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3667 India St, San Diego, CA 92103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill IN California

Beverly Choi

Seafood at this location - super good. Staff is always super even when they have a full house. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. The place has a cool atmosphere. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Stacy B

The food was great... the reason for my four stars was the wait and the seating... this restaurant came recommended by a friend so we had to try it out. The only disappointment was the line, it went out the door and wrapped nearly down the front of the building. We had a fairly large group, there was 13 of us. We had a couple elderly people in our group. After about 10 minutes of waiting they offered a table to those guests so they wouldn't have to stand the entire wait. We waited in line for about 30-45 minutes and then after ordering it took about 5 additional minutes for them to get us seated. One waitress seemed a little annoyed with us because of the size of our group but overall it was a pleasant experience. The food was worth going back for when we are in the area again. Hopefully next time they will have a larger dining area and more cashiers.

Sam Chung

There's a reason there's always a line at this place. Food is great, period. Been a few times, and they have great fish and chips. Family likes their fish tacos and other dishes. Be patient; it's worth the wait

Kim Hilton

Ummm where to begin... well... I heard a lot about blue water from my friends on the internet that it was the best fish taco in San Diego and we did a last minute road trip to San Diego and really really needed some fish tacos. Did you that fish tacos have almost been proven to cure Alzheimer’s? Because I’m forgetting more things these days I really need to immediately consume some fish tacos. However when I got to blue eater the line went OUT THE DOOR and it was 3:20 PM in the afternoon. We had an hour and 20 minutes on our parking meter and we thought hmmm that should be enough but alas it was not. Okay so we get into line, it was hot and very sunny then we got inside but still very Far back in said line. Then we both took bathroom breaks but still had to wait in the line. Then we reviewed the menu and still had some time. Then I took a standing nap on my partner and then we almost got to the front of the line. Long story short the line wasn’t actually long there were only ten parties ahead of us but the ordering process took a reallly loooong time. then we got to the front of the line and we realized every order came with a lengthy conversation. We ordered. Quickly out of courtesy for our fellow patrons. Very ineffishient. So we placed the order and get two one fish taco and one shrimp taco and some onion rings. Onion rings crispy and fast. Fish taco was good. Shrimp taco was great. Tortillas needed more structural integrity. Three stars

Alina Cortes

We really enjoyed the place and will definitely be coming back! We ordered the fish and chips which came breaded in panko (not the traditional fluffy beer batter) but it was halibut and it was amazing! Also had raw oysters, a shrimp cocktail, & a fish taco. Everything was delicious and fresh.

John Townsand

Had the blacken red snapper and it was excellent. Service was a little slow with the crowd but it was worth the wait.

Justina McDougal

The best seafood tacos I have had!!! So so good. My husband and I are from Indiana and first time visiting this GEM!! Very long wait in line to order food but we weren’t in a hurry and loved looking at all the FRESH food they had on display! People were walking in and buying food to take home and cook; loved this aspect as well as ordering fresh and eating in the place! Not super big inside so seating is tight. There is a cute patio where there’s seating as well and tables inside. I got the track taco and salmon taco as well as a bowl of lobster bisque.. this would be my GO TO place if I lived in the area. Everything had so much flavor and could taste the freshness! My husband got a mix of all the fresh catches of the day as tacos and he enjoyed them all! When we come back to Cali this will definitely be on our list of places to stop!

Eloisa Zinzun

One of the best clam chowder I have had! Clams & mussels were delicious as well. Beautiful view richard59

Salmon and jumbo shrimp plates were delicious!

Jennifer V

Was a nice place to get fresh seafood. The oysters were great and the fish tacos were good. Getting only three stars because of the very long wait and the hostess and waitress rudeness in making us move over and over again. They need a better lineup system to accommodate their patrons. We were very close to walking out due to the rudeness

Vince Hernandez

Seafood here is phenomenal, you can't go wrong with anything you order, I've dined here several times

Sondra Langley

Their seafood dishes are fantastic. We enjoyed the blackened salmon salad, Maryland soft shell crab taco and seafood combo salad. Thanks to Guy of Triple D for putting us onto this place.

Freddie Vasquez

First time here, although my dad is a regular. He kept raving about their grilled fish sandwiches. I ordered the fish and chips which were definitely above average with flavor and seasonings. They give you the option to grill or fry on pretty much anything you order which is nice. I got a side of oysters and not sure if it was they type they had but they were delicious. Finally found a good Seafood spot that isn't over the head expensive. Thank you

Tom Young

Fast service. Food was delicious..

Mariella Briones

Best seafood. We love coming here all the time .

Steve Elmore

The line was out the door when I went. Waited about 35 min to place my order, but the food was delivered fairly fast. The wait was worth it. I would recommend this restaurant.

Lori V.

Amazing fresh seafood and the clam chowder is delicious! Definitely worth the wait

David Hansen

Great, fresh seafood with many preparation options from plates, to sandwhiches, to tacos.

Victor Calloway

My wife recommended that we try the Tacos to allow us a variety.... Best decision ever! She had the Shark & Swordfish in Lemon Garlic Butter, I had the Red Snapper & Yellowtail Bronzed (Blackened Brown Sugar Glaze)... Amazing does not describe the food here! Loved it! Going back soon!


