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REVIEWS OF Chula Seafood IN Arizona

Clementine Sklodowski

jim wilde

Excellent, fresh seafood food poke bowl. We loved it.

Greg Dunaway

Freshest fish in town. Poke bowls are delicious.

Matthew Laudone

Chula is a step above your average poke place. Every dish is well balanced. I have tried everything on the menu and a few of the specials and there is something for everyone. The Hawaiian is probably my favorite followed closely by the Tuna Confit sandwich. The Salmon Bagel is a real winner but only available on Saturdays but it is perfect. The raw scallops are incredibly good and if you are a scallop fan not to be missed. I have also purchased fish from here for use at home. The product is here the quality fresh and really turned out amazing. The staff is more than happy to provide suggestions on preparing the various fish they carry in the case. There is plenty of parking and it is fairly easy to find. This place is heads above any other "fast food" lunch option in the area.

Jim Cogelow

Wife and I shared smoked fish platter and a lobster roll sandwich. Both were outstanding. Four styles of fish, pickles, sauces and bread on the platter. Lobster roll loaded with lobster. House made limeade. We will be back to try the poke bowls.

Pauline Hechler

My son and I had lunch today at the Uptown Plaza restaurant. I had clam chowder — the best ever, with bacon bits and sherried cream- and tuna tartare - amazing stuff! David had the Hawaiian Poke Bowl - almost too pretty to eat—and the special, a tangy barbecued Swordfish Torta. Oh, and we shared an order of Swordfish Tacos. Everything, including the iced green tea, was fabulous!

Chuck Enright

We had Salmon Bagels for lunch. And came back for oysters and sea bass for dinner.

Irma Cazarez

Roberta Me

Spicy tuna bowl rocked

Rj Fino

Bryce Balderson

Bomb dot com

Christopher Tyk

Roman Chlebcok

Great and fresh seafood. I had the best tuna sandwich ever. Spicy tuna bowl was excellent too.


Christina Finley

Came here for the first time today. I don't live in this area and I honestly just looked on maps for a place to eat in between appointments today. I'm SO GLAD I happened to click Chula Seafood. The moment I walked through the door Shaun greated me and started going through the menu with me. Him and another customer Sue were talking very highly about the Wednesday special which is a Green Chile Tuna Melt with Chimichurri. He told me I would not be disappointed and I'll let you know that you won't be either! Hands down best meal I've ever had. Best part was everyone was so genuine in there. All the staff members were checking on me and joking with me. I could easily see myself driving the 40 minute drive just for this sandwich. My horrible day was quickly turned around. Thank you Shaun and thank you Chula! Wish I could give 100 stars.

Aaron Zaugg

Great food. Simple straightforward and delicious.

Stephen Reed

Best Poke I've ever had. Ever time I visit PHX, I come here.

Jean Marie Thrasher

So fresh, Hawaiian poke ... Well aloha, baby!


Bill Buitenhuys

Best fresh seafood market in PHX! Love their bowls and daily specials too.

Robert Legge

Have the spicy tuna bowl awesome

Zac Burnside

Wow. This place is aiming to please. They have a direct connection to a fishing boat based in San Diego, where they get all of their fresh caught fish from. This commitment to bring this all the way out to AZ is crazy, but fantastic. Zero chance you can get fresher fish. They sell the fish by the pound for take-a-way and also have a super creative menu that utilizes all the species. Wife had the spicy poke. It was great. Inventive ingredients fill this bowl of deliciousness. I had the confit of tuna sammy. This was in my top ten best seafood meals of my life. The tuna was spectacular. So luscious and in between perfection of crusty/chewy bread. The giardiniera seemed to be fresh made and pickled to perfection. Would eat a bowl of that on the side by itself. Also the soft avocado played so well with the other ingredients. Just love this one.

vincent Williams

Steve Hornyak

First visit and not the last! The Hawaiian Poke was very good. We'll be back!!

