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REVIEWS OF Aquatic Dog IN Colorado

Kim Braziel

The guy in the shop clearly knew what he was talking about. He was more than willing to help us fix our aquarium issues.

Lili Hwang

It's an amazing place with friendly staff and a wide and healthy selection of freshwater fish.

Alex Flores

In 1994 i bought a cocker spaniel. He lived to be almost 18 years old. I highly recommend this place. The owners are very knowledgeable. The love and care for their animals is evident when you walk in the door.

Carmen Bagwell

They sell the cutest dogs!

Mary Schwartz

A great place.

Ziggy Boo Gotti

Great customer service and a great place to shop for your pets

Benjamin Rangel

Friendly staff and very clean facilities. One of the few fish stores in Denver that doesn't looks like a dungeon

Hannah Sisneros

Staff was very helpful, puppies were very cute 12/10

Aaron Tucker

My favorite fish store in town. Great staff, great plants, great freshwater fish.

Jenelle Love

I called this store to ask if they had any Maltese puppies in. They were just getting this beautiful female in. I asked if they would hold her for me until I could go and visit her. They did. My husband doesn’t get off until 5 and it’s a drive for us to get there. They offered to stay open for us until 6:15. They close at 6. We went in and played with her, I fell in love obviously, I mean who wouldn’t? The only thing holding me back was the price. $1400. That’s A LOT of money. That’s the only thing that bothers me about this place. There was no wiggle room on the price. It seems they care more about the money on a puppy vs it going to a good loving home. I get it’s a business but that’s a lot of money for a puppy. However, I’m over it. Thankfully, our little girl had an A plus vet visit. Greg the owner is VERY nice! He even took back the $17 bag of dog food that was opened that this puppy didn’t like. The lady owner, I didn’t feel was too friendly. I’m sensing she’s not a people person. Or maybe she was having a bad day. Everyone else was very pleasant. All in all I’m giving them a good rating. Even tho I over paid on a puppy, she needed saving and she’s now in a very loving home.

Mike Peterson

Great place and the owners trwat you well, plus they know their business.

Cong Tran

Great customer service and organized set up.

Serina Peña

Cute dogs

Marcos Plaza Mendoza

What I like about this business always I find fishes other stores ever I see like today I came to see the new fish Petco zebra very beautiful fish so I like this business and make you feel like is your home.

lazarith dominguez

Little pricey

Nathalie Owl

Was looking for a specific type of fish, I didn’t want to call every week and bother them so i sent an email and when they had it in stock they remembered me!!! Outstanding customer service, small mom and pop shop.

Logan Carpenter

Amazing! I only go here for the fish part for now, and even though it's only half their store, their selection and pricing is fantastic. All the fish looked very healthy and the tanks were clean. It appears that they really care about what they do and what they sell. I can't wait to come back!

Audrey Marie

Rod Tanabe

Always a pleasure doing business there

Ne0p1aSm 33

Excellent selection of freshwater fish. Best in the city. I enjoy keeping very exotic fish and this shop always has them in stock or can special order anything! Great customer service also.

Andrew Forrest

DJ knows a lot about fish and was very helpful. Going back Sunday for a beta and some fish

Bill Decker

Lynette Hartwell

Love this pet store. They have a good selection of products and they are super nice and helpful.I don't usually recommend getting puppies from pet stores, but this place is the exception.My two dog's , who are now Nine and 10 years old, both came from there and they are wonderful dog's.

Kern Valdez

Owner is shady and unethical. Brought fish to trade in and was informed they were not something he could sell but would give them to a client that had a big tank and would appreciate them. 2 days later they were marked at $2.99 for sale. I think he is a liar and a thief. Mover do business with this store.

Kellie Gillespie

Darling puppies. Lovely fish. Adopt, don't shop. There was a pup there that was 5ish months old, still waiting for a home. Kinda depressing. Exorbitant prices for dogs.

cody ralston

Good healthy stock and quick service. Will be back again.

Matthew Parker

Don't buy a dog from here. We bought an American Eskimo almost a year ago, and we were told at the time by Sheila, the owner, that he was a full size breed, and none of his paperwork showed any different. Now almost a year later, we can clearly tell he is only a miniature in comparison, not full size, and weighs well below 20 pounds. This place is a well known puppy mill pet store from what we were advised by two different vets during his check ups and after paying extra upon neutering to cure his cryptorchidism (which is also common in puppy mill dogs). Don't buy a dog from here. Hopefully laws passed in California will follow in Colorado, which is the only way people who own puppy mill stores like Aquatic Dog will rethink their business practices.

