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2160 Southgate Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, United States

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REVIEWS OF PetSmart IN Colorado

Leon K

Good staff, very friendly, but coupons expire before my dog gets through a bag. Over-all, my dog looks forward to our visits.

Gloria Arlequin

I always find what I'm looking for near my house

Derek Haber

Well laid out however it seems smaller then the one on Urbana Pike.

Kris Clark

Our cashier was very friendly and the vet staff was as well . Very pleasant experience today

Brandy Plunkard

The people are nice and they had an adoption day which was nice.

Dawn Brower

Always have what I need for my furbabies.

Joseph Mchale

PetSmart manicured Monk for us and did an outstanding job. On pickup, Monk was happy and looked two years younger.

Nathan Toner

Great pet store for most of your needs. Definitely the place to go if you are getting a new pet and need to stock up on supplies, toys, etc. And I love that you can bring your dog inside with you, although mine always tries to eat the treats that are out in open bins...

hailee meeks

Great staff, decent prices and pretty good training.

Cindy Maes

Nice folks friendly the dog likes it too.

Kathryn Tillman

My puppies have been going to petsmart for a few years now and they are still not used to the enviroment, but everytime they get groomed here, surprisingly, the groomers are able to get the job done. Even with the boys being afraid and wiggly. At my last visit, Jenna kept in contact with me throughout the process because they had matting around their nose and ears and she informed me that they couldnt get them brushed out so she would have to shave their faces and they would have to start all over and i was perfectly fine with that. I appreciated her contacting me about it.

Wanda Clark

They have a lot more to offer than Petco on W. Patrick St.

Allie Bishop

Good selection of food.

Courtney Lucii London Jackson

Kim the groomer is awesome ! She made Nino look amazing !

Josh Kelley

Very clean store with knowledgeable staff. This location has grooming as well as the pet hospital.

John Ceaser

Smaller pet smart but they had what I wanted so it met my needs.

Julie Dallas

Great products but they are over priced

Paris Johnson

Went in to get some fish and aquarium accessories. The staff was super knowledgeable and very nice. They also had a great selection.

Chris Weber

Everyone is always so friendly and helpful.

fmb I

Lotsa stuff

Kathy Roberts

Easy return/exchange that even gave me money back.

Mark Surges

It's not a bad place to get what you need for pets..

Crystal Ewers

Fun. Anyplace you can see and pet fur babies is a plus. We own exotic pets and most times they have a great selection of products that fit our needs.

Holly Smith

Great grooming staff! They are all exceptionally nice and kind to the animals. They are good listeners when you tell them how you'd like your dog clipped/groomed,and they ask questions to make sure they've got it right. When I picked my dog up once and her tail wasn't clipped quite as short as I wanted, I asked if I could bring her back to get it fixed. They took her back immediately and in two minutes it was fixed and we were on our way! The entire staff works hard to make sure you're happy!

Michael Norris

Nice place and lots of products to choose from.

Jenny Trinh

My cat has a special diet, and there was this prescription food that he has to eat and the human society never gave us a prescription card. So recently when we went to pet smart they refuse to sell the cat food to us. As a result my cat ended up extremely sick with the alternative food. We are suppose to be helping the animals not try to profit of them. Never go to this place ever again.

Joanna Ellinger

Love being able to take my dog there

Kara Calendine

With a dog, kitten and Bearded Dragon in our family~ I’m in PetSmart every week. The staff knows me, which I like! They have everything we need for our pets. The staff is always helpful and friendly ~and I can tell they love animals too! I like that my purchases earn me rewards and I can use those to lower my cost at check out! :)

Kimberly Kingsford

Love Banfield.

Tracy Weaver Elnewihy

Found what I was looking for and got a good deal on it too!

Tara Stull

Doesn't have as many options as the larger stores

Erica Pulley

Always has my preferred dog food (Authority) in stock and friendly helpful staff!

Marcio Santos

First of all, Kimberly (receptionist) sounds extremely professional and you can even think that she is a doctor. I am so impressed. Then, Doctor Rara called me and make me even more impressed with his explanation regarding to my pet. I have been in different Banfield but this particular one, I would recommend for everybody. Great place.

Phil Smithhisler

Great spot for pet supplies.

Tamara Fenton

My dog LOVES shopping here! Anytime we come here, he runs through the store, picks out whatever he wants, whether it be a new toy or treats of some kind, then takes it up to the register so I can buy it for him!

Lars Lynch

Bought multiple fish here and I buy all my fish products here, And occasionally food for my rabbit. Never had a problem.

Patrick Simeone

Imo, very expressive, didn't even have the cat food I wanted.

Thomas Price

Nice Petsmart, newer store, now my home store, has a Banfeild pet hospital.

Dewey Weddle

Service here is always good. Staff are friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have.

Chris Brooks

We got out two hamsters here months ago. They are still alive. Very playful. Kids still arent tired of them. They treat the animals well at this store.

Patrick Hinojo

Amazing customer service and awesome prices.

