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317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

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REVIEWS OF Grand Central Market IN California

k shakespeare

Fun, casual atmosphere across from Angel's Flight. Large, varied selection of dining options, most of which are very good. Steps away from Pershing Square Metro station.

Vidya Mahendran

Always so much selection and bustling vibe. Music was on so it was live. Went for a trivia night at Horse BBQ.

Danny Santos

Many options to choose. Need to come back to try it all. Definitely clean and exciting to be in.

Robert Flaim Jr

This is the first time I have ever been there and it was a wonderful experience. It was a wonderful atmosphere almost like a diverse group of places to eat. I would definitely come back again.

Rachel Lujan

Came for a early dinner, late lunch. It was very hot inside and the bathrooms were being remodeled. Aside from that the food was great and they had alot of variety. Next time I'll go first thing in the morning when they open.

Matthew Braswell

Was in L.A. for business. Good thing I don't work near here every day or I would be stuffing my face. So many tasty food options!!! Something for everyone.

Travel Damkee

You feel the energy as soon as you walk into the market. Fun ambience overall, and variety of food vendors and drinks to choose from. Eggslut and G&B coffee here are safe stops to grab a bite and coffee. Recommended!

Ray E.

A great place to visit,eat, n socialize. It's very live n historical!! They have very good food from different places cultures

liliana haro

Great variety, you don't have to compromise good food for fast service. Easy to commute to, affordable parking available.

Quality Landscape and Hauling Co sedeno

This place used to sell affordable, fresh, great tasting food and fruits. Now they sell overpriced food . Plus their Mexican food taste like it was reheated. I have eaten at 3 different places inside there and they all taste the same. This used to be a great place to eat back in the day.

Edward Crawford

Really crowded but one of my favorite place in the city. Love to buy food items from here. Big fan of this market!


I mean they rack up lots of money but seems like they have lots of foot traffic so they can provide themselves with little bit more cleaning people

Adela Naja

China Cafe. The soups are delicious. Specially the seafood soup. A real bomb

Hilary Adkins

It took a decade but much needed improvement on this location downtown L.A. It's much better on the

Drew Ziegelbauer

Although there has been many changes over the years, I've been a regular here since the 1970s. Still come back for some great food. Crowded on the weekends, the lines usually move along quickly when everyone uses credit cards.

Freedom J. Eggleston

Dope place to get all kinds of food. You can also buy alcohol and wine. There's plenty of space to eat but very busy due to the many businesses and offices that surround the place. The food is great. You can have a quick lunch or a full course dinner and there's many places to choose from. They have bathrooms downstairs. Overall I rate a 5.

Casi King

Lots to eat here. It's not as expansive as Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market but there are lots of choices, including vegetarian and gluten-free items, ice cream, fresh fruit, and alcoholic beverages if you choose. And prices are very reasonable. We ate outside in the beautiful California sunshine. Great spot to visit.

Manu Kashyap

And event food hall, if you can call it that. A large open area with a roof serving a diverse selection of cuisines including Filipino. We were 4 of us and had different food: for me it was A fish taco. Enjoyed it. Picked up a glass of wine . Only 2 places serve liquor. Heat was a bit oppressive, the fans.are effective only in the longer alleyways due to cross ventilation.

Matt Edds

Amazing spot in Downtown LA! Huge variety of food options (had some great Paella at the Prawn place). Fun place to grab a bite, plenty to keep me coming back again, and again.

Antonio Caggiano

We just stumbled upon this while looking for breakfast. Such a great selection of foods with so many different variations and options to choose from. The hardest part is choosing a place to eat because they all look so damn good.

Jeannine Forslund

Very fool ambience, something for everyone. Feels unique and authentically old LA. Gem!

אמיר זהר

People recommend it as a place you should definitely go to, and it's not the case. If you're in the area you should stop by and have a meal. Don't make your day around it.

Amy Huth

This was a neat surprise! After church we went on Yelp and looked at reviews for a place to eat close to us. EggSlut was a very popular recommendation so we drive that way. We had to pay $10.00 to park, but walked down to where it was, walked inside an indoor/outdoor market type of thing and was blown away by al of the mini pop up restaurants! It was a really neat place to not only eat, but it was like a Market also. You could buy fresh produce, meats, breads etc, very fun place to meet up.

Josue Pena

one of my favorite places of my neighborhood, have every food, and good vibes, on weekends way to crowded for me, but weekdays are still perfect!