Great food but there was a terrible rude waitress, I had surgery on my leg and standing is a problem right now so I sat down while we waited and I was told I had to move to somewhere else or sit at another table by the register. We were about to order so I stood back in line and the waitress then purposely bumped into me while I waited in line with my family. Not even an excuse me or apology. We've been here multiple times and never had issues. First time for everything.

Zachary Peck

Blue water cooks fresh fish as wee or better than anyone in town. Fish tacos have huge portions of fish and are wonderfully seasoned. Long lines just make the food taste better.

Oliver A

Fresh seafood and great service. There is a line and the wait is worth it. And the staff is very helpful. You will be seated when you ordered. They will make sure you have a seat before they bring your food to you. The tacos are absolutely delicious. My favorite is the soft shell crab (when available).

Kassandra Thomas

Probably the best buffalo fish sandwich I have ever had!!

Robert E

Stupid long line, pretty damn good fish tacos though. But you can also order a whole host of other damn good food. -1 star because the line doesnt seem to move fast.

Kathy Bell

Good food, good service, good prices

Riddle Routes

Be ready to wait a long time in line on weekends. What you get in return is delicious, fresh seafood. The red snapper sandwich was particularly delicious.

Pat Kelly

It's really hard to describe this place. The wait is terrible long. It's not very comfortable. It's hot. It's small. But my God, the fish tacos are like nothing I've ever tasted. They put a slab of fish on each taco worthy of being a filet. Fresh avocado, cabbage, etc. Just absolutely amazing. I would gladly wait the 55 minutes again for those tacos. And by the way, I had the fish soup (the one with the tomato base). Absolutely incredible. The waitresses were super friendly and gladly grabbed me another beer so I didn't have to wait in line. I cannot recommend this place more. A "must stop" in San Diego!

Gilbert Oconnor

My wife and I love seafood best place in san Diego for eating seafood tacos are great the beer people are great too

Jon Church

Fresh fish every day. Great staff keeps people moving in and out without being pushy. Great grilled options with different types of seasoning.

Sandra Burrola

The dinner that me and my family enjoyed was quite scrumptious.They were very helpful throughout our experience.I would really enjoy to go again. If you are looking for some good fish soup I definitely would recommend it for you. Sincerely,

Jon Olson

Very long wait, but very worth it. It is a sit down restaurant, but you must first wait in a long line to order, then they give you a number and bring you your food. At first it has the feeling of a fast food restaurant, but it is far from fast food quality. Top notch!

Joe Wagoner

So darn tasty. The line was worth the wait. I like how they set aside a table for you as you get close to the front of the line.

Corissa Bowman

Great food! Long wait was worth it. They took care of my gluten free request and everything was delicious. Get the blackened halibut tacos.

Michael Jambrušić

I had the clam sandwich as well as the lobster taco.The sandwich was OK. Prob the 2nd ideal I attempted in the location. The clams were great but the part was small.The real shock was the lobster taco. Man it was excellent! If I would certainly known I would certainly have simply had 2-3 of these as well as skipped the sandwich. Great parts and great taste.


Prepare to wait in line but know that it is worth it. We went specifically to have fish tacos. They also have sandwiches and plates, but we wanted tacos. First of all, they have fresh fish and you can pick what you want after looking at it in their cooler. We chose halibut, grouper, and cod. You get a generous portion on your taco. The food was fresh, tasty, and full of flavor. First time here, and I want to go back again.

Louis Bentivegna

They missed two items we ordered. We had to ask when are we getting the chowder we ordered, way into our meal. Complete missed serving our mussels and claims and we had to ask them to credit our bill. They had no clue what happened, had to ask a couple of times as to what happened before I got a weak sorry. Very poor customer service on their big mistakes of missing 2 of our items. Tacos were good.

Julia Rivera

Amazing seafood. We had the clam chowder, ahi sashimi, scallops and sea bass. Everything was fresh and perfectly cooked. Will definitely return on our next trip to San Diego!

Leonardo Cohen

Horrible parking situation on a Sunday, crowded, but the freshness of the fish was worth it! Would come back often if I can figure out when the best time is.

Jonathan Boyd

Casual dining with Fine flavors. Parking is a pain but the food is amazing and the staff is very helpful. No wait on a tuesday at 4pm.

Eugene Dietrich

My favorite fish tacos ever! Fresh as funk and everything is delicious. Scallop sashimi is like dessert for your soul! Dank yellowtail tacos.

Dugald Guthrie

My favorite location for quality Seafood. food was so yummy. definitely worth a return trip. this place has great reviews for a reason.

Bill Perkins

That ahi poke keeps me coming back, but the rest of the seafood is just as incredible!!!

E Fulkerson

Whenever I am in town I come here to get a fantastic fish sandwich. I never miss a chance to est here no matter what time.

Lizzie Casey

My dad and I bought the sashimi combo, which came with a huge Sapporo for that day. I bought an additional fish as well as chips to go for later on. I absolutely suggest Blue Water and also if you do not have time to wait, I would certainly just call a to-go order and also choose it up as the patrons did that day.

