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REVIEWS OF Alexander's the Great Events IN Alabama

mike alexander

Dear Barbara Garrison, I know exactly who you are even though you are signed in under another name. Please keep in mind we have been doing weddings for 23 years. We have catered over one thousand weddings yet you are the only person who has such negative comments about us. Since there is no way for me to erase this comment, I feel like I must explain. First of all you have already tried the Better Business Bureau and obviously unhappy since we won the case. You have smeared our company on both of our facebook pages until we were forced to block you and now you resort to this. I can only imagine what is next but I must say we have always and will continue to provide quality service, great food, and expert advice to our brides. I am sorry you felt like you knew more than I did and the end result was exactly what I warned you about in the first place. You don't need big dinner plates when you only buy pasta and our basic foods. For the record you did have plenty of fruit and vegetables left over and I was surprised at the comments from the guests at your wedding expecting a meal when a meal is not what you bought. We always treat our brides with the upmost respect and do 110% on what we do. If any one else is reading this, trust me, we have hundreds of people who will stand up for us and prove this post to be bogus. Thanks Mike Alexander

Teresa Fitzgerald

Unfit for hire. Stay far away from this company. Way overpriced and taking advantage of people celebrating special moments. I recently went to a wedding where rehearsal dinner and wedding dinner were catered by this company. The food was worse than hospital food. I wouldn't have paid more than $200 for the rehearsal dinner that they charged $2,500 for. A friend of mine asked for water as well as iced tea and they said no it wasnt paid for for you to have another glass. The wedding dinner was astonishingly bad. I feared people would get sick. Shrimp was up on skewers, not on ice, out for more than 3 hours from what I saw. Meat sandwiches were left out as well for an equal amount of time. I think this was considered a wedding dinner but they only provided small plates. I grabbed a plate for my son and could barely fit a piece of watermelon on it with some wheat thin crackers. The person in charge of this must stop taking advantage of people, yes people are going to eat because they are hungry and trying to be respectful but it does not mean anything was actually enjoyed. We went to dinner right after. Please heed my warning and avoid this company. I feel so sorry for the parents of the bride and groom for paying for this and for also being embarrassed by the food. I am curious if there will be a response to this review but from what I gather from this company there will be attitude and no remorse. Update 9.12.17 Mike Alexander called me, asked for my address because he wanted to send me something. I gave him an incorrect address because I would never give out my real address to a stranger and he said oh so you are a liar! His plan was to send me something from his lawyer. I thought he was calling to apologize and tell me how he was going to fix the situation. I would have even taken down this review if he did good. So, still waiting to see if maybe he will apologize and own up to any shortcomings on their side. I included a photo of rehearsal dinner. I don't see how you can miss the deflated green beans or small size of chicken breast.

Barbara Garrison

Food was good we guess! They ran out!!!! Staff was rude. They started taking everything up when we still had people in line wating to be served!!! NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE with them!!! Be sure you add more than 100 to your list if you take a chance and use them!!! We added 100 to our numbers and they did not have enough to do even THAT!! How hard is it to do PASTA -- COME ON PEOPLE!!!! at least be nice about it!! Will never use them again!


By far the worst food I have ever had put in front of us! From the 3" piece of rubber chicken that was served to the coagulated mozzarella the meal was awful. All of the guest talked to each other about how bad the food was and when we asked for a cup of water on top of having the sweet tea the waiter said to our friend that there was only the amount of glasses paid for. My friends mother immediately called the owner about how bad the food was. He called her back and told her that he spoke with someone working there that there was plates that people had eaten so basically telling her she was lying. Of course at a wedding rehearsal everyone isn't not going to eat anything at all out of respect. My wife wrote a review online to tell of the bad service and food and was called by the owner today. He not only surprisingly didn't try to apologize but he threatened to sue her for slander for telling the EXACT story of what happened!! Unbelievable! Take a warning from this that this company is not worth hiring and is VERY unethical!!!

Pamela Baird

Mike catered our dream wedding in 2012. The food, presentation and staff were wonderful. The staff understood the craziness of the day and made us a plate to go including the cake as we left for the airport. Great job and we highly recommend Mike and his crew.

Martha Bain Boling

I highly recommend this company for your next event! They are easy to work with and provide outstanding food, service and decorating second to none! My daughter in law used Alexander's Great Events for their wedding. The tables were beautiful and the food was AWESOME and plentiful!

Martha Goodwin

Tonight I attended my sister's class reunion. It was a 50 year reunion for Oxford High School. It was very obvious that the committee had put a lot of time, energy and money into making this a memorable event. The decorations were gorgeous, the music was terrific and it was just a marvelous atmosphere. The problem was the food. Alexander the Great Event Planner catered and it was awful. Shrimp and grits that was not fit to eat and green beans too tough to chew. They ran out of food before we got up in line so we only got to try what no one else wanted and it was obvious why. They said they had more food and finally put out some turkey, roast beef and wedge potatoes straight from the Walmart. I have always heard great things about Alexander's and I know they are quite expensive but I would never use them for anything. The plates sat on the tables most of the night because no one was picking them up because there was only 4 people working. It was really disappointing for the committee I am sure and if I were on that committee I would be demanding a portion of our money back. In my opinion Alexander isn't so great after all.

Lisa Worthington

As the Mother of the Bride I wanted my daughter's wedding to be everything she dreamed of, and I found just that with Alexander's the Great! After my initial communication with Mason I knew this was the right choice for catering, decorating and floral. Mike Alexander spent so much time with my daughter to get to know us on a personal level. He listened to our ideas, and then offered his remarkably creative ideas to bring her dreams to reality. The floral arrangements were so unique and more than we could have ever imagined. The food was wonderfully fresh and pleased the tastes of guests of all ages, and the food presentation was remarkable. Alexander's decorating was nothing less than breathtaking. Mike and his staff were great to work with and understand the meaning of customer service! It was 5 stars all the way!

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