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221 E Wetmore Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705

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REVIEWS OF Funtasticks Family Fun Park IN Arizona

Kelly Armet

My 4 year old and I really enjoyed a good 4 hours at the water park. At first i was shocked there were no lockers but once seeing how compact the water area is, i was able to see my stuff on a chair basically when i felt i needed to. The life guard staff could do a better job at monitoring the slides and when to go. Unfortunately younger kids need direction when to go, and before i know it there asking me if its safe to go. So only suggestion is lifeguard at the top of the slide.

Christian Rodriguez

The laser tag and go carts are pretty cool. The golf course is definitely the worst and the bumper boats okay. I've never tried the pizza or wings. Reasonable prices.

Keith Gibbons

Overpriced & disappointing. Family of 3 for all day passes and a small lunch was $140. Bathrooms are interstate truck stop filthy. They don't even have attendants at every ride, so you have to stand in the sun and wait for ride attendants to bounce around operating 2-3 rides each. Snack bar was out of popcorn, wings, & chicken tenders. Really? 1000 fruit flies around the condiment station. Mini golf course in state of disrepair. Only redeeming feature here is the new splash pad water park is nice for little kids age 4-12. I give it a couple years before they let that get into a state of disrepair, too, like the rest of the facility. We will never be back.

Dan True

Facilities need updating badly. Food was good and some of the attractions were fun. Staff didn’t seem too interested in their jobs.

Zandrea Penn

Well, there are really only a few theme parks in Tucson. This one hasn't been updated in about 15 years. It is currently under construction right now, it looks like they are adding a splash park. Good idea but all the other attractions need updating too. The lazer tag is the best part of this park.

Tom Parsoneault

Played miniature golf. Really decent 18 holes, well maintained. Decent price. Takes about 1 hour to play. Had a great time. Good place for children. Did notice that some of the golfballs were more "live" than others. Pretty park with waterfalls and large shade trees. Indoor gaming area, outdoor go kart track, bumper boat pool. Some rides for the young ones.

Joe A

Horrible, I hate this place so much now. I will never go back . I wish I could give them 0-

Jose Jimenez

Good place to take your kids. They have a splash park now.


Kids loved it, got crowded and rowdier as the day wore on. 4 year old was in the same slide for two plus hours!

P Turner

It's great with splash park and other new rides for kids and adults. Love it

Bethany Linley

don't mini golf, most of the holes by the fountain are flooded and there are red ants everywhere, this stranger and i bonded over the fact about 20 ants bit us and there were more on us. but the arcade and water park are fun.

breanna arviso

cactus springs was awesome, and my 3 year-old and I fully enjoyed ourselves. The bathrooms were in a trailer though were gross and neglected. The bumper boats were old and barely ran, and they only have 2 2-seater gocarts, so the wait time was ridiculous. Half of the arcade games were broke or took our money. And only 2 of the 5 kiddie land rides were open.

Shobana Reddy

Fun place to go with the children!! Not adequately staffed though on the day we visited.. would go back again for sure when it is cooler.

Kristopher Hagan

Huge splash pad, go-kart, minigolf, and Lazer tag. Need I say more.

Mike Coate

Miniature golf course needs some repair. Not really challenging. Had to wait 30 minutes for golf clubs. But we had fun and I won.

Lolita Corella

Great for kids! Just wish they had more staff. Literally there was 1 person in kiddi land operating all attractions

Jennett Swan

Birthday party here was "fun"tastic!

Guby Ruiz

The best place in Tucson during the summer for an afternoon of fun water park, go kars,golfing and laser tag it don't get better then that

Becca Noel

Bought the 2 hour unlimited pass. First rides were great. About an hour and a half in, we wanted to go on a ride and we're waiting for an attendant to come by and nothing for a good few minutes. So we let the attendant on the ride right next to us that we we're waiting and she said someone would be over because they have to switch. That was a joke. Instead of finishing her ride and switching over she ran it about 5 or 6 more times, and new kids were getting in line. She basically ignored us until she had no line and then finally about 6 or 7 minutes later she finally came to do the ride. She gets the kids buckled in and the ride doesn't even work. So what does she do, she unbuckles the kids, not saying a word to them about what's going on, and walks over to the gate and stands there with it open. Then says "come on you gotta get out," like how are these young kids supposed to know that if you don't say anything? Definitely needs to reevaluate their staffing choices. Never coming here again, I'd rather go to Golf N Stuff where they're much more attentive. Wish I could give one star but the first employees and rides we interacted with we're helpful.

