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REVIEWS OF Asian Pacific Market IN Colorado

Diana Sanchez-Hughes

This was my second time at Asian Pacific Market which is across town from where I live. The first time I visited, it seemed pretty sparse with items but that was many years ago. This time they where celebrating the Chinese New Year and they were packed with people. The store has grown very much! Lots of fresh produce and leafy greens with names I can not pronounce but when cooked, I'm sure, create wonderful Asian dishes!! You can purchase fresh whole fish or a big variety of vacuum packed frozen fish. If you have a friend or family member who can interpret for you.. ( my Sister in Law is from China! ♥️) Take them with you to this nice market. They have tons of stuff now (including pots, pans, dishes etc.) but not everything comes with an explanation or description in English. I'm sure someone there would be able to help you too!

Kelley Baker

My wife and I went here and they have a great selection of food and snacks some of the items can be pretty expensive, but it's understandable as to why (dragon fruit for example). The staff were super helpful in helping us find what we were looking for and it's got an awesome assortment of dinnerware that would make a nice addition to anyone's collection of plates and bowls.


I love this place it's like walking into another country you can find all the specialized items you need to make Asian dishes!!

Christopher Rodriguez

Selection is good but many items overpriced...this store requires an additional stop on the way home (buy niche products here... general ingredients and staples elsewhere if you'll want to save that 15 to 25 percent

Bob Kane

Nice place. Lots of food with average prices.

Greg Thomson

Large store, huge selection dry and fresh foods, nice unusual vegetables

Julius Asong

Good customer service just wished the had more cashiers check out point.


Great variety of food that you can't find at your local grocery stores.

Joseph Gray

Best spot in COS for Asian specialty foods. A little on the expensive side but well worth it

Jithendra Reddy K

Nice shop for all the Asian groceries! I am an Indian and I usually go to the Asian markets for the Indian vegetables. This one didn't disappoint me. It had whatever I was looking for and more!!

Tanya Fleming

Great prices on a huge selection of delicious Asian foods. One of our favorite places to grab unique and flavorful foods.

Austin Ramsey

Huge variety for the area. Prices were reasonable, store was clean and organized.

usha b

I came here with my friends to buy fish, we can get packed meat, asian groceries, cutlery, veggies, fruits, and frozen stuff too.. I felt prices are little high but quality wise its good

Jl Li

Good food! Good prices!

Adlib TV

Just about any type of exotic produce and an extensive selection of seafood, as well as just about anything you need to make authentic Asian cuisine. Give this place a try if you can't find what you're looking for at your average supermarket... I guarantee that you'll be puzzled and amazed at so many things you never new existed!

Angel Crystalle

you can find fresh foods and asian products


I like visiting here when I am in Springs its fun to try different items you normally can't find anywhere else!


Great pan-asian grocery store! Must visit for variety and fun international snacks :)

jeff stude

Always a great selection and I don't know where you can get fresher seafood in Colorado springs

Karri Stone

So far it's the best Asian store we have found. I lived in Hawaii for 30 years and this is where we go to get our brands from home. Depending on what you buy the prices aren't bad. Love this place!

Tracy Hawkins -Barth

Love to shop here but hate the smell.. this store always stinks

Kelle Osburn

You can find just about any Asian ingredient you might want here. And the staff is very helpful if you know what you want but can’t find it. Also, you can get fresh prepared Char Siu at the deli along with other daily specials.

THEreal HD

Everything you need in one market for all your oriental items


Everyone is nice and you can find things there that you cant find anywhere else

Anthony Franco

Good little market definitely has a lot of unique items.


This has been my go to Grocery store for almost 10 years now. Great selection of produce and well everything else you wont find in your typical American shop. If you are partial to Asian flavors or want to be more adventurous in your cooking then by all means go. Make sure to grab a bite to eat at the cafe while you're there.

Susan Lawrence

A little hard to find my way around, but great selection of Asian food and ingredients

freia bradford

Go there for anything asian. It's a one stop place and what I love the most is the fresh produce. Can't beat the prices and the variety. They are very busy, some staff don't know where things are, but I figure I just have to take my time and look.