It's a place that has a wide selection of great food! The atmosphere is great. Nice place to check out if you are in Downtown LA.

Claudia C.

Good place to eat when you have a big group of people and everyone wants something different. Has a cool industrial vibe going on.

Klaus Ritter

Great crowds and good food if you know were to look. Love this place.

Lady Sapphy

What can I say? It's full of good food from all over the world. The only concern is it's not the most sanitary place on earth, but it's in a parking garage so what do I say

Aurelia Madrigal

Very nice place to eat and shop. Food was very reasonably priced and there is an option for everyone. The reason I gave this 4 stars was due to the bad ac inside. It was very hot and also the lines for the toilets are very long. Hopefully they come up with a better system for the restrooms.

Ataraxia Lust

Really enjoyed this market! Was able to find food fitting any diet and it was delicious (and well priced). Got to visit here twice and loved the ability to take tons of pictures as well as the general bustle of the crowd. As packed as it seems there were always seats available

Roger Olguin

I love this place, so much food to choose from. And many places to find adult beverages. The only downfall is finding parking. But if you’re like me, just grab any ride share over here. One of my favorite places here is Villas Morelania. They’re tacos are the biggest, and tastiest. Lots of options to chose from, so explore.

Frederick Bearsch

Great example of a urban renewal project that is actually functional. Open market, lots of food options great experience. A place to go as a destination as well as a stop over for a bit to eat in between.

Damien Crossling

This is a great place to visit, especially for lunch. It's generally very busy, but the range of food options is quite varied. Pricing can be from expensive to affordable, you just have to have a wander around and have a look. Pretty Central to a few nice downtown attractions so you can easily spend a few hours in and around the market. (Cool Hill trolley across the road) Some steps, which make getting a stroller or wheelchair around interesting, but there are ramps, you just have to go the long way around sometimes. It's worth coming into the city at least once to have a look.

Julee Huy

Crowded and fun atmosphere. Find a table, send your pals to stand in line and bring you food!

Nikita Shefia Lane

I enjoyed this crowded old school market place. Chose Eggslut for breakfast- longest line and local rave. Yum I would visit again.

Megan Casebolt

So many excellent options for food!! We went the last day of our vacation and our biggest mistake was not coming sooner. Everything looked amazing. We tried a seafood place and were very pleased with our entrees.

Mike Olds

A great selection of food truck type food, so pretty much everybody should be able to find something they like, while at the same time maintaining some of the old school market stalls for spices, meat and the like. You'll probably have to dodge a couple of hipsters toting dslrs for their street photography projects, but there are still enough people just interested in some good grub that it doesn't feel like a tourist attraction.

Marie Edwards

This place has changed a lot from when i was a kid. The place is more like a mall of diversed eatery. They have more places to eat rather than produce and seafood, meat stores etc. But I admit the change was great.

Obinna Anyaeto

Great food!...a place to hangout with your friends or significant other. The atmosphere was so lively & multicultural. Captures the true essence of LA

Elizabeth Fuster

We went to Chick and had the chicken salad and chicken an waffles. The food was fresh, crispy and delicious. The salad was a good portion size and the dressing was really good. Grand Central has some great places to eat. I've never been disappointed.

Ben Sameyah

So many options, you cant go wrong! La Tostaderia has amazing fish tacos, among the best in town.

Brian Ferdman

There are tons of food vendors crammed into a tight space here. Many vendors have long lines, and everything is run with typical Los Angeles inefficiency. If you want something as simple as coffee on a weekend morning, I wish you the best of luck, as every breakfast place will have a huge line, coffee-only places will have a long wait, and other places that sell coffee will have broken machines. If someone here figured out how to make a simple coffee-only line, they'd make a fortune.


Really crowded one of a kind place. This is one spot in downtown Los Angeles where the food cultures of the world come together and form a culinary alliance. There are a lot of different food options restaurants and places to choose from. The lines can sometimes be long during lunch hour especially during the week day but all good things come to those who wait. If you have a little bit of patience and a hungry appetite there’s great food to be had here.

punchkin backup MSP

A great way to spend your day in DTLA. Has a great ambiance and a unique verity of food. I would for sure recommend visiting Grand Central Market if you are a local or Tourist looking for some diverse and amazing food

Chou Anny

Love this place; you can try variety food here. But it’s a bit crowd sometimes :( Still giving it 5 stars

Marta S

We came across this place and we loved it! So many dining options and different cuisines from all over the world! Prices are good and we found it easy to find a spot to sit down and enjoy our meals.

iWoody Rose

My family and I used to come down to Grand Central Market a few times a year. So, it is nice to come back and walk around, eat lunch and just enjoy the environment. Can get crowded but it's a safe place to just chill and drink a beer & people watch.