m d

Need some maintenance some of the golf carpet torn , go carts need some maintenance seat belts need replacing. Some paint . It ok just need some attention

Jessica Patchin

Took my son here for his birthday Mon-Fri its 30% off. It was pretty dead but that ment no lines for rides and with unlimited passes the kids got to enjoy it all. Their laser tag was a blast for the adults and the kids. 3 floors. So much fun it made the day so special!

Diana Mian

The grandkids all loved it they kept going from the water to the rides and Back again. Only thing I saw was that the food was a bit too expensive.

O Dominguez

Great family fun place for the rides and laser tag kids up to 13 love it and can play for hours! Lots of other stuff to do including mini golf courses. I've had a blast the last few times I went.

Edward Wagner

Great interaction with multiple employees. Entire family had fun!

David Graves

Had a great time with the family that water park is dope for all ages

Randy Knudson

Played mini golf. 3 hole were covered in water one the turf was so ripped up and ragged we had to skip. 3 of us went and we paid 26 dollars. They had a water fall with pond and the water stinks and has garbage floating in it. Disgusting

Jessica Batt

Great price with a Groupon, kids love it.

sam stephen

Make sure you don't play arcade. Card Machine eats money doesn't spit cards and girls working on counter don't care . I guess it's easy money. I was there for my 5yr neice just wanted to take bday pick in over priced machine. People don't make my mistake

Rosy Sweet

OMG I'm shocked as a Tucson native that I had never been to Funtasticks!!! The kids love it!!! So glad we got a year pass!!! Also awesome and kind staff!!! Hours and hours of fun and oh my the giant splash pad...cactus springs is amazing!

Brooke Thompson

The new water park play area(Cactus Springs) is really fun looking. Will have to make sure to schedule time to do this next time. My kids always have fun at Funtasticks.

Mike P.

Don't go for the mini golf! The carpet is in bad shape and the courses arent very fun. The highlight was a red tail hawk hanging out on one of the walls near one of the holes. The waterfalls are saturated with bleach. The arcade is lacking. It seems the only thing keeping it alive is the little water park, and the friendly attitudes of the kids running the place. Sad to say we wont be back.

Bridget Pedrazza

Waste of money my nephew was kicked off the karts for crashing on accident twice without warning a little while later all kids were kicked off for some kind of infraction but the adults who were crashing into the kids on purpose and who are old enough to have had a real driver’s license for at least a decade get to continue? Makes absolutely no sense and obviously isn’t built for safety if the attendants allow adults to crash into children. Never will I go here neither will my family and I hope no one else ever has to go through spending $130 for their kids in the group to be crashed into by adults then kicked off for not knowing how to drive a go kart. Oh and when we went to speak to the manager about this he literally hid in his office and refused to talk to us! What a joke

M Robinson

Took a youth group of 20+ Ages 11 to 17, Their favorite attractions were go-carts and laser tag, we got great group rates with a food option, pizza and drink pitchers were a big hit! Remember to order food for the group with about 1hr lead time!

Mark West

Called for hours. Recording said they were open. Drove 30 minutes to get there. Got there and the entire place was closed for a customer who rented the entire place. Manager offered no compensation for our trouble.

Jana U'Ren

Be aware that the water park has two very large buckets that will dump a huge amount of water every few minutes, which can be pretty scary for some kids. Kids had fun on the water slides. The $20 all day pass is a good deal for the water park, but it's a bummer that you cannot get a pass for both the water park and the rides.

