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REVIEWS OF Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid IN Arkansas

Stev !

It was cool, but they wanted 20 dollars PER PERSON to get an elevator ride to the top and see the lookout! Thats just silly. I feel like this place can make plenty of money without trying to seperate every cent from every tourist that happens to walk through the doors.

Ryan Krapp

All around great. Great exhibits, views & even the food at Uncle Bucks!

Lila Kay Coffelt

We were really impressed with this Bass Pro Shop. The decorations with the cypress trees that the fish ponds the duck ponds really nice so huge place. We took the elevator ride to the top of the of the pyramid and went out on the lookout area. The lookout area is glass and I wouldn't get out on it but I didn't look how to cross the Mississippi River and looked at Memphis. It's really worth the trip to go see

Renea Dillon

Totally AWESOME view of Memphis on the balcony at the top of the pyramid. Great Ducks Unlimited gallery. The BEST Bass Pro shop ever!

Tammy Rigoli

Beautiful view from restaurant. Great waiter and great food!

Derek Chavez

Definitely the best Bass Pro Shop in the world! It's more like a mall or shopping center.. the views from the top balcony lookout are out-of-this-world amazing! I definitely recommend for locals and tourists.

Eva Roberts

They have everything! Something for everyone and so fun looking at the fish too. Pet friendly.

Robert Merritt

This should be a destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. Great selection good prices very helpful staff. The elevator ride to the observation deck was amazing with fabulous views of Memphis and the Mississippi river

Megan Mickle

Every time we come to Memphis we always visit the Pyramid. The staff is always friendly and helps you find what you need. Store is always clean and easy to get around. A lot to see and do here. Great place for family time or day date. They have an shooting arcade game, live animals and just pretty to shop around. A very neat place and one of the best bass pro shops around. It takes you away from whatever is going on in your life. It makes you feel like your somewhere else.

Valecia Adair

Have lots of stuff, kind of fun looking around, but didn't find the items I was looking for.

Ellecia Hayes

My sister-n-law celebrated her birthday here. Food was good, but the air conditioning was extremely cold. We got up several times to walk out onto the balcony of the building to get warm. Other than that our party of about 20 people had a great time. Our server, Shana, who I went to U of M with took great care of us. Would return again

Blair Witch

Definitely one of the best attractions in Tennessee.The employees were nice,the atmosphere was great,the history was interesting,the view was amazing and the food was excellent. Would definitely put this in your list of sites to visit as a tourist.

Lagean Ellis

I always love visiting Bass Pro! I love the atmosphere! All the decor inside is just wonderful for the outdoorsy people like me! I love that they have so many unique products that I can't find just anywhere, especially the kids clothes! I can find designs that suit my Grandkids and the time they spend outside and learning to fish, hunt, hike.. just like MawMaw! Not only like MawMaw but you can find the items that say they're doing those adventures with Dad, Grandma, Grandpa.. no special orders.. just walk in and pick out their size. Love the home decor, yard decor..even snacks.. all for the outdoors lover in you! Then, add in some great clothes and gear, great sales and big name items.. they have everything you need!

Shane Elkins

Wow! I had no idea that Bass Pro shop ran a hotel too. Nice store. Good service.

Kristal Williams

It was so nice. I didn't eat at the restaurant or take the elevator to the top. I walked the shops and checked out the fish and the alligator. I couldn't believe that they turned the pyramid into a bass pro shop but it was super nice.

Cassandra Robb-Best

Very much enjoyed the elevator ride to the lookout deck of pyramid ($10 per person). Views were very nice! Also lots of nice freshwater displays in stores. Store was clean and well organized. Would be fun to stay in the lodge someday!!

Sherry Rorabaugh

The most amazing Bass Pro ever! Check out the top floor. It's worth the money!

Ron Brauer

A must see in Memphis for everyone. A truly amazing place! A person doesnt need to be an outdoorsy type to enjoy here. There boats on the water indoors! When is the last time you saw that?

Michelle Perkins

Amazing and a must visit. There is something for everyone! You are able to view Memphis for the top of the pyramid for a $10 fee. This is one site attraction you won't be displeased with.

Jeff Sis

Expansive, 1 level store with hotel around perimeter above. Take the elevator up to the top to check out the observation decks and the premium restaurant. The ELK is awesome!

Kerrigan Skelly

Largest and most interesting outdoor store I've ever been to. My boys, my dad and I went there recently. It's HUGE! They have everything and then some - fishing gear, hunting gear, ponds, aquariums, 2 restaurants, a hotel, an elevator that goes to the top, atvs, boats, etc. We had a great time just looking around.

Brawl Ball Pro

A really cool place to stay. Loved shooting the toy guns on the main floor and the roasted pecans are really good. They advertised hot cookies they bring to your room but the cookies were not hot and they brought them at midnight and had a bad attitude about it. Also it’s one per guest. The restaurants were nice but pricey and the staff waiting tables was nice. Ordered room service and it was pricey and arrived very late. Bowling was advertised as water under the lanes but the walls are just painted ocean themed. The hotel is mis-advertised and the hotel staff isn’t great. But the rooms are nice and the experience is cool. The lookout on top has a good view of Memphis and the Mississippi River. It’s a cool one night stay but I don’t know if I’d stay again.

