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2013 Cox Ave NW, Huntsville, AL 35816

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REVIEWS OF The Aquarium Shop IN Alabama

Tj Toney

Christopher Tersinar

Lots of stuff, employee was friendly.

Kara Hester

Jacob Klitenick

Patrick Brady

Dave E. J.

Charlotte M. Ellett

Sonya Mertz

Such a great place to go for fish and great help. They gave helped us so much with our tank and have taught me so much, the care and the fish. The staff is great always willing to help. I highly recommend this place for all your fish needs...

chris pierce

Denise Miller

They have everything for odd pets

Evan DeVine

The store has a somewhat decent selection when it comes to dry goods, but is very dirty and sells stuff for not just fish, but other types of pets for some reason. As a hobbyist, I felt bad for many of the fish in the store, especially the discus, as they are a very sensitive fish that needs to be taken care of well, and they looked sick and were in a dirty tank. The staff were alright at best, but they didn’t show much enthusiasm for fish and the store. Only rating two stars because it’s the only local fish store.

Matthew Hanna

Melissa McCullough

Paid $17 for a pump that walmart had for 7.

jonothan english

Great place to buy fish. Supplies are a little expensive but they absolutely have the healthiest fish and small pets of any pet store in huntsville Alabama. If you are in the market for a fish both fresh water and salt, they have a huge selections and are even will place special orders for customers. You can take a sample of your aquarium water in with you and they will run free test to check out the overall health of your aquarium. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I absolutely guarantee that you will have a excellent experience with the people at the aquarium shop. The owner Pete gets out and works and will take as much time as you need to answer your questions and help you

Brandon Benson

J Haven

Very helpful employees, a great selection of fish

Jenny Richardson

Great selection of fish. We love to come and look at the fish and listen to the koi pond.

Del Duar


Melissa W. Schumake

They took care of my sick fish ...

Ted Webb

denys martin

Thank you

Pricey but the people know their stuff. And absolutely stunning fish collection. The whole shop looks so inconspicuous and then you go to the back where they keep the fishes and it's as good as the reef in Madison. If you don't know the reef is the creme de la crop and this place can definitely hold its own

Paul Johnson

The owners are friendly and there is a wide selection of saltwater and freshwater fish. The aquatic plant selection is vast as well.

Geoffrey Chandler

Nice people. Very laid back

Kimberly Matkins

Michael M

Every thing you need

Justin Edward


Sachene Warrick

michelle moore

Best place to get supplies for our fish & frogs + my girls ❤ feeding the Koi.

Scott Sorensen

Ray Mo

It's a good place if you wanna buy fish but the store selections needs updating.

Caroline Dixon

Christine Kurzeja

I hated to see yall store up for sale n closed. Yall always been awesome. Ive been coming here for 12 yrs.. Bought our snake, mice, fish n supplies from yall..

Meagan Gossett

eric mcgahee

Elizabeth Elam

If I could give 0 stars I would (: Honestly the staff treated me like a nuisance the whole time, when I asked questions they acted like I was stupid. There were 3 workers and they were all extremely rude to my boyfriend and I. They said snobbish stuff about me the moment I left to my boyfriend. All around it was an awful experience, I would not recommend this place to new fish owners. Because to them if you don’t know everything you’re a moron. I would never expect to be treated so awfully in a place of business.

Angelina Dailey

We always get fish from here, they are very helpful and have a wonderful selection

SpecialOp Pierce

Great aquarium store !

Carol Peshman

Shelly Dvorsky

Airale Willie

Shane Beard

Large variety of fish, tanks and decorations. Friendly and very helpful staff. It was very enjoyable.

Deborah Coward

I have been going to this wonderful fish store for at least 15 years! The owners are so very knowledgeable about salt or freshwater fish!

Brian Brown

Melinda Jones

Good selection of fish and supplies but they are going out of business.

Brad McClellan

The place is a little dark but the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. That totally make up for the low light ambience. The fish selection is also more than I expected and the fish are well taken care of

Richard Terrell

Good fish selection. A little high on the prices

cathy hill

linares kelley

Amy Tucker

Great selection of fresh water fish. Had to look for assistance since there was only one person working in the large store.

Stephanie Mitchell

Very knowledgeable staff.

Rebecca Crouch

Patient with curious children

Andrew Holcomb

Seth_equals_awesomeness pandom

Very nice

gloria maldonado

Timothy Lovell

Knowledgeable staff that tells you how it is. Great selection of fish and products.

Riley Jones

Don Hediger

I will miss their great service when they close their doors soon.

Carla Stricklin

The Aquarium Shop was recommended to us last year. It is worth our one hour drive up to Huntsville. I love the home town feel of this store that delivers straight honesty and knowledge of their selection of fish and supplies. They worked with us tremendously in making our 75 gallon aquarium a true community tank. I asked questions about certain fish’s demeanor and would they be suitable in with my existing fish and they were very honest. I truly appreciate that! Box store pet stores can’t give you complete knowledge of most of their fish, but this place can!! Great selection of live plants at a reasonable price also.

