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REVIEWS OF Road America IN Wisconsin

Kevin Thomas

Great place to visit! Always love walking and seeing the track from different views!

Gregg Kowalski

Nice track, homey atmosphere, and concession stand is decent

Alan Jes Schrank

Always a great time here! Came here today for MVP track time. Colors this time of here are just stunning

Michael Jacobson

Awesome track saw alot of cars and veteran ride

Ross Hoffmann

Great place to go see motorsports at it's finest.

Kevin Liesch

Awesome place. People are very friendly.


This place is great. The Vintage Car Racing series is a seriously good time. There are so many different races and cars to see. I probably walked 50 miles over the course of the weekend because I wanted to see the races from all angles. It is really nice how chill this place is. And the food is fantastic. I had the all you can eat pancakes from the concession stand for breakfast and they were great. The BBQ is delicious as well. This is a great place to take the family if you have any interest at all in cars and racing. The town of Elkhart Lake is only a five minute drive and there are awesome shops and restaurants.

Andrew Shaver

I've been to a good handful of racetracks in the u.s.. Road America, might be my "home track" and I may be a bit partial to it, but it's by far my favorite track to attend races . Beautiful scenery, great amenities. Always a great place to be.

Cam Nicholas

Friendly Staff, wide open areas allow you to wander outside the course to find your preferred view.

Nathan Montalvo

Just started to ride this year! This place is a perfect getaways for biker riders of all kinds! I like the events and races they have! Camp grounds are always packed with nice fellow bikers. The roads are threw the camp grounds are pretty scenic and great way to cool down on hot days! Will always like going there!

Buddha Soudan

You'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful track in the US. It is a very scenic, remarkable track with a little bit of everything to challenge drivers. Staff are extremely helpful and friendly (jumped my car as a spectator without a fuss). It really does hold up to the name "America's national park of speed". Always action packed, very exciting race weekends, would highly recommend if you are even slightly interested.

Johnny Limpet

Overall, this is a great racetrack. Tons of places to sit and view the track with good food available at the concession stands that isn't incredibly overpriced like most other sports entertainment facilities.The gift shop or "Paddock Shop" feels very new and has a good selection of quality and unique items available for purchase. The disc golf course is alright, but lacks variety in the first 8 holes. It can be a little challenging, as there is no shortage of trees to throw around. If you're looking for a course with wide-open long distance throws, this is not the course for you. As far as events go, the WeatherTech International Challenge is my favorite.

Beth Dotter-Begay

It was so exciting! I love that you can walk around all over and not just be stuck in the stands.

Robert K

Great place to watch a race. Have done lunch touring laps! They continue to improve the facilities.

Pat Findley

Incredibly pretty facility with great amenities and fun places to watch the racing. Easy in and out to the highway, too.


So much fun at the IMSA championship weekend. We had a camping pass. There is so much access to the paddock, drivers, teams, put. Everything! There are a lot of places to go, so plan to hike or golf cart it if you want to get around the 4 miler track. Sun screen Hat It’s hot in the summer, so plan for it. Bring some sort of shade. Foods ok. $6 for a short and dried out brat and at 5 on Friday, they had 3 betrays and a hot dog left. GO TO THE ELKS LODGE ON THE HILL. best food. Their food is freshly grilled and they ha r sweet corn. Relax and fun.

Nell E

This place is great to go watch the races. So many different places to sit and watch from we were moving around the track all day. They also have good food all throughout. Parking was easy. The place is very well kept.

David Lambert

America's National Park of Speed. I love this place.

Stephen Hoppe

Took my vehicle on the track with a group of others for an amazing sunset cruise!! Very safe and enjoyable experience!! Definately recommend.

Calvin Buchli

Beautiful facility. But the management sucks. Would you believe that they allow scooters, motorcycles and golf carts to travel everywhere but harrassed a 62 yr old disabled man for using a motorized Segway mobility device for transport which clearly violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. I am serious. If you want your Federal Civil Liberties violated this is the place to be...

Ty B

America's National Park of Speed. Great facilities. Easy to get about. If you can, bring a bike. I'll be going back.

Chris Taylor

Historic and Iconic racetrack, can't wait to continue to participate in races here for many years to come! From my first trip in 2009 to my most recent its been an amazing experience! Some of the best track food in the country!

randall miller

Ok race course need vending machine that work

Jason Jacobsen

Always awesome, best road course for spectators around!