Mike Pimentel

Great fresh seafood excellent sandwiches and salads highly recommend

David B Mitchell

Fresh and well worth the money. If fresh type of person this place is bomb diggity

Kevin Bueckers

Great food and friendly staff!

Nick Cabral

This place is legit folks... LEGIT. So far I've had the Hawaiian Style ahi, Thai Peanut and Spicy Tuna poke bowls. Each one was delicious and different enough from the others to warrant trying them all. The fish isn't frozen and you can tell when you take a bite- texture and taste are fresh and just perfect. I've also tried the Salmon Bagel and Confit Tuna Sandwich, both of which were served on local breads which is cool. You can tell the guys that run this place really care about what they do and are passionate about their fish. They are always helpful and willing to offer recipes and cooking suggestions for any fish they happen to have that day.

Debra Terpkosh

birman mizrahi

Great food and good vibes!

Jamie Prins

James Abner the valley of all places....simply the best!

Royce Lleras


nicole george

The fish in the poke bowls is fantastic

Irfan Ovacik

Fresh fish. Fresh fish. Fresh fish. The menu highlights the seafood while combining it with great fresh produce. Confit tuna sandwich, spicy tuna bowl, ponzu salad were all excellent. Always take home some smoked salmon and fresh fish for dinner.

Tyrie Williams

This place is GREAT. Fresh food at a good price. The service is really good. The guys who work here are cool. The market is CLEAN. We are talking Grey's Anatomy Hospital eat off the floor clean. This is a huge thing when eating seafood.

prashob s

Such great seafood in Arizona ... Who would've thought... And Sean is a really nice guy, very very passionate about the food and the business... Love to go back there...

Kyle Buono

Mark Skalny

Great little hole in the wall place!!! Amazing poke!

Oliver Ling

Amazingly fresh seafood... I had the Hawaiian Pokebowl. Simply awesome. Will definitely be back.

Barbara Cenalmor

Kevin Prachachalerm

I never rated anything on Google maps but this is worth rating. Good job guys!

amiel jaramillo


Great food

Brandon Tucker

This place is great for picking up the freshest fish in Phoenix as well as some amazing menu options that are made to order. Highly recommend checking this place out if you're a big fan of seafood.

Juan Hickman

Restaurant and store with great fish and restaurant food in a simple storefront location. Just opened a much bigger place at Camelback and Central. Visited twice whilst in Scottsdale and each time it was exceptional. We ate delicious poke bowls of fresh salmon but also bought fresh fish to cook at home. Charming service with extras such as ice bags to keep the fish fresh offered as a matter of course. We wish we had such a friendly, high quality fish shop/restaurant back in the UK.

Jason Orenzoff

Great seafood I had the spicy tuna bowl. It was great with nice mix of tuna and veggies. I will definitely be coming back

Aaron Cruz

Amazing food that tastes fresh with great people and service. I come here about once a week and it's something to look forward to.

Tim Stafford

Everything at Chula Seafood is EXTREMELY fresh! I have a hard time trusting fish being sold in a dessert, so it's worth paying a little extra for seafood I trust without a doubt.

Jacquelyn Seto

Hawaiian style poke was delicious! Customer service is also awesome! :)


Fresh, fresh, fresh! Careful preparation, informal setting, amazing seafood.


William Martinez

First time here to pick up fresh fish. The fish was really fresh and well priced, so I’m definitely coming back!

Roman Nits

Kaitlyn Walsh

William Dahlem

Fresh fish, clean, and friendly staff. I’m from West LA and pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Lindsay Russdo

Deborah Ellis

Amazing fresh fish!

Troy Johnston

I really wish it wouldn't have taken me this long to make it in. They are definitely at the top of the list for quality seafood in AZ. Poke bowls and service are top notch as well. Haven't tried any of the sandwiches yet but I plan on making it in regularly. The salmon pastrami was unreal, can't wait to try some of the smoked fish.

HR Price

Picture are the Lime Arnie (drink), ginger ponzu salad, and Hawaiian poke. Everything was incredible, and the fish quality blew my mind. Added bonus: they're BYOB.