Teresa Barrios

This place literally had everything. Visiting from out of town this was one of our touristy stop we wanted to make & it did not disappoint! The interior had so many things to look at & buy it was incredible. Recommend a stop in, even if it's just for looking!

Josh Brown

Came in here last week with our 2 yo and 3 yo children while on a road trip. This was the best rest stop we ever could have imagined. Great store with amazing water and animal features to keep the family occupied for a long time. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see and experience everything but this will always be a place we will plan on stopping at when we are driving through Memphis.


Always nice to shop here. Would have given 5 stars if the employees were a little bit more friendly, but overall the shopping experience is nice

Mary Sundra

Cool use of the pyramid. Nice outdoor selection. They have a lot to offer besides the merchandise : cafe, hotel and observation tower. My daughter and husband went up to the observation tower. I was glad that I chose not to. They said the view was great, but the outdoor deck had a glass floor and a lower railing than I would feel comfortable with.

Savannah Mass

Just based on the restaurant I would only recommend to visit once but not a repeat. We had reservations but still had to pay any extra $30 just to use the elevator to get to it. When we got to our table they didn't have enough menus to we had to wait. When the waitress came she seemed high and didn't smile once. The food was great and the view was amazing. Won't be coming back, but for a one time experience it was good.


Love this place!!! I love the rooftop deck and you can see so much of the city and the Mississippi River. Great place to see the sunset over the river. We had drinks at the bar, but the menu is pricey. The elevator ride is $10.00 to go to the top. Well worth it if it's your first time. They have 2 floors of rooms that you can stay.

Chathurika Srimali Abeykoon

First time I visited a Bass pro shop. It was an amazing experience with shopping and dining. Enjoyed a lot with the dark surroundings. Animals are there to entertain kids. Museum and various shopping items can keep you up to 2-3 hrs occupied.

Shirley Corley

It was awesome there was some big, big and I mean big fish the people there was super, super nice. I love it

Josiah West

Really neat place, came at opening and it wasn't too busy. Went up the elevator at around 8:30, saw some great views. However, when I came down, there was an employee at the bottom who told me the elevator wasn't open yet even though there was NO INDICATION that it wasn't open yet. They didn't have it blocked off or locked at all, so I don't know why he thought I would know. Anyways overall positive experience. Would recommend visiting.

Charlie Camille

Just visited this place with my brother and his family. There's lots to see and make sure you go to the top and see all of Memphis, the Mississippi River along the side of Tennessee and Arkansas. It's one of our favorite places to shop

ByteAngel Xi

We took the kids to see the inside of the Pyramid and discovered ponds full of fish and ducks inside the store. Took the glass elevator to the observation deck for the amazing views and stayed for the best dinning experience I've ever had with three small children. Food was delicious and the service was top notch. The kind of service you would expect at a five star. Ask for Sherita for service with a smile and an attitude that says NO request is to small or to much of a bother.

Micah McDonald

This place is truly the Mecca of the south. From the giant pyramid to the hotel inside the shop to the live animals— the whole thing is so overdone it’s great. There are games for kids to play, an elevator that takes you to a restaurant and lookout point that shows you the whole city, and a bowling alley. They have a live alligator exhibit and multiple areas with live fish. You have to visit this place if you are in the Memphis area.

Nikki Reed

Wonderful place. Beautiful love seeing fish everywhere while shopping

Ken E.

Loved this stop. I had no idea that Bass Pro had a hotel... and a super cool one at that! They also have alligators... live alligators! This is just a fun place to go. Also there's a look out at the top of the pyramid ($10 per adult. I think $5 for kids 4+). Check it out!

Chad Gregg

Nice Bass Pro. Largest one I have seen. Hotel and a couple restaurants located inside.

Sonya Rutten

A MUST VISIT while in Memphis, Pretty cool place! Shop at the MANY areas for almost anything outdoor sports check out live alligators, fish and other underwater creatures in the many ponds and river areas. Fishbowl has delicious food like alligator, fried pickles, crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms and more. There's a large aquarium in the center of the restaurant. If you are up to bowling, there is a neon fluorescent bowling alley with sharkheads and alligator heads as the ball return. There are a lot of types of fish decor hanging from the ceiling. If you want to pay the $10 to take the elevator to the top of the pyramid you can see out at the city of Memphis and surrounding areas like Mud Island and the MS river. At the top is another restaurant with lots of metal fish art up top but we didn't eat there. We were told they didn't open till 5 so we ate downstairs but when we went up they were open

Greg Edenfield

Amazing place. Two restaurants, a bowling alley. The world's largest free standing elevator takes riders to the top of the pyramid where one of the restaurants is located. Two observation decks provide a panoramic view of the city and the river. Typically amazing selection of outdoor products. Ducks Unlimited museum is really interesting.