Zak Garcia

Nearly all the games in the arcade we're broken and not giving tickets or just eating the coin and not starting, also the arcade staff were quote rude. Everything else was wonderful, mini golf was fun and the activities were cool too

Dave Lawrence

I enjoy taking 2 ten year old girls and spend the day. They recently changed the pricing for the different options. We been trying different plans (options) depending on our time limits and plans for that day. For longer time periods, we get the everything all day for $35. The water park is great, especially when it's hot (thats all the time in Tucson). We found the workers to be friendly and helpful. The laser tag, golf and rides provide a nice variety and the girls I take just love playing with the chess set my the water park.

Rachel Morales-Cortes

Our family visited their water park cactus springs for the first time and we had a BLAST! My kids, ages 1.5 & 2.5 had an amazing time! There was sooooo much water! The toddler playground itself was pretty cool and the rest of it all, the water slides and buckets that dump water on you and all the fun little water accessories/toys and equipment were awesome! My only 2 suggestions would be that it would be nice and probably a good idea to have a separate entrance to cactus springs to prevent having to walk through the arcade and dining area dropping wet. And secondly, I have two crazy brave toddlers that didn't want to just play in the toddler area and we're Breanne enough to go down the big water slides but we were told that they could not and had to stay in the toddler area. Even if we paid for price for them they still didn't meet the height requirements to go in the big play area. That was a downer for us


Amazing for a family to go out to for a fun day!

Matthew Tures

Funtasticks always brings me back to a kid of the 90s going to fun parks, hanging out with friends, rides and golf. Now it's time to hang out with the family letting them enjoy these kinds of parks.

Scott Beck

Looking for something to do with your kids's a good place to go on a nice evening..let kids be kids and act like a kid.

Felicia Chew

Best LaserTag in town. Bumper boats and go-karts are my favorite. They hire local teens, so let's keep going there to keep our teens working! We purchased the annual passes and it is the BEST deal in all of Tucson!

jazz lopez

Great Family experience had the best day. My daughter Loved it.

Adam Baird

Another place to trick the kids in saying you're going to an amusement park

Y Pierson

Very dirty establishment. The air conditioning must not be working properly because it's so hot inside. Bathrooms are beyond disgusting, water all over the floor which is very dangerous, someone could slip! They should have separate bathrooms with non slip floors outside for the splash pad. Half of the games dont work. The kid rides are boiling hot in summer from being out in the sun. It was just bad all around. I wouldnt recommend.

Robin Huber

Loved this gem! Grandkids had a wonderful time as we rode the bumper boats and played in the arcade. We will return again this summer several times I'm sure.

Richard Traver

Went here with a group. Need more staff to shorten wait times. But, overall, fun.

Ashley Lason

I was there for a birthday party and hadn't been there in years. Since they put in that water park it just made the whole experience alot more fun. They have different types of slides and a staff member watching them. There is laser tag, go carts for all different ages, bumperboats, a few "rides" for younger kids, an arcade area and mini golf. These are the reasons I gave 4 stars instead of 5. At the waterpark, a 3 or 4 year old can try to climb up the slide at the last second while a child is coming down. The incident I saw was the parents fault, for sure, for not watching there child in the first place. But there could be better eyes on the bottom of the slides. We also had some issues with our birthday corrdinator...he wouldn't check on us for 1-2 hours and forgot about our pizza and the birthday cake a few times. We had to constantly remind him to bring us drinks and water. Overall, the experience was great (especially the water park). It is a very fun family park and the staff seem to be friendly plus alot of them do seem younger (around 16-22yrs.).

Brandon Taylor

Decided to try Cactus Springs water park to beat the heat and this may sound ridiculous, but the water was so unbelievably cold it was uncomfortable for myself and my two daughters and we did not enjoy ourselves. It is not a place where you are swimming and can "get used to it" because you are constantly alternating between being sprayed with ice cold water and being out in the sun. It was not worth the price and will probably be another summer before we give it another shot.

Steven Johnson

Always a fun time with the little ones. New rides were all the rage. Attentiveness to kids lined up waiting for a ride to open. Awesome personality with each employee!

Coffee Cavaletto

This is an amazing place to go with the family. Needing to break away from the negativity in life thats nothing a round of lazer tag can't fix.

