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REVIEWS OF B & B Pet Stop, Inc. IN Alabama

Donna Marie

This place is a small business store, and I am all about supporting small businesses. However their prices are a bit higher than other pet stores. Great selection of fish most of the time. The employees are great at handling the animals and most employees are very knowledgeable.

Kaylyn Flannagan

My aunt got me a dwarf hamster from here and he is doing amazing!He loves to run in his wheel.he is sweet and will nible on my finger.if you open his cage door he will walk out of hus little house to greet you.We also have African chiclids and they are very active.we dont have so many colorful ones since they died some how in a 20 gallon and they were ok for the longest time until they started to die and we had one that we had for 3 years abd he was acting fine until rhis happened and we only had 1 surviver and niw he is in a 75 gallon with alot other chiclids and baby chiclids too!

Bill Wakefield

Great local pet store. Family owned with a local touch.

Evelyn Riales

Simply the best pet store in the area. The owners and everyone they hire truly care about their customers and pets. Never, ever had anything less than a great experience here. Also shout out to Kyle for taking a bird bite so I could look at a pretty green conure (sorry Kyle)

Jose Duran

Always the best, selection and assistance are tops!

Peter Mock-Jordan

Great store with a very good selection and a very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend!

Rachel Kulakowski

B & B is the place to shop for all your feathered, scaled, furred, skinned, and finned family! Their family has taken care of us all for a long time, and they give so much back to our community working with rescues and adoptions. If you haven't noticed, I am a loyal customer. Love you B & B!

Jennifer Moody

Fantastic staff. Very clean store

UndertaleAU Community

I love it! The animals are so cute and fascinating! I got my three parakeets, Angel ,Roxanne, and Tropicana from here! The staff is so nice and funny! They even let you hold snakes and bunnies!


Extremely disappointed in B&B Pet Stop.. I was in the store the other day when I heard two girls on the sales floor talking about how another of their coworkers had given sick animals in the back water with bleach in it.. it seemed to be a joke and something to laugh about to them. Where are the mangers in this place?? Will not be returning.

Logan Elise

Huge selection!! More products than you can shake a stick at. The staff were friendly and helpful. They have a HUGE aquatic section which is very impressive, and you have to love Pickles the cockatiel. The store was pretty crowded when we …

Takeara Weaver

The employees were very helpful

Pierre Cobbs

Great place to just visit. Pet shop/ petting zoo. Lots of fuzzy friends, reptiles and tons of fish of all kinds. Also items for pet care are available.

Fastang 289

Very informative. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Good selection of fish.

John irwin

Friendly, helpful staff to take care of all your furry babies. And scaley friends too!

Jackie Halla

Great pet shop! LOVE the staff! Great selection and prices aren’t terrible. They offer a lot of deals as well.

Henryetta Wheaten

It was nice. A little crowded to me though.

User: 125

SUPER friendly staff! I walked in needing some new fish and supplies, one gentleman took me to every single thing I needed while helping other customers at the same time... talk about talent! The man doing checkout made sure to ask if I would like to sign up for the rewards program which I did then explained all the wonderful perks to it. The animals all looked healthy and well taken care of, I really got a smile out a bird yelling hello to me until I said it back. Could not be happier with my shopping experience I will be returning for sure!

kortni nunyabunus

Very knowledgable staff...clean tanks..and wide selections..awesome show thanks as well as lots of other non fish related items.

Juronica Currie

Mason is one happier camper!!!

Emily Alison

Some young employees do not know what they are doing and need more training. Dont have some things in stock when I need it and having to order online instead.

Heather Allen

I love how this place feels nothing like a chain pet store. There were so many different things to choose from to include tiny puppy toys. My foster puppy is greatly enjoying the tiny pig toy I got him. I also greatly appreciated the 20% off Mother's Day sale.

marisa wood

Super friendly staff. Love Wednesdays $5 dog wash.

Allie Tuinder

I got my sweet as can be bunn bunn there I love her and they have great service there

Teresa Bowden

Always friendly staff ! Caring and compassionate about their pets available! Large variety of toys ,treats ,food and other supplies for your pets needs!