Doug Reichel

Place is great! Best fresh poke!

Jeremy Thomas

Dave Richardson

Good vibes....fresh as it gets...been to both stores... AZ. Store....Will be expanding in two years max...just wait !!

Chad Galbreath

Friendly staff and incredible poke bowl. I have been twice ordered different bowls both times and was incredibly happy both times. If you like fish i stronly recommend this place.

Austin Brown

The best customer service, Saturday bagels, and fish help cure my San Diego homesickness in a way no where in the valley has been able to! This place has an amazing case day in and day out. It's inspiring me to start taking on the challenge that comes with cooking fish, a challenge made easy when you have the best fresh fish around!

Lisa Fay

Three times in two weeks!?! Fresh and fabulous. Go!

Alex Silkman

Gave this place a try yesterday. Best seafood I've found in Phoenix!

Spencer Reyes

I come here at least twice a week with my wife, and Ive tried almost all of their food. Everything is delicious and great!

todd sawyer

Freshest seafood in Arizona

Corrina McIntire

Manije Irani

I used to think it was impossible to get fresh seafood in AZ. A friend recommended Chula but I was still skeptical so I checked out their website. This place is legit. They do try to pass yellowfin tuna off as "Ahi", which - it isn't. Ahi is bluefin but ... whatever. The fish IS fresh, and delicious and the staff has a well deserved pride in product. You can tell the believe in it and enjoy sharing. Highly highly recommend.

Kevin Brooks

Chula seafood was the only that we really enjoyed the meals.

Artur Ciesielski

Simple yet interesting and definitely good. Looking forward to the Uptown Plaza location.

Tyler Shatzen

Fresh fish and great service! You won't be disappointed in the quality of the product

robert archuleta

The best by far! ! ! Love this place!

Darryl Olson

Fast, friendly staff that serves fresh, delicious seafood. The menu includes Hawaiian poke and a delicious ceviche which has corn nuts in it. It's an informal place that has table service.

Kitch Baldwin

Fresh and Fabulous

Eric Swartztvcxg

Biz Wiz

Awesome Place most firm fish I've ever had.

Eddie Islas

Great sea food. The fish was really fresh, so I’m definitely coming back. Good fish is hard to find in this town, so I’m glad I found Chula !

Mark Schild

Tony Groseta

nancy jo lieber

Best seafood in Phoenix.

Jeff Pommerville

Best seafood in Arizona!

Debra VanDiver

Best fresh fish since we left Seattle!

Andrew Prueser

Ken Colburn

Todd M

Great selection of fresh fish. And they sell poke!!

Terry Fredericks

Patrick Snodgrass

The food is fantastic. Having today's special which is a lobster roll. My daughter is having the sweet and sour salmon poke. Everything is great

Hung Nguyen

The staff is friendly, food is good and tuna is so good and fresh. Definitely come back here again.

Emily Mendoza

I enjoyed the great service from the committed staff. Food was excellent. I will come again.

Tony Nguyen

Freshest seafood in AZ. My poke bowl was better than those I had in Hawaii. My wife was amazed what real albacore tuna taste like. We will be back.

Annie Rice

I found this place a couple of weeks ago and have been here three times now. Holy cow the Poke bowls are awesome. The guys at the counter are polite and friendly, when I asked about a low or lower sodium dressing he gave me two choices that are not soy based and I loved them both.

Brock Tinnell

Simply the best seafood in the valley. John and Hogan have amazing standards for quality and excellence and you can see and taste it in the dishes they serve. A must visit.

Federico Celaya

Kendrick Rankin

The food was amazing. The tuna melt and the scallops I had was so good. Highly recommend this place

Joseph Leto

The best place to get fresh fish. Period!

Angela Wong

If you’re going to other poke/seafood restaurants because it’s cheaper or whatever, you are wasting your time! This place is the freaking bomb. My husband doesn’t even like raw fish all that much and will down a large Sweet n Sour or Hawaiian bowl in minutes. The fish is soooo fresh, and the service is great. They treat you like family. They also care about the ocean’s well being big time. Go on Saturdays for their special, the smoked salmon bagel!