Tammy Smith

elsielean allison

Teresa Jump

Beautiful fish

Monna TheCat

Please don't buy fish from here. I noticed signs of parasite or ammonia burn in their platy tank. Not to mention I bought some barbs that have mouth fungus! I really recommend Shopping at another pet/fish store! The people know nothing about customer service either. It's very unwelcoming when you walk in and they won't acknowledge you. Also a bit overpriced.

Rachel McBride

Large selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff

Stacey Smith Stephens

Love This Place. So Many Fish Tanks With Fish I Dont See In Stores Where Im From.

Debra Carter

Very nice selection of fish and supplies and they are very knowledgeable about all the different fish and tank acessories. We love guppies and try to keep a variety of these wonderful fish and they have some of the more unusual types here when available. They also have a large variety of salt water fish and reptile supplies.

Marie Fortenberry

Fun store

Alex Hunt

Fair variety, the owner, Pete is very knowledgeable and helpful

Taylor Boirun

Zachary Fullbright

Things can be pricey here but the guys are awesome and know the solutions to most of your aquatic problems.

Blake Thomas

Paul Ballenger

Beats all the box stores hands down. The most knowledgeable folks around.

H. K. Luterman

Great place to find already transitioned/established aquatic plants. The fish always look healthy and active whenever I visit and the live stock I have bought from them are still thriving half a year later without any problems. The display tanks in the store are not spotless, however, the amount of moss, algae and plants make better environments for the fish; which I much prefer even if it means viewing the animals can be tricky. The guys running the store are very knowledgeable, and I love that I can go in there and find pretty much any equipment/supplies I'm looking for. Very much an old school feeling type of store.

jeanette torres

I love this place my kids enjoy the animals. They alway say hi with a smile.

shasy b

If they had any competition would have been out of business long ago. If you know what ya want and need it now go get it. If you want help this is not the place. Service is so sad

Travis Gilbert

Brandyb Jackson

Hector Rivas

Amazing fish!!!

larry roberts

Very knowledgeable

Matt Smith

They always have a nice selection of fish including breeds not typically carried by the chain stores. Great family owned business

Samantha Bailey


The old witch lady that works here is a real B!tc#. She's rude, unwelcoming, and very antisocial and will make sneering comments towards paying customers that come into her shop. I really do wish the owner would get rid of her.

Wanda Matt velez

Pretty fish

Esther Hernandez

Jill B

I'm looking at setting up a nano aquarium here in the coming weeks, and I'd rather spend my money with a mom and pop type store than a major chain any day when it comes to fish or pets in general. Due to that, I decided it would be a good idea to check this store out, see if it would be a place I'd like to spend my money. The store itself was nice and clean. There was a nice selection of just about anything I'd need to set up a tank, minus maybe some live plants. The live plant selection was not that large. The tanks with the fish were clean and the fish mostly looked healthy and thriving. The only fish I can't say that about were the betta's, but that's always going to be the case if they're kept in a bowl. At least they had some room to swim around in though, unlike places that are inhumane enough to keep them in just a small cup. The tanks themselves looked clean and well kept. There was some algae build up in the tanks, but that is *not* a sign of an unhealthy tank. I interacted with the two gentlemen working today, and while not the most masterful sales or customer service associates I've ever met, they were still friendly and I'd be happy to deal with them in the future when I come back to buy supplies. All in all, I'm looking forward to this being my local fish store.


Loved the honesty of the owner and how amazing the fish look!

Darren Brazier

Kristy Dawson

David Mullins

Amazing place with unbelievable assortment of supplies & fish. Staff extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Quite pricey but worth it. Very professional.

Joshua Lawrence

Donna Bratcher

Beautiful have to see it

Sylas Schroeder

Greatest variety and quality in the area

Daniel Smallwood

I use this place all the time for reptile food. Very nice staff and can tell you what you need to know just about all the time. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work guys.

Garrett Kimbro

Kent Knapp

Glenn Coleman

Place is fairly dark on lighting. Fish selection and plant selection were pretty nice. The 2 guys that own the place were pretty rude when I first walked in. I asked for some information and had a couple questions and it felt like the bigger one was annoyed to answer my questions. The other guy was withdrawn more than anything when i was in fish room and needed help he answered multiple questions an actually seemed pretty nice. At the end of the day when you walk in a place an you feel like your being looked down on it don't make you feel all warm and wanting to do more business there.

Veronica Buhl

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here it most likely doesn’t exist!

Ernie D

Went in seen nobody.... Got to where fish were and seen 2 people working in there and neither one said a word or acknowledge us...when we started to leave we saw a 3rd person that was helping a customer and still not a word...


Love this place very knowledgeable about

Tammie Stroud

I had to sell my 50 gallon fish tank and the people that were purchasing it did not want the fish. I had a one-and-a-half-year-old picasimus and Oscar. The Aquarium Shop took both. I love how they handled the fish when they took them out of the container. They also made me feel better about them taking care of them asking me what they like to eat best and telling them that they would take good care of them and walking me back out. I highly recommend this place. You can tell that they truly care!!