Jeff Meierle

Amazing salt water fish and invertebrates selection. Very helpful staff.

Marti Thornton

The young man who helped me was amazing! I am sure i was extra. Im a new puppy owner to a special breed and need to be sure i have exactly what i need to take the best care of him. Hes tall slender and extremely informative, attentive, knowledgable, and has a small 1 year old himself. I would go bk for his assistance alone.

Elizabeth Morales

Always a place to take care of my pets needs! I have a happy dragon because of them!

andrea rosson

My go to for all things pets. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Yolandita D Los Santos

I like this place because you can to finding different species of fish and more

Marnie Davis

The best!! So nice to have a local pet store with employees that care and are informative,,PLUS,...,YOU GET TO PET THEM TOO


Great place. They have everything I need.


Good for your pets.

Sophia Houston

Great time everytime we go! Pet baths, variety of treats, good selection of freshwater and saltwater fishes, and helpful staff!

Nina Caratini

It's the best pet stop ever

Brian C

Great pet store with large selection of animals. Great place for the kids

Lori Risk

Pets are socialized and staff is knowledgeable

Walter Frazier

Great place to see animals and pet them. Friendly atmosphere Grid customer service always eager to help.

Clint Lemasters

Great local pet store with lots of selection!

Dempsey Hutto

I love b&b pet store you will to if you go there people that in the store in work there is so nice go there ok

Rebecca Nason

Okies, yes they're the largest fish store in mobile, but they're struggling. The staff is very pleasant. It's sadly understaffed and the aquariums are suffering for it. All the tanks were overrun with algae, several had dead fish blocking the filter intake. Several fish were suffering ich and finrot. I purchased blue dream shrimp after seeing this because my only other option was an online order and temps already reaching 90+...not safe to ship. One was dead in the bag before i got home, two more by morning. That's a pricey loss. I'd called and was told the policy, half back in store credit. Actually, the one that died in the bag they'd offered to refund if i brought it back up right away, but i live 45 minutes away and would've likely killed others in transit to prove it was in the bag still. I had four bags of fish and shrimp. They don't accept time stamped pictures, i asked. I had a $100 purchase, lost $15 in 12 hours, another $5 by 24 hours. I think I'd have lost less gambling. Oh and they injured the leopoldi angel fish pectoral fin catching it in store. I hope it heals.

Mz Vee

Everyone here is very professional and friendly. Johnathan is absolutely amazing! He went above and beyond to ensure I was knowledgeable of my equipment and even took time to repair old equipment for me in store. I am always greeted with a smile by each employee and made to feel as a valued customer. I have a great experience each visit and will never go to any other pet store because the customer appreciation is unmatchable. Keep up the awesome work guys.

Mike Dougharty

Dog wash is awesome. Half price on Wednesday!

Todd Moran

Love love love this pet store! They have amazing fish, deals and employees! Very helpful and will answer any questions that you have concerning your pets. They are also very knowledgeable people too.

Kyle Alsleben

Awesome pets store. Great selection. Lots of fish and other pets

lucy loo

Great place. Wonderful employees.

Marcus Carroll

My favorite pet shop! A huge variety of beautiful exotics specializing in fish, reptiles and birds. Dog washing station. Great customer service provided by by mostly knowledgeable employees.

Phillip Ramey

Awesome place to interact with animals most places would avoid allowing out at all. Super-attentive, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I've enjoyed exploring and interacting with the pets they have in stock. Will go back for all major pet needs.

Jenny Breaux

Our pups love this place! We can easily spend hours in here exploring!

Mr. Bullard

Friendly staff and cute feathered friends!

Terry Sack

Knowledgeable staff. Friendly. A little pricey. But it is a specialty retailer. You're gonna pay for their expertise.

Kelly Woodruff

Excellent place and the Thursday pet sale is neat.

Leslie Hakanson

Locally owned and run. Nice store and friendly staff but prices can be a little on the high end.

Tabitha Harwood

Had exactly what we needed for our dog and cat. Very friendly and helpful. Pet adoption going on so it was busy in the store but they had enough staff to accomodate for the extra traffic flow.

