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REVIEWS OF Modern Market Eatery IN Colorado

Rick Dunagan

Farmers salad was not fresh, chicken tough & overpriced. Disappointed.

Jon Gardner

Better than expected, but I still think the food is a bit over priced considering portion sizes. The beverage selection is excellent and the atmosphere is certainly a cut above the rest. The receipts are unusually helpful in that they breakdown the cost of everything in a unique and user-friendly way. Tastes great, but slightly over-priced.

Jennifer Marino

Fabulous food, yummy lemonades and a relaxing atmosphere.

Randall Coan

Healthy and Tasty Food

Zaire D.

The food was so good. I was greeted by a very kind employee.

Luke Doster

They have amazing customer service. My mom found a hair in her food and they remade a brand new meal and refunded the price of the dish in cash. Other than that the food was incredible and the staff was very friendly.


Food is good-has gluten free options. Really convenient when I worked in the Promenade shops.

Katherine Blum

Very fresh and deliciously crafted salads and bowls. The staff was friendly and attentive as well.

basic girl

Went there and order a bbq pizza alone with my friend and I belive his name Morgan and he had helped us at the register and had made a strange comment to my friend saying " welcome back, I remember you" and I didn't think anything really of it but my friend did and after we sat down we saw all the workers go into the back and then morgan came out made eye contact with my friend and laughed ( just saying that's strange) and then the rest of the workers come out...after we wait the waitress hand me the first pizza and then stared at mine and the other one for my friend and slowly handed it to my this was a shady move on morgan. So my friend did not enjoy his meal, because we think your workers messed with there food! Which is illegal and the health department with come in! So you might wanna change that! Cause over all your food and drinks are great! Thankyou! Have a nice day :)

Dianna Owen

Awesome food!! Very clean!

Kristy Coffin - The General's Wife

As a vegan, I love Modern Market! It satisfies me and my carnivore family

Christi Brown

Pretty good food options. A bit boushy for my taste though.

Stacy Studstill

Great "real good for you" food!

Zachary Horovitz

Family friendly and healthy delicious eats!


For my wife's birthday we stopped after a movie (The Mule - must see). I had the Berkshire Pulled Pork sandwich - very tasty. The pork was tender and flavorful on a firm bun that stayed together throughout the meal. The sandwich included pickled cucumbers which gave a nice bite. My wife had a 1/2 Farmer's Salad and a cup of Green Chicken Chili which she thoroughly enjoyed. We got $10 off our bill - Happy Birthday! The restaurant has a nice, comfortable atmosphere and was relatively quiet. Recommend a visit for fresh, tasty meal.

Jamie Crowe

Quite frankly, I have never been let down by anything I have ordered at this restaurant. I absolutely love coming here for a healthy, decently priced lunch. I tried to get something different every time I visit. They have an excellent selection of foods. You can't go wrong by choosing this place!

Joey Teter

The food was great and the service was quick. Great healthy option for fast casual

Mandy Horn

My husband and I love eating here for healthier options and it is friendly to my gluten free son!

Kayleigh Oplt

The food is always delicious and I'm obsessed with the Cucumber Mint lemonade, if it weren't for that and limited options to eat at in the mall I wouldn't keep getting food here though. They've messed up every single order I've ever gotten from them. It's gotten to the point of mild entertainment because it's dazzling that they can never get everything right, especially since it looks like the manager prepares most of the to go plates, at least she's the one person not in any discernable uniform so I'm assuming she's the manager. They've messed up all of my orders, I get the same thing generally, by either putting in the wrong thing or not adding something I paid for. The one time I got all the ingredients in my food I didn't get silverware and I had it delivered since we were busy so that was fun, heres your grain bowl eat it with your hands. The last time I ordered on the app it sent the order to Boulder, not Colorado Springs. Yesterday we ordered through the app and one entree had steak, an upcharge, and the other chicken. Both plates had chicken. I don't even know what I would do if they got it all right in one go, I'd be beside myself.

