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REVIEWS OF Phoenix Tropical Fish Inc IN Arizona

Ben Brown

Support this store! Tony's dedication to her love for the aquatic hobby shows by the care she takes for her shop.

Devlein Metoyer

First time calling on the phone, and whoever the lady was that answered was very rude. I asked a few questions about tilapia, since I am new to purchasing fingerlings, and she was very unprofessional. She yelled at me and got smart more than once while our conversation only lasted for 31 seconds until I hung up.

Alexis Rai

First time here, had a fantastic time picking out fish and getting advise, the owner is great. I loved meeting her.

Kyle Dooley

Wish there was more of these kind of fish stores! You never know what they'll have. You will see some real odd-ball fish here, which is what I love!

Charles Wetlaufer-Scoggins

Excellent customer service healthy fish fair prices.

Ray Bishop

Nice little fish store!

Johnny G

We spent a day going to 5 different aquarium shops through out the valley. This is a cool place with lots of fish. Here you get that customer service touch you want from a local shop that is passionate about aquariums. I was able to get the tropicals I wanted and some items for my aquarium at good prices (near half the cost of some of the other shops) The tropicals I first bought here 2 years ago are still healthy and happy.

Marlina Kessler

I have been going here for at least 20 is the best kept secret..good selection of healthy fish

Lola Dutcher

Great spot!! And the have a Mbu puffer. I have never seen one in a shop before. Must check it out.

david Larson

Apparently this place has been here for a very long time. Shop is so cool and worn in. Not fancy but a great selection of fish and plants. These guys know their stuff. Worth a visit for sure.

Sunn Shine

Long time business, great selection of fish!

Samantha Davis

First time visiting and definantely will return! Everyone was friendly, offered great advice and they have really awesome fish.

Karen Corbin

This is a small shop with a good variety of fresh water fish. The fish are healthy and prices are reasonable too.

Daren Daniels

My fiance and I are from Colorado Springs and were visiting my brother who lives in the Phoenix area. My brother recently set up an aquarium so we googled several aquarium shops. My impression - If you are a true hobbyist, you'll find species here you won't find anywhere else. Toni was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks so much Toni! - Daren

JAked Again

Great place amazing selection and the people that work there

Cord Chatham

Toni is amazing! So helpful and she has an awesome selection of fish!

Nathan Romero

Awesome selection, great prices. My first stop


This is the Best fish store in Phoenix AZ, hands down. I've been everywhere, but nothing can compare with this store. They have big variety of fish and plants and the price is just right. The lady who works there is very kind and nice! She has a big heart. Most definitely recommend this store!!!

Matt Larson

This place is awesome. They have amazing selections of fish. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and outgoing. It is a hidden gem with a really cool atmosphere. The prices are also very reasonable. I’ve been going here for almost 10 years now. Check this place out.

Mark Potter

Very old neighborhood shop. It ain't fancy, but the folks are very nice and very helpful. Excellent shop for cichlids and used tanks. It's worth a look.

Brian New

This is one of the most unique fish stores I've been to

carol gallagher

Great fish! Friendly people! You gotta see it to appreciate it!!

Raven Temple

Was impressed until the girl working there comes flying up frantically "please! Please! Dont put your hand in the tank or touch the glass!" I have been keeping fish all my live and owned an aquatic import. I was not touching, I was pointing out to my husband the fish I was planning to buy. Needless to say, given the lady didn't even ask if we needed help just her frantic rude behavior. I didn't buy anything I left... btw to the people that own the place, the standing water on your floor means you have a major problem with your central filtration system!

alejandro Diaz

Great variety on fresh water fish. Good prices on products as well. The owner is awesome and will help you pick right fish for your tank.

Aaron Brooks

First time visiting this store I was a little sceptical about the location because it's kind of hidden in the neighborhood, but they have a sign on the street that lets you know you're at the right place. When I first walked in I was a little let down because the place is a little small, but once I started looking around I realized the little store shouldn't be underestimated. They have a good selection of dry goods, decorations, etc. Then I proceeded onto the fish area and I was very impressed with the selection of fish and the health of the fish. I found an African cichlid that I have been wanting for a while and have been searching everywhere for. Not only did the have one but they had 2 nice sized colored up males, so I had to bring one Home! He's swimming around happy as can be and his colors are just getting better. The lady who helped us out was Dianne and she was very nice and helpful. I will definitely be frequenting this store now and would recommend this store to anyone in the hobby.

