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1401 John Barrow Rd, Little Rock, AR 72204, United States

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REVIEWS OF Fish Market IN Arkansas

gavriel nisanov

Very good company and they 936293. The phone and it was so it's a good idea I 2. The phone and the screen and it was returned to discuss this with you and it is not the same I have to be there. The phone I will be able to get it to you as soon I get a. The tracking info for the phone interview for the position and the clasp the position and the screen shot of the. Hi how much do I owe you for the position of sales and the other is a pack the position and would u my name is Belle Vernon hills and. Thanks in advance for your time and I look for the position I was looking to discuss this with you and it will take a few days and the screen. The tracking info for the guy. Hi Rabbi I have been well over there be 3. Thanks in advance for your time and help in. Thanks in advance for your assistance and I will get it to you as soon. Hi Rabbi Vaknin I have been well over. Thanks in advance for your time and help in the college and.

Teddy Lau

It's not really fair but once you been to the fish market in Tokyo it make this place looks like a dump. Even the one at Baltimore is much better then this due to the lack of variety here.

Silvana Smith

We placed an online order for fresh fish from Fulton Fish Market. We picked the delivery day, the package was delivered in the morning. The ice packs were still frozen, the fish were portioned out perfectly two fillets in each vacuum sealed package (we chose to have them descaled & filet). The fish smelled FRESH and it tastes AMAZING! It has been challenging getting the fresh fish we want in Denver, CO. Now we have options. Thank you!!!

Denroy Piper

One of the best place to get seafood

Co Dog No Name

HARMONY MafiaGambino

Fish was ok . Except the last time my husband and I went we both threw up!! The smell in the building is beyond horrible . I gagged the whole time inside. Also hair in my food!!

Tiffany Savage

Thank you, thank you, thank you Fulton Fish Market!! I have scoured the country searching for a place that carries and delivers fresh cherrystone clams. You did not disappoint!! The clams arrived freshed and well packaged. They were delicious. The price was reasonable and I will definitely be ordering more, as well as other seafood items.

Adamenko Dmitry

Never been in the new market Ben commercial fishing for 16 years I hope it's the same one is the old Fulton Market

Vergel Wattley

One of the best fresh catch fish markets in NYC.

Olivia Foster

Best fish market

Mark Diesel

The Best Fish extracted from the sea. Quality and the goodness is unmatchable so far.This market has a big history coming up here today. The Fulton Fish Market is a fish market in Hunts Point, a section of the New York City borough of the Bronx, in New York, United States. It was originally a wing of the Fulton Market, established in 1822 to sell a variety of foodstuffs and produce. In November 2005, the Fish Market relocated to a new facility in Hunts Point in the Bronx, from its historic location near the Brooklyn Bridge along the East River waterfront at and above Fulton Street in the Financial District, Lower Manhattan. During much of its 193-year tenure at the original site, the Fulton Fish Market was the most important wholesale East Coast fish market in the United States. Opened in 1822, it was the destination of fishing boats from across the Atlantic Ocean. By the 1950s, most of the Market's fish were trucked in rather than offloaded from the docks. The wholesalers at the Market then sold it to restaurateurs and retailers who purchased fresh fish of every imaginable variety. Prices at the Fulton Fish Market were tracked and reported by the United States government.[not verified in body] In its original location, it was one of the last, and most significant, of the great wholesale food markets of New York. It survived major fires in 1835, 1845, 1918, and 1995. In its new location in the Hunts Point Cooperative Market, it handles millions of pounds of seafood daily, with annual sales exceeding one billion dollars, and is second in size only to Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. As a follow-up to the trio of BBC2 documentaries entitled The London Markets, the fish merchant Roger Barton appears as the central figure in a further series of documentaries entitled World's Greatest Food Markets. These were broadcast in the UK, Autumn 2014. In the first episode he competes commercially with his Bronx contemporaries in the New Fulton Fish Market. 2005 documentary with limited distribution, following the lives of the Fish Market community as they prepared for their relocation to Hunt's Point in the Bronx. Directed by Corinna Mantlo and Alex Brook Lynn.

auguy kayembe



Best live!!!

