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John Hickey

Jerry & Steve have helped my business through multiple phases of growth and stress. The business owners roundtable has provided invaluable insights, new friends and colleagues. The introduction of SCORE resources to our network is invaluable. We leave any workshop we attend with the energy to make positive change and the information necessary to execute. Entrepreneurs of all sizes should consider attending a workshop to be introduced to the team.

Joseph Ross

Cynthia Carter-Young

Arthur Vodchits

I believe that SCORE is a useful organization. They will not help you with accounting or legal issues, and will openly speak about it. As a rule of thumb, those who decide to do business are those who are educated and smart and although SCORE's advisers may not give you new knowledge, they can help at the right time to give useful advice. Pay attention to something important that may elude you. It was such an experience I had. I did not see something obvious and my adviser just pointed this out. Also, they can prompt you where to go to get the necessary information or how to build certain business processes. I think that it's worth visiting here if you are planning a business and do not have any significant experience. Overall, my experience was good.

Jeanine Hall

I've been working with my mentor for almost a year now, and my mentor is a great resource and has helped me navigate the growth of business and the many hurdles along the way! Couldn't be more grateful for the support that I've received.

ShaunMara Begley

I am currently being mentored by Jack Cohn on starting up my own business. I believe having a mentor when becoming an entrepreneur is immensely important. I highly recommend SCORE.

Renee callender

I enjoyed this informative work shop. The speakers were great.

Crimson Coaching

Karen Gershowitz has proved invaluable as a mentor, providing practical and actionable advice to me for over six months. I look forward to our conversations, as they leave me feeling more prepared, optimistic and confident to meet the demands of running my own business.

Joe Messina

A must for any entrepreneur

Atoiskincare Info

Tim Contado, a Score Mentor, has given us excellent 5-star guidance for over a year. He's been incredibly thoughtful and helpful! Thanks Tim!

Jack Cohn

Wendy Maurice

As a communications professional who was the recipient of Score’s mentoring program for several months, I would highly recommend it. Score gave me the opportunity to meet with two seasoned, savvy leaders in the field – Karen Gershowitz and Howard Geltzer -- who provided their respective viewpoints during a transitional period. Now well-placed in a full-time position, I look back on Score with vast appreciation.


I have a mentor who has been very helpful. We meet every couple months to discuss areas i need to work on.

Kirsten Rohrs Schmitt

The free business mentors at SCORE are an incredible resource. I have been working with Tim Contado in Manhattan for nearly three years. He has provided invaluable help and support to launch Your Best Edit, my writing and editing. I also highly recommend SCORE seminars—a great value for the information they deliver.

Iozny Ny

Pierre COLIN

Perfect workshop to learn how to sell in person.

Rachel Scott

Robot City

Mayra Sanchez

The Sales Summit was a powerfully enriching experience. The presenters were very insightful and invited audience participation which kept us all energized as well as engaged. Thanks SCORE!

Nicola Giardina

Hector Cruz

Excellent Workshop. Very Informative.

Rob S.

They guys will test how serious you are about your business plans. Very helpful

Gordon Rothman

I've had the pleasure of working with several SCORE counselors, and I've been totally impressed by the commitment and the knowledge they bring to the task. I've gotten plenty of encouragement. More importantly, I've gotten specific suggestions that I can act on, and I've already used them to my advantage as I move through the planning stages on my way to a roll-out.

Azin Valy

Jorge Luis Salazar

Kevin Smith

The best agency for helping you get a business off the ground with knowledgeable people there to help and commiserate with you.

Penina First

Great round-table! Very insightful!

Chrisie Canny

The success of Vented In Brooklyn®️ Could not have happened with out the expertise and support of SCORE! If you are a solo entrepreneur I highly recommend going to SCORE to help you achieve success!

chau mui

Ryan Douglas

I was told that I would never make it... I never went back. I even emailed them, never received any answer, I emailed/called numerous times and then I just said never mind. I needed the help really badly at the time but when I was told that, I knew this place was and never will be for me.

Ra Do

Made an appointment on line a week in advance. Then we both took off from work to go there but the advisor canceled one day before. So that made us a walk in. Someone else reluctantly took us although there was no one else there. These guys don't know much. We knew more than them. This is an outrageous spend of public funds. People used to come to work and do nothing 5 days a week. I felt like not paying my taxes anymore after this "consulting " visit.