Chris Celis

Loved this place. The Clam Chowder, the sandwiches, the taco and their plates are all worth it. You can never go wrong with swordfish grilled with garlic powder marinade. If you like seafood this is definitely a must try.

Anna Wilkins

When we arrived I was hesitating to go inside, because it looks not very inviting from outside, an old brown building on the side of the street . But inside is actually pretty nice , the patio is more comfortable. The food was outstanding. It’s not easy to find fish which wasn’t frozen for days or months . We will be back very soon to try more delicious fresh fish !

Elizbeth Smith

The location is such that you won't see it u less you're looking for it, but once you go you'll never forget. I had never heard of this restaurant before but it was suggested to me and I took a chance. Im glad I did, I had a truly fabulous birthday dinner here almost one year ago. The service was lovely, my guests and I felt completely taken care of. We were even gifted a starter of muscles to enjoy while we waited for our main dishes. The calamari was some of the most delicious I've ever had. Once I go back I will update the review with some photos as well

Sherri Lynn Martinez

Food is good. Had the clam chowder, soft shell crab taco and the shrimp taco on their special. Enjoyed every bite. Service is good too and helpful in what to recommend.

Thepiggyrules .

Great in every way. Had one of the best fish tacos I have ever had.

Sawyer Jones

Best seafood in town. Cozy friendly place with fresh fish. Local caught favorites. Simple and delicious. Longer than average wait to dine in but well worth it.

Sinh Nguyen

I love it. Beautiful. Great food. Best Quality. Fast and Nice service. Romantic View.

Justin Schofield

This place has a market to get fresh fish direct from the local San Diego fisherman... super delicious if you want to take it home and cook it yourself. They also have a great restaurant here. Clam chowder bread bowl is top-notch and fish and chips is delicious as well. Occasionally the line can be long but it's definitely worth the wait if there is one. Can't go wrong with Blue Water in SD!

Ben Yorke

The fish was really delicious. The wait for lunch was about an hour, which felt like a lot for making tacos and poke bowls, but it was very good food. With the benefit of retrospect, I would wait 35 minutes but not an more than an hour, given that good fish tacos can be found around every corner.

Yolanda Moore

Great cocktails, lovely atmosphere, great service. Food came out lukewarm, not hot, but was really high quality and tasted great. Tips: make a reservation- the place is tiny; AND get the chocolate soufflé.

James T. Kirk

Prices are insane for what you get. Long wait, food was bland and attitude from staff was thick. I've honestly have had much better at taco shops around here. I hate to say it, but I like Rubio's better. It is awkward AF too while you wait. Some people claimed tables, we didn't, it was unclear about any process. It was just chaos and not comfortable to wait in line. The food runners were clearly annoyed with us standing there, which is whose fault now? Their system sux.

angela t

Think the food was great but didn't feel the long wait was THAT worth it. Service was great though.

Brian Cook

Excellent food at good prices. Large selection of fish. Everything looks, smells and tastes fresh. Get there before the crowds as this place is popular for a reason!

Ed Friedman

This is a great place. Top quality seafood, cooked properly. You order at the counter and get your drinks, soup, etc. The main dishes are brought to your table. There is enough seating, inside and out, that you won't have a problem finding a table. Expect a line out the door and a wait of about 45 minutes during peak hours. Consider it an opportunity to meet other seafood lovers, fishermen etc. For those with mobility problems, there are usually seats available where you can hang out while someone in the group makes the order. Parking is limited in the area so drop off the old folks before looking for a place for the car. We had calimari (the best we've ever had), the seafood soup (very good), soft shell crab taco

Diane Nanquil

I had the mako shark tacos and they were delicious.

Jay Ong

Fresh fish and good food but on the expensive side. Nothing too special but if you want quality seafood, this is your place to go. Located in next to the airport, this can be your last stop before leaving or your first stop after landing, but beware, there is a small line and a wait to get your food. Plan accordingly

Danny Carr

The halibut sandwhich was very good. Clam chowder not that great ,and Maui Maui taco was just okay. Line gets pretty long , and takes a while, but that halibut sandwhich was well worth it. Tacos go to Pacific beach .

Ian Laessle

The seafood was awesome. I had the Ahi poke, and the combination sashimi. My wife had the fried calamari and the lobster bisque. Mark Wiems was so right about the place.

Dini Myte

The beer battered scallop tacos were so bomb!! Fantastic sea bass tacos too! <3

Devin French

The food here was great. Fresh, well cooked fish, good salad and rice as well. The line is absurd. It wasn't for lack of empty tables that we ayodd in line for an hour. They make you order at the register, then assign a table and have you wait for your food. The problem is that it takes forever to get seated. I watched several people leave while we waited and several more while we ate. A little more organization would go a long way to better service and would help the business to continue to grow as well.

Adam O

Great food! Friendly staff, be prepared to wait! The food is amazing and the clientele is large so it is busy but the food is fresh!

Killie Crowton

The food came out very quickly and for being away from the docks, the fish tasted as if it was caught seconds before it was served to the table. It also came with a sauce which I completely forgot about but it was sweet and citrusy. Whether you enjoy your sashimi plain or dipped in something, they have you covered with fresh fish and an amazing dipping sauce.

