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REVIEWS OF Monica's Taco Shop IN Colorado

Mystic Moon Shop, Inc

Always yummy and fast! Love the breakfast burritos and the chicken quesadilla!!

Patricia Burns

The best tasting breakfast burrito I've had. You can customize your burrito as it is made fresh for you,it is not ready made frozen like at most places. It is also very big and they give you sauces,red or green to eat with it. Their combo platters are very delicious too.

Rosa isela Araujo

very bad service! The food was not good and instead of fixing it the cook got mad and started insulting us! Never going back

Milo McGarrigle

Wonderful give 5 get 20

Susan Terrazas

Ordered two tacos as I picked one up to eat nothing but water came out of it took it back gave me another and the same thing happens. I've ate here many time never had a problem but I will never be back again I'll never give them my money this place is not worth it.

James Duffy

Great local taco shop! Their carne asada tacos are bomb. Not so much their chicken tacos... This place is great if you want some actual mexican food rather than Chipotle. They sell horchata and have lots of dining room space inside.

Peter Stacy

Fantastic tacos. Particularly their adobada and carnitas. Breakfast burritos are delicious as well and customizable if you want more ingredients. Hot sauce is delicious. This is one of the few places I've found with really authentic food at a good price. Absolutely recommend.

Britt Kwan

Monica's has hands down, the best burrito in town. Breakfast burrito #1 is a go-to. I'd recommend sitting down, purely for the ability to control the amount of salsa on your burrito. You'll get a limited amount in the drive through, and, while convenient, the ability to pour this on every bite will make for a superior experience.

Jeff Stone

Tacos fell out of wrapper all over bag. Dont get the rolled tacos unless you love that no Colorado springs flavor. Chicken was fine but only half cut Haha. Prices were fair

Brian Archibald

This place is a gem. The breakfast burritos and tacos are amazing!

Kayla Washburn

The carne asada tacos awesome at Monica Taco Shop

John Story

This place can be excellent but there has been times where i wished i was anywhere but there. The food is kinda pricy. Think i would rather eat mexican fast food from taco bell at least they are cosistant.

Liz Daidone

Great food great customer service. That was my first time there and I'll def be goin back

Eddie Lopez

Authentic mexican food..tacos are served with a big portion, not your tipical mini tacos. They serve your food fast!! Coke products. Like to come here for lunch

Daniel Lambert

This place is delicious!

Mark Ross

Best taco experience. The level of the foods are awesome.


Very healthy portions! Pretty much a local dive with authentic Mexican food. Love it! Great value too

Stephanie Beaver

Best carne asada burrito in town!

Jeff Causey

I've always loved eating here, but I'm not on this end of town often but when I am I always order a Carna Asada burrito with beans No guacamole. Today was no different, you don't get your receipt until they hand you your order but as she carried my order to the i watched my receipt fly off the tray and land on the floor, as I said something about it she picked it off the floor and through it away and said she couldn't find it. I let it go even though I wanted to see that they had charged me for Leaving off the guacamole and adding beans. They charged me $6.96 for $5.75 burrito. I got a phone call just as I started eating so I ate at least 7 bites before I realized they didn't put the beans on it. I went up and said something and she took my tray and handed it to one of the cooks, after speaking to him he took it and added beans to it, rewrapped it and handed it back. I watched this happen and he never changed his gloves after handling food that I had eaten off of. I'm pretty sure that's a Health Code violation!! Overall they were totally rude to me throughout this whole process. I won't ever back!!

Joel Watts

Got a chicken burrito and had a bone cut my lip. Then the next bite, I got another bone that chocked me. Almost died. Wtf

John Sabrowski

We went out of our way to visit Monica's Taco Shop and it was worth the extra time on our road trip to stop and enjoy.

Toby Brown

Quick friendly service and great food at reasonable prices!

Jason Martinez

Beautifully delicate meat, seasoned correctly. Large portions definitely will return! Worth every penny.

