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REVIEWS OF Arcade Drivers School IN Wisconsin

Ian Dolney

Mr. Banks is probably the best teacher you could have. he’s very relaxed and super funny, i highly recommend.

R vg

Mr.T was straightforward and nice, he was also easy to communicate with.

Zarea Sims

Mr. T is an amazing driving instructor! He taught me so much this past week.

Vanghuam Lee

My instructor, Mr. T, is a wonderful teacher to have. He gets to the point and makes sure to go over anything that some students might have trouble with. He does a great job on preparing his students for anything they will come across such as the Sign Test, DMV Test, and Road Test. In his class, if you make him happy, he will make you happy.

Claire Tiarks

I loved driving with Mr. Banks! He makes driving enjoyable throughout each lesson and I’m always learning something new!

Road To Untilt

My instructor Mr.T was very good and helped us thoroughly understand the questions given to us.

Tasia Moniah

MS.PASHA!!is the BEST EVER SHES VERY HELPFUL DURING MY BEHIND THE WHEEL LESSONS SHE MAKES IT FUN AND STILL KEEPS THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT SAFE. She did an excellent job in class with explain in detail things I didn’t quite understand but now I have a good grasp of everything and I’d recommend more students coming and being in ms.pasha's class she also makes sure ur very calm and comfortable behind the wheel and keeps u comfortable and gives u breaks if needed to catch ur breath or be calm down. And over all she’s a very successful instructor and supportive ..currently my behind the wheel lessons are great and I can’t wait to set up my next appointment ❤️

Viki Xiong

Mr. T made class easier to understand and made the class an fun environment to be in.


Mr.T was my teacher and he's the best one you can ever have! He is super nice and very funny and has a very structured way of teaching! He focuses not only on making sure you're a good driver but also makes sure you're prepared for the road test. He made sure I was ready in just a few lessons and has always offered very useful feedback. He's very encouraging and makes sure you're a 100% comfortable before moving on to the next maneuver. He offered a ton of practice before letting me sign up for my road test and it's been a great experience working with him!

sophia brooks

I was with Ms. Pasha and she is funny, but when it comes time to teach she is there to make you learn. She is an amazing teacher and I love driving with her. #Drivingwithmspurple

Jazonte Brown

Ms.Pasha is the best

Deborah Kennedy

I highly recommend Mr. T! He is a fantastic teacher and such a lovely person. I passed my road test yesterday and I am very grateful to him. Forever grateful to Mr. T!

darlene escalante

Ms.Pasha is one of the best teachers, I started drivers Ed without knowing anything about driving and know I feel confident about driving around the streets without causing any accidents. I also feel that when I take my driving test I will pass it on the first try thanks to her great teaching methods

Leng Lee

He is able to commute the needed info and was very easy with teaching and I understood Mr. T with ease. He is also very nice and chill with all students.

Destany Whidbee

Mr. T is wonderful teacher! He takes his time telling you what you need to study, and to make sure that you go over your studying with two people instead of by yourself. He’s always positive and confident about all the work he does and how many people passed the test all thanks to him! He really made me believe in myself to passed this permit test. After all the hard work pays off and I’m so thankful that i have met Mr.T he’s one of the best i recommend

Mariyana Amirian

The instructors like Mr. Banks, especially Mr. Banks are amazing!! don’t be scared!! The environment is chill and relaxed so no worries. so worth the time and money (:

SumD000000d XD

Mr. Davis is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Lessons are explained thoroughly with catchy, easy ways to remember the steps used to do a road manuever. Arcade as a whole is a better way to prepare for a driver's license and all the responsibilities that go along with it. Mr. Davis definitely helps with that.

Christina Richardson

Ms. Pasha helped me better my driving skills and without her teachings i definitely wouldn’t be at the driving level i am now.

Adrianna Baumann

Mr. Banks was a very good driving instructor. He teaches you everything that you need to know and is very nice. He doesn’t yell when you do something wrong and he is very funny!

GLO 4 Life

Learn a lot from ms. Pasha

Sian Steffenhagen

I had such a great experience taking lessons with Mr. W at this location! He made sure to teach me everything I needed to know for taking the road test and helped me to be less nervous. Mr. T is also a great individual!!! Before he took me to take my road test, he reminded me of everything I needed to know for my test and the proper procedures in which to do them. He gave me the confidence I needed to pass with only two points off! If you need driving lessons, I would highly recommend Mr. T :)

RainDropStar Rock

Pasha is awesome. I recommand taking her course to everyone.