Mike Marek

Best Bass Pro I have ever been too. Jill at the Customer Service desk was exceptional! After 5 years of me awaiting my rewards card, she printed it right on the spot! Plus added all my days buys onto my account! She is a top notch, friendly, helpful employee!

Jenny Davis

Amazing! Must be even more amazing if you need anything they sell

Vonda DeGree

This place was amazing! Bring money cause there will be things you want. There is a restaurant inside and a hotel. Live and stuffed animals (wild life). If you think this store is not for you go and let it change your mind...

Momof3 Scholars

The store itself is very cool like all bass pro shops but $10 to take the freestanding elevator to the top was a treat with incredible views of the river and city skyline. I wish I hadn’t left my binoculars in the truck. I don’t know if it would be worth it for kids, they might be bored. I think they were more interested in all of the aquariums. My husband and I were fascinated by the metal fish, frogs and gators hanging in the restaurant at the top. I posted several pictures of those. This is definitely a destination venue. There are cabin themed hotel rooms and suites on the upper levels with amazing views and balconies. A bowing alley, shooting range and spa. The two restaurants receive low ratings but the food we saw at the restaurant looked good. We didn’t eat there because they use latex gloves and we have a family member with latex allergies. But all of the employees were so nice and answered all of our questions about the pyramid, the art and the Aquarium in the middle of the bar.

Phillip Brossia

Very cool place to check out while in town. Its decked out and the view from the top is great. Can't speak to shopping, didn't buy anything.

Adrienne Stylez

Loved the decor inside the pyramid. You feel as though your in a different place. I bet the hotel is amazing. We rode the elevator to the top where there is the lookout restaurant. There is an amazing fish tank around the bar. We glanced at the menu and they had a good selection. The food that was being prepared looked good, but we were there for the view, which was amazing! Its definitely a must to see the city from above. The store has a huge variety of outdoor supplies. Theres plenty for kids to see as well. A must see if in Memphis!

Daniel Franke

If you love giant triangles and the rustic wilderness, I really can't recommend any place better. This place borrowed some blueprints from Imhotep's archives and combined them with the microcosm of the American outdoorsman culture. If supplies and apparel for camping, hunting, fishing and everything in between isn't your interest, a modest fee will get you to the top observation deck of the pyramid with a great view of downtown Memphis.

T Williams

It was cool, a bit over hyped to me personally. The food was pricey for what you get. The Springfield location is way better in my opinion. But all in all it was still cool.

Micchael Deschaines

This place is amazing. It is almost as good as the premiere store in Springfield, Missouri. Next time we are back in Memphis we're going to spend a night or two at the Lodge.

arun ranganathan

This Pyramid place has a beautiful view with some shopping experience. The view of the river from the top of the Pyramid was awesome with cool breeze. For just $14 per person it's worth a watch and the main attraction is the shopping here which includes all fishing and boating amenities for reasonable price. Also the view of real alligators is scary and filled with fun. If you are a photo freak then u have few spots on the top of the Pyramid where u can take pics with the river in the background with natural lighting. A must watch place on a holiday.

Bill Petersen

Very interesting place. Elevator ride and view from viewing deck is spectacular.

Diane Gillespie

Take the elevator inside the pyramid to the top for views of Memphis and Arkansas. Food is good at the restaurant. Shop and bowling great

Melissa Johnson

One of the bigger locations I've been to. Good selection of merchandise. Arcade had a lot of contenders. If you don't mind the cost, riding the elevator to the top was a cool way to see the Mississippi and watch the river traffic. Parking was kind of a nightmare because of the fishing tournament.

Kevin Snoddy

Man, everything you could possibly need to go hunting or camping. Prices are very competitive with all other similar stores. They have plenty of wildlife displayed all over the place to look at and even have a couple of gators in there. They sell boats and ATV's of most kinds. I could spend half a day just walking around and enjoying all the scenery in there. They even have a floor of hotel rooms that you can stay overnight in. Not sure what they might set you back, but I'd have at least $300 available for tax and all. I would rank this particular Bass Pro Shop as number 2, second only to the most popular one in Springfield Missouri, which is the main one with museums and all. Anyone who loves hunting, or just the outdoors in general, will absolutely love visiting this Bass Pro at the Pyramid in Memphis. And don't stray far from the parking lot in that part of town. To the north anyhow. But it is a totally safe place to visit and I'd recommend it for everyone to see at least once.

Ever Clear

Awesome layout! The fudge we bought in the little store inside is amazing!

Dan Bellamy

Truly amazing. I've been to other impressive Bass Pro Shops, but this one has eclipsed the ones I have seen. There's a hotel, bowling alley, the world's tallest elevator, with a beautiful Overlook at the top. You should absolutely stop for a visit even if you don't need to buy anything. But, if you are shopping, there is a terrific selection.

gaius thompson

I love this place so much but I have never bought anything--but Taffy out of there. The restaurant at the top of the pyramid is fabulous and so is going outside and see Memphis from 200 feet in the air.

