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REVIEWS OF Allianceone Receivables Management IN Washington

Bunnies By The Bay

Unconscionable people preying on people who can least afford it. Once in their system very difficult to escape even if the debt is paid off. One would ask what is our government doing to curb these usurious practices. Was asked to call three different offices to track down a debt that was less than $100 from 2010. The first two offices couldn't find anything...wasted almost one hour trying to resolve. Pathetic customer service and this is who our government chooses to continue to do business dollars hard at work?

Pedro Table

Adam Proffichols

I ran up a bill ! ....if your reading this, so did you ! And I suppose you think your special..? And you say to yourself " I shouldn't have to pay "..... well do ...stop are not a beautiful unique individual..! You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else ! Take control of your life off your debt and make the most of this experience ! And don't do it again ! are not a snowflake !

Dennis Boots

BBB rates them an "F". Too generous in my opinion. They lied to me on the phone about accepting payments, the interest is usurey. When I did mail a payment they would not give me a reciept, and they were going to empty my bank account. The only way I have been able "resolve" the situation is to drive all the way to Gig Harbor monthly (the only way one gets a reciept) and stand at their chin high counter (to make you feel small) peering through inch thick bullet proof glass (gee, I wonder if they are afraid of their victims, I mean, customers) hoping that one of the employees will finally bother to come to the window. They are pleasant enough when they finally acknowledge your presence. AllianceOne has contracts with most state governments so I guess since they have the power silly things like laws and ethical business practices are of no concern.

rollan batts

Garbage garbage garbage. Completely illegitimate and false. Nothing but a scam

Lucas Nichols

Very rude

angelo leal


Lou Zhang

Plz don't call me at work

N3v3R TH3L3sS

To anyone who posted reviews about this being a collection agency doing their job and others need to suck it up and just pay the debts they owe—you either work for the company or you’re completely stupid. AllianceOne—yes, a collection agency is a scandalous company who uses different tactics to scam consumers. I’ve owed on collections in my days and I’ve NEVER been scammed by any other collection agency the way I’ve been scammed by AllianceOne! I called to pay a specific bill and I provided details on EXACTLY what bill I needed to pay—AllianceOne NEVER reached out to me to collect ANY debts and come to find out when I reached out to them, I owed a few different accounts. I explained the one I needed to pay and a couple weeks later after I still couldn’t renew my tabs, I learned they applied the payment to another account. I now have to sell my vehicle because I can’t renew my tabs until only this specific account that I was originally attempting to pay is paid. I’ve contacted the BBB and filed a lawsuit against AllianceOne! Owing a debt, working on paying debts, and taking accountability for balances owed does not give ANYONE or ANY COMPANY the right to scam you—regardless of their line of work! America baby!!!

Barb May

We decided we needed a new truck in April so thinking our credit was fine we found out that we had a "red light ticket" turned over for collection. It was my son driving our truck 6 years ago!! No contact from AllainceOne!! We paid it on line...the original ticket was $145 and we had to pay $240. Now we are trying to buy a house and it is STILL on our credit report. I don't know which credit bureau, but I blame AllianceOne for not taking care of business!!!

Corey Gursley

New Audience Media

Horrible online payment system!

Jason Van Hoorebeke

The Technician Liz Tuani

I called in to see what this claim was on my credit report and the lady I talked to was absolutely great. She was so nice and took the time to look up my info and guide me to the correct spot to have it taken care of.

Teresa Markray

If i could give no stars I would. This company harasses you call you at least 4 times a day and calls family and friends. The staff have no knowledge of their job. I called to make a payment and they refused it. I thought they wanted us to pay. HORRIBLE business practices. People should be ashamed to work for this company

