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REVIEWS OF Fish Den Inc. IN Colorado

R.J. Winslow

Awesome shop!! And great service as well. Definitely a must stop and see

Shaniedia Carroll

Big store lots of things to pick from

Amanda Medici

Super cute. Not too much variety of fish but still decent. A little cramped in the store but you'll find what you're looking for

Everett Britton

My absolute favorite aquarium store. The owner MJ shares the same nickname as my wife. Truly a fine shopkeeper. A very knowlegable staff.

Andrea S.

They have a huge variety of both fresh and salt water fish here. It is always fun to go see new fish you don't really get to see most other places. The people that work here are always very nice and know they know their products.

Justin Allaart

The clerk was very helpful and really nice

Lacey Ottesen

Lots of fresh and salt variety. Good selection of plants for fresh water tanks

Lawrence Brown

I've done business with the fish done for years I won't buy my fish anywhere else! As long as your tanks are running the way they should they stand behind their guarantee! I've never bought a fish that was sick and made the rest of my fish sick from fish Den. Their stock is always reliable, with a decent selection. I've been doing business with fish done since the 90s!

Thomas Roberts

Cool place and great service

Seth B

This shop has a great selection of both fresh and saltwater fish and supplies. Check out their used tank deals to save some major $. They can get pretty backed up, but worth the wait.

Spider About Town

Amazing fish room! Bettas looked a little ill tho


Always friendly folks, always a great selection, usually a cool new fish or two. Love visiting whenever I get the chance

Christopher Tredennick

This is the best place for fish in Denver

Cord Scaggs

Great fish store with a huge selection!

Isaac Baugher

The staff were all very knowledgeable. We talked to 6 different employees and they all knew what they were talking about. They answered every question. Thank you fish den. Great selection, friendly, great staff and good prices!!

Antoinette Neal

A lot of nice looking healthy fish to choose from

Diane Lehman

Very helpful and informative! Great place to get fish and supplies!

Grant Herbruck

Always super knowledgeable and helpful. Great selection and can order in things your looking for

Kelsey Hester

Greeted kindly upon entrance. Looked around at the fish then when I went back into he main room I was immediately asked if I needed help. They got what I needed in a fast manor, asked me if I needed anything else and had me on my way.

Cory Leverton

The fish den is the best. They help so much and are so knowledgeable.

Brenna Clough

I do all of my fish purchases thru fish den. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they always keep their stock healthy and their tanks clean. They quarantine all of their deliveries to ensure there is no illness or disease before the fish are put up for sale. MJ is the manager and my go-to guy. He's been doing this a long time and can answer your questions about everything in stock, and pretty much anything that's not as well. Love Fish Den!!

David Finn

Freshwater and saltwater. They have live plants and livestock others don't carry. Great place

Roberta Dones

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Also good prices.

Marvin Edwards

This is my go to fish store! Would love to do a video tour for my YouTube channel

BayBuilder Simulation Gamer

Great selection of fish and fish accessories. The staff is very knowledgeable and happy to help. The store is clean and well organized. The fish are healthy and happy.

Darryl Natelli

One of the better independent fish stores. Lots of stock knowledgeable staff

Ash Thompson

Love this place- fish are garunteed healthy, staff is knowledgable. Always something new when we come in. A little more expensive then big pet stores but worth it because they dont bring diseases to your tank.

mitchell brenner

Very friendly staff and a fair selection of fish to buy

Colton Chase

What an amazing fish selection that seemingly never ends. very cool employees and relaxed environment. Bought a very big freshwater bala shark and it has healthy behavior and eating routine!

Michael McCall

Probably the best fish store in Denver. You can get everything here from high end hardscape right down to guppies and goldfish. 1 stop shop for your aquarium hobby.

Vicente Moreno

The employees are amazing and kind and help you out with what ever your planning to do and give you great tip and tricks.

Total Fire Power LLC

The best fish store in Denver . May be the oldest fish shop in Denver. I have been going to the Fish Den for 20+ years. Fresh and salt water selection, as well as the the must haves and exotic items and organisms. Very knowledgeable staff with a mom and pop feel.

Zack s

Great store and great customer service!!! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! Tanks and equipment are a little pricey....but the fish are healthy and they have a wide variety!!

Billy Wagner

Prices are rather high and the staff gives off an atmosphere that is very bland and hostile.

Tina Chen

So like Silver arowana

Michael James

Was moving out of town and they took the fish and the tank off my hands. I know they will make money off of those things. But my fish are taken care of and that's what matters.

