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555 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 103, Tempe, AZ 85281

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REVIEWS OF Jersey Mike's Subs IN Arizona

Billy Stanford

Lot's better than sub way.

Chris Smith

Fantastic Philly steak

David Schafer

Philly steak is awesome.

Randall Phillips

Excellent food! Busy little sandwich shop, with friendly & attentive staff.

Toolee M

We had to wait about 40-50 minutes to get our foods due to some misunderstandings. Overall, it was a good experience and they were able to resolve our issues. I just wish it didn't have to take as along as it did. :(

Cathy Rowe

Better than Subway by far!

Rahquuer Vuthhaixenn

This place is amazing and has a good and friendly staff. Cold or hot this is the place for quality subs. It costs a little more but you get a lot more. Quality here is outstanding.

Michelle Lewis

Meatball sub was no better than Subway, really, but the pastrami was delicious and we liked the ham and cheese as well.

Jenny McIntosh

There sandwiches are always terrific, and this time was no different. The chipotle chicken is a new favorite. Customer service was also top notch. Highly recommend if you have never been here.

Charles Downs

best subs and above average customer service

Terry Wilson

# 42 was good, Giant was Big, AC worked well.

Kris Staggs

Food at thid Jersey Mikes was bland. Tge bread was way over cooked and hard as a rock. We love Jersey Mikes subs but wil not return to this store.

Justbob C

To brag to be better than Subway was not a good idea. It was pricey. Will I go back. Unknown.

Abigail Gonzales

Quality, taste and freshness far above the competitor - (which starts with a "S"!)

Brenda Simmons

Great place to go love the food

jon Hall

Foods a bit ocer priced but tastes O.K.


Born NJ shore ,50's-60's,raised on Sea Bright NJ Longo's Rest Sub's.Mike's as good ,like time traveling !

Jerry Hensley

My first time days ago and from what I've eaten so far is out of this world. Can't wait to try more very very soon.

Rick Phillips

Jersey Mike's is fairly new to the Oklahoma City area. However the sandwich is it it makes, have tickled the taste buds of others around the country for some time now. The selection of sandwiches is very good, and everything tastes delicious. They have a wide variety of toppings and condiments to put on them as well. If you're in the mood for a good submarine sandwich, come on by.

Janet D.

Our sandwiches were good. Not great by any means especially considering the price. Not somewhere we plan to return.

yui sao

Came here during 17:00. Everything is always great. All the people that were working here today were really nice and funny. I come here once a year but now thanks to the people who work here I will come more often. 3-28-18

Ron Vaughn

This location is very poor in quality and customer service terrible. Employees extremely rude and treat customers like interruption of their day. Will continue to patronize other locations but will not come back to this one.

Whitney Werner

They don’t get a 5 because their staff is garbage. I worked at this location years ago and it’s gone downhill. One of the workers were wearing headphones when I was telling him what I wanted on my sub. The food is wonderful.

Stephanie Demel

The sandwich wasn't as good as normal. And thought we got the smaller size then what we ordered and paid for. The music was way to loud couldn't here the person talking across the table from me.

Sheena Hamman

Love it!

Jon Werner

Fantastic food! Awesome management! Fun people!

Johnny Scott

Vary pleasant and the big kahuna is the bomb

Barbie wright

Service was fast , food was very good, i recommend that u try it.

Justin Griffith

This particular location has never gotten any of my orders correct. I order several sandwiches for my office and they are always wrong. I would recommend going to another location.

david fletcher

The Phillie was very good

Katie Lockhart

The manger is very professional but when he isn't there the young crew are so rude and don't have any idea what customer service is! One of the employees lied about being a the manger.

Darian Thompson

Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. Best location to go to


It's a great place every time my husband and I go.

Austin Mason

Best cheese steak in okc

Kallie Kim

Always friendly & fast service! Great food too, of course!

Joseph Peterson

I had a coupon for a $3 sub. I thought the food was great! I would recommend the Chipotle cheese steak :-) (The regular prices are a little too high for me)

Luis Arias

Big Man Tiny Kingdom

That make a pretty good sammich!

Marie Finamore

sandwiches are always great, service is friendly, place is clean~ love it!