Allie Collins

Very nice staff and lots of selection for all pets

Cody Horton

Great staff good choices

Abbie Pantoja

My husband loves coming here. The employees are always ready to help and answer questions. Very nice well kept shop and of course we will come for our fish needs

Larry Koehler

Always helpful staff on hand. My wife enjoys seeing the puppies while I get aquarium items. Very healthy live aquatic tank plants. I purchased some hortwort and it has more than doubled in size within a few months with some basic fertalizers. Tanks always have been clean and fish are healthy.

Jesse Peelor

Great service, Great staff and all around good place

georgiana pederson

Sarah Johnston

Super expensive

Quelladora Gaming

Always have cute puppy's kinda price heavy for adopting but love the selection of fish and aquariums for sale great price on accessories and aquatic life

Jon T

I came here to just look around at the fish and plant selection. A couple people checked in on me as I went to check out each tank, so that was appreciated. I ended up getting some plants from here because they looked nice and I got a great amount of knowledge on what plants to pick and how to plant and care for them. I will be back for sure because the people were so nice and helpful.

Andi Lamb

I cant remember the emploees name but he helped us with all of our fish needs and we got our tank stocked and are very happy with the store and service we received.everything is so healthy and happy in that store. This is definitely our go to fish stop.

Michelle Erickson

Love this store, lots of aquatic plants and a wide variety of fish to choose from. Owner cares enough to not sell recent arrivals or ones she suspected could be ill. Definitely going back!

Jessica Diffendall

This is my favorite pet store to go to! It has every kind of great dog and cat food, as well as supplies and toys. And the food is good, hollistic, and all-natural. Shelia and Greg are the best and are always helpful. I got my little kitten from them and she is the light of my life! And their puppies are to die for! Even just to come in and say "hello" to them makes my day! They are all so happy and healthy! I definitely recommend ANYONE to come here for their pet's needs!

Chris Blumenshine

So many interesting fish that I don't see in other places. Tanks are spotless. Seem to have really good stock. Never lost a fish I bought here. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Bill Vaughn

This place is great! Family owned and super helpful.

Terri Parker

The people that own this store are very friendly this is the only place my grandma would get all of her dog supplies from

David Holt

Best nano-fish shop in Denver! This shop is amazing! Very nice tanks, lots of unusual fish, and caring owners. When I dropped by, they had 2 species of Dwarf Cory, several Boraras species, multiple strains of Endlers and Hybrids, and tons of other nano-fish that are hard to find. Green Neon, some tiny goby, all sorts of interesting fish. If you're after something unusual, especially small, check them out. Oh, and they had BEAUTIFUL Gold Nugget Plecos.

Sirena Hodge

This is by far the best place to get great quality fish from knowledgeable people.

Walter Ward

Did go there went two doors down to Beauty for Beast

Derek Conroy

Kim Welton

Little dirty

Sean W

Awesome!!!!! Greg and Kyle know there stuff about the fish they sell. I purchased 8 fish and they are healthy as can be. Thank you guys for the great customer service

x x

Came into get food and this business could not break a $100 bill for a $56 bag of food. Poor practice!

Lauren Spencer

Locally owned businesses are the way to go! Expert advise and great selection that cooperations do not carry. How stressful it is to start a new tank without professional advice or previous experience is why I recommend Aquatic Dog and the owner of the business. He truly cares and helped me so much and gave me the best advice and costumer service. I'll be back very soon!

Sellout Gamer

Always helpful and high quality

Alyssa Putnam

Love Aquatic Dog! I come for the fish, and though its a little trek for me to get there, there's always super fun things in the tank, that you don't really see at other places. They are very knowledgeable, and a great place for those aquascape nerds!

Baniaha Dailey

Good fish good help

Candace Winfrey

Amazing, wonderful staff. Well kept store, excellent selection. Friendly shop cats and eager puppies for adoption!!!