Cora Brooks

I would recommend Mr. Banks as an instructor to anybody, I feel confident for my test and feel that he taught me well.

sunitra vue

Mr.T is a very serious and focused teacher. He would go straight to the point and ask if we have any questions before going onto the next step.

Pa Zong Chang

My driving instructor, Ms. P, is fun to drive with because she is funny and nice. She teaches us essential driving rules and gives us a good idea of what the real driving test will look like. Overall, I enjoy driving with Ms. P!

Abdule Siddiq

Mr. Davis works really hard and makes sure that we understand each step. Sometimes, when I wouldn’t understand a certain step or direction, he would always try to help me understand what I’m confused on and guide me to help me understand on what I’m confused on. Mr. Davis also is also REALLY organized with his lessons. I feel like it started off really easy and slowly was getting a little bit more challenging. However, with Mr. D’s great instructor skills, I was able to progress through each lesson. I highly recommend Mr. D because he helps you understand really well on each step of the behind the wheel lessons and takes pride in his job to help us.

Sarah G

Mr. Banks is a great driving instructor! He's super laid-back and funny and he makes you feel super comfortable and ready for your driver's test! I highly recommend him as a driving instructor!

Anna Houle

I had Mr.Banks for the past 6 months and he has been the best person ever. He made learning very easy and fun! I am so thankful for all the laughs and skills I learned with him. He clearly if the best teacher at Arcade! He deserved a raise.

Isabella S

I greatly enjoyed my time with Mr. Banks. We had the best time and he made driving and learning to drive very very fun (and safe, don’t worry). I would definitely recommend him as a driving teacher. He not only teaches his students but he connects and relates to them in way that makes them comfortable with him and driving. I definitely feel ready for my road test. I’m going to miss my times with Mr. Banks but I know I won’t fail my test thanks to him :)

Monica Marks

I started my adult drivers lessons with Ms. Pasha, we started with the two day drivers permit lesson and from the beginning she was a very lively and positive person. She sat with me and helped me to understand the rules of the road which resulted in me passing my permit test. If anyone knew me they would know that I was amateur to driving or anything road related so this was an accomplishment for me but not as big as the accomplishment of passing my road test which is what happened today. Ms. Pasha is very encouraging and talkative so it was easy to get a feel for the type of person she is. She took me through everything I needed to know step by step and made sure to be very detailed to ensure that I pass my road test and begin a life of driving. I believe that after my experience with her I will always remember her!

Gang Skullcrush-black

Mr t was the best drivers ed I ever had, he was being hard on us but at the same time, he had a very good sense of humor at the same time. It was such a good experience working with him

Romeo Yang

Mr.t was a great driver instructor and helped me understand laws and understand signs better and helped me understand what to do when I have an tire blow out

Faith Frei

10/10 recommend Mr.banks. Not only is he well at instructing and teaching his students but, he always makes sure that his students are comfortable. He taught me so much about driving and has made me more confident has a driver. Thank you Mr. Banks!

Lauren Ambrookian

Mr. Banks is the best! He helped me become an all around better driver. He helps correct my mistakes and he helps me make the corrections into a habit so it doesn’t happen again. He is also very funny.

Sanyia Green

I’m Sanyia green & My Sister Myia green worked in class and drove Behind the wheel with Ms. Pasha. She’s Amazing, and very calming to drive with . She helped us a lot and gave us a great understanding on driving. It’s always very easy to talk to her. With many parents there scared to drive with us bus she’s very calming and it help us to be calm & Focused. We’re really going to miss her.

Julia Dempski

I highly recommend Mr. Banks as your driving instructor. He gives you very helpful feedback and he teaches you things in the best way possible. Not only is he helpful, but he is also the sweetest and funniest person you will meet.

Jordan Anderson

Highly recommend. For the BEST experience ask for Mr. T, speaking from experience

Katie Murphy

I highly recommend Mr. Banks as a driving instructor. He is an amazing teacher. He makes learning to drive fun and exciting while still learning a great deal. I feel very prepared to my test.

Teresa Berry

Ms pasha was a great instructor

Nkauj Neeb Yaj

Mr. T does an excellent job at making sure we get the knowledge we need. Thanks to him I passed my permit!