Connie Jose

I am currently on hold on their phone listening to their hold music for 15 minutes now as I type this review. This is my 3rd call to this company. Call number 1- yesterday, i wanted to talk to somebody to set up a payment plan for one of our employees. The person who took my call said she will transfer me to the legal dept, after she transfer, the call went to voicemail for ext 6521506 - but it says you cannot leave a vmail anymore because the box is full. Call no 2-Today, i called again, on hold for 10 minutes, then Beth answered - i stated what i needed and she said she will transfer me - no hold music this time, i figured the phone was just left unhook, then after 5 minutes, it sounded like somebody pick up the phone and hung up. Call no 3 - as i mentioned i was on hold as i type this review, after 15 minutes of hold music a guy answered, i told him to please do not just transfer me as this is my 3rd call and i keep getting nowhere, so i stated what i needed he took the employee's information and he said i need to transfer you to legal,,,,,CLICK... i'm on hold again.... and here i am waiting again - I AM TRYING TO SET UP A PAYMENT PLAN - HELLO!!!!...I'M TRYING TO SETTLE AN ACCOUNT....ANYBODY??? SOMEBODY??? AREN'T YOU A COLLECTION AGENCY? DON'T YOU WANT TO GET PAID?

Saxony O.

Haven't had any issues with GH location. Went in to make a payment on $136 ticket, only had to pay $29 initially in October and though I am paying the rest off all at once, I wouldn't HAVE to make another $25 payment until Nov. 25th. The lady was nice to me, which is uncommon in this employment field. Only 4 stars bc they don't seem to have enough people working and it takes awhile to enter the new info in AND bc I already had an alliance one account but you have to set up a different account for A.O. Signal Management Services...dumb.

Colten Davis

When ever dealing with a bureaucracy, get names, dates, and locations. This is the information age: If you have a receipt of payment, save it!

Kayla Nelson

They refuse to give me a receipt or anything saying how much I owe or how much I paid. I have asked EIGHT times and finally had to call them and wait on hold for 42 mins! to talk to some one... I also sent them the wrong check on accident once it said a different name on the check and they still cashed it. No phone call like hey this isnt us. No letter no nothing just cashed it and 0 contact. I have never received a receipt and literally have to call every 6 months or so to see how much is left to pay.. worst collection agency every. and of course its the one the government uses lol. the system is flawed and unless you are rich there is nothing you can do about it... Thank god I refuse to tell them where i work so they cant suck money out of my paycheck with out legal consent like they have done to so many others.

Lynda J. Allen

Scandalous criminals is all they are. DO NOT make payment arrangements with them and DO NO DO NOT DO NOT make the first payment on the payment arrangement, because they GARNISH your entire bank account and leave you with nothing, and BTW - NO NOTICE TO YOU - NO DUE PROCESS OF LAW - NADA - these are bottom feeders - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED

Sam Kelly

The worst of the worst ever. Scammers, rude, they lie and do not know what they are doing. Messed my sons liscence up because some one did not want to move from her desk to take a payment. Told us he wa 18 and had to make his own payment. Bull!! Beicks so he says that's his name and spelling of it! Needs to take a course on customer service and learning to deal with upset consumers. Absolutely the worst.

Karlos Dillard

Rude people. Andrea was very belittling and not a nice person. I called to pay off a bill and asked simple questions about fees and she said I was wasting her time. These people are thieves and they know it. I called her boss Tera who sent me right to voicemail. I’m glad I’m done paying these snakes.

Shannon Thompson

This is the WORST collection agency EVER.... We have been dealing with them for over 3 years and they had sent my husband a letter saying his total was now 0.00$. He had finally paid off his tickets. Then 7 months later my husband got his paycheck and their was a garnishment on there for 378.89$ from Alliance. Never received a letter from them saying they were going to garnish never received anything from a judge approving the garnishment. They had also used a judge in West Seattle....we found out later. Then when he called and asked WTF???? They said "Oh but we sent you plenty of notices" UM....NO THEY DID NOT!! Then he asked for them to send him a statement and again that showed he was paid in full plus customer service told him he owed nothing. Oh but what do you know 2 months after that he had another garnishment on his check for 67.00$. They told him again "Oh we sent you notices....NO THEY DIDNT!!! We talked to a lawyer at Redmond court and he said he has had people coming to him saying the same thing. I don't know how they get away with it but they do. PLUS....they are so RUDE!!!!!