Ayden Duncan

Love this place :) Great selection, nice people, and the best sesame balls ever

Dutch V

A little disappointing. Mediocre soy sauces. No real mirin. No real sake. Lots of old stuff. Japan is horribly represented. The people are always super friendly and helpful, though.

cooking with barack

Epic yes epic you heard me epic mmmmhm yes sir epic ok yeah it's epic

Craig Johnson

I love this place. There is a seemingly endless variety of foods I've never tried or even heard of. It's always fun to try something new at random. They have an excellent assortment of produce, meats, noodles, and frozen goods. I shop here often.

Eo Segal

Amazing produce. Good meat and seafood. Great snacks. But be careful with the shellfish, particularly clams and oysters, which don't seem to be changed out frequently, and are often dead and rotting. Check expiry labels on slow-selling items that keep for a long time. But for produce and meat, which are top sellers? You don't have to be afraid. The produce, in particular, is phenomenal and always fresher, tastier, and in my experience healthier than the western markets in this area.

Bailey Bodle

There is so much selection to try! I have been able to expand my pallet so much thanks to this store. The service is awesome, the foods are delicious, and they have everything you need to make delicious foods at home.

Lisa Hansen

Love this place. I just wish they would label the veggies and herbs along the east wall. Also make sure tongs are in all of the sprout bins. I witnessed a man stick his nasty hand in one box of sprouts just to play with them. I was totally grossed out. I could spend lots of time and money in here. It's chill, not like going to battle at King Soopers. Plus I love their loss prevention tacticts. Don't do it at this place you WILL be publicly shamed. As one should.

Joshua Haarbrink

Amazing selection of Asian food, even Indonesian! Definitely one of my top destinations for cooking supplies (and even just snacks!) when I'm in town.

Matt Hill

They have an amazing selection of food along with a warm welcoming enviornment

David Stewart

Amazing variety of Asian foods! Good prices. I wish the produce selection were better.

Ryan Anand

Great place to shop! I’m new to the area and was expecting pretty high prices from this place but they were surprisingly not. They have a great selection here as well. The seafood department had a nice variety of fish available and everything looked clean and fresh. I purchased some salmon to make sushi with and it was excellent. The staff was very knowledgeable and helped me find everything I needed. Will definitely return.


If u prefer overly ripe fruit this is your place. But i can't get past the bad sushi smell

Earl P.

Good mostly not-japanese stuff. Lots of Chinese, some Korean but a pretty good selection over all. Fish, fish heads, live lobster and crab etc. - the real deal.

Trecia Roberts

It's a good place to find products from other countries. But the produce are old and the interior needs to be updated. And parking lot needs to be fixed as well. The place just looked like it's not cared for.

Nathan Gallion

Sashimi-grade tuna is available here. Great place to shop if you're going to make poke at home.

Harmbow Salem

This store has food I have been looking for for over ten years! All of the employees I have met here are very helpful and kind. Parking lot is a great size. I had no trouble finding parking, or fitting into a parking spot. I have a pretty big vehicle so sometimes it is difficult. Most of the carts the store owns are the smaller carts, which is really smart in my opinion. When I go to other stores that carry them, it seems like those stores have too few for how many people want to use them. The store has the usual stations; fresh produce, meats (mostly sea food), freezer, dry goods, some cookware and dining ware, soaps and beauty products, also a restaurant area! Not much for most dairy or breads. Store does have and ATM inside at the front. I would totally come here again! Great store!

Ana J Rosado

Nice place to buy plantain...and many Spanish stuff


Abundant choices for all asian communities.

Chris Rhoads

I love this place for all of the unique food items they have. They also have fresh fish and vegitables. Love those pot stickers or egg rolls at chinese resturants? You can buy them frozen by the bag for cheap.

Brian Kwan

They have a great selection of produce that doesn’t exist (or is old) elsewhere. Shop here for everything from Thai bird chilies to dumpling wrappers to huge bags of rice.

