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REVIEWS OF Daniels Taco Shop IN Colorado


Clinton Hutchinson

Little taco shop with great prices

Sharonda Lacour

I like this place and they have a green sauce they make, pay extra its warm and spicy

Chantel Pugliese

Lots of food for the money...great atmosphere and friendly customer service...

Phillip Brungardt

They must precook everything. Burrito had sausage in it with texture of bark extremely dry and hard

Zac Williams

I love Daniel's tacos

Jayce Slim

So thankful to have Daniel Tacos. The best Carne asada fries you ever have. All prices are inexpensive and the staff are great. In need of a quick bite, this is the place to be!

Randy Mergler

Very good authentic Mexican food!

jean mcclintock

Delicious food. Great service.

javier gutierrez

Kat Dean

Great food. Friendly customer service. I'm not a big fan of the chicken tacos but the beef ones were the bomb! The 3 rolled tacos we're delicious. I think there are made fresh. But if they're not those are some popping frozen taquitos.

Daniel Johnston

Best breakfast burritos in CoS.

James H

It's ok. Nothing special.

Reenie J

The staff is great!

Charles Mims ll

Best street tacos around

Nor Hic

I love hole in the wall places and this is a decent one. It’s your typical taco shop with a typical menu and everything you’d expect from a taco shop. The taste is what matters most and again, the food was typical.

H. M.

I like my burritos with rice and beans and these are just meat but still delicious. We also ordered Chile Verde fries and they were so full of flavor. They smother shredded pork with green chili and pour it over fries.... HEAVEN!


Not the best breakfast burrito I've had but the customer service was pretty good. Horchata is less than average.

Arron Gonzales

I remember this place neing alot better tham my recent visit.

Zach Ouimet

Most authentic Burrito/Mexican cusine I've had in years, the sauce is amazing. The money you spend here is worth every penny, you get a lot of food for not a lot of money. The customer service is on point and accurate. Stop in and try their food!!


BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francisco jose Vélez gonzalez

(Translated by Google) It's okay. But now I'm on Canary Island and it's a bit far (Original) Esta bien. Pero ahora estoy en canari island y me queda un poco lejos


Geat food!! Great customer service..definitely recommend to my friends.

Melody Anderson

This place was delicious, they give you so much homemade food for such a low price and not to mention how homey it feels


Great service, Great food

Mike G

Pretty good food. Ill go again when im in the area

thelma amezcua

Not good at all

Pate MacDonald

Enjoyed the cali burrito but they gave me a pork burrito for my 2nd one but I ordered a burrito de camaron.

Lex Woychik

Delicious food, friendly staff, everything was brought out quickly, and the dining area is cozy and comfortable. Will definately be back!

Gonzalo Perez

Not to good not to bad

Nan Lin

Delicious, inexpensive and quick. Better than most taco shops in the area.

Stephen Rodgers

Fantastic breakfast tacos, best in town!!!

Tyler Marshall

Discusting runny tacos. 30 min wait on 2 tacos, and didn't even make my 2 tacos correctly. Will not be back

Kiana Weaver

I've been going here for over a year and this is defiantly the best Mexican food in town. I'm a big fan of Mexican food so I have tried many places like Monica, Taco Star, and El super Taco, and none of these places Compares to Daniels Taco! If you go I recommend you trying to Daniels burrito! I get it every time! And they have excellent customer service and authentic Mexican food. They surly care about the quality of their food

Jesse Ulibarri

This place is pretty legit. Had a chorizo plate and it’s pretty much how pop’s made it.

Chad Chapel

Great tacos, slow service

Ambrosia Jones

I love their food, family friendly.

Kalvin Griffith

Their food is great, I highly recommend eating here.

Elio Gonzalez

Great place for carne asada taco and burritos.. I love this place and will reccomend this place to anyone.

Stephen Ellis

Excellent food. Great setting. And friendly staff. Even better was the prices.