Jorge Ibarra

They are doing a great service to our community.

Maria Espinoza

Efrat Cohen

If there were more stars I would continue clicking...SCORE has excellent, experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated mentors and wonderful resources to guide those who are thinking about starting a business and to those who want to grow their business. Highly recommended! What you gain is priceless!

Frank Peralta

Rozanna Violins

My mentor Kirk Imamura has been incredible. He helped me deal with many important details in creating a business plan and financial projections, all critical to the growth of my business. Kirk Imamura has been there through thick and thin, helping me find a way forward even during the most challenging times. I could never have done this without the help of my mentor, for whom I am forever grateful. Thank you so much!!!

Adrian Simenko

Yael Zofi

Score mentors have been helping me grow my business and get focused again. After 20 years of running a successful consulting practice, I have contacted Score again to get current support for marketing and sales. Their mentors - in particular Karen G - have been extremely helpful. I highly recommend their services and support.

Saitamazin .

Danielle Schulz

I've had a very positive experience with SCORE - the most effective element has been the business mentoring. Both Mary Tan and Shelley Orenstein have been exceptional figures. Their guidance has been productive, inspiring, and applicable. I highly recommend taking advantage of this invaluable resource.

izzi c

Meant to post review too not just 5 stars! My mentor has been an enormous help to me, always ready with new resources and perspectives, keeping me accountable and encouraged. Thank you SCORE and Kirk!

Tianna Bell

I have found my mentorship experience with Donald extremely helpful. I am a co founder of a business that has been around for less than two years, so needless to say we go through periods of uncertainty and anxiety. A ton of high/lows. Donald has definitely been there to help guide us through this process over the last year. He offers his advice, resources and a listening ear when we need it. Our time at SCORE has been invaluable.

Jeffrey Chertoff

Ran Bear

Bill Levey

Excellent guidance from industry experts and resources for startups and small businesses.

Amy Baumgarten

I love this organization and am shocked more people don't know about it. I tell all my business-savvy friends about what SCORE offers. From free mentoring to informative workshops that are reasonably priced, SCORE is a fabulous resource for people trying to learn from the best about starting a business.

Nicomedis Horton

The presentation was a chuck full of information. Easy to understand and full of examples of personal stories. The presenters (Sandy and Bruce) were approachable and quick to answer questions. The handouts are easy to follow and a good source of information. I highly recommend the "Create the Business Plan That's right for You" class.

Riki Franco

Excellent in every sense of the word. Mentors are engaged, professional, eager to help, have valuable insights, care about your business, always available. I have met with my mentor several times and he always had great tips to share and knew what I needed before I asked. Highly recommended for any business owner, experienced or new!


A total waste of time. They cancel appointment right when you're on your way or right when you're there. The New York office at 26 Federal Plaza, never return phone calls. You go online and you pick the mentor that best suits you, and they have someone else calls you who have no experience in the field that your business is in. I'm starting to think this is a scam!

Mary Campbell Gallagher

I highly recommend the SCORE mentors programs. I know many successful entrepreneurs who credit their SCORE mentors for their success. They still visit and consult their SCORE mentors years later. The SCORE Round Tables are not just informative, they are fun.

Jon Smit

Tim Contado got to the core of marketing issues. He enlightened me, helped me stay focused, and saved me lots of time from muddling through my public-speaking project alone. I am confident in my presentations, and my audiences seem to like too.

Nina Dibner

The one-to-one coaching I've received from SCORE is extremely high caliber, offering me the push and sage advice needed to grow my company. Combining high expectations, respect, and a deep level of expertise, my SCORE coach has been an invaluable resource for me. I highly recommend this service.

Gloria B

Rodrigo Hernandez

Very helpful and dedicated staff. Only wish I knew about this sooner.

Minna Taylor

Live Laugh Love

Nice people help you a lot stop visit and get what you need to learn for your bussines

Nancy Jordan

Rita Soni

Excellent resource for all levels and subjects of mentorship

Nate Bell

As a small business owner, there are so many aspects of business that I've needed to learn, all wile manning the daily stresses. SCORE mentors have used their experience to teach me marketing, managing employees, and other topics as it relates to my business, while being a support system that has "been there, done that." If you are thinking about starting business or if you have a business, I suggest as strongly as possible to reach out to SCORE and set a date with a mentor.

