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REVIEWS OF Wildside Pets IN Arizona

Olivia Molina

can anyone let me know how much a hedgehog costs here

Amanda K.

I was in there not to long ago, I waited for about 10-15 min for someone to even acknowledge me. The actual owner of the shop walked past me several times and not once said hi or even can I help you with anything. Even one of his own customers had said that someone was waiting to be helped and he said "Oh no there isn't." When he finally acknowledged me, I asked him simple question and he treated me like a was a moron and didn't even stop and talk to me face to face. He answered me over his solder and walked past me. He is by far one of the rudest people I have ever met. Not to mention I have bought a few animals from this shop that either died within a few days or I had to return due to some thing wrong with the animal. I do not recommend this shop to ANYONE. If I could give it a negative rating I would.

Michael W.

No way. Go to Phoenix, near I17 there is a great caring reptile shop.

Kyle Dooley

Small, but they have a unique selection and nice employees.

Chris Koertge

What a great pet store!! Staff was super friendly and informative with all of our questions. The store was clean, didn’t stink and all the pets were healthy from what we could tell. We will definitely be back when our family is ready to add some furry friends.

Joy Zelmanovich

What a delight to find a locally owned pet store where they genuinely care about animals. I spoke at length with the owner's daughter who was super helpful and passionate about the animals. We have always purchased our small animals from PetSmart thinking that was the only option but nice to know there are local stores like this one. It also happened to be the only place in Phoenix that we found that carried gerbils.

Michael Angelo

Great little shop with awesome employees. My kids love it there.

kevin davis

They have Sugar Gliders!

Jaclyn Maloy

I love this place! All the employees are really nice, and the owner is very helpful. Great prices for feeder mice, too, if you have a snake like I do.

Craig Hubbard

Neat lil shop. Good place for reptile food.

Kyra Elder

Anthony Guevara

There prices are awesome and there animals are healthy

Lacey Doyle

I seriously love this place!!! Facility is always well kept, and the animals are healthy! I'm a weekly customer there, and for as long as I have reptiles, they'll be the only pet store I go to. The employee 's are awesome, definitely deserves the 5 stars!!

Marlow the fluffy bun

Does not know how to take care of rabbits

Trina Rensch

I love this store. it may be small, but the woman that works there is always so nice, and she never makes me feel stupid for ask dumb questions about my bird. and all the advice she has given me has help tremendously...

Tiffany C

Best animal store around! They are super knowledgeable and very helpful as well.

bodie hyde

It would be great if they had more than 1 employee and I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes for food for my snake

Pauu Murillo

Always love going to this place Hunter is a very nice guy he always makes me feel like I am right at home .

Fred Apuan

Awesome pet store. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Definitely a place to go for your pets and your pet needs.

Crystal Davis

Wow what an amazing collection of pets. I had a great time looking at all of them and the owner was very knowledgeable.

Benny Benton

Great local spot!

Noah Curi

Great prices good service good products

Adam Evans

Friendly and helpful staff good place to get feeders also

Kelly Virtanen

Great, family owned pet shop. They have been extremely informative and helpful to us as first-time snake owners and hedgehog owners. Super friendly and willing to answer any additional questions we had later. Highly recommended!

Sean Conway

Worker did not come out from the back until we were leaving the store. Bought a snake that day elsewhere.

Dallas Michaels

Very helpful staff. Super friendly. Not a big store by any means, but what they lack in size they make up for in customer service. Got everything i needed and for a good price.

Daniel Alvarez

Nice shop and a good selection.

Brenda Minter

Very nice staff and reasonable prices on crickets. Not much selection in reptiles currently.

Heather Ogden

Great little pet store selling a little bit of everything

Ryan Falletta

Awesome pet shop. The owner and staff are always very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Would highly recommend.

Arachnid Style

Great service in and out fast family friendly!

Ali Pera

First time visitor and highly impressed. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and nice. That's a good thing since we will be weekly visitors!

