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303 Angelos Grove Blvd, Marion, AR 72364, United States

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REVIEWS OF Colton's Steak House & Grill IN Arkansas

Robert Minier

Please believe the negative reviews! I chose to ignore them, and I'm sorry that I did. There were many things that were wrong. I didn't order steak because of some of reviews. (Glad I didn't) I ordered the ribs because I thought they would be hard to screw up. I was wrong. They were very tough and tasteless. My wife's vegetables were still frozen in the middle. They also didn't get my order right. I would advise you to go anywhere else. Very disappointed...

Phyllis Jeffers

Great service, great atmosphere, great food.

Marian Chandler

The worse management experience I've ever experienced at a Coltons. Walked in with high expectations due to past visits in another state. Totally disappointed because we never got served the food we ordered after 1 whole hour!!! Management no where to be found!

Veronica Michelle Evans

She did not like her nachos. My meal was excellent. It was more than I needed but I ate it all. Glutony thy name is Janice.

Pat Decker

Very nice, new building. Steaks were underdone.

Emerson Murray

Awful asked for a steak well done got it served to me medium rare

Ms. C. Bell

Great variety of meals to choose from. Nice staff, food was very good!

Lola Wells

Great food & Great service from Dalton

joseph mcdaniel

Food was great and not too expensive. Service could have been better, but wasn't bad

David Stiles

Great waitress and a poor cook. Ordered a pink center on my steak but I got a very well done one. I won't return.

Terry C

Great Philly and wonderful service!

Marilyn Muller

GREAT food. Quick service.

Viola Love

The service was great the waitress was super nice but I ordered the fish and I got 4 fish nugget and I mean nuggets I thought I was going to get a fish fillet but my husband ribs were fine just a little disappointed.

Crystal York

Service was stupid slow. We were there 30 minutes before even getting drinks and it took a very long time to even pay! We wee there for 2 hours and most was just waiting on the server!!

Jay Cullins

I once loved this place but since they reopened, I'm not really a fan. The food quality isn't consistent and they're always running out of things.

Jason C.

Terrible service and very small portions kids were still hungry when we left

Tony Williams

I had the smoked sirloin which was tasty but the corn on the cob that came with it (instead of your choice of 2 sides like the other entres) was terrible.

Anthony Holdren

The best salmon ever!

Jason Johnson

Excellent food and service. We were visiting from out of town and will visit again next time.

Michael Ladd

Great place to grab lunch.

Peyton Long

Service and Cheese sticks were great. Everything else was bad. Floors were super slippery. Food was gross. I ordered Hawiian chicken with a side of macaroni. You couldn't taste the cheese on the macaroni, just tasted like raw noodles. Chicken was dry and bland. Rice under it was over cooked, mushy and gross

John Baker

Wait staff was excellent though for the size of our party(15 or so) there should have been two. We were a lot to handle! I ordered a ribeye (medium) and got it well done, which wasn't terrible. The biggest issue was the lack of flavor in the steak and even the maccaroni.

Tammie Swain

Great atmosphere, wonderful employees, the food is unbelievable. And the best martini you can get. Very very worth driving the extra miles to Marion.

kevin murray

This place was ok. They dont know how to cook a steak ordered a medium rare steak came out medium well the server was scared to go back and say something to the cook because the owner. Finally got the server to take the steak back brought another one it was cooked more than the first one

Brok Vejar

Flipping amazing.... because i got to drink beer with my boss while talking about my future

Monica Watkins

Was short staffed so I sat at the bar. The food was cooked very well. The bartender was good even though she was stressed. She communicated very well that it would take awhile and constantly checked in. I was very relaxed in the environment and didnt mind waiting. Shrimp and Chicken alfredo was delicious!

