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4000 Kruse Way Pl Building 3 Suite 300, Lake Oswego, OR 97035, United States

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We have the opinions of real people who have information of the products of Wells Fargo Dealer Services (Financial Consultant) in the state of Oregon.

To this day this business receives a rating of 1.4 stars over 5 and the score has been calculated on 31 reviews.

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As you know, we do not usually bother to give tatings when these are good and we usually do it only if we have had a problem or issue...

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REVIEWS OF Wells Fargo Dealer Services IN Oregon

Fang Du

Martin Vasilevski

Customer service deserves 0 stars. I am very surprised they are still in business.

Adam Hurst

Single worst customer experience I have ever had. Paul, the rep that answered the phone mocked and disrespected the fact that my wife was hospitalized when I inquired about a deferment. They do not hold their employees to any accountability and lower management is equally as worthless.

roddy dan

Worst customer service I've ever experienced. Creditor or not, you do not have the right to speak people the way I was spoken to by the manager Melissa.


this is so sad

Adam James Mathers

Absolutely the worse customer service possible. I don't know how such a big company can allow for such terrible customer service, rude employees and poorly built systems to monitor your accounts with them.

Bernadette Ace

Horrible institution


Bruce Chaddock III

The is the absolute worst place to get an auto loan from. Extremely unprofessional and rude. I would urge anyone reading to forgo any relationship with Wells Fargo dealer services. That's not to mention the 16.99 % apt car loan

Tammy Akram

Jon Grant

WFDS has to have some of the most duplicitous and rude people I have seen in this business. They love to call and harass you and then lie to you when arrangements are made. They do not want to put anything in writing we agree to on the phone to protect the consumer. And if you ask for documentation of a simple agreement, then they refuse. All I wanted was confirmation before I got caught up that my car would not suddenly disappear. They do not return calls and then call and harass you saying they called me. I checked my phone records. No record of calls. Very rude.

Tim Woods

Noel Karr

I would give zero stars but then you wouldn't be able to see my comment. I had the worst customer service experience. The man on the phone was rude and when I asked to speak to his supervisor he hung up on me. I would never get a loan serviced through them again!

Brandon Dilger

They are extremely rude and harass you over the phone. Customer service is no help and you are treated like scum. I would NEVER recommend.

Kay Bridges

Wells Fargo rejected my payment made in May in exactly the same manner as my payment in April ...thru by Bank bill pay ...and they just say it's my banks problem. My bank says they sent the payment and it was REJECTED on the due date .... but Wells says they never got it. Now who am I to believe??? Frankly I trust my bill pay at the bank more than Wells.

Irene Logotaeao

Bad customer service. Rude and ignorant.

Tanya Garrison

I pay my payments on time, and, havent had a single issue... !


I've always paid my payments on time and have never had any problems.

Kenneth Ridenour

Mykl MacDonald


Laila Verhovskaya

I simply hate it, HATE IT! Worse customer service. Im trying to reset my password for two days now. My account is locked, called customer service and absolutely no HELP. I tried to reset it by requesting temp password, but the system tells i ENTERED INCORRECT PASSWORD WHEN i USE TEMP PASSWORD. Checking out other banks to refinance my loan.

Chris Lombard

If you get Paul on the phone, I suggest immediately hanging up and save yourself the aggravation.

Timothy Bailey

Please do not get a car loan with these people. Purchased a car for our daughter and dealership suggested Wells Fargo Dealer Services. We did, and then later wish we had not. The car received hail damage during a recent storm , filed a claim with our auto insurance. Insurance sent check to us in care of Wells Fargo. We wanted to deposit check so we could start repairs. Wells Fargo treated us like we were trying to commit insurance fraud and treated us terribly. They would not endorse check until they seen proof of repairs and seen car repaired. Then after that ordeal my wife and I said no more and wanted to pay off loan, So I called and received payoff amount and to give them our Chase bank info to pay off, but they would not except that and wanted the money wired which we had to pay a fee. Paid off and WE are DONE with Wells Fargo forever. No more. We are sticking with Chase , they have never questioned any transaction we have had from them.

Julie Unger

Wells Fargo Dealer Services is the worst place to have a loan. I co signed for a car loan for my son and called to get a copy of the insurance policy and they told me they would only mail it to my old address even though I didn't live there any more. I will be refinance my car loan I co-signed on. They are very rude on the phone to there customer!!!

Google User

I work for a car dealership and we didn't have a piece of information we needed to do a pay off on a trade in and I couldn't get ahold of the customer. So I called to try to talk to someone about what the options were since this was time sensitive. First off they basically only have an automated system so you cant ever get through to any one to actually talk to. I finally had to choose the option to apply for a loan to get through to some one. When I explained the situation 3 times, she literally kept repeating herself like a robot and not actually addressing what I was trying to explain or pass me on to some one who could help me. No help at all. Horrible customer service.

Carisa Coe

Jason Spiekerman

Paid off my car and was never late on any payments. I never received my car title.

Michael Paul

I have had a car loan with Wells Fargo dealer services for 22 months...due to some financial and job issues I was 67 days late on a payment. I informed the dealer services of this though that did not stop them from calling my cell phone and home phone over 8 times per day. On the 67 day they attempted the have my vehicle reposed even though I made arrangements with them. I also went to the Wells Fargo bank and made a payment to the Wells Fargo dealer account. The teller even showed me my account with the dealer services. I was informed by the dealer services manager ( very rudely) that I should NEVER pay my Wells Fargo dealer payment at the Wells Fargo bank. WHAT???? after several days of stopping the repo ( which they did not want to work with me, thoughit worked out in he end) Everything is back in line. I will no longer do my business here and would advise others to be careful when looking into services here.

Chris Pierce

Difficult to deal with. Not very nice.

Jessi Yasko

We go here every month to deposit an employee's paycheck that works remotely. Apparently they had a policy change in February that prohibits us from depositing his checks any more (even though they continued to take them up until July). They gave us no notice of this policy change, and now our employee can't get paid. They say it's for security reasons, but I'm not quite sure what sort of threat depositing a check poses. If it was me, I'd be pretty pissed if my bank was barring me from getting my money. Not a savvy business decision on their part. And I was practically treated like a criminal by the bank employees. Just terrible service all around. I would seriously suggest taking your business elsewhere.

Mrs Mrs

They are a joke. DO NOT get a car loan through them. Shame on Wells Fargo for associating with these jokers


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