It sucks that this place is so hot during the day, went here for lunch, but it was so damn hot. I was sweating the entire time. But overall it's a nice place with great food options.

Simon John Cheng

If no one can figure out where they want to eat, GO HERE. There is always something for someone! Seafood, salads, sandwiches, and more! I have yet to try everything! P&BJ is always good if you can't make up your mind. Lots of business people come here for lunch as well as loft locals. It's never NOT busy. If you're gonna take photos for posts, make sure to do it quickly or out of everyone's way. This place is all business when it comes to meals. Hustle as well as bustle. Best to take photos in line when waiting to order. You know... the courteous thing to do.

Matt Ricketts

Lots of places to choose to eat. I ended up at Wexler's Deli, which is almost smack in the center. Their egg salad sandwich was fantastic. And one of the best potato salad's I have ever had.

Milind Singh

Loved this place. Reminded me of India. So many food options to choose from! We ate Filipino rice bowls. Really tasty! Good vibes

Nikolas Keith

I actually showed up last weekend without a reservation after just finding this place on google. The place was packed and there was no way we were going to be seated without a reservation. However, the bartender was super nice and informed us we could order from the bar menu. The place had a really cool vibe and ambiance, however I would not recommend coming without a reservation like I did. I ordered the bone morrow pasta appetizer and it truly was wonderful and tasty for a pasta dish. Although the parking situation could be better, we had to street park, and then walk a few blocks, the food truly lives up to the hype!

Jesus Garcia

I like the Central market, even though is not much left of a market. If your hungry you will find something to get your stomach swollen. Now, if your looking for diversity in goods like a market not so much. You'll find Mexican spices and so on like sweets etc. on like 2 stands. Used to come here back then and have to admit that it changed for the better in a way. You still have a sitting area down stairs along with the public restrooms. You have entrances on both sides of the market. One is in hill and the other in Figueroa. So that been said is good for kids, groups, and your dogs.

Darrien Rickman

Lots of good food places here, will definitely be going back when I take future trips.

Tahseena Kahn

Great food but it isn't cheap even the place looks like it should be cheap! Try the ice cream. You'll get 2 scoops for $5 and you can't get this anywhere in LA unless you go to Rite Aid. This place has almost 17000 review for a good reason. You'll get to see some authentic cuisine whether it's Mexican, Chinese, Italian or other kinds. Their ice cream store also sells the best kinds. I remember having some delicious noodle for only $7 on the day after I had very expensive bad food. Yes some of the cheapest foods can be they most delicious. Then another day I had a $12 not so good veggie personal size pizza. It tasted good but I didn't like eggplants on my pizza.

Gabs Gv

Great place for anyone. Besides your fur babies. They no longer allow them inside due to the health department. Great place of food from all around the world. Some locations do sell beer or wine. As of price, I'd say it's reasonable being a historical market and has been a tourist site for many. I enjoy coming for lunch when at work. And I do keep away around or between Thursdays to Saturdays due to tourist some days may be slower than others.

Javier Quijivix

Plenty of places to eat something , busy spot to come with informal dressing and taste many kinds of food.

Sourav Bhowmick

Amazing food and different cuisine to taste from. The latest I tried was tortas from Tacos Tumbras a Tomas store it was really good..should definitely go and try it out.

Erik Jacobson

An awesome place to get lunch and hang out. There is a ton of great food shops that offer everything from breakfast to dinner meals from around the world. It’s one of my favorite places to bring friends from out of town.

Roger Sherwood

Amazing find. Lots of great places to eat, lots of great little stores. Decent parking rates at the garage attached to the market. Don't miss the Angels Flight railway across the street and the nearby Bradbury Building nearby as long as you're in the area.

Richard Rivera

Iv been coming down town like for ever my mother use to bring us with her shopping myself and my two sisters we would always stop at the market to enjoy a meal.

Jessica Diep

Amazing food market!! There are tons of food options, which make it a great place if you have a group of people who all eat different things. They have a large selection of Mexican foods, and any stalls are a great choice. The food is also affordable ! They also have the famous eggslut here, and a brewery towards the back of the market.