Art Kob

Best seafood restaurant I have ever been! Always fresh, always delicious, always lines ;)

Bryan Morrow

Delicious sea food, but be prepared to wait!

Nick M

This place has the freshest seafood I've ever Taste it. The clam chowder was great, I load their tacos as well. They are so have very reasonable prices.


Love this quaint little fish market and restaurant. The tastiest fried calamari in San Diego!!

Brittany Palmer

I have been to blue water 4 time across 6 years. This place is always at the top of my list of places to go in San Diego. Their food is so fresh and flexible. It's hard to pick 1 favorite thing, but for me is their giant squid fried calamari. I usually get it in a sandwich (which isnt on the menu but they were happy to make it every time) fried in whole block and sliced on the sandwich to die for. Today I just got the fried strips, equally as perfect. And always a must to grab some raw seafood too to enjoy the freshness, none of that garbage vacuum portion packs here. Today I went ahi poke! But you cant go wrong. Be prepared to wait in line and for a table, but it's totally worth ever second!

jason casatelli

shrimp tacos are super clean and tasty. pure bliss. nice ceviche too

Alison Wood

The food here is AMAZING. I happened to go when there was no line but 5 minutes after I got there a line was formed to the door. Would highly recommend

Scott Langley

I am gonna say this is the freshest best deal in town. I've never had anything t this good and fresh at any restaurant. I had the halibut tacos and my family had clam chowder bowl and mahi mahi tacos all where stupendous

Ruth Looney

Fish always fresh. Best clam chowder and fish tacos in town!

Mariah Lopez

Ok, so...the photo isn't that great because my camera sucks and also I took a few bites before remembering to take a picture( I know, I know! I'm sorry!!)but other than was absolutely the best shrimp taco I've ever had! Not to sound All joking aside it was really good. I also got the calamari(not pictured, apologizes!). I highly recommend this place, definitely go! especially if you're a lover of seafood!! Everything tasted fresh, the place was clean! And there's alcohol!! Enough said!!!

Bryan Kirkpatrick

Great spot for a quick bite to eat. Many items to choose from and some great beers as well. The location is small and can get crowded during peak hours. There is indoor and outdoor seating. The selection and quality of the fish here is on point. A definite must try for foodies and seafood lovers.

Amanda Shuman

Best seafood I have had in my life! Ever! I had asked a local if he had only one place he could go to eat before he died where he would go and he told me about this place. It was well worth it. I waited over an hour in line, but the locals I was waiting with told me that was a short time! This is not a place you can quickly pop in for a meal! They also sell fresh caught fish that has been filleted if you prefer to do your own cooking. As I was traveling, I wanted no part in cooking. I ordered the red snapper fish and chips, their award-winning fish taco, and a local brew (see picture). You order and pay for everything first and then they seat you and bring you your food. I think I spent around $40 for it all. I was in heaven. Good atmosphere, amazing food, and the drink was great too!! It was too bad this was my last dining experience before having to leave or I would have gone back! This is a little hole in the wall place, but it was worth every penny!! I will be sure to visit and bring friends the next time I'm back in San Diego!

Cyn-D McConkey

Always consistant, love their bay shrimp coctail and halibut plate or sandwich...always love coming everytime we go to California and it is our go to placw on the way into town and on the way out of town

Melanie Nguyen

Guy Fieri ate here. Fish was fresh! But I've had better flavors and seasonings elsewhere.

Erwin Wu

Good flavor, ok service, extended wait, limited staff (on purpose to create the image of demand while allowing for tables to clear). I estimate they turn around a $500,000 net profit a year. They are providing a decent value considering the quality of their ingredients.

Matt Casbarro

Always buy fresh from them when I'm in town on vacation. The range of seafood is superb. The staff was very helpful and courteous.

Ed Ang

The best fish tacos with the friendliest staff!

Adam Christensen

They give you quite a lot of food and it was gooood. Seating and parking is limited.

Gregory Warnock

Great service! The gentleman behind the fish showcase was on point and very informative. I cooked an amazing meal for my girl. With great advice from him as well! Let's go Yankee's!!!

William Jewell

Great fish tacos with nice big fish portions. Two were a good amount. We had a ~40 minute wait at lunchtime.

Saaya Weeks

Long wait, took forever to get our meals. The fried shrimp basket was so small, it definitely wasn’t worth the price. I would’ve expected to have more shrimps if I’m paying 13 dollars for it. The lobster bisque was salty and it only had a few chunks of lobsters in it. My son is allergic to eggs so we asked one of the waitresses if we could replace the coleslaw with something else and she said that shouldn’t be a problem, but the cashier said NO and she was very rude about it. She claimed that they couldn’t switch out the coleslaw because they didn’t have anything to replace it with, yet they offered salads as a menu item and they could have easily placed some lettuce on the plate and called it a day. Also, my son spilled his water and we were wiping the floor but no one offered to help when they obviously knew the floor was wet. I don’t think I’ve ever had a waitress not offering to help knowing someone spilled water. One of the worst customer services I’ve ever had. The grilled fish and chips(the kid’s meal) was so salty and had so much pepper on it. We also had regular sized fish and chips but the kid’s meal was a lot more salty than adult meals. The only reason why I’m giving 2 stars instead of 1 is because the scallop sandwich was really good and the fish was tender. I probably would’ve enjoyed the meals more if they had a better customer service. Definitely not going back again

Joanna Kazmierczak

Definitely worth the hour wait. If you can avoid busy periods (lunch hour/dinner hr) but honestly best fish tacos that I’ve had. I also purchased the tomato fish soup that was delicious.