Jennifer Weibel

Our experience with this place has been shaky from the get go. First time we bought from them we were improperly charged, they didn't hesitate to make sure we paid for their mistake. We then bought some danios (one of which had been someone else's pet first. If I wanted a second hand pet I'd go to Dumb Friend's League next door) from them, and they brought in three different parasites that we could identify as well as ick into a tank that had been stable and healthy for several months. In treating the now poisoned tank we have lost all but a couple of the danios (a once happy and stable colony started with stock from a better fish store [Tropical pet oasis]) as well as all but two of our loaches, and the endlers we have in there are suffering. They have an amazing variety on flora and fauna, but don't seem to care to quarantine. It's the classic 'they want a large colony of fish, if they all die they will have to get the replacements somewhere!'. With our experience, we will not be back. I will not be recommending this place to any friends in spite of the amazing variety they have to offer. I personally prefer to not have to go back to try and get a healthy fish every week as the rest of my tank is dying. I'm just tired of having to pull dead pets from my tank. EDIT: In response to the owner, they were celestial pearl danios. We bought them from you around two weeks ago, brought one back five days later because it had wasted away due to a parasite. We had specifically asked for four females since we had five males and only one female from our previous purchase. The six we had before were active and healthy for about a month unit we introduced the additional four. The ten we had are down to one. Question left is whether we buy more or if we get rid of the fish. No sense keeping just one CPD, they are happiest in schools. EDIT #2: Also, they do not respond to the messages on their website. I tried to notify them that way so they could pull the diseased fish so no one else had to go through the loss of a dozen beloved pets. I have yet to hear back from them and I have no intention of going by to see if anything has improved.

Brian Guerrero

Really rare fish and in great health and the owners always in the best of help and really know there stuff

Jacob McCormick

They have pets.

Johnny Nunez

Good variety of fish and respectful people

Jo Daddy

i was a little weirded out when i saw bins of puppies in the back corner but was surprised to see lots of very rare freshener fish here, not to mention the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. first time there, if definitely go back.

Carly Rose Moser

Dog became deathly ill with 5 hours of taking it home.

Brian Sheppard

Hands down the best aquarium/pet store in all of Denver! Their fish tanks are pristine and the owner and staff are wonderful!

Bella Mosqueda

I really liked the store and the people. Liked the dog food and treats. I did get my adorable puppy here. They have so many cute puppies plus you can finance. A fair warning about the finance though. They charged a 75 dollar rental fee a month so only about 30 dollars was put towards my loan every month. Something I was not aware of when I went to pay off my full balance. Also you have to do the payment plan for three months till you can pay it off. Other than that great place.

Brian Bower

This place is great! I went looking for freshwater fish supplies and it turns out that they specialize in freshwater community fish! If you want saltwater you wont find it here but they had an excellent selection of healthy and cool fish. Many I had never seen before. I asked about crown-tail betta and they told me they would order some extra crown-tails just for me to choose from. At my other local fish stores they just point to the tank with betta and tell me that's all they have. Plus they have a bunch of cute puppies and kittens as well. I almost left with a wiener dog when all I wanted were some fish...

Samone Amory

The staff seriously sucks but they do have beautiful dogs and a nice selection

Alicia Compos

I would NEVER RECOMMEND anyone to go here the owner is horrible and just rude when you have a problem. I hope they go out of business and I will do everything in my power to get my voice heard about this company!!!!!!!

Renee Lorraine

Love this place!! They have an amazing selection of all natural foods and treats for my cats as well as the cutest toys! The store is always so clean and you can tell the animals are so loved and well cared for. I've gotten several cats and dogs from them over the years and wouldn't go anywhere else. Greg, Sheila and the rest of the staff always make each visit an overall great experience. Thanks y'all!

Joshua price

The owners are beyond nice and extremely helpful. Highly Recommend!!

Rashaad williamson

The puppy's bring me peace, they are puppy mill which I'm not a fan of but I try to forgive. Staff is great and friendly it feels mom and POP style. Local and only place that sells special fish based food for our 4 legged allergy ( our dog) lol. Really helpful with swifts, and other things, love being here

Dawn Stults

nice pet store with quite a variety

Steve Wiegand

This place is great!! Always helpful. All the fish I have bought here are always healthy.

Sarah Montoya

Very helpful staff and friendly staff. I especially love the shop cat! Store is always clean and well stocked and organized. Soooooo many fish! All the tanks are well taken care of too. Shop local!!!

Sebastian Alvarado

Nice but a bit pricey

Tracy Eldridge

It was nice

Mariah Solomon

we love supporting local family-owned businesses here in Denver. Me and my husband live across the street and we come here often! Just wish they have a little bit more selection for interactive dog toys. They also have puppies! Cute store, definitely recommend it!