James Tucker

Great Subs. Nice Employees. Similar to Jimmy-John's. I like these guys a little more though.

Sand paddler

The Philly Cheese steak sandwich is the Best! Yes, I said the Best!

Steve Kowalczyk

toni patino


Kendra Heitman

Justin Hambrick

Tony Pensiero

I loved Jersey Mike's once. Now they have cut back on the amount of meat on each sandwich and they changed the spicy relish supplier. It just doesn't taste right. Once the sandwich was wrong, the high prices finally pushed me over the edge. I'm done with them.

Renee Bryant

Jacob Teragouchi

Fast and delicious, get it Mike's way!

Kunal Lakhlani

Pricey but the best subs

Sean Murphy

Hands down this is the best sub shop ever. Try the # 8 or 9 "Mike's Way"

Shad Riley

Definitely the way to go when it comes to a sub sandwich! They have figured out the secret!

Gary Meeks

Stopped in for lunch and great service and the food was good.

Bob Bourke


Wayne Brawner

Good food always clean. And so are the restrooms.

Nathan Howe

Cynthia Wilkinson

Delicious yes but sometimes the phone doesn't work. sometimes there is no soda. It's ok.

Jason Bellomy

Nathan Wall

Elizabeth Smith

Aaron Vittore


James Adams

Great sandwiches. Their roast beef if awesome as it is cooked in store and moist and red.

Nelson Mintz

Slow, rude.

chantez adams

Service was okay, nothing to brag about. Workers didn't seem to happy to be at work, but hey...who does most days. I had a chicken polly that was really good.

Sebastian Bird In Ground

Felipe Aguilar

Was disappointed


Great subs.. You also get one free on your birthday

Elizabeth Manzo

stephanie gentry

Just got a sandwich here. They're really good and the employees are super nice. Good for a quick bite.

Cheyenne Sikes

I loved it go there and try it

Ashley Harrison

The staff working tonight on Halloween

Eddie Price

#56 Philly Cheese Steak sandwich!

Alex Martin

i didn't eat their for about two weeks, and my diarrhea stopped. yes they do have a Great Staff & Very Friendly. also affordable $. so my only complaint is the cleanliness of the store. the owner needs to do a better job of training the staff on food safety & cleanliness.

Joann Garcia

Fast, Friendly and always good.

Mami Meeks

Excellent staff!

Roxsie Stephens

Little expensive but their chipotle chicken philly cheesesteak is heaven. If you bank with City National Bank then you also get Free Chips and Drink with CNB Rewards!

Darrell Stetler II

I ate at Jersey Mike's for the first time the other day. The sub was really good, and I was impressed with the genuine interest that the manager took in his customers.

Coral Deaton

***Edit for reflection date on 2/14/19. Tonight's staff was exceptionally wonderful. Was able to fulfill both my husband and my own order. Only sad point was they were out of the Reuben but one of the girls gave me a comp card, plus her recommendation for the cheese steak was on point!!!!

Ryan Beecroft

Great food and service

Lillian Copeland

Happy employees but the food was disappointing I was told Jersey Mike's was a really good place. I got a meat ball sub and my mother in law got a wrap ... neither one of us could stomach the food. Even the chips were stale and the mountain dew was out of syrup and they chose not to fix it.


Great food with fast, friendly service.

Farrukh Aijaz

Great quality & fast food service .....

Eunice Carter

Love the fact that they now have Gluten Free!!! They were so great at making sure there was NO cross contamination, The Philly cheese steak & California BLT are great!!

nicolaus vannostran

Great value and fresh ingredients. Awesome food always.

Henry Davis

Subs were made with great care love the service.

Ricky Duran

Jersey mikes is so awesome it was my first time eating there and i loved it alot mmmm.

Cindy Osborne

Slicer was very dirty. I never saw the wipe it down the entire time I was there even when they were not busy. Pieces of food was all over! Gross!

Chris Cowan

Great people and food

Jill Blevin

been coming to this location since i was a kid. you gotta go on the right days for the best service (you'll know who they are), but always great food. i highly recommend the new black cherry tarragon soda in the cooler it's sooooo good.

