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REVIEWS OF Mainland Poke Shop IN California

ben der

WHAT DID I GET: I got a custom three-scoop bowl with avocado and a bottled water. For my bowl, I got salmon, tuna and albacore. HOW WAS IT: It tasted very fresh and vibrant, and I could taste all the different ingredients and toppings and sauces that went into it. But after I was finished, I was still so damn hungry. Though the poke bowl was delicious, it wasn't very filling or feel substantial. I ended up having to go get a sandwich from next door. HOW MUCH DID IT COST: With tip, it cost a little under $19. WOULD I COME BACK/RECOMMEND THIS PLACE: I want to say yes, but I have to say no, I won't be coming back or recommending this place to others, simply for the fact that I was still so damn hungry after I left this place. And having to pay almost twenty bucks to still be hungry just seems like an absolute waste to me (delicious as it was). I guess eating here makes sense if you're trying to be more healthy or if you're on a diet, but I just wish they found a way to make these things more filling. Also, a note of constructive criticism, I wish they would use larger bowls. The bowls are so small and filled to the brim that it's hard to kinda dig through the ingredients, and get a little bit of everything in one bite. The staff was very friendly and helpful, though. PS, The bathroom door lock was kind of weird and confusing, and it was hard to be sure if I had really locked the door or not. <--Second note of constructive criticism about the location.

Richie Edquid

Solid poke

willis barela

Would not recommend this place. Overpriced, limited selection of fish and sauces plus rude staff.. Stay away, there’s better places in town.

Jason Levin

Delicious poke. Line can be long and seating is extremely limited.

Giordano Maccario

bello bello, sano buono ed economico

Jon Mizrahi

Would be five stars if the spicy tuna didn't cost extra.

Samatha Whitmore

The plexi glass is a little off putting but the Shrimp was actually Giant and seasoned well. I would have given a higher rating but they do not sell (Dover) Sole only Basa. They guy behind the counter tried to pass it off as fillet of sole which is not close. It was ok but not what I am use to.

Caryl hafe

So much fun! The ordering process is fun and you get exactly what you want. Great staff!

Emire Stitt

So much fun! The ordering process is fun and you get exactly what you want. Great staff!

Adam Zalt

Chilled and relaxed poke joint on 3rd street, can get very busy some days but always good service.

Walla Khouj

Ryan Weiss

This place is amazing! Great fish and awesome toppings. Just writing about it, I'm developing the urge to get my poke fix again...

Michael Baylis

Small bowls, limited options. The taste is okay but there are far better poke places in the area.

Danielle Rubio

Darren Friedman

Great fish. I highly suggest building your own poke bowl.

Lindsay Alexandra Weiss

Mitch Spacone

Ariana Slome

Listen I'll it was one of the first ones around and that's something to be said . I usually get the two scoop with mango and white rice . It's nice that they offer kelp noodles also but I don't think they should charge extra for them . Other than that no complaints!

Илья Балакши

Jenny Xia

Osman Karahan

My favorite poke place

Lynn Smith

I'm so full! Unlimited toppings

Colton Cooper

I usually order food from this place through Postmates and UberEATS, have been here many times during last year when there were not that many poke shop in the area. A few days ago i came here with my partner, i had create my own 3 scoops with many toppings including my favorite Sriracha aioli sauce, my partner had pretty much the same. We both loved our poke bowls, the fish was fresh and tasty but my partner complained about the amount we got was less compare to other poke shop. Service: It was friendly especially the lady with the short hair. Well at least this location greet, say thank you and enjoy the food to their customers which i really appreciate it :) The store is pretty clean including the bathroom but very small, that's why i prefer to come here when it's not super busy, they also provide outside sitting area where i usually sit with my friends.

Manuel Meraz

Best poke in Cali!

SleazyE Veiny

Sanils Mercedes

So much fun! The ordering process is fun and you get exactly what you want. Great staff!

Osamah Aldahash


Carlos J Cruz

I love this place. Really good Poke.

Jordan Boone Bernstein

Fresh Poke. Toppings were on point.