Brice N

Always love every we have tried. Super flavors always. A glass of wine is $5. Great soda flavors with cane sugar.

Nukuku Nuku

Good food, busy place. Best to order from DoorDash for delivery.

Austin Keckler

Quick gut busting food

Nicholas Fuller

Got a bbq pizza when they clerk said I couldn't go wrong with the pizzas . Once it got to my table all I saw was cilantro covering the pizza it was all I could taste my wife's food was well below where it should of been as far as quality . Never again will we go here

Benjamin Girard

No complaints it was very good ,they gave free food at a race I ran so we returned the favor by dining here. It's very creative sandwiches, friendly service, better and cheaper than panera. Sorry panera.

Dave Carr

Delicious food, quick service and happy grandkids. We had the Smoked Chicken Bowl, Tofu plate with roasted veggies including brussel sprouts, the gk's has the kid's pizza.

Jacob Skaggs

Pretty middle of the road option for a variety of foods. Had a chicken bowl when I went and it was good, just had a whole boatload of jalapenos in it! Glad I like jalapenos!

Nici Barrett

The printed menu clearly labels all allergens/dietary preferences. As a gluten and dairy free person, this may be the easiest restaurant I've ever ordered from. There are lots of options depending on what you crave and the prices are reasonable. No table service but the staff were friendly and helpful in my interactions with them.


Awsome lemonades and sugar free flavored teas. Green and Robert. Food was delicious and healthy.

Shea Houdmann

For a restaurant focused on super healthy options the food is actually pretty good.

VZ 94

Good service great food and healthy environment

Angela Daniel

Excellent quality food. Very delicious.

Jennifer Johnson

Great food and customer service!


I had the pizza. Very good

jessi strong

Ordered off their website menu for delivery. Food arrived 30 minutes late, and most of it was cold... the customer service reps were super helpful and called back to check and make sure everything got here safely. We will def. come back because the food is delicious (even when cold) but next time I think ill go pick up the food instead of trying to get it delivered.

samuel casad

Love this place, the service and especially the food. The private bathrooms make it even better, stay cool my friends, stay cool.

Kathy Tutko

My fav! I love their food. It's fast healthy and tasty! Plus they have stuff like pizza and beer my husband wants! The coconut Thai salad is awesome! Plus the salmon grain bowl...I want to go now!

Linda Wiedel

No complaints. Good food, quick service, good delivery services

Myna Carter

Yum! Love everything at Modern Market, especially the marinated chicken. Their gluten free cookies are amazing too. The cucumber mint lemonade is the best!

Sean Simpson

Food is wonderful, service is great

Victoria Thomas

Good food but really expensive in my opinion. Just buy groceries and make your own food

Jonathan Carter

chicken plate is great and mac n cheese. thx

Sarah Palmer

One of my favorite healthy night out restaurants, great healthy selection and a ton of vegetarian options

Donald Edwards

Customer service is top notch and the food is excellent as well. I had the chimichurri steak plate for dinner with Mac and cheese. Very tasty! I'll be back

Sarah VanWinkle

A little pricey for the portions, but the quality of food and taste is worth it. All eating styles can find something to eat here.

Evan Clay

Quality food, nice atmosphere, but the portions are small for the price.

Laura Warner

Very slow and staff isn't friendly. Restaurant is dirty. They don't wipe tables often enough. We had no where to sit because all of the tables were dirty. They messed up on my husbands order as well. I would have to say this particular Modern Market is poorly managed. Food taste good.

Doug Randolph

Delicious healthy food.

Joshua Edwards

Great place to enjoy a super healthy meal! The food is outstanding, but a little on the expensive side.

Mike Dutton

Food was great and prepared quickly for those on a busy schedule or one with a little time to enjoy their food a place to relax.

Angela Calderon

Best vegan cheese pizza we’ve ever had! Buddha bowl was delish as well. We liked it so much that we went back the day after our first time.