Jon Gunnells

Going out of business

connie taylor

Old school, good variety of fish , knowledgeable.

Kevin Donnell

Great customer service and knowledge

Sadie Mae

So I generally like this place. They have great fish. Decent supplies, even though it's too expensive for my taste. I can get it all cheaper at literally any other pet store. But my main problem is the wife of the owner, who also works in the store. She acts like a b#tch for no reason. You can ask a question and she sneers and rolls her eyes. Like, I'm sorry I'm spending money in your store? Pete is great and the other guy, though he's odd, he's always been friendly. But I won't be coming back because of her. I'll travel an extra 5 miles to petsmart.

Jason Sanders

Could seriously use an update, and the selection on dry goods is pretty basic, but I've had great success with their saltwater fish, including a powder blue tang. I gave them a wishlist, it was ordered and all of my fish are doing great. I would like to see a better coral selection and display tank because all of my fish buying is over for now.

Dessy Turner

Justin Webster

Joe Dawson

The people working at the aquarium shop are awesome. They took time with me to explain and basically educate me on salt water basics. I will be a return customer for sure. My new favorite store.

Josh M

Phoebe Stokes

Had a great time Mr Pete knows what he's talking about when it comes to fish and aquariums

Delwin Jackson

The best family owned aquarium shop around!

Chris Overall

Andrew Pryor

Robin Harris

The tanks were very dirty, fish were sick with frayed fins and fish were dead in multiple tanks. Fish were also in tanks with the wrong names and multiple tanks had the same types of fish in them. Prices were higher than other privately owned fish stores I've been to. The store itself is overly dark even in the area where there are no fish. Shelves were dusty along with the products on them. The Pros, the staff seemed knowledgeable and friendly, they had a varied large selection of both saltwater and small freshwater fish.

Mari McNish

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks for all the help and information.

Sindiesel Raine

Huge variety of fish and all seemed healthy.

April Whatley

Sabrina Presto

We were there to get information on building a custom aquarium. They provided us with tons of useful knowledge.

Sarah Agnew

They so knowledgeable and let u know what fish go with other fish. Great selection of products anything u need. If u have an aquarium this is the place for u to go!!

Southern Flavor 2 Seven Selma,Al


Trisha Davis

Awesome service... very good quality of fish and other lil critters.

Kimberly Lopes

Tyrone Clinton

Large selection at decent prices

Derek Stringer

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their fish. All the tanks were clean and well maintained and the fish healthy. Would recommend going inside just to look at their wide variety of freshwater and salt water fish and invertebrates

Will Swartz

Decent selection, kind employees, but the tanks could be better maintained.

Richard York

Good sized store with a pretty good selection.. However, the prices are a little higher than other places on fish

J Todd

Susan Smith

Knowledgeable staff. Competitive prices. Decent parking.


Nice guys, lots of fish and info

Regina Crouch

Very friendly and attentive

Alvin Reynolds Sr

Pete and his crew are great. Good advice and can get just about anything you want.

dakota honea

Excellent service good prices and knowledgeable staff

Chris Montgomery

I've been shopping here for 20 years. It's the only privately owned pet store in the area. Pretty good quality fish and a great selection of equipment. Fresh and salt. Knowledgeable staff, Pete is a true old school fish guy. This place is the anti-big-box fish store.

Rhys Hartung

Randy Silk

My wife loves this place and has been using them for all her aquatic needs for over 15 years. They have just about everything you need and if they don't have it, they will usually order it for you. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.

Tory Gilbert

melissa hallman

Great staff and selection. Always friendly great service.

Adam Needle

Chellie is all for the Art

This place is so awesome. My first time there but the hubby goes often. NICE people! Very affordable and currently 25% off things!

Keith Morgan

Marcia Brown

Clean, many stuff for pets, good place

John Benedict

Luv ya Pete

Nikki Tubbs

Mary Estes

I will not go back. I took my grandson to add to his aquarium we were there at least 20 minutes before anyone approached us to offer assistance. A lady finally asked if we knew what we wanted and I said we were thinking about getting some guppies she then asked if we knew where they were. I responded I think so but I have some questions. Next thing I know some man comes up to us and asked what we wanted. I said we are thinking we would like 2 male and 2 female red tail guppies. I then asked if they were known to reproduce a lot. His response to me was "they're guppies" as if I were a complete idiot. He ignored most of our questions or had a smart comeback. I left there feeling like a fool for handing that man my hard earned money. I completed my purchase of over $42.00 because I didn't want to disappoint my grandson but I'll never go back and I won't be referring anyone to them. How are they staying in business?


A lot fishs

Jeremiah Quintero

Staffs not the friendliest but the fish options are awesome. Has everything you need for you freshwater or salt water Aquarium. So much to offer for the salt water people.

Tammie Taylor

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