Bruce Heikes

Pricey, but delicious!

Sean Baek

Love Jersey Mike's. We usually go to the one off of Air Depot but we will come to this location from now on. Very friendly and engaging staff. Treated my family and I well.

steve baumgardner

Fast service and the best sandwiches

Brian Deason

Love this place. Friendly staff

Billy Wallace Jr.

My first time days ago and from what I've eaten so far is out of this world. Can't wait to try more very very soon.

Lori Fraga

Birthday sub delicious

Brooks Ann

This place was great! The club on rosemary bread was wonderful. Our order was perfect. The staff is very professional and efficient. We were there at noon and the place was packed. The girls behind the counter kept the line going. We'll be back

Michelle Owens

It was my families first time at a Jersey Mike's. Upon entering we weren't greeted until we arrived at the counter. I ordered my 7 year old's meal first. The girl asked me if I wanted that Mike's way. I told her I had no idea what that meant. She then rushed through what "Mike's way" is. I told her no thank you and I then ordered a number 6 for myself. The guy asked me if I wanted it mini, regular or .... I told him I needed to know what sizes those were. He then picked up some bread, identified them rudely and then threw them back down on the counter. At this point I was beginning to regret my decision to try this place. Then as my husband orders the kid comes back and says they are out of roast beef and would I like something else. No, I really wouldn't. It's unfortunate that my first time is my last time.

merissa canada

Food was fantastic! Store was clean and the employees were friendly.

Jim Caves

Lousy and expensive. Service good.

Deborah Baker

It was right on time walked in an 10 minutes maybe less i was walking out.

Penny Hughes

Amazing subs. Amazing service. The manager is awesome and very friendly goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. She knows my order when me and the bestie comes in. She will be missed when she goes on maternity leave.

John Bluemlein

Jersey Mike's is good but even with a coupon it is expensive.

David Heinen

Told the to hold the jalapeno and they didn't

Bailey Dennis

Food was good but nothing special. Didn't need to hear an employee yell the F word across the restaurant.

Roy Stone

Excellent food, excellent service.

Alex Rodriguez

#13 or #9 thrown on grill are great

Jasmine Cothern

The are very polite and clean

WilBeau Guil

Always friendly. Food always great.

LadN Ladd

THE BEST cold sandwiches and hot ones too! Have to have it Mike's Way!

The Gamorion

A little pricey but you get what you pay for best subs and wraps in town!!!

Mark M

Had the best hot pastrami sandwich ever will make the trek back very soon

Natasha Says

One word: DIRTY

Talliesin Goeson

Brittney Carnell

Tia Cooper

Steven Beach

Christina Zamora

Female employe who is very knowledgeable about her subs and fast

Todd Watson

Been here twice. Both times orders wrong. Place is filthy, staff stated manager on vacation with no method of contact. Ice machine broken. Who runs a buisness with a manager on vacation with no contact?

Annette R

Nice customer service


It’s so nice to know that there still is a ‘Deli’ where you can purchase a Fresh Sandwich with Fresh Cut Meats and Cheeses and topped with freshly cut vegetables. The Service is Amazing... I truly enjoy how they make a point of greeting you as you walk in the door. They Truly appreciate their loyal guests. Jay was very friendly, professional and efficient. He made my sandwich so quick and neat - Thanks Jay. The Store is very clean and atmosphere is Awesome - Watching the Game while enjoying my Sandwich! So, if you’re in the mood for a Fresh Sandwich where there friendly, Professional and Fun, stop over here at Jersey Mikes Subs at Scottsdale Rd & 202. A Big Thanks to Jay, the Management and the Crew of this store - Your Dedication Shows and I appreciate all that You Do!

Matt Bunker

It was just okay but for the price I have had better and what kind of company puts out coupons and then won't take them ?? At least the staff was kool

Chris R.

Tyler Deal

Straight from the shores of New Jersey to the shores of Tempe town lake. One of the most delicious subs out there bar none. The staff has always been just as exceptional as the food taste. Don’t deprive yourself any longer, eat jersey mikes.

Blake Williams

Jake Hanson

Udo Pfutzenreuter

Mack Padre

Good grub, staff friendly.