John Wallendorf

Love this place. Always a good experience.

Michael Ortega

Very friendly staff they will answer all your questions very knowledgeable. This was the first time I went there I thought I would give it a try.i had went to petsmart bought 2 dinos and 2 catfish they died in 2 days I went here bought the same fish and they are healthy all ready had them for a week .

Tracy Horvath

Very friendly. Not as knowledgeable as I had hoped.

Marie Perez

A variety of fish to choose firm and the owners they know their business

Rev. Ryan Bob Givens

Great shop. Huge selection, not only with fish, but with their remarkable dry goods section as well. I found several items here that I'd only seen online beforehand (including a few options I'll be buying soon and very happy to not have to pay shipping and wait for a package!). Employees are helpful and will not stalk you around the store, as is the case with some local fish stores. A huge bonus with this store is that they immediately quarantine fish that are suspected to be sick. While I was here yesterday, a customer noticed some ich on a goldfish or two, and an employee promptly marked the fish in that tank as Not for sale. Most stores do not care if they House or sell you sick fish. To find a store that values the quality of their livestock to the point that they refuse to sell a fish if it's sick is an incredible mark of care, quality, and overall excellence. No complaints whatsoever with this store. Even though it is likely the farthest LFS from my house, I plan to come here regularly from now on. Thanks for being awesome Fish Den! Quite possibly the best fish store in town!

Lucas Eads

I grew up shopping for fish at Fish Den, worked there during high school, and now many years later I still come hear to shop for fish and supplies. This really is an amazing store to shop for fish and fish related supplies at because Fish Den offers such a huge selection and has friendly knowledgeable staff that can help with questions, troubleshoot, and provide general guidance. I have always loved that the members of this store will sell it to you straight so that you will be successful with the fish you purchase and make the most informed decision before getting into caring for a live animal. Both MJ and Michael deeply care about the community and have always gone above and beyond to take care of their customers and provide the best experience possible. Having worked here for a period of time I know first hand how vigorously the animals at this store are cared for and that this shop offers only the highest quality livestock. I highly recommend this store for anybody that is interested in the hobby from the novice to advanced level. Ask questions, these guys can really help you out! MJ was around when some of these species evolved.

Gabe Adams

Very knowledgeable staff. Helped me pick out exactly what I needed for my Koi pond

Richard Schenfeld

Great fish store been going for 20vyrs

tom cox

1st wheelchair access is very tight but maneuverable. Always gave been a valuable customer. Could use a bigger building.

Bryant Hanks

Helpful staff, wide variety of fish, place is a little cramped and some of the tanks could use a little cleaning but nothing to worry about.

Dusty O'Connell

Huge selection of freshwater and saltwater fish and corals. Really knowledgeable and friendly staff. Best place to build an aquarium or add to an existing one in Denver.

John Headdy

Lots of different types of fish a little high in price

Jon T

This place was pretty nice with lots of well-stocked and healthy fish and plant tanks. They had a good selection of both red and yellow shrimp as well, which I appreciate as a shrimp fan. It was also nice getting a mini-lecture on the cycling process because I think it shows that they will help you be a responsible aquarium owner for maximum happiness rather than maximum profit. One big downside I saw was a warning about not being able to select specific fish. So in cases such as fancy guppies where there are many different looks, you may not be able to get the ones that you want. That being said, we were able to select a specific mystery snail, so it may not be a hard and fast rule (then again, that snail was alone in a separate tank). I also didn't care for the 4 employees standing around the small entrance chatting with each other. When the entrance has such little room, that should be done elsewhere.

Dane Vierow

Helpful, experienced staff. Good selection of healthy tropical fish and plants at reasonable prices.

Terren Brandt

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. It's a great local fish store.

Elyse Martinez

Knowledge staff and good selection

One Hand Channel

Very professional and actually know how to take care of there selection of fish

Michael Barrett

The Fish Den is the very best store in metro Denver for anything needed for fish culture. If you can't find it here than it's not anywhere. The two Mike's (owners) are the most knowledgeable persons that I know of when it comes to fish! It's just a shame I live so far away.

asA rogers

This place is packed with awesome fish.

