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REVIEWS OF Johnny's Auto & Marine Electric IN North Carolina

Bryan Gury

When the dealer can't fix it, these guys will. A local Chrysler dealer (who I'll never visit again) replaced the PCM (powertrain control module = engine computer) and a crankshaft sensor and then the problem returned because they missed the short in the wiring harness that was the true cause of the problem. Johnny's found and fixed the real problem and it stayed fixed.

Phil Jones

Went above and beyond explaining everything and making recommendations of how to proceed with car problems. You can trust these guys.

Mohammed Odeh

Knowledgeable staff, speedy repairs, fair prices. This shop earned a lifelong customer.

Roger Yeargan

Good work very nice people

Joaquin B

are there 6 or 10 start ratings??, these guys are awesome, rebuilt my old 1987 Force 85hp outboard starter in less than 24hrs... can't be more happy and thankful to them, special thanks to Tom. Great service, they know about customer service.

Travis Beamon

My experience was similar to that of Taylor James who previously left a review. Please ensure you leave zero room for interpretation of the work to be completed. My car was dropped off to be rewired utilizing a wiring kit I provided. My instructions were to rewire the car with the new kit and have everything connected and working like from the factory. Everything working from the factory meaning that everything that is rewired works like from the factory. Like Taylor James, there was tons of unrequested work completed on my car. I never would have thought that by leaving the car to be rewired that my motor would end up being retuned or that bucket seat hinges would be repaired. My car was set for dyno tuning after rewiring was complete so why would I request an automotive electrician to tune my car? Meanwhile, half the car remained unwired because the bill was getting out of hand. Don't get me wrong, the quality of work is fine but if it is mostly work that is unrequested, why do it and then stick it to the customer on the tail in? Being that the shop charges by the hour, it seems like a lot of things were done to add time to increase the bill. Now, I'm sure a witty reply will be provided by the organization but I'm just sharing my experience for the next customer.

Hot Market Girl

Traveling from NY to Florida we discovered our alternator faild..found johnnys on the web and decided to take the car here. Glad we did..we just arrived safe in Sarasota the car ran perfect.thanks to Tom and the guys at Johnnys..I would highly recommend them.

Audrianna Rhynehardt

It only took them 1 hour to fix my car. I had two fuses go out on me and after that my car had power again. They were dependable and I knew I could rely on them. I talked to Patrick while I was there and he went above and beyond to make sure that everything I asked for was fixed.

Kwamane Brown

They Are The Best I Normally Don't Do reviews But The Way They Conduct Business I Had No Choice I Would Recommend Them Any Day you will not be Disappointed


Hector is very knowledgeable and does amazing work!

Ed Jones

Excellent customer service . They are very good in what they do . I highly recommend them for any trouble solving with your car etc.

John Ostrander

Taylor James

Do not I repeat do not go to this place if you do don't let Patrick work on your car this guy did everything except what I ask him to do then gets mad the Man that owns it Has no integrity at all to let his employee get away with something like this but it's all good my car was running when I dropped it off now it doesn't talking about my distributor what in the hell that had to do with my dam dash lights he will get what's coming to him including your boss the most high will take care of you I will be reporting this place to BBB yes people the service was that bad they lied on the paper work they wouldn't let me talk to this guy just a lot of he said she said see ya in court

Amanda Constantinides

Johnny's fixed my 2007 Eclipse Spider convertible top after Leith Mitushibishi sent us packing with no solution. Johnny's was able to source a used motor, which saved us about 50% on the repair. They have excellent customer service and a tidy shop. Highly recommend.

Gayle Payne

They gave me the information that I needed so that I replaced the old car I was using

Patrick Donleycott

Fantastic customer service, honesty, and integrity from Patrick

Chris Hoffman

These guys totally went above and beyond for me. I dropped the car of on Thursday morning. It's highly modified and had an electrical short...somewhere...that was draining the battery as it sat. They went through it top to bottom, found and fixed the problem in 3 hours. Amazing. I'm pretty handy with cars and I could have spent weeks trying to find this issue. I was very impressed.


I had an electrical issue with an '09 Dodge Journey and a P0206 diagnostic code. I took the vehicle to another shop originally and the guy replaced the injector for the #6 cylinder; however, issue came back after a few weeks. Because of this the injector was replaced a second time (under warranty). The P0206 code came back after a few days and I was told to replace the PCM. PCM replacement cost $920 from Dodge Dealership. Day after replacing PCM - P0206 code came back. After talking to some guys at a parts store they recommended Johnny's as they are more geared towards electrical issues. Johnny's found that there was an opening in one of the wires that runs to the #6 cylinder and was able to repair. However, this was after they replaced the battery ($120) and ground terminations + 9.5 hrs of labor at $90 per hour for a grand total of $1084. Overall an okay place, just wish they would have found the issue earlier instead of later as the labor hours killed me.

Blue Steel

Drew Mormann

Sante Mor

Albert Ayers

They are worth every penny they ask for my transmission wiring harness was burnt and it killed a lot of other stuff it took some time Tom kept me informed. They got me ready for the car show Aug 7 thanks again.

