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REVIEWS OF Jackson Hole Shooting Experience IN Wyoming

Gal Bar-or

There’s nothing like a day in the wilderness in my experience - whether it’s the desert, the mountains or offshore. It settles the mind and focuses you in ways you can’t find in the rush of day to day life. To make it perfect, what if I can add a memorable and important experience to that day in the wilderness? And what if I can make the experience smooth and easy at the same time? That’s just what JHSE’s Nomad Rifleman is. Combine the experience of being in the Wyoming backcountry - miles of scenic views and not another soul around - with learning to shoot extended long range. Top that off with five-star service, food and a staff of knowledgeable and gracious hosts, and you get the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience Nomad Rifleman day. And at the end of the day, I managed to locate, DOPE and hit targets from 700 yards all the way to 1860 yards. I’m not sure what you think of a one mile shot. I thought I couldn’t do it - my home gun range only goes to 600 yards, and that’s as far as I’d hunt, so shooting this far seemed out of the realm of possibility for me. However, thanks to the patient ministrations of world-class long range shooting instructors Scott Austin, Steve Marsteller and Shepard Humphries, I not only hit the target, but was able to come back later the same day on my own, dial in my own DOPE, and hit the same 1860 yard target two more times. And as a prize, we were fed a fantastic lunch, cooked on site, complete with fresh peach cobbler!

Matthew Mellor

I have shot with this group many times. I visit the area at least once a year and make a point to go shooting with Shephard. He finds new ways to challenge my skills and let me try new things. This year, he focused on my son who has a vision problem. It was my son's first time shooting and Shephard had amazing things planned for him and made my son feel confident even with the vision hurdles. If you are in Jackson Hole and you don't take the time to go to Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, you are missing out!

Kevin Juno

Great experience taking the concealed carry permit class!

Zach Allison

I had so much fun at the Jackson hole shooting experience. Whether you are an experienced sportsman or never shot a gun before I highly suggest this to anyone.

Sam S

I took the conceal carry course with Lin and Shep. Wow, it was great! So informative, so much individual instruction and attention. You can tell they know they're stuff! Thank you!

Tyler Valentine

This was my first experience taking a course for knowledge of gun safety, legality and moral/ethical issues beyond what I've been taught at home with family. Amazing experience! I wasn't sure what to expect before the class, but knowing how much there is to learn about the world of guns, trying to cram the right information into an 8 hour course must be challenge. Shepard did an awesome job! The group was small which made it feel personal. The classroom time was very educational and engaging. I really enjoyed the range time when we received one-on-one critique on our own gun handling and the instructor made the learning experience worth while. If you love guns and want to learn more, I recommend this course. Best $145 I've spent this year! Hoping to take other more advanced classes that go further into self defense tactics. Brandon Valentine

Austin Kane

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Shepherd analyzed my poor shooting habits, explained the root cause(s) and demonstrated simple drills to fix them. Even better, the majority of the drills are non-firing and can be practiced again and again.

Andy Price

I LOVE these guys. Super professional, safe, fun, educational. Everyone should learn to handle a gun IMHO. And these guys are amazing. Can't say enough. It's a TAD more expensive than I'd like but taking my family back next week!

Kassie Taylor

Tyler was amazing! My husband and I had the best time as people who don’t ever shoot guns and know nothing really about them. I highly recommend this on your trip to JH.

Tim Rieser

I went for a day long conceal carry class. It was a great day between classroom and range firing. Shepard was great. He made the class fun and a great learning experience all at once. His warm personality and great teaching style made for a great day. Thanks!

Jim Pitsch

My wife and I took a Concealed Carry class in December 2017. I’ll start off by saying it exceeded our expectations and then some. We had taken some pistol classes back in Illinois before we moved to Wyoming, but they paled in comparison to the class that Shepard taught, and the range instruction provided by Shepard, Reverend Dave, and Tony. My wife and I do not have a whole lot of experience around firearms, but Shepard and his team of instructors made us feel at ease and provided actionable advise and instruction. By the end of the day I was more confident in what I was doing and was shooting the best I had been to date. The best part of the experience was even though my wife is not a big fan of firearms, she encouraged me to follow up and take more lessons. Thanks Shepard, Dave and Tony!