Hesham Alomari

Best f@$!& service with great quality food.

Mike Welders

Nice place!!! Would never go to a store to buy sea food again!!!

Learners First Fast

Very Good fresh fishes

Nekky Sync

Variety and prices are great to wake up early to

Suzy Savage

Great Fish and Prices


Great experience. Fish as fresh as it gets.

Sharon James

Outstanding,,,very very very delicious fish of any kind cooked to perfection,,,,the Talipia is delicious,,

Huschel Story

Great Seafood Fresh

Mary Criss

Ms. Shonda D

Macintosh Mechi

Fish and fries were hot and delicious. My 1st time there. I will be back. Cool for lunch break.

Norman & Alma Edwards

No other place like it in New York City.

Israel Herrera

Amazing fresh sea food.

Moses Ganiyu

Good place

David Cuevas

I came here for an interview. I told the guy I don't drive but I'll be there early. When I got there this jerk said I was to early, the S/O asked if I can wait in the Cafe. The idiot said and what wait 2 hrs. I rather wait 2 hrs in a nice warm Cafe, then 2 hrs out in a freezing lot. Again I have NO CAR to wait for you. No Hospitality and No Common Sense.

Reginald Clark

Raihan Noman

Go from 1 am to 7 am week days for the best quality fish in cheap. Can buy as case or loose.

Stephen Cuascut

Place is awesome fish is very fresh in here especially from captain blue come in and try it


Good place for sea food

Kashanna Jones

I have never had a bad experience....Love the food....Always friendly

Rene G

Love it! Everything you could look for and the best friendly service at 2 am...


Be prepared to freeze inside of the market. There are alot of fish companies to choose from, take your time, walk around and then decide. Ask questions, dont rush to buy anything if you're unsure. Wear warm clothing during the winter time; There is a $2 entrance fee and wear rain boots.

Ashley Barnes


Klenazo .

Burgers on the dollar menu have a bad taste. But what do u expect from the dollar menu lol.

donna demery

The food was great, they could have gave a little more cold slaw on the catfish steak luncheon special.

Shironda Mcdore

Eat all the time...

Lisia Robinson

By far the best fish I could buy in Little Rock, the size of the fish is decent, it's always fresh and hot, the taste is great, customer service is good and the best part is, they accept EBT! They accept call in orders. If you order in, the wait time is no more than 10-12 minutes tops. They're always on time with your order. This is the only place I go for cooked and raw fish.

Danny Herrera

Love the price not bad and big fish

Scott Camberlin

Food was good, but stingy on the coleslaw. Cashier did not greet us. If I didn't speak, he would have just stared.

Jamshad Hossain

Great place for fish. Prices are good

Kimberly Austin


Decha Roberts

Great Buffalo fish raw at great prices!

Jay_sowavy Swag

Can we get some prices of lobster n crab?

Patricia Shelton


Korban Ali

Great place for whole sale fish

Roger Miley

Lakisha Wallace


Kenneth Brown

I think the place is so so the fish ok but want be back. The price is a little higher than it is in Houston Texas


FRESH, staff is nice

Regeania Randolph

When I have taste for fish. Quiches the taste bud.

shaunda brewer

Second time coming to this place. Rhe catfish steaks are great!!!!!!

A Nelson

Tasty and fresh as always.

Shirley Myles

Such a variety of fish plus he had shrimp and hamburgers too. Location was easy to find but there's not a lot of parking spaces.

Orallee Williams

You can pick out your own fish

Earl Bennett

Excellent service and they help you packing your merchandise away

Tomika Robinson



Zubair Syed

So many variety of fishes. Yea wear warm clothes and something to cover your nose.

Julian Burrell

Just have 2 know what your going for

Corey Smith

Great Catfish

Sharita Young

They fish hot and the bomb

J Cooper

Best experience worth every cent!!!

aris ventura

Nice people very good food.

dwayne glover

Love the fish there fresh all the time.