Andrea Fumagalli

OK you have to queue. OK, paper towel. But the fish is truly fresh and cooked for you . Good selection of beers. Give them a try, you will not regret.

Terry Rowley

Fresh, fresh, fresh fish and seafood made to order. Every dis I've had there was delish. Ir cam get crowded but they'll find you a table by the time you're done placing your order.

Joshua Cox

Parking was a pain but it was well worth circling the blocks for a while. Fish was fresh, flavorful and well prepared. Wish we lived closer!

Crystal Crystal

The seafood soup eas delicious as were the tacos. The seafood was fresh as were the vegetables used in the dishes. The service was good. Please be aware the lines were long waiting to place food orders. There is no ordering from the table.

Brian Hsu

One of the best places in San Diego for seafood. Get the clam chowder and the fried calamari to start. A fish taco or two to finish. All their stuff is fresh and delicious.

Ashley Martinez

I don’t really like seafood but it was suggested to us to come. The Codd was super fresh, and I could of eaten the batter alone was super good. The quality of the food here is amazing!! It’s also non seafood friendly for the kiddos

Noah Kodur

I loved everything I ordered. My friend and I got sashimi, fish and chips, and bourbon lime mussels. Everything was delicious. Service was great. Restaurant was clean. Can get crowded in the evening so be aware.

Omar Habacuc Hernandez Ramirez

Great taste!!! Try any fish sandwich with garlic butter, chipotle sauce and avocado, you are going to love it... I recommend you eat it with a Clam Chowder, it is super fresh! It is always full, but they are fast... you can try to go before or after rush hour and the wait time goes way down...

Randy Rhondeau

Great food. Get there early or wait in line!

Alex Mejia

The ceviche was incredible! The tacos were also very good and surprisingly filling. I can't wait to go back!

Chef Anthony Rodriguez

The food was really good. Had the battered fish tacos, calamari and the poke. Fish taco and the calamri were a great portion sizeand tasted really good and fresh. The wait in line is worth it.

russloc .

Whether you're looking for a nice lunch or just to pick up some rope quality seafood to n.v take home and make yourself, bluewater has you covered. I recommend the award winning shrimp taco and their jumbo scallop sandwich. Absolute stable for me

Eric Lauderdale

The selection is fantastic, I also recommend getting there a little early. They can and will run out of some of their most popular fish selections. I shared the following dished: red snapper ceviche, scallops, halibut plate and a shark taco. Each one tasted fantastic.

Kristen Mason

This place is amazing! But make sure to either get there right when they open or after lunch rush because we waited 30 minutes in line to order! We had the beer battered scallops taco, thresher shark taco, and a swordfish taco! All was fantastic. The clam chowder was okay but I came mainly for the shark so I wasn’t to worried about that. The location is small so be prepared to possibly share a table with other small groups. Definitely a must if you’re in the area!

Jamie Zaffina

Epic as usual! Cannot go wrong with any choice

Dennis Chenoweth

Absolutely great seafood. Worth the wait. Totally casual and family friendly. Don't hesitate to sit on the patio if it's chil9 outside, effectively heated. We were visiting and went twice.

Robert Holding

The Swordfish plate was cooked perfectly and Sashimi Appetizer was the beat quality in San Diego.

Jason P

Pretty good. Had the red snapper fish and chips. Tased fresh.

Szu-Ai Wu

It would be a long wait but it's worth it if you are in town. Gotta order the sashimi combo as a starter. Best freaking scallops I've ever got!!!! Super fresh and sweet! However, I would recommend to leave the 'plate dishes' out. You could order 4 tacos the same price as one plate. Tacos there are definitely a better choice over the plates (actually just a bigger portion of fish and with a bunch of rice and some salad on the side). They've got great beers on tap too!

DogpissWillie FlatbedJones

Red snapper ceviche delish. Serving staff...rude.

Marcia DiJiosia

I love the freshness and flavor of the fish! My favorite is the grilled lemon-butter-garlic preparation over their delightful salad with vinaigrette. My ONLY complaint is that the line is always long since this wonderful spot is beloved by many.

Alicia Cramer

These fish tacos cannot be beat! I hear everything else is delicious too!

tom napier

Great sea food; have gone there for years and enjoyed it. However really disappointed tonight with service from a couple of employees. I ordered a salad with ahi and expressed I did not want onions as I have an allergy to them. The preparer mistakenly included onions. I did not realize it until midway through the dish. I brought it to the intention of a server employee. She said “well you ate half of it”. Ended up giving me just a salad. Way below good service for such a good restaurant. The restaurant is obviously very popular but this type of service will eventually hurt it if it continues. For the sake of the restaurant I hope it was only a couple of service provided badly by a few rogue employees, not the general service attitude.

