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REVIEWS OF Bank of America Financial Center IN Arizona

jose casas

Not the best service one teller for a line of people.. so rude and other workers just around ignoring the fact there was a line

TSF Tactical Combatives

Horrible. Never enough staff. Today was told they had no one working any of the teller windows. That was at 11AM. Quit trying to run this branch on a skeleton crew. Not the first time this has happened. Corporate needs to be aware of this branches shortcomings!!

Lions Sin

Staff does not make banking easy, with this particular bank they will not deviate from “company policy”

Hugo H

they don't have enough tellers

Berenice Cordova

Always short staffed. Super long lines for only one person helping. And most of the time whoever is there always takes more than normal helping someone out with a simple deposit. It’s like they enjoy having people waiting from 20 to 30 min to do anything. Not nice and with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Also they get a lot of Hispanics that don’t speak English and having people than speak Spanish they don’t help them. They just act like they don’t know any Spanish.

Skyler Green

Shawn Carpenter

Absolute joke, worst b of a around hands down . No matter when I come in there is one teller and long lines. Spend my whole lunch hour in line. One teller makes no sense. Wish I could give zero stars! So frustrating.

Vishal Kanstiya

Ryan Walt

24 hour ATM security door doesn't work most times but they have drive up ATMs if so.

Adrian Medrano

Who wants to wait in lines? Gotta put more tellers

Dorisperez Arrianna1225

What is the point of the split between the atm and the rest of the bank that is inside the building?! There is no "walk-up atm"?! Not cool...

Dan Chirpich

J.R. Pfundheller

Friday afternoon, first friday of the month and they have ONE teller.... another lady is wandering around not doing anything and the line is 15 people deep. Asked if the lady wandering around if she can open another check out and her reply was "that's not my job here, just be patient." I also bank at Chase and Wells Fargo and they always overstaff on Friday. This place is worthless... sick and tired of their attitude.

Hairapy with Holly

Waited an hour just to open an account and still haven't been helped. Worst customer service ever!!! I actually saw a banker sit in his office on his phone the entire time. There was also only one teller the entire time.

Matthew Tapia

Vanessa Glady

Even if you don't bank with Bank of America, check out this building and the beautiful strain glass Kachina on the south side next to the entrance of the building! The Glendale Visitors Center is just across the walkway!

Michael McGarrah

No service. 21 people in line with one teller. Staff is all over the place except behind the counter.

Angel Buelna

Laurylie Norman

This was once a wonderful location with helpful and polite, friendly employees. What happened to this company? My family has been banking woth Bank of America for generations and the customer service they offer is more similar to using a bank machine then meeting with a human being... I miss the employees and policy's they once had that made them a wonderful place to do business.

Krissy F

Outrageous fees for members of this instution. Sometimes the staff is not very friendly or helpful with the concerns or questions you may have. Very frustrating when they tell you there is nothing they can do to assist you with your issue you have with your account.

Marco Villalpando

I love my bank.. the manager is rather pushy when trying to up sell a credit card. The location is very old and in need of a remodeling.

Carolina Cortazar

momo 8

This is by far the worst BOA I have ever been in. The manager is a joke she doesnt have a clue what shes doing. The BOA on bell n 29th is how one should be run. You get taken care of immediately for simple things like you should be. The manager at 19th ave. Wants you to make appts for something as simple as getting a temp debit card. Its RIDICULOUS!! She walks around in circles talking to people about things she shouldn't be. I cant believe no one at corporate has taken care of this. What a shame!

Krstafer Pinkerton

The staff is doing the best they can bring short handed. The armed security is polite and well spoken. The tellers found the time to greet the customers each and every time. The drive thru is well designed. There are 2 ATM machines and a well lit deposit drop for after hours.

Glenn Gardner

Awful company

Sherril Lawson

Ask for Mash at RightToyota Sales

Good bank.

Blake Hunter

Worst parking. Only 2 outside atms...only 1 works!! Mind u they have space for 3 drive thru ATMs Lazy management at this location

Oscar Rodriguez


Alexander Marroquin

I just don’t understand How to demand for service can be so high and you only put one cashier to make it one of the most frustrating process

R D Mack

Ineptness runs through this intire branch, way to much non business conversation with customers, while customers are waiting, the inability too use the internet properly, I would give it a 0 if I could absolutely poor management and apparently the company doesn't read the reviews otherwise they would retrain.

Joseph Retzke

There’s only one teller and the wait is 20 minutes or more usually.

Max Thierry

Wose today merchant services....and now 15 people in line always as 2 tellers is all they are allowed.....BOA..FAIL.....BANKRUPT AGAIN?????????This bank refused to cash a cashiers check that they wrote they gave three different excuses as to the reason that they could not cash it apparently Bank of America is insolvent they couldn't cash their own check for $9000

Andrew Dignard

Alex Tovar

Great bank to stand post here especially being located Downtown-Glendale during events like Glendale Glitters and concert venues.

Kandice Walker

Long line out the door. Not enough tellers ever. It's extremely annoying when you're in a hurry and there's a line of 20 people and they only have 2 tellers.

Maryam Oghbapour

Steve Moose

Now you have to see a banker to cash a bank of America check at bank off America?? What a scam waited around for 30 minutes for no reason book!

Anna B.

joel santiago

Vincent Medearis

OMGosh! I guess I get the treatment because I don't have an account there but like wow! We, myself and fellow employees cash our checks here all the time. Today, they made me take a seat, Then wait until there manger was available. Man, I feel like a criminal, EVERY TIME I bank here!