Becky Page

I've heard that Monica's Tacos are the best in town. They're just average, really. I've been twice now. I got the bacon, egg, potato, & cheese breakfast taco both times. I have no doubt that it would be MUCH better if the potatoes were cooked more thoroughly and had seasoning. The red sauce is nowhere near as good as the salsa Verde. I think mine are much better. Maybe I should start selling mine!

carol kisling

THE best carne asada burritos in the world!

Laura Olson

Great food. Hit and miss service. Hard to get in and out of but worth it!

Wendell Thorn

Great food real authentic and very good service my new go to for tacos


Love this place. There carnitas burritos are awesome as well as there fish tacos. O can't forget there green sauce is amazing as well a must stop by if you are in the Colorado springs

Andy L

Great food, fast service and affordable! A staple for the area!

Marty Nelson

Great breakfast burrito

Katherine Thompson

Not sure I loved it... But definitely a good eat

Tenzing Coburn

When I went here for the first time, I was immediately hooked. This is now my go-to spot. Highly recommend everything, especially the soft shell chicken tacos.

Nisa Oviedo

I am pretty picky when it come to tacos and these tacos are so delicious and the combos come with a big portion of rice and beans. Very reasonably priced too! Oh and most importantly they have HORCHATA!❤️

River Wilde

Super yummy! Beef burrito combo plate was a hit with hubby and kids loved the chicken tacos. Fast friendly service. I plan to try the breakfast burritos at some point too. Good red and green sauce!

Carol Hallock

Yummy breakfast burritos (specifically the bacon, egg, and cheese)

Steven Waite

Amazing local taco shop. Have never been disappointed with a single item. Everything has been delicious. Prices are super reasonable and portions are huge! You simply have to give it a shot!

Cristina B

Mu family loves their carne asada fries!

Malinda Lail

The food here is not good it is very bland and the young man at the counter is rude. Definitely not worth the money you spend. I would give no stars if possible.

Enjoying Life

double beef carne asada burrito that is all

Becky Dawson

Always Great Food and amazing service


Amazing carne asada, great pico de gallo, and breakfast burritos are available all day. It would be 5 stars but got the wrong order 3 times in the last 2 months (but as much as I go there that's not bad and probably comparable to mistakes you might see at chain restaurants).

Ann Bowen

Got gd flavor's, wld i do it again, YES

Tamara Cribley

Quick. Good Service, Good Food. Satisfied a craving for authentic Mexican.

Cynthia Otero

Monica"s Taco Shop I would just personally like to say thank you a ton, for having a friendly and warm staff, and for making that food on point all of the time !! You guys are hands down my favorite lunch spot.

wallace animals

Love everything! The food is great! Friendly service!

David Ramirez

Go to Colorado Springs about twice a week stop at Monica's Taco Shop every time great place to eat great customer service carne asada burrito is the best in town highly recommend this place

Jesse Yates

Fast, great tasting food, but they lost a star because they shorted me a carnitas taco. Tuesday night at 7 and they weren't super busy. But I'll definitely go back to this no-frills taco joint.

Shawn Brandow

Worst burrito ever. Which surprises me, given all these other nice reviews. I got a ground beef burrito, and I asked what came with that. She said ground beef and cheese. Ok, sure, I'd like to add beans, grilled onions and green chile. It was a drive through order so I wasn't prepared for what happened next. First, the burrito had no structure to it at all. It flopped around in my hand like a fat noodle. This wasn't good for one-handed driving at all. First bite: WTF? The ground beef had been cooked into oblivion, leaving a powdery feeling in my mouth. When I asked for beans, I hadn't expected the consistency of refried vomit to hit my tongue. Oh yeah, the grilled onions? Burnt to blackness. Do you know what burnt onions taste like? Like rotten liquorice. Being the Fatty that I am, I soldiered on, because a boys gotta eat, right? It wasn't until the last few bites that I realized that cheese that was mentioned earlier was shoved all the to the end, as I proceeded to get mouthfuls of sad gooiness and cheddar. Hands-down worst burrito ever.

Leno Fernandez

Always have my food up fast and hot.. Nice people..


Great food and great prices!!

Victoria Atakpo

Not too bad. Food is decent

jennifer jenkins

Their shredded chicken nachos are worth the drive from Denver!