Adam Petersen

Wow so many great shining reviews... how is this possible? Owner was really rude to me today, seems like she is tired of dealing with people and fish. I've been here on a number of occasions, their staff is the same way. Why do I keep coming back... Oh its cause they have nice fish selection... :( So here's the deal with this place. You better know exactly what you want and how to populate your aquarium before stepping in here. Because they aren't going to correctly advise you in mixing fish and qty to tank size. Seems like all they care about is $$$. I recently set up a small 45 gallon Cichlid tank over a year ago. They let me walk out of there with 9 cichlids (4 yellows, 3 albinos and 2 Demasoni ... about $75 bucks total)... Of the 9, eight were males. Now I am not a beginner but I am by no means an expert especially with Cichlids. It wasn't long before the aggressive nature of Cichlids caused deaths and constant fighting. Since starting I have had 4 deaths from aggression and 3 that I brought back to them to save their lives. I have 2 left from the original purchase 1 male 1 female. Seeing how my tank is small, I just wish I would have been advised that 9 Cichlids is WAY TOO MANY for a 45 gallon tank (they grow really fast). And... the kicker is 8 Males, 1 Female. They do have a great selection of fish, especially Cichlids. Just do your own homework on how to identify the males if you are going for a diverse Cichlid tank.

Greg Owen

Extremely helpful and personable staff. Very detailed in not only what to do to keep a tank clean, but how to do it and how to keep it clean.

Dan Lewis

Extremely highly recommended. This is Phoenix's last true surviving "LFS," IMHO, after Pets, Inc. closed way back ~2012. Staff is very knowledgeable but a bit supercilious. Expect a lecture if you messed up on your husbandry. This is the only place you can get reliable freshwater fish, no parasites. I will always buy from this place over the chains and the trendy salt water shops. You should, too. Keep this place in business, or Phoenix may be forced to buy ick-riddled stress cases to stock our freshwater tanks, for the love of Pete.

Offgrid professor

Could have a larger selection of tetras, and plants. was enjoyable viewing the selection though, prices were higher than I remembered when I had 18 tanks going. Will return.

Kelly Mainini

This store is the best in the valley. The quality of their fish is amazing. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they are always willing to provide their expertise. My family and I have been coming here for years and we refuse to go anywhere else.

Craig Flood

She's the best off beaten path mom pop shop. Beautiful Lilly's, and fish

derek pasieka

sure you can shop 1 stop shop convenience @ the Walmart limited generic fish section & corporate pet stores. However stop by PHX TROPICAL FISH and check out the amazing selection of quality and exotic fish. if you get the chance to meet the owner Tony. you will get to experience service that only 27 years of genuine passion for aquatic life and animals can offer. amazing lady and the love she gives her animals and plants shows and makes me so glad to have finally started my pond project. Her home grown hearty water plants and quality fish selection are fantastic. I most certainly will be back! thank you Tony, your awesome!

Marwan Wanish

They have a good selection of fish but not that clean, over priced and too many mosquitoes; my son and I got bitten so many times and we had to leave right away.

Jesus T

One of the few fish and aquatics store that really makes the effort to take care of their own. Wonderful staff, and stellar selection of fish and plants.

Rommel R

A hidden gem. The lady is real nice and helpful. There’s a dog inside, she’s nice too. Great selection of fish and supplies.

Mary Coyne

Very friendly and knowledgeable.


The fish are big and healthy, unlike pet stores. The staff is helpful and the prices are fair. Really great place to buy fish

Michael Anderson

Went in to buy African cichlids, no one knows more about topicals than Toni!

Christina Martin

Tony is the best I recommend this store to anyone she has great customer service she even comes helps her customers on her days off this is the best place to be if your an animal lover!!!

Jman shep

Nice selection of tropical fish but thier prices are really high!! I paid like 90$ just for 3 bottom feeders and 2 plain jane Cichlids! And the lady lied about the price said 1 of the Cichlids I had was 10$ then I walked up to the register and it changed from 10$ to 18$ !!