Angela Connell

Awesome street tacos

Greg Chief Jones


This place may not look like anything special from the outside,but once you take a bite you'll want to keep coming back! I tried the shredded chicken tacos combination plate and it was incredible! My husband had the carne asada burrito and he absolutely loved it! The food is very cheap and delicious,I definitely recommend everyone check this place out!

Barbara B

I would rate it 0 if I could. The food is served on styrofoam plates and plastic utensils, and the food was not good at all

David Steen

Breakfast burritos were dry and tasteless. Service was decent.

nat ott

Great food!

John R

Taco stone cold, chili rellano tasted old and enchilada was meh. Ask for salsa they gave me two little small cups. Ordered chips and barely gave us a small handful. Sorry there's a lot better places all over town. El Super Taco far better

Jim Rogers

Amazing!!! Hot food, great service, clean restaurant, great food, great portion size. Not a place to eat if you are on a diet.

Brett Deleplauque

Amazing Asada fries!!

Teresa Navarrete

Enchiladas sauce was cold tortilla was hard the lettuce was brown i explain plate looks uneatable lady offer my money back

Sunny Kitten

I lived a block away for 2.5 years and would come here often. I really love the atmosphere, the staff and the food. I'm pretty sure it's family owned/ran and the (whom I assume is) manager is a very kind man, and I always feel welcomed like family when he's working. They have the best horchata of all the Mexican restaurants I've been to in town and I love their Carne asada burritos with added sour cream. Their tortillas are also amazing and taste homemade. Very flavorful and a good menu variety. My only complaint is the fried ice cream dessert is more whipped cream than fried ice cream, but the portion of ice cream is still ideal - just too much whipped cream = too much sugar before you even get to the ice cream part. The restaurant is maintained, and the food always tastes fresh. They have a parking lot, shared with the other businesses in the little strip building, restrooms and handicap accessible.

Phillip Cameron

Great place love the food here and always so friendly

Mary Gonzales



Very fast, clean, very kinda, nice smell to it.

Travis Justice

I love this place. I come here at least once a week. Great service, friendly, clean, and the food is always perfect.

Kasey Renee

Its pretty good! They will let u modify order to what u want.

Nahshon Cisneros

What can I say...?!? Ole!!!!!

Christina Mitchell

Dionicio Armando Ayala

Amazing shop!!!! Check it out, you will literally see what I mean :)


It's OK, clean, good menu.

Dustin Adle

Smothered chicken burritos and tacos were delicious. Great prices & friendly folks! Definitely a hidden gem.

Mr. Graumann

My daily spot.

omega mega83

Best Mexican restaurant in Colorado springs by a longggggg shot

Meme West

Cheap good Mexican food

Alan MacAllister

I went to get breakfast burritos. And the eggs were burned. Not to impressed.

Johnte' Knox

My dad went and ordered us 2 Tortas (Adobada). Absolutely horrible. Bland, no seasoning. Couldn’t even see or taste the avocado. Will definitely not be returning nor recommending this place to anyone.


Kenneth Coffee

Small but good and authentic! This would be a good place for a small group lunch.

Trent Knox

Best breakfast burritos in town and they offer barbacoa.

Payton Henson

Interior is in fair/good condition, looks to be family operated, which I very much enjoy. My burrito was fairly good, I'd say 7/10. My wife had an amazing meal, though; Bean and cheese burrito smothered in red sauce, apparently 10/10. We'll definitely be going again, I'm thinking enchiladas next time around.

Cesar Deleon

Best Carne Asada fries, Menudo and Chorizo I've found in the Springs First choice for authentic Mexican food

Paul Cervantes

Not bad... Not bad at all.

Pete Trujillo

Love this place. The staff are amazing. They treat you like familia. My family comes here at least once a week.

Ambrosia Stieb

Nice people good food

Michael Harrison

Great food

Joseph Reyes

Love this place

Ali Adnan

Great place and service

shadie wagner

Amazing food amazing everything!