Love their fish...reminds me of home

Jamal Nejmi

Salam. They are places that I have visited and they are wonderful specific lovely and that's all. Thanks for visiting me

Rosemary Stewart

Always prepares your fish the way you ask. Could use a little salt. Or place salt package in bag. Buffalo needs to be two Bone deep.Great people,

gregory baxter

It was good

Menya Vu

Good food

Tamara Stewart

The parking is horrible, I am surprised they haven't did better with all the business they get. They are nice people and they try to do right, but they will never do as well as they could until they get a new location. Coming out of the parking lot onto John Barrow is also a cringe worthy moment.

George Harris

Most Delicious

Richelle Jones

Prices are great, make sure you know what vendor you want in advance so you can ask where to park

marlon alexander

It’s ok far as the fish please ask for farmed raised. The shrimp were not good at all I will go back probably when I’m in town again. Fresh and Hot too .

lakisha Greene

John Murner

Joel Payne

Was excellent service fresh fish Everytime I go in there.....

Laura Eisenhower

Drove an extra 30 miles to get here for some smoked fish only do find out that they were closed. Very disappointed especially since their hours are online and we were there within business hours. They need to let the public know if they are going to be shut down. I was here in mid May.

Alison Passino

Being from Indian River (but having moved away)this little gem is a well known staple for all your smoked fish needs. Brought a delicious smoked salmon home and it was absolutely delicious.

Charlotte Manning

I love it

Jackie Wise

Everard McGruder

Love the customer service and food.

Latiaha Palmer

Absolutely love this whole sale fish marker

April Malone

Love the fish! Really thats all you should need. But the prices were fair and we had options.


Definitely an experience to check out at least one time if you're a seafood fanatic. Parking is $7 and make sure you either change shoes before getting back into your car or have sometime covering the floor because the liquid from the market will stink up your car like rotten seafood.

Delon Reynolds

I've been going to this place for years with family and friends.. Great place to always get fresh fish in variety. Unlike some of these other place. Beside the price, the employees are great.

ronvic rehan

Is there a way to know the prices

Barbara Pryor



Decent fried fish

El Malo

Great service everyone is friendly and hardworking hard to find places like this in nyc

Kings Table

Haven't been in awhile but going today! I love the food!

Shante Fountaine

Blue Ribbon's employees have the worst attitudes. They're very cocky, unprofessional and just rude. Seems like they don't care for the smaller business owners like myself. Lockswoods guys are great! They make you feel like they appreciate your business and they get you in and out.

monica green

Audra Patterson

Nice clean and great food

Angela Holloway

Plenty of food for the price; however flavor is bland.

gg ded

smels like fish

Savannah Thomas

Every time I eat their fish it makes my stomach hurt.It never fell.

Steve Protas

I was looking for a market that had sushi grade salmon. Selection not bad, prices were good.

Nadine Rheubottom

Went here and enjoyed the time walking around and finding what I. Wanted at a great price

Ashley Thompson

Erica Robinson

Pat Gangi


Lowana Hudson

Fast and food was delicious! I had the lunch special with catfish fillets!

Yawo Vodjogbe

It's the best place to get some fresh fish not

Mitchell Slavin

M Slavin and Sons. Best selection. Attentive and courteous service.

Sarif m.

I got great deal!

Rychada Goodwin

I love their fried catfish

Travel Backpacker

Amazing variety and quality

Edgar G. Kozlova

Tasty, you can bargain the prices a lot and everything is super fresh. Totally worth to stock up in Sea food.

DeShong Litzsey

Fish is cooked as you order. Read the menu. Some fish is foreign, some river fish, some farm raised. Be aware.

vickie parker

Great food

Brandan Ray

It not so good look for better honestly


Wow. Offered an amazing deal. Fast Shipping. Sea scallops, and Tails so far. Both were amazing. I used to live 15 min from Manhattan, last 12 years in South Mississippi. If I want awesome, I have to have it shipped. Thank you Fulton Fish Market Online.

