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REVIEWS OF Hey, Bartender! Professional Bartending Services IN Arizona

Mrs. Anderson

I have worked with Hey Bartender for around 10 years. Every single time is great. They show up on time, are professional, friendly and hard working. I am always pleased to recommend.

Cole Walling

Poor service. Doug was the bartender with another women at my best friends wedding and he was not only grossly rude to guests but he was harassing guests for tips in order to get the drinks they wanted. Disappointed and honestly disgusted. Do not recommend under any circumstances....

Mary Williams

Hey Bartender has always been exceptional!. I have hired them for many wedding events and backyard parties. They have always been professional. They will call ahead of time to make sure they understand everything they will need to be prepared to do for the event. They are more than helpful with the set-up before the event and so great with the tear-down by organizing and re-packing anything that is needed. Look no further!!!! Hey Bartender has everything you will need!

John Tyler

We booked Hey Bartender! for our new office open house. It was an early evening mixer event with catering and about 75 guests. We were looking for a professional bartending service that would provide excellent customer service and also held liquor liability insurance. When researching, I found Hey Bartender! highly rated online. When asking around, one of my friends referred me to them as well, so this was a good start. During the quote process, Chad was very responsive and helpful. I had several follow-up questions as we finalized plans for the party, and he was always prompting answering or had an auto-responder set when he was busy with events. Setting up for the party, Chad and the bartender Jessica’s experience really saved the day. The area we selected for the bar was not going to work out very well for ease of service and movement. Chad very tactfully suggested we try some other spots and quickly identified a much better solution. The portable bar looked very professional and was functional without taking too much space. We supplied the alcohol (wine and beer). For a reasonable fee they provided the glasses and ice. This was well worth it, because buying and storing ice was not something we wanted to mess with as we prepared the office for the party. The clear plastic glasses were a good quality and professional looking. Over all, the presentation was exactly what we were hoping for. Our bartender Jessica was excellent. She immediately introduced herself to the staff. She asked some background info on the party and the attendees, and gave us some suggestions on how fast the wine and beer would go. This prevented us from overstocking up front and having more to clean up at the end of the night. It was also a relief to have a professional serving the guests to avoid the risk of over-serving. Over all, Hey Bartender helped us leave our guests with a great first impression of our new office. Chad’s great communication and helpful setup advice and Jessica’s professionalism and skill behind the bar really made the process and party a success!

Emmanuelle C.

This is my second experience with Hey Bartender and it's been wonderful! Chad was the Bartender at both events l attended. Once at the Ice House and at the Standard Apartments. Chad crafted a special adult beverage each time, his personal signature and touch. I had his outstanding sangria and secret cocktail. While his cocktail looked like water it tasted unbelievably good! It was so smooth yet strong and colourful in flavors. Hey Bartender rocks, and Chad is warm, personable, talented, he is the perfect man for the job. Bravo!

Admin eeCPA

We were beyond please with Hey Bartender and their services!

Alex Links

Hey Bartender is a fantastic company! They were responsive and helpful leading up to the event and the bartenders at the wedding were great! I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a bartender for their wedding. Plus, they were super affordable. We actually bought all our own alcohol from Costco and they served it so it was super affordable! There are packages available for all different price ranges and budgets :)

jayme blue

I manage a venue downtown & refer Hey Bartender to my clients all the time & here's why : 1. Always early , smiling & prepared. 2. Very efficient & work around the quirks of a 100 yr old building. 3. Friendly , fast & fun ! 4. Neat freaks !!!! Always leave the bar clean , empty trash & offer to help with anything before leaving. (Love that) 5. 100% client satisfaction . 6. Prices & flexibility beat their competition , clients confirm . 7. Bartenders seem to enjoy the icehouse , they know their way around & they remember my name !

Kevin Murphy

We paid a $500 tip for two bartenders to handle our 225 person wedding so our guests would not have to tip. I spoke to the owner of Hey Bartender - Chad - specifically about this - `NO TIPPING - I WILL PAY A $500 GENEROUS TIP. I personally spoke to both bartenders before the wedding began NO TIPPING ALLOWED - I AM PAYING $500 FOR YOUR TIP. In the few days that followed, guests told me they asked the bartenders where the tip jar was and the bartender said it's behind the bar over here. They then hustled my guests for tips throughout the night and then took my $500 at the end of the night. VERY UNETHICAL. In addition, they were not set up properly by the time the wedding began. The lines for drinks were unacceptably long for the first hour and 1/2, due to their poor preparation. They provided poor service, a bad attitude from one of the bartenders and they essentially stole from my guests...and me. Do not use Hey Bartender. I told the wedding venue that hired them as part of our wedding package about what had happened and that I wanted my $500 tip back, since they double dipped, and of course Hey Bartender refused. Find someone else.