Andy and Sarah Veith

we stopped at the pyramid on a road trip to stretch our legs and walk around. it's nice because you can go in and look around without actually having to buy anything. it's an interesting place to spend an hour looking at the various displays checking out the merchandise and looking at the taxidermy.

Tarik plays CoC

The Pyramid is magical. There are so many beautiful displays of wildlife and a great selection of clothing and gear. The outdoor view from the the top of the Pyramid is spectacular. The Mississippi,the bridges that cross it, and a great view of Memphis can be seen from the outdoor balcony. Be sure to hold on to your hat!


I'm not an outdoorsman but they have absolutely every gadget imaginable. Guns, Boats, Fishing lures, like I said everything. Not many employees walking around but who cares, they have an alligator exhibit. Cool selection but an even cooler store.

Basem Istanbouli

Great view of the city when you pay the $10 to get up on the elevator. This store is definitely for any outdoor has EVERYTHING. Also fun fact, the elevator inside is the tallest free-standing elevator! There's a restaurant next to the observation deck at the top and it's designed really nicely. Would recommend to anyone in or visiting Memphis.

Pamela Smith

Stayed a few nights at The Cypress Lodge at The Bass Pro So much to see. Love it

Carter Rogers

Great interior space representing the heritage of Memphis. The staff were very friendly and helpful with the merchandise and surrounding features. Nice Ducks Unlimited museum, too.

Shereen Bienz

The place is cool but the restaurant is a joke. The food is so so and they CHARGE FOR SODA REFILLS. 3.00 FOR A DRINK REFILL? Are you kidding me? What a ripoff. Plus charging to even get to the restaurant. We thought we could use the elevator ticket to pay for part of the meal, but I guess it’s only usable for dinner meals, not lunch

Judy Gerdes

Very interesting place to visit. Take the elevator to the top to see an amazing view of Memphis. This place has an aquarium., an arcade, a pond with live alligators

Stephen McBee

Wow! The store is huge. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you don’t really need it. They have great snack shop, every kind of jig, bait, lure, bobber, weight, fishing line, fishing pole, fishing reel, you need and everything you can think of. Plus an incredibly sweet gun collection. I saw some guns there that are worth more than my house. Plus at the arcade, I saw this dude with a fantastic rat mullet, and his sister who is in sniper training.


Very cool bass pro shop. Great area with tons of huge fish and live ducks walking around. Typical bass pro shopping except there is a waterfoul museum upstairs and a very cool looking hotel. See pic. The restaurant is great and has a few exotic animals to eat. Not actual exotic but think more game food not normally served anywhere.

Tara LoCastro

Can you say, "Tourist Trap"? First of all, if you want the privilege of visiting the platform at the top, it'll set you back $10.00 per person; REGARDLESS of your age. I mean, how long is someone planning on staying up there? Secondly, the "Lookout Restaurant" lives up to its name. If you're expecting value for your money, go elsewhere. The dining area is very loud and crowded. We were seated right next to the kitchen entrance; so servers, bussers and food runners were constantly rushing by, hitting the back of my chair. The food was bland and not cooked correctly. I ordered the catfish and it was horrible. No seasoning, dark brown (burnt) outside, yet barely warm. My nephew ordered the sliders with the sweet potato fries. The fries were greasy and the sliders were tasteless. We both ordered sodas to drink: bill total, $50.00. "Lookout" for your wallet and take up some of the other interesting sights Memphis has to offer with a better bang for your buck.

Zach Hodge

Amazing place food was awesomee so much to do inside. I didnt go on the elevator to the cat walk wish I would've


Had dinner at The Lookout. The Filet Mignon was excellent. Mashed potatoes were perfect. Service was incredible. The views were spectacular. The store itself if unique like every other Bass Pro, but it was an experience in and of itself. The recreation of the cypress swamp right on the show room floor, complete with alligators, is breathtaking. There are wild life exhibits everywhere, along with dioramas and other little insights into our natural world. If you have never been to a Bass Pro, go. If you love Bass Pro, don't miss this chance to check out the Pyramid. It's awesome.

Chris Winnett

Very massive and unique store. Lots of exhibits to see. Unexpected easy access and parking for its location. Prices were not as bad as expected. In fact found a few bargains. We ate a hamburger at Uncle bucks fish bowl and grill,It was delicious. We sat at the bar which was right next to a bowling ally,very cool.

Jeremy Mason

Very nice. It's a massive Bass Pro Shop housing a couple small pools with fish, an gater pen and an aquarium. The Ducks Unlimited museum was interesting for a history of duck hunting... Didn't try the restaurant so that is on you.

stacey beall

Amazing. I was so impressed when I saw what bass pro did to being back the pyramid. The kudos to the designers and project managers.that worked on this venue. They really made it something special for Memphis.

Andrew Lemons

A really cool experiance. The store itself is great, and the cool effect they achieved with the pyramid shape is awesome. Sadly wasn't willing to pay $10 to ride an elevator to the top. I know they need to make money somehow, but that is a bit pricey for a single elevator ride.