Jesus Haros, JR

The parking garage leads you right to the Grand Central Market right on the 1st floor via elevator. The temperature inside is a little warm but, the carnitas tacos were delicious! I ordered 3 for under $12.00 and they were stuffed with meat. I can't remember the name of the taco stand but, it's right next to the Egg Slut. Definitely will come back to eat in the future.

Kimberly Shaw

I am still suffering (blissfully) from overstimulation: the custom neon sign; the maddening and hungry crowds; people watching. If you can choose from any of the amazing food stalls, you won't be disappointed. Prepare to line up for green juice and freshly baked bread. I didn't and went straight to Ana Maria for an amazing brekkie.

Juljan Desmet

Simply amazing. Good food everywhere, so don't hesitate to eat some smaller portions so you can try a variety of foods from everywhere around the world. You can really smell Italy from the fabulous pizzas and Thailand from the amazing noodle dishes. Must-do for foodies!

David Trent

This place is awesome. One of my favorite L.A. locations. If you are downtown, this is a must do. I am a big fan of food courts. Taking my family we can each get exactly what we want. This place is a food court on steroids. No Burger King or Taco Bell here. All food vendors are unique and extremely interesting. You can get everything from Mexican, Chinese, Peruvian, to even gourmet PB&J sandwiches. The atmosphere is really fun, casual, and chill. The prices are also very good. There is plenty of activities to check out nearby as well. Perfect place to eat during an outing in dtla.

Steven Rodriguez

Great selection of food and snacks. Enjoy the Day,The grand central market way.

Scott Sailor

Neat atmosphere and good food. It was a little warm the day we visited but it is probably not a problem normally in LA.

TamrieAnn Cagley

The most amazing collection of cuisine under one roof any where on this planet. They do close earlier then I would have thought so get there before 9.

Zoe Martsolf

Good food, lots of interesting vendors from all different countries. There’s definitely something for everyone. The only thing that could be improved is the air quality. It’s so hot and muggy

Malia Barker

I am so glad I found this place! They have a nice variety of vegetables, snacks, and drinks. They sell a large variety of frozen dumplings, instant noodles, and sauces. I ended up buying a bunch of new frozen foods and I loved them!

Isaias Patino

A foodies must! It’s a lot smaller than I envisioned it, but still had many top notch food and beverage options! The line at Eggslut was quite long, but worth the wait! The PBJ sandwich was just “okay” especially for the price point.

Axell Diaz

One word. Diversity. Diverse food. Diverse people and Diverse ambiance. Crowded but manageable. Great time to eat with family and friends.

Amber Brown

Took the day off work to traipse DTLA. Love coming to the market during the work week, it's a different animal! Can't believe the discount store is gone...well I can because I had no idea how they stayed in business as long as they had with the other tenants around. I loved wandering through there. Ive found some awesome finds in that place. Will miss it. That market has something for everyone. It gets very crowded... you've been warned

Sangsun Kim

Grand Central Market. If you are a tourist it is the must visit place to go. There is an eggslut place in the market. It is very crowded so have to get there early. Most shops close very early so better get there before 4pm.

Paul Lowder

A bustling market place full of a large variety of what LA has to offer. I highly recommend it if you're visiting. I still go from time to time, but it's not a place I frequent anymore. It can be pretty packed, which adds to the allure for visitors. For me recently, it's just a nice place to walk through.

Peter Umbrell

Fun hangout! Lots of food and drinks with so many styles! Downstairs can have some space if you’ve ordered food but found yourself without a spot to sit. The Mole lady has awesome moles. And I like to get my chilies here too.

Jorge Barragan

The grand central market is one of my favorite places to visit in DTLA. Love all the food options and the cool neon signs.

Alex Vasquez

Love it. Huge variety. Eclectic. Lots to see and lots to eat. Filipino rice bowls. Mmm

Mina M

Haven't gone to the Central Market for almost 6 years now? It's changed bit (they have chairs now!) and the food stands aren't under umbrellas- more like full in small outdoor restaurants. I do miss the old vibe, felt homey? This place is great for pictures and they do alot of filming around there too.

Tiffany Stevens

Oh my gosh it was so much fun to go here!!!! We had a blast and there so much to choose from. The kidos loved the space and a great time looking at everything and learning about things they haven't experienced.