Brittany Ross

Mr. D is the best!! He not only made me feel comfortable behind the wheel but, I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! Thanks for everything Mr. D! I couldn’t have done it without you!

_. Bowden

I learned a lot from my instructor Mr. T. He was very well spoken, he explained things very well. I enjoyed his teaching. I appreciate Mr. T for teaching me the basics and the laws about driving. I honestly am very glad I attended his class this session.

Legit Goat

She taught me how to drive better and not go fast on the road, she taught me how to park and how to turn. Ms P

Belle Rummel

I was very nervous to start my behind the wheels and the instructor made me feel very comfortable and welcome to start driving. I knew that I could make mistakes, and when I did he was very encouraging and told me to try again!

Ella Chevalier

I thought that Mr. Banks was both a helpful and funny teacher. He had easy to remember steps for everything and was nice and easygoing, so I always felt comfortable asking questions. Overall I feel very prepared for my drivers test!


Mr. D was a very helpful driver and I liked his teaching style he really put the steps to the y-turn and parallel park

Devin Herr

Mr. T is a great teacher. His teaching helps me understand a lot of things about driving.


He’s a very nice and helpful teacher !! My mom let’s me drive even more now

Solo Ken

Ms.pasha is the best teacher I could ever have. I never felt this good with a teacher. I’m going to really miss her because she was the only teacher that really wanted me to do good in life. I love her and she treat me like her own child.

Owne Xayboury

mr t is really nice and cool. he gives very clear directions and good reassurance when an individual is unsure of a certain topic. he makes learning fun!

PM Don tv

Mr. T was a magnificent teacher, That’s for taking your time to help me learn the basics about driving

Patrick Gordon

Ms.Pasha is the Best teacher ever overall in everything

Stephanie Xiong

At Arcade Drivers School, Mr. T is very help. He makes sure that everyone understands and gives help when needed. He also makes everyone more comfortable so it's easier to learn.

NattyMac 912

Mr Banks knows what he’s doing and made me feel welcomed when I took my lessons. He taught me well and I feel like I am ready for my road test.


Mr. T is understanding. when failing his test, he gives us a chance to get extra credit just by participating. and with those points, you could pass the test by just one point and that’s what helped me passed.

Real Kevin

Ms. Pasha is a GREATTT driving instructor. Gives back constructive criticism and helps you learn from your mistakes. Ms. Pasha is also very comforting to talk to. Love her!

Princess Lonna

Mr.T was a very nice teacher and taught us well

Jaeden Carrasquillo

Ms. Pasha was a wonderful purpletabulous driving instructor and has helped me since day one and I passed on my first go due to her and I am extremely grateful.

Los Santiago

Mr. T, a very helpful and funny guy. Keeps things exciting and fun.

Edward Vargas

Ms.Pasha is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She helped me turn my life around. I went from not caring about going too fast or too slow to actually realizing the seriousness of driving. My life changed after her class. I wouldn’t be the driver i am today without her. Thanks Ms.Pasha

Kaitlyn Donnelly

Mr. Banks is the best!! I learned so much from driving with him and he definitely made me a better driver. He always made me laugh and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Definitely would recommend him to any new driver!! I will miss driving with him a lot


Ms. Pasha is a wonderful teacher and her lessons are great. She is really cool and chill, just don’t try her because you would get hit with something like the stick, pillow, or scarf. Ms. Pasha wants her students to pass as long as you are with her and paying attention. SHE BEST TEACHER PERIOD(T)

Dayon Honeycutt

Mr.T was my instructor for 3 weeks. He’s very enthusiastic & fun to be around. Has lot’s of knowledge about today’s society driving skills. Gives extra credit in class.

Drew Thao

Mr. T was a great teacher and he helped us on the test. He was good at helping us study signs I didn’t know. Also he was a nice teacher and made jokes every now and then.

Dale Kucza

Mr. Banks is a amazing instructor, corrects what we do wrong right away, he wants to help you not just say what’s wrong.

Janelle Stuempfig

I has so much fun driving with Mr. Banks. He made me feel comfortable when it was my first time driving. I was nervous in the beginning, but after my first lesson I wasn’t anymore. I would definitely recommend him!!