Blue Hair Dont Care

It was fun! However I wasnt impressed with the attitudes of some of the staff and there was only one kid go-cart charged. We live about 90 miles south east of Tucson and came after much deliberation for my sons birthday. We went on a Monday night which hugely cut down on crowd traffic. Enjoyed laser tag a billion times, the big go carts, bumper boats, the kids even played a few games. Didnt really have time for golf...and it was still to cold for the water park to really be fun for us. Over all it was great, with better customer service it would have been an amazing experience.

Alexander Bogart

This is a fun place to take your kids. We have not tried to use the water area yet. The rides are getting a bit old and I have run into issues with one or two of them being down for the day. Pricing is pretty good compared to other places i have been too. Staff interaction ranges from ok to great. Food is not really worth it. Location could use a general face lift. I will return but not too often.

Leonor Norzagaray

First of I want to say that our party host tried his best to get things done for our party. Alejandro kudos to you for working so hard. That being said the management needs to re-evaluate how they staff the place when they know they are going to have several parties on that day. That poor guy was running around covering for several people while also trying to be a good host.

Kazzandra Diaz

Expensive, not worth the money. Place is very dirty. Bathrooms very dirty. A lot of arcade games were broken. Then after realizing how you wasted your money and want a refund, guess what? No refunds.

Susan Estrada

Had 2 of our grandkids visiting from El Paso Had no idea what to do with 2 teenagers. We googled funtasticks and decided to go visit and spend some time grandkids had such a blast..they enjoyed the water boats and really enjoyed the go much that they rode them about 6 times each. The lazer tag was also fun..only it was hot and stuffy inside..but other than was fun..price was bad either

Mary Busha

Great place to bring the entire family. Our girls love every attraction. We purchased annual passes...amazing deal. Summer fun!! Lets not forget the food, fast and convenient. The staff is friendly and goes above to create a fun time for the children. We love this place.

Laverne Thompson

Excellent place to take the kids especially on a hot day. Use to be laser tag and a batting cage, but they have added a mini water park. Children absolutely love this place. They have other options if your child isn't into water play. Great place for birthday parties as well.

Lori Carson

Fun Day at the Water Park. Coming back for evening mini golf. You can Bring Your Own Food - thank you Funtastics!! Purchased food for rest of us & kids but Grandson on special diet so BYO food was super helpful. Will be back!!!

Luke Bader

There are a lot of fun things to do at Funtasticks! We only did mini-golf, which was okay. There were quite a few holes that needed repairs done on the turf, several of the obstacles were either broken and/or missing. I am sure that the rest of the place was better, but the mini-golf area isn't too great.

BodyBag Tha Zipper

Extremely overpriced. Paid for a wristband but there was not enough staff to run all the rides. Mini golf course is a joke missing all kinds of obstacles and pieces. rocks everywhere on greens. I would not recommend if you have small children.

Grayson Grey

Funtasticks is an awesome way to spend a day with friends. Their prices are easily affordable compared to many of their in-town competitors. This is made even more true by the incredible values they offer on Groupon. What they lack in arcade games they more than make up for in outdoor activities. Funtasticks has a massive Go-Kart track and a "Bumper Boats" ride where the water is clear enough to see the bottom. They have many rides for kids too. My personal favorite is the 3 story lazer tag arena. Funtasticks never fails to give a good time!

Stephanie Adams

So much fun!!!!! I haven't been there in a long long time and there is just so much more to do now. Water park, rides, VR, laser tag, bumper boats, go carts, and of course mini golf!!! Only downside is the price is a bit high but ends up worth it if you go for the whole day :)

Chris Escobedo

5 stars because of our attentive hostess Olivia, but everyone seemed really attended too.. Awesome customer service. But I was here for my son's 10th Birthday. It was a blast...lots of fun rides and awesome splash pad. I cannot COMPLIMENT THE STAFF ENOUGH.

Cyrious Living

The miniature golf here was disappointing. It was strange, all these cool water features, and huge fake trees, and light houses, yet all the holes were basically hit the ball straight with maybe a few obstacles in the way. With how hard they worked on the ambiance of the course, you would think they would put a little more thought into making the holes themselves interesting. They just weren't.