Jani Harvey

Disorganized and a horrible chemical smell. It seemed as though construction or remodeling was being done but the area wasn't closed off. I also wasn't very impressed with the selection. I've been to Asian Pacific Market many times over the years and it seems the standards have gone down. Maybe it was an off experience.


I LOVE this place so much, but recently I did have a bad experience. My boyfriend and I were trying to make hot pot at home. All the ingredients were amazing except for the fish balls. Despite being frozen, these specific fish balls are left out in the open. Well we buy about a pound and bring them home, stick them in our homemade hotpot, and got the taste of store. They would taste fine IF they covered them, but they don't so they taste exactly how the store smells. As for that specific smell, I noticed it but never had a major issue with it. After all, they literally have live fish swimming around, there's bound to be some smell. When I ate store flavored fish balls, the smell became a bigger issue. Those fish balls got thrown out by the way. Gross! Now with all of that out of the way, I do still love the store. They have so much amazing stuff and I love trying something new there. As long as it's in a sealed package OR I can throughly wash it I'll eat it and probably love it. It's still the best asian market in Colorado springs, hands down. The smell ruined the fish balls, but it didn't ruin the whole store yet. It's still wonderful, and had I never tried those fish balls this review would be a 5. So go and enjoy it but just make sure not to buy store flavored food!

Nakia Jones

I love this place....they have everything you need and more from food to the items needed to cook your food plus even more. I recommend this store

Mistie Pormier

Friendly staff and huge variety of ingredients, fresh food and snacks!

Rebecca Poole

Love this place for all of my Asian cooking needs. Fresh fish and interesting fresh fruits and veg. Also cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishes, tea sets. They also have some really unique Asian candies. We shop there regularly. Worth checking out if you have never been.

mishon jewkes

Nice little Asian market. Found most of what I needed

ana koichi

The place is kind of far and the produce, meat,can goods are really running low are they ready to shut down..before I really look forward to go shopping. Now I have to find another Asian that can accommodate my needs.

Poppa Mic

If you like seasoning this is the place.. fresh fish,fresh vegetables

Isabelle Rosebreed

Live coming here they have all the stuff I love from Asia. The seafood is very cheap too got 2 bags of squid for $8. I love the snack they have I just go crazy when I come here my inner Asian comes out. ❤️

Josh Campbell

Fantastic, pricey but worth every cent. I go just to re-up on the shrimp chips. Can't get enough and no one sells them besides here

Michael McNeill

The celebration was awesome. Must be there in January for Chinese New year. 75 percent of products are 100% in a foreign language. They need translators. And I suggest Asian cooking classes. This would only help blend cultural interests and friendships.

Debbora Warnock

Before we moved to Florida, we used to go here at least once a month. Great selection of all kinds of food and other kitchen supplies

Ji-Ho Song

Best place to buy scallops for a good price. Best ramen selection. Best cooking ware options. Best price for a 25lb bag of rice. This place has everything I could want. Best place to find uncommon market vegetables and fruit.

Natalie Reyes

I love this market, so much variety. I love the Mochi ice cream

Bob Spiers

I give it 5 stars employee's very friendly and helpful will be back

John Place

Huge selection of everything Asian. From food to dishes and everything in between. Also a nice little food court where you can have lunch. Really pretty good. Recommend you stop by and check it out.

Kate Moore

Massive variety with everything possible that you can imagine. The little restaurant inside is pretty good too if you have time to spare.

Katrina Lamberton

I love being able to get exactly what I need. They have an amazing produce section as well.


Love to shop here for our Asian food products etc. They have a great selection of seasonings, sauces and hard to find ingredients for your far east recipes. Also the people that work here are super helpful.

Derek Foster

Great for place to get your spices and seasonings...have great deals on crawfish during season and other fish

Annette LaLumendiere

Smells like fish! So many amazing items!!! Lots of fresh Fish

megs like a boss

It was alright. Had a lot to offer in quantity but not in quality. And smelled really bad! Didn't seem like the cold foods were being kept cold enough. I like the large selection of homeware they had. But I'd be leery about buying food from here

Kevin Calloway Jr

Definitely the place to go if you cant find a particular ingredient, or if your in Colorado Springs, transplanted from a place with a more prevalent asian culture influence...