Lily Ye

This was my first time here. People are friendlier. I would've rated them a 5 stars but when I took my dog for a claws trim they forgot to trim the thumbs and I had to go back. Also, I'm used to the Germantown location which seemed more spacious and bigger store. B/c things seem more cramped I can't quite place who's cleaner, but it wasn't dirty here. Maybe they'll rank higher nxt time.

jen Cantrell

Always helpful


Big box pet store, friendly underpaid employees

Del Borgia

I enjoy this particular PetSmart because of the wonderful PetSmart staff and the outstanding care (& kindness) my pets receive at the Banfield Pet Hospital. The Wellness Plan(s) have saved me over $1500 in a year and a half!! MUCH BETTER than ANY pet insurance!! The Vets & Banfield staff are fantastic at what they do! They LISTEN to pet owners and welcome ALL feedback, good or bad. Grooming Services on site are CLEARLY visable (glass "walls") so that you can watch your pet during their grooming. In addition, this store is usually the cleanest. I love the well placed & stocked "Ooops!" Pet stations for when a pet has an accident. Staff members are ALWAYS polite, friendly and very helpful. They're usually only few steps away. I drive across town just to go to this location.

Patricia Speiser

Took for my cat to be groomed and was told they are not taking new clients. But I can get her nails trimmed and a sanitary trim which is walk in. So I walked in and the groomer wouldn't be there till later that day and she will only trim the Nails.Awful service.

Jeff Alderson

Staff was friendly and helpful!

y forrester

Very clean..friendly staff

Randy Webb

Well stocked

Chelsea Fiddler

Small but still a lovely petsmart. Lots of toys and stuff and a good selection of treats

Kathy Miller

Good to socialize your pups

gudrun hjelm

Took my Pomeranian fir grooming and they were very good to my dog. Pleasant atmosphere

Cynthia Dennis

Helped me with a solution to my pup pulling problem. Very nice young woman helped. Looked very professional.

Brendon Burgett

I loved my visit. Walmart didn't have everything I needed so I went here. The employees knew what they were talking about out of Experience. The prices are a little more high but you definitely get what you pay for in this store and I'm not saying that in a bad way

Charles Fultz

You can find just about anything you need there, but without assistance it's like a scavenger hunt and trying to get someone to help you can be difficult

Ogastan red

Great selection of pets and great help!! The workers are very nice as well!!

Benjamin Zandarski

Are you really reading reviews about PetsMart. I mean it's PetsMart

robin amick

Finding Lisa Cremeans was like winning the dog grooming lottery! She is always gentle and so patient with my dogs. She is able to read their cues and give them a break if needed. We love Lisa ❤️

Doug Veraska

We brought our dog in to have her nails clipped. She was very nervous, and the staff was very sweet and got her calmed down quickly. The job was done in only a few minutes.

Jasmine Weir

This PetSmart has the worst customer service in the grooming department. I had my dog groomed there about a month ago and when I went to pick him up, he looked like he hadn’t even been groomed and I paid almost $50 for essentially nothing. So I contacted PetSmart and they apologized for that and offered a free grooming with the manager Kelsey to make up for it. So of course I was happy and accepted. Well today was his grooming and we made it for 5 pm and they don’t close until 9. Because when I dropped him off they said if you don’t hear from us then give us a call around 8:30. So I dropped him and went about my night and an hour after at 6 pm I get a phone call from the manager Kelsey saying that she couldn’t complete his grooming tonight. I was pretty upset about that, so I said why. And she said she was to excited and she wouldn’t have enough time. I said you have 3 hours to complete his grooming (that’s usually how long it takes for him) and she said she has other dogs there so she can’t do it. So essentially they over booked, and I said okay well if it’s a little later than that’s okay. And she said they can’t stay late not even 1 minute to finish. Which I don’t believe. So now I have to go get him not groomed because she was too lazy to take the time to give my dog her attention. I’m sorry but when a grooming service can cost almost $60 then you should be giving him your attention and be able to complete his grooming. When I drop my dogs off they also are very rude and rush me. I don’t recommend this PetSmart grooming at all! The worst I have seen! Ridiculous! Don’t waste your time with them.

Karen Rivera

Only store close for live crickets, prices comparable to other stores. Just have to go Fridays or late Thursdays when shipments come in, otherwise they get sold out.

Emily Nichols

Horriable customer service!! I will never shop here again!!!

Don Lawrence

They are not fans of pitbull type dogs.

Tris Lee

We come every week or so to buy crickets. I prefer this chain over the other big box pet stores.

Laurie Yakish

Everyone there is very helpful, especially Tarah their trainer and Angie the manager

GALAXY WOLF will not be making videos

Neither like or dislike, but would shop here if they brought back the wet bill jack in the small bags.

Tori McClain

Always have such a great experience here and my dog loves coming here. The staff is always friendly to me. Also the grooming service is very great. Maggie went today and she looks amazing

Bruce Nelson

Always helpful, don't know why they have dropped the petsmart card though.

Tracy L.

Good location.. convenient. Friendly helpful staff.. great selection although they suddenly stopped carrying my dogs food for a few months and had no explanation.. then a few months later it was there again.. groomers did a good job too.

Armando Blanco

Petsmart was awesome. The staff there was great with my dog and with myself and wife. We were very pleased on how they took care of not only us but also our dog.

Candace Sunderlin

I have no complaints for any of my experiences at this PetSmart. Employees are prompt and courteous. Store is clean and easy to navigate. I purchased a parakeet on my last visit, and the experience was pleasant.

Celia Katz

They are very knowledgeable and they are very clean. I love petsmart

Jeremiah Hall

Great place to spend more on your pets then your kids. They have everything.