Naye Conston

Never have I been so humiliated on my birthday!!! Prejudice at it's worse. Our waitress was a train wreck gone worse. She was very rude and didn't give us a chance from the time we sat down. I asked her if they did anything for birthdays, she aaus no. Well, the lady(Caucasian) next to us was also having a birthday and she was given a dessert and our waitress brought the team to sing Happy birthday to her on our birthday!!!! We asked the lady at the front desk if they did anything for birthdays and she said yes. We asked to speak to the manager and asked him, he said yes. He also aais this was unacceptable and tried to fix it. I appreciate his prompt response but we will not be back. I turned down a very professional, expensive and upscale restaurant to dine here and was treated with the utmost disrepdisr. Sad day. I feel sorry for her, she will cause Colton's to lose many great customers. Hopefully this lady gets a reality tvery soon. You are no better than me. Have a great day.

Steven Parrish

Lousy service, ordered the 16oz ribeye medium rare, got the 12oz well done. When I complained about it, I wasn't even offered the correct steak or a refund.

Nevaeh Stull

I was amazing food and I just loved it all

Dalton Stewart

The food didn't have much flavor and the waitress seemed to be rushing us out the door. The Food and wait staff are usually way better.

Tina Dozier

Very nice restaurant nice people polite staff very willing to help

Steve Jones

Very tasty burger. Waitstaff was very attentive and friendly. There was a long wait but did came quickly and was delicious. I would definitely recommend stopping by. There are barrels of peanuts available and the decor was entertaining.

Jennifer Wheeler

The food is always delicious!!!!

Gloria Fiveash

Waited 10-15 minutes and we were ignored - didn't even get a glass of water! We just got up and left.

Andrew Miller

The best part of my visit to Coulton's was our waitress Anna. She is the best waitress I have ever had.WE never had to ask for anything, she always asked if we needed anything. We had catfish fries and fried okra. The catfish was good and there was a pile of fries. More food than I could eat. My son had a burger and it was a big piece of burger. Those rolls and butter are delicious. Really enjoyed my visit

michael bradford

Good food excellent service

Brayden Moore

Salad was good.

Antonio Slayton

For some odd reason the service was off this particular night. The appetizers were good, but I wasn't to impressed with my entree.

Samantha Purcell

Pricey for size of food, staff is ok, wait to are usually ok.

Donna Abercrombie

The food was great and full of flavor. The waitress was great and she never let us run out of our drinks

Byron jay

They do not have prime rib. Disappointed

Jenny Douglas

My husband and I eat at Colton's often. Today was the worse food experience. The food was burned, sparce, and not tasty.

Maggie W

Great service. A small portion of my steak was cooked a bit over medium but at least 2/3 of it was a perfect, buttery medium! Waitress was attentive but not pushy. We all enjoyed our dinner!

Renee Hayes

Stake was over cooked and bake potatoe was old

Brittany Gaither

This is the only steak place that is near without going to Memphis. The steaks are always inconsistent even if you stress what you want. The bread pudding is real good when they try, but only come of you don't feel like crossing the bridge

Dustin Alldredge

The staff was very friendly and the bartender, Jess, was super nice. I ordered the shrimp and sirloin. The shrimp was good, rice was good, ocra was good, but the steak was tough and slightly over cooked. I also had the strawberry pecan salad, $1 more since it’s a “premium” side. While I was eating the salad, I found a hair in it. It couldn’t have been mine because I cut mine so short plus I had a hat on. It had to have come from the kitchen. I stopped eating it needless to say. I was offered a salad to go but kindly refused. No credit was offered off my bill, which was fine since it was only $1, but while i was paying my bill another customer was complaining about his steak from the last couple nights. I guess he’s in town for work and had been eating here each night. I overhear him say the steak was not cooked through one night, the next night it was over done and so on. To wrap up, the waitress staff is really nice but he cooks need some help and work.

melissa larsen

Loved the service and the food

Deloris Jones

As I'm sitting here typing this, we just got our food at Colton's in Marion. And we've been sitting at this table over an hour. It was 45 minutes before they even brought us our soggy, soupy, over dressed salads. Food gets here. COLD. ALL OF IT. I think my plate was the only one with any warmth at all. Now I count about 7 tables in here, most of which already have food.. but then.. as if this couldn't be a more negative experience, there are servers standing and eating at the booth right next door. They are walking up, munching and socializing, back and forth.. The entire time we were here waiting on our food too. Absolutely AWFUL COLTON'S EXPERIENCE. Edit: as we were leaving I saw- THEY PUT A NOTE THAT SAYS "DO NOT THROW AWAY" on the table where they are eating... ya know... just incase someone actually doing their job walked by.

