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REVIEWS OF Pinot's Palette Little Rock IN Arkansas

Rover Lover

Had a blast.

barbara stull

Had a great time. This makes for a fun night out. :)

Reshma Katwa

AWESOME place! If you need to relax, go to this place. Wonderful studio, beautiful paintings and great artist who will take care of you. Must go place...

Erin Nichols

Was a ton of fun! :) If I lived in Arkansas I would go here all of the time!

Divyan Chopra

Fun experience, instructor is awesome

Elly Bates

The staff at Pinot's Palette works really hard to make all customers feel comfortable and happy. I highly suggest this studio for a night out!

Victoria Jackson

Had a great time! Would definitely recommend!

Jo Kelly

The instructors are great and take plenty of time explaining the process.

Butch Swain

Great place

Millie Gore

Getting ready for my fourth evening with friends at PP. Lisa, the owner and instructor, is warm and fun. Great change of pace for a girls night out.

Michelle Hobbs

Great great great! !!! Fun and easy.

Brad Daniels, KW

We went with a private group and overall enjoyable experience. I don't know what the usual class size was, but the teacher did her best to try and keep up with all of us! The self-guided paintings were a great selection, and we discovered a number of our associates had a hidden talent! Thank you again! This is a wonderful idea for a company get together or reward.

Chasity Drinkwater

Glad I used a groupon to try before you buy. It was a nice evening out but I would not want to pay full price for the experience. I thought there would be guided instructions for the Monday night sip and paint session as we were doing the same picture but we were all given paper instructions and left on our own.

Ashley Drake

What was supposed to be a fun night out for my daughter and I became the worst experience I have ever encountered with a business. I would definitely NOT recommend going to this place. Lisa the owner was very rude. Before arriving I called and asked what time we should arrive and was told that it started at 7:00. I asked if we could arrive at 6:45 and said again it starts at 7:00. On the phone I brushed it off as just her personality and maybe I was over thinking the attitude. So my daughter and I arrive and she shows us where we will be sitting. We start painting and everything is going great until she kept coming over to my daughters painting and painting on her canvas that we paid for to explain stuff to the group. The first couple times she did it no big deal. But the entire session she kept just painting on my daughters canvas. My daughter was getting upset because she wanted to paint her own canvas. So the next time she did it I said “is it okay if she does it herself?” she stormed off with an attitude apparently this made her mad because when my daughter had a question about the paint later she replied “I think she can figure it out herself”. I was completely shocked on how rude she could be. At some point my water was getting dirty and I need some fresh water so I picked up a plastic disposable cup that had been used for tracing by all 4 of us, filled it with water and started using it to rinse my brush. She replied to me “that’s a drinking cup, we don’t use those” I said “well it was a used cup that already had paint covered on it.” Keep in mind this was a tiny Dixie cup that you use at the dentist office. What was it going to hurt for me to use something that was already trash? I also got up to get some napkins maybe like 4. She saw me do this and as soon as I got back to my seat and sat them down beside me, she came over and picked them up wadded them up and threw them away even after I told her I needed them and could I have them back. She said No, you have to use the little thing beside me which was completely drenched due to the lady beside me that spilt her water cup. She also didn’t give us small enough brushes to do some of the small details on the painting so everyone’s bats did not look good at all. We asked for smaller one but apparently she does not have any for the smaller details. The session was supposed to last from 7-9:30. At 8:45 she informed the group that we had only 10 minutes left and we should finish up so she could take a group picture. Everyone started panicking because no one was close to being finished. I ended up speaking up and saying “don’t we have till 9:30?” She said “I’m not sure I will have to look”. She knew that she was just trying to rush us out of there. She called for group picture after 10 minutes and the other 2 ladies got up to get a picture. I told her we were coming and she went ahead and snapped a picture without us but the ladies there told her we had to take another one because she took the picture without my daughter and I. She was also just bad at explaining. When she was not painting on my daughters canvas she was painting on her own canvas with her back to us and not explaining how to do stuff. She left us trying to figure out things on our own. Sorry so long but wanted to explain how terrible of an experience it was for my daughter and I. She absolutely ruined our night. We went in happy and excited to paint for our first time. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Try one of the other painting places. It has to be better than this place. Also the only reason she has some good reviews is because she will give you a free painting off the wall if you allow her to borrow your phone so she can write good reviews about her self and invite all your Facebook friends to like her page without permission. I’m not the first one with a bad experience check out some of the other reviews.

Kayla Noon

Rachel Beckham

I've done a few of these before at other locations and with different companies. Overall decent experience, but I'm still unsure why we were given small canvases when we did not use a groupon voucher. Inquired with staff and was told it would be an additional $10 up charge for a larger canvas. Other pinot pallette locations I've been to have always given large canvas sizes with class. Also, instructor pace was a bit erratic. Started too slow then spread up too fast causing some of the final steps to be rushed and sloppy.