Keith Oliver

Ordered the Thai Coconut Chicken Salad. It was one of the best tasting salads I've ever had. Great prices, too!

Eric Schmucker

The food is healthy and nicely prepared. Lose one star for portion size.

Alice Blattler

Always quick in service, the food is well portioned, excellent and satisfying. Well priced as well, perfect for before work and on a time crunch.

Patricia Figueroa

Buddha bowl. $8. I am so full and this is the portion I couldn’t fit. I wish this place existed everywhere

Chris Huxtable

Wife and I use to frequent a lot. Two months ago we came in and had a pretty rough meal. I contacted corporate and to their defense they made it right. So we came back in this past weekend and tried to use our credit but apparently it did not exist. We decided to stay anyway. All I can say is when you spend 35 dollars for lunch for two people I would expect the quality to be there but it wasn't. I had the steak sandwich and the meat was grey and cold!!!! Not anywhere to what they describe it. My wife had a few sides and once again cold. Instead of asking for different food we decided to just dispose of it. Disappointing to say the least. I tried before to contact corporate before I left a review but this time I believe the review was important.

Alexis Christman

We just adore this place. Healthy and delicious food with mostly friendly staff (the occasional disgruntled teenager as cashier) who are happy to be there and accommodate your needs. I have a severe gluten allergy and they are always so kind and helpful. My fella gets pizza nearly every time (the Pepe is yummy and you can add/omit other toppings to suit your palate however there are multiple other choices so substitutions aren't really necessary) He will also occasionally get the chicken grain bowl which is so good! I get the Wintergreen salad A LOT as well as the blueberry pesto sandwich which is so good. AND they have gluten free chocolate chip cookies! (Sweet Loren's brand and you can buy these gems from King Soopers and Walmart now in the refrigerated section) They also have craft soda, beer, wine, seasonal soups, and they serve breakfast now (although we've never managed to come in the morning we're sure it's as great as their lunch/dinner options!) Would definitely recommend

Kaitlyn Rose

Looooove Mod Market. I always get the Buddha Bowl or the Avocado Toast. Online ordering is very dependable, especially when you only have a 30 min lunch.

David R. VanDinter

Nice change of pace! Fresh ingredients, made to order. A wide variety of healthy choices to choose from. Medium size portions ensure you leave satisfied, but not stuffed. The service is self order and pick-up and an option to clean up when you are finished. The app allows you to order and pay prior to coming into the store, making it convenient for that person without a lot of time to wait in lines or on food orders. The staff is polite and very attentive to tb e needs of the customer. Unfortunately, they have limits on their breakfast orders. For someone who is a late riser, you will have to enjoy a lunch menu.

Elizabeth Johnson

Got the curry Buddha bowl and it was delicious. Looking at it at first I didn't think it would be enough food but it was surprisingly filling. People are super friendly as well. I will be back again.

Kyle Haney

Don't tip. There's no reason. YOU walk to the counter, order, they bring you your food, but then YOU bus your own table. Why would I tip?

Steven Wilson

Really good food reccomend it

Activation Coaching

Food is fresh and there are many options for health-conscious eaters. Menu options for all types of dietary requirements, from vegan to paleo. Everything I’ve tried here has been delicious, and I feel satisfied without feeling heavy. The service is incredibly good and very very fast. I’m grateful I can count on this place when I want a delicious healthy meal!

Dean Murphy

My burrito was wrapped in foil and sealed with a sticker, so my impression was that it was not fresh. It tasted fine, and I ate all of it.

Nina Radley

Great for healthy options, kinda pricy because of what it is.

Joshua Kindhart

I got the bowl with beef. The beef was not even room temperature, it was cold! Also, it was the toughest, chewiest meat I've ever had.

Dean Gilmore

Very bland with a strange drink selection (carrot lemonade)

tom paq

Liked the food better than the beers. Good food selection too.