Ellie R

I never knew I was outdoorsy until I visited this place. This place is stocked and stocked with endless supplies that I never knew existed. The view was absolutely extraordinary! I was a little scared of heights at the time and the glass bottom didn't help. it reminded me of the Sky Deck in Chicago. There was a wedding reception taking place, so this place is fancy for that as well. Get into the things you don't know! Open up your view on things!

Joshua Carter

Loved it! Made many a trip between OK and TN and hadn’t stopped here until my last trip. Absolutely loved it!

Brian Catt

Bass Pro is a great place to spend a little time downtown. The restaurant is pretty good. Bowling is always fun. I particularly like all the fish you can look at. Show up a little before 10am and 3pm to watch them being fed. It's pretty cool.

Judith Smith

This was one of the must see stops on our family vacation, and it was totally worth it. Views from the observation deck well worth the ticket prices. Amazing selection of hunting and fishing gear, clothing and gifts. The Ducks Unlimited museum/interactives were both informative and mesmerizing. Will return on future trips.

Shawn Beasley

It was pretty interesting. I didn't go up to the observation deck. But it was neat seeing all the hunting stuff. I think that was my first time going to a Bass Pro shop. My favorite part was finding out that they have meat grinders! I wonder what other kitchen goodies they have

Daniel Burroughs

By far the greatest bass pro shop around. Huge area with a hotel. Look out views on top of the pyramid. Bowling in the restaurant. Food was great. Staff could have been a little more friendly but what a site

Jacob Priego

Loved it! An iconic place in Memphis. You can't miss it coming from Arkansas. I believe the ride to the top was $10 per person. We enjoyed it. Picked up random items from Bass also. The views were great!

ron bennett

Love this place. Way better than the one in Little Rock. Didn't have enough time to really explore it, but we will he back.

jomomma jolly

A must see if in Memphis. $10 to take the elevator. To the top wondering restaurant awaits you. The most amazing views.

david driver

Fantastic to shop or take in all the awesome things to see, in the store. Then you have to take in the view of the city, especially at night. The restraunt at the top is fantastic.

Bryan Bankhead

Very cool place to visit and just walk around. The elevator ride to the top is way to expensive in my opinion, I believe it was $10 or $15 person to ride it to the top. The water features are cool. The facility is well kept and clean.

Nehemiah Robenstine

Even on a rainy day, the views are nice. Food and drink menu limited at top, but let's be honest, that's not really why you go up. Store itself is a typical bass pro. Bigger selection, same experience. Don't feed your children to the gars.

Brett Barker

Cool store. Great view from the rooftop deck/restaurant area. Definitely worth the price of admission

Sherri Gold

We spent the night at the cypress lodge. It was a beautiful place! So comfortable and had a Jacuzzi tub and a shower. We also had a balcony, very relaxing. Definitely go, it is an unique experience.

Deirdre Welfenberg

This place is awesome. Still same stuff, just a heck of a layout. The pyramid view is beautiful. Go up and eat at the restaurant if you get a chance. Our boys loved it!

Trevor Howson

Very interesting venue. Good observation platform over Memphis.

Brandi Brown Jones

You could take a vacation and stay here. Eat here. Play here. Shop here. Then go home. It's really a cool place to go and visit and spend a weekend!!

Colleen Rutherford-Jones

We enjoyed this Bass Pro. Went on a Thursday in early August and it wasn't busy. Lots of parking. $10 a person seems like a lot for a ride up in the elevator, but we did it, and got some great views of the city and river. I believe if you go up and eat dinner at the restaurant at the top, they will take the ticket price off your final food bill. I would recommend checking the pyramid out.

Tim Sln

A great place from amateurs and pros to shop for all kind of gear great place to eat and bowl to have fun

Mr & Mrs Smith

Well worth the stop and cost to see the Mississippi River from a new perspective! Awesome! Will be back at night for a different view from up there!

Andy Wiles

Fascinating place if you haven't been to one of these before. 70k boats 30k engines down to a 5 dollar pair of socks! Oh, and a department dedicated to chairs you tie to trees!! W T F?

Trena BlackPearl

This was my third time visiting and by far the worst. Let's start with the valet service....very poor customer service. The young kid did not want to valet our car, he was asking many questions to deter us. There was so much said, I can't add it all. But he needs to be fired and given a class on how NOT to racially profile. We went to Uncle Buck's to bowl, eat and drink. While waiting for the rest of our party to arrive, we waited 15-20 minutes at the bar just to order 2 drinks. And the bar area was not clean at all. Our bowling lane seating area was nasty with the last customers trash. I will say, the young lady at the Bowling check in desk was very friendly, fast and great customer service. Also, once we started bowling our server was attentive and provided the customer service. I would probably go back but will most definitely not tolerate the poor customer service ever again.


This place was incredible! The gift shop, bowling, Resturant, Hotel are all great places to stay and I loved how it wasn't over crowded like I thought it was.

