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REVIEWS OF Fish Bowl IN Arkansas

linda stokes

Renee Brandon

Lots of fish and pet supplies. A bit pricey, but family owned and worth ot.

Tara Williams

Lorena Drouin

I have purchased a number of furry pets and fish from Fish Bowl and I have never had a problem with any of them. The fish are always healthy, unlike big chain stores. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about the pets they have in the store. They have a wide variety of furry animals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. They have some pets on their website that they can order in for you as well. This place is great! I have been visiting it since I was a young child and it is always a pleasure to walk through the door and be greeted by the lovely staff inside! I am a proud supporter of small businesses because they are always the most caring, helpful stores around, and they are always the best! Fish Bowl is surely one of these stores!

Zelda Zonk

Great selection of fish and accessories. Great customer service. Nice independent pet store.

Derek Marshall

Great setup with meal and good prices

Michele Wilcher

Lindsay AuCoin

Rude people, selling animals that are sick, don't care about you or the animals and only want your money. Don't recommend going to the fish bowl.

Steven Miller

They have the best seafood in the area. Samantha the manager is very attentive to to the needs of the customers. They are only open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but the parking lot is always full when they are open.

patricia cruz

Es más de lo que creí, el mejor pezcado que comí jamás, iré cuantas veces pueda y lo recomienda con toda seguridad.

Robert Bianchi

Jon Francis

This place is not gonna do well in Texarkana if their prices are too high. Hope someone tells the owner this and if you don't believe me look what happened to the old feed house and fish Creek just saying.

Stephanie Parker

Good food! Nice staff❣️

Anthony Hicks

Good good and fast friendly service

JaQui Smith

Amazing surf n turff! Large servings. Great friendly attentive service! Beat seafood in the Arklahomatex Area!!!

bridget greenhalgh

fish died on the way home any one that says the fish are healthy is the owner of the store and writing good reviews for herself like a bastard when i went there they had a gold fish with a broken back

Lucas Witherspoon

Elizabeth Latulippe

Cathy Guignet

Good food but a bit expensive

Laura Heckman

Great food awesome service

Mike Trujillo

Looks like it's about to fall apart. Didn't have much for Saltwater either. Maybe had 5 Saltwater fish. Dissapointed because it had good reviews. Must be family leaving the reviews...

shannon Ragland

It was ok not as good as they say

Cherri Prevatt

Great food, very friendly staff. We must have been ask 10 times , if we enjoyed the meal, and needed anything else. Love this place!

Cody Raymond

Aaron Hill

Wife loves it.

Katie Woods

Rena Forrester

Someone wrote a negative review and said to look at all the reviews csrefully which I did and almost all the reviews were highly positive. Someone else was all upset about a baby guinea pig being in a small cage with a skin infection, etc.... did they ask the staff about the guinea pig? Perhaps these nice staff members agreed to take the little guy off the hands of someone and they were in the process of quarantining and treating him? Perhaps removing water and food during the hour of medicating was required? Often when critters are sick and need special treatment they are put in a smaller environment for all the right reasons. While announcing publically negative comments it is always important before hand to obtain all the facts. If the purpose of the announcement is truly to be helpful, rather than spouting off, such facts would lend credibility to the review.

Toni White

VERY helpful, knowledgeable, reasonable prices and super friendly! I'll be back!


Chris Dougan

Some folks drive more than an hour to eat here. Give them a try and you'll know why.

Peggy Payne


Penny Mullins

Always love The Fish Bowl! Love to come to my home town to eat great fish and visit!

Barton Moore

Excellent food and service!

Elizabeth LaCroix

Very helpful and friendly.

fredecia hendrix

My first time was a nice time.

Ken Smith

Good food an good portions

Megan White

Tonya Grimes

The best fish I've had from a restaurant

Joe Dellinger

Overcooked fish, portions are very small, free appetizers are are small in quantity, and the price is too high. The old owners did a much better job and was not as greedy with the profit margin. But it is the only sit down resturant in the Ashdown area that stays open to nine or ten o'clock.