Valerie Almaraz

Its a pretty large PetSmart or at least it was for me the selections thru the entire store are tons. They had shortage of crickets and Just got a shipment of fish which were in bags by the hundreds some dead inside with the live ones they had some tanks empty and critters were few. Hoping to go again and not see this my kids love the animals and seeing the aquariums will update if the next visits changed

Ashley Miller

Absolutely love this location and all of their staff. The only down side is they seem to run out of our brand of dog food ( purina sensitive skin and stomach formula large breed ) quite often, I know it's become really popular but ordering extra would really help out a lot of customers. :)

Lori Johnson

I took my Pom for a full groom and it was the worst experience we've ever had with a groomer. Now mind you we have been going to a groomer every 6-8 weeks since she was 6 mo. old and she's now 5 so we have plenty of experience. After 2 phone calls about my dog, the first being she had fleas (I immediately called my vet and she did not have fleas) but i bought medicine for prevention. The second call came about 10 minutes later along me to pick up my dog because she was throwing up uncontrollably and they can't have her on the table. I live 2 minutes away. When i arrived my dog was not throwing up, her nose eased cold and she did not throw up with me. But the condition of her coat was horrifying. I wish she had told me she didn't know how to shave a Pom. You don't just jump in with the razor. At any rate i pray her coat grows back, she got almost to the skin in about 5 spots. Nothing but Master Groomers from now on. Definitely worth the extra money.

A Google User

Everyone's friendly and caring.

Tracy Biriskent

Zimmy in the Grooming is Excellent! Does an incredible job!! Will be returning!!

Melissa Divel

Friendly staff and very helpful when i had a question.

Ellie Elizabeth

Staff is always friendly and helpful, even when they have to go in the back to look for a case of a certain kind of dog food. Prices are a little high though.

George Chronister

Nice place but small pets are occasionally out of stock

Ed Srader

Only went to return a dog tag. Seemed to be a nice store. Lady at customer service was friendly.

Amberdawn Pagan

I took my dogs in to have their nails clipped, this place is a joke they require you to bring in your vaccination paperwork because the tags (that are current) on my dog's collars aren't enough? I did end up finding somewhere else that was much better, with a more friendly staff, lower priced and independently-owned!?! Wow jackpot!!! Support local.

Theresa Brandt

Great customer service. Everyone was friendly and knowledge . Thanks for having a caring staff.

Paul Hill

more dog food choices than you can "shake a stick at". cleanup stations everywhere for any 4-legged bathroom accidents. prices are high on some item things.(avg dog toy must be $16).

Ron Stringfellow

I always like coming in here. The staff is friendly, the environment is nice and warm and the selection is as good as it gets. They often have cats for sale that the girls like to look at, and if I ever have a question the staff has always been very knowledgeable and polite

Denise Burg

Would not let me return an unopened item

Kathleen Gibson

This is one of the better Petsmart locations now. It seems small but the staff are pretty knowledgeable. They have made a lot of improvements in the last year, especially with staff and customer service.

Nora Hermida

The cashier was awful. She kept messing up the number of cat food cans that I got, then when she finished ringing them up, she was looking around at various people, an I had to bag my purchase. And lastly, she was still lost when I had to sign for the purchase.

Albert Bresciani

Get what you can't find at other places

Ashley Martinez

Amazing. Went in with my alley cat and they had treats for her! Don't forget to ask for treats for your cat or kitten!

Shey M

Always a clean place with helpful staff when you're needing help to find something. Love the variety and they are always super polite, even when returning a product a picky eater didn't seem to enjoy.

Cindy Umberger

Easy parking, a lot of variety for all types of pets. Welcoming staff, knowledgeable staff. Great prices and sales.pets are welcome ♡

Chris Ditzler

Friendly and excellent staff and everything was organized well

Dina Camacho

Everytime we have to take our pets there for a check up or with some concerns about there health, they treat them so nice and they help us to get the best treatment to get it back to normal, excellent customer service everyone who works there love and enjoy working with pets.

Charles Ritchie

Very friendly and helpful...

Joseph Ketchum

Staff was very helpful finding what I needed....

Kathryn Barr

Almost always have everything I'm looking for.

Ingrid Smith

Really great bc I get to take my

Deb Hamilton

Not their biggest fan


Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Heather King

Had exactly what I was looking for.

Jesse Sampson

They have a nice selection of stuff for all kinds of pet's.

Grinderminds Inc

This place isn't too bad. I came here close to when they closed, but they were not rude about closing like some stores are. I've worked retail before, so I know how it goes. They did however have waayyy to many koi fish, which are sadly one of the most common fish to get flushed. So places that stock to lots are obviously part of the problem. The other part is the buyer not being educated on what each fish breed need. Petsmart, take this idea and run with it. Put small pop out signs next to the prices of the fish showing the basic things that the particular breed needs to survive, how big they get, how OLD they get, and key notes such as how quickly they grow, their favorite food, and last but not least the kind of fish that topically cohabitatate well with the fish your looking at so that people know how to take care of them right. This campaign would help cross-sales numbers, better stocking operations, better sheikh life, and happier customers all chipping away at store overhead costs.

Rick Macklin

Welcoming and warm clean atmosphere. Helpful reptiles in good health

Nicole Hill

Our dog Rootbeer has gone there for grooming several times. The staff is very informative and friendly. Kim is amazing. She does a fantastic job.

