Both were decent sized, but we've had better. Only 3 shrimp (with tails) in the whole bowl. Had to use fingers to pull apart half cut meat. Service seemed a little disorganized. Maybe they have a system. Dunno. In all; its a no for me.

meg wheeler

Really good pho


This is the absolute worst pho experience I've ever had...don't waste your money. The food and service is terrible.

Jeff Stebbins

Excellent phở--especially the normal beef version. Their bún is also good, probably the best in town. I've lived in VN more than 20 yrs.--this is about 95% like Saigon.

Kelly Healey

I love this place! I’ve never experienced rude staff and I order pickup once or twice a week. Love the vegetable phó (with vegetable broth). Egg rolls are soooo good.

Mark Basta

The portions are generous, I'll give them that much. The staff is hit or miss in way of courteousness. The broth is great and the noodles were prepared well. The Vietnamese espresso coffee is my personal recommendation if you like coffee and end up here (I asked for easy on the condensed milk because I love taste of coffee). Two people can eat well off of their "small" bowl sizes and come away spending less than $30. We got the boba tea to go and I wouldn't recommend it. The boba itself was kind of gross and whatever powder/pre-mix they use has far too much artificial sweetener. I didn't expect much from a strip mall Pho place but still... reporting my findings for the masses. Normally if a place is just doing all sorts of everything wrong then I'd say to avoid at all costs. This place though... I say if you want some decent Pho then check it out at least once to form your own opinion. Cheers

Jei Cynth

One of my top 3 phò places in entire US: having been to Atlanta, Florida, Maine, Indiana, Virginia, wilkes Barre, PA & consumed various offerings.

Brennan Patten

The meat servings in the Pho keep getting smaller and smaller. But the food is still great. I looooove their spring rolls with peanut butter sauce.

Fredrika Newton

Great food

chris spirk

Waiting staff to busy to ask ? Never had pho went to try it now one explains the difference Between dish styles

Bu Radley

Great prices!!

Marcus Wilson

Nice authentic Vietmanese food. Got a large Pho and some springs rolls. Excellent all around, highly recommended.

Eddie Reyes

This is the best Pho restaurant in the area! It's a nice mom and pop kind of place where your not going to get fed with a silver spoon. Your not going to get your menu handed to you with the right side up or get treated like the royalty you so deserve. The food, price and portions are fantastic! Go get a bowl!

Edward Angus

Horrible! I was served the wrong meal. When I spoke to the waitress about it, I was told I would still have to pay for the first dish they messed up. The waitress was rude from the moment we walked in. We ended up paying and walking out without eating. Save your money and go anywhere else.

Danielle Pitonzo

I love this place. I've now tried 4 different places in the Springs and Pho Lu'u is BY FAR the best. Their prices are fair and competitive, their food is so fresh and delicious, and this has been my consistent experience over and over. I usually order take out, I know the inside is a little homely looking, but the food and cost is incomparable. Thanks for taking care of me each time, Pho Lu'u! You have a devoted customer for life!

Liesl aka Li Johansen

Delicious pho and bun. Quick service and great prices.

Kennex Chi

Great pho! It is becoming one of my comfort foods!


Run of the mill pho experience. Nice homemade chili sauce on the table and good service. Had the rare steak pho. It was more or less the same you could get at any other decent pho place.

Jacob Dresback

This is THE best place for Pho. I have tried multiple places around town, but I always come back to Pho Lu'u. The people are awesome, too! Since we come here so often, they remember us and our order. Pretty much the pinnacle of customer service. I love Pho Lu'u

Aaron A

Our favorite Pho restaurant, VERY generous portions, incredible food (get the beef filet), and the family who run it always remember what you got last time and what you like. I ate there pretty much weekly from the time they opened until I moved away. I miss it.


Great pho and very clean!


Foods is fantastic, service is so so. Very good deal for the dollar.

Junior Tamati

Best Pho Soup in Town

Monica Breckenridge

Yummy food and they have a vegetarian pho that I love.

Kim Sherwood

Food is delicious with large portions and very reasonable prices. Service could be a little more friendly, but still worth a visit. Noodle bowls are especially good.