Juel Lee

Awesome place

Adam Flowers

Its very nice

Darron Harris

I love their fish and they have wonderful tasting fish fry

nasir uddin

Bad attitude and smell like fish

Natasha Malone

I love it and it was very clean

Yvette Watson

I wish they would put up more picture of whole lobster or tail... more shrimp of different sizes, snow crab legs king crabs legs different sizes ..crabs different sizes and different kinds ....



Mark Taylor

Outstanding keep up good work

Julio Queliz

Crazy place

Doru Ci

Good place for delivery, fast and easy

Rahiem Mallette

Its fair

nes bens

Good fish , great quality. The Sashimi grade Tuna is the most interesting deal I think. Dont buy the smoked salmon, poor quality even if you think its a good deal, its not. Only cash.

Francis Israel

No experience as yet. I am wondering why there isn't a more suitable time to accommodate customers who want to purchase the product? The time from 1:00am - 7:00am is definitely to early. Can they set a more reasonable time?

Omar Smith

Love it


Best place to find the freshest fish!


A great fast food feast! My favorite catfish steak

Steve Holland

It is not & delicious.

Curtiss Miller

Food always hot, the price is reasonable, and they are always polite.

Marcia Childress

Great place to buy catfish tails. I have to travel from North Little Rock to purchase them!!

Zo Brad

Excellent food

Ali Montoya

A little bit expensive

Mo_ Muscle351

Prices are so freaking good.. ..

John White

Great Fish and Timely Service

Kimberly Guy

Matthew Hyland

Impressive size and selection of fish. Everyone is friendly and willing to help make a selection Bring a coat!

Marlene Reid

Get real fresh fish at reasonable price .

cesar cabrera

Cheap seafood for early birds

Jane Bakari

Not bad, good deal for the family. We had our order cooked for take out.

Charlene Plummer

Great fresh fish: American Catfish and Buffalo Rib platters.

Darlene Willis

Great cooking oil was fresh and food.

Nita Wilson

The fish and sides really tasty

Susan Al-Aliwi

Lakeshia Swanigan

Good fish!

Guess Who

Food has hot with nice portions

Timothy Green


Dlaw Smith

The American steaks and fillets are very good! Good food!

manny n Marji

great place to buy fresh fish and prices are really great. people are so friendly highly highly recommended. i drive 4 hours to get there each month so i can go and get fresh fish. it is so worth it.

Jose A.M

Great place to buy fish at wholesale prices. But bring a jacket it WILL BE ICE COLD!

Michelle Cholewczynski

lance lexus

Wholesale Fish Market, where u can buy fish to sell or if u have an event that requires a large amount of seafood. They have any seafood you can think of. I personally buy from M Slavin and Son, because they are the only ones that cleans the fish for us.

Latasha Lewis Henderson

The Food is Amazing! I am addicted to getting this at least once a week three pieces of fish for $10 always fresh hot and so so delicious! I don't care what side of town I'm in if I'm ever craving fish this will definitely be the place to stop no it doesn't have a eating section but hey it's worth it try it!

Francesca Baker

The lunch special is a great value, and they have specialty options like tails and buffalo ribs.

Renarta Moore

I grew up in Little Rock and this some of the worse fish I have had. I had the so called river fish which we grew up on. Not season and cook hard.Now they charging more for so call American fish or farm raised fish. Then charging different price for river fish or imported. This place is a NO GO

Tonya Kelley

margaretrobinson robinson

Love taste of fish

Bettie Kimble

First time and it was goooooood

Lolita Barnes

Prices are great


This is the 2nd largest fish market in the world and the best show in the New York City area. It’s free to see and you can purchase world class fish at wholesale prices. You can also watch some of the best fish mongers in the world filet giant tuna. It’s worth going in the middle of the night. Make sure to walk all around and take your GoPro or DSLR! I love this market and the amazing people who work there and the spectacular fish they sell!

Shelia Brown

I love there shrimp they are big..

Larry Jahrohme Hill


Philip Lewis

Janaka de silva

Fresh water fish live... sea food fresh...

Valerie Brown

mohamed wazeer

Service is sucks, expensive

John Dumas

The buffalo fish that I had was delicious!