Chris Blumenshine

It's a fairly long drive for me from Columbine, but I like it here and try to make the trip when I have some free time. Friendly and helpful staff. Lots of variety of EVERYTHING. Guaranteed to find something I haven't seen before.

victoria lundmark

Great variety. Knowledgeable and caring staff. Kind of pricy for their tank set ups and inserts, but they carry quality items and fish food

Mary Wolf

We love the Fish Den. They have a great variety of fresh and salt water fish and supplies. You can always find what you need. Lots of free parking. The owners are great and very knowledgeable. You should try it!

chet kelley

Has what you need and a good supply of tanks

Timothy Dodge

A wsome place for fishies

Ruth Acosta

We love the Fish Den. My husband and I are always looking for a professional place to assist us with our tanks. This is the place to go.

June Marie Martinez

Over priced on food and care products however, the staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.


Worst customer experience ever!!! I went to the store having no idea how to set up saltwater tank considering it will be used in our business. First day was the better experience of all. Gave me info I needed but seemed irritated I was asking. No biggie, so apparently they only have 1 person that can set up saltwater tank, at least that’s what was related to me. I left my contact info with the promise of being called back in the next couple of days with the he apparent knowledgeable employee. After a week went by I stopped to relate that we were interested in a tank 15 gallons larger than original request and informed them I was never contacted. They assured me I would be contacted in 2 days when employee was on staff. Never received a call 5 days later. I decided they must be busy and called again to inform. Expressed my concern about not be contacted. “It will happen tomorrow “ is what I was told. A week goes by of course nobody ever attempted to call. I once again call to try and figure why they do not want my business. Woman answers and obviously has never worked with human beings and does not know the meaning of sympathy. She told me I would have to wait 3 days until apparently the only person who could help would be on staff. I expressed this has not worked in the passed and is creating the worst experience with a business I have ever had. I asked if she could call. She told me know. These people could care less about helping/responding to a person who was eager to give them business. 2 weeks later I have heard nothing. Apparently owners, I assume are just as ignorant as the 3 other employees I have come into contact with. I wouldn’t rely on these people for any type of service, based on the fact they cannot pick up the phone to make a 2 min call to a perspective customer. Stay away from this place if your looking for descent service or even acknowledgment

Sami Little

They have a great selection of fish, fish care items and even tanks. I would give it a better review if they kept their betta fish in better conditions.

Ron Russell

Good customer service and excellent selection of fish. Somewhat expensive for filters and supplies.

Augusta Olson

Fish Den has varieties of fish to choose for your fish tanks, it's a bit of ride for me, but the place is great so are the staff. The staff were prompt to help, informative, professional with great customer service! Only 1-70 traffic heading there sucks but worth a visit. Store us clean and with tons of fish & supplies and staff ready to help!! I'm going back there!!

Krys Cromwell-Smit

They always stock good quality fish. Very knowledgeable. Got this very pretty piece of red glass stone here.

Kelsey Sailsbery

Awesome collection of HEALTHY fresh and saltwater fish. Curtis is always super helpful when i go in, and the rest of the staff friendly and knowledgeable.

Wendy Turner

A lot of options for fish and ponds. Love this place

David Gehrig

Great service, nice selections, can't wait to see the new salt water selections

Albert G.

They have an awesome selection of fish, they will test your water for free to make sure your tank is habitable for the fish you are looking for, they are very reasonable priced and have a 48 hour fish replacement guarantee. Don't risk introducing diseases into your tank by going to the big stores. Go to Fish Den! Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Larry Martinez

They were very knowledgeable about fish and turtles. They have a great solution of fish!

Tyler Darland

One of our favorite freshwater fish stores! Always have a large selection of fish and dwarf shrimp

Gloria VonSchweetz

Love this place!! One stop little mom and pop shop for all you fish and aquarium needs! They're pricey, but have a great selection of stuff for those of us that like to shop at a store rather than online. The store owner is super knowledgeable and they sell some fish and even snails too!

Michael J Henderson Jr

This store came highly recommended and looked promising from the outside. Once I went in I felt like I was at a garage sale for fish.Half the store is just large tanks. The selection is nice, but the tanks are very crowded and some weren't clean. I was pleased with my purchase but would not return nor recommend this place

Ryan L

Can't say enough about this place. Awesome staff, very helpful!

Denise Cordner

The Fish Den is unassuming in its outward appearance, but as soon as you walk in the doors, you know you have picked the right place to begin or enhance your aquarium! The staff are helpful and knowledgeable. The store has everything you could need with regard to your aquarium. They can tell you which types of fish will meet your requirements. And what equipment would be best for your aquarium. Check them out - you will be pleased you did.

Craig Conway

Best home aquarium supplier we've found yet in denver. Very nice employees, high quality and somewhat rarer fish.