richard burnett

The most horrible experince of my life. Remember that you are dealing with a debt collection company. Their collection practices have historically been Known to be illegal and they seem to operate with impunity. Their use of the drivers license as a tool to collect is not only immorally abused, it should be viewed as illegal. The qestion is---how is it able to continue operating??? Are the people who run the company so powerful that accountability is not a worry?? I have Talked to MANY Municipal Judges, Public Defenders, and Prosecuters in the last few years. Many agreed with me that the wheel was broken, they didnt agree with how things were done, and in some conversations it was something that was beyond their control. The qustion then arises; who does have conrol of them??????? In an age of budget- cutting, it seems like a review of this whole process needs to be done ASAP. A for- profit company like A1 isnt doing this program for charity, that for sure. If they are allowed to buy outstanding tickets for pennies on the dollar, how much money is this costing municipalities??? Who allowed this to happen in the first place???? An audit needs to be done on them, especially, to see how they are able to write their tikets off after years of being on their books. Finally, last BUT NOT LEAST, and in the name of everything that is human, please remember who A1 is mainly dealing with. A group of people, mainly economically disadvantaged, who for whatver reason have come forward to try to staighten their life out. The abiliity to get their license should naturally be at the top end of all priorities.Given this ability, the end result would be an inievitaible decrease in unemployment, and poverty. Also it would help prosecuters and public defenders who are consistently overburdened with cases. Please realize that DWLS cases constitute A FOURTH of all cases in the Municipal system today. Some municipalities are moving to start their own relicenscing programs.This is a great start, but everyone knows these programs would not be needed if the 'broken wheel' that is A1 was brought back into some sort of municipal control. You might ask, why am I writing this??? Because, after dealing with them personally, and because of thier inability to receive and process timely payments, efectively communicate with me information that was critical to me, but not them, and treating me like I was always the one that was wrong. I wanted to sue them and had a damn good case but couldnt afford an attorney. Anyway , because of them I havent had a license for the last three years. They told me in 2009 that i woulnt be eligible for the pia program again. I just found out even that was a lie. And not surprising they have lied to me regarding my possilble repayment options..........IAM SCARED TO DEATH ALL I CAN DO IS HOPE AND PRAY TO GOD SOMEONE IN A-1 IS ACTUALLY HUMAN THIS TIME-----

Steven Napolitano

I walk in and there are two people in front of me. they are helped in a matter of minutes. I tell them I want to know how much I owe, because i loose track everything has not funneled in here from my relapse. they are firm but not mean or harsh. I found Alliance Ones staff to be professional. If you go in a place with a bad attitude because you have amounted a debt don't think a professional business is going to coddle you. I give them an 7 for time management 9 for attitude and the one I conversed with on the phone I give a 10 he helped me learn the system and that sometimes you just have to wait to get the answer you want.


The hardest part of the job was saying good by to your coworkers after less then 3 months the life expectancy of this place is 3-6 months tops. The most enjoyable part was seeing that building in my rear view mirror.

Jay P

I worked for alliance one at this location for a whopping 3 weeks before I left as fast as I could. It's a legit company that companies turn debts over to in order to collect payments. But the company is very shady in it's practices. FDCPA laws change all the time and debt collectors take advantage of people's ignorance of the law in order to rake in as much money as possible. This place has a very high turnover rate and the pay is barely above minimum wage. They service a lot of legal debt that different jurisdictions around the country handle (parking tickets, court fees, etc) but they also deal with bs commercial debt that the original creditor had already written off and they purchased rights to the debt for pennies on the dollar. Know your rights and know the FDCPA. You'd be surprised how many of these collectors break the law and could be liable to pay you thousands for. Simply not stating the "Mini Miranda" or sufficiently confirming who they're speaking to is considered illegal and you could sue them for.