Elizabeth Tejada

Karen Lauterstein

My experience with SCORE has been nothing but incredibly positive. SCORE is one of the very first resources I recommend to any Entrepreneur looking to start or grow a business. They have a team of 75 dedicated, and knowledgeable professionals that want to give back, and mentor, out of the goodness of their hearts. I have received amazing advice from multiple mentors in the areas of Marketing, Distribution, PR, Legal, etc. Great people, great organization- don't walk, run to SCORE. THANK YOU SCORE- for having such a positive impact on my business.

Jeff Zannetti

The SCORE NYC roundtable has been a tremendous success for our business. We had the opportunity to meet and learn from experts in different fields (marketing, branding, sales, etc.) and develop relationships with other business owners in similar phases of business. We were immediately able to implement advice from the roundtable sessions and are currently even working with another member of the group to improve our website and digital marketing. We will be back for another roundtable soon. You won't regret joining. Steve Kessler and Jerry Weinstein did a great job overseeing it and providing feedback to all.

Deborah Woolridge

John Munnelly

"A wise man has many advisors" - do yourself a business flavor-favor and check out the niche advisors that SCORE offer.

Meredith Mazzotta

We were mentored by SCORE mentor, Kirk Imamura. Kirk's knowledge and vast experience was, and continues to be, invaluable! SCORE is an amazing resource that should be utilized by all new entrepreneurs. We always refer SCORE to anyone we encounter who is just starting out or looking for help moving things forward. So thankful for our mentor and this resource!

Gerion Edberg

Roberta Breitmore

I'm not sure what this organization's values are, but professionalism, competence, work ethic, and respect for anyone who is not a wealthy, elderly, retired executive are not among them. They treat everyone like a lower-class hired help. The whole thing seems like a huge self-aggrandizing scheme, where emails go ignored, phone calls unreturned, mentoring sessions get canceled at the last moment, even when you're already there right in front of them, and there is zero accountability, because it's all-volunteer and free. Some people have found them helpful, but I can't recommend them in good faith unless you have time for them to waste before they can give you something useful in return.

James Rich

I have worked with my SCORE mentor (Kirk Imamura) since 2016. Wth Kirk's help, I have seen my venture realized full-scale, and it continues to develop with strong forward momentum. Kirk is as invested in advising me now as he was the day we agreed to work together about growing my business including regular correspondence to check in with my progress as well as recommendations for workshoips, trainings. That said, SCORE and Kirk have been and continue to be invaluable assets for me and my venture.

Robert Zecher

SCORE has been a great experience. They have connected me with the right people and resources!

Nick Khamarji

Sung Ki Park

I've been attending the Business Owner's Round Table for a number of years and the mentoring I've received from Jerry and fellow business owners has been priceless. Not only good ideas to implement but the support and encouragements really have helped me get through some tough times. I would recommend SCORE to any small business owner, whether they're just starting or a seasoned veteran looking to continue their growth.

Victoria Falk

I've had the pleasure of meeting with SCORE business mentor, Tim Contado. He listens with good understanding of my business goals and needs. He gave me great tips that I have put into practice in my business and I'm already seeing positive results because of what I've learned from him. He has helped me to gain clarity in my message and to discover ways to be more efficient in marketing my travel business. I am truly thankful for this experience with having a SCORE business mentor. I highly recommend SCORE, as well as Mr. Contado.

Lisa Ann Markuson

Really stunning to me that this org can provide such high quality mentorship and guidance for free to young entrepreneurs like me. Wish I'd heard of it sooner. After my intake interview, I got matched with two super helpful mentors, who are guiding me through a very important stage in my business. Thanks Kirk and Cathy, and I can't wait to see what more I learn from you!

Linda Miner

Jim and Nicole were great! Both of them were very informative! One of the BEST workshops I have been too.

Sarah Perez Jarrett

Excellent opportunity to share your experiences and learn from other entrepreneurs on how to better your business and your entrepreneurship journey. The special speakers are an added bonus and a wealth of knowledge at your disposal!