Julie X Reina Est

I went to this location last week and I just went here today . And every time I go in there NO ONE ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IN THAT STORE SAYS ANYTHING THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS HERE they need training on how to treat there customers . I grew up …

Froze 1990

Always have a great assortment of fish in stock, would highly recommend!

Derek Super Strong

Love those comet goldfish. Cheap bait. Big Bass

Moon Rhea

Great place to take the family including fur family on leash. Cuddle with bunnies, hedgehog and other furry critters. Large selection of fresh and salt water fish plants and live coral.

Beverly Russell

Lots of pets and pet supplies. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Hope Tragedyツ

It was great. They have great staff. They are nice and helpful. The animals are so cute too!

Jules Council

Very nice and helpful staff. Animals are well taken care of and shown love and care unlike with large chain pet stores. It's very organized and clean as well. My go to pet store for fish and parakeets!

Elizabeth Johnston

It was ok. The animals are cute and seem well taken care of, but some of the prices for products are outrageous! The workers were kind of rude about my 2 year old being around the animals. They really ruined the whole experience for me. I was watched and followed. I was never treated that way when my daughter was small.


Pleasant experience every time, if you go at night the employees are always playing with the animals and making them feel loved.

June Buchanan

Awesome pet choices a little high


I happen to have cats now as pets. Like most pet stores I believe, this one is more about dogs. But it is a big store. Some of the prices I find to be high. And that is true for everyday feeding supplies. That can really add up over time.


They should hire people that care about the fish in the tanks

Lindsey Tanner

Staff is always amazing and patient with all of our questions. My kids love seeing the parakeets and Guinea pigs.

Woody Myers

Pet Heaven! Wow really neat stuff. They have bathing areas. Everything for fish. Everything for dogs and cats. Birds, ferrets, snakes etc. I got to go back to see what I missed. It was really busy that day, and still got through the checkout quick. I liked it!

Breanna Jones

They were super super nice. The animals seemed very well taken care of. No illnesses. No mites on the snakes. I held a bird, a pie bald ballpython, and an 8ft red tail boa. Truly an awesome experience.

Katherine Stubbs

The staff here is always well knowledgeable and any animal they have their or products that they have there.

JerseyGirl InAlabama

Great do-it-yourself dog wash area!!! $5 Wednesdays--- even better!

Josh Hardy

Has a good assortment of reptiles and from the ones I looked at they seem to be of good quality, although the enclosures seemed thrown together and a little dirty, like a roach floating in a boas water dish, the enclosures themselves may just be older enclosures that have wear. Took a while for anyone to ask if we needed help with anything, and alot of the fish seemed to be in poor health, if not dead, in single tanks with not much room to swim around. other reviews say it's the best in Mobile so I'd hate to see the others.

Ocean Gacha

It's like a petting zoo there! Me and my father loved our experience and will return soon! There were many different varieties of fish to choose from, both fresh, and salt water. We got to pet, and hold rabbits, ferrets, and parakeets. They were all so sweet! The macaws we're absolutely gorgeous. It was funny when my dad was going on about how he used to have a snake, and the macaw would squawk and make him jump! Many affordable things I had to choose from for my cat. Amazing staff. You guys keep up the amazing work! 5 stars.

Claire Miller

Friendly staff and a great assortment of animals. My complaint is about care of the animals instore. For instance, hamsters with improper wheels, fish in tanks to small to turn around and dirty tanks. The reptiles seem to have the best care out of all the animals in the store. Often animals will be sick or improperly housed in dirty enclosures and fish will be dead and dying in most tanks while the employees stand around chatting to each other.

Brittaineay Moore

Not as many animals on Thursdays in the winter ,but still friendly staff ! And cute bunnies and pets inside!

Noel Steele

love this place! friendly staff and cute animals!