Coryckenshin is the master

I got fishes there and I cried a little because they died

R Proh

A smile and friendly greeting goes a long way. Also don't do good job advertising 10% military discounts on Tues.

Tanya B.

Got great help from a Team Lead. The Banfield folks were gone for the day so I didn't think I'd be able to get my cat's new prescription food because I wasn't already in their system. The Team Lead was able to help me for the one occasion, and she was very nice about it.

Colby Smith

Friendly store. Always willing to help you with whatever pet concern you may have.

gavin s

Easy to find everything, nice friendly staff

Walter Reichert

Very friendly. Nice staff. I have 6 pet snakes and I bring them in all the time and they have always been great with it.

Krykyet Parker

They really try hard to please you

Miss Thickums

Always clean n clerks are always friendly and helpful


Customer service is amazing. They are super helpful and always concerned about your pet. Very friendly store!

Ryan Weir

Helpful staff and quick check out.

carl mc

Had great selection on pet food and the animals are always great to look at.

Tracy Ellingson

Great selection but a lot too expensive

Monica Garcia

I get everything I need at a great prices

Kevin B

Clean store, friendly staff. Our dog has a grooming appointment every 6 months or so and they do a good job.

Allen Anderson

Great place for pets clean store

Katie Kearns

Huge, great stuff, lots of happy animals

Katie Nyberg

It was ok, but they didn't have any cats or dogs

casey shaw

place. Good

Kristi G

It's a small petsmart so they don't have a very wide selection.

Mark Benson

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff. Good selection of aquarium gear

Dana Gunn

Friendly helpful staff.

Danielle Simpson

Employees are helpful. Store is clean and organized well.

Raymond Gill

We take her dog there all the time people are always nice and prices are affordable

Marco Argueta

Great service and many options!!!

Mansoor Mo

Decent prices and clean too!

Shannon Bye

I never can visit here without getting something. Always something I have to have

Tony Christensen

Took my pup here for a class.

Shawn Collins

Helpful and caring staff

MK sch

Prices are a little high. Customer service is great. My go to store when I can't make it to Walmart, I'm not going to lie. Shout out to LeeAnn who is always a friendly cashier...

sugar plum

Really disappointed in this location. I’ve been in quite frequently for my dog food and vitamins, and multiple times I’ve heard the lead manager harassing his employees, out in the open floor. I’m talking super verbal abuse. I minded my business until a friend of mine told me not to go there anymore, because she suspected her dog of being abused after she used their grooming services. What the heck??? So my last and final time I went into the store, I asked an employee on what really went on there. She told me that all the other employees hated it, hated their lead manager, and if it weren’t for their low income situations, they’d do a walk out. Sounds like corporate needs to step in and help these people out. I hate to see a PetSmart branch at such a downfall. I’ll travel the 25 minutes to the next location rather than return to a PetSmart that abuses their animals, employees and customers!!!!

Dawn Lingo

Took our 1 year old here for his first nail trim and bath. He and we thuroughly enjoyed it

Bryan Harper

Has alot for your pets but lacls on personality

Barbara Stockman

Friendly staff and love the kitties!

Samantha Noel

Use Caryn for grooming services. She is great and my dog loves her. Great place!

Kenneth Dixon

The crux of my review for this petsmart lies in my perception of their ethical animal treatment. The cats I saw had enough room. I hope they allow them to roam the store when it's safe to stretch their legs as they need. One of two homes housed 2 smaller cats. I would feel better if the other home also housed another cat since it was meowing a lot, perhaps because it wanted interaction/stimulation. The fish tanks seemed clean. All the staff was helpful and friendly. A nice cashier also offered to have a specialist talk to me about how the cold weather and transition from tank to tank may affect the fish, I'm sure they have a specialist that cares for the kitties too. Overall a good experience!

Patrick Blanchard

Lots of cool pet supplies, but outrageously priced.

Jessica and Aron Inks

A bit over priced but they have what you need

Phillip Underwood

Shaved only half my dog then told us they could not do anymore sorry

Matt Johnson

Nice staff, nice clean store


My dog loves going here. Racheal is the only groomer that I will allow to touch my dog, she is the best.

Czar God

It has all the things my dog needs and also for other animals and their grooming service is good they do it on time too

Mary Graybill

Banfield Pet Hospital has the most amazing staff that treat you pet/family member as one of their own.

Tex Star

Loved this store when I lived in Co Springs.

Mrs Otter

We get our dog bathed here and they have always been nice and welcoming.

Elsa Vicent

Clean excellent service!

Eva Talbott

Bought fish here a week ago to add to my pond. The person who sold them said they'd been treated for all common diseases before being sold. They died.....and wiped out an entire pond ecosystem. I will never, ever, ever set foot in a Petsmart again, for any reason. The manager was rude, and uncaring. Okay, Petsmart, I got you. You're for the numbers....well, corporate giant, you just lost me.

Daniela Bright

Nice staff, they always have what I need.

mike Farrell

Have everything I need to for my pets food and medicine

Chris Van Doren

Clean store, staff is ok

A DAMM Fine Powder Coating

I use them a lot, great staff, well stocked, competitive prices.

Nicki Harrison

My dog loves coming to this store. It's clear that the employees here love animals as they always want to pet her and give her treats every time we visit.