Benny Chupinij

So many food choices here and a Brewery. Highly recommend to come here to visit at least once when in the area. The food options here will satisfy all variety of taste buds.

Matthew Vandergrift

Eclectic combination of food vendors under one nicely presented roof. Plenty of seating on the weekend I visited, but I’m guessing it can get busy later in the day. Tried the tacos, breakfasts, coffee...all were good. If you’re in the area and hungry/thirsty, I’d recommend as you’ll definitely find something you like

Robert Sack

This is a really fun and lively place. There are a ton of different restaurants with different foods. There is a seafood Mexican restaurant (on the left side) which is amazing. The ice cream shop (only one) is great too. Great place to people watch and just a very fun place to eat. Lots of choices.

Chris Chapman

This is a must visit area for anyone in LA. Whether your after food or drink or a chance to check out the art work and tourist attractions, this place is a must see. The food lines can get long especially eggslut, but it's well worth the wait. Outside the market is the cable car which you can ride one way for $1, or 50 cents if you have a valid tap card.

Maria Castaneda

I’ve been coming here since I could remember. They have all kind of stuff here from breakfast to lunch dinner and even deserts. They also have a ton of small stores where they sell veggies, grains and a whole lot of other selections.

Lola Reyna

What can I say but busy busy & lots of options! There's a wide variety of food choices. Pizza, Mexican, grilled cheese, Mongolian. Lunchtime is super busy & you have to remember the area when you see the prices. Seems like everything averages $10 & above with most items being priced separately.

Juan Jimenez

Many years ago, this used to be a real central market with shady reputation, local food joints, and a customer mix of locals and adventurous office workers. Now it is a gentrified food court with high prices for average food. Note, this is not a central market like those you find in Asia or Europe. It is a more tourist stopping point without much particular attraction, other than vaious quick food places in one spot.

Jacqwel Brown

Belcampo is a treasure. But you can find just about any food you want here at great prices. Great place to go if you don't know what your want to eat

lee merschon

If you are with a bunch of people and everyone wants different cuisines, this is the perfect place. A little bit of everything.

Matthew Prunty

The last time I visited the Grand Central Market was over 18 years ago on a field trip in high school. While this place is a short drive from where I live and I could visit any time, it was something about this return that made it more special. My daughter got to see a little bit of my history and while she doesn't understand now, this place has always held a special place in my heart. The food was great, atmosphere welcoming.

Michael Snyder

One of my favorite places to enjoy a variety of food, snacks, and drinks. Grand Central Market is a must visit if you come to LA. Some of the offerings include Mexican, German, Chinese, American, El Salvadorian, and Thai. You can get awesome breakfast sandwiches at Egg Slut, some oysters at the Oyster Gourmet, fried chicken and beer at Lucky Bird, just to name a few. Highly recommend visiting this spot if you're in Downtown LA.

Maria Kay Berghorst

Great LA experience! The parking lot beside it is $10 for the day which is actually the cheapest we saw, and you can scoot or walk to lots of different areas from there if it's not too hot. We had some great ramen and a PB &J sandwich to die for!

Kimiko Chen

Great place at downtown LA. Got many choices of different kind of food. I went there many times, never get tired of this place. Always can try different things. Got great Mexican food, Asian food and of course tasty hamburger too. If you don't know where to eat at downtown LA, you may come here and try something.

Maia Cupurdija

Always a great place to go to people watch while eating good food.

Taqoya Branscomb

Love this downtown Los Angeles gem! The Market has tons of restaurants and great shopping. You can buy fresh produce, meats, and groceries. My favorite restaurant here is called Prawn, and their shrimp butter bowl is a must have! You really get a feel of the downtown LA with the cool vibes and eccentric feel of the Grand Central Market.

Kristi Tolentino

I love open spaces like this. I love this vibe. Rustic? Kind of artsy? It’s a mix of things but it all just.. works? I love food spaces where I can hit up a number of stalls for food and drink. I found so many types of cuisines it was really hard to choose just one! I suppose it just keeps you wanting to come back. And I definitely would. There are tons of places to sit and I would maybe suggest putting more out? However I know it’s not possible sometimes. Either way, I really liked it here. My friends who recommended it knew I’d like it. And they were right. Wish we had more things like this where I live! Support all these small businesses for me and get your fill at Grand Central Market!

Mark Prebich

Had Chinese at one of the vendors. Food was good. The Market is one of those must see, but would never go back. On second thought, I'd recommend skipping it, unless you are in the area for other reasons.

