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jean kweyabatu

(Translated by Google) Training available, Finance in New York to understand the stock market (Original) Une formation disponible, Finance à New York pour comprendre la bourse

Guillermo Gonzalez

An excellent place in a hot spot of Wall Street with very qualified instructors who know of what they're talking and with and incredible strong backup experience in the finance sector. I recommend the NYIF a 100%. The people at the NYIF give you a warm welcome and are available for any problem you may have.

Ryan Bilsky

NYIF is great option for those looking to learn more about specific finance related topics that you just won't get in undergrad or grad school. I took the course on Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and I can tell you first hand, this is something they just don't teach about in great detail in college. Appreciated the chance to learn from someone with real world experience and along side other colleagues working in the industry. Have referred back to my course materials on numerous occasions since for reference.

Patrick Battaglia

The NYIF is en extremely comfortable and welcoming learning enviorment. The professors are ver knowledgeable and the staff is nothing but helpful. I would recommend NYIF to any one who is either trying to get into finance or brush up on concepts!

Izabel Bezerra

Emma Huang

This course is very comprehensive for the risk management. It includes a lot of topics that provides a good understanding. It is very helpful for the daily work.

Felipe Lenz Carvalho

Don't waste your time and money! The instructor did not follow the slides and went off tangent so many times that I gave up on trying to follow. He skipped all the important slides and hand-waved all the math slides (saying that "you guys know this, right?" No. I do not know that, that's why I am paying you 2,000$ to explain it to me!). He had to take a call and left us doing an "IPO exercise," that frankly, no one was qualified to complete. The discussions were not engaging and a total waste of my time and money. My classmates were also not understanding much because no one but me asked questions. I felt as though the level of the students was very subpar and they were just in class because their employers required or because they were trying to fulfill a number of required credits for whatever reason. The classroom and office installations are very nice and the technology being used in class was excellent. Unfortunately, I did not pay for the fluff, I paid to learn about capital markets and after 14 hours in that classroom, I learned very little. Before signing up for this course, I tried to find reviews online, but I found none, and this is why I am writing this. From my viewpoint, the lack of reviews is because no one has completed the course in the past few months/years thinking it was worth their time and money. I am extremely underwhelmed of this course and, again, would never recommend it! One last thing, during the 2 days I spent in NYIF, no one introduced themselves to anyone. I had to resort to Google and LinkedIn to know where the instructors and fellow classmates were coming from. In order to strengthen one's program, one needs to be able to engage their students in meaningful discussions that will lead to networking. I would suggest that this course be completely restructured, make it more pedagogical, open, and serious.

Samuel Anin

The teaching methodology with world class practitioners and seasoned lecturers makes it very unique and with a class of touch that helps with good absorption of materials.

Maninder Saini

Honestly a great learning experience, would definitely recommend to my peers. The professors are successful finance professionals. The environment is also a great environment to learn in, NYIF definitley takes care of its attendees.

Bernardo Saavedra Vasques


The experience was great. The professors are very high level as the classes as well. They teach how to solve real life cases. I recommend very much the NYIF.

Eric M Earle

At first I really wanted to love this company. Buffett once even took their courses. (But he would be ashamed at what the company has become today.) DO NOT TAKE THESE COURSES. This company uses false advertising (their courses are portrayed as videos and in reality it is powerpoint with a robotic sounding voice). I have called and emailed repeatedly. For the first time in my entire life, a customer service agent hung up on me. (Talk about treating your customers with respect and dignity! Those ideas are all but absent at this company. They really don't seem to care about their "students.") The company was also teaching Efficient Markets in a valuation course. What is the point of valuing companies if the entire market is efficient anyways? This place is a waste of money. It feels like a scam. Avoid at all costs.

Mark Stevens

I have taken 4 classes so far at the institute consisting of Quants, Risk, Derivatives and Fixed Income. I am very fortunate and honored to be part of Chartered Financial Risk Engineer (CFRE) at the New York Institute of Finance. I would strongly encourage anyone whom is seeking to obtain specific skills in finance explore the classes NYIF offers. From my experience the classes are rigorous and challenging as one would expect from such an institution. You will be well-prepared and competent in the subject matter at the conclusion of the course. The staff and instructors are exceptional and they are very dedicated to the success of the student. For me, the dedication and sincerity of the NYIF team very much distinguishes them from the vast majority of other institutions. Lastly NYIF is very well-connected and recognized as they have been in existence for almost a century, and has an extensive alumni network. Anyone whom is interested serious training to obtain skills and enhance their career, needs to call or visit New York Institute of Finance.

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