Justin Marhold

One of the absolutely best places for an automotive enthusiast. You can talk one-on-one with the race car drivers, view the track from many different angles, even camp overnight! The pricing is fair for such a phenomenal facility, I go each year for the vintage weekends in spring and fall.

Brian Priestly

Best time ever. Great place to experience many facets of racing.

Steve Schmidt

This a 60 year old RACE road track with all classes of professional car races ... as well as offering speciality car time on the track for a fee!!! Overall, 640 acres on the property. Also offer corporate geocaching events.

Scott Lindberg

One of my happy places. Best road course in North America.

Jeremy D

I've been going here for 30 years now, and it's getting better all the time. Now, they have a couple shuttle trams, which drastically cuts down on the time to hike from one part of the track to the other.

Jared Roeck

Totally amazing racing atmosphere..... fun place to be... and the history of the track is phenomenal.

Keith Treder

Spectacular track. Amazing hospitality and staff. Super clean and friendly. Great times all around.

Gavin Yuill

An iconic race track, and just a wonderful place to race. Facility is the best in the country.

AJ Schalund

Road America is always a great time. Beautiful grounds, tasty concessions and has a great variety of events to spectate. It's also an amazing race track to drive on.

Alex Ryall

Had a wonderful time but if you don't show up early you WILL have to walk pretty far for food/alcohol. They had a nice selection of drinks and food and it was cheaper than the last race I went to in Indiana. Bring walking shoes because unless you rent a golf cart or bike you'll have to walk a lot!! Plan on leaving early or staying kindve late to avoid traffic

Cory Petersen

Great place to spend a weekend! Clean with amazing views almost everywhere. Highly recommend!

Todd Ware

What a great track! So much fun!

Nathaniel S. RN

Nice facility with good access from major highways. Depending on the event, it can be quite expensive. $37 and up for a lot of events. There is a gift shop as well as many food and drink options available on the property.

Race House

What a great track. Super fast and challenging. Great facilities for spectators. Gotta try the potatoes with cheese and garlic- the best.

Jared Letterly

Very fun track and nice facility. Taken care of well. Good food.

Geoffrey Williams

I love road racing, and this track has always been a favorite. Only complaint I had is, for the spotters for turn 1, can't really see from the popup tents along the fence.

Tim Erskine

Firtst time here food was not too expensive very clean grounds. Nice place


We are lucky to have such a nice track near us!

Kevin Rutherford

Fantastic coarse need to camp as hotels are a ways away.

Matt Holl

This is a hidden gem that deserves more credit. From track days, vintage racing, indy and ama this 4 mile track has fun for you and friends and the family. With lookouts all around the track you'll have to catch a whole years worth of races to see the action from every angle.

Natalie Biel

Took the basic rider course and I passed! It was super fun and the instructor Bill was very funny, nice and patient.

Ken Sodemann

Great place to watch a race with lots of excellent viewing areas. Nice big camp sites. It is a lot of fun to stay at the track for several days. Just like camping at a state park with the added benefit of there being great racing taking place as well. Also, the food at all of the stands I have been to is top notch and reasonably priced for a sports venue.

Brian Zortman

Best race track I've visited yet. I've been to lots of them. Even the people who work here are friendly and eager to help.

Bud Wilkinson

Arguably one of the best historic race tracks in America.

Michael Puglisi

Pro track. Beautiful are to watch cars.

Beth Wisniewski

Most beautiful race track... we so love going here!!!

Lindsey Kriete

Huge race track, grounds are well kept and fun to explore. Great concession options

Evan Schattner

The camphost in the carousel were awesome and the track is always active during Nascar weekend with all of the different leagues

Robé Rabun


Bill Dunn

This place has it all, cars, people, scenery, exercise and great track food.

Thomas Baldassarre

One of my favorite race tracks in America.

Ted Crandall

If you have the guts and the vehicle GO to an open track day!!! This is one of the premier racetracks in the US for a ton of good reasons


Great venue!! Lots of different great places to watch from all included in ticket price. Food is some of the best at any track, done mostly by local church or community groups.


Many reasons. Many great views of track. Good food. Plenty of tv screens to follow all 4 miles, 14 turns of track.

Cindi Clark

Great track, great hosts and hostesses. Lots of great photo opportunities!!

Nicholas Van De Sompele

Amazing place to watch a race. Owners do a great job with the facility. In am an Indycar fan and have been to a fair amount of tracks and this one is up there for a must do every year.

Mindy Luth

Always fun. Track treats fans very well is always making improvements.