Visited for the first time today. I had a lot of fun, but some parts were disappointing. First of all, the arcade only had a couple good games, such as Galaga and Skee-ball (2 out of 4 Skee-ball machines weren't working). I can't leave an honest review of the outdoor rides because after purchasing our 3 hour wristbands, we were only able to enjoy the bumper boats before being informed that we couldn't go on another ride due to rain. The staff are super friendly and gave us 2-hour vouchers to cover a future visit. The laser tag was very fun, the arena was very big and it was very intense. Overall, it was a good experience.

Tyler Gemmill

Fun place especially when it's hot out we always have a blast!!!

GD Mathew

This place is great but I hope that they add more adult rides!

Angela Launey

This place is awesome. Played the kids in lazer tag, did the go carts, and then hit the water park. Adults and kids loved it. We'll definitely go again!

Darren Hernandez

We had so much fun

Robin Lamont

The new water park is lots of fun and safe. Great way to spend the day with small kids.

Toni Christie

No laser tag guess the machines were down.. hardly anyone to let you into the rides. Costly games... Dave n a buster's a way way better value... spent 200 dollars for almost nothing to do, not much fun.. totally bummed came from California n super bummed about this experience.. pretty much no fun.

Ruth Staggs

We had a blast! They were low staffed so we had to wait at a ride for an attendant but it wasn't bad at all. It wasn't a huge place but I thought for a day of fun it was well worth it. We had pizza and it was pretty good. Some of the rides looked a little older but that's fine. The kids enjoyed everything especially the water park. Will definitely be returning.

Debi Schwamberger

It's a really great place a great idea. the little water park is a really nice addition but here are the things that I didn't like. There is no bathroom outside by the water park we have to go inside all the way close to the front door where somebody could NAB a child very easily and take them out the door if they were to go alone. It would be a lot better if there was an outside bathroom by the splash pad and the other toys. Several of the rides were not working at 100% by any means the red car on the go-karts was driving like it had no juice and when I told my daughter about it she said it was like that three months ago when she was there. And the last thing is, it smelled horribly inside of really old frying grease. Definitely didn't encourage me to purchase any food. The place just really need some tender loving care

Cuco Fernandez

A great place to bring the family! Fun for young or older couples young at heart! Pretty good selection of arcade games, the mini golf is very fun, the race track is a good length with good twists and turns, laser tag is super fun and engaging, batting cages are available to practice your A game, a handful of rides for small children to enjoy, bumper boats is a classic!

Krista Olinger

We had so much fun today! My granddaughter had the place to herself and the staff were all so good to us too! The only difficult thing was the huge buckets of water falling every 30 seconds or so. My granddaughter had problems with that.

Dean Hoppe

We had a fun time but I found it rather expensive. Could get better value going to a Dave & Buster's not to mention it wouldn't be air condition

Torrin Dufforsmith

We were pleased with our Groupon purchase, you are required to pay sales tax when you arrive, don't be surprised by that. 5 bucks on a 50 dollar ticket. I took our Grandchildren ages 13, 10, 6 yrs. We had admission for 6, both big and little enjoyed the park. We arrived at 10:00 am and did not have any wait for the outdoor attractions. Played putt-putt (shows its age) after the kids rode a few rides and as it heated up outside we headed indoors. The arcade was a huge hit and reasonably priced. We texted Funtasticks as posted and got $10 play free. Huge hit! Then the best for last, laser tag! It was fun for all. Our tickets did not include the new splash park but it is very nice and we saw lots of smiles. Staff was pleasant.

Barbara Schaffer

We had a group playing mini golf. It was fun!