Kristina Allen


Chanhee Lee

So fresh seafood

Ayisha Doward

Best and only place for purchasing fresh seafood!

Swicc Conyac


Joyce Thompson

Always enjoy the food.

QStarr Daze

Tax is crazy. If something cost 9.99 your whole order is going to be like 16.99 for the same thing. Idk. Everything is calculated on a calculator just like Waffle House. Food is great just adds up so fast! Lol

Michelle Brown

Excellent food!

Ashish Thomas

Fresh sea food. Wide variety

Munshi Zaman

Fulton fish market is like Mafia zone. Very negative attitudes. Very unprofessional, no customer service at all. I purchased 1 box catfish which was 57 lbs. When we get in a local grocery at bronx we found only 48 lb. Please be careful about, "J & K Seafood Inc." Anything you buy from them weigh them first. Do not believe this store.

Kentric Jones

Malcolm Morris

Shaheeda Abdullah

All I can say is that the fish is good.

Phoenix Bui

Great prices for fresh seafood

Natasha King

Selling one type of fish as another type of fish and over battering it so people wont recognize its not what they are ordering.

Lamont Jackson

Good place to go buy raw & cooked fish!

Johnny Riley

Food was good and the staff were very nice.

Zachary Thwing

Wear clothes and shoes you don't mind throwing away. Amazing fish, scallops, and anything you want from the ocean. Go to Blue Ribbon, they have the best Tuna.



kimberly Avant Momphrey

I asked for American fish & received imported & after driving 20 miles home I returned to get the fish I can eat along with compensation (half off my original 40$ ticket) well the owner refused to do anything but swap out the fish. I then asked for a full refund and he claimed to not know how to use the credit card machine to refund my money. I will NEVER visit again!!

Charlette Lewis/Lacefield

Management was horrible I ordered two lunch specials and only got one when I question management about the orders he got very angry and disrespectful

Denise Nored

Always fresh

Josephine Bejide

Well organized but they need to open on Saturday morning too

Debra Torrence

I go to this place quite often love the catfish steaks. I have gotten both cooked and raw catfish steaks and have never been nothing but good. Best fried okra in this town.

Sema Norton

Very fast and efficient

shannon thompson

I went there to buy fish and the price was pity expensive. Not only that but there was only 1 man selling fish by the pound, everyone else was selling by the case..

MarkB Smith

Great catfish & wings!

Winston G. Christian Ministries

Great price.

Sonja Baker

Karen Connally

Excellent fish and sides!

emad muhanna

I thought the prices will be cheaper than anywhere else it was the opposite it was more expensive than other places

Tiffany Morris

Great fish and customer service

Chon Loudd

Excellent food

Seth Elle

The prices are very right here it's very affordable I went there with 40+ and came home with alot of fish. You very a very sweet deal when you buy your things in bulk. The prices you see here you won't find them anywhere else.

Dylan's Dailies

Good food a bit expensive

Melanie Bass

Love it !!!

Martin Del Rosario

Big fish market, fresh fish for buy

Kendra Spencer

Not.what I expected, but decent prices and friendly environment

Douglas Turner-Wyatt

I only go here for my fish!!!! Whiting, catfish, gizzards and its not expensive

Robert Nelson

Great place to get fresh seafood. Need to bring a change of clothes if you are going anywhere but home after being there. You smell like fish!

Aaron Max Epstein

Best prices, super friendly and freshest fish.

s j

Bring warm clothes and rainboots!

Plaura Hunter

Good lunch specials. Good price. Fast service

Andrew Wilbon

Excellent Fish

Mark Romero

You can buy cheap for wholesale. Lot of option for seafoods.

Kathleen Dixon

Love buffalo fish fillet are the best i have tasted! Thank you for your service Love

Richard White

They were rude.

May Newton

Seafood here are always fresh and sweet! Best view and best place to have seafood in NY. Recommend come here when they just open, and you don't need to wait on the long line.