Roy Fitzwater

Simple fast casual fare with limited choices. Rather pricey for what you get. The sweet potato curry soup is excellent. Well seasoned, low in calories and not too thick. Protein choices are limited.

Duane Huck

Good food that is healthier than found at most restaurants. The service is fast. Located at The Shops at Briargate so there is plenty of shopping before or after dining here.

Robert Chandler

Great quinoa bowl

Michelle M.

We both ordered sandwiches. I love that you can get a half. All of the flavors were really good and the food tastes fresh! It was a busy lunch time and there was enough staff to keep things going smoothly. We'll be back. We were surprised to get such delicious food at such a reasonable price!

Dirk Draper

Good menu, good food. Bad service, dirty table. Waited 20min to order. For a busy Saturday noon-hour, having only 1 register open is not good management.

Lance Kohler

Great service, friendly staff, Merida salad was very good! As was the avocado toast and gluten-free pizza!

Leslie Bonner

Solid menu backed by awesome taste!

Jane Marquardt

Fantastic fresh ingredients- wish you could fund this place in every mall in every town!

Sierra Taylor

Order a plate and a bowl. Food tastes So fresh! Love all the veggies and fresh options! There are “unhealthy” options if your not a crazy health nut but plenty for everyone! Great spot to have dinner and a drink or take home and watch Game of Thornes!

Ricki Girardin

My favourite place to eat. Great salad.

Jose Salviati

Nice place. Always good service. It's unique.

Gvantsa Chain

I have eaten here third time and food is always good. Loved the healthy food. Had Thai coconut salad with chicken and it was super. Young Man behind the counter was amazing and very polite. Complimented my parfume

Mike Rice

While pricey, the amazing guilt free food is delicious! Huge fan of the salads that I've had and i love the sodas they have on tap

Austin Cadman

Fairly expensive, but good food and a spacious atmosphere.

Mike Harrelson

Tried this place again and loved it.

Rachael Babiracki

I love this place!! So delicious and great options for allergies and sensitivities. Cool vibe and really good prices. I just wish they stayed open past 9 pm.

Marlene Weaver

Great food, great service.

Ginger Frost

Healthy food good choices great service reasonable prices

Nicole Gredinberg

Healthy options and good service. Love their soda machiene !

Mattie Owens

Four of us came for lunch for the first time. Three ordered different salads and one ordered a sandwich. All the food was delicious. The salad bowls are made up of several different salads, each seasoned uniquely and can be eaten alone, but are also complementary to each other. We were surprised at the amount of food for the cost - a great value.

Travis Forbes

Favorite place to eat in CO Springs. Very fresh and flavorful options and can accommodate food allergies

Crystal Davis

Food was delicious and affordable! Salmon Curry is a must try! Steak is a little on the chewy side, but they can let you try a sample if you ask. All natural and wholesome ingredients too

Travis Brock

Great food. However some of the portions are too small for the price. Kids meal Mac & cheese and full size sandwiches specifically are overpriced.

Jason S

Food was outstanding. Ambience was great. Nothing better than a nice summer day to have lunch outside in Colorado. Definitely worth a try, the staff was pleasantly genuine and the food had a great fresh taste.

Marijah Adams-Cleek

Kids eating free on Sundays automatically elevates my rating of the restaurant. Selection is good, but sometimes our food is cold and has to be sent back. It’s not a mind blowing culinary experience, but it is an affordable, healthy option. They’re exactly what they represent themselves to be.

Leo Somera

Friendly staff, yummy drinks and food.

tessa browning

Do not go here if you are more than moderately hungry. The salmon was good, but the photos on their website are deceiving, and the portion sizes are child size. We were even stumped on the rice! Time to start cooking some dinner at home when it was our one night to eat out. Disappointing.

Megan Riviezzo

Both food and service team were excellent!