Sharon Hackmeyer

Great place to shop

Steve Martin

Great pet store. Very nice and helpful staff

shandrel shessiar

Well cared for animals staff helpful lots of selection

anna ruth

Amazing customer service very knowledgable staff amazing selection of animals. Great place to spend an afternoon

Christine Grantham

Prices are disgustingly high! Pets are often sickly and require vet visits immediately upon purchase. Tho online for reputable breeders or find a local reputable breeder and order your supplies online. Petco is a FAR better establishment in every way.

Hannah Faith

Love looking at the variety of creatures they have there.

Jennifer Coym

Love this place! It’s local. They have well taken care of live animals & fish. The pet food selection is excellent- and they will special order things. We also love the dog washing area- $5 on “Wet Dog Wednesday.”

Chris Lyn

Pros: Has everything you could ever want or need for your pet & really good customer service Cons: EXTREMELY overpriced on EVERYTHING! You honestly come out better shopping for pet products on Amazon or the dollar general next door.... Also, it definitely SMELLS like a pet store.

Clint Edmonston

The place is huge and full of every animal you could think of and then some, they are all clean and well taken care of while they are there waiting for you to take them home. Their staff is knowledgeable and they have a good amount of supplies for your needs and great folks that can answer any questions you have about their products.

Jason Snow

Amazing service from David. He helped us with are frags we were wanting. I recommend B&B PET STORE whith David's help u will walk away with more knowledge than u came in with and awesome frags .

Albert White

One of the greatest pet stores I have ever been to

Cliff Biddle

The kids absolutely love this store.

Adrienne gates

Both dogs are relaxing after their bath at B&B. $10 per dog isn't bad... and they informed me it's $5 on Wednesdays!! #happydogs #happydogmom

Joyce Champion

Enjoyed the visit. I just don't care for the huge snake being out in the open and not caged.

Stephanie Pridgen

Very helpful staff! I cannot emphasize this enough. They go above and beyond to make sure customers are taken care of. I had a very sick Doberman who was too sick to get out of the car and was having severe hip pain so I could not take her in with me. The employee offered to come out to my car and let me know what his thoughts were (he'd been working with dogs for years). We were able to pick her up and put her on the ground where she was able to stand and walk but struggled and whimpered. The employee recommended a heating pad for dogs they sell and taking Bella to a different Vet who would test her for an infection rather than just telling me it is "normal arthritis" for her age. Turned out she did have an untreated infection and after getting on antibiotics she showed remarkable improvement and could walk again with no problem. I cannot remember the name of this gentleman but he went above and beyond to help my baby girl pupparoo get better. I've been going here since I was a kid, at least 15-20 years now. I will continue using B&B as my first go-to pet store for all my pet care needs! Thank you for your time and efforts in being such an amazing establisiment!

Lizbeth Texas

It's so well organized and stocked. Clean and both kid & pet friendly experience. Staff is able to help you find what you need and give suggestions of other products at different price ranges. They have puppy and goat milk in freezers! …


Always a great selection of animals and supplies and they have the friendliest most knowledgeable staff of any pet store I've been to.

Matt Tubbs

Love this place. Knowledgeable people. Great place for saltwater fish. Check out salty Friday.

Matthew Rinaudo

Great products at an affordable price. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Lorena Shirley

I Bought 2 parakeets for my teenagers. Sally thank you for your help. The young girl that got the birds was very pleasant also.

Betty Morgan

Best pet store in Mobile

Myra Hammon

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. We love the dog wash stations. All you need to bring is the dirty dog. You don't even have to clean up behind the bath.

Laura Durgin

My fur baby's first trip , it was really cool

Teya Crawford

This place is sooo amazing! The next animal I get will most definitely be from this place!

Alvin Elmore

The staff here is quite gifted and very friendly and aim to please there customers. We will help you get what you're looking for with swiftness in mind. I assure you that you will be satisfied with all services rendered

Amanda Harris

I love this place. They have the best stuff for your animals and it's not something you can find at a big box store. The fish select is also wonderful.

Sullivan Love

The place stinks but it's a pet store! The people are welcoming and friendly. They have a wonderful variety of items.

Margaret Henderson

Great service, staff is super helpful and friendly

Abigail Powell

One of the only places my family goes for pet supplies.