Michal S.

Love this poke place.

Ahmed Alwayal

one of the best poke place in LA

Dylan Kessell

Yum yum yum all fresh never frozen fish, excellent ingredients and FAST service. I was in and out in 4 minutes, with people in front of me! In even more of a rush than that? Order ahead for immediate pick up 10/10 will be back soon!

Charity Thomas

Its expensive to get a bowl to fill you up. They didn't have all the add-ins on the menu when i went.

Alexander Kim

P Barjam

Came here for the first time with my wife. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. They took the time to explain all the options. I'm not sure if she was the manager or the owner but she came around to all the tables to see if anyone needed anything. I would definitely recommend going to Mainland if you are in the area.

Max Aram

2 scopes! Plenty of food

Sellers Family

It's not poke, but if you want a bowl of rice with raw fish, a variety of ingredients with soy sauce or a salad dressing poured over it, this place is fine. Overpriced for what it is. Parking is a pain.

Massiel Pimentel

leeloo duran

Dean Leads

I come here a lot, usually in & out in less than 5 minutes. All Fresh fish and good variety.

Joshua Chaney

Naief Massoud

Juan Alfonso Wong

Everything tastes really good and fresh, specially the wasabi aoili. I didn't like the ginger in my poke bowl but you can always order it without.

Benjamin Oreskes

They close at 9 on Sunday's and Monday's FYI

Omer Cohen

Very nice place with amazing poke. All their fish is high quality and fresh. Great service also.

Dustin DuVall

Tasty, very healthy food.

Eddy Lord

Best poke since my Hawaii Vacation. 5 fish = stuffed. Ahi tuna salmon salmon belly albacore tuna seaweed salad topping avocado gotta try it

Elisabeth Waller-Scott

So so good. Doesn't take cash

Steve Harrell

Ed Hernandez

Such a neat little spot with friendly workers ! Surely my favorite in town ! Keep rocking

Phoebe Chang

The price totally worth what you get! The fish are fresh, service was really nice! Only hope the store can be bigger!!

Olivia Mynhier

Ordered there off uber eats and they got both bowls COMPLETELY wrong and included something I’m allergic to. Missed many ingredients and added random ones. Don’t order here.

Romina Llorenz

I had a custom 2 scoop bowl, half kale and half brown rice, one scoop salmon and one scoop ahi tuna. The fish was really fresh and enough for one person. I got the big bowl though, its easier to handle and mix everything!

Avi Swerdlow

Claire Hong

Anthony Ma

Accidentally came here because I ordered to the wrong restaurant, but having had poke from the other shop I can say it's good quality poke a little bit too expensive. Needs more topping options. Also please fix the online ordering so I don't go to the wrong place again!

Colin Dixon

Good food. Suppppppper overpriced, even for LA. $15 for a snack essentially

Alon Hacohen

Paul Vrana

High-quality ingredients make this place worthy of seeking out. Good service as well. Note - tough neighborhood for parking as far as I can tell.

Gerard Florendo

Melissa Quintas

Service is pretty bad and almost no toppings

katarina removic

Gabriela Corsi

My favorite poke joint in LA! They have unlimited toppings, a great selection of sauces and top quality fish. Also many options for the base, including zucchini noodles, kale, mixed greens, white and brown rice. I wish they would come to Toronto!!

Gabriel Frig

Lacey Nelson

Yummy, fresh, I like that they offer octopus. Their spicy sesame dressing is really good. Simple ordering process and friendly staff. Wish they had mushrooms as a topping.


Just postmated this place. It was amazing. Such a reasonable price too.

Sherry Aukland

Very delicious, fish was very fresh, seaweed fresh, wonderful light lunch, fast service.

Dan S

Good food!

Michel Perez

Eduardo Gonzalez

Flávio Tokimitsu Tanikawa

Sam Vahedi

Erkin Bahceci

Adam Schneider

I do like flavors here, but compared to other poke spots in town, this place is a horrible value.