Melissa Conger

This place is great. There very helpful and when you walk in you don't feel like your walking in to a upity store all about business, you feel more like your walking into your friends shop or something. It's very laid back and comfy atmosphere. And the they even have a turtle with 2 heads at the register. You should stop in some time and see it, but don't forget to buy something help support our local businesses like these ones keep them open and running

Jennifer Seykoski

***AVOID THIS PET STORE AT ALL COSTS*** This is a lengthy review detailing my experience, but to make a long story short- WildSide sold us a very sick Rex rabbit and then denied and refused to take any responsibility. We purchased a rabbit from WildSide pets on 4/12, and that night and following day noticed he was sneezing a lot. We also noticed a small bald spot on the back of his neck the next day, but did not think much of either issue. The sneezing worsened over the week, and the bald spot grew in size. At that point we had him for a week. On Monday 4/22 we took the rabbit to a vet that WildSide pets had recommended as being the best when we first got him, called Little Critters on Gilbert and baseline. The rabbit was diagnosed with a respiratory infection and mites. The vet explained to me how serious sneezing is with rabbits as a respiratory infection can easily lead to their death. The vet confirmed that the rabbit was sick with these two issues before we got him. I called the store every day from 4/22-4/25 trying to speak to a manager. The manager James did finally return my call the evening of 4/25 and I explained the situation. He said he “disagreed” with me and that no other rabbits were having problems, and they were “checked” by “his vet.” I informed him this was not a matter of “agreeing” or disagreeing” with me as it was a matter of fact that he was sneezing the day we got him. I informed him I went to a vet that his staff recommended, and he said “well we recommend several different vets.” He also stated “we spray all our animals with Frontline.” During the appointment with the vet however, she advised us NEVER use Frontline on rabbits as it is POISONOUS to them, and she prescribed Revolution for him. The vet also stated that pine is not good bedding for rabbits in general because of the respiratory issues and that paper is much better for them. WildSide has all their rabbits in pine bedding. James informed me that I should have called him, and that he doesn’t pay vet bills. However, had I waited until I could actually get ahold of this man, the rabbit may well have died from the respiratory infection and/or James would likely still have denied responsibility based on the incompetence he demonstrated during my conversation with him. I reminded him the rabbit was sick when we got him and he could speak to the vet that his staff recommended about his diagnoses, and he said “I don’t pay that vet.” Then he proceeded to remind me that I signed a paper stating that the health was guaranteed for 48 hours, and I reminded him that the rabbit was sick when we got him. He again stated that he “disagreed” with me. On 4/29 I get a call from the vet that the rabbit has very high levels of Pastuerella from his blood test, which is a chronic respiratory infection in rabbits that can affect them to varying degrees and that must be managed so the rabbit does not develop neurological deficits or death from respiratory distress. She explained that the rabbit was BORN with this and that the ENTIRE HUTCH would be infected, negating James’ claims of “disagreeing” with me about the rabbit’s health before we purchased him. The rabbit was started on Bactrim, and after a week developed diarrhea, so I had to stop the Bactrim and address the diarrhea with a multitude of medications. We are now getting him Penicillin injections. This very sick rabbit that was in the care of James and his employees has now cost me $850 in vet bills so far. Avoid this pet store at all costs. I will be contacting BBB about this store. I feel like a complete fool for having bought a pet here and for initially recommending this place to the point my mom bought 4 finches from them the day after we got our rabbit. My family will never purchase from this pet store again, and I urge anyone else to do the same who cares about whether the place they get an animal from is properly caring for the animals.


Wildside Pets has amazing costumer service, takes outstanding care of their animals and the environment is very friendly. My friends and I go to visit a couple of snakes every week and the staff don’t mind. If they aren’t busy, we will ask if we can hold them and as long as it isn’t feeding day (Saturday), they let us. Wildside also has a variety of other animals and supplies. They have hedgehogs, birds, bunnies, hamsters, fish, frogs, tarantulas, hissing cockroaches, snakes and more. On top of that, they carry the food and supplies that is needed for all of the animals. The store is organized in a way that makes it easy to get creature specific supplies by the creatures. Snake hook? Over by the snakes. Hedgehog pouch? A stone toss away from the hedgehogs and other small creatures. The animals ALWAYS are taken great care of and the staff is extremely knowledgeable about what they specialize in. I have riddled the people who care for the snakes with so many questions, I’ve lost count. They also care about you as a person and don’t treat it like you are buying something.

Freedom Fighter

Ive been going there for over 10 years. Its a nice family owned and ran enviroment. The pets are healthy and the cages are always clean.

Frank Dittemore

Very nice family own shop. Clean and healthy animals!

Amie Perea

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Justin Barnett

A terrific independent pet store in the SouthEast Valley!

Ryan Andres

Decent inventory of exotic pets. I'm usually here for their huge variety of live feeder rodents.

Miika Fleck

Great prices for most items, a decent amount of variety, and friendly customer service. I'm impressed. The only thing is, it's a little bit small. But that's not the worst thing ever! Also seems to treat the animals with care and respect.

Kevin Hathaway

Superb customer service. Love small businesses like this. Its crazy its not busier.