Holly Emberlin

We used Hey Bartender! for our wedding on June 24th, 2017 and the service was superb!!! Especially in the record breaking heat we were not expecting. Christian kept all our guests happy throughout the night and we had several complements on how friendly he was. My husband and I absolutely loved him. Not only would we recommend them we will definitely use them again when need arises.

Jeffrey Grace

Never again. Just had my wedding with Hey, Bartender! and it wasn't the most pleasant experience. First of all, communication was not on point: we both spend four entire days trying to call and email to PAY THEM MONEY the week of the wedding leaving a total of four voicemails until we finally heard from them. Second, CHRISTIAN complained about their placement at the venue openly in front of a few of our guests, and they were very ill prepared to set up when they arrived. ********RED FLAG HERE********: upon arrival, CHRISTIAN had to leave a voicemail with the contact he was provided, and proceeded to vocally and literally say, "I had to leave a voicemail on some dumb**s' phone." That person happened to be the bride's father, who overheard that comment and almost kicked him out of the wedding because of such a rude comment and poor attitude. Their lack of professionalism and failure to be prepared has landed them this awful review. We will NEVER give Hey, Bartender! our business ever again, nor recommend them to anyone we even slightly care about!

Dominic B

I have come to regret ever having come in contact with this company. The bartender who worked my wedding was rude, patronizing and criticized everything. He disrespected my guests, was short with my family and criticized the drinks we provided. The bartender cut off one of my friends because the venue staff believed he had too much to drink. I have zero issue with this! I in no way am arguing or disagreeing with what they had to do, but the incredibly rude way that the bartender spoke to my friend is unacceptable!!!! I'm hearing more and more stories from my guests about just how rude and inappropriate the bartender was. What is far worse than the condescending bartender was the horribly unprofessional way the owner, Chad, handled the issue. I received a lengthy email filled with condescending remarks and an attitude of self righteousness I've never seen from someone who is supposed to be a professional in the customer service industry. The issue I have with this company is their incredibly poor customer service, attitude and demeanor in the way they conduct business and I have yet to get them to address this issue. All Chad could say was that we should be grateful to them that my friend wasn't removed from the venue because of laws regarding intoxicated people at events...I don't understand why, our issue has nothing to do with that and everything to do with how poorly everyone was treated.

Ari Bee

Tamara Hamil

Using there service you will NOT be disappointed. On every level not only does the bartender shows up early than expected, the level of service is unmeasured. Complete professional, and you get more than what you pay honestly will walk away going "what an amazing investment" to use there service. I am truly pleased, they got my business for life. DOUG was truly the MVP of the night.

Laurie Dickman

Chad is just an all around great guy! He's spot on for what is needed for your event, shows up on time and is just a pleasure to have at your event. I highly recommend!

Rebecca Grace

We had a major concern that Chad addressed IMMEDIATELY . Overall success!

Mickie Maurer

I attended an event this past Saturday with a friend of mine from Oregon. We were treated poorly by the shorter lady bartending. She gave us attitude because we didn't tip on our second round. My friend left her a $20 bill our first time to cover our two rounds. Is this this not enough of a tip for four drinks? I'm sure she was only there because she informed us her husband is the owner. He doesn't look like the same owner I see online. It may be they have multiple owners. We had a fun evening overall and will attend again. We didn't let this ruin our time. I am pretty sure the bartender with the poor attitude is Karrie. It wasn't Rachel, we adored Rachel! it is because of Rachel I'm not giving this owner Christian and his wife a one star!

Sara Ploechl

We hired Hey Bartender! after meeting two of their employees at a venue's open house event, about one year out from our Wedding Day. We went with 2 bartenders for our event of about 120 people attending, and got their basic services as we were providing alcohol and barware ourselves. Chad was wonderfully responsive and we felt the price we paid was reasonable and well worth it. The bartenders that were provided were amazing from what our guests have told us and we're very happy to have gone with them I give them 4 stars only because we had requested two specific employees - that we had spoken with at the open house - from the beginning, a year out from the event date, and didn't find out that they were not going to be working our event until the day of.


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