Creighton Watley

I would definitely recommend this place to tourists, I get the feeling that normal downtown Angelenos eat here too. Prices are fair and there's an awesome selection of cuisines.

Alixe Branch

There's an incredible variety of eateries. Plus it still has a small produce area inside. BUT make sure you have enough time of coming for lunch during the week. The wait can be challenging. People come here from All over town and All over the Globe.


So many shops selling the food and drinks there. You can choose what you like. Also a small market is situated. It’s great place for you to eat here when you travel to the Historic Downtown in Los Angeles. There are some attractions around here. After you finished the meal, you could see the awesome view of the city.

Melanie Stevens

This is a great market Location. They have a lot to choose from, lots of fresh food, a big bakery and ready to go food options. Since it's in the middle of LA its extremely busy, its helpful to know what you want ahead of time rather than try to push through all of the aisles due to the crowds. But, it's still a great location !

Ryan Burns

Good experience overall. Very cool for going around and trying a bunch of different things. Also very picture worthy. Gets pretty busy on the weekends. My only complaint would be the restrooms. There were several, but only 1 was actually functional, which caused a very long line.

A Nam

Nice atmosphere and food selection. However value of cost is on the low side. Would recommend for tourist appeal.

Sarmen Ter-oganesyan

This was my first time going here and I will definitely be back. The vibes were very fun and inviting. There was a very large selection of food and drink vendors, so there is definitely something for everyone. Only complaint is that it was a little crowded, but that's obviously a product of how great the place is. Highly recommend!

Luis Retana Acevedo

Grand Central Market is an indoor space, about half a block large, with some 20 small no-frills eateries, and some stands with fresh produce, in downtown LA ... Walk across the street to find the old-fashioned Angels Flight Railway, pay $1 for the 2-minute train ride to Bunker Hill, and enjoy the view of the nearby skyscrapers ...


This place is foodie heaven. They have fresh oysters, fresh seafood, fresh meats, great sandwiches,great meals and it is visually exciting. I'm not sure why Egg Slut has huge lines but there must be something about it that people are willing to wait up to an hour to get an egg sandwich.


Grand Central market in the heart downtown Los Angeles next to the diamond district and right across the street of Grand Central market you have an homage to the historic angels flight. If you haven't been to Grand Central market since its remodeled you should definitely check it out. Get the freshest produce and meat cuts here. They also offer cuisine from around the world and they're all amazing so whatever you're in the mood for you're likely to find it here and it would be delicious. My favorite place is at lunch time to go to the newly remodeled bar at Grand Central market get a nice cold pint and I'm ready to come back to work

Lex G.

The diversity and variety of food is amazing, the only down fault I would say is looking for parking. It is extremely hard and I would recommend if you could take a bus or a Uber or even carpool with someone there. It took me longer looking for parking than just driving to the market itself but other than that I enjoyed all the different foods and drinks. Very cultural.

Marjo Wright

New and improved. So much better selection. There’s a misconception that it’s inexpensive but it’s a little pricey for a ‘market’.

Alejo Ceballos

All kind of food, a lot of visual information when you just come in. Walked around for like half an hour until I decided what to eat. To many options. Crowded with tourists. Totally different from all markets I've been. Worthy experience. Too hot though.

Robert Ballesteros

Love this place. You can always find something delicious to satisfy your craving! I was there for lunch so it was expectedly busy but the place I went to (PBJ•LA) was fast, and quite tasty!

Brendan Jones

Great, hip, public food court! LOTS of unique options to eat & drink. A little pricey, but standard for L.A.


I love this place! If you're planning to visit this place then I'd definitely recommend trying out "Eggslut."

Abhinav Ramani

Average food. Definitely doesn’t live up to the hype of other reviews here. If you’re from good quality food heritage, nothing to die for here. Bit pricey for the quality.

Danielle M. Weissenborn

If there is one thing you should do when you are in LA it's definitely hitting up the Grand Central Market for some amazing grub and vibes. Too many choices to name .... Just go an wing it. You will not be disappointed.

Jack Smith

Atmosphere was fantastic and there was such a wide range of food available. The smells were great and were everchanging as you walked through. Definitely coming back here again

Faten Alabed

very cool place to get all kinds of food, the atmosphere was really nice, a but crowded but nothing too crazy, we found seats easily. This was my first time & I went to PRAWN and got the Thai lobster roll & shrimp & chips, which were delicioussss! my brother got the sticky rice but wasn’t full so he got the pizza and said it was the best he tried!!! Should definitely visit!

