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REVIEWS OF The Wedding Chapel On The Mountain IN Alabama

Jazmin Fletcher

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful thanks to PJ, she made our wedding day stress free and she did it all by herself, I recommend only working with her and no one else!! Thanks again PJ!

Shay Hannah

Went here for a wedding, beautiful place. Parking is few and can be a bit hard to find if you've never been before so watch for your turn.

Claude Snoddy

Great venue for an absolutely wonderful wedding! Very professional staff

Emily Muriithi

Long story short, our wedding day was ruined because of this place. We were unhappy with this company from the get-go. The management was very unprofessional and non-responsive to emails/phone calls. Once I picked the flowers I wanted (which actually came from the company's website), I got 2 or 3 different stories about why I shouldn't choose the flowers I chose (ranging from "I don't recommend those", "Those were spray painted", and finally "That picture was color enhanced". Two months before the wedding, I found out that the invitations that were "included" in the package were nothing but a plain bit of card stock that I had to print my invitation on and mail out myself. Also two months before the wedding we were told that we could have alcohol at the wedding but we would have to fork out another $1500 give or take in order to do so. Had we have known that we could have had alcohol, we could have budgeted for it. I'm not even going to mention how bad I thought the food was, all I will say is I do wish we could have just kept the Publix cheese and veggie trays. There ceremony was rushed, the DJ was horrible and kept making awkward/weird remarks, it goes on and on. One of the biggest things that messed up our night is that one of the staff members hit my new sister in laws car. She wasn't going to tell her except that many people witnessed her hit it and told us. My sister-in-law is now in the process of working with the staff members insurance to fix her vehicle. The same staff member had the audacity to ask my new sister-in-law via text message if I was going to leave them a bad review....Well your answer is YES MA'AM. I do not recommend The Wedding Chapel on the Mountain to anyone. 10/10 would NOT DO IT AGAIN. The best part of our wedding was leaving that place. P.S.- They didn't even get the cake order right!!!!

Micah Morris

Really pretty place to have weddings and such. Small but definitely a pretty place with a chapel and outdoor seating.

Kaitlyn Seagle

Absolutely beautiful. Most beautiful wedding I have been to, and so cozy. It's perfect for a small, intimate wedding.

Anita McCormick

Lovely spot for a small wedding or reception

Mandi Hale

Judy Kelley

Dani Worsham

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Unfortunately, my review is too long to post of Google, but you can see my full review on their Facebook page and when I file a complaint with the BBB. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Rebecca Brandon

A very pretty place with amazing staff. Only downside is the reception area is small and gets cramped easily

Olivia Reales

Sarah is the best! She goes out of her way to make sure all her brides are happy!

Kou Chang

What a nice venue.

Alicia Courson

Gene Roop

Lovely place

Carolyn Saint

Beautiful Chapel for Quant marriages!

Brittany Pruitt

I do not recommend this venue to anyone. I was in a wedding this weekend at the Wedding Chapel, and it was extremely chaotic. Sarah, the wedding coordinator, completely dropped the ball for the wedding. She was nowhere to be found the day of the wedding up until the ceremony. She insisted that there was no need for a rehearsal, but when it was time to walk down the aisle, no one knew what to do. The groomsmen did not even know they were supposed to escort parents and grandparents to their seat. Upon escorting the grandparents to their seats, they were asked to move because the groomsmen were not informed where they were supposed to seat the grandparents. Then, the GROOM and PREACHER did not know where to enter the chapel (kind of an important part). Again, CHAOS. When we arrived at the location, the chapel was dirty, and it smelled extremely musty. The bride’s dad spent the majority of his time cleaning the chapel and setting up the arch. The reception area was still set up from the wedding the day before, and the mother of the bride had to ask the staff to steam the table cloths because they were extremely wrinkled. The reception area was not set up the way the bride had requested. The bride paid $200 for up lighting in the room, only for it not to be there at the time of the reception. Upon asking the “coordinator” where it was after the reception was over, she lied and said that the bride had called and cancelled it the week leading up to the wedding. I knew this was a lie because it was one of the things she was most excited about. After the wedding, the bride contacted Sarah to discuss the long list of things that went wrong on her SPECIAL DAY only to have Sarah raise her voice and degrade her on the phone. Sarah was INCREDIBLY disrespectful. All in all, if you decide to book this venue, I hope you have a group of bridesmaids and a photographer who will go out of their way to make sure your day is how it is supposed to be. Also, don’t forget your cleaning crew to make sure the venue is clean before your wedding. Don’t forget to leave your expectations of being respected at home too because disrespect should be expected at this venue. If you value your sanity, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, book this venue.