I had Mrs.Pasha and I’ve had a blast with her. She’s sweet and very understanding. She taught me the way of the streets in Milwaukee and how to move in them mostly. #ALMOST PILLOW

Be Ware

I feel ready for my test, 100% no doubt. Would totally recommend Mr Banks


Ms. Pasha has thouroughly prepared me for my road test. Class was really enjoyable and would definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive to go to Ms. Pasha.

dark matter

Learned with Mr.pasha which was chill and easy.

cpt destroy

I am a parent of a student who had the opportunity to have mr.T as his driving instructor and he is highly reccommened 10 stars out of 5 ask for him to give you the best experience

Chris Gooding

Mrs pasha was my driving instructor and she was amazing. She had a fun and loving environment that made me able to speak to her with anything. #purple #stick

Nevaeh Manriquez-Reed

Ms. Pasha is an amazing instructor, she makes learning how to drive comfortable with her fatabulous energy.

Damone Mitchell

Mrs.purple is a good teacher she’s funny and she has taught me a lot and she’s caring

Cole Kriefall

It is a very good driving school that I enjoyed very much. I liked my Teacher Mr.D a lot. He was a very good teacher who never yells and he was extremity helpful for my behind the wheel lessons.

Oluwatumilara Olatunji

My driving class with Miss Pasha is awesome. She teaches well and patiently corrects any error I make during classes. She is a great teacher and is fun to be with.

Anna LaFore

Mr.banks is a great driving instructor!!

Luke Wroblewski

Mr. Banks is a god. I am now the best driver in the world. Had boatloads of fun.


I learned with Ms. Pasha and have COMPLETELY perfected my driving skills. I feel very comfortable with going in for my road test to get my liscence! #scarf

Curteasha Washington

Mr.T, he’s very understanding and he also explains the work very well.

America Aguilera

Ms. Posha is such a great instructor! Really made me feel comfortable. She’s really fun and positive and definitely really good at teaching. I really recommend getting Ms.Posha as your instructor.

Dayonna Bond

Mr.t has been a good teacher for the last week and he pushed me to be the best I can be and to never give up on something I really want like my permit !

Hannah Glasgow

I definitely recommend getting Mr. Banks as a driving instructor. He is very helpful, patient, and I was always more confident in my driving skills after a lesson with him. Not to mention, he is by far the funniest person I have ever met!

Mabel Jankowski

Mr. Banks is the best drivers ed teacher you can have! He is funny and we have fun while driving but we also learn lots about how to drive properly! He helped me feel more comfortable driving. I feel very well prepared for my test! :)

Ronda Hunt

Ms Pasha is wonderful .I was a nervous driver .Working with her she gave me the confidence I needed. I passed my road test on the very first time. Again,Ms Pasha THANK U for helping me get my license

Brea Moore

Ms.Purple Is The BEST Instructor You Could Have. #FatTabulous


Mr.T makes learning more fun and makes sure explain it through to make sure you get it before he move on.

Sydney Fenner

Mr. Banks is a WONDERFUL teacher, mentor and person. The environment is perfect for new drivers and prepares them for their test and future of driving! I could not have been happier with my choice to drive through Arcade Driving School!

Kaleigh Bell

Mr. Banks has been the best drivers ed teacher I could possible imagine! Spending time in class with him was such an amazing pleasure and made hours spent at school a lot less boring! Class was exciting, factual, and definitely helped when I started my behind the wheels. Spending time driving with him helped in not only my learning to drive, but my comfort on the road. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with him and have him as my Driving Ed Instructor

Rachel Garoukian

Mr. Banks is the best driving instructor! He’s super chill and let’s you play whatever music you wants. He makes sure you are ready for your test no matter what. He also offers you to call him the day of your test or anytime before that to answer any last minute questions and reassures you are ready!

Jaylen S

It is a really great experience. Mr T is an amazing teacher he really stops and makes sure we understand and if we don’t he explains it really well.

Logan Mumper

Mr. Banks is the best driving instructor there can possibly be, whether it’s from him singing along to the radio or complimenting you on everything you do, there’s no one who can compare to his splendor. He is not only a great instructor for behind the wheel; his quick quips follow him into the classroom where he prepares you for anything that comes your way while driving. He has truly changed my life as an instructor. I feel like my life is complete now that I have had Mr. Banks as my instructor.