Kevin Bethke

Helping long time friend preping his car's great place great weather this time of the year

John Adams

World class RACE track. Excellent food. Variety of great viewing locations. Probably one of the best venues in the world of racing.

Jim Albrecht

Best race track I have ever been to. PERIOD!!

Devin Herritz

This racetrack is awesome. I've been here for track days and to watch race events and the grounds, buildings and track are always well kept.

Michelle & Matt Storma

Best road track around. Plenty of seating and fun for the kids


Amazing race track. With fantastic racing

Donald Cooke

I've had this track on my list for decades and it's worth the wait. A beautiful setting and a great racing venue. Plenty of spots for photography, my favorite! Glad to get here at last.

Anthony Frey

One of the finest race tracks in the world, right here in Wisconsin.

Patty Brown Preston

Beautiful track, had great time at race, but fan store out of Road America pins.

Steve Banker

This race course is so beautiful and fan friendly. I love each and every visit!

Jason Paul

The best most beautiful race circuit in America (possibly the world)! A must-see for any IndyCar fan, but there are great races all season long!

Andrew&Nancy Saunders

One of USA's iconic race tracks - great circuit and location.

Jon Schmirler

This is a great place to visit. It is public friendly and a great racing atmosphere in the Paddock (gift store). I highly recommend the sunset cruises. They allow you to take a our street car on three guided laps of the 4-mile track. It's truly a bucket list item even for non-racers. They have vintage, NASCAR style, motorcycle and Indycar races. Annually, there is also a Friday night where the race cars have a police escort to take over the downtown nearby Elkhart Lake. They park on the streets for a couple of hours and the public can see them up close, mingle with the drivers and maybe even sit in the cars. It is a great atmosphere and everybody is in a good mood. Take the time to seek out this gem in a beautiful part of the state.

jim prechter

Outstanding facility. Scenic and great racing. Can't beat it

Ralph Kops

This is a beautiful 630 acre facility with lots of room to enjoy, friendly people and fantastic racing. The greatest track food anywhere in the country! All of the series that race here are very very fan-friendly except for NASCAR. They will not let you into their Paddock but everyone else does.

Vince VanGilder

If you love fast super cars then you need to be here!

Jason Kawatski

Nice venue,if you love racing this one of best in the Midwest.

Mr. Gold05

If you like watching cars race and you don't want to go to Nascar. Go here. My opinion, I loved it here. There are concessions here, you can walk around and look at the different cars that just raced or are gonna race. I suggest you go here. It is very amazing.

Mike Hawkey

What can someone say its the playground of power super bike weekend is great

Judy Helsell

Very nice place!.Should have a highest point where people can sit and see the whole track!

Elliot Kaufman

Great road track, Large venue, perfect Wisconsin food selection.

Cesar Perez

Awesome event, world class drivers, in beautiful machines being pushed to perform at their peak. Events like these bring people together in a safe environment with professionals. A must go, when these events are happening only about an hour north of Milwaukee.

Danny Norris

A great time was had by all. Lots to see and learn.

Gunnar Larson

What a consistently great place this is to see a road race. There are so many different spots to view from. Food and beverages always okay and not overpriced. Nice staff too. Lots of new bathrooms too which is one of those understated pluses.

Adam Berdan

Great place to watch great racing. Very laid back and welcoming facility.

Sean Hanrahan

Yes indeed the best way to camp! Indy cars at Road America. Great food, clean bath and shower houses, kid activities and more. Thank you Elkhart Lake for hospitality.

Claire Higginbottom

Well maintained and lots of good views. Fun even for non race fans. Real bathrooms too!

Paul Challinor

Best road racing course in the country. Beautiful area, great track, perfect place to watch a motor race.

Mootown Properties

This track is simply spectacular. Grounds are beautiful.

eric marema

In my humble opinion this is the best road course race track in the nation.. just be prepared to walk a lot or bring a bike to get from corner to another as it's also the largest track in America

Ralph Radtke

Excellent beautiful grounds super gift race items in shop fun experience watched Porsche' s run the track free

Dave M

Great day...vintage bike races: very happy!

mike susedik

Great place to see a race and see the pits. Rent a go cart or something to make your way around the track.

Michael Schmitz

World Travelers and pop race car drivers including Mario Andretti, Paul Newman and many others have raced on this course. It is rated the number one permanent road course and all of North America. 4 miles of twists and turns and Hills make this a very competitive race track.

Troy Barnes

A beautiful race course. So many amazing views of the action, with almost a state park setting. Great for camping!