Lillian Archibald

My friend had her wedding her and I was a bridesmaid, the wedding was flawless and perfectly done. What a beautiful place to have had it done.

Mallory Smith

Great folks to work with on your big day. PJ was amazing and handled my best friend’s wedding beautifully!

Rex Sturdy

Beautiful venue that aims to please. Focused on the bride, they make every wedding special.

Corrie Allen

Beautiful spot!

Brooke Graham

Saw a friend's wedding here a year ago. Beautiful, convenient location. Right over Monte Sano, yet feels like you're in the middle of the woods!

Rey Libongco

Wonderful venue! PJ and Sarah took care of literally all concerns we had up to our special day. They worked with us in every way possible to make it truly memorable. I really appreciate PJ giving everything that special, personal touch and care towards making everything as perfect as it can be. I don't know where some of the other reviews are getting "unprofessional" at all. PJ and Sarah respond as immediately as they possibly can to address even the smallest little detail. All you have to do is work with them just a tiny bit, and they take care of everything else. This is a two way street with communication for your event, after all. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Kasie Tanley

We had a wonderful experience with Chapel on the Mountain, and I cannot say enough great things about the venue, Sarah, and PJ. Whether it is your first wedding or you are remarrying (as I did) this is a perfect option. You can be as involved with the planning process as you want, or you can alleviate a lot of stress and let them plan most everything. Due to us working full time and having a toddler we personally needed to have someone else do most of the planning, so I took a huge leap of faith and let them handle everything. However, as the time grew nearer I wanted to get more involved and Sarah didn’t flinch at all. I could text/call her with a ton of questions and she’d either call or text me back right away and she ALWAYS took care of anything that I would suddenly throw out last minute, while also making me feel better about all the choices we made even if it meant putting more pressure on her. PJ was also amazing to work with. She handled the rehearsal and the day of the wedding, making things happen while also taking care of me and my family and friends. We decided that we wanted to leave earlier than expected and she somehow got the limo to us magically, but she immediately had a back up plan if for some reason she could not get them to us at the new (and very last minute) time. As far as vendors that the Chapel used....Bubba’s Catering managed the food and it was so great. We deviated from our package and Sarah worked with the caterer to get us a buffet that came with 2 meats, a couple of veggies, salad and bread all for a very reasonable price. I cannot remember the names of the companies that the cake and flowers came from but the cakes were delicious and the flowers (especially on the arch outside) were gorgeous. Gari-Ann Photography did the pictures and she was wonderful with everyone and didn’t waste time so we could get to our rehearsal. One last thing, our wedding was outside on May 25th and it was a record high of 96. Due to the way the trees canopy over the area where people sat and where we stood, it did not seem like was perfect! Truly I could go on and on about Chapel on the Mountain. It was the best decision we made for our wedding, and I/we highly recommend them!

Sarah Cantrell

Pammie Sue Waddell

Stephanie Weaver

Gorgeous venue, we had a business meeting and a Christmas party there! The waterfall with the background noise is so peaceful, inside the reception area was classically decorated that it fit both functions really well!

morgan kepler

Andy Kesterson

Sabrina Faer

What a quaint little place for a small wedding! PJ was amazing...we couldn't have done it without her. GPS is not accurate in getting you there though!