Ryan Messett

Typically great! Almost always understaffed, unfortunately for the workers

Mary Ramos

This Petsmart is so much cleaner than the one on North Academy.

Steve Shea

The service was great. Good selection of pet supplies

Abby Mira

I came here because I needed additional stuff for my new kitten, hes 4 months and hes been sick since I stupidly tried to switch his food full stop without mixing them. The friskies shreds are in the aisle with the aquarium stuff beside the cat stuff. I was able to get a big tub of litter and I got one of the tags that you can get engraved in the machine in thr store. All the employees were fantastic and helped me without me having to ask anything, and when I thought I had to get an extra item the cashier told me that I didnt need it which saved me $5.

Randy Sleight

This PetSmart store is clean, well ordered, and the management and staff exhibit excellent and friendly customer service. If you have a problem, they will take care of it to your satisfaction. Do not, however, use the PetSmart internet site to order and pay for products to be picked up at any of the PetSmart stores. The store manager checked and found that my order had been frozen, and then it was ultimately cancelled. I also received an email that stated that my order was cancelled due to product availability. Well, the manager was able to collect the products I wanted and brought them to the register. The internet site offers a 5% discount if you order from the internet site, so the Broadmoor store manager honored the internet price. I will definitely return to this store because of the customer service, but the internet order process will not see me again due to unreliability.

Ariana Nava

Friendly staff. Not many cashiers tho. But other than that its great!


Great for getting my pup's nails trimmed.

Melissa Archuleta

Nice location

Josh Campbell

Went for the Easter Bunny and took pictures. Good time

Joanna Conley

Never. Again! Do not get pet groomed here!!

Jeremy Hightower

They have everything i need for my pets.

Kimberly Wilson

Pretty helpful and answered all quaestions, but the cashier looked annoyed that we were bothering her to check out.

Theresa Marie

Clean, have the items in stock. I love ordering it online and having someone pick it up for me when I cant do it. Employees are nice.

Andra Lima

The staff in the Vet area is super friendlu. The store itself is very clean .

Hazmatgamer HD

They don't cut the nails back far enough 5 stars if they did

Adam Tolson

The staff is great and knowledgeable but when you're checking out they all harass you about your email address. Makes me not want to shop there.

Trucking With Mow

Nice spot helpful associates and cheap prices

Nicole Smith

DO NOT BUY FISH FROM THIS STORE!!!! I bought a few fish for my 75 gallon tank and they did great for two weeks, wich is the amount of time you have to return them. I have had this tank set up for weeks and they all started dying, right after another, like dropping dead after i would take one out anther would die five minutes later. And overnight four died. I checked my water and nothing was wrong with it. I notice that one of my fish had ich, he was the last living one, but shortly died. I went back to this place and talked to a so called manager, i dont know if she was one. I told her what happened and she said she had no idea what would have happened because ich is not that agresive and i could not get my $30 back that i had payed for them. And me being stupid got a couple more thinking it would be ok and maybe they died because they all had ich and I didn't notice. Before i even got out of the store one fish droped dead in the bag, they replaced the fish for me, i though maybe it was already dying when they put it in the bag, but was not the case. So after i payed this girl tells me they been having problems with fish dying and they dont know whats wrong with them. Wich made me mad bc the manager had just told me she had no idea what would be wrong, i should have turned around and returned them then but with high hopes i took them home and they have done great for two weeks. Now again they are dropping dead and two of my fish that i had for a year are dead. I am beyond angry they should not be selling fish if they are having problems and for the manager to say there is nothing wrong and an employee tell me after i pay that there fish are dying is rediculaus. She should not be a manager or even work there she was obviously lying right to my face. I always shop at petsmart to buy everything for all of our animals but i will never go back to this store as they are very rude and this is not the first problem i have had with them. If you want to go to a petsmart got to the one in urbana. They are very nice and know me very well as im in there a lot buying things for our many animals i have bought fish there and have never had a problem with them. I talked to someone over there and they were more helpful and I didn't even buy fish from them. They were very apologetic and upset that i had that experience and are going to report this petsmart. Please do not go here, who knows what other problems they are having with other animals if they cant take care of fish!!!!

Missy Burton

Training class was amazing. Definitely worth it!

Jake Brooks

Took very good care of my Dog and really cared about the welfare of my pups coat and everything made good suggestions! Will be coming back here for sure!

Joseph Baldi

Great selection of food and pet supplies.

Tyron Murrill

Very friendly place

Marguerite Doyle

Small store but usually had what I want in stock The customer service skills are worth writing about. They must have a well rounded training program.

Kwissy Marie

Helpful staff who are sweet to my dogs every time!

Sandi Steuwer

Super clean, excellent sales staff, who know the store, and will actually help you find what you need. Even my little timid ShihTzu likes going there. Prices are ok, Corporate sets them. Plus a full Vet office, and Groomer salon....Can't beat it.

Erin C Ostrander

Called about getting my dog groomed, and got talked down to when I gave some background info. He is mix breed with undercoat. When I explained I had used clippers on him already to reduce shedding I was told how that will ruin their coats. OK.... He isn't a show dog. I take him places in public and he sheds so much it's a Nuisance at times. I never bothered with going inside or making the appointment

Gretchen Eyler

Delightful atmosphere, great staff, delicious food!