Briana W

This was a very good driving experience. Ms.Pasha was able to make me feel comfortable at the wheel. She also helped me with my driving skills as well.


Driving school is a great "program". Im learning a lot in this school. The teacher is very cool .

Ta Vang

Ms. P was great and I got no stick.

james moody

He’s a nice cool teacher he broke down everything to us for me to past my permit test and I thankful for Mr. T’s help

Torri'Anna Carroll

- I really recommend Ms.Pasha as a driving instructor because she is cool and funny and great to drive with even tho she will beat you if you do something wrong


I believe if I was to never do my classes at riverside I would have never met ms.pasha. ms.pasha is a great instructor and i’ve learned a lot about the fundamentals of driving. she made learning about driving a fun experience. Thank you Ms.P

Jordin Tally

Ms. Pasha was a great driving instructor. I had a lot of fun with her and I learned a lot. I was nervous to drive at first but she of my mind at ease. I would definitely recommend having her as a driving instructor especially if you're starting out. #smogme

Landon Harmon

Ms.P taught me a lot I really appreciate what she does for us youth

Sarah Wegener

Mr. Banks was such a fun and informative teacher who I learned a lot from during my driving experiences. I feel very prepared for my test coming up especially due to Mr. Banks ability to answer all my questions about it. Mr. Banks is the GREATEST:)))

heyitsAri Yang

Mr. T is a good driving instructor because he was able to explain thoroughly to us all.

Armuni Byrd

Ms.P she is one of the best driver teacher that’s I seen. She’s so clam , she always light you up when you messed up.

Ian Markano

If I could give a higher rating I would. Mr. Banks is an amazing instructor and person, and I feel extremely well prepared for my drivers test.

Anthony Santiago

Ms. Pasha is the best drivers teacher I can have. She will make you feel comfortable and really confident in her classroom. In order to pass all you have to do is pay attention and listen to Ms. Pasha. Don't try her though cause she has a stick and a scark that she will discipline you with

Yusuf Mursal

Ms. Pasha was the best teacher to have she was fun and made driving amazing and a enjoyable time learning.

Channing Birchfield

Ms.Pasha Is a amazing driver intruder . She is very patient and understanding and she allows me to learn and my own speed . I am new to driving and Ms.pasha always makes me feel comfortable. I would recommend anyone taking driving lessons from Ms.Pasha .

Monique Guy

Terrible!!! Doesn’t schedule/reschedule classes when the student calls to reschedule. Ended up paying $110 for their mistakes when scheduling or rescheduling. Then I brought up the concern that he didn’t know how to park or reverse. She tries to say I wasn’t taking him driving but he has his own car and practices driving 5 days out of the week. She went on to say they didn’t teach him because he didn’t perfect his previous lesson (which she never drove with him to say this was the reason why) but his paper says he perfected everything but parking and reversing. But on the days he was learning parking and reversing which was his last 2 classes the instructor was late so he only got 30 minutes the second to last class and 15 minutes the class. She says if those were concerns for me I would’ve called the office on Saturday but the office is closed after 1 pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday, his classes are scheduled at 3 pm on Saturday. Yeah they are doing it for free but at this point is it really free and they aren’t teaching my kid everything. So I’m in it for $110 for scheduling mistakes and he still doesn’t know how to parallel park or reverse. I’m sure Milwaukee or MPS is paying them something. Furthermore the six classes which are a hour each, he was in the car with 2 other students. MPS was better having drivers ed as part of their curriculum then paying this company whatever they are giving. They are ripping us off and MPS. Update: They called me yesterday saying I have to pay the 55 dollars but still have no answers on why my kid was shuffled from driver to driver or why they passed him without knowing how to back up. They informed me I needed to pay in cash because yes I was going to dispute the charge. So now they are threatening to revoke my kids permit.

Jessica Godlewski

Mr. Banks was an amazing instructor! He helped prepare me very well for my road test, and made me feel very comfortable while driving! I highly recommend having him as your instructor!

Clara Hoeksema

I loved having Mr. Banks as a teacher. He is so calm and deals with mistakes very well. I feel very prepared for my test and I would recommend him to anyone because he’s very nice and funny.