Svetlana Kouznetsova

Great mentoring services! Highly recommended!

nik l

I currently work with four SCORE mentors! Yes, four! It's allowed. Each one comes with their own amazing super powers! As an early stage startup these industry vets gave me some of the sagest, smartest advice I've had about structuring my business project—from marketing to investment planning! I refer to my SCORE mentors as the A-Team! Seriously. There isn't a problem, query I've presented to them that they haven't been able to help me solve! Now in terms of industry relevancy (don't let the title 'retired' fool you). These former execs have proven toolkits and strategies up their sleeves that a gazillion other business startup books have coopted and re-languaged to base their 'new' methods on. Fundamentally, there really is only one way to do business and that's excellently! Excellence is timeless—that's why SCORE works! Oh and it's FREE!

Marina Rosin Levine

The SCORE organization has been instrumental in coaching me through the various stages of my shoe business. Everything from business set up, financing, sourcing, marketing and compliance. I have worked with the same mentor, Harry Dannenberg for over 10 years. He has been instrumental in helping me navigate the ups and downs of the fashion industry. I have recommended this organization to many colleagues and they have all been blown away at the level of professionalism of this organization. Thank you SCORE! You are a major asset to the NY community!

Susie Verde

SCORE is one of those special places in which you're encouraged to dream high and to believe that you can get to where you want to go with the professional support of some of the most sucessful people in the corporate world. And they do it for free, because they believe in supporting individuals like me to become successful enterpreneurs. I feel so lucky to be able to work with some of their mentors and to have the chance to learn and develop news skills, so that I can grow my business and reach my professional goals. Thanks SCORE for making it possible to me!

Diane Davis

Very informative even though I run a niche retail business which I plan not to mass produce.


It will be helping be a lot to improve my business and my way of thinking too.

Renee Jordan

James Jenkins Jr.

Thanking NYC SCORE for a super training day. My instructors were very professional.

Justin S.

Score is an incredible organization which has helped me tremendously. Harry Dannenberg in particular is more than a seasoned professional in the industry. His fact of the matter foresight and wealth of knowledge helped me achieve my direction on any given problem in an amount of 5 minutes.He has influenced my choices to success.Harry is a hidden gem in the shoe industry which I am lucky enough to have on my side.

Victoria FAN

Tim Contado is the best mentor I have in my life. He is professional and supportive. He lead me through the difficulties, always give me a board view of the business, and never forget to be focus on the details. I am confident in my current business with Mentor Tim.

Zach Gross

Lois Barth

I SCORED when I went with SCORE Lucky me, I'm a yakker and when a friend told me about her extraordinary coach Karen, who had multiple decades of experience in the marketing sector, I said, "OK, let me take a deep breath, what does she charge," I almost lost my breath when she said, "No it's free she's with SCORE." I did not hesitate for one second. I've been working with her for several months and her savvy and know how, and she really gets what I'm up to and helps me move to the next level. Don't wait. Check out SCORE YESTERDAY. You'll be glad you did. I suggest it to all my friends, and colleagues." -Lois Barth, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Author of Courage to SPARKLE; The Audacious Girls' Guide to Creating a Life that Lights You Up.

Peggy Hill

SCORENYC workshops, mentoring, and webinars are absolutely top-notch! I deeply appreciate my mentor's guidance, encouragement, and small business acumen. Many thanks for this valuable service.

Tonya V Holden McPhearson Luxury 247

grace ladd

My experience with my SCORE mentor has been more than I could have ever dreamed of. Not only is my mentor helping me navigate the logistics of my business but is expanding my mind towards what is possible. If you are an entrepreneur starting a business of any kind I HIGHLY recommend getting with a SCORE mentor. The insight is invaluable and absolutely a game changer!

Irene Smalls

Excellent business advice from people who have succeeded, done it and are now giving back. The Score counselors are experts in their fields and freely share their time and expertise. FOR FREE!!! I put that all in caps because you could pay thousands for the same advice or get the best advice for FREE!! Name a business field and SCORE has an expert that can help you. Starting a business, need help with a struggling business, just have a idea for a business, SCORE can help every step of the way.

Rahti Gorfien

My SCORE mentor Karen Gershowitz helped me take my business to the next level. She gave me specific advice on market research and strategy, and has been there for me whenever I needed. I can't believe this service is free!

Claudia Evart

jumack mcnair

Billy Li

Clay Lee

For starting a business, this is the best place to receive help.


By far my best investment this year.....

Sam Uddin

The resources & feedback I've received from Kirk Imamura and Barbara Grumet have been priceless. Their expertise and experience in helping me to realize my goals cannot be overstated. SCORE is an invaluable asset, utilized by very few business owners.

Alexandra Kustow

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