Chrisman Realty Group

Subway ain't got nothing on Mike's

Michael Morrow

Sarah Ikard

The things I liked about it was the atmosphere, friendly service, and the subs were tasty. The things I didn't much care for was the variety and overall quality. The place is one or two steps above Subway, but that's it. It's a little pricey for the quality and ingredients. I would eat there again, but it wouldn't be my go-to sub place for a good sub.

Brian H

Paul Ruminski

The #13 was excellent as always.

Andrea Corrine

Simply, the BEST. Friendly staff at every location!

Andrew Shields

Jana Pruitt

Nick Merth

kahlil tomlinson

The food is great. Had it twice in 3 days. Very affordable too

David Smith

Charles Sinicki

Good subs, easy to get to, friendly staff, and clean.

Tiffany Lynn

Great sandwich shop. Very reasonable prices. I placed a large order and the manager was so accommodating and kept my order in my price range.

Eddie Diaz

Really good subs. Little pricey but also really tastey. This location kind of sucks cause all the construction going on but staff super friendly.

Cynthia Pelman

My favorite subs

david joubert

Great taste and service. Medium value

Russell Stacey

Eat here once a week love the food and the employees are always nice

Andy Swafford

Good samiches!!!

Terry Friesenhahn

Best sub place in America. Great service.

Sherry Perry

Wonderful. Friendly. Awesome food

bill carroll

Bread was perfect. sandwich was fresh. Service was fine.

Eric McCurdy

Super tasty, exactly as I ordered it. #9 is my favorite.

Brittany Ororke

Always a fan of Jersey Mikes. Our usual store is closer to our house. This location was great! The manager was extremely friendly and the food did NOT disappoint! My husband had the philly (best he's ever had) I had the original and the kids had the salami! Yum!!!! You should go here.

kat holman

the staff was fun and the food wasn't amazing, but it was a little pricey. easy to acquire coupons for though

lisa w

By far the BEST service I have ever gotten at any Jersey Mikes. I wish I would have gotten thier names, but didn't think to until I had already left! There was a young guy and young girl working, and had the best attitudes, and made my day! I will now travel to this one (which is out of my way, but totally worth the drive!) just because of them! I appreciate kind and welcoming attitudes! A huge thank you to them, and a note to the owner, Give them a raise, and don't let them go! Employees are the backbine of your company, and if you treat your employees well, (which I have a feeling you do given thier positive attitudes) they will go above and beyond to take care of you and your customers! Have a great day!

ForeverCovered Intheblood

Nice service! Polite and pleasant

Garrett Adams

Love how the manager is there. He trains his employees well. He loves to interact with customers by making them feel like they are part of his family. He is truly and wonderfully a great man. The food was wonderful and fresh.

Melissa Jenkins

Best cold sub place!

Rosemary Perez

My order was messed up.I'm allergic to onions and I asked for no onions but...

oneof3sisters .

The food was great as usual. This was my first time at this location. They seemed a little disorganized. With juggling call in orders, Uber eats and the people waiting in line. We waited 15 min because they were making the pick up orders. They needed some one just doing that and someone else taking care of the customers that we're waiting in line. Trying to eat when you are on a lunch break puts a time crunch on what time you have to eat.

T Wilson

Good food but expensive

Richard Poston

Good food prices to high

Big O

This place sells some bomb sandwiches

Daniel Long

The staff are really amazing and they always get my orders correct and insure that I am taken care of well. One of the best Jersey Mike's around

Seth Rowley

I had the Reuben it was delicious

Aaron Morgan

I eat here often. Love this place. Manager is really friendly, employees are a reflection of that good mgmt. The sandwiches speak for themselves. To the reviewer that stated you could get just as good a sandwich at subway.... LOL.


clean and fast service

Ray Osborn

The 13 is out of this world! Ever since eating Jersey Mike's, that other large chain tastes like dogfood.

Katherine Goode

Love the Philly sandwiches! And the employees were so nice!

Lani Jayne

Staff is always friendly, and service is awesome! Love Jersey Mike's!

Tender Sheep

It's a good sub. Better than most others.