Lee Espino

Nothing fancy. Just decent Food. Great breakfast burritos. Reasonably priced.


Monica's is by far my favorite Mexician food fast restaurant.

Lucas Mynsberge

The best breakfast burritos in town! Very delicious and quick. It looks like it could be rundown, but once you eat the food, you'll know looks are deceiving and that this place is one of those hidden gems.

Danny Tryon

Delicious food for a great price.

Desiree Lechner

Best place in town for beef tacos with quacamole. Very filling! Fast service

William Huibregtse

Phenomenal food for a great price. $6 for a large burrito with delicious, high-quality beef is a ridiculously good deal. Highly recommend the carne asada burrito.

Chantil Dukart

The go-to. A Colorado Springs staple for authentic Mexican food. The green salsa is so delicious I can practically drink it! Ha

Donna Allison

Delicious!! Packed others must think so as well!!

Bill Flentje

Day or night, always good.


Use to be good Now just needs to close. Punks at counter with attitude and flavorless tacos. “Please pass the flavor”

Closing the Loop

The food is excellent. The service is hit or miss. The seating area feels like an old dingy McDonald's. But remember, the food can be very very good. So if you don't care about all the rest, go there for the food. It is a taco shop. Not a gourmet restaurant. It doesn't pretend to be anything other than a taco shop. Their green and red sauce is always good.

Dirt Racer

Don't doubt it. Just go. Its amazing. This place has character out the wazoo.... Burritos and plates have plentyfull portions I mean Texas portions!! Authentic Mexican food.

Dillen Reed

Good N fast

Rikki Bruntmeyer

Just no. Its like the most white people childs menu bland on the planet.


great food fast service and freindly staff and a fair price for all of it and they have a drive through

James Carlson

This may not be the most thorough review, because every time I go all I get is the bacon breakfast burrito. But I LOVE that bacon breakfast burrito. My friends seem to enjoy other items on the menu. The restaurant itself isn't the cleanest, but there's no mountain I wouldn't climb for that bacon breakfast burrito.

Chris Colorado

My favorite for fast Mexican food. Good prices. Excellent food. Friendly staff.

Tony Quihuiz

Food is always good and hot !!!

Daniel N. Hewitt

Great prices, really good food, not for health freaks though. This is not the healthiest place in town, nor the cleanest, but the food is spot on delicious! Some napkins out in the dining room would go a long way. Oh, almost forgot, get the green chili salsa to top it in town for sure!

David Camp

One the best taco Mexican places to eat in Colorado springs co

Alex Vaughn

Went here with my sister when she came to town a while back. I remember it being really good and good prices.

Danielle Matthies

Love the homemade food, has my favorite flavors from Southern CA. Love it

Lotusfang Goblin

Good food cheap. Better then taco bell, faster, bigger, cheaper. It works for a quick bite. No gender neutral bathrooms.

Dom G

Great breakfast burritos, and Horchata. Just like the south location as far as the menu and service. Bigger interior.

Jill wiltshire

The food was not good but the staff was nice

Jill Wiltshire

The food left a lot to be desired

Rw Shipp

First time, beef tacos are shredded beef++ Other was ok

Scott Fisher

Nom Nom best burritos and quasadilla in town

Mario Izquierdo

Had the absolute worse experience ever. Not only was the meat over cooked, the must have had onions that they needed to use because everything had more onions than it needed. The guacamole and chips had stale chips and they threw shredded cheese that wasn’t melted on top of it without saying that chips and guacamole included cheese. The cilantro was not chopped correctly, meaning there were huge leaves and stems in your food. Overall, I’ve never wished that I would have gone to Taco Bell over what is supposed to be an authentic Mexican restaurant. Also, the place was absolutely dirty, the floors, the tables, the outside appearance should have been a big sign for me to go elsewhere, but being that we’re on vacation from Florida, and used to live in Los Angeles, I wanted to get that authentic Mexican restaurant food again. Talk about an absolute letdown. I would never recommend this place and have already told the story of how terrible my experience was to 4 people. I’m going to continue to tell this story in hopes that it gets back to the establishment and they get their act together. I don’t like writing negative reviews, but they truly need to change.