Nicole Lanum

We got to the park shortly after they opened and stayed for about 6 hours. It wasn't very busy so the lines weren't long which was nice. The rides lasted longer than what I would consider normal. Also nice. The waterpark portion is very small with a few waterslides. If my kids, 7 and 9, were much older they wouldn't have enjoyed it. We rented a cabana so the adults and infants would have plenty of shade. Because it wasn't very busy, we could have just used the chairs. We were able to have lunch in the cabana. The very few options because they were out of so many things! They had no cheese for nachos and pretzels. They didn't have chicken tenders or wings. They didn't have produce to put on a cheeseburger. When someone ordered corn dogs, the employee had to ask if they were still serving them. When we got Dipping Dots, they ran out serving us.

Cordero Howard

Fun new splash pad water was just super cold! Otherwise was a great time


Went to play min golf the course was being held up by groups of people at 20 min plus a hole. Didn't even get a chance to play asked for a refund and was denied...... what ripoff dont waste your money here this place is over priced and over rated. Thanks for keeping my 18 buck and ripping me off ruining my evening I wont be back will let everyone know what kind of establishment you run...


Always a good time. Not perfect, but whenever you take kids here they are not picky.

Jasmine Mikels

It took forever to get my food and people who got the same order were getting them before me. My best friend and I didn't get our food for 30 minutes.

Kake Boardman

Really great fun for everyone, just wish the bathrooms were cleaner.

Mr. Goodman

Me and my brother have so much fun!! It honestly is the best amusement park in Tucson. I personally love the go carts and lazar tag. So many parks don’t offer what fantastics has to offer for its costumers :)

Joaquin Nunez

This places is always fun to take the kids for family fun day. They have rides, miniature golf, games (including a multi-level black light laser tag complex) and a very cool, multi-level splashpad, complete with water slides and water cannons. We spend hours, sometimes the whole day here. I docked them a star only because there isn't always enough staff to run every attraction at all times. They move around to each station as guests congregate, queuing up to wait. I've seen them hustle and I've seen them drag. Its a minor inconvenience to wait for an available employee the 5-8 minutes for then to open an unattended attraction, but an inconvenience none the less. The daily rate can also add up quick. Value for dollar, if you have children and live in Tucson, you'll want the annual membership.

James Goss

Fun place the the manager is a jerk I asked for a small cup so I could take some medication that has to be mixed with a small amount of water. The cups were sitting right next to him he looked at them and said we dont have any. I said right there pointing and he said we dont have any and walked away.

alexis Johnson

My son had an amazing birthday experience here, the splash pad and the go-carts were his favorite parts. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Raquel Dorame

Fun for younger kids. Great staff.

Elizabeth Arroyos

Awesome place. Something for everyone

Kristen Kimmenau

Loved the water park, water was freezing but will feel great when the temperatures hit 90+. The rides are more geared for younger kids. My daughter loves the bumper boats. Haven't tried the mini golf yet but they have 2 courses to choose from. I haven't tried the go carts yet. The arcade has several games to choose from and is similar to Peter piper's and chucky cheese.

Rudy Cavez

Its more for smaller kids but still cool

Rachel Veeneman

We had a great time Putt-Putt golfing here. But there were a couple problems with the course. There were many various light bulbs which needed to be changed and in some areas of the course it was actually very dark. If I had poor eyesight it would have been very difficult to locate my golf ball. Also on some areas of the course there were rocks and Pebbles scattered on the green. This made it a little difficult to hit the ball. I would recommend having someone go around the course frequently and sweep up the Pebbles on the Green.

Debie Starbuck

Took grandkids for a couple of hours. So expensive for what you get & park was dirty

Billy Wise

Went there for mini golf. The whole course was in terrible shape. The carpet was old and bunched up on most holes making it hard to hit a good shot. It was dirty and appeared to not have any upkeep ever. The arcade had a small selection of games about half didnt work.

Teresa Garcia

Kids loved it and they didn't want to leave

Andrew Henderson

Absolutely awful experience. I ordered chicken tenders and fries from the snack bar and was served completely uncooked chicken tenders. I brought the raw chicken tenders back up to the counter and asked for a manager who then proceeded to argue with me telling me that all their chicken tenders are pre-cooked so my food couldn’t possibly be uncooked. All the while I’m holding raw chicken in my hand showing him. Getting no where with him I told him I was going to make a complaint to health and safety. He then tried to take my food that I’d already paid for away but I stopped him long enough to take a couple pictures. After all of this I had to demand that he replace my food with a new fully cooked basket of chicken tenders and fries. I’m completely surprised and appalled by the lack of quality and service of this place.