Carl Jones

This place is amazing! The fish quality is phenomenal, hands down the best poke bowl in the valley. We had the ginger ponzu salad and the Hawaiian poke bowl. I had a lime arnie to drink and it was cool and refreshing, the perfect warm weather drink. Oh and they're BYOB, what's not to like??

Abel Arriaga

Amazing shop for some high end poke bowls or sushi grade quality fish to take home. ASU alumni owned so quality service

Brandon Gilmore

I only eat here every so often, but it is consistently the best seafood I've had in the Phoenix metro area. And the staff definitely know what they're talking about.

Nick B

Excellent seafood. The service isn’t.

Tyler Durden

Best seafood I have had in the desert!

Carol Papalas

I ate there tonight, and the albacore tuna tasted better than any tuna, any fish for that matter, that I can remember having since I would buy directly from the fishermen in Greece. Everything at Chula Seafood seems outstanding, and for a new place, it had quite a bit of traffic. I'm glad the word is out. We need this place in south Scottsdale. Thank you guys for opening up.

Vicki Albrecht-Hoffman

First time here to pick up fresh fish. Looks great.. Will report back.

Ian MacMillan

Awesome seafood place! I fish all the time and their fish is super fresh! Highly recommend the Spicy Tuna Bowl but if you are someone who like spicy food then tell them to make it spicier. I’ve gone back almost every week since I first went there.

Jennifer Johnson

The yellowfin tuna Hawaiian poke bowl was so incredibly fresh, it was like getting the fish right off the pier of any coastal town. I'll definitely be going back and often!

Monica Perry

Exquisite smoked fish platter with pickled veggies.

Austin Gillibrand


judian scropos

Shane Robinson

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better fish monger in town. Excellent service, food served is top notch, agreeable and helpful staff, excellently curated sideboard with tasty treats, seasoning, and swag. Best place in the Valley to procure fresh fish, no question.

Alex Borshch

Ferras Elshair

Elie Raad

This is is just ok... if you area seafood person..for the price .. you will know that you can get better seafood than what you get at this place

Slone Smith

I just left this place, and I received amazing service. I wish I would've gotten the man's name, but he was wearing a camo flat bill hat at the counter. I went in to get sushi grade fish, and found some salmon for a good price, but what I was most impressed by was the service! This man was very friendly, and accommodating to someone who doesn't know fish marts. He even called two other stores for me, to see if they were open so that I could get a bamboo roller. I will DEFINITELY be coming back to this place, and will be raving about it in the meantime. ~Fin.

Troy Scoma

Freshest fish!!!! No frozen fish here, comes straight from their boat in CA. This is way better than the chain poke stores opening everywhere in town. Skip AJ's & whole paycheck for fresh fish & support this locally owned business!!!!!

Yongyong Ji

Was there last night before heading to airport. definitely worth trying - not once but multiple times.

Kathie M

Wholly goodness! Had a trip to flavortown today having lunch here today! Enjoyed the smoked salmon platter and pastrami smoked salmon sandwich. Talk about an amazing assortment of Salmon (reg. smoked, candied and pastrami smoked) combined with 3 sauces (hot grainy mustard, creama, and creamed cheese) with so many pickled, spicy vegetables) each flavor different from the next WOW!!! Then the sandwich. Pastrami smoked salmon coleslaw and varying sauces Great combination of flavors on a brioche style bun. SO good! Never mind the food, the owner ar the counter taking orders is the best at what he does! Check this place out! We will be back!

Adam Shapiro

This is an A+ place. We visited from Ahwatukee for the first time today and will be back. The poke bowls were excellent and the sandwiches amazing. The service was spot on as well. See you there!

Cheryl Speen

David Ramirez

If I could give this a 10 star I would!! Hands down the Best Seafood in AZ!!!! Throw a dart on the menu and you'll be amazed!! Thanks Chula for doing what you do!!!