Jessica Oakley

I love the atmosphere and laid-back attitude of the place! The inside is a beautiful, renovated art piece in itself and displays the talents of many artists each with their own, unique style. I would highly recommend Pinot's to anyone!

Sky’s Blog

Vee Smiles

xavier martin

Fun atmosphere!!

Jeff Bell

Fun atmosphere

Tabitha Orender

I had fun. The staff was great. I went there for a child's birthday party and it was fun. They have a lot of great paintings for sale.

Sarang Kang

Super friendly owner.

Sherry Caldwell

I went to Pinot's Palette in WLR today. Honestly, the instructors were great and the class was awesome and fun. HOWEVER, we got a gift card from the owner if we opened our Facebook on our phone and gave it to her, under the impression that she was going to like her page and send a friend invite to the page/artists in the studio (this way we didn't fall behind instruction or get paint on our phones). Instead she gave a 5 star review to her page and invited all of our friends to like the page! Additionally, when she returned my phone, the FB page that was pulled up via her FB search was a political Obama/race page. It's one thing to like your own page but to add a fake 5 star review, SPAM invite for likes, and push your political agenda on your customers is massively distasteful and absolutely shady!

Austin Bunting

Fun and has an amazing teacher and friendly environment. Great for date nights.

Joyce A

Perfect way to start the day!

Jevin and Bailey

Never coming here again.. I was 40 minutes early. The owner was extremely rude to me. I wasn’t aware that you had to send an email to pick a painting you wanted. I just assumed since we were so early and the was no one in the room we could pick something. I didn’t think it was so hard to pick paint out. It was my boyfriend first experience painting and her attitude ruined it for him. Next time we will stick to where we usually go! Spirited Art!

jess burkhart

We will not be going to be going back to this place. My fiance and I have done a few of these type of classes through other companies. I only mention this to show we do have something to compare it too. Please keep in mind that part the advertising for these classes is to have a good time with friends. So with that all being said here is how it started. the first couple of steps were sooo rushed. Honestly if this had been my first time ever doing something like this i would have walked out because it was so bad. The instructor rushed through it and while trying to explain what to do she was doing something different on her example. This made it very confusing. As i mentioned above you should be having fun with your friends. Not really an option here. It was chop chop chop. Get this and this done, where as with the other companies we could socialize with people while we were doing each step. They are more laid back and the instructor walks around for each step. Not the case with this place. If you tried to socialize you missed out on alot. The instructor only walked around a couple times. Now this is a two hour class yet with 20 minutes left they stop us to make use get up and take a group picture. Yet we werent all finished yet. This means the paint on the canvas is going to dry before we wnt it to. not a good thing. Then there is the whole thing of this is a drink and paint event. Other places are at local bars or restaurants so they have a wait staff to take care of you. Not here the owner was the bartender. She was gone for half the night. Outside placing advertisers on cars. How do you get more to drink if there is no one to serve you? Now that being said it has been a few days since we took our class and we have found out that our card for our coupke drinks was miss charged. They had already screwed up the charge that night and had to fix it.Told us about it. But they screwed up again and charged it more that we had tipped and then credit it back. when we called about it the owner didnt want to take ownership of the mistake. Then triedbto come up with all these other excuses. If you do go there just watch your charge very carefully and be prepared to be rushed and no socialization Update: owner reached out and said she would refund our whole thing. However once she was reminded that we used groupon it was a credit to do it again within 2 months. Explained we were moving and going give to friend. Asked how to go about this she told. Now it is about a month and a half later my friend attempted to cash in on it. Again issues. Called owner out on it she just decided to refund me the cost. And also has been hounding me now several times to remove this review.

Vanessa Guadiana

Such a great thing to do if you're shy and looking to get out of your shell. Lots of friendly people and staff of course. It was the perfect event for myself and my mom. Highly recommend!

Ethel Moore

Pinot's Palette is a wonderful place for many occasions. You can gather there for kids party and painting; seniors party and painting; or just an individual thing to paint, chill and meditate. This is truly the awesome thing of the future. You must check it out soon!

Josh Mccarver

We felt rushed the whole time. There was not enough instruction. The instructor would give little Instruction and then paint in different ways than how she instructed. We have done Paint Nite on several occasions and now this class. It's not a fair comparison! Paint Nite is WAY BETTER! What stood out the most to me is it is a two hour experience, yet with 20 minutes left they were pushing for it to be over. If you use Groupon you have to buy an upgrade because they give you a teeny tiny canvas for the Groupon deal. Oh and the bartender was gone half the night so you couldn't get a refill on your drink even if you wanted to. We won't be back.

Samantha Infante

Thank you Lisa for such a great time. We absolutely enjoyed our experience in Little Rock, Ar at Pinot’s Palette!


Lovely place and great instructor. I really enjoyed my time the only thing might surprise you is your Groupon deals for two will come with one small size canvas.

Kelli D.

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