Yang Hu

The seafood in the market is very fresh and the variety is complete, but I have to say that its price is not cheap (some of the same products), I think maybe someone will not care, but I would like to say do not sleep at night, but also spend Expensive, not worth it, do not believe you can compare the Chinese supermarkets, of course, I often go to buy seafood, I am not open supermarkets, I just want those who want to buy small fish, as well as shellfish Help, you can go to Chinese supermarkets, cheaper, and will help you clean, but to buy tuna, salmon, sharks and other large fish friends, or to go here. There is a seafood market to buy seafood should ask how many price to buy fish boss's good eyesight can see if you are a big customer. Then there may be very busy, most of the boss is not very good attitude, they are only willing to answer a box or a large package of goods prices. Do not like a pound or a lot of money. Finally, I hope everyone happy shopping

Michael Delaney

Not for tourists - all industry and serious buyers for food service only.

doris lee

For some reason every time I have gone there (2) my order is wrong. I thought it was just me but a customer came back to return her order because it was wrong too. Always check your order before you leave. I love the fish !

Dwight Pugh

Love they fish

Byron Coleman

Nice and friendly place to eat and good service always

Brett Grover

Crazy beyond fresh crazy vibe far and away best deal huge tuna steaks

Trudat Marcelle

Wonderful service

Angel Barbosa

The new Fulton fish Market is a excellent place to shop for the freshest seafood you could buy with in the five boroughs .it is open to the public. There are many vendors to choose for parking available. Very good experience, first time shopping there .you should call before going there if you have any questions. open In the early morning hours only during the work week. Not open on weekends or holidays. You could also get directions and phone number on Google maps .taste the difference enjoy.

Karine AG

Besides the place is scary..great prices,fresh seafood

J Langdon

Hard to beat these low prices. They will even forklift your purchases to your car for you. You can purchase even the hardest to find seafood such as Jackknife clams.


They have the best frozen or fresh seafood in the east coast really recommend it if you need fish the have a huge variety of anything you can think of that has to do with seafood.

Graceann Dodd

I was delighted to be here was my 1st time everything was fresh and perfect I will be going back

Anthony Afuwape Odunaike


twanna hunt



Marcus Marion

Ed Murphy

Truly astounding how busy this place is. At 2:00AM it is a city into itself, and all manner of seafood and seafood related products are in evidence. I consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable about seafood, and I learn more every time I come to the New Fulton Fish Market. Truly an experience.

Demarius Mayes

I love this place. All the workers are helpful and nice. This place is awesome. Make sure you bring you a light jacket because its cold in there. I really love this place.

Brian Slavens

Great selection of different things, smoked fish is so good. A must do in Michigan.


The best smoked fish in the world

Dawn Sarna

Smoked whitefish is great. Jerky is good and the fresh pork rinds are the bomb. Fish dinners are pretty good.

Susan Pell

Amazingly delicious smoked salmon, lake trout, and white fish!

Andy Brewer

Julia Hayes

We love the fish and the ladies were so nice to work with us when we didn't know how to order! They went above and beyond.

Jessica Groen

We were on our way up north & made a special stop here (because we love smoked fish) only to find them closed. Google states they're opened until 6:30 on Sundays. Pretty bummed we couldn't try the fish

Chris Carson

Excellent fish

Salman Alomory

Fish and price are the best

Dee Olekas

Crazy fun if you are a foodie! Great prices but you almost always have to buy in bulk. Oh, and take off your shoes and put them in a bag before getting in the car. Even your clothes will smell fishy, but worth it for the adventure!

Jonathan Garcia

Wholesale only. Only vendors with ice tables will sell per pound, but usually at a minimum. Anything in boxes is bulk. Come caffeinated, but don't expect much explanation. Bring wipes for hands or gloves since you should be hands on with the fish!

Gye Jeon

★★★★★ good food& fish

Leslie Hall

Fish off the chain

Montral Brown


LaDonise Scott

Good fresh fish

Von T

Love this place great food

Fre Hickman

Not a place to sit and enjoy each other's company, but the fried fish is great. Parking is limited. They do have a good lunch special also.