Kurt Fisher

Come here 2 times a year at least. They are always improving their facilities everything is clean and taken care of. The staff are always willing to help you in anyway they can. Have so many good memories here I am always looking to go back


Huge track, many many areas you can watch the races from. Very updated and nice facilities throughout. Great race facility. Put it on your race list!

Ralph Geigner

Always a great outing with friend's Cars ! The fall event September you see many car clubs on there last rally outting This year Saturday s weather was perfect lots of good food ! You see tha classic muscle cars racing and older British. German cars. Get ear protection always. RA opened a new store.

Steve Grabinger

Fan friendly track with lots of great racing action.

drawn _user

It was amazing, the food was great. They had plenty of restrooms. The downside for me is the viewing of the actual race because its such a big track you really dont see much of the action.


Awesome track, your admission ticket gets you anywhere you want to go on the track you can even walk through the pits no pit pass required for all races except Nascar.

Jeffrey Diederich

It is all around a beautiful race track. You can get to the entire track! Perfect for the spectators.

Kyle Ewing

Always a good time at Road America. The track and amenity improvements the last few years have been nice to see.

Curt Wilber

Awesome tone had at this raceway

Joseph K Bagel

A race track in a beautiful landscape which allows clear views of competitive action. There is a big reason Road America is popular. Go see it.

Sanjay Sheth

Fun weekend of camping and races. Well kept bathrooms (with showers!).

Danielle Erickson

Great race course and in a beautiful location. My company sets up the tents for the weekly events. There is always something interesting going on here.

Diana Colgrove

Watched the qualifiers today then stayed for the mx5 race. Pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had watching the race. Can't wait for the main event tomorrow.

C.R. Krieger

Road America is quite simply the best road racing venue in the nation. Just go.

M &J Holst

4 miles of high speed fun!

Groove 5353

if you have a scooter or dirt bike this is where you need to go with it to watch races. I honestly believe some people just go here to ride around the grounds on their motorcycles. Its a hoot to watch. Not a lot of rules but then none are really needed. Just go wherever you want and if your not allowed turn around. Its a huge track and great for spectators.

Eric Fusciardi

Beautiful grounds and an exhilirating drive. Absolutely stunning track to run, put it on your bucket list.

Karl Schnautz

Excellent time at RA, food is good priced and the facilities are great.

Ray Downar

If you love racing, exploring and fun. This place is a great place to camp too!

Craig D

Best track for spectators in the country, no matter the event. Decent food too.

anthony Felix

Great place to be with the IMSA, Super Trucks, and NASCAR.

Nathan Stratton

Great place to see a race. Lots of places to setup and watch. Saw the Super Stadium Trucks and Nascar the Friday I was there.

Karl Storck

Road America is great. Been to lots of regional SCCA races and by far this place has the most amount of spectators

Garrett Alton

What a great place to spend the weekend. If you like racing, cars, or motorcycles it’s a must.

shelley labadie

Best place to go in WI. So much fun and so much to see and do! Family friendly! Food is great! Staff is friendly!The office could be a little more informed on instruction, policies and event info. I called for some information and was told one thing and two others called the same day and were both told different information. 3 calls 3 completely different answers but that doesn't change my love for RA!

Michael Grubb

Great track. We love the Corvette Corral parking.

Beth Novicki

Super for car fans! Lots of walking. Up close and personal views of cars and driver's!

Joe Mayor

Our favorite racetrack. We are there every year. Great times for the entire family.

Marc Roidt

The only thing that we could have done that we didn't do is ride golf carts on the on the racetrack. What wonderful clean, groomed grounds, might as well have been golf course. All the personnel were wonderful cheerful and helpful. Did I say how beautiful it was,the only thing you got to have is a golf cart cuz it's a big place.

Tim Brown

The best place to go and watch racing. The best food of any track! Have been to. Just over 4 miles and 14 turns of Black lightning. Kid's under 12 get on free with a paid adult. Been going there since 1980. Took my kids and now they are talking there kids.

Thomas Bastnagel

Spacious venue with plenty of spectator areas. You pick, sun or shade. Food was reasonable.

Melissa Blue

IMSA races were great and the place is so big you hardly ever feel crowded. Free to move around the property to see different vantage points of the track and pit row.

Mona Scherf

Beautiful track! It seems to get better after the 20 years + years we have been attending races as well as racing on track!