Seff Brewston

This is the thing to do in Jackson! They provided an amazing experience that catered to my wife who had never shot a gun and also to myself, an experienced shooter. If you are looking for an amazing experience look no further!

darrell robbins

Completed WY CCW class with Shep & the team from JH Shooting Experience. Classroom & range instruction was great. We had a diverse group from brand spanking new shooters to life long shooting sports enthusiasts. Almost anyone can learn something from this class no matter your experience. Worth the $ of admission just to be able to try so many pistol/revolver makes, models, barrel lengths, & calibers. Thank you Shepard, Tony, & David. You guys are awesome.

Erin Newberry

Shooting with them was so much fun! It was my first time and they taught me so well. They taught us safety first and then helped us learn. If you want to go shooting in Jackson Hole this is the best place to go!

Ingrid Shaw

It was good, I learned a lot & it was very educational. The instructor, Shepard, was very fun and encouraging. It was a great experience. I got to shoot handguns & moved up to high powered rifles! Faith, 13 yrs old. It was a great experience! It was a fun time & we had timed competitions. I got to shoot with a hand gun for the first time ever at 100 yards & hit my target & I shot high powered rifles & was on target at 600 yards. It was way fun, I would defiantly do it again! Dean, 16 yrs old. Shepard Humphries made it an awesome experience for our kids! He’s full of enthusiasm, energetic, knowledgeable, encouraging & made it an overall great time. We highly recommend it! Thanks Shep!

Jeff Crabtree

This is by far the most fun we have ever had together! With three family members visiting for the weekend, I decided to sign everyone up for the 3hr multi-gun and rifle class. We had a mix of experience from a long time hunter to one fairly new at shooting anything. Sheppard’s instruction was invaluable at every level. I have been hunting for a long time and was excited to learn several tricks and techniques to really make my shooting more fun and way more accurate. Pistol shooting for everyone went from zero to hero. This really is the #1 fun & games activities to do in Jackson. If you are shy, or just skeptical because of a lack on knowledge, get out of your box and go have a blast. I guarantee you will be smiling and want to stay and shoot after the 3 hours class ends. Can’t wait to sign up for a long range and pre-hunt course next. Thanks for making our 3 hours something we will relish forever!

Donna Fiorenza

I don't know where to start!! I signed up my husband and myself for the three hour class and that's all it took!!! I had instruction from Shepard the first year and Lynn the next year and because they made learning so informative and fun I came back home from vacation and started the process for my firearm license. I can't say enough about their wealth of knowledge which they combined with fun times so much so that I became a member of the range out there even though I live in Albany, New York!! When Lynn heard we were coming out one August, she went out of her way to set up a sample of the competition that I was going to participate in. Before you even unpack your bags, you need to sign up for a lesson!!! You'' ll be amazed!!! Best instructors/friends ever!!

Justin Marlen

I took part in the Concealed Carry class offered here. The classroom portions of the day were full of good discussion and the range time was fun and instructional. The instructors were safety-oriented and very professional. I would recommend this business for anyone interested in developing their shooting skills.