Terrible parking but good food

Lisa Bryant

The best

Tammie Jones

The fish is GREAT! The French fries, and coleslaw is/always AWFUL! fries cold, and slaw taste weeks old.

Anthony Wilson

jose javier navarro salazar

Get away from this place

john Freeman

Deliver fresh fish here several time a week

J Lugo

Fish from all over the world gets here to be distributed all over the NYC and 4 other boroughs people from other states gets here too.

Masum Chowdhury

Best place to get fresh salmon and lobsters.

Germaine Miller

Great food great prices big food

John Knight

Will never eat there again

Franklin March

Fish was great

Pathway4electronics Enterprises

Major wholesale prices and clean environment

Teek Persaud

Very fishy, it's work

Pie pie


Robert Hart

The food was okay

Ravi Devgan

Fast paced big lot $25 for semi to deliver plenty of parking in area

miki murakami

So big and so cold inside. You need jacket to keep warm. There are so many kinds of fish we cannot see in Japan. It’s only about 30 min drive from UN.

Jithu cherian

Salmon is very fresh n great price

Allwyn Samuel

Pros - 1. freshest fish and sea food you can find !! I have never seen fish this fresh in any grocery store/super market or even Asian/Korean stores. 2. Most stores sell you by pound and not necessarily expect you to buy the whole box (at times 80 lbs of fish in a box) 3. Everyone at the store and the fork lift operators and very friendly and never rush you and let you take your own time to explore and look around and check it out and will answer all your questions. Cons - 1. Prices are not displayed explicitly - I am guessing this is partly due to supply/demand and seasonal changes and the bidding and so on. It would be convenient to check out the fish, without asking how much is this for every thing you find. 2. $7 entry fee per car. 3. Most stores charge 3% extra for credit card (some stores debit card also) transactions. Tips - 1. Go early if you want the fish you would like. 2. If you find something you really really like, before looking around buy it ! Chances are, by the time you come back after looking around, it’s gone !! :) 3. Even if you don’t find something outside, ask the guys- at times they have it inside. 4. Not all fish are fresh, some are frozen and even better some are individually portioned and frozen which works out great if you have a small family and big freezer. 5. Many individual families (not necessarily who owns business / restaurants) do come to buy fish here.

LaTrecia Williams

Try for yourself

Wanny Wong

I really like this market! Amazing selection of seafood and what a place to visit. It is not tje same as the old location, but still worth the visit.

Kyara Kemp

Their chicken

Rolando Hyche

Good Buffalo Fish

Anthony Barnes

Best seafood and best prices.

Deloris Hubbard

Not good anymore they have changed

Alexander Baumer

Great experience. Every type of seafood you could imagine.

Wilhelmina Martin

I drove there for the fish....delicious

Donna Levy-Quinton

Busy with a wide variety of sea food

Laytona Willis

They food is very fresh nd the session is so awesome

Talisha Brown

Tiffany Smith

The cost of fish is cheaper than the prices at a local fish market

Md Kayyum

I would really appreciate if they sell small quantity rather selling it only in a box which is 15 to 20 pounds box.Good for business or a big family shopping!

Katana Aaron

griffndor train

I love this little spot. The workers are extremely friendly and the food is good also. I like the little guy that they have back there cutting your fresh fish. I absolutely hate the parking lot though

Owen Thomas Buckley

Blue Ribbon seafood for live! Really interesting to travel ip here and see the inner workings of the NYC fish trade. Word to the wise, just about any amount of time spent in here that is over a half hour will result in your clothing stinking to high heaven of fish. Tread quickly and carefully.

1ofcmvp .

Fish not seasoned, Very unpleasant attitude of clerk and assistant. I purpose to NOT patronize Love's Fish Market again.

Mariani Kino

Fascinating but violent place!


Love ir

Lala Callon

Shay Jordan

Great place to eat

Jake Johnson


Kiss Da Degenerate

Disorganized for me....

Klassic Klean

Ms Jackson2U

Aaron Hill

Fresh cooked fish good.

Jessica Green

Elizabeth Bradley

Great Food. Fast Service. Good deal.