Mark Glumske

Fantastic time. The hot laps are well worth the $$

Tony Yadon

On the track for a sunset cruise in your own car. Slow ride behind a pace car for only $20 per car. I highly recommend this cruise for any race fan.

Steven Kraus

It's just a great beautiful setting for a race course/track!!!

Richard Sorenson

A great road course racetrack. Great food and amenities make it a wonderful experience.

Randy Slagle

This place is an Icon. And holds a very special place for me personally. I would love for my ashes to be spread there when I pass

Mark G

Road America is a park like setting to watch great racing. A icon in motorsports tracks, its a must at least once in a fans life to visit

S Nelson

An awesome experience. There is truly nothing like it. Nothing compares to it. You can watch all around the track and see something different.

Nicole D

We camped here for the weekend. Staff were outstanding but beware the unexpected costs of camping line admission bands, camping bands, campsite costs... got quite expensive quite fast but was well worth it!

Arturo Barron

You can view a good race and enjoy the outdoors.

Paul Segovich

Road America is an incredible facility. Without regard to quality of racing (hint: fantastic), I would highly recommend attending an(all) event(s). The facility's are as expected for a track, but clean and stocked. There's plenty of seating with screens and speakers to make sure you don't miss any action of the >4 mile circuit. My only gripe, if it could even be considered a gripe is that the track is so large, that you at best see a 3-5 of the many corners. That's part for the road racing course though and is more than made up for in all other aspects. I LOVE that the facility is free-to-roam, and there is very little of the circuit that your general admission ticket doesn't get you access too. If the event spans Friday-Sunday, camping in the infield is an incredible experience. I have now attended a weekend event three years in a row and I intend to keep returning for as long as they'll have me.

Steve Ravely

Great place to see a race. Up grades every year. New bathrooms. Shuttles to take you all around the track really handy. Lots of camping spaces. Good concession stands all around the track. Easy access to paddock area to get close to the cars while the teams work on them. Parking included with ticket price.

Matthew Newcomer

Amazing track to race on! Had a wonderful weekend. One of the few tracks to still do hot pulls! Thank you to the safety workers and all the other staff!!!!

Horacio Padilla

Awesome track for high horsepower cars just make sure your brakes can handle it.


Excellant track, great racing in an awesome kettle moraine park!!!!

Jack Roepke

Iconic race track. Kids are free!

Lindsey Payne

So much to see! I recommend having a golf cart as it makes the property much more accessible considering the sheer size of it. Very professional and helpful staff at the gates.

E Breaux

A must do on your bucket list. Make sure you take a hot lap.

Anne Sechtig

We always have a good time here! There are almost too many great spots to watch a race. We actually scoped out parking and a viewing spot the day before. We ended up in the bleachers on the hill between turns 7 & 8. Not only a good viewing location but speakers and a display were nearby. We also really like that we can bring a cooler and snacks of our own.

Ryan Morgan

Top notch! Track is awesome, staff is helpful and friendly, food is amazing, and camping is fun. Come here, you won't regret it.

Ali's Big TOE

Awesome track! Great concession food, plenty of places for great views, clear audio announcing, clean bathrooms.

Garey Guzman

Great race track, fun to drive, beautiful area

Landon Nyren

We camp for thr IMSA weekend every year. Started bringing my you son last year. Plenty to keep kids of all ages busy, including an area with inflatables and swings. Concessions are great and all the staff is always friendly. Bring hearing protection, especially for the kids.

Bob Greco

Super nice place that gets better every year. They keep investing money in new facilities and have a great food selection at reasonable prices.

Robert David

Porsche driving experience got to drive the 2020 911 Carrera S 992, 2019 panamera 4s. 2019 cayenne s 2019 macan 2019 cayman

Tom Felle

Loved the picnic/tailgate atmosphere all while watching road racing

Matt Higgins

A park-like setting surrounds this fantastic racetrack that is the longest in the United States. Great access and amenities are top notch. You can camp on the grounds also. There are showers and clean restrooms and a go cart track within the boundaries. Plenty of signage to guide you too. World Class venue.

Steven Blick

One of America's finest road courses. Whole place is fun

Alan Kossof

Been going to Road America for over 20 years, they have made great improvements to the track and facilities!

Mimi B

What a beautiful, yes, beautiful setting to enjoy a race in. It is well worth the trip and be sure to go to Canada Corner. You go down a stairway in the woods. Go and have a delicious brat and enjoy the race. The vintage race begins with a parade Friday evening in the charming rown of Elkhart lake. Definitely a must see!


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