Patrick Connelly

Found what we needed.

Eddie Mayhew

Clean store.

Juan Torres

Nice, clean store with plenty of products for most animals. One drawback is the terrible customer service. I waited for half an hour after asking for assistance that never came. When I went to check out the cashier that I asked for help from acted love me she never met me. When I told her that no one came to help I was informed that this was not her area to assist people. I would not recommend this store to people that are not aware of where anything is in the store I knowI won't return.

Anna Nemanich

Good for a quick stop. They have cats for adoption, growing, and Banfield vets here as well. They do dog training too. I can get in and out in five - seven minutes fast. Parking is easy too, always lots of spots open and near the front.

Ute Watkins

Very friendly and nice staff, going out of there way to find you discounts.

A Guinan

Loved it they were wonderful to my pets and informed us of all vet care options. The Dr came out to meet us and thanked us for bringing them in and expressed how well the three of them did. My Chihuahua is not used to anyone and was nippy and the Dr took control and comforted her and the rest went smoothly. Prices for all three dogs was in expensive. Best wishes dog lovers..

A Jaye Foodie

Love that they always have what I need for my pet's needs.

Cordell Kadlick

Best fish care advice in town. The fish dude gives honest and trustworthy information. You won't feel pressured or insulted. Educates instead of birating for not knowing certian things about fish.

Mikeal Thompson

Typical big box pet store.

Beth Herndon

Nice store with good selection and not usually crowded which is nice.

B_ onez

Place is always super clean and easy to find whatever I'm looking for. Staff is helpful when asked prices are reasonable for certain things. Usually where I always purchase cricket quencher and my cat food

Jess Bailey-Theodosiou

Love that I can order and pick up in store. Staff is always nice. Always have what I need.

Nancy Lacks

Had no help anywhere in store they looked then walked away started talking to other employee. Like they get paid to not know what's going on poor critters....

Eric Farrar

I love being able to order online and pick up in the store!

Scott Montgomery

Great fish selection

Louise Wachter

Great prices and great service I love PetSmart

M Tynes

Very helpful with helping us select items for our new furry addition.

Happy Dogs CBD

Our dogs just LOVE shopping here.

Mike Higdon

Good honest people.

John Eckoldt

Fantastic for you and your furry family. Love the grooming, Rachel is an absolute gem. Can't stop raving about how great they are.

Danella Cullen

Smaller than most locations i've been to but still had what I needed. It was nice to see an open area for felines housed and ready for adoption! It hurts my heart to see them in nothing but a cage smaller than a cubby... But this location has nicely sized units for the kitties! Clean location with plenty of "Spill/accident stations" for when your fur baby has the embarrassing urge to go in the store

Dave Ehrenreich Jr

Awesome as always

Sherri T

Very clean store! Things were in the correct place and prices clearly marked. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Prices are great! Better than other pet supply stores!

Bongmaps Inc.

Best place to get your furbabys groomed !

Andrew C

Very Respectfully and friendly staff.

Charles Wright

Staff nice and helpful

julie moberly

It's the cleanest pet store I've been in thus far. Love the selection of pets as well!

Kira Zimmerman

Hate this place and won’t ever go back

Aaron Lewing

Convenient location, really easy to get in and out. They had a Santa around Christmas...a Santa!

Frosted Gingersnaps

Good supplies for most things, horrible small animal enclosures and some bad feed options.

Tiffany Wallis

I registered my dog for training 3 weeks ago and received an email confirmation of my reservation. The email stated someone would call me in 48 hours, I never received a call. Today I arrive early to my dog training appointment so I could check in and get my dog situated which was a struggle, just to be told that she didn’t have him listed in this class. I showed the email confirmation that I received and all she could say is I’m sorry would u like to get into the next class that’s a month away. No thanks, I’ve been waiting long enough and this is very disorganized and I will go elsewhere. I recommend going to a place that is more organized so u don’t waste ur time and struggle w an out of control dog going here.

Anthony Rowley

Pretty cash. Prices are some what high, but fair.

Clint Tryon

This PetSmart has a good selection of supplies and reasonable prices. However, looking at how some of the animals in the store are kept, mainly the reptiles, they look miserable and their enclosures are not kept very clean. Good customer service in my experience, just wish some of those animals were better taken care of.

Robin Berry

Large selection of food & supplies for your pet. Helpful customer service.

Barbara Pinnock

Great prices and people friendly. In a convenient location. That’s my type of store.

alphandtheomega .

It's kind of pricey, but most corporations are.

Jeretta Hirschhorn

Great place for your pets

Tiffany Miller

One Stop pet shop for almost everything you need including a wonderful that

Jennifer Lewis

Nice people, grooming center is the bomb!

Derek Hall

A decent place to pick up your pets food, toys, etc. Not the cheapest way to go, but you can find a lot here that isn't in other stores.

Kiko Jones

Where my dog likes to go

Alex Locke

While they have a vet clinic inside, as with all petsmarts the products they sell are of poor quality and incredibly overpriced. Granted they are a company and have profits to make and share holders to keep happy, there are just so many alternatives you can shop at. Good place to take your pets to get vaccinated. I have not used Pet Smart for grooming so I can not speak on those services. There is plenty of parking and selection of toys if you don't mind paying high prices and returning to buy more once your pet destroys them. Would recommend for Vet services.