Jen R

Nobody 'likes' collection agencies, however I do believe they are a necessary entity. I had a debt. Their goal was to collect the debt. I've always been spoken to respectfully, never been called multiple times for information already given. They truly listened to me. My debt is now paid off. My experience with Alliance One was favorable despite my shortcomings. Special thank you to Trudy for all your help! :)

Pitone Mckenzie

This company is bunch of crooks


If I could give this company as 0 I would ! Worse company I've ever dealt with ! First time I had to complain to the BBB about a company ! Every time you call an employee gives you a totally different answer than the last one ! They charge interest even if you're paying them ! You can never get a manager to talk too the reps always say they are busy or they can call you back and they never do ! the company tried to defend themselves in my claim with the BBB stating they did nothing wrong and I "misunderstood " the rep ! I don't know how the state can pick them for their collection agency

Carnino Jasmine

This place is terrible. i had some tickets in 2008 i went down to the Seattle office and paid them in full. i paid 5,642.00 in cash. i asked the woman if i was all caught up and making sure i owed nothing she said yes her is you receipt. i though yes finally i'm done with these people. boy was i wrong in 2010 i got a pay stub and noticed that they sanctioned me 546.01 ummmm wtf i thought i paid them off! after calling them and waiting on the phone for over 45 min i got a rude big mouth lady. i asked her why they were sanctioning me and she said for my tickets i told her i had no tickets and she continued to inform me that i owed 2,200 ummm how is that possible i asked? well apparently they charged me twice for 3 tickets that i had already paid and since the case numbers were different i have no way of proving i paid those i said ok can i set up payment arrangement she told me NO. that i had to pay half ($1,100) now in order to even get my licences back ohh yea they suspended it in 2010 unknowingly to me btw. it is now 2014 and i still don't have my licences and haven't driven since 7/1/2010 that's 4 years people, i found on my credit report yesterday that they are charging me $180.00 for some ticket that i know wasn't me and not only are they charging me this mysterious ticket but they are doing it twice!! i called them and they hung up on me. now i can not even get a hold on them to see why there is this ticket. so i am getting a layer to fight this i'm done i want these off my credit and i want my money wish me luck everyone!!!

Ike Turner

Organized crime at its best....thanks Washington state.

georgia lee

so my boyfriend is making payments on his debt to get his license back,but make sure you have the right cause # or the money goes god only knows ? well who ever gets the payment knows too !

Joann J C

Hate this company!!!!!!!! They act as if we owe the President himself. I don't even want to give them 1 star


Obviously, these people just want money. These people have no respect for other people because all they want is money. I wish nothing but the worst for this company. I cant believe they lied about not recieving any payments from me. Ive called these people many times to see if they have recieved any garnishment payment from my company and they said no amd that they would call me and let me know if once receive it. Now Im getting a letter in the b.s letter from their greedy a$$es wanting more money. I only owed 200$ to king county court, I paid 400+ plus interests, now they want $1200+??!! I hope that one day, these people and the company gets shut down. What a shame!

Rocksie Nunez

Trying to pay a ticket, court tells me it went to collection last month. I never got a notice. Called them today because I need an account number to register on their website to pay the bill. lady answers, really rude gives me the wrong account number! It didnt work. I called again this time got another lady, she was nice. She gave me the correct account number and I found out I owed more than what the court said, late fees and interest, go figure. Double check your account number guys, these guys seem to misplace payments all the time! I was almost one. Oh and they have a new PO Box 11641 Tacoma Wa 98411. I wonder why...

Shane Farrell

Horrible people there, took 3 calls in an hour to get my account number. They are very deceitful and lie. The collections account I had was for $30 and they charged $120 in fee's for a charge I never got from WA DMV. They also reported my roommate to collections, how they got his information and paired him to the debt I have no freakin idea. I believe there collections attempts to be Illegal and have filled a legal complaint, a BBB complain, and a complaint with the states attorney general.

jake waslaski

There is no way this is a legit company... I called the number on the mail Sent to me about my surprise ticket I never personally received that’s in collections now. The number I called was a freaking sales pitch about vacation package. When I asked how the hell I started talking to them they told me to hang up and dial the same number again. I got alliance one the second time!! Why is sciences name would you have a sales pitch for a vacation package when I’m trying to pay for a BS ticket that I never received! This can’t be real..... The representative was rude as hell, I usually would fight this but I didn’t want a vacation package so I decided to pay with 3 levels of paid verification. BBB please look into this scam