Laura Campbell

Great service friendly and clean. Love it

dewi87 dewi

Ordered for pick up and only half the food was in the bag. Also for like 2 weeks they keep telling us that the potato soup was to runny I'm like dang how can you mess up soup. It sucks that the owner and the mayor have some sort of deal going on where no new restaurant will come into town. Ready for something new. Hate always to having to go to Memphis. Back room deals I tell you.

Alicia Yager

Ordered sweet tea got unsweet. My Philly Steak was burnt . Baked potato soup was good. Not worth $17.00

Nick Dill

Have kids seating and they have kids for managers the two spent more time flirting to me than their jobs. Slow food from kitchen. Servers are on the top of their jobs and I use the pick up and the girls there are always friendly and prompt.

Greg Guilmette

The bacon wrapped filet was incredibly delicious! Nice staff and very attentive to make sure you have everything you want, even if your done and just chatting with your friends.

Samantha Savinon

The service is a bit slow but the food is pretty good.

Amber Adams

I love going to Colton's. If you've never been, it's a country/western kind of place. Animal heads hanging on the wall, usually there is country music playing on the overhead radio. Their steaks are always great.

John May

Perfect, couldn't say enough! MGMT is great and we had a great waitress. Ordered my steak rare and it couldn't have been cooked any better! It has always been my favorite, beats OB, RL AND the other steak houses

Donnie Moerbe

I never fail to stop in for lunch, when I travel through Marion!! Food is excellent, Becky always greets me with a hug and a smile! Service is great, huge proportions of everything! The crowd of just good hearted folks, is delightful!!!!

Dennis Smith

Great enjoyed thu meal

todd Cogswell

Chicken sandwich was good but fries were soggy ...

Desiree Feltmeyer

Awful Service! No one would sit us for 15 mins everyone kept walking past us. Our food came out orders wrong and no silverware for 10 mins, then after we were done they brought out the appetizer. Only thing fast was the check.

Billy Maclin

The owner is a great guy, but the food can be hit or miss. Mostly a miss for me this time. Pork chops were swimming in water, and were tough and unseasoned.

Do Tu

I was generous when I give this a three star, the reason being, the owner actually came to the table and introduced himself. However, three poor experiences in a row, [and] after the new owner took over, is too much. Everything from a tough gristle steak to cold food. I may/may not try again, we'll see. Sometimes it is the only place to go in the area.

Shirley Scott

Prices are too high now with less food given.

A.J. Samusson

Fantastic food and service. The only reason for docking on star is for the cleanliness of the indoor window sills and the trim on the wall in our booth--lots of dirt and dust, unfortunately...

Angeline Hatcher

If you want to eat at a Coltons, GO TO THIS ONE! If you drive through/past/to Marion Arkansas, stop at Coltons. I moved home about 6 months ago and coming from someone who spent a LOT of my time at Marion Coltons, there isnt another that comes close to the quality of the food, or employees for that matter. The people whom I know and worked with here, truly care about the place and that makes the biggest difference. Ive still not found a place that is close to it, work wise or food wise

Tad Wells

Bad customer service. No visible hostess. Our waitress hid in the kitchen almost the entire time. Appetizers never came. Steaks were overcooked. Sides were old and not fresh Overall this place has gone down hill and is not worth the visit.