Gerhard Steck

Wow, was just scrolling through places google has listed that i visited. I remember this place was amazing and had a lot of great deals also. Planning to visit this winter when I'm in Denver area. They had friendly people and plenty of space for RV parking last time i was there.

Yonge Simmons

Bad smell from seafood counter... Sometimes worse than others. Great selection of Staples and veggies and cookery.

Diane Larson

The fruit! I mean, the fish too, but I'm telling you the fruit is incredible!

Juli Rich

I go for veggies and sushi grade tuna. It's fun to look at all the other stuff Great Chinese New Year celebration .

Shaquail Clark-Dance

I brought live blue crabs from this location and they were mean and good

Dat Chau

They have all you need to make any Asian cuisine.

Mikeal Thompson

Bought new some of that sushi stuff. Spent 18 hours in tea isle following girlfriend around.

Angelina Rexach

Great meat and fish selection. Quality produce and an array of condiments and snacks from various countries not just asian products. They also sell dishware, cooking utensils and tea sets that are very unique. Very helpful staff as well.

A2iztd Sa1nt

It's the largest Asian market in town, and supplies a wide range of products. Fruits, vegetables as well as a selection of fresh fish and shellfish.

jeff salvatore

Great produce, fair prices for fresh seafood. Always find the asian ingredients that i need here.

Betty Davis

Their cooked bbq pork is delicious! We get it every time we go. They also have linguisa, Portuguese sausage! Love this place!


This is the biggest market I have shopped at. Amazing selection of things I had not tried. Variety is the spice of life. I recommend you check it out, they have avocado ice cream and is is to die for....I'm sure they have something fun for your taste buds to explore!

Tye Lovato

It only biggest asian market in Springs. Most of items that they have in stock when I needed! My wife love their variea of ramen noodle aisle. Even they sell some japanese products, Latino products like Goya, middle eastern as well even Hawaiian! This is my place to go to get get escape to.

Emc Fraktal

Way to big for me.. But still very nice place to shop

Michael K

They have the lowest prices for Asian green vegetables in the city. Their selection of other items is not comprehensive, meaning you won't be able to find absolutely every Asian food item (they have fewer Japanese items) but you'll be able to find most of what you need. They also have Afro-caribbean items.

Thao Cao

Be careful, check your recipe before you leave the area. They will add items to make you pay more money. This has happened to me a few times already. I asked the manager and he was very rude to me.

Aida Redd

Now I can find stuff that Puerto Ricans can use, luv it

Rubys Way

Love this place the things can't find in a typical grocery store. Everything is fresh. The deli is definitely worth the stop. Clean organized great service and price.

Cyndi Allen

Perfect place to go for finding anything you can't find anywhere else! Spices, produce even whole or half jackfruit, every type of rice you have or haven't heard of, sauce starters, curry powder, or paste or sauce of any kind. They also have pans, dishes, utensils and a small restaurant where also sell whole roast duck.

Jolene Bolin

Fantastic staff I always find that special something. The produce is amazing as well as the meat selection

Jason H

Cool place and has the unique items not found elsewhere

Lillie Tullison

Love this place. Peking duck and soft shell crabs, YES!!

Patricia Miller

Wow so much! Grocery store! All you would need to make some good recipes!

Juliana Marie

Awesome owner. Great selection. Live/fresh seafood available.


If you're looking for a place to buy fish heads, live lobster or Asian cookware look no further. Be ready for the smell - it's breathe taking.

Mathew Karda

Great selection of many unusual things, from durian to cuttlefish.


I am working on replicating dishes from my favorite Thai spot in town, and came here for a few Thai oriented items including the Thai tea mix and yellow curry paste. The signs are in English and an Asian language so you can find things on your own however there are so many food items that it can still be difficult. Lots of fresh produce items that I had never seen in a King Soopers before. There is an odor in the store, but I likely would not have noticed it if I had not read other google reviewers complaints. I will definitely return for more things as my home Thai menu increases.

cindy kline

You can find such unusual food. So fun.