Tallon VanNoy

I get my turtle's food supplies here and she seems happy. Also, pet the puppies while you're there and say hi to the cats that run the place!

David Easton

The owners Greg and Sheila and one of the employees AJ are wonderful people. I am new to fish keeping and they have been a wealth of knowledge for me. They truly care about and for the animals they are selling, as opposed to just trying to make a buck. If you are into fresh water fish they have a phenomenal selection. In fact, until I came to aquatic dog I had no idea how vast the selection could be. If you are looking for a Local Fish Shop that will take care of you, sell you healthy beautiful fish, give you excellent advise and customer service then go to Aquatic Dog. It's that simple. Oh...they also have a great selection of aquatic plants to choose from. The plants are almost as exciting as the fish! Enjoy!


Very knowledgeable

Matthew Armstrong

Nice staff. Very over priced.

Jeff Fisher

Aquatic dog has a fantastic healthy selection of freshwater fish. I've been hooked going there since the first time. AJ is super helpful as well as friendly. I literally give them all my business right now. If you have not been I suggest going. Prices are right and people are awesome!

Lisa Rusciolelli

Sheila, Rene and AJ offered top-notch customer service! I'm making Aquatic Dog my only store for all my pets' needs: dog, cat and freshwater fish.

Stephanie Elrod

Amazing selection of fish! They always have fun and unique stuff. Prices on fish products are a little high.

Jay Mehrer

Very nice and knowledgeable.

Randia Laga

Very rude customer service on every occasion we go.

Savanna Gerber

Customer service is awesome here! They employ people who really care about the fish and know what they are talking about. Good selection and the prices are good too. I will be back!

Cort Dennis

Great place, nice and helpful owners. They have puppies to adopt as well. Check it out for sure.

Shawn Feldman

This store is great, I have been going to this store for over 25 year and they always have what I need. Their knowledge of their fish and other animals is outstanding. They are always polite and friendly. There fish are always healthy, if they don't have something you want they will get it for you. This is truly one of the best pet shops around.

Trea Huggs

Shop is clean, has a good selection of fish that other shops might not (such as Chili Rasboras), and a shop cat that greets you. They also sell puppies and a few birds when I was there.

Raheem Dillard

Very big and beautiful fish.

shayla hudson

Adorable store , didn’t know they actually had puppies I just thought the name meant something I didn’t know of haha. Good variety of fish as well there were just a few that were pricier then most stores but definitely plan on going back!

Harry Abbott

Excellent selection of fish & plants, along with great service!

Cheryl Ruh

I LOVE this store! Awesome selection with excellent quality livestock. The tanks are pristine and healthy fish. I'll be back!

Jeremy Fisher

BAD SHOP OWNER They have a beautiful selection of fish you don't normally find at most pet stores. The tanks were well maintained so fish and plants were health. They were lacking some equipment and supplies, but they had the basics for the most part. However since I've finished setting up my aquarium and got the one fish I could only find at aquatic dog, I probably won't ever go back there. The female shop owner seemed grumpy/having an off day my first trip in. She just seemed like it was a bother, or inconvenience for us to ask a lot of broad questions, and she would rather hurry us out the door as soon as possible. I kept going back because of the fish and 2 other males working there( which btw were very knowledgeable and helpful). But every time I came in she got to me first before the other 2. Every time she was the same way the day I went in the first time. Even trying to be polite and friendly with her had no affect. She must be one of those types who aren't really people skilled. I would go back if I had a good enough reason to deal with that lady, but there are closer cheaper pet stores that carry more supplies and equipment.

Marianne Franklin

We have had a wonderful experience and relationship with the owners. One of our dogs was purchased there 5 years ago and the other 4 years ago. We continue to purchase food and supplies from Aquatic Dog. Our dogs love to go back and visit Sheila, one of the owners. They love her and know they will be getting a treat. I always refer people to this business because I know they care. Every time we go there it is always the same first class service.

Ronald Bartlett

Mike B

Great selection of plants and fish

Stephen Hy

This place is a fantastic pet store. Greg is always such great help. Their selection of fish is the best I've seen around and they carry all kinds of dwarf shrimps for you shrimp lovers.

Bernadette Jackson

I loved the puppies for sale. And all the different gadget s

Steve Vander Veer

Very friendly & acommodating staff ... Can't think of a question that they haven't answered (& that hasn't worked out) ...