Bonnie Grubbs

If I could give this place less than 1 star I would. I ordered online for my family and they forgot an entire meal from my order. When I called to let them know, they asked me if I would like to drive back and pick it up or have a partial refund. Well.....considering I just tipped a delivery person (very nice tip) to drive it to my house so we didn't have to drive When I opted for the partial refund (still upsetting because one of us didn't have a meal for the night) they asked me to answer a bunch of questions and informed me that the refund would need a manager's approval. Generally speaking, I don't think you should make it hard to refund money for something you didn't deliver. Their customer service is seriously lacking. Will definitely not be ordering/eating there ever again.

Aidan Garrett

Modern Market Eatery has healthy food options in a time where unhealthy fast food is at every corner. I personally got the chicken with rice, sweet potato mash, and mac n cheese. My girlfriend got the buddha bowl. Everything was delicious, healthy, and filling. Service was pretty quick, and they have 3 different lemonades, all of which were delicious. Stop here if you want a break from junk food, but still don't want to/can't cook at home.

Darlene Brace-Torres

We used to come here all the time. We got the steaks today and they were not good at all. We actually didn't even eat them. They were dry, chewy, and almost grey in color. Our order was also incorrect but they fixed it with no hassle. I'm super sad it was so bad tonight because we used to enjoy coming here but we won't order the steak again.

Terry Gilmore

Seemed a bit expensive. Food was okay. Drink selection was solid.

Manthan Patel

Food was pretty good. The modern mushroom pizza was way better than expected. The Mac and cheese side was very small and tasted okay. The place reminds me of a Panera bread. The blueberry pesto sandwich was also pretty interesting.

Michael Carnahan

My favorite quick serve restaurant concept. Excellent flavors, farm-to-table fresh at an extremely reasonable price. Delicious and awesome! I haven't had anything on the menu that I've disliked and I've tried virtually everything.

Steve Mecham

Love the tasty, healthy selection! We had a salad, bowl & pizza. Wish there was one in our city!

Kyle Gamradt

Great quality food. This place has a variety of health choices. I highly recommend the basil chicken or chipotle steak. There staff is very Friendly. Very efficient, quick service at this location.

Jesse :

So the food was amazing tasted great kitchen did a great job. The only thing that was lacking for this first visit was the cashiers attitude was less then delightful as everyone else we met had amazing happy smiles. Will definitely try this place again just hope for a happier interaction.

Rebecca Carmickle

Over priced food that was just okay. Nothing special. I'll never go there again. Just not my cup of tea.

Susanne Watts

They have some new pizzas and their bowls are always solid. I love the bahn mi!

shannon lewis

BLT was mostly raw, picked off about half totally gray bacon leaving the tips which were medium cooked and some meaty parts. Wished for more allergy and ingredient info. Like the real sugar sodas.

Velma Goodwater

Always incredibly fresh and delicious recipes! I love the "healthy portions", but my husband tends to order a couple items because they are smaller than some places. (a good thing in my book!) I've been maybe 2 dozen times and always great service too!

Chloe Cozart

I used to work at modern market in Dallas, TX 3+ years ago...the food is still just as delicious and the staff was so sweet and friendly. I tried the Alaskan salmon. food came out fast, was hot, filling and delicious

kristen ohagin


Alex Burch III

Really good food and awesome non-alcoholic drinks!

Troy M

Really good and flavorful food cooked to order. The best fountain drink selection in town!

Omar Siddig

Excellent menu. Try the pizzas!

kaeyra velez

First time. Service was fine, but food wasnt hot, it was luke warm. Brussel sprouts weren't fully cooked.

Bert Jean

Had the flatiron salad. Steak was very cold on inside and raw (think out of the refrigerator cold). Asked the staff, they stated “that’s how it’s supposed to be”. “I’ll take crippling food poisoning for $600 Alex”

Teresa Salash

This restaurant was very clean which is always a bonus. The food was yummy, hot and nice portions. I wish they had more coffee options. I prefer strong coffee

Kristin Kohler

Love finding places that have humanitarian options for meat. I had the pork banh mih sandwich with vegetables and it was a great healthy lunch for eating out. I'll be eating more here and highly recommend it!