DeeAnna Chase

Worst company I have very to dealt with! They need to Train their Rep's about Fair Credit Act Laws, they have refused to provide statement of payment when requested , account history or even provide proof of the Collection notifications. Get this.. they state they do not hold onto any collection notices sent out on their behalf to the debtors, that they outsources it to another company and if you don't receive it that is on you. While if that is case how can they sit there and a say that they followed the letter of the law..??????? HMMMMM. Regardless I am filing formal compliant with BBB and truly debating contacting lawyer to discuss how they treated me when I was trying to resolve an issue from 2011. I would suggest to anyone when working with this company you take notes of names,dates,time, what the conversation is of and make sure you demand everything in writing. I know its a collection agency but new flash not everyone skips out on paying their bills if they can truly show me that it was mine... In my opinion there should be a class action law suite filed... They are completely out of line for how they handle their accounts... One more thing if you tell them you have a lawyer they will completely stop working with you and will not return the lawyer's call or have them sit on-hold for an hour and then hang up on them.....

Sherdava Lopez-Sandoval

I started with AllianceOne on July 30th. They do not care about the employees or work with you when you have an emergency...because obviously didnt plan on a fractured foot.I was a collector before so the training wasnt so bad. So after making it through the first week and making As on eveything assignment I injured my foot on Sunday (fractured my foot in two places) On Monday i went to work because they threaten to fire you if you miss a i sat through a 8 our class for 2 days no meds and in pain ( the meds made me sleep). By now we are at the 8th day of training which was going to be phone practice. So that morning someone stepped on my fractured foot which ended me up back at urgent care. I called out 2 hours ahead of shift and spoke to a sup and told her what happened .she said everything was fine...went back to work the next day in more pain because again i cant take the pills they prescribed...and noone asked if i was ok or didnt mention anything about it. So the day went on and after lunch at 1 oclock they pulled me into the office an fired me. So if you are going to work here please be very careful and live in a bubble because no matter how good you are at the job or what medical emergency comes up...they will not work with you. Good thing the company that some of their former employees started were hiring...they pay more and they were a little excited to have me and they made made accommodations for my fractured foot...

Stacy Klein

"Financial Services Center" is a hilarious euphemism.

Angie Dilley

After reading through the reviews I find I have had the same issues, request a balance summary and get none, send payments and then get advised they never received them, use a cc to make payment and they never charge the card, get told send payments to a east coast address, then no wrong send to washington adress, I just want to be able to pay my payments and have them credited like they are suppose to

Mark Fischer

Settled for an agreed amount to be done with this company and have them removed from my credit. They cashed my 3000.00 check and instead of removing all remarks from my credit they added that i still owe them 116.00. I have been calling them back for days and spending as much time as 45 minutes listening to f'd up cartoon and Willie Wonka music!!! I finally hired an attorney to get rid of this shady business practice. I would suggest to any and all who are racing this to contact an attorney, if you have the resources, and go after this company. They were all so willing to help when they knew you were going to send them money!!!


*review was meant for the corporate customer support numbers, which was completely impossible to get a hold of anyone.. this particular office did pick up their phone though*

Jay Byrd

Athena Leina

They over charge on fees no one knew of and lie about trying to help.

Jan Jones-Hickling

I have been in lending for years and this is the WORST company I have ever had to deal with in regards to resolving a bill. Impossible to get cooperation to remove from paid dings from credit scores. Awful. This is the type of companies the laws are ment to protect us from.


Called to pay my debt in full, to get out there system. They act like they don't want the money. Why do you have to negotiate in gig harbor, but pay tukwila.these people are lame.

Queen MFB

Bad service....Don't care about the people calling....Rude....I can't believe they can legally be in business.

Frankie Rojas

Jonathan Guzman

The Import Guys

Put you on hold forever then send you to voicemail. Which is always full.

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