Robert Lemelin

Need to add store hours

Janet Moser


Iryna Marshall

BlaQue SmuRf

Frog legs!!? Wanna try some gator?! Did I mention the scenery is great?!

C Hoffman

This is one of the cleaner pet stores I have seen locally. They signed an agreement with the humane society to not sell puppies, so they don't support puppy mills. The fish tanks are bright, clean, and the fish all look healthy. There is a great variety of livestock including some oddball fish. She also had the most reasonable cherry shrimp prices I have seen at a store in NH. Live plants too. I will definitely be returning.


Great store great selection nice people who love to help

Alan Burkett

Great food and great service

Terry Lambert

Very good

Daniel Benjamin

Elizabeth North

I love the fish bowl .its the only pet store I get my fish and reptile stuff at

Sherian Boatright

Great Food and Great Service. Hi

Megan Ross

Crystal Funderburg

The food and service is always pleasant. They are very friendly and helpful. I would tell anybody tgis is the place to go for catfish or steaks.

Bill Lowe

Cristy Smith

I oo expensive for what you get.

Bo Bocox

Fantastic place to have some good southern fried catfish!

Jane Lambert

The food was fabulous The waitress was very attentive Prices were reasonable Will definitely return when ever in their area

Roberta Judge

Great food!! Always good. Great people.

Greta Frost

The Fish Bowl is a great local small pet & supply store. I've always had great customer service here. They have a little bit of everything, tropical freshwater fish, marine fish, aquatic plants, rocks and driftwood for fish tanks and reptiles, food, tanks, small mammals, birds, & reptiles. They also have live feeders for herps. Everywhere you turn, there's something else! They are a little more expensive than your average chain store, but I think it's worth it.

Ashley Bailey Guelfi

erik burns

Clean tanks, healthy animals & friendly staff. Exotic fish, regular fish, saltwater fish, birds & reptiles aswell. Been buying exotic fish there for 7yrs.

Greg Brosseau

This is a big place with 3 floors of pets and supplies. There is only 1 knowledgeable staff member in the whole place. I went there to purchase a parakeet and the woman was very helpful and very smart as well. I returned a few weeks later to purchase a companion for the first one. I was hoping that the same woman would be there. Unfortunately the owner was there instead. She sent her 14 year old daughter to get me a parakeet. She couldn't even catch one from the cage! I HAD TO DO IT MYSELF!!! Then I had to show the owner how to clip its wings!!! Absolutely ridiculous. All of the pet supplies are DUSTY and OUT-DATED, not to mention a little over-priced. The only thing I found reasonable were the bird cages but what a terrible selection. I had to wash mine thoroughly when I brought it home. Please do not waste your time here. Petco is so much better and has way more of a selection.


Steven Reynolds

Love this pet shop ❤️

Dave Lawson

Great local place, and they know their stuff.

Heather Coday

Patty Daniel

Great place for fried and grilled fish

Allen Lambert

it's good

Candi Russell

Justin Kase

Easy to find but pricey


Edit: Forgot to mention the reason my family stopped going was because we received 4 sick axolotls. The first pair died overnight, they gave us another pair and those began dying on the way home and only survived a day. Please pay attention to the other critical reviews! A year or two ago I went in there with my sister on a quick cricket run for her lizard, was I saw was shocking and disgusting. A guinea pig that looked only a couple months old at the most in a 5 gallon glass tank with shavings, no food or water. I’ve had guinea pigs for 4 years, and I’ve never seen such horrible abuse and neglect in person. This pig had a giant skin infection on the entirety of its rear end. Red and painful, most likely very infected. Guinea pigs ESPECIALLY babies need 24/7 hay and water, at the very least 7.5 square feet of space, and babies need special pellets as well as needing to have their weight and diet regulated and monitored every day. I only have decided to come to leave this review now because a friend told me the neglect is getting even worse as she checked in to see the condition of the animals. Absolutely repulsive. I plan to report this to the state’s animal welfare officer because it is revolting that this is STILL going on.

