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REVIEWS OF Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies IN California

Mark Brennan

This is the go to place when you really need something . customer service and shipping is on point..thanks guys . old Forster&Smith customer....

Ivan G

Marcel Corlett

got orbit led loop light and maxspect gyre 200 controller and pumps awsome products and service, thanks marine depot

Jeffry Johnston

Simon Ton

Love buying from marine depot. However, do you guys still do will call pickups?

Jason Marble

Got 1.5 k worth of stuff. Chiller came late even though site said in stock. When it came, exterior had damage in multiple spots. Lady said she would give me 40.00 towards a 450.00 chiller. If I buy new, should be brand new no damage. The communication stinks here. They dont respond promply and tell you that the email is most likely in spam folder (which it was not). I will give them credit, they are very nice on the phone. That is why they receive 2 stars. Update: Guy offered me 50.00 credit for exterior scratches. I told him if he would do 80.00, we can call it good. He declined and offered to email me return and shipping label. I sent it back that day in its original packaging. I emailed them to see if it would be an exchange and they would send me another unit or refund so I could purchase from another vendor, they never responded. If they respond today, ill give them a 3rd star because everything else I ordered came in good and working condition. Update: Guy was off that day, contacted me the following day. He sent me a new aqua chiller and made it right. I gave them the 3rd star but took away 2 because of the headache.

Maruf Khan

One of my favorite stores to order reef supply from. I usually choose between BRS and MD most of the time. MD has a bigger and different selection, and their customer service is above excellent. In my many orders from MarineDepot I only had an issue with a product arriving damaged once, and their customer service went above and beyond to make it right. Definitely recommend!

Victoria Castellaccio

Someone used my credit card to purchase product from this company.

Tasha Jenkins

Brian Long

Apparently, they don't need any new business. I generally shop at one of their competitors. This time, I needed equipment faster so I ordered from Marine Depot since they have an Atlanta warehouse (2 days faster) and I figured I would try out another vendor. I placed a $1300+ order and it sat for about 20 hours. Finally, I got an email stating that my order was "on hold" because my credit card street address doesn't match something they tried to verify. They wanted me to wire the money or pay via Paypal instead. This is untrue! I do a large volume of transactions on this card and have never had an issue. The credit card company approved the transaction immediately but Marine Depot disagreed! I called them and they stated "there's nothing we can do". I told Luis (customer service) to read me the address and it matched what my credit card company had with exception that the credit card had the address all on one line vs 2 lines (I live in a condo which has a Unit #). I told him to change it to all 1 line and try again. Immediately, a barrage of attempts hit my credit card. The credit card company called and asked it it was fraud. Told them it was not and there was a misunderstanding with Marine Depot. The charge was already declined. Of course, Marine Depot put the order back "on hold". This entire mess could have been avoided if the person processing the order (Johanna B.) had just picked up the phone and tried to resolve the issue instead of throwing out a $1350 order. Instead of continuing to try to work with this incompetence, I placed the order with Bulk Reef Supply who happily processed my payment and promptly shipped my products.

Zach Schoenwalder

Customer support is sub par, ordered a smaller tank and some equipment, one of the items for the tank arrived broken but they were nice to send a replacement item within a few days. after that UPS hounded me to get proof of the broken item, which I sent. I recently tried to return the tank and other items but did not have the original boxes. Marine Depot wanted to charge me up to 25% of my return, I would lose almost $200 doing so. Not worth the time and headaches dealing with this company. All they care for is making money, not caring for customers.

Chuck Freeman

Had a great experience shopping with Marine Depot! The communication was perfect! my shipping emails were found in my spam folder for some reason, shipping time was spot on! I ordered on Tuesday night and just received my packages on Thursday at 1:00pm via ups. Packages are great! Thank you!

Orlando RIvas

chuck konzelman

Really sorry to see some less-than-stellar reviews... I'm a dedicated reefer, and these guys are the best I've ever run across in terms of service and knowledge. I order routinely... and have never been let down.

Richard Munoz

I had bought two buckets of redsea pro salt mix and my buckets were damaged but I called marine depot and they were really kind to send me a new order and my order got here the next day. Thank you marine depot and I'll be ordering my stuff here from this day on and excellent customer service

Alexander Beal

I ordered a tank and a stand and both arrived in perfect condition.

Kat Nyc


Giovanni Iaccarino

Ordered two t5s, one arrived cracked and one lasted 6 weeks. Never Again!

Nam Truong

Ordered items because it said in stock and ready to ship. This was great because I needed it asap and being just down the 5 in San Diego shipping should be quick. Well I get an email saying it's back ordered. Then tried canceling but received an email saying its shipping from another warehouse. A week goes by and I don't hear anything. Tried to use their "chat" on the website but the guy helping me left in the middle of the chat. I then get an email saying my item shipped. About 4 days later I recieved the item that was "in stock and ready to ship" making it about 2 weeks total. Lost a customer for life

Modesto Vasquez

Jose Carlos Rodriguez

Super kool

Vincent Cummins

Terrible customer service. It takes 20+ mins to get ahold of anyone. I sent 2 emails requesting info with no response. The stand they sent me for my jbj 30 gal didn't have instructions with it so I damaged my stand puting it together and taking it apart to make everything fit. I upgraded my 1 star to a 2 star because I spoke to a very helpful guy named Manny. I wish the customer service was as helpful as Manny then I could justify a better rating. After finding out why the aquarium wasn't sent Manny refunded may order in a timely mannor.

dtunedguitar Mitch

Excellent shop, great help, find what your looking for and the help you need

Adam Hughey

I agree for the customer service angle, these folks do not budge nor have many worries about a customer centric viewpoint. They will not help you. So do business if you will with Marinedepot, buyer beware.