Joey Pinkston

Customer service is AWFUL. Attitude with customers. Rude.. Smarting off about customers like they can't hear you. Millennial incompetence at its finest!

Sara Marceleno

The guys here are always so nice!! Always very friendly, fast, fresh food

Vicki Russell

Good subs

Linda Bishop

Fairly good...i love the number 8..try it next time u go.

Jami Stasyszen

The crew is incredibly friendly and they work together very well. They had me in and out in no time and even complimented my outfit.

Truman Lewis

Always great and service is super

Kai Harwood

Philadelphia cheese steak is the bomb

Amy Mccallister

This was a disappointing visit. I ordered a wrap in which the employee could not wrap and was told by another employee to fix it. She didnt even attempt and the wrap fell apart as soon as i unwrapped it. Not fun when eating while driving.

Abe Haynes

Good sandwiches. Talkative staff. Can be costly.

Frank Adame

(Translated by Google) Good place (Original) Buen lugar

Natasha Love

They had ants in their soda machine

ChivoAllenPoe -up

Subs so good you'll slap ya momma

Michael Berkenkamp



Linda Firestone

Fast..friendly..good prices and they always make my sandwich just the way I want.

Donna Rodriquez

Kate Williams

I got a delivery order and the sub was COMPLETELY soaked through. It was disgusting and inedible. I've ordered delivery from Jersey Mike's a dozen times and it's never been this sopping wet and disgusting before. When I called to speak to the manager he was pretty much like "tough, that's how we make it" TERRIBLE customer service. Now I'm stuck with a disgusting sub that I paid for and paid a delivery fee for food I can't eat

Matthew Cutting

Best sub place around! Soft bread and fresh ingredients

Sachiko Saguaro

Luis Cervantes

Erika Wine

Love their turkey subs. Their chicken parm sub rocks!!!

Kelaric Vaettor

Aaron Clark

Justin David

Christina Vega

Stephen Autieri

I told them it was my first time. They gave me a free cookie. That was awesome!


Best subs in town, but pricey

Mike Janowski

Chris Culotta

Bethany Potter

Julian was one of the nicest gentlemen we’ve ever had help us at a restaurant. He was so prompt, polite and showed he cared about us. Very satisfied! :)

Dylan Wright

Zach Hede

Tim Tripodi

The best turkey sub in town.

Nicholas Holmes

Lot of subs to choose from. Meat is freshly sliced when you order and everything just tastes good.

Kevin Peevey

Always delicious!

Jonathan Sargent

DeWayne Crank

Sandwich was good ... great workers.

Anthony Smith

Sub was pretty darn awesome but they forgot a sub on our order. Not that big of deal since the food was delicious. Got the Philly and was not disappointed.

Marge Fedorchak

Not enough variety

Mason J Adams

I let them upsell me a drink and chips. The machine spat a bug out into my cup with my soda. I let them know and wasn't offered a refund but another cup. Like no shade but... was I supposed to say yes? Like plz feed me bugs?

Benjamin Traver

The wrap Jacy made both blew my mind and knocked my socks off. She wrapped each half of the wrap with the most delicate concern, and then carried the wrap to a table as you would carry a swaddled baby. With the amount of care that Jacy put into my sandwich it's no surprise that it tasted like heaven.

Josh Jbzy

Service was ok. Sandwich was good. 2 worst things. Was the two employees arguing over the sandwich and the gross drink station!!! The tea was bad!! They must of mad it during the morning!!!

Garett Bannon

Wakonda Dixon

My job

Jered Jim

Adam Dominguez

Jaime Torres

The staff is hands down the best ever. Food is always great. I've left the location in Moore to go to this location because they don't run out of bread like the store on 19th st.

Jim Wesseling

Good ole #13.

Kevin Campbell

Great place for a big sandwich!

ashley hyde

Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww I waited over 20 minutes, the people ahead of me had waited over 30 minutes, and the people ahead of THEM still hadn’t had their food started on yet. Had to leave, only get so long for lunch... going down the street to eat somewhere else

Tamara Neeley

Good food and kind employees!