Adriana Streeter

This place is really similar to Texas Roadhouse, just not as crammed together which I enjoyed! You can actually have a conversation. The hostess sat us at a table that was still dirty, she walked to the back to get our waiter to clean it off. We weren’t given silverware and had to ask, which wasn’t a big deal to us. I ordered a steak salad which was yummy and the steak was cooked how I asked. My husband ordered a ribeye and a loaded sweet potato, his steak was cook fully done, which he asked for medium, it was a thin steak so you can’t expect much with that. Our waiter was very tentative and nice, he got everything we asked for, which ended up being a lot. We weren’t given straws, which also isn’t a big deal. I ordered a margarita and it tasted so sweet, I questioned to myself if there was even alcohol in it, and ordered a shot to kill off the sweetness of it. All in all, it was a good place and good food.

Tammy Morgan

Had my Mom's 73rd birthday there. Staff was Awesome for accommodating 30 people with several small ones.


Food was tasteless and they do not know how to cook a steak properly. Our waitress was very nice and helpful but that is the only plus I have for this place. Go somewhere else!

Damian Grihalva

Good service. There was a problem with the salad having rotten parts (some of the lettuce was old, dark, and slimy and some strawberries were brown and mushy). Mentioned it to the server and showed her the rotten parts. Told her we were not mad just wanted to make sure they could fix it. She was very kind and apologized profusely. However after she told the manager, he refused to talk to us or do anything to fix the meal. I was surprised at the discourtesy and lack of professionalism. I don't often have problems with meals but I imagine this is not typical manager behavior.

Teresa Kundert

It was so cold in the restaurant we had to get our food to go because in Augustwe needed coats and gloves.

Karen Bragg

had a great dinner Ernie came by table an Victoria did great job serving.

Eddie Johns

Stopped here for the first time in a long time. They have reopened since the fire that happened several months ago. The food was decent and hot. Our waitress, Harley, never skipped a beat. I give this place three stars because it wasn't very clean. Trash strewn about the dining room floor and the restrooms were in need of some bleach and attention. Had to send some food back because it wasn't properly cooked. Otherwise, prices are reasonavle, portions are generous and food is tasty.

Scott Plane


Tamara Oliver

Food was great.

Lindi C

Fast service and great food. Highly recommended.

Luanna Powell

Staff nice, food good, reasonable prices!


the best steaks its here


Food was ok. Waitress was really good. Ordered filet mignon medium rare, came closer to well done and was not very tender.

Fred Schmitz

friendly arrived at closing , party of one, aloud to order and eat no problems

Crystal Redd

My favorite place.

Peter Dang

Restaurant been closed for 4 days and wanted to eat there at least one day before returning to Los Angeles. What a big disappointment.

Karl Walls

Usually a good place to eat tonight sucked steak over cooked baked potato hard

Laura Bellman

Pricey but good. Service was excellent and food flavor is very good.

Derick Graeser

The food was fantastic, and our server was very nice

pgrsmommy .

Food was awful! We got there at 11am when they opened thinking the food would be hot and great, but it was cold burnt and awful

Nicholas Wilson

Seem like there sides done got smaller

Robert Perry

3rd time in a row trying to have dinner with my wife. The first 2 times they had to cook her steak 3 times just to get it Rare. This time the 3rd in a row they had to cook her steak 2 times. This is very unacceptable, a general manager cooked it the first time tonight got it wrong and NEVER came to our table to even say he was sorry. The manager has been very nice but the same cook everytime can not cook.

C West

This is what an order of fries looks like. Country fried steak with fries and green beans. Notice anything missing. And just how high to the plates and empty beers have to get. This place used to be awesome. Not anymore. Had to edit this. Getting charged for the missing green beans was hilarious. Just lost a whole family of long time customers.

Panta Barnes

Waitress was very good: Ashley. Food was very good: Beef Tips and Pineapple Sirloin. Was very enjoyable meal.

Mary Catlin

How do you post a negative times 10. In 40 years I have never been treated like this in my life, our salads were messed up when we finally got them and it went down hill from there. We paid 57.00 for 2 beers and one sirloin steak meal. The other two meals were so messed up we didn't even bother sending back. The manager was practically a child who had no clue what he was doing. Don't eat there. Stay far far away.

Shannon Rickman

Texas size Mozzarella sticks are fabulous and the steak was cooked to perfection

mark fiveash

Harley's was our waitress and she is wonderful...the food is always great and gets to you fast

Nena Passman

Very good! Good service and good food.