Christopher Wong

This place rules.

D Chadd

Make sure they complete your order.... you may never get it. Ok... the good part is that they have an awesome assortment of tanks and product... the bad part is they don't really .... they just say they do. Here is my experience... I ordered tank and accessories for tanks... What I got was great has been THREE MONTHS AND STILL NOT COMPLETED MY ORDER... I set up a tank without the cover and of course lost one of my best specimens my fault for being impatient... so dont do what I did... dont wait... go elsewhere if you need a product right away. Anything that does not arrive within a week... cancel that part of the order... this is what I plan on doing in the future... your pets are important and so is your time.

Fendy Xu

Could you pls tell me your e-mail address? Thank you!

Michael Manns

What great service this company offers. They stand behind all of their products. Very few companies have great service after the sale. Marine depot employees deserve 10 stars . Thank you for all your help.

Darkrai Giratina

This is just an office. The pictures are misleading. Those are from shows, it is not an open warehouse.

Robert Farnsworth

bub bub

Moving a package to the mailbox doesn't mean it's shipped. They don't work on Saturday or Sunday but will let you order with no disclaimer. I paid extra for one to three day delivery. It's been five days so far and the estimated delivery time was changed.

Evan Gutenberg

Terrible service. Ordered several items received a one of the three items. the ozone generator I ordered from them was provided by a 3rd party seller, Ultralife Direct. They shipped me a light bulb for for the generator instead of the actual unit and shipped my unit to the person who ordered a light bulb. Ultralife Direct and Marine Depot expected me to take the lose because the person who received my generator would not respond and return the item in exchange for the light bulb. Marine Depots screw up should not be at the cost of the customer. Hey Marine Depot and Ultralife, shipping the incorrect item and losing money on your screw ups is a part of doing business and the customer doesn't pay for it. Get your act together or find better employees. Do not buy from them this company. P.S. Their shipping is terrible. I had ordered a piece of equipment on E-Bay that shipped from Germany a week after I placed an order with Marine Depot, and guess what, I received my overseas order before I could even get a response from Marine Depot or get them to answer their phone. Best part was, I paid marine depot extra for expedited shipping and the overseas shipping was free.

Chris Haraguchi

Carlos Rodriguez

I don't get the bad reviews. Guess I'm lucky? Lol. But jokes aside, I've ordered at LEAST 2 dozen items, from $50 to $1,000.... and EVERYTHING was delivered within 2 to 3 days of ordering (except Red Sea nano OBVIOUSLY) I've called with questions maybe 4-5 times. Never on hold for more than a minute or so. ONE order of a skimmer had an erroneous description and they took the wrong one back, shipped the right one, and didn't charge the difference. ($30).... I will continue to buy from here.

Lawrence Fox

Had some issues with billing. No big deal. Once you talk to the employees that’s when things get questionable. Choose one of the other 100 sites.

Drew Schneider

Excellent customer service and selection. Please note that they are an online marketplace and don't do retail brick and mortar.

Steven Singer

Bleeding Hearts Tattoo Emporium

Kaze 3

Danner Mag-Drive Supreme 24 2400 GPH Pump I just got this pump which replaces my Mag 18. It is used as my Return pump for my 75 gallon reef tank. It might seem like overkill but its attached to a header in my stand which is connected to my Chiller and UV sterilizer. Pros: - Runs Cool! My Chiller doesnt seem to kick on anymore then it did when I had my Mag 18! - Small(L x W x H): 7.25" x 4" x 5.25" and fits in the last chamber of my sump with plenty of room! - Submersible or external use! - 10 foot grounded power cord! - Only one moving part which is the impeller! - Easy to clean! Cons: - Sounds like a 30KVA Transformer in my stand! :(

paul rocha

Awesome customer service! Ordered a RO/DI unit and showed up damaged from the UPS truck, called Marine Depot and they had another unit shipped to me ASAP.

Carlos Trujillo

Omar De la Cruz

Marine Depot always has the products that I am looking for. Great Prices, and great customer service.

Justin Owens

Nik Tejeda

Awesome Customer Service And Great Prices!!! Thanks!

Glenn Burch

The communication is great. May I suggest you inspect all purchases b4 mailing. This way I won't have to go out of pocket for $15.00 to send a brand new defective component back that you shipped to me. The part that was broken was plainly obvious. It INFURIATES me that I have to return this on my nickel!!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY!

Mohammad Nashashibi

Great online store and the staff are very nice and helpfull, also they ship very quickly !!


If you think you are happy with your purchase, be sure to make a mistake. Because it has neither warranty nor warranty, it accepts unused packages, and customer satisfaction is not important. There is no item there and the office is empty and only accept the order and there is no commitment / I buy item with price match take money and don’t send me I give item number for you if you like . After 1 week I call he say it’s price Match I can’t sell this price don’t conform or contact / I buy skimmer last 2 week have problems don’t accept return or warranty / I buy sand Fuji pink he send me Bahama It’s 5 star services I’m so sorry for you giving 5 star to this services

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