Laura Erdmann

This was the first time I had come to modern market. I was very pleased with the environment, cleanliness, professionalism and food. What I admire most about this facility is they break down the calories/fats/carbs etc. I wish we had more options like this, as my health and nutrition intake is very important to me. I will definitely be a repeat customer! PS. Try to get one on the south side :)

Jessica Davis

Great selection of vegetarian and vegan options! Definitely try the lemonade or a $3 glass of wine

Michael Brace

We used to love to come to mod market but starting a few months ago, the quality began to decline. Because of this we have not visited recently. Tonight we thought we would give it a try again. We were absolutely disgusted. We both ordered meals with steak. The steak was cold, grey, slimy, and rubbery. Neither of us could eat it and ended up just throwing it away. The mashed potatos were pretty bad too, they remindedme of fake mashed potatos mixed with a few soggy bits of real potatoes. The only food that we were able to stomach was the bed of rice. We will not return after this visit.

Celeste Bogdanoff

Really enjoy the food here. Someone else has mentioned that there aren't free refills, but there are free refills at least on the soda and some tea. Fresh food, decent pricing for what you get.

Kimberly Martin

Delicious, healthy, pleasant environment, reasonable prices. Only drawback is there are so many good choices! 3 year old grandson treated my curried pumpkin soup and loved it

Heidi Wardel

I lOOOOOVE Modern Market!!!! The food is always so tasty and the manager, Molly, is so personable and has top notch customer service. She goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction. She even remembers what I order each time and greats me by name! I love the salmon curry bowl, the wintergreen salad and my husband likes the BBQ Chx pizza. Everything is fresh and it's great to feel good knowing my meal was healthy and good fuel for my body. This location is awesome!! Thank you so much Molly and your team at Mod Market!

Sarah Harvey

Not ashamed to admit that I ate here 4 times a week when pregnant. And now that I am postpartum, it’s my go to place for affordable, HEALTHY, natural food.

Dave Hayden

Good food, little bit higher prices then I would like.

Kyle Zimmer

Great food


Quick service, sustainable foods and very tasty. I had the salmon plate with chimicurri over rice with Brussel sprouts, and honey walnut mashed sweet potatoes. The fish was delicate and flaky which paired very nicely with the chimicurri, however for my tastes cpuld have used a touch more chimicurri. The brussels were glazed with a light balsamic and nicely roasted. The sweet potatoes were amazingly whipped with great flavor and texture. For the drink I had a cucumber lemonade that was the right balance of vegetablely-lemony goodness and npt overly sweet. Would definitely go again.

Diane E

Got the Rocket for breakfast this morning. Brioche bun was cold and dried out. They were nice to remake it, this time toasting the bun, better but still not as good as when they put it on chibatta bread. Water cup is about 4 oz. , I guess they want you to make several trips refilling it. Forget about putting any ice in the cup, there won't be any room for the water.

Christina Brandsma

I love this place and frequent it for lunch! My favorite is the flatiron salad, but truly, I have enjoyed everything I’ve had here. There are great lemonades, teas, and sodas, but no free refills. There is sometimes a crowd right at lunch time, but they efficiently work through the line. Everyone who works here is helpful, kind, and great at accommodating food allergies! They are also willing to cook the steak more well done than average when I ask specifically, which I’m grateful for!

Garrison Ortiz

I've been eating here for a year and a half and have always been warmly welcomed, experienced consistent quality food, and ate in a clean area. From the top down Modern Market has a dedicated quality staff and their efforts turn into a great customer experience.