Sufei Zhao

The lines here are no joke. I got in line right outside the door, but moved only two steps in after 20 minutes. The problem is there's only one line to order from, and there's not that many tables. We opted to call in for a takeout order, which was ready for us to pickup in less than 20 minutes. The award winning tacotopia shrimp taco is so juicy and flavorful, it was worth the weight. The batter on the fish and chips was a bit too heavy and tasted like raw dough, but the fish itself was very fresh.

m Tanc

Easily the best fish tacos I've ever consumed. Be prepared for a line. 5/5

Becca H

Be ready for a very long line, but it is well worth it. I have to say this is one of the best spots for fish tacos in the area. Lots of other fresh fish options daily.

Mike B

Small place and the line was long when we visited on a Sunday afternoon, but they were able to accommodate our party of 13 no problem. My wife and I shared the fish and chips, and it was amazing. There were 3 large portions of cod and waffle cut fries. It was more food than either of us could have eaten alone. We're not big fans of tartar sauce, but this was the best tartar sauce either of us have ever had! Now we know why the line was so long!

Mitchell Clayton

There is going to be a wait but its well worth it. I hah the red snapper. Very fresh and flavorful. The tartar sauce is amazing. I would recommend to anyone that has a craving fir great seafood.

Bonnie Wilkinson

great food, they need more servers. Took too long after meal to get to go box.

Peter Boilard

Saw this place on Guy Fieri's show and had to check it out. Some of the best fish tacos I've ever had. Tried a Halibut and Ahi Tuna taco. It paired nicely with a Ball Jar of Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point. I could barely eat them both. I highly recommended this place if you're in San Diego.

Don Fuller

Wonderful dinner of local fish. Highly recommend

Jackie Zarate roberts

Went to lunch with my daughter. There was a line, but not to long of a wait. We placed our order and found a comfortable spot to eat. I was pleasantly surprised at the service and the quality of the food. We will definitely be back again soon, if not later.

Karen Berry

Great food. Fast working and efficient employees.

Michael Desmond

Miss the baby calamari, now it's just strips at both locations.

Yanyi Intiangong

This celebrity evaluation is for the solution. I have been a long time client of this dining establishment for concerning 9-10 years and also for as long as I could remember we could seat ourselves, and as much as I know it's still self seating. The wait was specifically lengthy today and I have a back condition that makes it challenging to stand in place for extended time periods so I took an open seat on the patio area while my other half gotten for us. A few minutes later on a dining establishment worker told me I couldn't rest and also wait while my spouse ordered. I described that I have a back problem as well as standing was truly excruciating and she stated \"you can't sit below we already set this table for somebody else\" (um fine but it's self seats????)More than her words it was her mindset and also the method she handled herself that truly place me off. I wound up leaving. If I can't even rest down while my hubby orders our meal, there's a thousand various other restaurants in the area where I can, and also with service personnel that do not have actually a stuck up contemptuous mindset. To be fair, the food is excellent, but it's not like they're the only excellent fish and shellfish place in community.

Lynn Fuhr

This place is the best. Freshest seafood. So good!!!

Jay Keyes

Blue Water Seafoods is known for their notoriously long lines and wait times, partly driven by its popularity, and mostly due to its inefficient pen & paper ordering system. I do not do long lines so, during my recent visit, I made sure to come during what I expected to be a slow time. Arriving here at 3:20pm on a Thursday afternoon, I experienced no wait at all before my order was taken. My "New England Clam Chowder" was provided to me immediately to eat while I waited for my grilled dishes. To me, this chowder was inedible. To you? You probably won't mind it, but I don't know how anyone can objectively tell me this is a good cup of soup, because it's just not. Most other people seem to not mind it, with even a few other Yelpers going as far as to say it's the "best ever" in their reviews. I grew up in New England, and I thus can't get my mind past how terrible the texture of the broth is. There's a not-so-fine line between "creamy" and "sludgy," and this chowder is the latter. A great chowder has a frothy broth of cream that still tastes fresh. The delicate clams and their briny juices are supposed to provide the flavor in a chowder. Here, the broth is mud-thick and tastes primarily of salt and flour. I'm sorry, but this should not be eaten. Don't order this. The "Grilled Mahi Mahi Taco" is good, even if it is overloaded with vegetal toppings, what seems to be a garden's worth of tomatoes and a full head of shredded cabbage. The green onions and small amount of red onions on the taco are fine, but there's too much other stuff. According to the description, there's some shredded cheese somewhere in the taco as well. Maybe I'll find it, if I dig deep enough? Once I got to tasting the grilled mahi mahi itself, it was delightful, and Blue Water's delicious preparation of very fresh fish is the reason why it is so beloved by San Diegans. The mahi in my taco had handsome grill marks on it, with its flavor enhanced by the sweet marinade that has been cooked onto its surface. The mild white corn tortilla was not bad for a seafood market, in that I mostly didn't notice or react to it, even if obviously was not made in-house. The white sauce used here is sour cream-based and bland. I found myself squeezing the juices from my lime wedges into the taco and reaching for the bottled Cholula; there are no salsa frescas available here unfortunately. I much preferred the "Grilled Jumbo Scallop Taco," which had all of the same challenges as the mahi mahi taco, but I was willing to forgive them perhaps because I'm a scallop fiend, and the scallops served here are large, buttery, delicate and, above all, delicious. Yes, my scallop taco cost me $10, but it was worth it. I would have paid more than $10 for the four ounces of scallops alone at most places.