Brian Sheppard

My first experience with Fish Den was great! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the fish tanks were clean and full of healthy fish. Honestly, I didn't see one dead fish in any of the tanks. It's quite a drive for me but this is my new store for all my aquarium needs.

Hayley Siebert

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. All of our fish, shrimp, and plants we have purchased here are healthy and a great addition to our tank! You can tell that they love what they do here and we appreciate their help and suggestions!


Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great fish selection, and healthy stock. However, they don't treat their (male) bettas much better than the chain stores do - same tiny transparent cups. Go here for any other kind of fish, but skip the male bettas!

Purdee Merss

Love this place. Great selection of Salt water fish, anemones, and live rock, lots of freshwater fish as well. They also sell tanks and supplies.

ja l

Great Fish store. Been there forever. Awesome staff. Huge selection.

Gregory Cooke

Very helpful staff. Huge selection of fish and supplies.

Cindy Jefferson

Found our long lost fish still there after two years

Todd Neff

Lots of fish and accoutrements and loads of expertise and advice from knowledgeable staff.

Jesse Wentworth

awesome place,always have everything I need

Brian Norris

Extremely high pricing and the plants are infested with pest snails. Really disappointed

Anthony Rotundo

Friendly staff and great selection on freshwater fish and plants

Chad New

Fantastic store! Clean, fair prices, great selection, helpful staff, you cant ask for much more.

Mck Med

Wonderful people and wonderful selection. Fish Den is amazing and all the employees are well spoken, kind, and helpful. Shop here for all your aquatic needs (pst; they have salt water fish too)

Leah Macey

These guys only have a 2 day warranty on fish, which they don't disclose at the time of purchase. I lost 4 of the 6 fish I bought from them less than a week ago and they'd do nothing to replace them. Within a week I had lost 5 of the 6 fish I'd bought-- one is still going strong. "Maybe your water parameters are off" was their only response, but I have been doing testing every 2 days and my levels are perfect on every parameter... none of my other fish have had issues. This is not the way you do business. I spent $80 in the Fish Den just a few days ago and was planning on buying more. Now I'll be driving further for better customer service, cheaper prices, and some kind of quality guarantee that I'm not going to lose my investment within a few days.

Ashley Coley

Love it there! I'll never go anywhere else for fish

Jax Berglund

Incredible selection of freshwater and saltwater fish, living in very clean aquariums. They also have a great selection of aquariums, drift wood and supplies. I always come here for my aquarium needs. Very helpful and kind.

Tyler Duncan

Amazing place, I recommend the workers are nice and know their fish

Morgan Adams

Purchases a gorgeous calico lion head goldfish. Fish is beautiful and healthy. Adapted well to the tank. Nice staff. Probably the largest selection of goldfish I’ve seen in Colorado. Really enjoy being able to buy nice goldies for a fair price.

Stephanie Elrod

Awesome fish selection! Retail supplies are a little on the pricey side. Super friendly and really helpful staff!

Chelsea Garcia

Always friendly staff! Love all the fishies! They also have a great selection!

Kasey Boice

Amazing salt water fish selection, there are some stores with a larger selection but not as high quality. The freshwater selection was good but lacking variety and not very exotic for the cichlid side. It's still very nice and far better than most stores you will go too in the area. Definitely one of the best fish stores in Colorado overall. Some of that staff were great the others not so much. However the prices of some items are insane. I bought 3 fluval filter pads for 27 dollars here. You can get a 12 pack of them for 25 dollars online. I'm all for supporting small business but that's insane.

Laura Reed

Only giving 2 stars because I feel bad giving one star. The people who worked there were nice but they store is SO OVERCROWDED! Its literally hard to see the tanks because everything is stuffed in to the store and super cramped. You basically have to have your face against every single tank. There is no room to stand back a little and really see what's in the tanks. Most of the tanks had Algae in them as well. I went in fully planning on buying but I was so turned off by the set up and the algae everywhere. We walked out without purchasing anything.

Trea Huggs

The building is a bit run down but all the tanks are clean and fish look healthy. They have reasonable prices on tanks, over prices on dry items (food, accessories), good prices on fish, and killer prices on shrimp. If you want shrimp, go to these guys. Their red cherry shrimp prices were about as good as online prices, you get to see the shrimp, and they are great color and quality.

Cody Scott

I won’t buy fish from anywhere else, these guys are seriously the best! Even when they are completely slammed with customers they will take the time to make sure you’re being helped and answer all your questions. You can tell just by looking at their vast selection of fish that they really care for these animals and provide them with excellent care. Anything and everything you would need for your aquarium can be found here and the knowledgeable staff are there to give suggestions and recommendations. Even if you’re just wanting to look at some fish, this place is amazing! Just be careful you might catch the fishkeeping bug (; Couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

Donna Lee Giddings

I love shopping at The Fush Den.