Andrew Cherry

Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick two Johnny's is my go-to for quality auto electrical work done quickly at a fair price. Tom and the staff were highly accommodating when I needed the windows in my Mazda 3 diagnosed and repaired, just as they were a decade ago when I needed to track down gremlins in my Jeep Cherokee. The Mazda had been to two other shops in the area for the same issue, and both times the repairs failed just weeks later. Not so with Johnny's. I'm back to stock functionality, able to roll my windows down just in time to enjoy the half week of fall we're bound to get here in NC. Please note, the term used for pricing was "fair" not "cheap". For other reviews attempting to price-shame this shop, keep in mind that electrical systems are complex (increasingly so with further integration of computers into every corner of vehicle operation) and require a specialty focus to properly diagnose and correct. I wouldn't use the cheapest lawyer, or orthopedic surgeon, or contractor; why would I complain when another specialized service is pricing accordingly? My only complaint is a back-charge for labor completed in phase 1 (pre-hurricane Florence) that wasn't charged until completion of the work. Other than this hiccup (which is generally understandable when the whole state is staring down the barrel of a Category 4), the pricing structure and rate are in line with what I'd expect from a specialty shop.

Monica Aparicio

(Translated by Google) They were kind, they attended me quickly, just that I needed to be more economically prepared $$ (Original) Fueron amables me atendieron rápido solo que ami me faltó estar más preparada economicamente$$

Kameron El-Aalamin

I had my 99 grand Cherokee go out on me after work. Got it towed up to them through " big dog towing " recommendation. I got it towed there at about 9am and turns out my starter was the problem. They got it diagnosed and fixed all in one day. Very efficient, and hard workers! Cost me $460. I will definitely be going here in future if I need it.

Ernest Sherrill

Best place ever by far.

Glen McLaughlin

Great Folks.I've known Dwight the owner over 20 yrs.A rare decent professional.Outstanding Crew who know the auto electric business bumper to bumper.This shop is a Raleigh ,NC Area Star City Gem. Trust them completely.Well managed Friendly Service.

Colby Williams

Johnny's Auto Electric is an excellent electrical diagnostic and repair shop (and always will be). They installed my headlights with precision and it took them no time at all to get them wired up. Huge thanks to Patrick and Tom!

Andrew Jeffries

Just had some electrical work done on my boat; overall I'm satisfied with the work and would recommend this service. They replaced a DC switch panel, rewired a bilge pump, installed a voltmeter, connected a GPS/chartplotter and replaced lead wires to the battery. Overall, the fit/finish of the installation was terrific -- it's evident it's a professionally done job. All fittings were properly wrapped and heat-shrunk with appropriate fuse/surge protection integrated into the circuits. I valued the opportunity to speak twice with the actual technician who did the work; he took time to explain the work, things he found and how he solved them. The service manager was professional and accurately set expectations in completion.

Mike Ruck

Fast, dependable and honest. Highly recommend these guys.

Cherri Dudley

Dana Moore


Pistol Gripp

Jared Hodges

josephine smith

Very friendly place to get a job done fast

Susan Odaniel

Quickly able to figure out electrical issues. Only issue is their hourly rate.


Cindy Lupo

Jeffrey Pearson

INCREDIBLE service here. Honestly I couldn't be more happy or relieved. After another shop jipped me hard, and told me the completely incorrect diagnosis for what was wrong with my car, I came here for a second opinion, having estimated almost 1000$ in repairs from the previous shop. All said and done I paid $303 for an amazing repair job that got my car back up to code and able to register and get new plates. These guys were friendly, understanding, empathetic, and accommodating, and above all they were honest. I highly recommend utilizing their service for your auto repair needs at any point and you can count on good quality, honest, impeccable work to be done at a fair price.

Brandi Denslow

David Padgett

Michael Clark

Their very good but prices are very high.

MJBR Milia Bryant

I had an electrical problem with my 2004 Lincoln Town Car that no one could seem to figure out. I took it to Johnny's Auto & Marine Electric. They were very patient while I babbled on about what was going on with my car and they found the problem and were able to offer me an affordable solution. I am so grateful to these guys and I absolutely recommend them for their automotive skills, professionalism and friendly service. They are the best! Thank you Tom and Hector!

Maurice Stubbs

kimberly castle

I was referred by my Tow Driver after several Mechanics attempted to fix my electrical issues on my Toyota . Coming from the Customer Service Industries I have high expectations as a general rule. From Dwight to Tom I could not be more happier. They not only diagnosed the issue with 24 hours and had it repaired the very next day. It gets better they were closed by the time i got off work , I asked Dwight if he could leave my key in car not informing him that it was the only key I owned , arrived on a Saturday during none business hours and again Dwight saved the day showing up on his day off to fine out I only owned 1 key not only did he greet me with an amazing warm welcome he offers sum of his own freshly picked tomatoes and called a local Awesome locksmith to unlock my car. So when I tell you these guys are the most professional team that i've ever encountered I truly mean it!!! I just had to give him a big hug they made my day. Thank You again I will be a returning client and suggest anyone with electrical issues these are the guys you want to bring your vehicle to. Five Stars Customer Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Robert Venito

James Fleming

Craig Furlough

We will see

Brian Creech

Juan Chavira

Great shop took my 2000 dodge Dakota Was having some electrical problems did a great job of fixing my issue took it Monday it was running Monday highly recommend this place great staff fair prices

Fung Szeto


He lied to me about fixing my jeep. I wanted them to find out why it wasn't starting. He said they found out why after looking at it for 2 hours. Which was $140 an hour. Then said the total was $375 plus an extra$400 if I wanted it to tun smooth. It ran great just wouldn't start. He said it ran like garbage. I said just fix it for $375 and I will look at it. I picked it up after hours because I worked late. It ran like garbage all the way home. I looked under the hood and one of my spark plug wires was off. Put it on and it ran great again. He was going to try and get another$400 out of my wallet for that. Then he also charged me for $140 an hour for 2 hours to find the problem. In that 2 hours he didn't see the spark plug wire was off. This guy Tom at the shop is a crook and I will never recommend them to anyone. Stay away.

Timothy Cross

Professional staff.

David Smith

Knowledgeable honest people

Sam Ray

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