Steve Renne

Beautifully prepared seafood in a very casual space.. best to avoid the busiest times cause you stand in line to order. Wish they had true table service.

Mark A

A fish-lover’s paradise! Blue Water Grill is worth the wait. Which is good because we waited about 45 minutes to order and find a seat. The line was a few people deep on the sidewalk at lunch time. So, if you have the time, bring a favorite human to chat with. If lacking a human, bring a book. It seems that you can also call-in order for takeout and skip the line. As an avid saltwater fisherman, my standards for freshness and quality are pretty high. This place is simply as good as it gets. The variety of fresh caught fish is perfect for a place serving lots of fish tacos. +1 for having a selection of different groupers. The fish tacos are a generous portion and very well balanced. The seasonings applied to fish are not overpowering like some taco places. You can taste the fish. And the fish is delicious. Two grouper tacos with added avacado filled me up and I’m a big eater. This will be the place that I bring friends from out of town.

Alex Norris

I found this on google Maps and wanted to try it out. I'm so glad!!! The food is so good!! Great service and just a wonderful experience. I will be back!!! What a great place!!!

Matthew waroff

Very kick back atmosphere, order at the counter eatery. Very popular local joint, incredibly fresh delicious seafood they do it right. Choose your fish, your seasoning, and your presentation and they do the rest. Very friendly helpful employees. Gets very busy at peak times so be prepared. Great local beer selection as well.

Christiane Highfill

The line was super long so we decided to take out instead. We got the ahi poke and salmon poke from the fish case. All the fish in the case looked amazingly fresh. I wish I lived here, or at least was staying for a longer time and had a kitchen to cook in. The poke was fresh, but tasted different from what I'm used to (needs more soy, less sugar). Looking forward to going back.

Scott Harm

You might think me the idiot for saying this BUT you really must enjoy seafood to enjoy eating here. Don't join your friends thinking "surely they will have other options that will appeal to my own taste buds"... Cause I'm pretty sure they don't. If I recall they did have one, maybe two pretty lame alternatives but really you have to enjoy things that used to swim or crawl along the bottom of the ocean to really appreciate what they offer. As with El India Mexican restaurant as it's neighbor, finding parking is, or can be a challenge as neither spot has a parking lot and the configurations of street they front; San Diego Avenue and India Street form a "Y" as you approach forcing you to, perhaps make an unplanned decision at the last minute. On our two visits to the hood we parked both times along the left leg of the "Y" along the aforementioned (a nickel word) San Diego Avenue. Warning Will Robinson (just dated myself in a nonsexual way) the portions are very healthy and I over ordered or under ate during our visit. The food is pretty damn good and the staff does they best they can to find you seating AFTER you order.....oh, and I was told they bussed the tables for you but it's really hard to tell...

Mark C

Great selection of daily catches and preparations. Lines can get long at peak hours.


Great fresh seafood. You will love this place.

feixue gao

This place is amazing! I will fly from Texas to California for it!

Eran Adi Cioban

I told to not leave San Diego before I'm having fish tacos. I was also told not to have them anywhere other than Blue Water. The location is off main attractions, but it is an attraction in itself. Everything is fresh, delicious and perfectly served with lots of vegetables. It can be quite packed during lunch hours, so I do recommend coming in a little bit later. But even with a long queue, it is still a must visit.

Linz Sharp

Show up early! People line up around the block for lunch service. The food is worth the wait though. Quaint decor, local fresh fish and quick service!

Vincent Lam

Great seafood that was fresh and not over priced. Very laid back atmosphere. It was great being able to choose a fish/seafood and get it as a taco, sandwich, salad, or plated with sides. Will definitely being going back to try the rest of the menu. Hardest part was having to decide. Service was friendly.


Well known eatery that has very fresh, tasty seafood. BUT !!! Come prepared to wait! Unless you are extremely lucky with timing, you WILL wait in a long line that extends outside and into the elements - No waiting area or seating. The place is very small but quaint and also has a connected gated patio enclosure for outer dining. It's cute and has a heater that warms the area somewhat. Because of its popularity, the line forms from the counter where you place your order, extends to the front door, and then wraps around outside. In most cases, by the time you reach the front to order, they can offer you a seat from the available options. Note that parking may also be an issue and you may have to use metered if none of the free spaces are available. Very tasty food - includes taco or plated options and has some beer/wine. Freshness is evident and shrimp was yummy! They have a chalkboard to note items that have run out. Nice enough staff who have a routine and process for dealing with and navigating the crowds. Note- they're very busy, and it isn't the experience or customer service of a full scale restaurant, but it can be interesting to watch them hustling about while you wait. They accept phone in advance to-go orders if you can do that. They also sell fresh seafood to take home and prepare. Give it a try - you may get lucky with the line. Or, as happened with me, two groups decided to leave and helped the line move up sooner!

Identity Tron

Always busy and always amazing food. Love this place. Worth the wait. I like to get a couple different types of fish tacos each time. The toppings are always fresh and delicious. But if you aren't so adventurous the cod beer battered tacos are delicious.