Dream Reef Beltran

Good supply of food and supplies freshwater fish only for now. They have an absolute gorgeous reef tank on display but you can't see it now they got a closed-off they're remodeling there saltwater area

Asa Johnson

This Fish Den Inc. Is second only to the fish store out in boulder. This was my first time visiting fish den and it won't be my last. I really like the crystal clear water of every single tank in the place. All their fish looked healthy and had good color and the prices were inline with what I'm used to paying. If you haven't been to Fish den you are missing out.

Stephen Smith

The employees were very helpful to a new fish keeper. They made sure I had what I needed to keep my fish happy.

Clairissa Hutton

Always love it in here. Helpful staff healthy fish.

Thas Right

It has alot of fish but at the moment they did not have salt water aquariums but they said they are under repear or something but not until 1 or 2 months they said.

jenn cunningham

My go to fish store. I drive down from the foothills to get my fish needs! Quality stock and supplies!

Isaiah Hurt

Only fish store in Denver worth shopping at. Luckly for us its a great store too. Has lots of hard to find items, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. Fish always look great. I purchased quite a few over the years and zero illness.

Sean Graham

Great store. Always interesting fish in stock.

ROBERT Garrington

Great store, every fish you can think of in stock too .. clean tanks. . Manger very cool. ...workers are too this store. My new . Fish store for good .


Good selection of fish and accessories. Knowledgeable staff.

Megan Bruno

Excellent place to buy fish and supplies in Denver. Prices are better the The corporate chain stores. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We were asked 3 times if we needed assistance or had questions within a few minutes of arriving. The man who got our fish said they only purchase fish from local sellers which is best because they are allocated to the elevation.

Alex Smith

People are very nice and have a good selection of everything. I love the koi out front as well. The only couple issues I have is the tanks dont seem very well kept. A lot of dead fish, especially in the goldfish tank and seems to be dirty, even some of their show tanks.

Josh Collins

Great selection and friendly staff! Our go to place for fish needs

Kevin L

I always have a great experience at fish Den, I Drive In from the foothills, but it's worth the trip.

Jaime Nelson

I went into their store to look decor for my fish tank. They pointed out their used section where I noticed a large log priced at 30$ and a medium sized log priced at 15$. I thought the prices were steep for used items. So I went to Walmart down the street and found the exact same logs brand new large 18$ and medium was 13$. That's a huge difference.

Michael Snyder

Come here for me regular supplies since it is close to the house. Sometimes the salt water section is out of fish but they usually have a decent selection at a good price.

rebecca dickman

Love this place since I was a teen first getting into tropical fish and plants. I buy and trade for equipment elsewhere but I buy fish, food, and plants at Fish Den.

Ian Jessup

Been coming here off and on since 1996, whenever I have aquarium needs. I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's been through a lot of changes over the years. I'm digging it's current iteration. Feeling inspired to set up a larger aquarium than my current jellyfish tank at work, for which I purchase all my ancillary aquarium supplies at Fish Den. I recommend them to all my friends for their aquarium/pond needs.

Jason Frost

This is a serious place for serious fish lovers. There is an amazing amount of various species in what feels like a dark maze of tanks featuring aquatic beings of all sorts. Large fish small fish red fish blue fish. They are all there. Tanks, filtration, decoration, foods, water treatments, lighting, galore. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Go here and support a small business... It really is a special place.

Matthew Paul

This place is the best. The staff is more knowledgeable then most places and they do a pretty good job of taking care of their fish. Every fish I have ever bought from here has been in excellent health. There selection is so large going inside is like visiting an aquarium. It is definitely worth stopping in.

ellias ortega

First time. Was recommended my a co-worker. Friendly and good prices. Clean tanks.

April Boh

Great knowledgeable staff and great selection!

Cameron Sikes

Helpful staff and quite a selection.

Alexander Stewart

AAAAAMAZING! Quite pleased with all aspects. The only thing I would improve would be the space in which they are located. it is very cramped. However, the staff, selection, animals and plant life are superb. All of the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable. We had 50 questions and they answered all of them and offered advice. The prices are very moderately priced. They have driftwood and rocks very cheap, the cheapest I have seen around Denver. As a whole they have tons of stock and plenty of assortment. I will be coming here for all future aquarium needs.