Devin Linares

Polite staff, clean, and almost always has what you need.

Anne H

The fish tank heater I bout was a little over $16 cheaper on their own website and the price matched it!

Holly Ottinger

The staff is very helpful and nice.

Cindy Bodmer

They always have the food I need in stock

Nia Mootooveeren

I never had a problem with them until now. A new girl was groming my dog ( a cockapoo) and cut him in multiple places , he ( my dog ) whimpers every time we touch him. I'm very upset .

Cassandra Bailey

Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Dawn Stitely

Didnt have whati was looking for its a pet store you would think theywould have worm meds only had two kind

Robert Muske

Conveniently located in the Broadmoor Town Center shopping center. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Don't be afraid to ask questions, if you are unsure about something. They have supplies for almost any pet you might have. They also have a rewards program that you should enroll in. They have the Bancroft Animal Hospital inside as well. They do offer grooming services for cats and dogs. Be sure to bring your pet's medical and shot records, otherwise they will turn you away.

Leon Steele

In general, almost all PetSmart stores are the same. What differentiates them is the staff (customer service) and their inventory. This location has a good staff, tends to keep their shelves stocked, and has a wide variety of foods, supplies, and pet essentials. Unfortunately, the thing that makes them just "okay" is the fact that you can buy everything they sell cheaper online, including the pets. What you cannot make up for is the staffs experience with reptiles and the on site grooming salon and vet hospital.

Allison Brooks

Horrible customer service. Very rude cashier.

Ellen Volkmar

Zimmy is the best groomer.

Kathryne Wren

Has what I generally need for my rabbit. Helpful staff!

Guy Hager

Good service and nice area


The PetSmart itself is clean and the employees are nice..... However, no fault to PetSmart, the last bag (and I mean the last) bag of Purina Beneful dog food that I bought had BUGS AND A WEB inside of it. The picture attach is a picture I TOOK! Beware dog owners!

The Original Kirbi

First time here I must say the staff are awesome! They answered my questions about our son's accidently win of an anole at the carnival, so now we have a pretty goos idea on how to keep Twiggy happy and healthy! Thanks everyone! Definitely will be back for the next cricket go around lol

Chris Cox

Good store for the pet lovers, they have lots of stock and knowledgeable staff.

jose vasquez

It was perfect

Stephanie Gries

Went to three stores to find Iams. This is the only place I could find it

jon el

Staff was super friendly and helpful!!

Nicole Lee

This is my one stop shop for my fur babies and fish. They have regular Buy one get one 50% off on all the items I buy monthly. Theres a lady that works there at the registers with tattoos that is just an amazing person and goes above and beyond her job requirements. I can say the same for a young lady that works in fish area...she knows almost everything about every species of fish they have in stock and is super sweet. Store is clean and well stocked. I only go to this location because the experience is the same every time I shop. Thank you all for great service and products.

Theresa Y

Great people!!


It is August 8, 2019 and PetSmart is stocked with Halloween Costumes for your Pet. Can we say winning? I almost purchased three costumes for my pup.

rachelle johnson

they are great place to buy thing for my fur baby

fonzo179 .

Great store, nice staff, and terrific selection!

Beatrice Vosburg

Great pricing friendly people

Renata Provance

After driving 30 miles to bring my dog to be groomed we were informed that they won't groom him because he has to have relaxers anywhere that smells like a vet. While this is understandable- no where does it say this on their website. Their system apparently flubbed because I put my phone number in and apparently they didn't have it. Did they send an email? Nope. Also the associate speaking with us had a pretty big attitude problem. I work in retail and if a customer was that unhappy I would never follow up a comment about going somewhere else with "You do that." In general I was extremely disappointed with the attitude and customer service. I would highly recommend finding somewhere else to take your animals. If for no other reason then dealing with the people at this particular Petsmart is not pleasant.

Shandah russell

Not a huge selection of haulters

J. Culture Studios

I had a drop-off appointment one early Saturday morning for my puppy to get immunizations & some checkups at Banfield Animal Hospital. I was told that the pickup time would perhaps be sometime in the afternoon, which I was perfectly fine with. Perhaps an hour and a half later, I got a call back saying that my puppy was done with his immunizations. When I came to pick him up, my boy was super comfortable with the vet who brought him out to me, which means they took real good care of him (my puppy isn't too fond of strangers!). I'm very appreciative of everyone who works there. Thank you guys!

Susan B

Fish dept. Saved me monies because the algae in my tank was due too much light. Advice cover tank three days algae gone.

Patricia Castellón Berrios

Great staff and very caring to the needs of your pet.

Daniel Mach

Typical chain pet store. It was fine

Graeme Payne

A typical representative of this chain store brand. They have what I want for our cat. Nearly 10 miles from home, but the next closest location is more that 20 miles in a different direction.

Jeremy Olson

Give the 5 stars but they were out if big bags of prescription diet dog food last week.


Very good.

Dani Troyer

Love this place.

Taylor Burdick

Foul management

Casey Stone

I truly do love petsmart, however, they don't ever have the puppy food we need. Last time we were there we got lucky. Pretty sure they only order 1 bag! Well we got it! PurinaOne Smart Blend Puppy Formula----vredllm? the red bag with the teal band

Keith Donovan

Always take great care of our pets here! Can get right in and out for a quick nail trim!

