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Eric & Jamie Photography

Becky is an incredible advocate for her brides. She works tirelessly to make their wedding dreams come to life, and we are always so honored when we get to work a wedding with her! Her creative vision and amazing organization and people skills are invaluable, and the love she has for her brides is so evident! We highly recommend Becky's Brides!

Emily Ellison

Amazing wedding planner! Becky took me at my every word and made my wedding exactly what I wanted. Not only does she work hard to make everything perfect, but she approaches you as a friend. She was such a joy to work with and a blessing to have on the wedding day. You'll never go wrong with this one!

John Thrasher

I worked with Becky on a wedding 4/2/16 in Decatur, GA and she could not have been more helpful, quickly responsive, professional, and courteous. She had the timeline extremely organized and ready for the band which made our job very easy. Talking to the bride and groom, Kacie and David Flanagan, they also were so happy with her work. I would highly recommend Becky's Brides and hope to work together with her in the near future!

Sharon Smith

Becky's Brides gets a 5 Star rating! My daughter and I were able to enjoy the wedding process and did not every get lost or stressed in the details. Becky always kept us on budget and tasks. We never had to ask what is next. I can honestly say that Becky saved us money by helping us find the best vendors, yet at the best cost. It was a beautiful day that I will always remember and a joyful experience!

Kim Jones

Becky is the perfect person to help plan your wedding. She has so many connections with the networking she does and always suggests the best for your vision and budget. She helped make my wedding day and all the planning leading up to it absolutely perfect.

Louise Myers

I am so thankful that my daughter selected Becky as her wedding planner. We knew we were in good hands at our first meeting! She is very professional yet so sweet and easy to work with. She made the entire process a wonderful experience for us. All of the vendors also loved working with her! The wedding day was so enjoyable and everything went smoothly - thanks to Becky!!

Emily Robinson

I'm so glad I chose Becky as my wedding planner. She went above and beyond for me. She made my wedding dreams come to life!

Alisha Crossley Photography

Becky is a stellar planner with a heart for people and gift for all things wedding. She truly cares for our brides and takes note of every element of the wedding day. In the ten years of capturing wedding days, Becky had easily become one of the best planners we've ever worked alongside.

Emily Jones

Throughout our year and a half engagement, my then-fiancé and I didn't think we needed a wedding planner. A month before our wedding, we were told by a number of our vendors that they advised getting a wedding coordinator and Becky Baker was the recommendation from every single one. Becky is one of the sweetest, efficient, professional and considerate people I have ever met. From day one she hit the ground running and did everything in her power to make our day as stress and problem free as possible and she succeeded! Our wedding weekend went on without any problems! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Becky and getting to know her. She was a help in ways I didn't even know I needed help. It's so easy to forget about minor details, but Becky was extremely helpful in making sure we had everything we needed. I would highly recommend her for a wedding of any size!

Kelsey Harper

Hiring Becky’s Brides was the absolute best decision I could have ever made. She took a feeling and vision I had for my wedding day and brought it to life better than I ever imagined it to be. From our first meeting I was so impressed by Becky and her team. They were so professional and passionate. Becky loves her brides SO well! I always felt like a priority and that Becky truly wanted me to have the best day. She thought of and took care of every detail so that I did not once have to worry. My wedding day could not have gone more smoothly. Becky has relationships with THE best vendors and they work so well together making every detail beautiful and flawless. I was in awe all day watching everything come together so perfectly because of Becky and her team’s eye and direction. Not only is Becky there but she has a team with her so that you always have someone close by if need be. They are all so kind and so attentive. I can’t sing Becky’s Brides enough praises.

Jun Li

We are so grateful to Becky for helping us plan our dream wedding in Birmingham this last October! We do not live in Birmingham and most of our guests were out of town, and Becky was so flexible in working with us and helping us plan the most wonderful wedding. She held our hand through the whole process, from picking out a venue in the early stages of the wedding, to counseling us through the ups and downs of wedding planning, and even dropping off my husband's phone at our afterparty after he left it in the reception venue :) The whole day of the wedding, my bridesmaids and I kept saying, "In Becky We Trust" and we were all so impressed with her Navy SEAL precision (and her pink box with every single thing you could ever need the day-of!). My father later told me that Becky was "worth every penny," which is seriously the highest compliment I can think of. Becky is a true professional and is excellent at what she does, and we cannot recommend her enough. We are so glad we decided to join the Becky's Brides family!


Absolutely one of the best professionals in the business. Becky's Brides is phenomenal!

Catherine Harrell

How do I even put into words how amazing Becky Baker is? Every part of planning and executing my wedding day was perfect because of Becky and the vendors she helped me choose. We had many requests and various styles that we wanted to portray through our wedding and she made sure it was accomplished beautifully. She was wonderful at communicating with us, finishing little odds-and-ends, scheduling and attending vendor meetings, budgeting, tracking RSVPs like a boss, making sure we stayed on schedule, pep-talks, and even helping my parents load their cars at the end of the long day (to name a few). Becky is organized, caring, detail-oriented, and has a true talent for creating every girl's dream wedding come true! She quickly went from my wedding planner to a great friend that I will stay in touch with for life! I could not imagine working with anyone else. If you are planning a wedding, you want to go with Becky!

jessica Oden

I love Becky! She took my vision and budget and helped me plan the perfect wedding day. I have been married for two weeks and have received constant compliments from wedding guests since my big day! Becky made wedding planning fun!