Tom Strong

Great store! We go to Fish Den exclusively. They have a great selection of products, fish, aquatic plants, etc. We are always treated well by the staff and they are very helpful with any questions you may have.

Bill Bowen

Best fish store in denver

Schuyler Beauvais-Nikl

Great store! Really knowledgeable staff!

Jill Zilik

Great place! Knowledgeable and friendly. Awesome selection of fish!

Douglas Denver

Everything is true. They've been educating me & it's much appreciated. The owner & his staff definitely take pride in their work. The only time I have lost a fish was when I did not follow their advice!

Clay Calkins

Great friendly service, and so many fish to choose from. Fish room could use a makeover, but we're there (mostly) for the fish, not the aesthetics!

George Pond

Longstanding north-west Denver business with great selection and a knowledgable staff that's happy to help the novice to the advanced.

flameing Dragons135

It is a little expensive but faer

J Grins

Love this place ... Michael is +A Superb people!!!!

samuel hoffmann

Has good glass for sale but their saltwater auquariums looked toxic. They have a moray eel in a tiny tank it's so sad. Store owners should take care of their animals like they own them. Also all their coral was either dead or half dead.

Sean Chang

This store has been around for b.c as long as I've been going to it, and they provide good products and services. Great place for live fish food as well.

pasha meier

Love these guys.


I LOVE this store. I can easily spend an hour or more in here. The selection is amazing, the prices are great, and I have never seen a sickly or dead fish in any of the tanks. The staff are a great help and you can definitely tell they are passionate about what they do. I travel 30 minutes one way just to go here and I will continue to do so.

Khalil Brass

They were cool at first until they sold me a clown knife that destroyed my tank. They didn’t tell me the fish gets to be 4ft long and no one keeps them in the fish trade. Then when I tried to return the fish they pushed off on me the next day, they told me they had no room for it. They coulda but the dang thing back in the same tank! FYI, a clown knife is an invasive species of fish that destroys any and every tank it gets put in no matter how big or aggress the other fish are. It’s apparently a well known thing that they had no remorse for. I had I take the fish back to golden aquariums. I paid $70 for the fish and the lady at golden gave me $15. They straight up hustled me for $55 even though I’ve been coming in there for a year and shop all the time. No love at all was shown. F these guys! Go to Golden Fish!!!!!

India Briggs-Chaney

Been going here for years!! Love it, great for the whole family! Huge selection of product and fish!

Aemiliano Guardiola

Fantastic staff and products I could spend hours there

Bianca Maes

We got our fish back yau

Ellie S

Probably my favorite aquarium store. The great selection made me feel like a kid in a candy store, and the staff are very helpful.

Samantha Jessup

Our little family loves this place. We have bought many, many fish here without a problem. The staff is always friendly and usually very easy to find for questions or help. They have a great selection of everything you need from fish and decor to tanks and food. You can even buy live brine shimp.

Bella's Animals & Adventures

Go here all the time just to look at their new fish. I really love this place.

Blair Hollow

Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful staff. I've been frequenting this location as my primary fish care store for years. They always have exactly what I need, and then some!

Odie Ordonez

Excellent customer service, gf and I were greeted as soon as we came in. (Awesome considering we had just come from another fish store where the lady didn’t even acknowledge us). A flamboyant man (you know what I mean by that) was SUPER friendly and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions and genuinely cared about the status and future of the fish he has. Was able to get my empty fish tank completely set up. Will definitely be back.

Michael Rodriguez

One of the best fish stores by far! Always awesome everytime I go!

Robert Cochran

Fantastic Aquatic store

Jordan Chase

Good selection, salt water was under renovation other then that staff was very attentive. Maybe needs some updates though.

Linda Hooks

Loooove Fish Den!!!! Love the store, love the knowledgeable sales associates and love the plethora of fish and accessories. I feel like I'm home when I'm there. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Donald Johnston

Love this store, have been shopping here for 15+ years and they always have what I need

Quinn Lods

I recently moved to the Westminster area and I needed to find a local fish store. I had started a 10gal planted tank. They have a great selection of live plants to choose from. They guy that helped me was knowledgeable on the different plants and was able to answer all of my questions. Once the plants get rooted and grow a bit more, I am planning on getting some shrimp from the Fish Den.

Zombie Daisuke

This is a fantastic fish store with a huge variety of fish and supplies! Friendly staff. Well worth the trip just to browse the tanks.


Nice people good customer service but Everytime I bought fish from here it always had some kind of disease

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