Jose Alcazar

The owner , amazing person great guy and the other guy who works there very good guy , the store in general has everything , I highly recommended for all your pet needs .

jeff arnot

Great pet shop and staff!

Angelique farrow

We just started going to this place for our juvenile leopard gecko .... and so far we're loving this place. We live about 15-20mins away. We were having issues with keeping crickets alive for our pet. We received info from a very helpful person and now we don't need to worry about our gecko's food dying.

Jena and Bill

Although the staff seems nice, the store smelled awful (animal waste). Selection wasn't too good if your looking for a bird.

symboii gill

Best place for fish

James Brown

This place is awesome. Very knowledgeable, and will give you old fashioned customer service.

Faith Johnson

Lawrence Crowder

I was able to buy an awesome rat! Awesome starter pet and most stores dont sell rats as pets anymore.

Shawn Phillips

Lone Wanderer025

Great exotic pet store! I picked up my hedgehog from here and I've had no complaints, everyone here is helpful and will answer any questions you have.


Staff really care for the animals

William Magallanes

Wildside Pets is absolutely amazing. The staff there is incredibly knowledgeable on the animals they have in stock, as well as being lovers of animals as well. They're enthusiastic and kind, which is perfect if you're nervous about getting an unorthodox animal.

Phillip Chavarria

Great service, advice, and knowledge.

Gussie Islas

Patti Cooper

Great place they let my son touch a hedge hog because my son wants get one in the future. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Eric Love

Great local pet store been going to over 5 years. Friendly, good prices, even have hedgehog!

Rustyn Evans

Awesome place! We just purchased our newest member of the family. Harry the Hedgehog!

daniel guttery

Healthy animals and a 2 headed turtle

Adrien Honea

Always come here for snake food. Fast and friendly service. Good prices as well.

Joe G

Great variety of pets, from fish to birds to rabbits to snakes, spiders and any supplies you might need. Welcoming staff.

Tabitha Williams

Awesome place and get people

Rj D

Got my first snake here. Got just what I was looking for and he’s the sweetest snake ever. Great customer service and salesmanship

Kelly Swan

It is ok. Cool!

Mike Montesano

Very knowledgeable and helpful!!

Andrew Hanning

Superb place to find exotic pets here in Mesa. Seperate yourself a from the dog/cat trend and get something you can be proud of! With an ever changing inventory it's simply a place you must see! Have fun! -Andrew H.

E. Hornby

The selection is magnificent and the staff is second to none!

Thomas Degnan

Great place

Megan Caroland

Good place they help adopt out reptials that people can't care anylonger for .

Az Jeffcoats

Nice clean staff were attentive.

Craline Rashnila

We've adopted from here! If you like small animals (especially hedgehogs), reptiles, birds, and tropical fish, this is one of the best places you can go. These guys are extremely smart and can help recommend you a pet and care tips.

Spiritia Kilbourne

The owner and employees really care about their animals. They are super friendly and the quality of the fish are superb. I've bought many animals and fish here and am very pleased!

Jasmine Simpson

Have always come here to get feeders and by far they have the best prices. James has always run a great business and you can tell they all care about the variety of animals they have.

Rachelle Marie

Will never go back. Wasn't sold what I wanted (was told I was getting male gerbils) but instead they sold me a male/female. So now here I am with all these babies. Honest mistake, but the store won't give me my money back. Sure, they will take all my gerbils back and now resell them all, but will not return my money. Nice way to treat your customers. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE.

Elizabeth Elcox

Friendly people! My bearded dragon likes their crickets and roaches

Chad New

Awesome store. Clean, friendly willing to answer all my queations. Will be back!

Caysi Wilson

I bought my corn snake here 4 years ago and I continue to go back for mice monthly. The staff has always been friendly, informative and helpful.

anjee greatness

Helped me nurse my turtles back to health. Love this!!!

Mitch Smith

Ryan Andelt

Great place to buy your new pet or even food for your existing pet talked to Hunter he is great

Cheyenne Lovering

They have almost everything you could want, occasionally they do run out of bugs

Scott Kohler

Friendly staff.

Emily Contreras

Went there, staff was incredibly nice! We asked foir a hedgehog, but they dont actually have them at the store. Which is good for the hedgehogs. I was kinda sad, but they told us some places to get hedgehogs. There was hardly anyone in the store. And they have some awesome little chinchillas up front. If you DO want a hedgehog you have to call the store and schedule when to get it.

UpTownClover 760

CheyAnne Jaeger

They are always willing to help in any way

Caitlin Murrock

Friendly workers, but it seems very pricey. I didn't purchase here.

