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REVIEWS OF Salvation Funding IN North Dakota

Ahmed Alsulaiti

After reading these reviews , im so happy that I didn't trouble myself with this scam company

Sweet Rogue

I keep getting their "pre-approval" letters about every 3-4 days. At first I was interested- I want to get out of the high interest credit card trap. Then I looked up the company online. All ratings- except 2, which were obviously fake reviews- were low with people who had actually contacted the company and found out it was a scam. ALWAYS research things before you sign up!!

Lawrene Quisano

Salvation Funding seems like a scam. My elderly mother signed up with then and was lead to believe it was a loan. She made payments of $529.60 for 6 months and no creditors were paid. She finally decided to seek legal advise instead to file bankruptcy. She called Salvation Funding to cancel the payments to them and end the program. It was very difficult because they kept trying to tell her that they could lower the monthly payments, defer the monthly payments etc. She finally convinced them that she was not interested and wanted them to return the payments she had made. She ask them what the refund would be and after about 9 calls to them, none of which they returned, she finally spoke to 3 different representatives and was given all different amounts and then she finally received a refund of $35.52. They kept $3138.48 and not paid a penny to any of her creditors but kept it for themselves. I feel Salvation Funding scammed my mother who is 80 years old by taking part of her social security money every month (which is all that she has) and not advising her that all she had to do was contact her creditors and let them know her situation and that would have been that instead Salvation Funding took her money let her credit go bad and never paid a cent to anyone except themselves. SHAME ON YOU SALVATION FUNDING!

Jodi Pliszka

Complete scam! They left a message telling my secretary that I was in debt $xx and needed a loan from them. They told her the exact amount, even. They violate privacy laws and defame people character. I'm filing a formal complaint. Steer clear, unless you want your business shared with everyone. Rude!

betsy calder

This company is a complete scam. Do not respond to anything they send you because all they want to do is steal all of your money from you. They claim they are based out of North Dakota but the lady I spoke to had a very deep indian accent. Told them if they tried contacting me again that I would call the police.

Jikook Love

Lol these ratings are terrible. I keep getting letters from these people and i just throw them away all the time. Please, salvation funding remove me off your mailing list because I am tired of the trash u keep sending me.

Craig Gerlach

Put me on high risk plan that could cost me everything I have... Also risk of legal proceedings and jail... I said no thank you, but they don't tell you this is outcome even if you ask. They just want $$.

J G Parks

Major bait and switch. Our credit is flawless, scores are both near 800 and still they found a reason to offer us an alternative "plan" in which they build in a 16% rake off for them while we pay on a 0% restructure through Salvation. Please, any folks interested in cashing in on that $40,000.00 fake check in the mailer, ASK questions!! This is not a plan most consumers should be interested in.

Phillip Alexander

Stop sending me so much spam!

Jerry Wilson

having a small business and a small amount left to pay on my shop I was thinking of jumping on this. Glad I read the reviews. Sounds like these guys want to destroy your credit for profit. They send a letter that looks like a check so you do not throw it out (very clever on their part) with a sweet rate that is lower than my commercial property loan rate. Upon reading the reviews here and other places online this looks like a Chapter 13 type bankruptcy thing where they skim the interest and more from your payments after they negotiate with your card companies thus killing your credit. No thanks, please remove me from your mailing list as I find it sad that trees are sacrificed in order for you to promote your scam.


Wow a 2.2 score???? Nevermind, I’ll just trash my pre approval many negative feedback.

Margo Santana

called in from the mailer- lady said they would call me back in 24-48 hours and they did. all good so far.

Adam M.

Fraud! Scam! Will not stop junk mail spamming you. Stay away!

zedekiah group LLC

After reading the reviews i am glad i did not call them

Roger Hamilton

Total scam. They sent me a "pre-approval letter". As opposed to calling, I submitted the online form, which was quick and easy. I received an auto responder email saying someone will call me in 2-3 days. 2 days later, I got a call from Patrick. Wanted to discuss everything. Go over the information I submitted for verification purposes. I told him my debt about, income etc. He said he’d run some numbers and get back to me after the underwriters checked out my information. An hour later he called me back with great news. I was approved! Except not for the loan I was pre-approved for. He told me they want me to stop making payments to my creditor and pay them instead. I told them that would destroy my credit. I could almost hear him flipping the pages of the instruction manual of possible responses to answers like mine (lol). Then said they are going to work with lawyers and reach out to my creditors. I told them no. I told him I want what I was offered in the pre-approval letter. Then there was silence. He then told me my money He said if I decided to get serious I should call him back.

Jennings Hester

What a joke of a company. How do you sleep? I didn’t even open your fake check.

Michael Housel

I called and was presented with a great deal, but then things turned sour. I had further questions--could only leave a voice-mail message for the fellow who had helped me. His number turned out to be a land line, or so I discovered later via a basic Internet search. I was also told an attorney would visit me, so that I could finalize my paperwork. Well, when I called the "attorney'"s number (again in hopes of getting some basic answers), I was shocked to find that the person being sent to see me wasn't an attorney at all, but rather a traveling notary! Further research into the company revealed it to be connected with less than reputable sources. I'm grateful I didn't go full steam ahead on this one. I came so darn close, too...

Jonathan H

Uninformed people, some are rude. They sent me a "pre approval letter". I called, because the amount and rate were attractive. I spoke with two people. The first, an intake operator, was nice but totally uninformed. She asked a few questions and said someone would call me. The next day I got a call. The guy was rude and uninformed. First he told me that if I borrowed to pay off balances, I'd have to shut down all my credit cards. Not helpful. Then he said why would I not just pay everything off. I told him 3% money was attractive. He told me my money was free....really? I started explaining our situation and he just kept talking over me. So I asked what kind of programs were available. He said he couldn't say until I gave him my social and did a credit pull. I told him I wouldn't do that until he gave me a sense of what programs: Life of loan, range of interest rates. He said if I decided to get serious I should call him back. I guess they don't want to lend to a good credit. I won't waste a credit inquiry on people like that.

Daniel Auriemma

I love how "Sarah Smith" is the ONLY good comment on here and this it the ONLY place she has ever reviewed.... HAHAH, I don't smell a fake review anywhere around here....

Tiffany Sunshine

When I called in to Salvation Funding, they were really nice and informed. I got a call from the financial consultant sooner than I thought. Very happy.

Chris Black

I get these letters atleast twice a week. I was of interest until reading all of these reviews they need not reply to my submission form. SCAMMERS !!

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