Travis Holmes

More options than I've ever been presented in my life. Wonderful energy. An oasis of kind people in an otherwise seedy area of town.

Gerrit Kruidhof

Vibrant fun food market with all sorts of delicious offerings to tempt your palette. Come hungry, leave satisfied. Way too many choices from ramen to BBQ to Mexican to filipino to German to grass fed meat to pastrami to oysters to coffee to desserts... and many more. When we showed up, the German food stall even had a very entertaining band playing, apparently for Oktoberfest. Unlike nearby businesses, there are actually restrooms available here too.

Alex Holladay

This is such an easy decision. No matter what you’re in the mood for. You’re in the mood for this market. Every cuisine out there. Every star level. So good. So fast. Such an awesome place.

Micah Kaufman Wright

A wonderful indoor market! The aisles are crammed with excellent food shops specializing in several dishes each, and a few side shops offering jewelry or spices. There's a lot to choose from before you eat. Then you can sit in one of several seating areas and enjoy!

Kim Her

Super chill! They have all kinds of foods to eat there, definitely a really chill spot to drink and eat. Farmers markets galore. I wasn't even aware they had a place like this in L.A.

Nancy Littlefield

We came for breakfast at Eggslut, when most stalls were still prepping for the day, so didn't get the full experience. Definitely returning for lunch or casual dinner. Tons of food options - literally something for everyone - and several seating areas. Love the neon signs!

Stewart Saldana

Great place to hang out alone or with your special someone. Lots of places to choose from good vibes only.

David sulley

Amazing place for food, great selection of different dishes. Reasonable pricing, great atmosphere with chill vibes. Can get hot in the summer so sit near a fan!

Melissa Ok

Nice market! I love all the variety there, but I didn't really love anything I got lol the prawn coastal was pretty good though, also liked the coconut pie at Sari Sari

estrella galindo

~i love this place, love the food variety...i have tried many of the food places, and they are delicious!! Rvrn my 2 kids love coming for food here!! Highly recommended~

Eric Garcia

I hadn't been to the Grand Central Market in at least one year and many things have changed. Some of the vendors I would buy from are no longer there. One thing that is still there is Ana Maria's Mexican Food. Hands down, this is the best and busiest food stand in the entire market. The chicken burrito is the best. It is a little pricey at $10 dollars but it's not everyday I visit the market since I do live in Riverside county. The tacos are delicious as well. Give this place a try and ask for Jesus. He'll hook you up.

Ricardo Sevilla

Grand Central Market! Has same feel from two decades ago with a more modern decor. Place to go get a quick bite...different food options...Carnitas Tacos...Chinese...Sandwiches...Fish/ Shrimp...Soups....Coffee...and of course vegetables stands to your delight. Sit outside main Broadway Corridor as you take in the traffic...people....visualize a changing downtown next to The Million Dollar Theatre...and Angel's Flight Train Trolley going up Bunker Hill. The ambiance is great if you like to poke at other people's cheese. Great place to hang out and eat. Iconic destination.

Jason Ramierez

Genuine Melting Pot. So many different people just there to enjoy the food and atmosphere. Great experience.

Lizbeth Kormann

So many options! Great place for a quick snack! We were there in a holiday and there was not too much people, but definitively not empty.

Siju Kurian John

One of the best place to enjoy varieties of Food at one place. There is Coffee Shop, Mexican food, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and local food available at this price. There is also shops selling Spices, Vegetables and Juice. We had food from Sticky Rice counter. We ordered Spicy Chicken fried rice and Fried chicken. Both these items were so delicious. But we think price was little high. We will be visiting this place again to try other varieties of food. There is also public restroom available. Pershing Square metro station is very near to this Market. A must place to visit in Los Angeles. Please visit this place by 7:30 PM as some counters close at 8 PM

Nathan Anthony

A good place for all kinds of food. But can be a lot better. A tourist destination. Will recommend anyone to visit.

Merr Peng

I love the food at Grand Central. Reasonable prices (for LA) and beautiful portions. It can get crowded during peak hours, otherwise it's a great place to drop by for a meal if you're in Downtown LA. Some good sightseeing too, if you don't mind walking. Get a membership at the library and park there for (far more) affordable rates.