Betty Graham

Service was great! Food was fresh and delish... attentive management.

dash raider

The employees sit in big groups around tables that have customers, cursing and talking loudly. Food is 50/50. It’s either good or bad. But the employees, they need to do their jobs.

Augustine Trevino

The T-Bone looked like it was purchased at the dollar store in the frozen section. I truly can’t believe they want to charge $20.00 for that piece of meat. Took one bite and it had no flavor and didn’t even taste like prime meat. Never again will I eat at this poor excuse of a establishment. Good luck!

Erna Bass

The service was good and the food was fair. I did get a southern dish, the fried catfish and chips. The fish had a really muddy taste to it which is unusual for farmed raised catfish which is usually what you get from chain restaurants. It was bad enough to send back. My grandmother, who ordered the same thing, sent hers back too. Every one else agreed the food was good enough but nothing to write home about. One thing very important to note is that I had a party of 10 and the service was really slow although the servers were great. The place was fairly empty as it was storming so not sure what the hold up was on the meals. So slow service in this case was 45+minutes from ordering to the first order arriving one was so late, we asked for it to go. The weather began to turn for the worse and as we begin to leave the manager was allowing patrons to drive under the porch to get their other guests. This was quite thoughtful. If the kitchen were a little faster the score would have been a 4. The kitchen staff needs improvements.

David Milton

Great place to eat. Wonderful food and good atmosphere

Robert Blankenship

Service is typically great, food typically good. My family usually gets the same thing every time. The tanglers ,3 loaded chicken and a steak (for a chain restaurant the steak is really good).

Billie Sanders

I got a fish sandwich and drove away my fish was old and not even warm to the touch


Food was horrible never order take out from them also I ordered a bacon cheese burger and they where out of bacon and the week before that I ordered a chicken ceasar salad and they where out of croutons. Get it together Coltons you have so much potential

James Winders

Steak was cooked just like I ordered it.

Roy Ashley

My wife had chicken fried chicken and I had Hawaiian chicken and they were both excellent, fried okra was great also. Our waiter's name was Roy and he was outstanding, so be sure to ask for him if you go.

Carolyn Moore

Everything was ok but my Steak wasn't the way I order it so I had to send it back,by the time I got it back I was ready to go.The waitress was very polite and she really good.

Rhea Deming

mediocre, but probably the best in the area. I recommend you stay away from the fish and seafood, and stick with something that's hard to mess up.

George Broadway

Had a lovely dinner with my wife and church members.

Patti Castle

Food is good most of the time..need to update menu more often.

Christina Chunn

Our first time there. It was awesome! Our waitress was such a doll. And I loved the orange cat that lays on the porch. Great Food and Service. When we come back through we will be back!

Beverly Sanders

The food was very good.

Patricia Hill

Great service, great food, and get your money worth

Gary Buchanan

Great food and waitresses

philicia hinton

The steak was horrible

Linda Kitsinger

The waitress was super nice the food was not cooked properly had to have it sent back twice and it still wasn't right

Lucia Reina

Great service. I payed way less than what I expected! Our server was very nice. Every dish had a great/different flavor!

Rosalind Mackey

Everything was wonderful

Craig Poe

Wasn't busy. Took an hour to get seated and order our food, then our waitress lost our order. She took our orders again and apologized. Came back 10 minutes later to say the special smoked sirloin was all out. We were very understanding and said we would take the regular sirlion instead. No big deal except our bill. Our kids had asked for mac and cheese as a side and were told they could do that but not told it would be a dollar extra. You would also think they would at least give us the special price for the steaks but we were charged the normal amount which was more. Food was good, serve terrible, and they certainly didn't make me want to come back.

Brian Willis

Food was good. Service was good. We meet my in laws here for lunch on a Saturday. The poor waitress dropped my wife's and my food. It was a complete accident. The Manager came over and apologized. I give five stars because we didn't ask for a discount on our food but, the manger gave us one anyway. It has been a while since I've been to place that just did this automatically when they mess up. It's something I feel a lot or restaurants are lacking in the Customer service area.