Danyel Pierson

Michael Muriithi

If I could give this place a negative star I would, it does not deserve a star. !WARNING LONG READ BELOW...! Short version: This place ruined our wedding experience and would not recommend. Long version: I do not leave any reviews or comments but I have given an exception for this once instance because I do not want anyone else go through what my wife and I went through. We got married on May 6th 2017, that day was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives but ended up in tears and disappointment. We picked this venue an year ago and from the beginning there was a very big lack of communication between us and the management. We tried to pay for the wedding every month but at times was hard to even contact the management and when she did say she would call back...she rarely did because she stated she was too busy. This lack of concern made us feel as though we were low on her priority list. As time progressed the communication barrier became larger, and we kept finding out little details that would have been good to know in the begining such as the payment to the minister is separate from the package, the invitations provided were plain as the Sahara but costed $50 dollars and that we would have to basically do the filling out and printing ourselves. In the beginning, we were informed that alcohol was not allowed nor could not be provided at the venue. The management informed us that she might be working on something to change the alcohol situation and would let us know. A few weeks before the wedding is when she suddenly remembered to tell us but after everything would be said and done the cost would have added almost $1,500 on top of the wedding and we would have to provide it. If this information would have been provided earlier we would have encompassed it in the budget and worked out the logistics. After the disaster that was the ceremony, we were both ready for a drink. During the day of the wedding a little chance of rain was expected and we understand that no one can control the weather but our ceremony was unorganized and rushed. The food was awful, the DJ plainly sucked but we had been earlier informed by management that he would be one of the top DJs in Alabama (he was not).They placed my wife and I on an unstable table, where it was too small and we kept bumping everything off of it anytime we moved. The knife and server we used to cut the cake was made very cheaply and bent while cutting the cake. The photographer was a great guy but due to the unfortunate events of everything being rushed he was not able to take all the photos as planned. To add insult to injury a member of the staff hit my sisters car with the golf cart and did not mention it to anyone. My friend and several members of my new family witnessed her hit the car. When the staff member was asked about it, she claimed that she thought she had hit a rock. The staff member did give us her insurance information and after the vehicle was looked at the damages added up to be over $4500. The vehicle is currently being repaired. Honestly, I would not recommend this venue to anyone. After all said and done, I wish we could get our money back and do it over again somewhere else.

Kassie Thallas

Small but beautiful

Queen JET

Elizabeth Morris

New owner is very sweet as well as her crew

333 Designs

The Wedding Chapel is a beautiful venue with wonderful staff. They make planning a wedding easy and smooth. They offer special packages that work within your budget all while allowing customizations that make your wedding unique to you and your groom. The staff are all very helpful and positive. They know their stuff and will make your wedding day happen without a hitch. They offer indoor and outdoor ceremony options as well as a great reception hall. If you are looking for great priced wedding options, or even vow renewals this is the place you need to check out!

Davin Harsadi

Had a great wedding there. There were a few misses, but the overall experience was close to my expectations. Staff did extra effort to make the ceremonies and reception meet me and my wife's requests. I would suggest adding a bigger/more noticeable sign on the entry to the wedding chapel because a lot of the guests said they missed the turn.

Abby Lee Harmon

A beautiful venue with a variety of inclusive packages to choose from!

Sarah Carter

Pj and Sarah are the best of the best! I have been in several weddings there and they have both done everything to make the couples day everything they hoped for. Pj always does her ABSOLUTE best to keep the schedule on track even when getting the family together for pictures is like wrangling cats!

jeremy sandlin

We got married at the chapel Dec.28, 2018. Beautiful chapel and location. Very affordable for everything you get along with a Sweet, wonderful staff. They were so helpful and easy to work with. Only snag in the day was a GPS problem. Make sure you include directions to the chapel in your invitations to avoid any issues... GPS was routing guests to chapel at Monte Sano for some reason. Everything that the ladies at the chapel had charge of was perfect though :) Thanks Sara and PJ!

James Faulkner

Generic Wedding


Bill Stratman

Great wedding chapel for small weddings!! Both indoor and outdoor!!

Rebecca Whitehead

Beautiful setting for small venues!

Kim Whited

Elizabeth Swinea

Super cute wedding chapel tucked into the woods a bit off of 431, kinda hidden..we actually passed it at first. Went there for a wedding with my lady not too long ago. The wedding we attended was held outside which is pretty much behind the main buildings/reception area. The reception area where we ate afterwards was also real neat and set up beautifully. They also had a police officer on site, which seemed like a okay ish idea I suppose, for safety reasons and whatnot I guess. She was nice. All and all great place, great views, nice staff.

Tonya Thomas

Beautiful place

Pj Sturdy

Lovely place to start your life together!

Brittany Pryor

Brian beaty

Great staff. Sarah Snoddy was very helpful!

Teandra Pfeil

beautiful view and friendly staff!

Sarah Snoddy

Dave Robertson

I could not be more pleased with the FABULOUS wedding that PJ and Sarah created. The location at Mt. Sano Lodge created the most memorable pictures. The cakes were amazing - appearance and taste. The flowers were so much more than I ever expected. 333 florist outdid themselves. PJ and Sarah made my daughter's special day absolutely PERFECT!