Keith Proctor

Very impressive! The staff were all very friendly. They have the most inventory of any Bass Pro Shop that I have been in yet. The salespeople were knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend that you take the elevator to the observation deck. It's a wonderful view. If this review was helpful, please "like" it.

J Michael

This place is really fun. You can bring your dogs. They have a really big aquarium and alligators! Plus a really fun interactive shooting video game. The only downside is you have to pay 10 dollars to get to the top.

Carol Mcclain


Adam Coons

This place is AWESOME! The wildlife inside this place is cool and fun to watch. Great gear and fair prices!

Mike Brodbeck

Massive building, great architecture. Hotel inside with tons of water and fish. Swampy like feeling, super cool. Take the elevator up to the top for $10 and get a great look of the river and city. Definitely recommend it.

Stephanie Schneider

It was a lot of fun...we decided to spend the extra $ to go up to the observation deck. Sat at the bar...have to say the bar tender lack enthusiasm. He had a chip on his shoulder and I am thinking he didn't want to be there.

Leobardo Biviano

The Pyramid is a great tourist destination, I'm from California and this place is amazing. We spent around 3 hours which is plenty of time to walk around. I went to the top; which is 10$ per adult, and have a beautiful landscape view of the river.

Scott Brazile

Bass Pro Shops customer service is horrible. A customer should be valued and should only spend their hard earned money with companies that value them as a customer. Shop anyplace except Bass Pro Shops.

Amie Conant

Great atmosphere in Bass Pro Shop and wonderful service at Uncle Buck's restaurant. Really fun stuff to see.

manuel rivera

Amazing place, friendly service (they treated me like family) and wide selection of merchandise and decent prices, especially the sale items.

Michelle Rodriguez

This was a very cool experience! The only thing that would have given 5 stars would be a free ride to the top and not to charge 10 bucks a trip up....also an employee sent us to the wrong dept, but I'm not discouraged from shopping again. Loved the wildlife too.


Great place to visit. We had a wonderful time with kids here.

Teresa Antwine

The pyramid is huge. We were there for 4 hours and did not see All of it. So many things to do. Like taking the elevator to the top of the pyramid. Going back some other day.

Alex Brown

I’m glad the pyramid is being used and wasn’t town down. Huge variety of inventory and the kids love the fake river with all the massive real fish. Good food up top. Fun experience.

chantal b

What can I say? Awesome place for whatever you want outdoors. Its a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Good job staff.

Karthick Kannaiyan

This shop looked like departmental store. Lots of register inside the building. As they are located right off of the interstate I55/I40 near Mississippi River. Had plenty of gears available on sale. The look out at the top of the pyramid is attraction inside the bass pro shop. The entry tickets to the elevator is $10 where you can view the vast Mississippi River. You can use the elevator ticket as credit towards the meal purchased on the restaurant located in the top after 5 pm.

Ohforpetesake Johnson

Kind of a Mall of America feel on a smaller scale and all wildlife. It's pretty cool. Sturgeon and bass of course in ponds all over the place and ducks swimming around. We wanted to go to the top of the pyramid but there was a long line so we skipped it. Probably better off doing it early in the morning. A good size aquarium with a bunch of fishThat a diver explains about several times A day. If you like to fish you You have to stop here you're gonna love it.

Rob Micklinghoff

It is a destination not just a store. Yes, it is the same pro shop as other places but there is so much more. There is a hotel that looks over the store floor. There are boats floating in water that is teaming with fish indoors. There is a restaurant in the store also. They also have a viewing elevator where you ride up to a viewing platform over the Mississippi river.

Biff C

1000 pound catfish in the lobby! Shoot guns indoors! Get drunk! Eat good food! Take in a sunset from the top of the pyramid in Memphis.

Sandra Souders

This place was amazing. So much to look at and see. The ride to the top and the view was so picturesque. The people were so friendly and helpful.

jacquie white

The view from the top of the tower was pretty cool. We did not eat at the restaurant, or stay at the hotel portion, so we cannot review that part. We did walk around the store and everyone was friendly.

Chris Vinson

This place is absolutely incredible. Totally worth the trip. Easy parking, beautiful interior, and amazing views of Ol' Man River!

Christopher Barry

Bass Pro Shops are always an experience but this one is the King Of All Bass Pro Shops. Probably of all outdoor shops in general. They have boats you can buy on display, in the water, in the building. The view from the observation deck is amazing as well. (Only complaint is that Tix to ride the elevator are $10 a head.) But it's the largest "freestanding" elevator. Good audio narrative on the ride up and down. If in or near Memphis, this is definitely worth a stop.

Holly Nguyen

Good place to walk around since mud Island is closed. Lot of stuff big bears & deers. Hotel is in there.

DH257 Abba

Never any real bargains here but it is a "destination" so they are not expected. A good place to take out of town visitors who like outdoors activities. View from the top is memorable.

Bamboo Songs

Very large. Sit-down restaurant inside, convenience store inside, bridge over a stream, fireplace area with big moose on top of the mantle. Big tourist place.