Alexander Feeb

In line for over 25 min. ... 6 people behind the counter only 2 working.

Ninis Mcfly

Long lines. Long wait. Only 1 person working inside during PEAK hours. Tellers are EXTREMELY RUDE. Switching banks.


Absolutely the worst Bank experiences yet -15 people on line only one teller!? My transaction I spent 30 minutes in line for took only 2 minutes .If there was Zero stars that be better for this review. When I inquired the reason for the one teller I was given the answer that times are changing and that banking is changing. Got to be honest this is the only Bank of America branch that I have this problem with

Joeann Morales

Horrible customer service! I went in here Saturday morning asking if I can get a temporary debit card because my old one is cancelled & my new one is coming in the mail 5-7 business days the lady stated "she has no more appointments for today if I would like to come back Monday" & I told her nvm forget it I'll just get cash out and wait in the long line there was abt 8 ppl in line and ONLY ONE TELLER. Was standing there for abt 20-25 mins. But does it really take that long just to get me a new debit card?? I've gotten one before with no appointment at a differ bank & literally took 10 mins.

Timothy Allen

Gets crowded n inside is small so keep the fanily at home. But overall good place to get pizza.

Monica Paz

long lines. no merchant window. 20 customers in line. only 2 tired looking tellers.

desiree castro

cant even get to the atm

Rodolfo Villalobos

(Translated by Google) Cool (Original) Chido

Talishia Monique Wise

That's impressive and that's cleaning up. I also like bofa very much a very fine company they help me back in my younger years when I was trying to start a business with my older brother Ronald Wise Jr. Rips. A Touch of Class ll Catering services ran by mother and daughter. God bless. Thank you

Royal Fence

never have any tellers

Jacoba Worsdell

Customer service at this location is non-existent. They is no support and even to the point where some of the associates are just plain rude. If you want great customer service go to the branch on Northern and 91st a venue.

TJ Holsinger

Brandon Wheeler

Bank of America will screw you over, and they can!!!

Fadi Hanna

Mario brown

Travis Prall

The ATM machine took my money and didn't credit my account. It took Bank of america over 6 weeks to give my money back.

KXmotox45 .

Nicholas Dooda

Good afternoon to everyone.

isaac a

Wow... This location is the definition of CRAP.. i had a very simply issue. Needed a new card. they say walk ins welcome. Bahhhh yeah right when i explaind my issue they triied to redirect me to their coustome service number she also lied to me in front of my face when confronted the manager got all rude anywho this place is salty and SERIOUSLY one teller working it got so bad that the line started outside... I cant believe this is a BOA. This location is so sad when told about the inconvenience, she went as far as asking if i knew ppl who needed a job or if i needed one.. TF .. I WISH COULD TAKE THE ONE STAR AWAY. THIS LOCATION AINT WORTH HALF OF ONE... 0 for professionalism 0 for coustome service 0 for convenience

michell rechy ortiz

horrible horrible horrible service, 2 people working on 1 computer, a line of 12 people, on the waiting area 4 different cases and nobody helping, 1 guy on his computer just looking at the people, we waited for almost 2 hours when was no one a head of us. never coming back to this place

Angie jcymv

Bad coustomer services

Mamas Big Man

Cashed my check here the past month just fine with no problem. Now I need it urgently and they have to verify my check. Only 1 teller and she doesn't look to confident in work.

Azzawi Towinginc

Leticia Tsinajinnie

Went to the bank on 2/22@ 9:45am to send my mother some money, I don't have an account but I usually deposit cash for her. But this time was the worst experience ever. Stood in line for 40 mins, only ONE teller who was new and didn't know what he was doing. Bottom line the lady walking around was only helping WHITE people, than finally asked what I was there for after I was up next. Than told me they only take money orders. I said this is BS! And all she said was vote for a different senator and walked away. RACIST PLACE EVER!!!!!!

Krystal Universe

Mario Leija

If I could have rated -☆☆☆☆☆ I would have! Long lines, two tellers all the time! UNEXECTABLE CUST. SERV.!!!

Alec McHenry

Went here to deposit a check with my time here with BOA, and the store was clean, techy like feel to it, the staff were available and ready, they have a drive through to deposit money as-well, the Bank is clean and in and out was possible.

Fernando Flores-Manriquez

Horrendous service, 7 people in line and am inept teller providing horrible customer service. Taking her time, acting like she doesn't want to be here. These managers walking around asking how they can help you, they get offended when you tell them they would be better help behind the teller line. Customer service doesn't exist here nor convenience for the customer, it's all about them.

Navy Blue

The worst location. Saving account charging me month to use it. The 30 minutes in line to deposit n bank payment. Only two for bank tellers working, 6 people in line. I needed to talk to a banker about bank fraud, takes one hour to 1.5 hours. It's not even rush hour. Kids running around and screaming in bank. This a play ground? Employees dont even say anything about controlling kids, so annoying. Security guard out front paid $13 hour, doesn't even open door or greets...

Manuel Aguilera

Marco Higuera

Awful place was in 30 mins with only one teller working. To jus tell me they could not tell me my balance and the $ in there bank. Closing my account as I'm typing this!

Denessa Davis

Horrible. One teller 20 in line. Ridiculous I will not return to this take FINANCIAL CENTER

cherry garcia

thong la

They are polite and take good care client

Robert Read

professional, helpful. courteous

Najeeb Khavas

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