They just remodeled and the new aquarium section is really nice with a very good selection of fish, plants, and supplies. It is my favorite place to shop now for aquaria.

John Smith

Great place and great staff. The cat is such a beautiful soul! The fish are very well taken care of and the staff can answer questions.

5280 Aquatics

Greg the owner is an amazing person. Very knowledgeable when it comes to fish. He has stepped up to the plate on a few occasions and taken great care of me and my fish needs. From spending as much time as I need picking his brain for information about fish. To showing me what the best fish are to go with other fish. And ways to maintain my aquariums. This will be my one and only store for all my fish needs. Thank you Greg and the team!

Bill E

Great place! Super friendly,helpful staff!! Extremely clean facility and the "welcome mascott" is pretty cool too!!


This is my go to fish store. They always have a great selection if community fish, shrimps, and even snails! From Res Racer Nerites, Varied sorts of Rabbit Snails and even the relatively unknown "Ghost Piano Snail" are often readily available. They have the largest selection of exotic plecos, and healthy plants to choose from. The staff ks friendly and knowledgeable without being pushy to make a quick sale. They will be more than happy to work with you in finding the right fish for your aquarium!

Rob Conway

Quality LFS. Why go Petco when you can support local.


Friendly clean shop with wonderful puppies and fish

Kimberly Lourier

Owners are incredible. Took so much time educating me on aquarium aquascaping as well as answering so many questions about discus fish, aquatic plants and more. Patient, kind, knowledgeable....customer service has been lost in this day and age, but not at Aquadog! Highly highly recommended!

Caitlin Meeks

Wonderful owners! I had a special request for a dog food that they didn't carry and they order it for me every few months and let me know when it arrives so I can pick it up at my convenience!


Love this privately owned pet store, for just this reason! The cats laying around are the best! The Owner always there ready to help!!

Kathleen Stinson

Sells puppy mill dogs and lies about it.

Dannie Nunley

It was a cute place

Josh Fischer

Great selection of fish and adorable puppies.

Rissi Cortez

Good service

Blade Middleton

Very clean, animals looked to be in great health. Good selection of fresh water fish and puppies!

Francisco Caballero

I love this place

Michaela Graber

Quality products and staff knowledge!

Alex Gagliardi

Staff was very friendly. Shopped for fish supplies. They had a wide variety and guy working was knowledgeable.

John Foyle

Locally owned, Great people. This is the only store I would go to for my supplies.

Kris Cowan'

Nice staff

Jessica Lewis

I regularly visit this store with my dog to buy food and treats for our cat and dog. Wonderful owners that always remember us, by name. Great products at a reasonable price. I recommend them often to all our friends.

robby vice

This is a nice fish store they do not have saltwater fish but a great selection of nano fish and some cool fish

Justin Robson

Very nice, healthy selection of fish. Good variety of aquascaping material

Kelly Lovely

This will be my go-to place for aquarium stuff and fish. The staff (AJ) are very knowledgeable and take great care to make sure their fish are healthy and are going home to a healthy tank. They do not keep their bettas in cups, but in tanks. Other fish shops I have been to are not as good.

Nathan with The Joint Chiropractic

My favorite pet store in Denver. They are always friendly and willing to special order any requested fish or pet supplies. It's always clean and the staff are always knowledgeable and quick to help. Highly encourage you to check it out!

mustafa alfahad

Nice people.

Steve Vaughan

Nice selection of cute designer dogs.

Kimberly Griffin

Friendly staff and cat greeter. The puppies are all cute.

Silvestre Cuellar

Great place great service

David Robinson

Great selection of freshwater fish and supplies and friendly staff. The puppies were an added bonus.

M Martinez

Really awesome place. I hadn't went in to purchase anything but was in search of jumper cables. The employees were very helpful and willing to help. One employee willing went to his car and got jumper cables and all to my auprise another person was at the chicle. Mind I note we had been sitting in this parking lot for more than an hour. I just wanted to thank the employees. Thank you for your time.

Crystal R

Greg was wonderful, he answered all of my questions and was supportive and knowledgeable. It was great to chat with someone like I've known him for years. I was impressed with his selection of "dry goods" and even more so with his available livestock. I went in specifically looking for my beloved Bolivian Rams and while he didn't have any on hand, he ordered them and I was able to come pick them up today. They looked amazing, beautiful color, no sign of illness, and had been residing in an extremely clean tank! Being able to have a local fish store is a challenge in this day and age, but I'm happy to have one to call home!