Richie Newberry

It's pretty good. The pho isn't bad, but the fried eggrolls are pretty good. The spice they include at the table is delicious and packs some serious heat! That chili paste really makes the pho that much better. Worth trying if you've never been here.

Juanita Canzoneri

Good vegetarian pho.

Jessica smith

Restaurant is closed till November 25th. Next time please set up a voicemail stating if your hour are different than otherwise posted :(

Robert Keiser

Love to eat here every day

cdaddy & mamak love

Yum! Consistently good.

Eboni LaGarde

I love this restaurant. Very attentive staff. Food is delicious. I and my family are frequent diners there. I have never had a negative experience here in the multuple years I've patronized this establishment. Thank you so much staff of Pho Lu'u for always providing my family and I with a wonderful dining experience.

Kent Peter

The best pho in town. Spend the extra buck or two and get large bowl so you can take some home. They have the best broth and noodles. Meat is always tender. There is some different cuts of meat in the combo that is great if you want variety.

Mike Pettit

Delicious, well-priced, healthy food in enormous quantities. Excellent lunch and dinner experiences here.

Oney Tillman

My first time having Pho and it was really great. Their fish sauce is delicious. Our waitress was really nice and even taught me how to use chop sticks. I will definitely be going back!

Kim Justice

(Translated by Google) it's delicious. (Original) 맛 있어요.

Judy Lee

Worst pho. Pretty offensive to the Vietnamese community. Just boiled water with some noodles. Gross. This placed should go closed down when they had rats in it.

Sherry Dwyer

Even bringing the pho home for take out, it was excellent!

Renee' Guy

Awful pho..

Matthew Smith

Great food, you can't eat it all! So much for so little.

Isabel Peña

I've only had soup here and it was good. Place is okay, not too fancy. Staff... eh. Not rude, but not too friendly either. I usually order to go and it's perfectly fine.

Jennifer Karr

Amazing food. THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN A SIT-DOWN RESTAURANT. The only time I have ever experienced worse service was when I had to wait in a drive through line for 40 minutes! The waitress handed us our menus with one upside down, she gave us our water and fled, never refilled the water, forgot part of our order, and never looked at us or talked to us other than to take our orders. We had to get a different waitress to refill our water and get the part of the order that had been forgotten.

Tonga Tukumoeatu

Pros: very large portions for cheap prices. Boba is very good. Beef vermicelli also delicious. They don't skimp on meat in their dishes. Cons: not very welcoming staff. Just culrural differences I guess. Pho broth has no flavor. I have been to vietnam and had the pho and so that's probably why I don't like pho here. Looking at the paintings on the walls the owner put up, theit probably from Thailand of cambodia. So this Ia NOT authentic Vietnamese.


Great pho. Fast friendly service.

Charlie R

This is our favorite place in town to get Pho. We eat here about once a week. It's delicious, price and serving sizes are good. Definitely recommend this place.

Susan Bodlak

While the accommodations are very basic (the reason for a four star rating), the food is very good, and the service is quick and polite. I noticed today that there are other dishes besides the broth-based noodles, etc. and tried a rice noodle dish with shrimp and veggies. Very fresh and tasty!

JL Adkins

Customer service is horrible. The egg rolls were so small. Their thai tea wasn't all that great either. I had to season my pho soup really good because I couldn't taste the spices. Def. not coming back.

Rubys Way

1st time in, wow, the food was soooo good. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Very busy, but not a problem, the kitchen 2 thumbs up, the staff awesome, very clean. Can't wait to get back there.

Chante Cooper

Not friendly and average pho . Still searching for the gem.

Casey Poe

Absolutely love this place. They have amazing pho i had the rare stake and brisket with pork spring rolls. Any time i want pho im coming here

Susanne Watts

The folks here are great. You can stop in, order, eat and go as fast or as slow as you want. I love everything that I have ever ordered. Try this place!

Columbine Massage Therapy & Day Spa

We have been there a couple of times to have Pho. The broth is very very salty unlike other Pho places.. We thought it was one time thing but every time we went there it is salty. So we stop going there. Can not comment on other dishes.