Paul Crabb

Best breakfast burrito place in town by far

Adel Pacheco


Lotusfang Goblin

Been here a couple of times over the year and highly recommend getting here with enough time to sit down and eat. The food is wonderful but doesnt travel well even for a quick 10min jaunt down the road. Portions are generous and service is good. Daniels Taco Shop is a popular military lunch spot and gets busy quick for the lunch hours. They keep up well and I see nothing but full and satisfied soldiers leaving. If you can, stay for dessert it is worth it.

Emily D

The service is good here. Everyone is friendly. The prices are reasonable. The food is pretty good. It definitely isn't like California mexican food. However for the area it pretty good, and it satisfies your cravings. It is ome of the best spots in town to get mexican food at. Their breakfast burritos are also very good along with their carne asada fries.

Jake Norway

Danny Hawkins

Been eating here since they first opened, and they are excellent! Easily the best Mexican restaurant in town! Great food, great prices, great service! The menu is quite extensive there's something for everyone! And the family who runs the restaurant is really friendly and they are very quick with their service!

Ken Lepik

Great food and very friendly

Hallie Abdouch

Great food at a great price!

James Santiago

Always great I get barbacoa burrito with potatoes. It’s pretty fast if order there, and even faster if you order to pick up. Love this place!

kittylynnlpn 2006

Authentic Mexican at great prices

Mountain Dude

A little slow but pretty good.


Best damn breakfast burritos

Jared LongSoldier

I had the Carnitas street tacos, they were great. It was late in the day and the meat seemed a little on the dry side, but very tasty regardless! My fiancé had a burrito that came with a side of beans, the burrito was giant, it was a footlong and mostly meat. We also had chips with salsa and beans with cheese to go with is a must, their orange colored hot sauce has some good kick compared to other places. I had a Horchata to drink and it was really good, but I’m a Horchata fanatic, I’ll take it any way I can get it. Overall the food was excellent. My only complaint is the semi dry Carnitas meat and the small serving of chips that comes with a side of chips’n’salsa. Compared to other Mexican joints in town this place is a 5 star down home good ole Mexican food place. We’ll be back!

Lindsey L

The prices for what you get are great, the staff has always been friendly to us, this is one of our favorites!

Hailee Meeks

Albertacos pricing but way better food and staff. Best Mexican place

Dan Sebastian

Freaking amazing. Giant burritos. Super authentic Mexican and very fresh

Jade Smyth

Looooove Daniels!

Karli Knopp


Jason Kollath

Great food

Dallyn Buttars

Delicious food. Great friendly service, didn't have to wait long either. Clean establishment

Leah Bryan

Best smothered burritos

Van Litespeed

This place is legit. Prices are awesome with consistent portions, clean food and the same great taste everytime. Been here about a dozen times now and will keep coming back. Thanks guys!

Eric Harnick

Awesome and friendly

Monique Gaspar

Best Tacos ever

Jeremy Mitchell

The food here excellent. Far better than that other taco place in fountain.

Jenny Smith

Good food and authentic taste!

Bip Phipson

This might be the best mexican food ive had in Colorado Springs. The customer service is also very good. Very friendly staff. Food is just amazing.

J Phillips

So heard the hype decided to take the family. 2 kids 2 adults 45$ later my wife threw hers away it was an unseeded relleno that forgot the cheese in the center. It was a lot of sauce on a styrafoam plate, service was meh, the dining area was dirty with bottle caps dirty tables and trash on the floor. I get it, hard working baby was crying in the back so customers just weren't #1 right then, no biggie but we won't be back.

Guadalupe Morelos

Food prices

Josh Holland

Mom and pop owned, best authentic mexican food in town.

Amy Velis

For the price the food is amazing!!

K Wicke

This place is the bomb,I'm from California hard to find good Mexican out here but this place nails it

Autumn Moriarty

Iam very picky on mexican food and i abdolutely love this place for just over 5 bucks you can get a barbacoa taco and its huge i got through half of it and i was stuffed and i asked for green salsa for me (very picky on my green salsa since i used to make it) and its so flavorfull. I think i am going to start coming here everymorning. And the guy behind the register is very polite too! I enjoyed this experiance very much!