Alecia Nunn

It was a very clean and family oriented environment... The food and staff was great

Audra Hill

My husband & I drove 3 hours & we decided to stop & eat .First off the woman at the counter when we asked for a booth plainly she gave us a table ..Our waiter was over worked for the load & the food was not worth the time & incovience


This place is underrated! The steak was cooked perfectly and better than the ones we had at the Salt Grass Steakhouse in Houston yesterday. The chicken fried chicken appears to be freshly hand-battered and made from scratch as were the smashed potatoes. The dinner rolls were also very good, but different than most as it was a dense bread, but very fresh, hot, and soft. Service was also great. Overall, it earns 5 stars as it meets and exceeds expectations for all dishes, sides, and service encountered.

Tullie Hollis

My steak was not the best cut, but the manager made it right. I will be back. I hope my steak is better the second go around. The rest of my food was excellent. The service was excellent too. The management here really cares for their customers.

diane harig

Very slow, our salad came out with our meal

Teresa Day-Smith

This is a good steak place and this is why I gave it 4/5. Have eaten here many times although I thought it was a bit off today. We were on the road and wanted not to spend too much time but did want a sit down meal - not fast food. I do not know what the problem was but service was way too slow. There were people who arrived after we ordered who got their food and finished eating and left before we even got our food. Crazy.

deborah tucker

The service was bad. Salads came out, the our food came out with it. One plate did not get the baked potato, the other steak was over done, the other steak was under cooked and very chewy and the baked potato was not loaded, the other ribeye was ok. I asked for another rootbeer got it about 1hr later. Sent steak back to fix it but they left my sweet potato and fish back but left potato. So it got cold. We were not happy with service. They need to hire grownups that know how the ontrays go and know how to cook.

Carol Smith

Excellent food & service! :)

Tameka White

Good service, great food!


Had a to-go order & was pleasantly surprised with the quality & how well-prepared our orders were from this location. I hadn't been here in quite some time (and before the fire), but glad we decided upon this restaurant. I had a 9 oz. sirloin with Del Rio Shrimp & two sides. The steak was prepared with expertise. My son had chicken strips & fries & was happy with his order. The young lady that took our order Kaylee, I believe, was very professional. Thanks to all for an awesome takeout experience.

Misti Mills

It's a pretty decent steakhouse, although I was surprised by the prices. I ordered chicken fried steak, which, as a native Texan, is my favorite. The waitress brought out the biggest chicken fried steak I've ever seen. The waitress was delightful. The loaded potato soup was sweet, and I'm more accustomed to savory potato soup. Not bad, but a bit pricier than I expected.

Jeanne Hill

Great food and staff

Marienne Perry

Some items were very good, others were average but the wait for our food was entirely too long without an explanation or an, "I'm sorry we ran out of rice and you had to wait while it was cooked from scratch. Your appetizer is on us." Until I asked what took so long, the subject was never addressed- not good.

Betsy Dozier

Always a great place for a bite to eat. Clean restrooms, courteous wait staff and the mesquite grilled chicken salad was wonderful!

Melinda Linton

Our service was horrible. Meal cost 40 dollars husbands steak was mostly fat and mine was so tough u could not hardly eat it. Our server never once checked to see if we need any more to drink a Different waitress saw I was out of water and got me some water. When I ask the waitress for a straw she just threw them on the table. She was rushing around doing other stuff and the place wasn't even crowded it was 3: 30 in afternoon. Then while rushing her way through she said need anything else I said a box. She hands it to us and just laid check down walked off. We got up to try to pay someone and a boy took our money. Was very disappointed today because we have eaten here before and it was good. The waitress name was Becky I only know that because the guy that took our money said her name. When we first got there I was looking for coupons on my email because I have the Colton email thing and I said I can't find my coupon she looks right at me and says well I am sorry can't help that. I almost left then but decided to just stay calm. Now I wish I had left. Her service was horrible. She wasn't nice at all.