Flenardo Taylor

love the staff

Chuck Allen

They did a wonderful job with the wedding for our family. Everyone was helpful and responsive to anything we needed throughout the planning and execution phases. They also were helpful with coordinating the bar service since we requested alcohol be served at the reception. The only recommendation that I have is that they should add improved lighting for the steps to the grotto. High heels, irregular steps, and darkness make for a challenging situation at least from my wife's perspective.

Susan Giles

With 2 Wolves DJ Service we have worked 100s of weddings at many venues. The Staff at the Wedding Chapel on the Mountain are some of the best and the place is beautiful. Hope we get the opportunity to work there again soon!

Jenni Mc

The Wedding Chapel on the Mountain is the perfect place to hold your wedding, in my opinion, if you are looking to have a small, intimate gathering of family and close friends. If you want a simple, stress free, yet elegant event, there is really no better place. We had our ceremony and reception there over the weekend and were very pleased. Everything was handled for us and coordinated without flaw. I'm a busy working mom and this made the day quite easy for me. Michelle and her husband Paul, (Eddie is what he goes by I believe), were pleasant and easy to work with. She even coordinated photography for us at the last minute as our photographer had fallen ill. As far as someone being disappointed about not receiving a refund when their wedding was cancelled, I am truly sorry for your unfornuate circumstances but the policy is clearly stated on the website. We had to postpone our wedding twice, not cancel, just postponed, and they were very gracious is helping us reschedule our plans. Consider The Wedding Chapel when planning your wedding! You won't be disappointed.

Jeannie Cooper

Nephew got married here. It was really nice and cozy...but small. A large wedding wouldn't be a good fit!


Sarah and Pj are great. They go through every detail that needs to be known and so far has made everything stress free. I highly recommend and I would give ten stars if I could.

Brad Hall

Very charming location. Excellent, helpful staff.

Chris Daugherty

(At my cousins wedding in February)Beautiful but the staff isn't that helpful on the day of the wedding. The plumbing didn't work in the bride's room and were basically told to fix it yourself. The wedding director didn't do much. We had to do a lot of running around to get people where they needed to be. She also stood in the way where she was in a lot of the pictures of the bridal party coming down.

Gigpal Giggy

In full disclosure, I'm not getting married at the Wedding Chapel on the Mountain until May 2013, but felt compelled to set something straight. The first review on this thread is written by someone who doesn't know how things the Chapel or the real world, for that matter. He canceled his wedding after paying the non refundable deposit. Let me repeat that. After paying his NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. I have paid the same non refundable deposit, as well. This should not have been a surprise for this groom left at the altar for it is clearly stated in multiple documents as you book your wedding. Now, I have in the 3 weeks since booking my wedding felt a warm and fuzzy feeling from the owners Eddie and his Michelle. They have been more than courteous to me and my bride to be. They have answered every question and need that we have presented to them. I will try and come on here after my wedding to give them an expected big thumbs up.

Terri De

Daughter got married at monte sano lodge in October 2017 & Wedding chapel deluxe package was well worth the money. My daughter just showed pictures of flowers, cake etc & everything was perfect. They took care of all the details! She even decided at last minute to have videographer & they helped her find someone at good price. We were very happy!

Torey Hicks

Place was beautiful and would recommend it for your special day.

Cristina Pedrianes

Beautiful spot for a small wedding. There is a secluded area for the bride, a scenic outdoor area for the ceremony, and a beautiful reception room. Loved it!!!

DeAnna Esler

I absolute love Wedding Chapel on the Mountain. Candy was wonderful and I really did not have to worry about anything on my special day. Any concerns I had Candy and Michelle took care of them immediately. They catered to our vegetarian needs, and the service was incredibly beautiful. The attention and care they took was exceptional. I could not have asked for a better wedding planning service. Perks -They organize everything -Custom wedding packages -Detail schedule for wedding day and rehearsal prior -Experienced Minister provided (Eddie did a wonderful job!!!) -Catered to our elderly and handicapped guest*** -They even packed us to go bags because we were not really able to eat at the reception