Cassandra Johnson

So good. If looking for an authentic Mexican place this is the place to be. I got the eggs, cheese, and potato breakfast burrito and he was able to add bacon, green bell pepper, onion, and avocado to it. Oh my was it delicious. Took me like an hour to eat because of it's size but it was an hour of heaven. I got such a big food baby here.

Steven Wallace

Try the namesake's burrito. I never leave this place unsatisfied.

Joe A

Yummy tacos, cool place to eat in Summer

Nicole Yamina

Best tacos in town.

Christopher Corn

The food wasn't too shabby. But the customer service was absolutely terrible. They brought out all of the entrees separately about 5 mins apart from each other. And all of them have personalities dryer than desert sand. No need for that.

Rick Salazar

Great food


Service was slow.

Ricky Salas

Very friendly staff , clean looking dining area and the food is affordable and very good tasting I would recommend for people craving Mexican food Selections are tacos, burritos, enchiladas , tostadas , tortas, and more


Great place for all three meqls, bfast, lunch and supper.

Zip Draw

Amazing barbacoa taco and I tried the Colorado burrito. Taco was awesome, burrito was pretty decent. Friendly folks.

Logan Gray

Awesome breakfast burritos!

ricardo chavez

(Translated by Google) Very good the food is very delicious and very good service we recommend it to all. (Original) Muy bien el retauran comida muy deliciosa y muy buen servicio se lo recomendamos a todos.

Sandy Mclean

Nothing to brag about. I've eaten better Mexican food.

Paul C

Great food at a great price

marcus batts

Michael Palmer

Great food and service. Real Mexican food. A shining star in the ghetto.

Chris Udey

If you live on Fort Carson or around there and you haven't tried Daniels Tacos you are missing out.

P Foster

I would’ve given negative 5 stars if they allowed me to do so. Ordered grilled chicken burrito, grilled chicken tacos, cheese enchiladas and everything was cold. The cheese wasn’t even starting to melt in the enchiladas. The key words in this is grilled and enchiladas. The only thing I can suggest about dining at this place is don’t. Thanks for ruining my dinner.

Michael Ross

This place absolutely has the best Mexican food I have had in Colorado Springs by far. Definitely recommend these guys

Jlynn Henson

OMG tacos are delicious! while I was waiting for my to go order I got a close look at the other food being taken to tables it all looked amazing. and they have horchata!!

Morgan Rios

Delicious breakfast burritos

Bret Bigham


Reese Romines

Good people good food

David Kleschick

Good burritos

Maxy Mass

Good portion, good flavor

Jordan Turner

My husband always asks to eat here. Best burritos.

Jade Kinsley

Best go to place for breakfast burritos :)

patrick oram

Very good food, very good service would definitely go again.

Dad Leon

Denise Davis

REAL food! Hometown atmosphere. They accommodated us when we gave them a big order. Everything was fresh and amazing

Rodney Knox

The food was not what I expected

Scott Faulkner

Brian Dane

Breakfast burrito , good stuff

Tadek Czyz


James Tyler

Always clean and great food

BigTexas Gravy

Powerful Breakfast Burritos !!

Rick Brune

It's small and old foods ok

Michael Roman

Love this taco shop so much! One of my favorite places to get a delicious breakfast burrito (favorite is the chorizo and egg breakfast burrito) before I start my work day. And I am a huge fan of the Adobada burrito (marinated pork) for lunch breaks. All for an affordable price. Enjoy!

Hex Najar

Good food fast Service

Wyatt Wallace


Their food is so delicious

Jesus Soria

Best ever!

Paul Foster

I didn’t even get to order. The cashier didn’t bother to ask if I’ve been helped after standing there for 5 minutes. I would’ve given them 5 negative stars if it were possible!

Richard Hooten

Definitely a go to place for breakfast and lunch.

Sam Harmon

dupree lifesurgreatesttherapy

Good food.

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