Isla clair

Went in today while just to buy some food for my leopard gecko, crickets were fairly priced but i found mealworms very overpriced compared to other stores. $10 for a pack of 100 mealworms?? seriously?? at westborough pet in Westborough MA you can get a pack of 100 mealworms for like $2, even petco and petsmart sell them for less money. Also, i found the old woman working in the store to be rude and she seemed annoyed with the fact that i was from out of town and that i decided to buy the 30 count mealworms for $5 instead of the 100 count for $10. I asked for 6 large crickets too and they gave me mediocre crickets that were medium/small sized. i say just take your money to petco or petsmart instead.

Harold Lowery

Mindy Landry-Frison

Tammy Fowler

loved it. very delicious and fulfilling

Sam Newman

Loved the catfish & hushpuppies

Donna Pierce

Mellow Texan

It is my favorite place to eat fried catfish

Jac Brown

Just really nice people ! And cool lay out of supply and animal displays they seem to have all you could need !

Erlie Lie

Good food and good service.

Lewis Prevatt

Fantastic, food was great

Good Mojo University

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very patient and pleasant. Big variety and lots of fun accessories. A++

Ian Hilton


Expensive but they take good care of the animals

Lisa Binachi

I have been going to the Fish Bowl for over 20 years fish, lizards, turtles, birds ect ect. A family owned business. Knowledgeable, considerate, kind helpful staff , great prices. educational and fun! Or just for a visit. Stop in look around it's a cute place. Just bought a Gold Fish! Love this place!

Evan Quinno

Beanna Govia-Merrell

Very good food reasonably priced.

Floyce Parker

Great food Nice and clean

Paul Smith

Very good food

Robert Eichelberger

Carolyn Thornburg

blōhsh lyrics

Melissa W.

Love the food here!!

Jennifer Gagnon

Lois Durham

Terry Hawthorne

Angie Whitfield

Awesome fish great staff always good food!!!

Shannon Boyer

Great place and great workers.

Jerry Carlin

Allison Stone

Pat House

It is worth the money

Robbie Hilton

Lisa Hensley

Great food, but our waitress was not.

Nick Clay

Bob Jones

Very misguided old lady is not helpful and only wants your money will sell you anything to get it out of her store will sell you fish that do not go together and you'll have nothing but problems do research before going here or you will regret it! Go somewhere else! Not impressed.

Sonja Obrien

Robert Hughes

Great local store

Scarlette Hooks

Love eating seafood that I didn't cook!!! Go and Enjoy

david crowder

Clyde Miller

Alexander Cerulo-Dehate

I love the idea of local pet stores but dead fish in tanks and outrageous prices threw me off

Sydnee Kennedy

Sharon Allen

Awesome food and staff ❤️

Penny Reed

Cheryl Crow

Emmaleigh Duckett


Layton Perry

Ruth Rogers

We love the food at the Fish Bowl and especially love the staff. We're always treated as good friends or family. Steve, Janice and Samantha are always checking on everyone to be sure you're pleased with your meal and to ask if you need anything. We highly recommend them.

Tim Geiger

Tyler Walker

Corey N Billie B

Prices are high

Rolf Vanbibber

Was reccomended by a friend, and i definitely see why. Prices are lower than average, and they have a wide variety of small pets you could buy. Only issue with the place is that often you will hear employees fighting in the back rooms.

Melissa Corey

Chelsea Rowe

Bill Ryan

Raquel 711


Carla Kirkham

Closed now

Tim Sullivan

Very cool pet shop, much larger than it seems. Friendly staff was happy to answer any questions we might have had, even though we just sort of wandered in there to look around. Saw some cool reptiles and plenty of neat fish. Would love to visit again!