Donna Lehigh

This place has everything you want or need for your pets!

shirley linn

Didn't get what I was looking for, but at least they tried to find a remedy to my situation.

Donald Zocchi

Very good.

Linda Grimes

I took my dog in to have a grooming. Kim did a wonderful job. Would definitely use her again, if we are in the area. The reason for the four instead of five star rating is the grooming department needs more room. Doesn't seem as big as most Pet Smarts.

Rosita Camargo

Danae was wonderful in taking care of my doggie; however it was the other lady that caused me to give only 3 stars. The other lady was snippy and made a big deal about being pregnant and not being able to trim my dogs nails since he was so big (80lb pit mix). I usually go to the Petsmart on Powers because they are always friendly and treat my dog like a welcomed guest so I was taken abackat how rude the pregnant lady was, I will not be going to the one on academy again.

Arwen Creswell

Very great customer service that will tell you anything you want about the animals your looking at, they're very friendly as well.

Deanna Kennelly

Thankfully still carry prescription food unlike Petco. Always tons of options for our fur kid's.

Aspen Rasmussen

No hassle, found what I needed, in and out quickly

Marcus Rogers

Pet smart is where I have been getting my cat food for years and years now. And I have adopted 3 cats from them now. It's been great over the years. Anna is still here but Nelson passed away a few months back. So after a while I figured there's so many animals that need a home I adopted Peanut she was only 8 weeks old but she's now got a forever home ! And that's a promise

Jamie wright

Took my dog for a cut, took much longer than expected and the lady marked him as a completely different breed than he is...manager made it right and overall I was very happy with his cut and how the manager handled the situation

Michelle Lanham

Love their grooming section...Morgan and deana are the best. My dogs always look amazing when they come out.

amber mellick

Major shout out to Lisa at the Southgate location! The best mini Schnauzer grooming we have ever had and will definitely always go back. She is amazing! 5 stars all the way!

Samantha Seifert

Love online price matching for petsmart the store's prices are definitely more and they're always willing to price match which is cool

Jonathan Blattler

No one really helps you find the products you are looking for

Fastidious Lady

Very over priced items which can be purchased at a grocery store of a third to half the PetSmart price.

Martinia Cln

I like this place cuz they match prices with their competition & the employees are always helpful.

Jeff&Cherri Barber

Continue to get friendly and good service

Sheila Valene

Like all Petsmarts, they have a wide variety of supplies for dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, reptiles, and wild birds. Have kitties up for adoption and offer doggy training classes. This particular store is clean, has great parking, and friendly staff. Great sale prices.

K Frock

Great place to look for adoptable kitties and dogs!!!

Mark Lowenherz

great stuff for pets

Jessica Rawlins

Jordin saved me a ton of money by price matching for me. Thanks, Jordin!!

Johnny Gillis

Great Staff


I used to take my dog to petsmart but I stopped because one day I picked up my dog and she was shaking and she was completely wet which was very weird. They are pricey so I expected a better service.

Ally Weipz

Nice staff and good service

James Elliott

Easy to find products and clean store. Go adopt a new pet today!

Magenta Jones

I love my experience with both Banfield Pet Hospital and the Grooming Salon. Matt is our favorite groomer!

Christie Creager

Great selection

Christine George

Good pet food store.

Deanna Boddicker

I love that the dogs can visit the store! It is a special outing for my little boy. The minute we let him out of the car he runs to the door. The staff is courteous and helpful, and never complain about us bringing our little dog to their toyland to smell.

Courtney Welsh

Very nice staff allowed us to hold animals

Timothy Sessoms

Very overpriced for a pet store.

Ben Witmer

Great selection of all things pet. The groomers are actually pretty Good, if you should need some spa treatment for your dog or cat. Prices are a bit high, as most pet stores tend to be.

Patrick Thompson

Average. What you would expect from big chain pet store friendly staff.

Kare Bear Hodge

Pet friendly place to buy treats for my pups.

Charlie Hall

The staff were very sweet and got the job done quickly for awhile, but then they became completely unreliable. The salon itself didn't seem to be communicating effectively with the store whom then couldn't communicate to the customers correctly when the salon would be open.

Ervine Hoover


Monica White

Sales floor staff very friendly cashiers seem like they would prefer to defiantly be some where else but they are well stock and good location.

ProSwitz .

Employees are always nice. Could use more variety in the foods and treats they carry.

Ivo Poir

Friendly hard working people

Jenna P

The employees are great, helpful and friendly. Prices are a bit high. Pet clothing costs as much as people clothes!

Megan B

Omg. The service here is ridiculous. The last two times I went to this store the line was backed up all the way to the training spot in the center of the store. There was one register open and the lady was incredibly slow at checking customers out. They never opened a second register but there were other employees stocking the shelves or whatever. What topped it off for me was the rude attitude I got from the lady once we finally did check out. I said "hi how are you today?".. no reply.. okay.. so then she asks if I have rewards membership with them and i said no and she asked again then insisted I sign up for it. I'm not interested. She exhaled and rolled her eyes then typed a phone number into the computer. I'm assuming it was her own membership account number or someone she knew because my receipt had someone's membership rewards information on it and it certainly wasn't mine. She handed me my bag and said next in line.. no thank you or bye. Just straight up rude and bad customer service to say the least. That was the last time I will ever visit this store.

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