Savannah Smith

My mother and I had a fabulous time planning my big, southern wedding! It more than I could have ever dreamed. Becky was by our side every step of the way. The wedding flowed smoothly and I got to enjoy every detail of the day. I recommend Becky to any bride that wants to have an enjoyable time planning their one and only wedding day!

Cathy Kelley

Attention to every detail is what Becky's Brides business is all about. The care and concern about every aspect of your wedding is what makes her the best! Becky is not just a wedding planner, she's your friend working to make your day perfect!

Mike Robertson

When we were first planning our wedding, I egotistically wondered why we should hire a planner. We're two smart, resourceful people. Why can't we just put this together ourselves? Because putting together a wedding is a full-time job, and it's one of the most stressful things we've ever attempted in our lives. It didn't take long for us to realize we were way, way out of our depth, but Becky and Taylor came to the rescue. We handed them a chaotic mess of "planning" we had done (and I use that word very generously.) They turned it into a beautiful, problem-free day without breaking a sweat. I have no idea how they did it. If you're thinking you want to put together your own wedding, I encourage you to stop and call Becky's Brides right now. Thanks to them, we'll always have a perfect day to remember, and that is absolutely priceless.


Roopa Iyer

If you are in thinking about planning a wedding, in the process of planning a wedding, dreaming about planning a wedding, please don't do it without the help of Becky Baker and Brittany Lucas of Becky's Brides. These two ladies know how to get things down! I just had my wedding on Friday (June 17), and loved every minute of it, but I know that if I didn't have Becky's Brides, my day would have been far more hectic than needed. Becky and Brittany are rockstars. Is there a choice for 10 stars? No? There needs to be...5 is not enough.

Jennifer Rogers

The best decision I made throughout the entire planning process was to hire Becky! She is absolutely amazing. Working full time the thought of planning a wedding was incredibly daunting, but Becky made the entire process fun and stress free for me and my family. She is professional, responsive, punctual, and incredibly easy to get along with. She always scheduled meetings at a time that was convenient and worked with my schedule. Every vendor she set us up with was amazing and no one disappointed. She thought of things that never would have crossed my mind until it was too late, there was no detail that was left untouched. The day of my wedding was completely stress-free, I literally didn't have to worry about a single thing other than getting down the altar! We have gotten so many compliments on the wedding and reception; it was a night to remember. I would highly recommend Becky to everyone who is planning, she really did make the whole process so much fun and stress free.

Courtney Nunn

Let me tell you, Becky's Brides is the best in the city! When we signed up with her it was like a breath of fresh air. All of our planning stress immediately went away. Becky and her team are extremely professional and you can count on them to have everyone and everything in perfect order. I did not have to worry about anything. My wedding day was especially stress free because she handled everything.

Taylor Griggs

A paragraph or two will never truly convey how special and amazing Becky is. My wedding day would not have been the flawless, epic day that it was without her. It would have been an average wedding, full of love, but missing so many skillful and unique touches. I started researching Alabama wedding planners the moment my (then) fiancé and I decided to get married at my parents’ historic home in the South. It would be a challenge, seeing as we both live in San Diego and would be planning from afar. I was laser focused on finding a planner with excellent aesthetic, someone who could nail my vision! I had calls with several planners. One group in particular asked me about the other planners I was entertaining hiring. A little awkwardly, I told them the names. They then proceeded to tell me why each planner I had mentioned was not going to be a good fit for me in their sweet fake voices. Their competitive strategy was thinly veiled. I got off the phone feeling deflated, talked over, and unimpressed. Upon having my call with Becky I felt an immediate shift. She was all about hearing my vision and staying in her lane. She never once mentioned another planner (that’s badass confidence and ethics to me!) and provided such clear logistical insight on wedding planning. Her knowledge, evident good heart, and GORGEOUS instagram sealed the deal for me! Four days after my amazing wedding I sit here and I’m going through Becky withdrawals. We emailed almost daily leading up to my big day!! She made the entire process so CLEAR and stress free. Becky brought me top notch vendors from both Birmingham and Montgomery to consider, but never pushed me to select them. She propsoed vendors closer to our venue when possible, but ONLY if they met her standards for reliability and excellence. So we saved money where we could, but never settled for an unreliable vendor. That can really screw up your wedding day! In the instance that I did select a vendor that Becky had never worked with (my personal choice), they ended up being awful and took up to two weeks to email us back (despite Becky’s kind follow up emails, she was always so on it!) Basically, I should have listened to Becky in every aspect!! lol. Further more, Becky has this amazing balance to her. She knows when to let grandma drone on and cut in the picture line but also knows when to kindly tell someone it’s time to let the bride and groom move on :) She’s such a loving person, able to see the true beauty of weddings, but also a master at sticking to timelines and the wishes of the bride and groom. If there was ever an issue with my wedding, I never knew it! She deftly handled on the sidelines without us noticing. Between the ceremony and reception, I actually had a small precious moment alone with Becky. I was searching for a bridesmaid and some bobby pins to put my crown and reception veil on. Then Becky came through with everything I needed!! Like a magical wedding goddess she removed my ceremony veil and situated my reception crown and veil perfectly. It later would withstand hours of dancing. It was a small moment, watching her in the mirror as she adorned me with a crown I would look back on years later in pictures, with wrinkled hands and a smile, but it meant the world to me. “Becky is amazing!” my sister remarked sometime during the reception dinner. Becky had just delivered advil and a glass of water to me at the head table for a slight headache I had. Madison didn’t see her come or go, she was that fast! This is a perfect example of the kind of woman Becky is. She’s with you in the details of headaches and veil changes, and she’s with you in the big decisions like your plan B ceremony when mother nature comes roaring with showers (and your parent’s living room is transformed into a candelit royal wedding with florals dripping from the fireplace mantel). She is with you <3