Bryan McCraney

My Favorite Pet store!

Leia Just Leia

Man...if it involves pets and pet products, b and b nails it every single time! They always host fun pet events where their super knowledgeable staff are on hand to help. It's locally owned and operated...SHOP LOCAL!!!!

Michael Peaden

Always buy my pets & accessories here !

Joshua Albritton

Whoa. This local pet shop is amazing. Evert. Single. Staff. Member was kind and helpful. Ill be driving the extra 15 minutes here for my pets' needs from now own. Also the fish and aquatic plant selection is insane!

W. Dudley

"THE fish store locally." These are the local experts. Great experience. Especially if you go on a two for Tuesday, which I think is once a month, I forget which Tuesday, but it's a mad house of fun for sure!

Kimberly Wilson

It was clean well-organized very friendly people work there don't mind helping you there is good deals everything! Plus I also have a wide variety of a lot of different kind of animals, toys, the food for the animals, animal cages, & everything you can imagine it's very very clean and very well organized!

Carla Gross

The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Large variety of exotic animals and fish. Animals are very well taken care of.

Adam Swedenburg

I love this place. I have been here several times mostly getting fish products but I have gotten dog stuff as well. The workers are always really nice, and the owner is very knowledgeable and doesn't mind sitting there and talking with you about your needs. The fish are always healthy and great when I come in.

R Eubanks

Great service, very knowledgeable

Joshua Weis

Clean and staff was friendly, animals and critters were all happy and prices were great.

Kaquandria Battiste

I love B&B pet store... I give them five stars....the employees understand and are very knowledgeable.....they stand by anything they sell....

Juanita Wallace

It was most pleasant and had good assistance

Michelle Yoder

Very fun place to visit! Customers are encouraged to hold the animals.

Jordan Dennis

Loved seeing all the animals and very nice staff. The animals looked very well taken care of and the store is very clean.

Just A Video

Great place to just walk around and Look at all the cool animals! Bring your pet with ya! All welcome Here! Great Product as well!

Jay Morgan

All your pet supply needs in one space.

Bethany Morgan

We absolutely adore B&B!!!! The staff is amazing and extremely knowledgeable about reptiles. We trust them with our scale babies lives.

Dameion Jones

Huge selection of fish definitely. Kinda pricey for some fish I've seen cheaper but will definitely be back again. You get what you pay for right and there's a 14 day no fault where you get half your money back if the fish dies..

Phyllis Wallace

Nice place. We look forward to visiting again

Anna C.

Always a wonderful experience. Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They have a wide selection of products and things that other pet stores don't carry. They also have a wide selection of well-cared-for freshwater and saltwater fish. I encourage you to visit B&B Pet Stop & shop local!

david harris

They have all your pet supplies . Friendly service staff . Knowledgeable , helpful workers . Lots of parking . Wheelchair accessible to all areas . Including Restrooms . High quality goods . Reasonable prices . Location is still a question . Longer trip than I actually like . Needs more locals to accommodate population center of Mobile Alabama .

Chelsea Varnado

We didn't even buy anything, I brought my four year old in there to kill time since we're here from out of town...every employee was so nice to my daughter and told her all the animal's names and sat down with her to play with one of the rabbits...we're moving here soon and will definitely be back to get a pet when we're settled...

Jason Burton

Great place to give your dog a bath. The price is a bit high, but the customer service and the other customers are pet lovers.

Gօʀɛ աɦօʀɛ

Great prices and a lot of options for pets!

Ruthie Morrissette

My kids love this pet store. Great customer service


Good prices, knowledgable staff has a nice selection of fish and other pets

Jon Jeffress

Who would think this day and age you could find a locally owned retail store with such a wide selection of products. B & B Pet Stop has a huge assortment of pet food and they have online ordering with FREE local delivery as well as a good rewards program.

Ryan S

Great store with a selection that you cannot get at the larger pet retail chains. Some of the unique features are the salt water aquarium selection and a newer 'raw' dog food freezer up by the registers. Staff has always been friendly and helpful. Parking is always ample and it's easy to get in and out of.