Matthew Chipman

I love the tiger striped boy kitty! He's so sweet.

Lucia Karakitsios

Sheila hooked me up with everything I needed

consumer jeanne

Aquatic Dog is a business like any other. They will be sort of friendly upon your arrival and will happily accommodate your needs while you are making a purchase. However, after you hand over your money and leave the shop, pray that you do not have any complications with your merchandise, animal or product. If this should happen, they are no longer sort of friendly, they are no longer accommodating and they are no longer concerned with you as a customer. Their puppies are also like any other pet stores, they may be in good health, they may not be. So it might be worth your money to pay for additional testing during that first vet visit that will determine if your animal is ill with any common diseases that don't show symptoms for a while. A quick glance over by a vet will not detect any diseases that have yet to show symptoms, and once you get that clean bill of health, your iron clad contract will ensure that Aquatic Dog is not responsible for any slower-to-show-symptoms illness. Then your pet would have to die in order for Aquatic Dog to compensate you at all. Isn't that lovely? Like I said, they are a business like any other, out to make a profit, not create long lasting customer relationships. You would be better off to take your money elsewhere.

john howe

The people are friendly and helpful. The prices are comparable to the big stores. AJ is a great help with the fish. This is my son and my new place for aquarium stuff.

Ayana S

If you want a nice friendly local pet store, go elsewhere. I went in and the tall employee was helpful and offered plenty of information on the fish and aquatic life, which is why I gave them two stars. But the owner? (Older gentleman running the register) has been absolutely rude on several occasions, to the point of blaming me for making a return. A product with the receipt, and everything in the box in perfect working order. I went in to look for a light to possibly replace the more expensive one I had been looking at elsewhere. I decided a few days later on the other one because of the customization of light bulbs and went in to return the other product. After asking why I wanted to return it he told me he "isn't here to take care of my fish" and that he "Needs to pay his employees a living wage, and not a rental store" I explained I was looking at both on the tank to compare what the light did to my bettas but that didn't matter. I love the sweet shop cat and wish his owner took a few tips from him and his employees at how to be nice to customers!

Icy Adams

Every thing was extremely cared for from puppies to fish and the store cats are super friendly. Very friendly staff

Amanda P

We bought a puppy from this pet store one week ago. I know many people don't like to get puppies from a pet store, so that is a decision you will have to make. If you decide to go the pet store route, I have had a great experience with this store. I felt that the dogs looked happy and well looked after. The lady that worked there was very nice and patient with all our questions. She was not pushy at all and helped to make sure we were making an informed decision on breed. The price of the puppy includes a free vet exam, AND if the vet finds anything wrong, the pet store pays for any needed medications. Our little gal had a slight eye infection, and then the next day had kennel cough. The vet was awesome! All our meds and two visits were free! I personally feel that most dogs in a shelter/pet store/kennel are likely to pick up kennel cough, so that seemed reasonable to me. The little dog has only been with us for one week, so we will see, but so far she is confident, fun, independent, and very smart. We are very happy with our purchase.

Rob Jaudon

This place rocks...27 years and counting. Tanks are always perfect and the staff is always helpful. They know their stuff here and have a great selection of fish. If your looking for not your everyday fish ...go here. It is worth the 30 min drive.

Chris Moore

Super helpful.

Mario V

Staff is fast and friendly

Cara Ercolino

Sad to see there are still places out there that provide puppies from breeders (aka "puppy mills"). It's a disgusting and unethical industry. Any establishment that actually cares about the well being of dogs (or animals in general) should be working with local rescues and shelters to adopt them out. Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

Rebel Kline

Pretty awesome little spot. Nice selection of healthy fish.

eric spindelman

Great service and great staff. Fish are healthy and tanks are clean.

ColorMe Real

Was planning.Ming getting a dog from there but, unsurprisingly, found out that they get there pups from puppy mills. So no thank you.

Amy Orozco

Great mom and pop shop for healthy food and is family friendly. Got my puppy there and he is amazing! Not a run of the mill pet store, they really do care about your pets and go out of their way to give good customer service.

Sean Fox

I will never shop at another aquarium store again. Tanks are pristine, great selection, and most importantly they know their stuff and are willing to share their knowledge. I look forward to spending a lot of money here. : )

Tisha Braniff

This is the best place to go for all your aquarium needs!

Tracie Lechman

Excellent job on pedicures!

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