Moe Hunter

very tasty. will definitely be coming back to try more of the menu. had the seafood special pho and grilled shrimp spring rolls. i really liked the change from what im used to seeing for ths spring rolls. the warm grilled shrimp instead of cold cocktail shrimp was great.

Barb McGee

Affordable, good variety and tasty cuisine.

Barry Hewitt

Still good

Guy Hager

Absolutely amazing food and great service

michael Steinbauer

Very rude service from the moment we walked in, the food was very bland. The only way to get flavor was with a lot of seasonings. When I found a hair in my pho the wait staff was very rude about it, I asked for a new bowl rather than not paying for it, when the waitress returned with my new bowl she just slapped it down on the table in front of me, no apology. We will not be returning.

'Tc' Teresa Clark

Love their Pho

Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps Inc ADMIN

Been going there since they opened. I love it! Sooo many wonderful tastes.

Mark White

The best Vietnamese food in town!

Kyle Teller

I love the food here! Wish I could eat here more often

Noel Nicolas

Pretty good Pho. How do you check if this place is legit Vietnamese? Is there a nail salon and alteration shop nearby? Yea that's what I thought, legit Vietnamese

bryan nikaido

Better priced than the nearby pho and noodle bowl places. Top notch Combination Noodle Bowl, too!

Kerry John

The shrimp pho was amazing and the salty lemonade was a great combination

Cody Page

Great Vietnamese food!


First time patrons, but will not return. Mango smoothie was quite tasty and Pho was pretty good... I would have returned for the smoothie, but both my friend and I got food poisoning and it was not pretty. I had the Combo Pho and he had the Seafood Pho. I would not leave this review if it was just me who got sick (I wouldn't consider it fair since there is no way to know 100% if it was this place or another), but as it was both of us... I'm very sure.

Michael O'Toole


Jenna Weyer

Always delicious, fresh, great prices! Best Pho in town.

Scott Morrison

Nothing over the top service-wise , just really good food at a good price. Have eaten here many times and it's always a great experience. Consistently well prepared vegan food makes this a weekly stop for the whole family.

Sutra Healing Center

Yes this place is good vietnamese food !

Liz Andrade

Love it

Arnoldo Luna

The best Vietnamese food in town

Star Dunn

Best pho in Colorado Springs

Ht J

Favorite pho place in town, I come here all the time! Great pho broth

Christopher Vukich

Best pho in colorado. I have been to 100 different pho places spread across colorado and this is by far the best. Chili paste is wonderfully made. Friendly and kind service. Very clean. 100 stars.

Oi Lee

Best Pho place in town. Min msg so I don't get sick. Their other Viet dishes are amazing as well. They also use real fruit in their shakes! It's hard to find a place that uses real Durian or Jackfruit in town.

Erin Shaw

Little taste of heaven! Comfort food at its finest. Delicious, warm, friendly, efficient. I live coming here for lunch or a quiet dinner with a friend.

Becky Berens

Our rating is based on service only. Food was fresh, good. Waitress was hostile,unfriendly. 80 years combined retail service sitting at our table, so we have some knowledge of retail. Her attitude was nothing that should represent front of house. Sad for the hard work the kitchen is applying to their menu.

zonian 15

My favorite Vietnamese! Everything in the menu is on point.

Josh Baum

No one spoke English. I was unable to order what I wanted.

R. Kevin Smoot

Mmmmm. Got beef plate and loved it

Tessa Noe

Really really good. Atmosphere might not be the best but the food is SO good. The noodle bowls are delicious. Can't wait to eat more.

Regina Anderson

Love the food. The combination bowl is delicious. But. The service is poor and never smile.

Sterling Paul

Average Pho restaurant.

Ashley Millay

The noodles here are made from scratch and melt in your mouth good!


Awesome pho super fast service and very friendly staff.

Lindsey Eller

Definitely not preferable pho. The broth is tasteless and the noodles are of low quality. The service was not impressive at all. The peanut sauce for the spring rolls had too much peanut butter and not enough spice. Not returning to this place again.

Anne Beacon

Best PHO ever....and im pretty sure the cheapest!

Douglas White

It was ok. Inexpensive, decent spring rolls, and quick. The pho was ok and service was not really personable.

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