Fresh fish is delicious. Long wait to order at the counter, but food arrives quickly once seated. Nice outdoor service, excellent wait staff. Great fish tacos.

Paul Stallbaum

You will probably encontour a line but the food is worth it. Fresh great seafood with good flavor whether it be soup, taco, or sandwich. It's all good

Lisa Tollefson

Amazing food. We ate there twice, it was so good. The first night I had the Track Taco, which was conversation stopping good. The second night, an ahi salad which was very good but not quite as good. Actually, the salad was great, but the dish they used to serve it in could have been better. Even time I tried to cut it or spear a bite, the stupid thing tried to tip over, so it needed two hands: one to hold the plate and one to get the food. Parking isn't easy, but then it's San Diego, so parking is difficult, as well as truly awful traffic, the only good thing about which I can say is that it isn't LA. If you're in SD, go to Blue Water. It really is very good.

John M.

Delicious fish tacos. Can be a crazy line so was actually good to order online and then chill out for a few minutes and pick it up at the counter. Was faster than waiting in line for your meal. Then just take it over to Balboa Park and have a wonderful picnic. Large portions even with the tacos

martha stewart

Food was amazing. We had the seafood hotpot regular very big. Comes with kimchi,spicy pork, rice, pickled onion stems on the side. Hotpot broth was medium spice level, very settle in flavor to really grasp the freshness of the seafood. I would highly recommend coming here. You will enjoy :)

Sarah B

Cool place with a chill venue, only reason is didn’t get four stars is that the place is so small and then it can clog up and take a while for you to get a seat. Overall though, food was delicious and didn’t take that long to get to us. Good diversity in food and seafood seemed very fresh which was a major plus.

Susan Wood

Super great seafood, good prices. Getting a parking spot was tough!

Bruce Blomgren

I travel from Sarasota, Florida to eat here. I have referred tons of people. Amazing food prepared perfectly. In fact flying out again Monday for another dose of great. Capt. Bruce Blomgren; Sarasota, Florida

Richard Larrabee

Blue water the worth the effort fish restaurant big potions plenty of choices of fish, and a variety of ways to eat it. I had two swordfish tacos and cod fish and chips with waffle cut wife shrimp tacos look great nice shrimp chunks they have beers on tap soup and cocktails


I don’t get what the five star ratings are about. It wasn’t bad but not outstanding. The chowder was okay but not much seafood and too much flour. The best part of the fish and chips were the fries, the fish isn’t beer battered or particularly special. The sandwich was okay. The fish tacos were the best part but didn’t rise above the many other great fish tacos in San Diego. I can’t imagine waiting an hour for the food, I guess anything tastes good if you wait long enough.

Fred Kokaska

Very fresh and perfectly cooked fish. Nice beer selection too.

matthew lamb

Awesome seafood joint! Very fresh fish! Definitely making this a must for every time I’m in San Diego!

Brad Horrocks

While the food here is good, I've had better. The selection of fresh fish and preparation options are a plus but we waited almost an hour before we we're able to order. That meant standing in a line that went out the door and you can't be seated until after you order. The staff is friendly and willing to get you whatever you need but they are so busy we actually felt bad for them. Their prices are a bit high but I guess that's what you get for fresh seafood. I had the lemon garlic thresher shark taco, bronzed jumbo shrimp taco, a cup of clam chowder, and a Snapple and my wife had the bronzed jumbo shrimp plate and a soda. We also had the crab and artichoke dip appetizer which is served in a sourdough bread bowl with slices of baguette. The fish and shrimp helpings are plentiful and the presentation is very appetizing. After tax and tip our total was $77 and change. I would visit again but not if the line is what it was tonight.

Elsie Militar

They sell a plethora of tasty seafood options. Possibly the best seafood tacos in San Diego.

Lauren Frostad

We make sure to visit every time we are in San is always fresh and prepared well. We are especially fond of the salads and the tacos, but the ahi appetizer is a go-to, as well.

Rosalie Foster

Absolute fire. . Counter seating only old school CA favor. Very friendly staff got a few good laughs. The food was super fresh and delicious. Looks like there's a bit of a line at lunch but worth the wait. Will return for more of there amazing seafood.

Miklos Campuzano

This place never fails me, everything is just fresh and cooked with precision. Hints: Arrive at 11am if you want lunch (this place is popular). Grab a menu and remember you can get more side sauces. Finally look at the daily specials there are some extremely fresh fishes to chose from. Other then that you can't go wrong, I highly suggest the seared ago tuna here with some blue cheese. I personally like the tacos if I'm going light and if I'm hungry the salad or a plate. The buffalo shrimp sandwich is another suggestion and lastly the clam chowder is great!

LaToya Adams

This was definitely an experience. Being from AZ fresh fish is not in existence. I ordered a plate of shark which was very good. Portion size was amazing for the price, I couldn't even finish my plate. Also great environment, very laid back.

Sara Fina

The best fish sandwiches you will ever have are at this spot. Sometimes the line is out the door, but it is worth the wait. Everything on the menu is awesome. Try mixing the marinades for more flavor. Seating can be packed, but there is a little patio available as well. They sell fresh fish for cooking at home, too.

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