Kristan Carroll

I love this place. You can go in and pet the rabbits and Guinea pigs. The staff are always very helpful and theres always someone close by to help, I very rarely have to actually look for someone when I need them and that means alot. It's a locally owned store, so the prices tend to be higher on some things

Anna Pipkin

I was willing to give them a second chance. They where on it this time. Thank you Ms. Sally

Robert Wendling

Great pet shop, good prices excellent service.

Joshua Janes

Been going here for years. Only place you could find exotics at for the longest time without driving out to Pensacola. They are a little on the high end, depending on what you're buying. Like their common boas are $299 when not on sale, which is about 200 dollars more than everyone else is charging. And like their frozen fuzzies are 2 dollars a piece, compared to 8 dollars for 10 at other stores. I even found them for 50 cents a piece online, but it doesn't matter because my little guy only eats live so there's that. Also never buy fake plants from the pet store, they sale the same thing for cheaper at the crafts store. They just dont have the 13 dollar zoomed logo. Not their fault, just gotta be smart and shop around, as a consumer it's your job to find the best deal, these guys usually have it and I don't mind paying the convienance fee if I need it.

Candace Phillips

We love going here as a family. If they don't have something you want or don't have an answer...they'll get it for you.

Annett Bosarge

Best little family business...everyone is friendly great prices

Ann Parker

I have done business with B&B for over 20 years and have always had a good experience. I look forward to many more years of good experiences with them.

Ken Salter

Love this store!

Kimberly Gallitano

I LOVE this place. This is not your average “pet store”. B & B is full of knowledgeable and friendly staff that truly care about the animals they work with. They are always willing to answer questions and assist customers. The animals there seem genuinely happy and well-cared for as well.

thomas mcadams

Nice pet shop. Beautiful birds and good prices on the dog supplies

Morgan Jimerson

Absolutely amazing group of people! Hands down the best local pet store around Mobile! The owners and fellow staff members are always sure to go the extra mile for their customers. Jonathan & Morgan in fresh water & James in the salt water department are phenomenal. Everyone at B & B really knows their stuff! Highly recommend this pet store to everyone. 5 stars

Charles Evans

Loved the large aquarium fish selection and the large parrots. Prices alittle high, but still liked the store.

Ryan Grace

I think this is a store with alot of products. But its dirty and should have more rules when it to letting everyone grab animals. It's not a petting zoo alot if these creatures dont like 100 hands touching them a day

Irma Olivera

They had a photographer taking pictures with dogs and it was hysterically funny watching how happy some dogs are, some not so happy to wear reindeer ears. The people who work here are also super knowledgeable about their products...

Carter Rhodes

My wife's go to pet store good selection friendly helpful staff.

Anna Bryant

Love that they are bigger than they use to be. Have gotten several critters from them and they are healthy. Staff is informative. Lots of extras to choose from for whatever animal you have.

Kelly Ranero

The sales girl was awesome. They dont watch the prices ringing up so just be careful with that.i had to go back and have them correct my order. They overcharged me almost $20.00 .

Joshua Darden

Wow what a great pet store! They even have alligators. Nextdoor is a really cool cat house were you can adopt.

Carole Powers

I've been going to b&b since I was a child and they've always got the best stuff to get for your pet.

Kalena Anne

Decent prices, friendly staff eager to help and clean space for pets and us humans! Highly recommend


My favorite pet store!!

Denisse Lamastra

Love this store! My kids love coming to see the animals. Staff is well trained and answer your questions right on point. I bought two betta fish here and they were very helpful. Great products and good prices.

Harold Green

I was in the store and was surprised to see that one of their employees was sick. She was still a good sport, but clearly did not need to be there. I was shocked to see that their employers would make someone who is clearly not feeling well go to work, as it could affect the health of the other customers (many of whom are children) and animals. I felt very uncomfortable around her, not knowing if she was contagious. I would also hope that no other customers in the freshwater fish section would get sick either. That's just not professional or ethical.

Cassandra Depew

Great staff and fun atmosphere

Robert Spotswood

Very helpful and friendly staff. A fun place to shop!

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