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REVIEWS OF Homer Fish Processing IN Alaska

Dustin H

HFP has done great work for me for the last 5 years running. This was a disappointing 6th trip. Packing out took an hour and 20min Fish thawed in 30 hours of travel My group brought in just over 454lbs of fillets, great year fishing. But HFP took an hour and 20 min to pack us out Saturday morning 7/27/19. I had advised the guy who picked up the fish daily at the slips how to package it and when we would be there to pick it up. Upon arrival they advised it hadnt been packed out yet, and that they had called the day before to ensure us as well as other groups would be picking up before they packed and that no one answered or returned calls, this call never came to me. To make matter worse we had them pick it in 47lb cooler boxes like normal. All 10 boxes were partially to significantly thawing when we arrived home 30 hours later.


Jeff Annen

Jess Roberts

The crew is friendly, professional and efficient. The owner will bend far over to make sure your order is done right.

Derek Zernach

The manager was extremely nice and helped us figure out the best way to ship our fish that worked with when we would be flying back home.

Ryan Pruitt

I will never use this place again and have advised everyone that I know the same. We recently returned from a successful offshore charter out of Homer. When we got our fish back home, packaged and shipped to us, we were short almost all of our halibut. We caught well over 80lbs of Halibut but for whatever reason only received less than 12 lbs of meat from those fish. Be aware this place is not honest!!! There is no telling how many clients they have screwed out of their catch as they take the fish from the dock and haul it to their processing plant for you. We were pleased with the process and the idea but very disappointed with the final results.

Jaedon Galicinao

Catalin Baicu

The whole idea to have the fish picked up from dock and shipped is awesome. However, the execution is a different matter as significant fish was not shipped. I had to speak several times with the owner and got involved the fishing captain from charter to square the missing good lbs of halibut. Furthermore you get charged 3 lbs shipping as they use ice packs which other processors don't do. At the end, the owner shipped the missing lbs which I appreciated ... however, it was an experience which I don't recomend as you go in Alaska to enjoy the experience not dealing with non sense. Based on this experience I learned the other processor in town is not good either.

Dani Nelson

Wish I would have read the reviews before using this company. For the amount of fish we caught, we DEFINITELY didn't get all of our fish shipped to us. The cheeks from our halibut weren't included. Most of our fish weren't vacuum sealed correctly, so they're already starting to get freezer burn. We went fishing the end of August... such a WASTE of money and will never use them again. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!! My brother and his wife used them the day after we did and had the same experience.

Tim Dole

The owner and employees of Homer fish processing have done a beautiful job processing my fish for 4 years now. My fish is vacuum packaged and boxed to perfection. Thank you so much. Our fish traveled from Homer to Anchorage to Salt Lake City and was in the freezer at home 20 hours later in perfect frozen condition. Appreciate the extra help on Aug 17 that you gave us. Thank you so much Tim and Lucy Wyoming

Warren Phillips

This company's employees (two were involved) told me one price when I dropped my fish off for processing and shipping. The day it was to be shipped they called and told me the price was now ....33% h i g h e r ! ! They were only interested in going through how this price came to be...even though I went through the SAME process when I dropped it off. They didn't care that I relied on THEIR employee's original quote when I place the order. I won't have cared if they were 5-10 % off the original quote...but 33+% ! This fish would have cost me almost $30 a pound I cancelled my order ....they now have my fish. There are lots of fish processors in Homer ...STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE...They are either incompetent or dishonest.

Dillon Crim

We came back from our Halibut fishing tour and the processing company was waiting for our boat but didn’t look very official. They just took our fish from us and told us to come find them when we wanted to tell them our shipping address. We asked to weigh our fish before we gave them to the company but they said they would do it later. When we went into their store a few minutes later to tell them where to send our fish, they were missing half of our fish. When we asked where our missing fish were, they responded aggressively and yelled at us. It took 3 hours before we found our missing fish. Do not use this company. Other people have had this same issue.

steve berry

Bart Chow helped out on a misunderstanding and did a more than fine job resolving an issue. This customer was very satisfied and will use these folks again!

Zoya Reyna Greene

Excellent facility and fast processing

Nicole H

This company came highly recommended. We drove all the way back to Anchorage to figure out they did not give us all of the salmon we had. Called and Husband spoke with owner's and the outcome was: There is a video they are sending to confirm what they did in cutting the fish. He was kind and apologized. However, I still don't see how a video of cutting our fish explains the absence of our fish. Still bummed of this outcome. It was an expense we felt we got shorted on with no peace offering.

Larry Geiger

These folks are the best in the business, IMHO. Friendly service and taking care of your special requirements is their specialty! We had no idea what we were doing, but these pros guilded through the whole process. 50 pounds of salmon and 50 pounds of halibutt! Easy as pie!

Denise Miller

We had a negative experience with HFP this summer (2017) and do not recommend their services. We had three different orders that we brought in to HFP. Two orders were handled correctly. The third order was lost and we were not told about it until 24 hours before we were scheduled to leave Homer (the order had been brought in a week and a half earlier). Our phone calls were not returned and when we stopped in to check on the order we had the distinct feeling that workers were not telling us the truth. We were finally told the truth (our order of the fish we caught) was shipped to someone else. We were told that we would receive fish caught by HFP before we left. We called to verify and again no one returned our call. We left Homer without the fish promised us and we had already paid for some of it. After arriving home we finally heard from the owner but only after the family we were visiting stopped in to help solve the problem. We did receive fish shipped to us. We were under the impression that the remainder of the payment was not due because of the mistake. A few days later we got a call about paying for the rest of the fish. Our frustration lies in how the error was handled and the extreme lack of communication both in the office and with us. When we picked up our first order of fish there was another customer sharing that he had been waiting for 45 minutes for his fish and it also was misplaced. So it happened to two people in less than a week. We do not recommend their services.

Taylor Waters

We took a day trip charter that provided us with the services of this fish processor. Upon arrival back at dock, not only were we rushed around to give them our fish and get out, it was so mishandled. The two young guys involved working and picking up our order, simply took it and left. Giving us no information, and leaving us in the dark about or fish. We were told you'll get a call, well guess what no call. Contacting them, they told us well you never showed up so we have no information needed to get it out for you. Luckily the fish was processed and frozen, but they want a ridiculous amount of money to ship. It's cheaper to buy the best cooler money can buy and take it home ourselves. The packinging and freezing was good, but do not recommend simply on the employees lack of communication. Traviling you have enough to worry about, don't make it your fish.

Kip Nissen

They should bring the scale down to the docks when collecting fish, along with, discussing weight and how much weight will be lost in processing. We were not happy with our final product weight. Other groups on the same charter have discussed this problem. The filets were packaged so that the final product is in an oblong shape instead of a nice flat pack. The 'Tip Boot' on the fish pick up door is tacky, this is not a restaurant and you are not waiting on me. If the crew feels they need an extra payment for handing me a box of fish to put in the cooler is worthy of a Tip they should discuss with management how much they are getting paid. We will not be using them again.

Teresa Hurley

The best in town!

Thelonious Breskin

Came and picked up at the docks, kinda implying the price of processing was included with our charter. Turned out that wasn't the case, but I should have done my research. They said they would call but the call never came. I didn't know when the fish would be ready. All different sized pieces in the bags together, really disorganized. It took about 20 minutes to pick up 10 pounds of fish. Would recommend coal point instead. wdbarke

Cleanliness prideful processing docks

Dan Raether

Fair pricing. Packed and boxed very well! Best processor in Homer!

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