Matthew Ezell

Amazing healthy selection and reasonable prices. Don't expect cheap fish here... but if you're an enthusiast willing to spend a few bucks... you must visit this hole in the wall!!

Douglas Kulesza

Great store! Killer African cichlids, community fish and koi. Love this place.

Katina Wolcott

I am pretty sure the chick in there trying to help me was high as a kite and had absolutely no regard for me as a customer. And the tank you see walking in the door was nothing but dead fish....!!!!!!

craig martin

Had a great experience at Phoenix tropical. Wide variety of fish and awesome staff. Toni has a great attitude and service. She even saved some fish for me that was sweet. Highly recommended

Lucas Nugent

Great customer sevice and a good choice of fish

christopher Williamson

Your transformed into a world of of aquatic paradise.

Melisa Jamalalldeen

Love this place! It's a bit hard to find, tucked in to a residential area. It's also hot and humid and a bit cluttered. BUT, they are super helpful, have an amazing selection of fish and plants, all their tanks look clean and fish look healthy!

Toby Coyne

Great place to get plants for your out door water pond. Been twice and great both times.

Daniel Glassman

i went to this location looking for saltwater fish and found out that they only carry fresh water fish, yes it is a bit humid and hot in the back but they have thousands of gallons of water constantly moving i did feel water temp and it felt normal tropical fish obviously live in tropical water(warm 75-82 degrees) did see birds but didnt think to much of it not a huge bird fan and dont know anything about them but i didnt say neglect when i went in there by any means and the gentleman was very nice i cant remember his name. if you want freshwater fish and are in phoenix then yea i would try and make a stop here as they have some rares as well

chad john

Nice and friendly staff good place to buy fish

Tonya MacBeth

This is the only place to buy tropical fish. It has been my exclusive store for 20+ years. Toni is the best! Yes--It is behind a house in a residential neighborhood, you'll find it. Support local businesses!

joe lee

Best place to go.she is the best and know her sh... Im there atleast ones a week

Domingo Jpili

Good place depends on who is on shift that day

Ken Butters

Not exactly sure how to rate since I haven't purchased, BUT... this place really is a "hole in the wall" old school fish store. Not fancy at all, very humid inside, and a bit dingy looking. HOWEVER, their selection is another story. Most tropical fish stores have very young specimens but we were blown away seeing mature varieties that were just flat out impressive. Even more so, they weren't limited to just one of each type; there were several. I have never seen a 5-6" long Red Tailed Black Shark before, and they had several, as an example. They had some unusual fish I've never heard of and they were large and beautiful. They looked healthy and active. If we were going to fill a tank with mature fish, we would definitely buy them here.

Ty Aldridge

Vintage Fish store. Rustic and also high end salt water fish available. Buy a fish and more

Spiritia Kilbourne

Tony is amazing! She really knows tropical fish and they are very healthy. When I buy fish from her they last, unlike ones bought from a large commercial chain.

Michael McBurney

The lady that works this fish store is GREAT. Will always remember her as much as the fish. Highly recommended.

Connor Mcdonnell

I go here often for all my aquarium needs. Cool little shop with a small friendly staff. Always something unique there

Aqua God

I love Toni what more can I say!?

matt ballard

used to be worth a trip there...

Jeff Fante

Classic fish shop, cool people

Debra Ventimiglia

They have some nice fish and they are very knowledgeable. The shop is a bit tricky to find and is a bit shabby but that doesnt bother us.

Shannon Love

I thought this place had a decent selection of freshwater fish & the lady who helped us was very knowledgeable.

Joe de Diego

This is a real tropical fish store and unlike petco the fish are healthy and full of life. Yes its hot and humid and vaguely smells like fish food but what else would you expect from a fish shop? They have a unique selection of fish and plants some of which i never knew existed. The owner is nice and vary knowledgeable. This is my go-to shop from now on.

Kevin Ebmeyer

Best fish store in town! Great selection of HEALTHY fish. Knowledgeable staff.

colter kilgour

Very knowledgeable owner with a great selection of fish.

meg toons

I loved the store the lady working there was really nice and theres an amazing selection of fish and beutiful birds and koi fish


Amazing displays.


Awesome knowledgeable service every time.

Sarah Walker

Great staff! Beautiful well cared for fish!