Michael Becker

The loaded chicken sounded good till the plate came out... thought it was a kid serving. Yea it had two mushrooms, one skippy piece of bacon, barely covered in cheese. Should of called 1/3 loaded. Then took a bite of the smashed potatoes... at this point I felt like asking the cook how depressed are you??!!

John Farris

Always good food. Good servive.

Yolanda Bohannon

Aaron and the bar section is the best server there. He communicates very well, he's very sociable and he see to your needs and want to make sure that you're very happy and that your experience at Colton's is a very pleasant one. I ordered sirloin tips which was very very rubbery, he returned my order and brought me back a sirloin which was very delicious cook very well and didn't give me any hassle or trouble about it. I will be returning only to sit in the bar section once again. THANKS Aaron !

Jay Reynolds

First off the food was pretty good,the place was a mess,unclean tables,trash on the floors,our waitress was really bored with the whole thing,my beer was warm,nobody looked real pleased to be there,but no complaints on the food

Vicki Stewart

I just don't understand what has happened to good service these days, service was s-o-o-o-o slow, food was cold, salad wilted, rolls were so gooey and coffee was cold

Johnny Yankaway

The cook don't know the difference between medium well and well done.

Cory Barrett

Steaks were over done and tough. I will never eat here again. Texas Roadhouse is better.

Joann dungan

Food was great service was ok

Manuel Cardona

Took a long time to get our food. When if finally came it was cold and they gave us the wrong steaks. Though the food was pretty good the server could have been a little more attentive. Only gave a 3 star cause the steak even though cooked wrong was still good. Also the sweet baked potato had barely any sugar or butter on it. Not the best.

Daryl Campbell

The NY Strip is heavily delicious.

Deborah Leverette

I ordered medium rare tips, got very over done. No managers walking the floor and waitress was busy so I had to take it to the kitchen door myself. The end result was not medium rare but eatable. We will be back.

Nona Ballard

Usually great service but this last visit was very slow service. No refills and the food came out all separate with the salads.

Alexandra Jukes

Food was good, but it took awhile for the server to notice we had sat on one of her tables. The waitress was very sweet, and the atmosphere is nice.

Lance Deadrick

Rock star very impressed. Excellent food. Great service .......

Band Geek

Poor Service!! My server was rude and order came out wrong each time. The young short Caucasian who brung out my salad was rude and didn’t not smile. Asked for the manager and he never came.We sat in the booth beside the kitchen and heard a lot of profanity. Any other time my experience with Coltons is great but Friday night was horrible

James Rowland

Totally great restaurant I love this place. they have kind of a country atmosphere along with kind of like a sports bar type of situation going on and I just think it's awesome. I'm a vegetarian so I can't have or speak to what all the food is like but I can honestly say that the service there is spot on. Fivestars well-deserved

Mary Baskett

Great food and service.

Creig Roberts

These guys always do a great job. Good food and service.

Thom Jesse

Worst food and service ever. I sent my hamburger steak back 2 times before I gave up and said I would rather go hungry. I took my staff there for lunch, it was $200 and you’d think they would have taken care of me, but they didn’t care at all!

Jeremy Terrell

Food was good. Service was slow but nice.

Mike Harris

Average out best

Wes Garbarini

First visit in over a year. Usually get del Rio ribeye. Last time I got the steak you couldn't have paid me to call that a ribeye. More like a flank/skirt steak.l hence, not going back for a year. Went now only due to requested restaurant for friend's birthday. They have done some renovations inside and out. I got the ribeye again and it was decent. Quite a bit of fat, but sometimes to be expected with that cut. Baked potato was a tad underdone. Service was great. Reserving more stars until consistent food quality is assured.

Ronnie Schroeder

I'm glad they are back open I was craving the onion blossom and they did not disappoint!

Bill Murphy

Ehh. We came kind of late and you could tell the staff wanted to leave. Especially the hostess. Food was ok. However I’m sure this place will do fine with all the new hotels going in.

randy risenhoover

Never go close to closing time

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