Summer K

A really great selection with fantastic prices. So glad my husband and I decided to stop in today. We will definitely be going back!

Travis Hodos

I really enjoy the wide slection.

Rachel Brodie

Better quality fruit at a cheaper price than save a lot

Mark White

Great place for exotic items and fresh vegetables.

Kortney Ingrassia

Love the selection here & customer service is always great.

Jennifer Raziq

Pretty sad. My first time walking in I see three pictures of people who are called the thieves of the month. One was an elderly woman (picture was taken obviously without her permission) and the other picture was of another elderly woman. So I get it, people steal ... but unless they were apprehended and convicted they are innocent. Also, when poor elderly people resort to stealing maybe given that you probably throw away pounds of food a day , would it be so hard to be kind instead of admonishing them. It’s capitalism at its best. A sad glimpse of a locally owned grocery store that is exploiting the very people we should be helping in our society instead of dehumanizing them and denying them the basic right of a voice. Because the last time I looked , we are all innocent until proven guilty. I asked the checkout guy how long they have been up and he said for a very long time. So these people have had their faces posted outside a door of a business for god knows how long without their permission accusing them of something that may not even be true. Take it down or better yet the next time one of you who ever may be reading this take it down. It’s petty and pathetic. I’ll never shop there again. I regret spending the 1.75 that I did.

J.T. Gee

Super friendly and knowledgeable people, amazing fresh fruit and seafood, great place to get almost anything you need!

Kyra Carter

Less than $7 for a generous 2 combination plate lunch that tasted great. Fabulous!

Catherine Lawson

Went there earlier today and bought 6 balut eggs. I cooked all of them and found that 4 out of the 6 had visible mold inside them. It was DISGUSTING! I took a pic but I guess I'm unable to post it here. I would give them zero stars if I could.

Logan Gray

So many amazing foods to try!

Heather Stuber

I love this place. It has such a good variety of not just Asian food and spices, but other foods as well. The cashier's are also very nice

Alfonso Luen Encarnacion

It has a good selection of fresh vegetables, sea food both fresh & frozen & Asian food items

Vivian Vo

Employees are nice. Clean market. I always find what I need.

Stupendous Woo

I love their huge selection of ingredients you can't find easily in the city. Shopping here is a must if you like to prepare international cuisine at home. You can also dine in or take out Asian food & dim sum from their cafe. I shop there almost every week.

Ray Wilson

Large store with good selection. Low rating because it is kind of hard to find if your not familir with the area and it smells inside.

Romeo Papa

Everything you need from an asian grocery store. There is so many different items, I don't even know what half of those items are for. I'm always learning something new. Prices are competitive and you can order Chinese food to go. Staff are courteous and professional. I would recommend this place to everyone.

rebecca beck

I love the Asian Pacific market but it's not for everyone. I love finding new ingredients and getting more of the amazing flavors I love to cook! But it smells like fish and the fruits and veg are not always perfect. Personally I dont mind because it is one of the only places in town to get a lot of the less common ingredients I enjoy using in my cooking! The prices are very reasonable and the selection is great! But the atmosphere could definitely use some sprucing. Would not recommend eating at the cafe area.

Lenora McMeekin

This is a great place to go to get a lot of different foods internationally Mexican Asian they even have decent Portuguese sausage

Jami M. Cox

Best and biggest local Asian store. Everything I've ever wanted/needed. Sticky (sweet) rice is my preferred everyday rice and this store has the best selection.

Richard Stowe

This store is was the only place we could find some Filipino stuff for my wife who is new to the country. We came from Pueblo and are happy with what we found. I would recommend to anyone who is not having luck finding ingredients anywhere else.

chris piano

There was some remodeling going but didn't affect the business or inconvenience the customers.

Charles Matos

One stop shop to find everything that you need for Asian cuisine in Colorado Springs. They also advocate for diversity and cultural collaboration within the community. Recently had a Mexican heritage celebration along with their Chinese New Year's celebration.