Shannon Synosky

Great food, we love them

Daniel Marand

It was quick, delicious, the staff was very personable and struck up a kind conversation. I had a rough day and the cashier went out of their way to make my day a little better. I've never had a bad experience the many times I've been there but tonight was great enough I decided to leave a review.

Tami Jill

I work nearby. I eat here at least twice a week. The employees are very rude but the location is the closest place from my work that's somewhat healthy. Your credit card receipt that you have to sign has a place for a tip. Really?? Do they ask for a tip at any other fast food place nearby? Uhm No. That's tacky. Other then the rude employees my main complaint is that they ALWAYS say that they don't have any rewards cards. I have been going here at least twice a week for 6 months and they have NEVER had any and have no intention of getting any. Yet they advertise it??? I went online to try to download the app to try to just register my receipts and get the rewards that way but their receipts don't even print the number that is supposed to be on there to get rewards. Jersey Mikes is a franchise and obviously the owner isn't keeping up with the franchise standards.

soridian .

Sad....ordered a no. 5 mikes way....somehow it ended up with bacon and mayo....when i let them knownit was made wrong...guy looks and saidbhe could take off the bacon. I asked how are you going to take off the mayo. He seemed frustrated...before remaking mine...he decided to make other sandwiches of people who came in i waited....again....the other employees seem VERY untrained and Zero initiative

samantha r

Staff was so friendly!!! I took my order to go and the girl that checked me out offered to help carry my large order to the car!!! <3

Alyssa Jamison

Great food and great service! A great place to go to get a little taste of home for a Philadelphian.

Kevin Warner

Great service and great sandwich.

Richard Leary

No customer service

Ronald Dorf

Food is good. I am originally from NJ and subs are dead on (except for amount of meat--a bit lighter)

Christina John

They were pretty quick and I had a tuna sandwich for the first time from there.. It was pretty good

Kim Pumphrey

In my opinion they are more expensive than its worth. you can go to subway and get just as good a sandwich for less

Gary Miller

Excellent subs especially if you get it Mike's way!

Aaron Johnson

Didn't like sandwich service was awesome

Michael Robinson

Good turkey wrap. Friendly people. My experience was a good one.

Abigail Mennemeyer

Waited 30 minutes from when I entered the store until I got my hot sub. Will not be returning to this location.

Josh Meyers

Awesome food great service happy employees and relaxed atmosphere

Ronnie Reedy

Best sandwiches in town

Reagin Sweek

While having dinner here tonight a homeless man came in with a coupon for a free sub. He was treated nicely & wasnt talked to in a demeaning manner. The employees here are absolutely the best.

Arion Fahn

The staff was awesome great service

Reyna Wilcox

The staff here is so terrific and of course the food is the bomb.

Michael Cassidy

Great service, #13 best sub around

Brian Hughes

Great staff, good sandwiches, fun rewards program.

Cory Godwin

Always a great sandwich been to this location many times it is pricey... But well worth it when compared to say Jimmy Johnson.

Darin Brinson

Great food and staff

J. L. Davis

Great sandwiches. Great service. Will go there again. And it's fresh.

xxlilrichiexx temptations

I didnt go here lol

Juan Rivera

Good and a place ill be visiting very often

Tamara Denwalt

Great service, Great food...

Terra Salazar

Fantasy employees and great customer service. And the food was the best

Steffani Poston

I come every week multiple times with that in mind sometimes things are really amiss at this location. In line today and 4 people behind counter. 1 person actually working and 3 people in line. No orders being made until 10 minutes and me saying what's going on. Then I guess they woke up. I am beginning to question my sanity for returning

javier chavez

Service was great but the sandwiches are so overrated! Subpar at best .

Michelle Wilson

Best damn sub's in town

Paul Gault

Friendly service every time. Always greeted with smiling faces and the subs are always good.

Shimar Jenkins

Alway great

jovani arreola

Food was good and service was quick. The place was clean. Overall a very good place to eat.

Tiffany Dawn

Best sandwich place around!!


Great food, good customer service

Tasha Miller

Very good experience, even though Jersey Mikes was super busy for free subs!! Josh, was personable & had a great attitude!! ***** 5 stars!! The sandwich filled me up with all the protein, and my kids also loved the sandwiches as well!

justin strickler

Subs are good but they small And service was okkk. Prices little high.