Kris P

Definitely something to see in Memphis! Ride the tallest free standing elevator in the Country. Have drinks at the top of the Pyramid (there’s a restaurant and bar at the top). Walk around and enjoy the indoor ponds and aquariums of fish and gators. Sample the fudge and play at the arcade or bowling alley.

Doug Shaw

The store and staff were great. A lot to look at and experience. The elevator to the observation deck was disorganized on both ends. The restaurant on top was overpriced and with few options. Our server was underwhelming. Not near the service expected for the price point. Take the ride to the top for great panoramic views of the Mississippi River and Memphis.

John O'Quinn

Truly a place to visit! The ride up the elevator and the viewing thing up top ain't worth the $10 per person in my opinion maybe $5 at most! But luckily for me and my sister their machine was broke so it was free! So that made it a bit better. What's most amazing is how it feels like you're transported into this mini village that's completely sustainable within the pyramid! The ambiance is just amazing Johnny Morris did great here! Definitely worth a visit

Jon Morten

Top of the line Bass Pro Shop! Took the kids to the top and enjoyed the sites from the top of the pyramid. The ride up is a site to see! Probably the next best Bass Pro compared to Springfield!

John Nelles

I had fun, the store is pretty cool. I liked the fish and the alligators. Overall I was very impressed. We had lunch at the restaurant at the top of the Pyramid. The food was pretty good overall. The waffle sweet potatoe fries were outrageously delicious. My only issue is the pricing for the elevator "ride." $10 is a bit steep to begin with for a short ride and a view. But the fact that it's still $10 if you eat at the restaurant at the top is just highway robbery. So for a group of 5 it'll cost you $50 just to get to the restaurant. They should comp the tickets if you are going to eat there.

Anthony Messina

This place was really cool. They had gators in the downstairs in a little section of their own, but unfortunately they weren’t moving around much. There was also really big fish ponds that were neat to check out. My girlfriend and I didn’t check our much of the retail, but the bowling area looked awesome and if it’s anything like the one we have in Austin, Texas then it’s definitely worth doing. The part that was coolest was the scenic look of downtown from the restaurant upstairs. It costs $10 per person to go up or purchase of a dinner entree, but the lady working let us go up for free and it was so worth it. Definitely budge and go up there if you are debating, it will make the place well worth it!

Sara Burns

Quite an experience. A don't miss attraction even if you're not a sportsman. Try the fudge. Also, don't be one of "those" people who throw coins in the waters, especially the alligators. The animals can't use it or spend it. They CAN choke on them or swallow them and do harm to their digestive system. We were going to stay at the hotel but front office staff couldn't give us rates. Told us to go on line though we're standing in front of them. Stupid & odd! We were going to book 2 nights. Their loss $$$!

Linda Rael

We stopped by on our way home from vacation. It is a great place to visit and while the pyramid shape is awesome the store itself is nothing compared to what we are used to back home in Springfield. The original is definitely the BEST! The staff was very friendly and while we didn't bowl while we were there the bowling alley was awesome!

Rich Griggs

This place is awesome!! The staff in every department was a pleasure to deal with. Rooms are top notch. Ate at Uncle Bucks. Food was Great. Wish we could have stayed longer but rooms where booked for the other nights we needed. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you Bass Pro!!!

Debby Hudella

We were in a hurry so didn't get to see all. The glass elevator and glass observation deck were so much fun! Live animals and fish ponds were pretty awesome also. Lots of food choices. Must put on your bucket list, it's worth visiting!

Joe S.

A very innovative hotel. The hotel is in the brass pro store. The store is huge. The hotel rooms are beautiful. My balcony overlooked the entire store. Very unique. Room was clean and quite. The not-so-good. Apparently there were car thefts and break ins on the parking lot. Strange. They installed a video surveillance system. Let’s hope it helps. I ate in their restaurant. The food was mediocre. French fries were cold. The waiter never asked how my food was. Very disappointing. My recommendation: hire a new restaurant manager soonest.

Lynda Smith

Excellent place for hunters and fishermen. You can get just about anything needed for those activities. The live alligators are fun to watch as are the fish in various locations throughout the store. The Fish Bowl restaurant downstairs has a tasty barbecued brisket sandwich; shrimp po' boy and also a crab cake sandwich. They also offer main dish entrees. For $10, you can take the elevator to the top of the Pyramid for a beautiful view of Memphis. There is also a pricey restaurant there if you want to eat and enjoy the view. Very nice place to visit. They also have a lodge with rooms available for overnight stays.

Beth Williams

Very cool place to check out. Elevator ride takes you up for a bird's eye view of the Mississippi River and Memphis.

Taylor Coleman

Great experience! We went up to overlook the city, it was beautiful. I’d recommend going for the sunset or at night when they do the lights show on the bridge. There’s an aquarium on the main level and they have a person in scuba gear telling you about the fish swimming inside the aquarium. It’s awesome!