anon anon

this place a joke? do they discuss what happens when a firearm is taken out of a persons hands? i wouldnt trust some failure of a SWAT with anything why should you? how about when ya actually think your defending your self with a gun? just another excuse that jacksin law all can not serve a purpose and who is ATF jay jonson? Heres a statement by the SEALs Patriots or herps some claim on gun removal someone tries to mug you Business Insider UK Eames Yates Sun, Mar 5 7:17 AM PST Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation, explains what to do if someone tries to mug you and how you can defend yourself if you need to. Following is a transcript of the video. You always want to keep your eyes on their hands. What their hands are doing, where they’re going, if they’re telegraphing, if they’re communicating that they have something else, whether it be a gun or a knife. If you have something sentimental, give it up. It’s not worth holding on to or risking your life. If he’s going for a weapon and you can confirm that you should always follow the mantra: run, hide, fight. Run, increase distance from the threat will increase survivability every time. Move away rapidly, if you can’t than fight. The most important thing if you find yourself face-to-face [with] an adversary with a weapon is gaining control of the weapon. As long as that weapon is free you are in danger. So, gain control of the weapon. You try to trap it, you try to strip it, and then immediately start beating the guy with it. If you’re not comfortable trying to trap and strip a weapon from someone than you want to kind of adapt to your environment, improvise. Maybe you have some things on you that you can then in return use as a weapon, you know. I talk a lot about steel barrel pens and using those as a weapon. Your messenger bag, a purse, whatever you’re carrying can be a weapon. Anything to create enough pain so that you can create distance and get away. Now with that call a wyoming attorney of your choice Say your ready to do a 2nd amendment The hidden gun carry licence Ect. What could go wrong should be question 1? Do you recieve a payout or anonymous donation from jackson law enforcement all? That should be question 2 With private funds Anonymous donations And the complete inability to really do much These are definitely needed at the state level? State level whats that? Well a gun is what? A bullet is what? Both jokes in the hands of jackson law enforcement all Why? They forgot They did have a public outcry but its personal They got another excuse They couldn't meet there military contract They know of a soldier that knows a sister or brother that possibly held the hand of a terrorist fighter in irack ect. They ..... Anyway call ATF Maybe they will explain it to you Lawyers some claim charge hourly Whatever

j c

Expert firearm instruction plus an extremely high "Fun Factor"! Novice or experienced shooters will love it!

Tony Scaffide

Amazing people and training. The best of the best work there and you will not leave disappointed!

Andy Zimmerman

I went to the Pre-Hunt Rifle and Shooter Tuneup and could not have been more impressed with the professionalism and expertise from Shepard and Steve! It was a fun long range shooting experience that I will not forget. Thanks for taking my shooting skills to the next level!

James Dearing

Took a Concealed Carry Class here on 3/27. Being my first time ever at the JH Gun Club, Instructor Shepard Humphries made me feel very welcome and at home. The majority of the class was in a classroom learning about all the aspects of safe handling, safe use and all the laws regarding gun use. Shepard made the classroom portion very interactive and fun, he really knows a great deal about all aspects of firearms. The actual instruction on the range was even more fun! We were able to shoot many different types of guns and targets at different distances. Shepard and Lynn made our time on the range so awesome I can't wait to go back for another class and just have fun on the range!

Casey Roberts

I was visiting the area from out of state, and stopped in with a group. We consider ourselves intermediate level shooters, so we didn't really know what to expect. It's difficult to find a range longer than 100 yards where we're from, so we asked to shoot the targets past 200 yards. We all had a great time ringing the steel at 500 and 600 yards soon after. Our shooting coach, Josh, was incredibly professional and had a truly uplifting attitude. He clearly loved being on the range. Overall, the experience was great. We had a ton of fun, and although it was a bit pricey, everyone in the group agreed that it was worth it.

Hannah Clancy

Took one of the self defense classes and now feel more confident in knowing how to better protect myself. Shepard was an awesome instructor!

Ted Kerasote

I've taken two classes from Shepard Humphries, the head of Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, one a private class in pistol shooting and the other a public class in basic firearm safety and using pistols for self-defense, which enables the student to meet the requirements for a concealed carry permit in Wyoming. Both classes were highly informative and highly entertaining. Not only did they improve my shooting skills, but the second class provided a welcome and wide-ranging backdrop to thinking about the moral problems of taking human life, even while defending one's own. Shepard does an admirable job of leading students through the legal, financial, and ethical labyrinth facing anyone who wants to protect themselves and their loved ones. Moreover, for anyone who thinks about the divisive issue of firearms in American society, the course also provides a way to think about the issue in a neutral, non-exhortative way. And although the aim of the class is to teach how to use a firearm for protection, one can't help come away with the message that 99 out of 100 times there are better ways to defuse an altercation than pulling the trigger, or, as Shepard would point out, squeezing it. Highly recommended.

Jeanee Hammett

I took the concealed carry class to learn about firearms and legal issues of self defense in Wyoming. The class helped to familiarize me with semi automatic handguns using live fire lessons on range provided weaponry after the classroom let out from explaining diagrams and laws in Wyoming and the country. They also recommended tactical maneuvers and self defense courses as well as reading "the gift of fear"

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