S Brecht

Wonderful selection of meat and fish, fruit and vegetables. Super reasonable prices and those hard to find spices or ingredients that mainstream grocery stores never carry. This is the go-to store for meat! So happy our friends told us about this place.

Pranee Prucksakorn

Very good for shopping groceries Asian food have it all.

Meg W

Good store for specialty things, smells awful, really sad cruel situation with the fish and crustaceans in the back.

Luke Richardson

I have never once been disappointed with the selection! I can find all sorts of Asian food & delicacies! I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Sees You

Greedy people selling stale food that taste old and smells bad don't give these crooks your money. This is not the only asian store in Colorado Springs I encourage you to try others.

Samantha White

Wow! This place is like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful produce and helpful staff. My kid loves the ramen selection!

Angela Morgan

I love coming here and trying new things! They have so many satisfying foods here I recently tried thier sea weed chips sounds crazy but honestly for under three dollars they are amazing please try new things! I will be returning!

Jaidyn Brooks

Good quality and great workers that treat you nice

Zano Roberto

Asia! ASIA! Marketplace with all your Eastern needs, they have a decent Cafeteria, a produce section with things you cant find mainstream, a fresh fish market. It's a large store that covers many regions.

amy fedde

I just love this store. There are a few things I love that I won't get anywhere else.

Tara Carabello

Love this place, they have so many options for great asian food

David Lamb

It's like visiting another country. So cool. Just keep an open mind and understand other cultures have different things. This place is like a trip to Asia.


There are many things to love about this market. Best selection of fresh vegetables at better prices than the regular groceries. Best store for mushrooms -- most of which are organic. Best store for generous portions of herbs again at great prices. The largest selection of seafood and seaweeds. Wanting to make authentic Asian cuisine or try different foods? Then come here.

L Brown

Best place to get spices fresh veggies. Great selection of usefull kitchen utensils. Good selection of meat and fish. Try something new every visit. Oh amd of you see crab curry ruffles let me know!

Tafa Lefiti

From what I've seen inside it is filled with many choices to choose from and there are products I haven't been able to find elsewhere, some were a first for me but it is nice to know it's available.

Cindy Averill

So much more than an Asian Market. More like an International Market! Love everything about the large store!

Andrea Chavez

Hurry for your part in raffle give away opportunities with minimal.$20 purchase . Last drawing around 2pm. Four drawings starting at 12:10 ,Delicious fun cravings inside to discover!

R. Kevin Smoot

I love going here. All the interesting things one cannot find in regular grocery stores. All kinds of various ramen is amazing; an entire aisle of the noodles!!! I would give 5stars for the stuff one can find here. On the slightly negative side, could be cleaner and more 'polished' presentation of the whole store. Employees have unkempt look. Also needs better ventilation system back near seafood area to keep that fishy smell better contained. 4 Stars for the combination of good and bad.

Chris Lewin

Great selection of items. Not the best part of town.

Mindi Phan

Great place to Asian groceries shopping in the area. They sell Chinese food - must try the roasted duck!!


Came for some snacks and aloe vera juice, also got some other stuff as well. Nice location. The fish area is a little odd but everything else is nice and clean

Joshua Eliason

Great selection at this place...smells and looks just like places I purchased food from in Beijing, Wuxi, and Shanghai.

Cal Vincenzi

Great prices and packaged products but lots of fish that doesn't smell like its remotely fresh

shane jeff

Great experience this will become one of my favorite places

Greg Bush

Just found this place by accident. Found a lid for a skillet I have been looking for forever in the housewares section. Great Asian, Pacific store! Bought alot of great foods and meats. Cooking up a great meal with the items I bought right now!


This is the largest Asian market I have ever had the pleasure of shopping at and they had everything in had hoped to find and so much more. It was such a delight to find loose leaf tea, spices I couldnt find anywhere else but online, and their selection is so expansive. The prices are also very reasonable. I will definitely be making this a regular visit

Lizzy Lara

Good place just need to be restocked on few things.

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