Spencer Elliott

David Crumley

Michael Kornreich

Salmon bagel. The best in this and every other town. Spicy tuna bowl. BYOB The. Best

Vanae Goheen Holland

Small eating place, but clean and nice. great poke bowls, guys behind counter are super friendly, and of course the food is spectacular. Best seafood in the greater Phoenix area.

Coleman Rice

Although the food selection is somewhat small, it cannot be beat! The fish is delivered fresh and never frozen. I was even there when Singh Farms delivered the fresh local vegetables!

Linda Schnobrich

Fresh, wonderful food. Nice people. Had one of thr poke disrs after reading reviews. Loved it!

Daniel Martin

The fish is the freshest I've seen in this area. However you can't make ceviche and not put celantro into it. Real ceviche is made with lots of celantro, onions, tomatoes, and lemon/lime juices. Your menu say's tuna ceviche well "it's not " I found not one bit of celantro in what your place claimed to be ceviche. Very dissappointed, and the prise was very high for the amount of food given. Blown away and disgruntled.

Jeff James

Good food, friendly service, something different. Try the Hawaiian Poke!

Lucas Gerler

After seeing pictures of Chula's fresh fish posted on Instagram, I finally made the decision yesterday to give it a try for the first time. Living in the desert, not all seafood options are created equal, Nor do all places offer gluten free options; here I found both super fresh fish and a few GF options. When I walked in I was greeted by a friendly gentleman at the counter who asked for my name to start the order. I then explained how I wanted something GF and also a mixture of seafood. I finally settled on the Sweet and Sour Salmon poke bowl with half salmon and half tuna. The salmon and the tuna were both some of the best I've had in AZ. I will be back myself and highly recommend giving it a try for a poke bowl that's legit or for grabbing seafood for the grill or dinner.

Gordon Rappole

Fresh clean and immaculate. The smell of nothing but freshness is the mark of care and quality sourcing. Neatly organized and well displayed filets of almost 10 fish species along with some elegant large (U-10) sea scallops make a return visit a sure thing.

Lu Cr

Awesome, high quality fish in a friendly, clean atmosphere! Fresh!!!!

pewdiepie lol

Suzanne Vilardi

The Thursday special is a Smoked Pastrami sandwich. Get it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Matthew Bratton

SUSTAINABLE FISHING! Love these guys. CHULA always has fresh products with quality cuts plus educated salespersons that are down to earth and friendly. Fish from the boat to your face is rare even if you live close to the coast. These fellas brought that rare quality to the desert.

Forrest Schwyn

Food and staff are both fantastic. Tried all the bowls and the salmon bowl is my favorite, they are all great though

Bill Lewis

Donna Buono

Fresh fish. Service is friendly and will explain the quality of the fish. Very reasonable sandwiches and bowls. You won't be disappointed.

Gunther Luken

This is a place that doesn't have a lot of advertisement out front, but it has great food inside! We had the ceviche bowl and some smoked salmon, can't say enough great things about the taste! Fast good seafood, not a place for a date, but keep in mind for memorable palate paradise! Only bad thing, when we googled for a lobster, this was the first place on the list, and it doesn't offer lobster! Bummet

Tom Barclay

Great fresh seafood, not too fancy just good food!

John Ortiz

Best poke bowls in the Valley..

Garrett Kindelspire

Always amazing!

Kim Tvedten

I've been here twice now. First time was to purchase some restaurant grade tuna since the typical grocery stores don't carry it. It was seriously some of the best yellow fin I have had in my life! Even in a restaurant!! The second time, I ordered the Hawaiian poke. Ridiculously substantial and a lot of tuna. The staff and service are always knowledgeable and friendly. It is however on the pricier side, but we are in the desert! The fact that I can get fresh, and well prepared seafood, I don't care how much. Totally worth it! I will always for back to this place.

Steve Haney

Ben Dutch

Jessica Price

Patrick Buckley

Terrific food, amazing service. Just a great expirience.

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