Rod Randolph

Family-owned pet store. Friendly service and decent selection of pets and pet supplies. I would definitely recommend the local neighborhood business over the corporate guys.

Raul Duke

These guys used to be my go to shop id come in 6 to 8 times a month. The customer service just isnt what it should be at a mom and pop operation these kids that work for you should atleast be friendly and pretend they want my money. I honestly recomend looking somewhere else all of the other pet stores in the east valley are alot more friendly and helpful to customers.

Javier Felix



Awesome selection of interesting exotic pets.

Cap Vandut

Pets, pets and more pets!

Bravo Beta

Clean great and information workers


Pretty cool place, great customer service! My only criticism is more fish in stock!


Totally recommend them

Cory Baglien

Love this pet shop.


Ryan B

Nice selection. Friendly staff. Healthy animals.

Eva Weverka

I Love the shop normally but I have a HUGE problem with the short blonde who works there. She is never anything but RUDE and CONSTANTLY changes the prices or cheaps me out every single time I come in there, which is 1-2 times a week. I love to shop local but I'm about to have to go online for my needs.....

Lindsay Handley

Alyssa Brewer

Tons of variety/options in pets, food with much more. OWNER IS AWESOME! & good prices!!

David Prian

Great little shop, staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. You can tell all the "soon to be pets" are well taken care of, the place is clean, the cages clean with fresh water and food. 5 stars.

Jonathan Marin

Small but well run and very nice people. Great for feeders for your reptiles.

Justice J. Srisuk

A small pet store with an excellent selection of animals, especially reptiles, birds and small animals. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Full selection of feeder insects and animals.

James Ash

Love this place. Great price on live feeder mice.

carol andelt

I buy my crickets for my tarantula here. I like that they always have unique animals to look at. They have a wide variety of reptiles, birds, fish and furry animals too! Very friendly people.

Ann Kirk

Very knowledgeable staff. Great pricing. Nice little family owned pet store.

Alex Garcia

Came into the shop expecting to buy a new tarantula, I felt welcomed walking through the doors clean environment and friendly staff indeed definitely returning again !

Steph Smith

Best pet shop hands down, the staff is really helpful and pets aren't marked up like big name pet places, the feeder insects are always gut loaded and they have even helped me out with taking in fish that had over breed in my tank.

Marie Boyle

Therye a small family store, which I would rather do business with. Theyte nice. Helpful, Friendly, and the store is immaculate.

Michelle Coyle



I go there once a week and always get the best service since i always get the same thing and if the staff isnt too busy they will see me pull up and have my order already at the counter. They are very knowledgeable and also keep me informed about new arrivals because hey, you never know what i may biy next.

Splatter Panda

A disappointing set of experiences here. I stopped in the first time just to look, and the place seems nice enough. Its clean, well lit, the animals appeared to be okay. Looks aren't everything, though. I bought a juvenile male rabbit maybe three months back. I was told by the sales associate that the rabbit had been neutered, and it was this info that clinched the sale for me. Now, that rabbit has doubled in size, along with the enormous rabbit testicles he's got. Looks like he wasn't neutered after all. About a week after the rabbit purchase the wife and I stopped by again and a dumbo rat caught my wife's eye. We noticed on the car ride home that it had a sneeze, but figured it might just be the bedding the rat had been boxed with. Regardless, we quarantined the rat when we got home. Good thing, too, as the rat was dead two days later. Sales associates either lie, or don't know what they're selling. The rat was kept in a communal tank, so if it had a communicable illness... Again, either the sales person knew about sick animals and sold them anyway, or they didn't know that their own animals were sick. There's no return policy at this place, so now we're paying for the rabbit neutering, and we've gotten a replacement rat from another shoppe. We won't be coming here again. You probably shouldn't either.

Michelle Cady

Very cute small pet store, but things can get pretty expensive in there!


The lady there was rude! Looking for pet for my boys. She really acted like she did not want to help us. Helped this other guy that came in after us. Boys wanted to see hedge hogs, sorry! They are sleeping! And then walked off... I will go somewhere else.

alice zinn alic

James is wonderful, smart and kinds

Nikki J

Awesome employees, clean tanks and cages. Cheap crickets

Jeff Simpson

steve wolford

Great little shop. All it needs is More business

David Ferrel

Like pet stores with actual animals. And fun one too such as snakes, spiders, lizards, birds, fish, ferrets, and turtles. They also run an animal rescue. When we were there they had a 2 headed turtle, a giant tortoise, and a large ferret they were holding until the owner is found (not for sale).