Treina Griffin

It was alright. Food lacked seasoning, but the portion sizes were great.

Linda Cormack

Fantastic, best fish restaurant anywhere & great friendly staff. 5 stars!

Aaron Rice

Very good food and great service!

Sarang Kang

Decide how many pieces of fish you want and just tell em as soon as you sit down. Its literally the most deliciously crispy fish fry I've had. Only open thurs-sun but we'll worth the wait! So happy they are opening a location in Texarkana!

Mathew McClenahan

BJ Begoon

Scott F

Fantastic experience! Marie is very knowledgeable and helpful!!

Donna Lambert

Was fair this time every other time really liked it

Armand Brown

David Weaver

Last time I eat there was wonderful service food and awsome set up will eat there again . Owners are wonderful people i would recommend fish bowel to anyone of my frinds to eat there

Jerry Davis

The food is great, the service is great!!

roger lates

Friendly and knowledgeable people,

Bonnie Cox

Lots of help and fish are very healthy!!

The Wicked South

David Reeves

Dave Goguen

Billie Sue Morrison

Very nice

Craig Desautels jr

My best friend that own the store I Been going there for a long time


Small town feel. Wonderful staff and owner. Great selection.

Mark Hill

Its ok!

Christine Whitmarsh

Great food good service

USA Ninja Challenge

Great place

Michelle DiBernardo

Chris Groleau

Best pet store around. You should shop here

Eddie Long III

Good catfish. Good service

Derrick Durrant

Excellent food and service. Well worth the drive from Texarkana to Ashdown. We will return! Yum

Tim Lutes

I was a little disappointed

peter B

Turns out it is not a seafood soup restaurant

T Tinder

Very good food and service

Debbie Droid

always good food - well worth the drive. and doesnt taste greasy like some fish places.

Melissa Horn

Great food, great service. Nice friendly atmosphere. Excellent chicken fried steak and the twice baked potatoes were delicious.

Erin Lavelle

The old lady that helped me and my friends today was extremely rude! She acted as if we weren't worth her time. She dropped a hamster and complained about how much of a pain that hamster was. We asked to hold the hamster I was getting and she refused to let me hold it. My friend wanted to get another hamster and she refused to even open the tank to let us look at it closer. I can't believe the lack of respect I got at this location. The hamster I got was very anxious with her but thankfully settled happily when he arrived home with me. I'm glad my hamster is happy and well now but I don't want to imagine how the other animals still there are treated by her.

Darren Edwards

Jason Pettit

Good Fish Good Atmosphere!

Mary Kesterson

This place is amazing...the food is great and the service is great..they make you feel at home...the staff is very friendly...great place to take your family to eat...

Lea Asbury

Katherine McKellar

Recently changed owners, expanded menu, updated decor. Food is still very good & great service. Kudos!

David Nix

Amy Poutre

Love this local spot. I get a lot of my pet supplies here

Harley Dyna

Tracy Breda

Been going here for years I love the owner

Randy Whatley

Great food & great service!

Aaron Reagan

Nice local spot, that clearly has a passion.

John Brannan

Great food and great people make this a must go-to for seafood.

Ashley Taylor



if i could give this store a higher rating than 5 stars i would. i've bought a few different animals from rats to birds. countless supplies; cages, bird food, rat food. they know what they are doing. people who think they are overpriced are insane. in fact a lot of their products are cheaper than walmart, petco, and petsmart. also when petsmart sold me a female rat when i asked for a male (4weeks old hard to sex apparently lol) they traded me for a male. the employees are kind and DO NOT try to upsell you on items. i will go here for the rest of the time its open and i encourage everyone else to as well.

Casey Anderson

Carla Thomas

Nice place! Clean! Friendly wait staff and other employees! Very attentive. Excellent food! We eat here at least once when we are in the area. Recommend!

Joe Burns

Great food great service will eat there again

John Sheehan

RON Brown

Marci Null

Megan Valliere

It's a smaller more personal store. We liked it.