Rebecca Grimm

They made really really good sandwiches. Way better than Subway. Lots more meat and lots more flavor.

Mike Blackwell


tyrion song

Dominic Trapanese

Judy Villaverde

The Best subs

Colleen Angotti


Mary Irwin

Levi Rubin

I went here because I had a coupon for a free sandwich. I will say that it worked as I fully intend on returning on my own accord. First off, the ingredients were very flavorful and high quality. I really liked the selection of toppings and sauces available so I could customize my sandwich as I pleased. Regardless of how good the sandwich was, the customer service I received was even better with the workers devoting the entirety of their attention toward me and making sure my every need was met. I wish I got their names so I can personally acknowledge them, but I encourage them to keep up the good work!

Jeffrey Toomey

My personal favorite is the number 13 - Italian, "Mike's Way." It comes with different types of Italian meat and Mike's Way is the onions, tomatoes, oil/vinegar, and some spices. So good!

Edward Littell

Little pricey.. Had coupon for soda & chip n/c with the purchase of large sub. Still cost over $14.00

Stephanie Sampson

Worst experience I have ever had and I'm not exaggerating the kid with the pony tail needs to be fired completely rude and provides the worst customer service. I've had a lot of rude people in the past but he's by far the worst.

Robert Jutson

Jeff Watson


Best Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak. Made to order, just takes a little time to cook.

Charles Everson

Need to work on to-go orders. I arrived they said had the sub in the works, turns out it was done, but just sitting in the back. I only found out after asking again seven minutes later

Karl Best

Marco Madrigal

Best subs hands down.

Garrett Widner

Before anyone gets up in arms, I'm giving this review based on value. This is a good sandwich shop, it's clean, and it has great employees. But it cost close to 20 dollars for half a sub, a sub made into a salad, chips, and one drink. It's overpriced, plain and simple. Nowhere near worth it, in my opinion. I'd recommend it if you want a good, standard sub and don't mind paying a lot for it.

Michelle Mellott

Stephen Baker

Roger Judd

When it comes to sub sandwiches this place is much better than any of the competition, like Subway or Jersey Johns. Don't get this place mixed up with Jersey Johns this is Jersey Mike's and it's much better

Andrew Smith

My favorite Jersey Mike's location.

Nina H.

Trent Galloway

These college guys are a hoot.. cool crew and they pile on the toppings!

Greg Kruks

Awesome turkey sub. LOVE THIS SPOT.

Armando De La Cruz

Audrea Undecided

Probably the best chain sub spot. They live your lunch meat in front of you but it's definitely not Hangover Hoagies!

Jan Persidskis

Friendly and fast!

Natalie Black

Dylan Twichell

It was pretty good. As far as sub shops go, I did thoroughly enjoy my sandwich. Although for $14 I can go somewhere else and get in my opinion a much better sub. I won't say any names but its a haven for 420 named food. Jeresey mikes makes a good sub, but is overpriced in my opinion.

Justin Buker

Order however you like but they always end up making it Mike's way.. the card reader occasionally accepts e-payments. Last hot sub I got to go and it wasn't in a bag so it unravled in the car

Cobra Squad

Matthew DeSaulniers

Its a Jersey Mike's. You either eat there or don't know about it yet. They no longer carry the Rosemary parmesean bread in Arizona, but this location still has excellent service. Place could use a good cleaning, but for a good sandwhich, it fits the bill.

Jeffrey Zavila

Ordered a $14 monster roast beef sub and got a bread sandwich. Not sure if it was an idiot that works there or a cheap owner but had about $2 worth of roast beef on it. Do not go here..

matt newman

I came in at 12:30 during the lunch rush starving I hadn't eaten all day the line was out the door I waited in line ordered my food and after going through it all I hand them $100 bill because that's all I had on me they refused to break the change stating that they did not have enough money and that I have to go somewhere else to eat considering the fact that I was in a really big hurry that's why I stopped here in the first place I'm not going to be able to eat lunch today thanks Jersey Mike's

DTRTL Turtle

First time. Great experience. Go with the Slicers says. They will never slice you wrong.

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