Jennifer Hall

Love this place! Best place for reptile feeding items and aquatic needs! Birds, snakes, fish, all kinds of rodents! Kids love to visit this place as well!

Queen Bee

Great costumer service and great people there

Connor Cox

Excellent staff, great selection!! I always come here for my Dubia roaches, but they just recently started carrying Hornworms! Which is totally awesome. They've got everything you need to get started with a pet.

Cassianda Davis

Awesome place, great staff

Ashley Dicker

They are so nice and I got to hold 3 snakes!

Russell Keith

Great place

esteward Fonseca

Great selection of pets that i would have like to get. I must pass by again to see what my next pet is going to be.

Todd Houston

Very helpful. Friendly, Great prices and locally owned. Worth the visit. I get my frozen fish food here (blood worms and brine shrimp) for little less than petsmart charges.

Michelle Jardin

Very knowledgeable staff! Good selection of birds, fish, and reptiles.

Corina Ruiz

Very kind people, not a big variety of reptiles and an alright variety of fish. They also have rabbits, hamsters and such. So they have a variety of animals but not a big variety of each.

Ali Rae

Love this pet store.

Devon Mortensen

This was a great little shop with some birds some reptiles some fish even a couple of rabbits and hedgehogs

Crystal Warden

I love it here nice people great prices

Richard Rangel

Nice variety of exotic pets Guinea pigs, turtles, parrots,fish, hedgehogs etc. There price are way better than commercial pet stores

Chuck Brown

Marnee Marlor

We ended up getting a Guinea Pig. She is great!

Amanda Martin

I go here for all of my feeder insects for my reptiles. The guy who owns the shop is always friendly, and likes to show off his animals. He is very knowledgeable about a lot of different animals, reptiles in particular, and carries some really unique animals. The shop is clean, it doesn't smell funky, and his prices are fair.

Jesse Jenkins

Great little pet store


Great for many different types of exotic pets


Got my first snake from here, all the animals seem very hardy and healthy and they're always ready and eager to help and answer any questions you have. I love them.

Rosemarie Glynn

We got our fishie there

Katrina Schmitz

I love this pet store. We stop by at least once a week to get food for our lizard. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. There's always cute animals, fish, spiders, snakes, and lizards to look at while we get lizard food.

Chimi Mono

Looks like a good store. Custumer serves is a little off but it was busy when we came in. I give 4 stars because non of the snakes have hides. And alot were soaking. Snakes should have atleast two hides. Most of them are nocturnal. So i would expect them to at least have one. But they dont even have a bare minimum. They have just bedding and water in the enclosures. Snakes like to soak from time to time when shedding. But seeing multiple snakes at the same time is a red flag to me. Because they soak more when they have mites. I told the sales lady that they should at least have a hide. So i hope it is resolved.

Chris Wilkins

I've been going here since 2007, the friendliness of the workers is awesome, they're knowledge is great and they also have decent prices. Why else would no drive from San tan valley every other week unless they took care of me. Thank you wildside pets.

kori calvin

Customer service is absolutely great, ok prices also. Hunter the guy with the long hair is so polite and knowledgeable.

Audra Monica Owens



pNuephious new-fee-us

This shop is clean and the animals appear to be healthy and well cared for. The lady who works during the week is always friendly and very informative. Thank you Wildside Pets!

CJ Lucero

Best place and its not a chain

Super1or Wolf

Great exotic pets store. From supplies to carriers they got you covered

Sumer Edwards

Small but efficient

marko virtanen

Knowledgeable staff, friendly, decent prices.

Joan Lee

Very helpful. Nice store.

Cameron Cromwell

I read sooooo many negative reviews about sick animals, mites, and rude people working here. I ignored them and decided to check it out myself. They didn't have much. They animals they had... Well they provided them the bare minimum. Animals weren't given proper substrate not anything to climb on. Just fake green mats and iceberg lettuce. Most of what the had, which wasn't much, were trying to climb out of their empty glass containers as if saying, "Oh God please someone help me!" It was rather upsetting really. They seem nice to humans, but not helpless critters. If you're going to purchase something from them(which is also waaayyyyy overpriced.. I'm talking $60 for a common spider) buy some bones they have on display.....

Hailieigh Cuellar

Love supporting my local pet shop

Raini Hawkins

Excellent mom and pop shop selection, exotic species and more. Great help, not amazingly fast.

Amber Hegarty

So helpful and friendly. Very knowledgeable about animals and care they need. The animals they have in the store are healthy and very well taken care. Wildside Thank you.

Jeff M

James and the girls are really knowledgeable and they take great care of their animals. Reasonable priced too.

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