Natalie Reed

Catfish steaks were good. The fillets were OK, not quite as good as I'd hoped.

Carreca Alexander

If English is not your first language then you shouldn't have a business. I placed an order and they gave me a ticket then I came back to pick in up and they gave my food away and I still had my ticket! Customer service is horrible here. I placed an order over the phone before and the guy didn't understand what I was saying and I had to speak to someone else. I love the food but the service is horrible

VIP AUTO NYC IG - brooklyns_chuchero_world

If your in the seafood business, This is where part of it comes from. Most buyers are looking for a deal, Your better off building a relationship with a sales guy. If you regularly purchase from the same people, They are more likly to hook you up when prices are high or low in stock.

Shayla Landers

OMG where do I begin the fish is delicious and always fresh! Three pieces of fish for $10 and fries and coleslaw best deal Central Little Rock got going!

greg king

Good food,I smell like fried fish when I get home but food cooked on the spot.

Abdullah Al-Maliki

Good small fish restaurant

Uzoma Ikeanusi

Wonderful fresh fish for amazing prices

Annabelle Jalil

I love this fish market

Brad Baraka Balkcon

3 cases of whiting to clean

iqbal ansary

This place for whole sell.

Flossie Hughes

Kariatou Kamara

I like the place, good product for sea food lover

Alex Rubio

Mart Sears

Mel W

These people were courteous which shocked me you don't get that much in Nyc and the fish was fresh as well.

Un Vegas

Excellent Fish..(before and after)

Charles Bryant

Very good fish and chips for the price

Mrs Rita A Ervin

The best fish in Little Rock.


What a hell hole alot of potholes in the parking lot the street lights never work the area is a criminals haven the fish mongers are nice and some of the buildings workers are cool but its managed by a moron with an Napoleon complex that gets paid to much for what he's worth

Ludwig Elstak


icnow2 .

A great place for catfish dinners in Little Rock

Anoop Joy

Good place to shop if you're looking to buy fish in bulk at wholesale prices

David Blumenthal

Little delivery troubles but always fresh

Richard Tipton

It is a alsom place to get fish,the service is great. And will enjoy the visit so go to Fulton Fish Market

Ruby Strickland

Had the Buffalo filets and they were great..

Priscilla Lloyd

I work here and it's great

Dallas Plummer

This place is right across the water from Rikers Island and is in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. You pay $7.00 to get in for parking and there is lots of it. Things to watch out for: The fish market is just that. A busy place that's open Monday through Friday from 1am to 7am. Trucks must be unloaded and fish is being bought and sold. Walk only on the pedestrian paths because there are forklifts going in and out of the market to trucks being unloaded. Be alert and aware of your surroundings because of all the forklifts zooming by. Total nonsense of rude people. I talked to 5 seafood wholesalers and they treated me very very well. If I took a photo of the name of the company and posted it, it's because I recommend them. There is a fish that I saw that I am a new fan of but I wont mention it. I dont want the price to go up. Go see my guy Josh at Caleb Haley at Unit 110 where they have everything and he patiently explained how the fish market works. I'll never buy seafood from Whole Foods again. Real talk.


Definitely a good experience to check out this market . Fresh and cheap seafood. This place is huge and everyone are so friendly. I was there at 5am and nothing much left :)

Alexander Langone

Joeys fudge is gooood its weird i said that isnt it

Nick Schroeder

Stopped by for some smoked whitefish for snacking.

Paul C Gbhmagic Polish Magician

Great place to get smoked fish! Lots to choose from, but make sure to get in early or it will be gone! Also I recommend bringing cash as CC were not accepted at the time we went. The prices are good the highest I saw was about 25$ a pound for smoked salmon(they are going to vary based on availability of course). It's a hidden gem! Try it, I'm serious if you like smoked fish, there is no need to go elsewhere...unless they are closed...then you will have to

Ryan Dickerson

Best smoked fish and dip in Michigan!

Ed Buison

130p on a Monday and closed... probably best to call ahead if you're traveling far.

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