Kristiana Petterson

THE COST OF EVERYTHING IS CRAZY. $20 for a child (not including adult) to play in a small water park just nothing but slides (4 big slides and a huge splash of waves of water that came from buckets being filled)... not including any other services??? We paid $60 (two adults one child) to play for 45mins... on redundant water slides. We didn't EVEN consider getting food. That's a nope. I believe this place is more for parties, but if you got the money to dish out for ALL THOSE KIDS AND ADULTS TO GO, have fun.

Darth Malis 25

I do miss this place, great tymes where had here!

wu family aquaponic farm

A bit of the pricey side but other wise we had a lot of fun.

Terry F

aside from seeing people walk through an area where others were eating barefoot and the horrible mini golf course falling apart, it's ok.

Alyssa K

Family had a lot of fun. I recommend the annual pass if you plan on coming more than once a year. The staff is young and sometimes not very attentive, but all in all we loved it!

Jamal Qasim

Worst experience ever, manager was very rude and kept trying to kick my family out and even yelled at my kid. Definitely going to call the head office and make sure this guy learns how to treat people because we spent almost $300 not to be talked down to and yelled at.

Tammy Rosenberg

I was a little disappointed. I thought they would have more to do there

Lynn Sheets

Amazing. Cashier was super friendly and helpful. We will definitely go back soon.

Earle Henrey

Fun atmosphere for sure. Staff were very kind. Only thing was the big buckets that spill are a little intense even for the adults. Other then that it made a fun day for the family!!!!

Michael Britt

Small and in need of repairs but the staff was super nice and helpful. They made it really enjoyable for a first time visit.

Iris Crespo

Cool place to bring family. They have an arcade, mini golf, go karts, waterpark and some kids rides. Pretty cheap prices too they have a 3 hour unlimited outdoor pass for 20 bucks

Chelsey Thompson

Nice place, but the price is a little steep for the few attractions they provide. But nonetheless a nice family outing.

Derian Kelly

The place is nasty, the bathrooms weren't clean. The tables were sticky and covered in food. The customer service was mildly okay at best. The manager was maybe 20, and had a problem with my husband using free game passes. He barely spoke to us or made eye contact, he was only speaking to the other employee that was working with us.

Heather Corkins

We went for the water park- and we WILL BE BACK. I think what sets this aside from the rest is that they allow you to bring your own food. It was so nice. Families picnicked and stayed for hours. The kids had a blast, and there were no issues. The lifeguards were super friendly as well!

Nathan C

Although it can get pricey, especially if you're taking multiple kids, it's a great way to spend the day and the kids will definitely have fun. The all day pass is the best value and the fairly new Cactus Springs is really great. I sincerely hope they add to it because it would be awesome to have a dedicated water park in Tucson to fill the hole left by Justin's and Breakers.

Nancy P

Funtasticks it's such a fun place to visit. I decided to buy the annual membership for my family and we've been enjoying a ton. It is totally worth it. If you've never done laser tag and are able to do it I recommend you give it a try there. It is so much fun. The rides are fun for kids ans adults. There's something for everyone.

Brittany Knight

The Cactus Springs splash pad is amazing! However the rides look like they're about to fall apart. I'd give Cactus Springs 5 stars, everything else in the park 1 to 2.

Alexander Gracia

Old games, bored staff, smelly kids. But the children and teens will enjoy it.

Carla Clark

We went for a field trip with my kids school. There is a lit of fun to be had here! The lines can be a bit long. The kids loved the bumper boats and driving the go carts. The miniature golf was set up pretty neat! Overall our favorite part was the laser tag! So much fun!

Eric Cleland

I thought the park was decent. The park doesnt work very hard on the food they sell. My son had pretty much a shriveled microwaved hot dog. Thats pretty bad. After trying the pizza, i kind of started thinking about how nice it would be to be eating a $1.50 totinos pizza right then. My son had fun for the most part. The miniature golf course is not a winner here either due to the course not being maintained very well around the course. Overall the park is over priced and no effort is given to producing decent food that patrons would actually like to pay to eat.