Roger Plank

Very nice tiny experience, casual but very enjoyable. I had salmon which I enjoyed incredibly

Steffaney Thomas

This place has amazing fresh food served in a Panera-style way. I’m vegan and they have great options for me and my whole family. They’re so generous with the loyalty reward program so I HIGHLY recommend downloading their app. They also have a kids eat free in Sunday’s and Monday evenings - we love utilizing that as a family as well. It’s super quick, delicious food. We have brought tons of friends here and we’ve never been disappointed.

Maddie Pierce

The ingredients are quality and their employees are even better. Spend your lunch money here.

Erika Haak

Good choice for a quick, health conscious lunch. This was my first time eating here, and I liked that they had the calories listed next to each menu item. The service was also fast. I ordered the salmon curry bowl, which had wonderful flavor, but I thought the salmon was overcooked, and the meal wasn't very hot when I received it.

Shannon Pasold

All in all not bad. Clean, fast service and good options. Their house wine however? Atrocious!

Chavi Gold

Great & clean food! Our body is our temple. Food is our medicine! If thoes statements speak to u this is your place! Everything is good their and prices r very reasonable. I especially like the Curry salmon. Highly recommend!!

Sean Fay

Came here last night after a hike and the food was delicious. I ordered the build your own plate with the steak, fire roasted veggies and the heirloom rice. The food was delivered fast, tasted excellent, and was reasonably priced. The beer I ordered is their honey wheat (can’t recall the brewery, sorry). You can’t go wrong here, highly recommended.

Andrew Abels

Delicious healthy food! Perfect for those with dietary restrictions. Gonna take my mom here when she visits next.

Anita Romero

The menu is really different and diverse. Loved the chicken plate. Very very busy, so expect a bit of a wait.

Spencer Gillard

Informative and very nice staff; beautiful, bright atmosphere. Excellent food, a tad pricey, but always very good. I've gone many times and always enjoy we what I get. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Michelle Herrera

This was our first visit to a modern market and we were very pleased with the food and quality of food. Personally I prefer a staff that isnt overtly bubbly and more real and genuine just as they were, they didn't make it feel like they were being overly nice for good reviews, they let the food and service do that for them!

Amanda Ravsten

I love that you can order online and pick it up. We were staying at a nearby hotel and just wanted something quick. We ordered breakfast foods ie breakfast sandwich, waffles, and a scramble. The food was really good. It’s not a lot of food. Minus 1 star because they forgot the side potatoes and toast that was supposed to come with the scramble.


While I love the fresh food, every time I have eaten here, I've left hungry. So I haven't gone back.

Becca Benton

I LOVE their food.

Kevin Brown

Great food with mostly organic ingredients. Menu changes by the season, but always have a few staples to come back to. Pizza is pretty good.

Micah Morgan

Quality healthy food.

Felica Keech-smith

Loved this place. Would go often if there was one within a few miles of me.

Lance Pearce

Great service, variety and quality.

Adam Brumberg

Cool Concept! The food is fresh and well made. Options to eat healthfully or indulgently

Jamille Jones

Great food and awesome service. Salads are awesome.

Geoff Mulligan

I really like this place. I like the sodas and the food. I think it is a little pricey for the size of the portions, but the food is tasty.

Julie C

Yummy, large enough servings without tons of leftovers. Delish lemonade

Diane Csrnko

Delicious food, quick service, great price, friendly staff - we'll be back!

Richard Buckley

Great selection. Delicious food. Nice atmosphere.

African Americans In Gerontology

What a wonderful treat! The food is really good at a reasonable price. It would be nice if there was a location further south

Elaine Blurton

I get great recommendations from staff, and every salad and sandwich I try is delicious. The $2 wine is great, and food comes out pretty fast. There are also great kid's meal options and it's noisy enough that loud kids are not a disturbance.

Lisa Dillon

Good place for all types of eating preferences

Brian Phelps

Fantastic service and amazing food. First time coming and definitely coming back! The carrot lemonade and truffle potato pizza are wonderfully delicious.

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