Kyle Bernardo

fish way too expensive place is dirty and its maybe okay that they use sponge inly filter each tank but for big messy fish its not enough.

Tonya Macbeth

Back again! Mega silver dollars and giant Bala sharks are on my dream list! One day, you will be mine!

perrito gordito the fahaka & Friends

Luv the place picked up these two gorgeous guys......


Best fish store in phoenix

Krys Ross

Little Hidden Gem . I love this place . The Owner Operator associate is so sweet and extremely knowledgeable. I have a very successful fish tank with live happy fishys . I will continue to shop here for all my aquatic needs

Matt Dittemore

Amazing little hole in the wall fish store


I've been coming here for years, great selection of African Cichlids! Support Local Merchants!!

Derrick S.

This place is the best kept secret for aquarium hobbyist such as myself. I've found some really cool specimens at this store ,to add to an already vast collection of various tropical fish, mainly my fish African Cichlids. I purchased many fish over the years from "Tony". She is always helpful, friendly,and passionate about what she does and always well informed about the products her store sells. I've been everywhere in the Valley over 15 years and I've been to Phoenix Tropical about 5 years, they are definitely #1 at my top 3 favorites to visit. You just never know what you may find when you In response to some of these negative experiences from others reviews on this page, It's not your average store its a smaller (mom/pop) shop tucked away a bit. Your opinion is respected. I'm from Chicago a significantly larger city than Phoenix and some times you have to go to Unique places and neighborhoods to find your Unique treasures. However, to all genuine aquarium hobbyist, ALL of my fish survived that I've ever bought here. Collectively I've spent thousands at this store and surely I've saved hundreds. This is most important to me, no matter where you shop for new fish. Parking and smells and cleanliness has never been an issue for me at this store. If you're looking for some plush, fancy place to go after Sunday Brunch with the whole family ....probably not your spot of Tea and pass the Grey Poupon. Derrick S. (NORTH PHX.)

Danelle C

Love this store. Always something different on the fresh water side. It's a little unorganized and cluttered but there are treasures to find if you look hard enough.

Toni Vick

Awesome freshwater fish and plants

daniel dasilva

1 in 3 aquariums had dead fish in them, others were filled with sick fish. The owner was present and did nothing to help one of her suffering fish except tell me it was the rats fault that the fish were dieing. Overly priced as well.

Charlie P

Nice quaint place hidden behind the house. Decent selection always changing so drop in to see current stock.

Logan Cameron

Reliable information. Great service.

Mary Eaton

This experience was amazing for me and the kids,great selection of turtles,fish,and supplies for all the service is great the lady that works there is so nice and answered all my questions my son can't wait for his b day cause he told me once his birthday comes he wants to come straight here

Amy LeForce

I go across town to visit this store and talk with fish whisperer Tony, she knows her stuff.


Heard they were closing down went for a second visit (even though I wasn't impressed with the first visit) and their shop closed an hour early with the open sign still lit and cars in the lot, very unprofessional and FYI tanks are generally dirty, overcrowded with many dead fish in plain view! I don't think they care too much about their customers or the fish, I won't be returning


Best fish store in the valley

Doc the hillbilly lobo

Nice place. Owner is very nice/ knowlagable..

Luke Watts

Good place, with friendly help.

Bryan P

The lady that came in was super friendly and ready to help, unfortunately I cant say that I would return as the place was infested with mosquitos and stray cats were in abundance within the neighborhood. The area where the fish are kept is dark, hot and humid and still mosquito infested. Although the fish seemed healthy, I couldn't wait to get out of the fish viewing area. Never mind the fact that it felt like the setting for a murderous horror story to me. The lady at the counter, I would give 5 stars, but there's important work to be done to the property and displaying area to be able to allow customers to shop without fearing for their health.

Cangle Sage

Terrible. Dirty, I mean a fish store isn't gonna be clean. Duh. But how the poor fish were treated. I saw 3 fish that they had forgoten about no food. They were eating each other. Not to mention all the other hundred of dead fish. Staff not friendly, plants are ok but over priced.

Jenna Drozdz

I could spend hours here. Amazing shop and amazing service!

Jerry Barker

Great place and very knowledgeable staff. I love going here because if the variety. Fish are healthy and very good. I have been going here for over three years and only get my fish from here. I have never had any issues and fish are always healthy !