smooth user

My experience with the wedding chapel was an overwhelmingly stressful, taut experience fraught with unprofessionalism, lies and nauseating fakeness. So many time I just wanted to shout STOP LYING and call out their repeated unprofessionalism. But I booked and had paid for my wedding within a month of the event and I really had no recourse, but to just try to stay calm and try to make the best of a bad situation, so that I could try to engage them to at least perform some semblance of following through on what’s supposed to be the best day of my life. This maybe lengthy but I’ll try to categorize into the three topics below to make it easier to read. Unprofessional • Started when we first met, there were two vendors also there which Sarah the owner juggled between not giving me the potential customer undivided attention, even asked me to wait while she dealt with her vendors. She’s the one who told me to come at that time! If she had other obligations she should have told me to come at a different time. It appeared that she told me to come when the vendors were coming so she wouldn’t have to make two trips to the venue • The behavior above continued at any subsequent visits, they(Sarah or PJ) always met me when they had another reason to be at the venue not just for me. One time I requested to come up and go over last minute details and another wedding was still going on!! I couldn’t believe it and they had another bride there consulting with her. Moral if you want undivided customer attention, just as some of the other post say don’t count on it. Also Sarah would walk away when I was talking to her or be looking at her phone not only disrespectful but completely unprofessional. • They were consistently unresponsive, Constantly had to call, text and email them two and three times just to get a response • Loved to play the excuse game for lack of communication-when I finally did reach them during the pre-planning stages Sarah would say oh I thought I responded to that or PJ(wedding coordinator) would say oh I thought Sarah was going to call you back • Table overlays that I had asked for way in advance and that they said had come in a week before the event were not ironed- I couldn’t believe it when I walked in the venue and every crease from how they were folded and crumpled in the package was evident on ALL the tables-(see picture) • Didn’t refill nuts and a very small display of cookies and candy for 50 guest(see pictures). Nuts were not refilled • No punch/drink fountain-venue showed me a beautiful punch fountain that was included in my cost, but the day of my wedding they simply had a bowl with a ladle in it(see pictures) • Didn’t announce bridal party at reception-said they would, even wrote down names and asked me how to pronounce them-when I asked PJ aren’t you going to announce them she said no they can just walk in..I was shocked • Didn’t get best man for toast and no announcement of what was going on the guest just had to notice on their own hat we were getting ready to open the sparkling • No petals down aisle like they said they were going to do • PJ always had scowl on face-seemed pretty evident that she didn’t want to be there early or didn’t want to deal with me-PJ also had displeasure and sharp tone in her voice every time I asked her something at my wedding • PJ the wedding coordinator ate my guest wedding food (chicken), before they had even been served!! And then told me how good it was…unbelievable, that was for the guest and had been paid for per person

Ben Whitley

Rhonda Pullen

Absolutely loved my wedding at the Chapel. I didn't have to worry about a thing. Sarah was amazing to work with and was aways quick to respond to my messages.. she even texts her brides and gives them her personal cell phone number. As an owner of my own business I really appreciate how personal she is. I had my wedding here in 2016 right after she took over the business. I am so sorry that its taken me this long to write a review. I was going through pictures and noticed all the upgrades that have been done to the chapel and reception area. Sarah, beautiful work. I hope all is well at the venue. I hope one day that I can come back for a vow renewal.

Sg T

Love this place.. My brother got married there. Very nice outdoor wedding ceremony!

Dujunia Miller

When we arrived to view the venue the lady double booked us with another family. On top of that she was late on a day it happened to be raining and cold. This whole experience was very disappointing.

Robert Allen

Pretty venue. If you are having a large wedding night want to try another venue. Chapel is pretty small

Novella Qvin

Amanda Holloway

Rachel Brooks

Our wedding was at the chapel on December 7, 2018. Sarah was awesome and would patiently field all our questions and do as many meetings as we needed. The staff made our wedding wonderful and memorable. I still have guests contacting me to say how much they enjoyed it. The cake was amazing, the venue was beautiful, and we got a huge bonus by keeping Sarah as a friend.

Kirk Nugent

Gorgeous setting, attentive staff, simple yet beautiful setup. Great experience.

John French

Great service.

Jennifer Reeves

If I could give them 6 stars I would. They made my special day, truly amazing. I didn't have to do anything but get myself and wedding party ready. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend this place to anyone.

XD_ tsukuyomi

Cool good place for weddings


Awesome staff, beautiful chapel, great place to work. Sarah & PJ are doll babies.

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