Tracy Nicoletti

Ordered an extra large bowl for delivery and was given a small container. Certainly not large by any stretch. It promised five servings of fish, but found only three. Rice was dry and stale, but warm at least. Called to complain and ask for a refund, but it went to Voice-mail. Never ordering from here again.

Rob Damiani

Fantastic poke spot. Great selections. Salmon and guns were both very fresh. Helpful, pleasant staff.


Veronica Acosta

Eek! The lady in charge is so rude, I do not want her energy going into my food!

Taylor Crandell

They don't give you enough fish. It's pathetic. Good food, but they make you a sucker.

Babak Mozaffari

Great poke bowls

Dominic Haxton

DON'T EAT HERE. Terrible poke bowls. Couldn't eat. Fish was ice cold and smothered in sauce. Manager was rude when I told him about it and wouldn't give me refund.

Sung J Kim

Jared Kelly

How can you not love poke , been coming here since it opened hasn’t let me down yet ! Sweetfin is my favorite but was too far for me a for a while . Check out the awesome bowl I got !

Vincent lim

I brought my friends here o my second visit here (were all from SF) and they loved it. If you're not looking for a meal I suggest getting a small with extra scoop of fish, don't forget to get the aoilis and I like to put in their coconut milk. During my first visit the owner asked about how there's no poke in SF, hoping he opens one up here.

Hadrien Dykiel

Marie Barbedette

I love this place, my favorite poke ever. Ask for the wasabi aoili, so good!

Michael Li

Scott Pactor

Rosie elli

Fantastic poke spot. Great selections. Salmon and guns were both very fresh. Helpful, pleasant staff.

Courtney Crotty

Super helpful staff for a newbie poke eater. Fresh and delicious fish. Highly recommend.

Amanda Groth

Darion Lowenstein

Amazingly good Poke. Parking is impossible but the food is great!

Kirk Robert

Byron Cotton

This is one of my favorite poke spots. They don't accept cash tho. My only gripe.

Alex Masket

Carmen Carter

Mainland Poke Shop is always my go to Hawaiian spot and its a little dangerous that it's so close to my office. I always order via chownow and pick up the food on my lunch. It's always ready within 15 mins. Yesterday I got the chicken katsu/Kal bi combo and a spam musubi. Unfortunately, they forgot my spam musubi :(. The combo plate was really good though. I liked that the crispy skin didn't fall off when breaking apart the meat.

Mauricio Treviño Morales

Zev Laine

Brandon Williams


Sable Dorrill

jasmine cox

New to poke so far so good. Its like a sushi bowl and you can eat the parts you DO like

Cheng Chen

palmerleslie Palmer

As a kid who was raised in Los Angeles, going here to grab take out to watch some football was incredible! The variety of combinations took me off guard (in a good way)! My wife and I had such a fun time mixing our bowls! When we got home the food was excellent! My only complaint is open one closer to me (Tucker/Decatur)!!!

Dimitry Pomyka

Nice place, tasty but a little bit sitting place and topics in u plate.

Iuliia P

Morgan Check

My order was missing the drink I paid 4$ for and all Toppings for the poke (including one I paid extra for) are missing. They didn’t deliver or put any of the sauces from the bowl. The manager insisted his people did, which is completely incorrect. Save yourself the hassle and go elsewhere especially when you work a busy schedule, have no lunch break and no time to go back and forth with an u helpful person over the order being wrong!

Nicholas De Souza

Was the best poké bowl I had in LA

Michael Ross

XL bowl gets you 5 scoops of fish! Ultra fresh. It's like Chipotle for Chirashi bowls.

Alan Maxuay

(Translated by Google) Amazing!!! You have to mount some in Spain !!!! (Original) Increible!!! Hay que montar algunos en España!!!!

Jaime Friedman

Mainland Poke is awesome. The fish was very fresh and had a great experience eating there. Tried one of their bowls from the menu and loved it.

Diana Wei

They have the paleo cheesecake jar dessert $7. Paid Meter parking Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 11am-8pm.

Dante Consonero

Absolutely worth every penny.