Oskar Diaz

This place is hidden. They have a decent amount of African Cichlids to choose from.

Sean Tudor

Fantastic fish selection. If you're looking for African Cichlids in the Phoenix area this is the place to go.

James Wertz

Interesting small fish store. Wouldn't know it was there till you visited it.

Shelly Guenivere

Marc was very helpful!

Robert Kelly

Great awesome Every fish plant shrimp snail I've bought there is still alive can't say that about other places I've been.Owner is expert with advice. Customer service at it's finest. A pleasure to shop there

Sergio Torres

The person who owns this shop is an amazing person with a big heart

As St

Lots of nice healthy fish. They all seemed to be very well cared for

Zack Ritter

One of the best specialty freshwater fish stores in the valley. They are one of the only shops in the valley who regularly stock S. American Dwarf Cichlids. If you are looking for a clean Walliworld experience, with oblivious teenagers working, then go elsewhere. If your looking to have elitist specialists, looking down on you, from their grandiose experience, go elsewhere. If your looking for real, knowledgeable people, who are interested in sharing their experience, in an atmosphere that is alive rather than sterile, than this is the place for you. Fair warning, its rather hot inside in the summer and the place is very 'worn in', but the selection is generally exceptional, as is the service.

Jay Buck

Cool fish

Nicole Masse

Great selection.

cody hughes

Amazing Been here several times for fish. The ppl were more then help but very knowledgeable. Plan to continue going to Phx Tropical Fish inc.

gorilla assazin

My favorite fish store in phoenix..good selection and great service.

Michaela Muncy

Even though the store seems dirty and dark they are very knowledgeable and take great care of their fish. Best freshwater fish store in town I drive almost 40 minutes just to go there and every fish I have ever bought from them is very healthy

Tim Kay

Good place for fish. It's warm and humid inside so watch out for mosquitoes.


fairly priced good condition cichlid but the same limited and basic variety all the chain stores sell cheaper. owner lady was great but her helper girl was on meth and mumbling at me while looking away when i asked her questions (very annoying to the hard of hearing in a noisy environment). also be sure they bag you the selected fish before you pay............i got home and opened my paper bag to a surprise in the plastic one.

Cassi Phoenix

Such pretty fish!

James Nesbitt

Great place to shop she is very knowledgeable very nice lady... They have a large variety of fish ans they ate decently priced... I got a 55 gallon tank set up with cabinet ans took home a few sharks as well I'm going back today to get a few more wonderful place to shop

Gary King

Amazing place to go for fish, tons of cichlids. They have been around for many many years and are super knowledgable. Would highly recommend them!!

Sam Acuna

A hidden gem i drive all the way from Goodyear great service freindly staff

Evan Shatzen

This place is incredible but don't let the I guess parking area and residential neighborhood that it's located in catch you off-guard because once you walk inside it's a magical palace fresh fish and plants for underwater purposes... when we were there the main is caretaker or owner of the business not exactly she was a lady who was incredible with the fish even playing with the flowerhorn which is not recommended to do with your hand but she did it anyways and made close friend and we were very impressed also the prices are ridiculously low floor plants in Fair for fish I will definitely be going back here many many times one love

Jason Pothier

Store had a huge selection! Fish were nice looking. The store was in desperate need of remodeling.

Sherri Enie

Toni is the BEST!! She helped me out with my Cichlids and even adopted one! I love the variety and the genuine love they have for fish. Thanks Toni

Melissa Wittman

Absolutely love this shop. I've bought freshwater fish from two other shops and they've all ended up dying eventually. The fish I've bought here thrive. So helpful and knowledgeable. Don't let the shops initial appearance fool you. The tanks are clean and the fish are healthy. There's a great variety. I definitely recommend this shop.

Jochebed Garcia

Hidden fish store. Very odd place but from what I was told has always been here just everything grew around it. It doesn't look like much but the lady who helped me was very knowledgeable and provided me with good recommendations for plant food for my turtle. Will return soon as my turtle loved the grass and need to get more now.

Criselda Meza

great fish store everything neat organized and clean very beautifull the fishes lily pads and any more plants all have a variety of great selection also orandas and Bettas ❤

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