Marta Serradell

I'm a taco fan but have found it difficult to find a decent taco in Col Springs. The folks that own Monicas Tacos make good burrittos, nachos, soft tacos and a lot of other dishes. But when it comes to crispy tacos we'll just have to keep looking.

Grant Eaton

Great authentic mexican food! Don't let the outside fool you it's great food!

Tony Martin

Do not eat here. Do not waste your money. Dirty restaurant and Seriously gross food.


Great food and service. Love this place! The Chile rellenos are awesome!

Sara Thompson

Best Mexican food in town.

claywillnot cleavetoiron

Best food we had on vacation!

David Noller

Love this place. Best Mexican food in town! Get the Carne asada tacos with limes ❤️ prices are reasonable too!

Dan Shelley

We had two breakfast burritos to start. One with potatoes and one without. We liked the one without potatoes better, but both were great. I especially enjoyed adding some of the green and red sauce provided which elevated the burrito flavor. In the end, we went back and ordered 4 more to take home with us. We will be back!

Bobby Bandeko

Great food, Great Service!!

Matt S

Conssistent Great food. good prices.

Steven Lail

Worst tacos I've had in the springs we've tried it 2 times now just to see if the first was a one off bad experience but no the food is plain not even salt this might be authentic for Wyoming but authentic Mexican not at all! Do not go here Taco bell bas better

Patricia Broughman

I'll take their Tortas or asada fries anytime.

Sonia Martinez

Food was amazing and the staff was really friendly and helpful.

Dawn Goldsmith

I love the crazy staff there they're always fighting but when you get the food it is delicious

Brandi Mitchell

Makes me feel like I'm back home in southern Tejas!

V Ring

Good food, decent prices.

Crystal Besser

Awesome food, not bad in price either.. soooo yummy

Carol Armendariz

Carnitas Tacos!!! Yummy red salsa. Beans and rice are also delicious

Davina Rhoades

Really good service fast and affordable. Not to mention the amazing food. Good deal all the way around.

Tye Lovato

Live this place! Don't care about language barrier. Just gotta have tacos and burrito!! I'm impressed how they handle the order when we are deaf customer! Great spots to grab a quick lunch or breakfast! Even they serve breakfast burrito all day!

Robert Pena

Best shredded beef tacos in town

Ashley Hanel

This was a pretty cheap place to eat and a lot of food. The food had good flavor and just the right amount of spice in there sauces. Horchata was spectacular. I would stop in again for a quick bit.

Kaydee Coralice

Great family owned and operated restaurant

Wendie Warner

Cheap and quick food. Lots of variety.


Good food fair price

Christina Cooper

Amazing best breakfast burrito ever

scott haring

I go here for the breakfast burritos. A lot of places just throw french fries in for the potatoes but not here. The green and salsa's are good. The red is a little hotter.

cecilia banaga

Excelent service always, we love their menudo

Kathy Haynes

Made to order family staffed, authentic Mexican food. Great prices. Even at peak hours staff is friendly & efficient so line moves fast whether inside or drive thru. Food is consistently good. We live close & hit Monica's up frequently.

Debi Sears

I speak enough Spanish to know that the cooks we're complaining about the customers. Extremely rude!!!

larry marblestone

I have been going there for years great Mexican food

Mia Sinclair

I love Monica’s!! From their breakfast burritos to their lunch/dinner burritos, I love it all!! Whenever you’re craving Mexican, Monica’s is definitely the way to go! I remember the first time I brought a breakfast burrito to my work... All my coworkers were jealous! Now, my boss buys their breakfast burritos for every time we have a Friday morning meeting. I don’t think I could ever get tired of their food. By far one of the best in all of Colorado Springs - it’s a must have for me!

Michael Day

Great place for some authentic Mexican food. Whenever in COS, this is a must for lunch. Delicious!