Donut Shorts

Amazing little place really cool pet shop the place has two floors and they have all sorts of different kinds of animals, overall really cool petshop and they take good care their animals

Lee Burton

Lisa J LaBell

Ann Frost

Best fish I've had in a long time. Fast & friendly service

Shelby Schlomer

Amazing as always

Nanette Chiafala

David Franklin

A longtime favorite from Ashdown, now close by !

Chris Hutchinson

Eligah VanCamp

Timothy Bosch

Sheree Cloutier

Love these girls! Always have what I'm looking for! I love our new oscar, he's doing great! Thank you!

Debi Gibson

Love this is amazing. Everyone is very friendly and service is great.

Meghan Brown

This little pet shop is perhaps one of my favorite shops out there. It has been here for about +20 years and I am not sure how much longer before that. The woman in there doesn't push for you to purchase the animals if you are unsure. All of here animals come from hobby breeders who breed sparingly. She knows each and every one of them and what she expects to get from them in terms of temperament with the animals. The cages are always immaculate when I go there. She has always asked to check up on animals I have purchased or didn't purchase from her. It's a really good place to go for a pet; reptile, avian or small animals. She has all the cages and equipment you would need. It's definitely a nice place to go to especially for pets.

Lorrie Bell

Service is always great. Food is amazing. Home town atmosphere. We enjoy every time eat here.

Tammy Gibson

Love this place. Not only is the food fabulous but so are the staff. Try the crawfish tails they are so good. Everything we have tried has been good.

Christopher Vergato

Great place to shop for all your animal needs friendly knowledgeable people, and wonderful owner

Lee Hampton

David Godwin

Lydia Brown

Definitely one of my favorite pet shops, much bigger than it appears to be. Most of their fish, reptiles, and birds are healthy, but it is definitely a mixed bag with the small animals. Overall great variety and a very cool shop

Sharonica Gaines

Simply damn good fish! Always fresh!

Stephanie Matheny

nice people,good food

thomas daggett

Kathy Stokes

Bev Huth

Affordable, old fashioned home cooking. Great stuffed crab appetizer and, good hush puppies.

Zora Chadwick

Always good service

dave thimmel

Friendly staff,great selection..tanks are healthy and clean. If someone thinks a fish with a "broken back" out of near 50 tanks is a problem probably had a bad day. I've been keeping fish for 30+ years and have been a patron of dozens of stores, Fish arrive from the suppliers with all sorts of problems often dead and diseased. It takes one person full-time to make sure nothing like that is ever visible. They fit astonishing variety of everything else into a small store and I've always left happy!

Donny Bennett

Started going here when Bonnie and I were dating. Never disappointed. Now I take my grandkids to eat fish

Victoria Stricker

I grow up in Milford and moved when I was 7. It was Soo good to see the place I used to walk to all the time. And I got to bring my daughter there too. I'm so happy was there still and it has so many cool animals. If I lived there I would not go anywhere else for my let's supplies.

Becky Walker

I visited the Fish Bowl in Ashdown. It was a group of about 30-40. We were there for our 40th class reunion. The service was great and the servers were all so polite and accommodating! This place has always been one of my faves and the food was totally delicious! Great job, Fish Bowl, Ashdown. Y'all made our special event great! Thank you so much!

Kevin Dean

Great place to eat !

William Bonner

Great service, very friendly

Steven Adams


Dana Thibeault

The owner of the place is awesome she is such a trip and very helpful had the best experience in there I'll go back anytime and the prices are good too

Joanne Robichaud

I am a rat lover and they have a hole selection of rodents and rabbits

David Herberger

Always excellent food, fast friendly service, great prices! Definitely worth the drive!

jerry d robison

Fish were fried a little to much

Morgan Grossman

Brad Smith

Perfectly crisp fish. Good service

Terry Jennings

Awsome food and service

Nelda Mathison

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