Zacchaeus Nifong

A great place to take the kids. It's even fun for adults. Try the #LazerTag as well as the #CactusSprings #WaterPark. It's an awesome way to beat the heat in Tucson. You can do your kiddos birthday parties here too.


Good times for sure. Reasonably priced and staff was very friendly

Anthony Olivares

Great family fun. Rides can use some repairs and young staff can use some better costumer service training

Melody Mays

This was so much fun! The grandkids loved the water park. I was able to enjoy it under a gazebo. That was worth so much as I burn easily. They did the water boats and other rides and after a few hours we went inside and they played on all of the games. They thoroughly enjoyed their day at this park.

Jackie Thompson

This place is okay. The pricing is a little much but my son had fun.

brandi cobo

The new water park is extremely amazing the water is ice cold which is perfect for this summer heat.

Daniel Turrubiartes

Mini golf waterfalls smell like urinals or Porto potties, very filthy. Green felt is torn on 50% of green holes.

Nicole Julian

Not a huge park, but great for my 3 kids (6, 9, and 11). There's barely ever any lines, the staff is always friendly, and the prices are pretty good. My kids have a blast all day. We will be getting season passes, as they are less than double the price of a daily pass! Had I been told that at our last visit before I bought the daily passes, I'd have given 5 stars.

Gloria Jean Lee

My husband and daughters went there today to spend some quality time only to have their day ruined not only by your associates but other patrons. While other patrons you can't control, the associates you can. The environment is not inviting due to both anyhow. While playing laser tag, a male associate said my husband can leave his sunglasses in a room while playing. Only to come find them missing, by saying he saw another woman leave the room. The associates are too busy paying attention to each other than the patrons or their actual job tasks. And to add insult to injury, my husband tried to put in a complaint of the day and his sunglasses and the associate could care less. And those were not some cheap ones you buy from Walmart but designer ones I bought for him. WE WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN AND I WILL LET ALL OUR FRIENDS AND SOCIAL MEDIA KNOW HOW YOUR ESTABLISHMENT IS RUN. Advice, train your associates properly and follow up. Your customers are suffering.

Zabby Salaz

Annual fun passes currently are 59 dollars a person! A daily pass right now is 36 dollars. Annual pass is so worth it! Facility is super clean and staff is engaging and very polite.

DeCoria Owens

Great price and something for the whole family!!

Nikole Haumont

Needs a really good cleaning, grimy. Food service was slow, expensive and average. Eat elsewhere! Laser tag was fun.

Kelli Hartley

The go carts were a lot of fun, they have small carts for the kids, a small roller coaster for the kids, a small thrill ride, bumper boats that were a LOT of fun, miniature golf and an awesome splash area for adults and kids alike. They have 4 or 5 water slides, and two big buckets that dump over once they're full

Sammy Dominguez

My nieces and nephew LOVE the Cactus Springs water park/playground. Two big dump buckets, 4 slides, water guns, splash pad and other fun features! The water is COLD! Perfect for out hot AZ summers. Plenty of shady areas for adults to sit and watch. Outdoor changing areas and showers are available. Options to rent private tents. ALL DAY water passes are 20$ per kid. You can leave for lunch and come back, no problem! :)

A A Ron

Wrist band are a great value. Just wish there were a few more attractions.

Annette Pena

We loved it. The kids had a blast

Angie Macazani

Definitely needs some updating. A little pricey.. But I guess it's the only "arcade like place" besides Peter Piper. Idk. Just not that enjoyable...

Austin Hurst

The water park is not heated so the water is very cold. The mini golf was fun however the facility smelt of over burnt fried food. Had a pretty good time.

Stacy Randell

They have a cool water park now in addition to all the other fun rides, games and activities. Awesome time.

Waylon Reinhard

My family and I went with passes won in a raffle and had a great time. One problem is the flies when we were trying to eat otherwise there wasn't much of a wait for the rides.

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