Mary Aracena

I got the two scoop poke. Rather tasty. I liked it a lot.

alvaro talbott

Love it

Ehab Mohamed

Raisy Jessop

So so good. I am new to poke shops and was sceptical but this place was amazing! Also there was a pregnant girl serving us and she waz so cute and kind. Defenantly recommend giving it a try.

Joshua Hess

Shaya Scott

this is how poke should taste !! such good flavors and fresh fish

Black Rock

This place ROCKS. PS - That lady was crazy!! Should have bounced her ass out of there

Gillian Clark

Food: quite good. A few dollars more than SpinFish. Owner was a bit rude.

Dunia Sas

My all time favorite poke place

Kelly West

hanan David

Samantha Barry

Chris Miller

The best poke / fish place in LA. Great quality fish, sugarfish level, and great concept

AL Roberts

Cameron Cinel

Mike Kashia

Friendly staff for the most part, but no one seems to be trained for food allergies. Sent a message to the management, and they immediately said they'd retrain their staff on this and offered me a free bowl, but I'm too scared to eat here already. Someone else might have better luck, but I'm not gambling a trip to the ER or missed work days for an overpriced bowl of poke. Tldr; great restaurant, if you don't have any allergies. If you do, go anywhere else.

Sean Mankiw

This place won’t take cash. I call that pathetic! This fish shack’s motto is “In Plastic We Trust” don’t we have enough plastic waste in the ocean, why encourage more? This place won’t last, it won’t be because of their “powerless” employee, but because it’s responsible for impacting marine life and erasing the fish from the ocean. Could one say, why eat fish? Of course, though it can be sustainably harvested. Pollution probably kills more fish than fisherman can catch. I’m still hungry.

Akinsanmi Fanu

Katherine Wu

Russ Dahlberg

Some of the best poke I've had in LA. Very authentic and delicious!

Andrew G

Accept money, get better quality rice, don’t pay extra for spicy tuna, and get fountain drinks. I was very unhappy when I walked here, we had to pay $30 for something that was $25 because they don’t accept cash. Alteast they let us put our money into a gift card.

Jack Meggers

Delicious poke! Very helpful staff! A bit pricey, but worth it.

Aaron Thomas

Bad service

Marcus Young

Great food

Takako Ogawa

Good poke. Only for types of protine though.


sooooooooo dank

Brent Hilvitz

First time eating poke. This place was fresh and delicious

Steven Smadja

The food was fresh and tasty and very light. The original limeades are bomb and I will definitely be coming back. Be sure to try the sauces they're all delicious.

Juventus Of SC

Good place great staff

William K

Unbelievable, the best place to eat on 3rd Street, and I've tried them all! Cant wait to go back. Very fresh fish and tasty stuff to go with it.


Faustino Lopez

Jessica Chepovsky

The fish is always fresh. There are a large selection of toppings.

ramy elguindy

Aziz Firat

Pretty good place where you can create your own Poke! We went with the So Cal and added some stuff.

andressa bortolin


Carina Hampp

First time eating poke and it was so good. It's a bit pricy but you get a lot of food and it tastes amazing. It's Chipotle style where you build your own bowl - they have a ton of awesome toppings. Note that only street parking is available but it was pretty easy to find a spot the day we went. I wish it was closer to where I live but it is definitely worth going out of the way for! Highly recommend and can't wait to go back.

La Mar Derrell Taylor

Ari Kahan

Amazing Poke, super fresh, best fish!

Relentless Butterfly

Very fresh ingredients and my bowl was delicious! I will definitely go back

David Henderson

Best Poke in the city

Chris Olonzo


Armin Zellers

Apparently these guys won't give in to sensitive conservatives who don't understand that it is a private establishment. Love the video. Lady was totally in the wrong. Great food and better ethical and moral standards. Kudos.

Mo Abedi

Disrespectful staff !!!

Joanno Gilli

Fist of all they didn't have the items they advertise,they were out of like five of my favorites.they put my order to the side and they started to help other people and waste about 30 min of my time.There's no parking what so ever and "The manager" was rude when I asked about my order.I'M NOT COMING BACK !!

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