Unplanned stop on a vacation 4 yrs ago. Had no idea it was there, staying in town anyway and saw it from a distance. Pretty cool. Rode the elevator to the top, a little pricey, but fun. Nice view. Enjoyed the ponds, and thought about a meal in the restaurant, but didn't end up giving that a try.

Lisa Marie

This is the best place for me to go shopping, chill out, read a book in front of their big fireplace, eat fudge, meet people and learn new things from some of the knowledgeable employees. They have a shooting range, archery, hotel, restaurant, swamps, fish, ducks and ambiance. There's a nostalgic peace.

Kendall Phillips

(5 stars) Always love going to Bass Pro, staff is super and the experience is breathtaking. (-1 star) I've seen porta potties at the fair cleaner than the restroom at this place. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months!!!

Eve Ingram - Vanderburg

Not all it's cracked up to be. More scenery than shopping area. The ponds throughout the store were awesome. Did not pay the $10 just to ride the elevator to the top. Lots of wasted space

Caleb Hawn

This is an amazing Bass Pro shop. Just seeing it, especially in person, is amazing. It's a HUGE store for anyone who looked the outdoors, from fishermen to campers to hikers, or just anyone who wants an outdoorsy look to their house. Every Bass Pro shop is amazing and they're all different. This one was an elevator that you can pay to take a ride to the to of the pyramid, which is very impressive. It also has a restaurant and I believe a bowling alley. It's a super great place to visit if you happen to be in the city, or are traveling through the city like I do.

Jane Earps

Impressive to an extent, but $20 to ride the glass elevator was redicules. I can see just fine from the floor, thank you.

Steve Gerencser

I would love to give this Bass Pro Shops a better rating but I can't. We went there for lunch Nd shopping and all 4 of our meals came out cold. Not warm or hot, but dead cold. The waitress seemed slightly concerned, but the manager seemed bothered by the whole thing, and mostly us. Barely an apology, and then she was gone to mot be seen again. Very disappointed. The shopping was good, but the ground floor is dark. Too dark for shopping. You need to go.into the tackle area or second floor to get decent lighting. We have no intention of going to this BPS ever again. Just not worth the drive especially knowing how great other BPSs are.

Carlos Pena

It was so awesome! My eyes were filled with childlike wonders

Micah Strite

This has got to be one of the best Bass Pro Shops I've ever been to! Absolutely awesome! The view from the top is amazing! Love it! Will definitely come back if I get a chance!

Jennifer Cabibi

This was supercool. The ride to the top was so worth it. Beautiful views.

Jim Jarrett

Awesome place. Loves the Ducks Unlimited area! A must go to if you're into this stuff!

Mark Olvera

A must see for an outdoorsman or hunting enthusiast. The entrance is spacious to say the least and a great photo op. It has its own lodge if you are so enamored that you have to stay the night. Friendly staff greet you and are ready to help you with any questions you might have. The overlook is the gem of this establishment, there is a fee of 10$ per ticket. Admission is for the restaurant upstairs. The top of the pyramid is 30+ stories high and overlooks two bodies of water. The Memphis skyline is visible as well. The menu is a but sparse but offers some tasty options to satisfy any appetite. Oh and there's alligators at the foot of the elevator column! Enjoy

Manuel Cardona

Love to bring my family when they come. Always something to look at or even eat. Try uncle bucks and get the gator bites. Man they are good.also if your a fan of tanked go check out the tanks they have in there. Pretty nice place. Also take the ride up to to the lookout. Great views and just an overall great experience.

colton bishop

Was great. Love the selections of gear they had. And the employees were so courteous. Oh and did I mention you can ride the elevator to the top and look out. Yes!!!! 20.00 a person.

Gregory Alston

Wow! This place has everything a guy needs to hunt,fish, an what ever else u want to do outside. Will be going back thats a promise.

Jeanne Barry

My first time here and OH MY GOSH ❣️ What an amazing experience! My family actually got me on the elevator, onto the observation deck. The views were amazing! On our way to Oklahoma, we HAD to make a visit! SOO much to L

Tony Copeland

awesome! awesome! awesome! by the way, did I mention awesome!? the elevators, the view from up top, the alligators, the ducks, fish bigger than me. just awesome. we will be back, we promise.

Nora Flanagan

They are really fixed up this store plus it's in the pyramid and on the top of it as a great look around the City

Laurence J

Today I met the sweetest nicest God fearing woman ever. Veronica is in Management here at Uncle Buck fish bowl and grill and I honored to have met her. Veronica and the staff (Destiny) here are professional and courteous thank you for a great breakfast experience.

Brent Sussman

A must see! This place is great. Even though it will cost you $10 a person (plus tax) to go to the top, it is worth it. We had a beautiful day. On the inside it is so large that what normally would be sections in a store, there are separate stores for each, for example, instead of having an aisle for sunglasses, there is a store. By the way, there is a hotel on the inside where you can stay at.


Amazing building, world's tallest free standing elevator. Great views from top, everthing you need inside, with multiple food choices

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