Benjamin Storm

If you're an uppity sort of diner looking for fine cuisine, search elsewhere. If you're looking for some *damn* good tacos that lean towards the Mexican side (as opposed to Tex-Mex) then you've found your spot here at Monica's. I know I have. P.S. My main man Hugo is the gentleman with the great customer service working the window and the counter. Let him know what a great job he does, as he's one of the reasons I keep coming back.

Harold Irwin

Food and service was excellent couldn't be better.

Lindsey Brown

For fast and cheap, this place is the absolute best.

Shane French

Amazing food. You'll never be disappointed.

Cambria Myrick

Carne asada fries are so yummy!


anyone that thinks this place is good should be ashamed of themselves... and after you shame yourself, go to a real mexican food restaurant and see what real mexican food is suppposed to taste like... because you clearly dont know a damn thing... ignorance runs rampant in the springs...


Fast service and good food.

james h

Good but greasy.


Good food. Pay in cash, as they got busted recently for drug laundering. Don't want your info in their system.

payne sentle

Had no idea what rolled tacos were, ended up just being frozen taquitos that they heat up and add cheese to. Still can't complain, everything else was absolutely amazing!

Jesse Smith

Its the second time going through the drive through for us and oh my gosh...amazing. The quickest, hottest, most delicious food! And service is amazing as well! Thank you thank you thank you to all the employees working so hard. You guys rock. Keep up the good work. We will undoubtedly be back.

Sherry C

Very good clean food and filling. Not greasy at all. Has become 1 of our favorite places to eat. Everything is homemade and great for the price

Matt Westenburg

Great great tacos and cool people! I'd show you a pic of all the food you get, but I ate it all!

Ray Bennett

Can vary sometimes great. Not so good other times.

Carl Pfaff

Menu simple easy to read I got the shredded beef burrito good size definitely recommend it

Susan Hook

Every single thing that I have tried here is delicious! Don't expect anything fancy in the seating area (except for the statue of a donkey and a man in a serape chained to a pedestal...that's pretty fancy). Spanish music fills the air as the hot, comforting food fills my belly. Expect huge portions and be prepared to share or have leftovers if you are watching your caloric intake.

Andrew B

Went here for breakfast burrito. Really good flavor. Very filling. I'll be back soon for lunch!

Alec Diaz

Absolutely amazing. The staff is very friendly. The fish tacos are the best thing for the munchies

John Sieverson

Good pork borrito nic people and fast service. I would visit again....

Damon Mueller

Wow, really good chicken taco, red sauce and green sauce. I'll be back for sure! Great price and friendly service too.


Love this place I would eat there every day if I had my way

Terence McKenna

Best breakfast burritos!!

Cecelia Curtis

If u want soft tacos request them otherwise it will be hard

Tyler Petty

Absolutely hands down the best breakfast burritos! They are so filling and yummy!

Anthony August

Monica's has some of the best take-out Mexican food I've had in Colorado Springs

Jim Goods

Nothing fancy but damn good food and great people.

Josh the Traveler

Was not impressed. Enchiladas came out floating in cheese sauce. The beef in the taco had no seasoning, and the shell was soggy.

Kenedi Callahan

Delicious! First time trying will be back soon.

Josh Lee

I came in from out of town and I was recommended to stop at this place. I actually came back while I was on my trip because it was so good. The tacos were very authentic. I had a lengua burrito and it was probably the best one I have ever had. This is a place that I highly recommend you stop at.


It's what you'd expect of an early 2000s taco shop. The menu is limited, yet everything tastes pretty okay. The lighting is ominous and the parking lot is in disrepair, but the food comes in a paper wrapping anyways, so you don't have to stay there. All in all, it's pretty good but La Casita is better.

Jennifer Sanchez

Awesome burritos n food..i am addicted

Christina Ferreira

The food is good....when they get your order right! They have messed up my order so many times I can't count. It doesn't happen to the rest of the I laugh about it now, but definitely not when it happens!! The place is small but clean. Friendly workers. I don't order from their anymore

Shirley Paiz

Freshly made...fresh toppings.. Drive thru

Joe Robinson

Dude this place gets bust all the time cause they launder money but God damn do they make some good burritos. Love this place more than you can say

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