Lynn Peavy

Not so great. People are sadly impressed by fast food. This is not a market. It's fast food vendors. sadly only one vendor with decent produce. I expected a real market with decent healthy food choices. One of the vendors called me fat in Spanish.

Tanner Meldrum

It's a great mix of all different kinds of food vendors, who cater to pretty much any eating style. I like the grungy aspects of the place. It is a great place to visit, even if you don't buy anything, being that it is just fun to look around and see what there is.

Lucas House

It's a great place that is filled with energy. The vegan options are great, and I'm confident to say that I'll be coming back here as soon as I can.

Rachel Adams

Omg!! We had so many great tasting items. We ordered several things from several different places-Sari Sari, PB&J LA and Sticky Rice. This is a must go place!!

Rene Pitre

This place is slept on! Everytime I'm in LA I stop here for lunch and I still have my tried all of their selections. So many places to choose from with so much variety! I know LA natives that have never been and once I take em it blows their mind. Great lively atmosphere. Only complaint is sometimes it's hard to find seating.

Daniel Wade

Great street food type market. Stopped at Prawn. paella and battered fish n fries. Absolutely fantastic. House beer $3.00 for a pint. Great vibe all-round the place. Just what you want to find after arriving in a new city and no idea where to go.

Jasmine Torres

Amazing spot for locals, tourists, or anyone who wants to try out different types of foods! So much space to sit down and eat with your friends and family. The diversity is so rich and many different options to satisfy your taste buds! Did I mention, to leave room for desert ? :)

Nhou Xiong

Lots of delicious food choices. Super packed with people, so hold on tight to your kids if you bring them. Places to sit inside and outside. When we went, it was easier to go sit outside (felt better out there anyways). Prices were around $10 and above. Look on the website for more details on vendors.

Nandana Hettiarachi

Great place to walk around and find food that you are on the mood to eat. There are bars, fresh produce, ice cream and so many varieties of food.

Mark Cheung

Anyone, local residents or visitors from out of State or countries should come to experience the wonderful cultural diversity food market. International food at one place.

Will Jacobs

A bit of a scary "Welcome to Los Angeles" moment here. I took the Flyaway Bus from LAX to downtown. Whereas NYC and Chicago are pretty well cleaned up now, downtown LA is a bit scary. I only had a day to spend here so I decided to make everywhere in one day. Security guards are everywhere, from Union Station to the Grand Central Market. Everything looks run down, dated and apocalyptic. I watched Speed yesterday and shockingly, Union Station looks almost untouched since those days. Grand Central was much worse. I thought I had heard this place was renovated and catering to hipsters, etc., but it reminded me a lot of a market in the third world. I couldn't recommend visiting here, sorry.

Jacob Martinez

What an awesome place! The flavors of LA are present for the most part. I visited on a Sunday and you have to wait at every stall. But that's an experience in itself! Come for the food and the people watching.

Gordon Pattison

Not exactly like it was generations ago but updated for this century's generation. You can still visit and feel the old vibe. Well worth a visit. In fact, worth many visits.

Duray Lawrence

Love me some authentic Mexican food, but enough is enough. In my opinion L.A has too many of them to do more than pick your fav and stay faithful to it.

Sammy Garcia

Old Town and Modern, all rolled up in this historic market. One can find a artisan bakery, quality butcher shop, and many quality food vendors.

Raven Night

Best place to eat! The selection is overwhelming and amazing. I love this place. A must see for everyone.

Marcy Acosta

Amazing experience, food at Tomas' was worth the wait!!! A must see place when your in the DTLA area. I would go before 5:00p.m. as some places close around that time. But not Tomas'...Taco were fantastic!!! Services was personal!!! Great place!!!

Rob Reimer

I would definitely add this place as a must see if your visiting LA. Great selection of food and a great place to chill and people watch. Great for locals too but just be aware it's definitely Disneyland prices, so it's not easy on the wallet for a quick lunch. Your paying for the atmosphere.

Ricardo alonzo

Pretty good, pretty neat! Endless choices. Fair warning don't go in there to hungry

Sarah Wood

I loved the busy environment that caters to everyone's tastes. You can eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week and not eat from the same stand.

Joshua Fang

Amazing food and great atmosphere. Reminds me of the markets I’ve been to in central and South America. Everyone goes to eggslut, which is good, but there are so many other amazing options. Lucky Bird has some of the best fried chicken I have ever had and the paella I had at Prawn was amazing

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