Cynthia Edge

Calling all brides!! You girls have no idea what you are missing if you haven’t yet hired Becky’s Brides to plan or coordinate your wedding! From the first moment that we met with Becky, I knew she was going to be the best thing that happened to my wedding planning process! She was so kind and genuinely interested in my hopes and desires for my wedding day. Throughout the entire planning process, she was well organized and extremely detail and budget oriented. She provided amazing vendor suggestions and helped me create the most beautiful, epic and amazing ceremony/reception! I can’t imagine the stress and tears that I would have dealt with, had we not hired Becky. She was truly instrumental in planning and perfecting the wedding day of our dreams!! Thank you Becky!! We love you!!

Megan Smith

Becky is absolutely amazing! After meeting with Becky for the first time I knew that she was the perfect planner for us. We chose the Full Service Planning and it was one of our best investments for the wedding. She is a wealth of knowledge and all of the vendors love her. I would recommend Becky's Brides to anyone. Every detail was absolute perfection!

Hollow To Hem

Molly Horsley

Becky is a great wedding planner! She was such a pleasure to work with and knows what she is doing, backwards and forwards. She's always 3 steps ahead and has things done before you even know it needs to be done. So thankful I had her on my wedding day to take all the coordination stress off my shoulders. I have worked with many other planners being a vendor myself, and I chose Becky for my wedding! You will be so happy you hired her =)

Kat Lopez

Becky was one of THE BEST decision my Mom and I made during the wedding planning. At first I really didn't want one because I already did most of the bookings. I was SO wrong! If it wasn't for Becky and her assistant, I would have been a complete wreck and had a horrible time being stressed out about everything. She made my day so easy - she allowed me to enjoy every moment. Nothing was missed. Nothing. Becky made that possible. I promise you. Just schedule a time to sit with her. You will want to hire her.

Jessica Burleson

If you are contemplating getting a wedding planner I can tell you that hiring Becky was the single best decision we made for the wedding! We were able to make our money go much farther as she knew where we could save money, and she is also well known in the wedding industry! There were many things i would have never thought about without her! Becky was extremely dedicated to ensuring my wedding day was exactly how I envisioned it! She was always available whenever I needed her! She made sure that my vision of my wedding day was made true! Leading up the wedding she was on top of everything and was in constant contact! Then when the wedding day came I did not have to worry about a thing! We had several things go wrong and Becky managed to fix many of them without me even knowing! Truly don’t believe I would have made it down the isle without her! Not only is she organized, diligent, and practical but she is truly very kind! I enjoyed our many meeting and I am sad we won’t have anymore lol! If you want to enjoy the wedding process you won’t regret hiring Becky’s Brides they truly are the best in the wedding industry!

Julia Elaine

So thankful we had Becky’s Brides as our wedding planners! Taylor was my specific planner and she was wonderful to work with. I did not think I would need a wedding planner at first, but I am so glad that I had someone there to help me make decisions and take care of forgotten items and surprises.

Paige Conklin

Well....Its true.....having a wedding planner is one of THE most important aspects of your wedding. I was lucky enough to have Becky help me plan my wedding in September. Becky can do it all. She takes great attention to detail, knows all the best vendors in Birmingham, and truly makes your big day stress free and enjoyable. If your looking for someone to guide you through the wedding planning process, Becky is the very best!

Katie Frederick

Brides-to-be, you need these ladies to be a part of your big day! We were on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, but looking back, we are so glad we did. It's so hard to put into words just how awesome Becky and Taylor are! From the very beginning, my wedding planning was stress-free and enjoyable! They handled everything from the big vendor contracts down to the little details to ensure my wedding day was perfect. But most importantly, I was able to enjoy my wedding day without worrying about the details. I couldn't have done it without them! I would 100% recommend Becky's Brides to anyone looking for a wedding planner!

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