Yasser F

(Updated). Mr. T was an excellent instructor. He knew my weaknesses and helped me to do well by focusing on them. If he is your instructor, just pay attention to his notes, and you will also pass the test easily from the first time. The only thing I didn't like about this school was my experience with the first customer service representative I talked with; she offered me totally different times to what I asked for. But fortunately before I canceled my classes, another CS representative there, who was kind and helpful, told me that all times I wanted were easily available.

x Deadly-_

Ms. Pasha is the best Driver’s Ed teacher you could ever ask for. And she got a stick

Shania Daniels

Today I got a perfect score on my Road test Thanks to Ma.Pasha she is the best !!!

Jaime Powell

Ms. Pasha is amazing! I have never had more than 2 driving lessons until my instructor Ms. Pasha came along. I am now on my 5th lesson and will be looking forward to my 6th lesson. One of the best instructors ever

Kyeshawna Howard

Mr. T is a very helpful teacher! The experience with him is great. He always makes sure every student understands the method of driving.

Steven Arthur

Mr. Banks was extremely charismatic and made it a fun yet safe and controlled environment for learning. Thanks to his help I feel extremely prepared for my upcoming road test and would recommend him to anyone who needs behind the wheels in the future.


Ms. Pasha is the best drivers instructor I would ever have. She’s funny and fun to drive with. #smog # fatabulous

Mai Chee Vue

Mr.T is a nice guy, he’s very helpful and he gave me a chance to redeem myself, I’m so thankful!

elijah levy

I got my license with a perfect score thanks to ms. Pasha

Cora Kuhlenbeck

Mr. Banks was an awesome driving instructor! He was very helpful and understanding even if I had to ask a question more than once. He made learning to drive fun and not as scary as it first seems, yet still told us the reality of not driving cautiously. He was a very happy and energetic presence that made you always look forward to classes or driving behind the wheel.


Mr. T Is An Amazing Teacher And Has Multiple Ways For You To Remember Things

Yolanda Jones

Ms. Pasha is a very nice lady and a great driving instructor. She made my daughter feel very comfortable on the day of her road test. I would highly recommend her for any student learning how to drive. Ms Jones

Sunitra Vue

Mr. T is a very serious and focused teacher. He gives us time to study and would ask us if we have any questions before going onto the next steps. He’s also very lenient on homework and classwork.

Beastmod3325 G

Mr. Banks is a nice and easy going teacher and if you mess up he talks through it with you and will find a way to make you better.

Samantha Middlestead

Mr. Banks was my driver instructor and he was absolutely amazing! He has taught me so much and I feel prepared for my drivers test. He is a very friendly and positive person which is wonderful when you are just beginning to drive. As a new driver, Mr. Banks is awesome to have because he is understanding and provides great feedback. I can tell how much I’ve improved over my lessons. Mr. Banks is always encouraging you and answers any questions you may have. I’d 110% choose Mr. Banks for my instructor all over again.

Luis Anguiano

Mr.T was an excellent instructor. He managed to teach and make sure everyone understood clearly what should be done. With his help, I managed to successfully comprehend and pass both tests given.

Erica Riley

Called Arcade to purchase a course (cannot purchase online!!!). The girl was rude on phone. Ha, will not be giving you my money. Hello Easy Method Driving.

Katelyn Lefler

Mr. Banks was a great teacher. I feel really prepared for my test. Also I would recommend him as a driving teacher.

shonmir glover

Mr.T helped me understand the basics of driving and how I should drive responsibly. He is a remarkable teacher and I would not have passed without him.

Renell Banks

My daughter passed her road test on her first try with Ms. Pasha as her instructor she is the best thank you.

Davionna Walker

Ms. Pasha is a great teacher. I went into drivers ed not knowing anything & she helped me with everything i needed to know. The class & behind the wheel was super fun!


I had Mr. Banks, he is a awesome teacher and also made me feel way more comfortable with driving. I went from hating driving to enjoying driving. I appreciate the way he teaches and his humor helps keep it rememberable. Thank you for preparing me and hope I pass

Katelynn Gregg

Mr. Banks made learning to drive so much! I was nervous to drive and always scared i was gonna mess up. Then when it came to these lessons, driving me was easier and he made it more easier and to understand!

Emma Amstadt

mr banks was a great driving instructor. he makes his students extremely comfortable while driving and prepared me very well for my test.


Ms.Pasha is a great teacher at Riverside University High School for Drivers Ed and Behind the wheel im glad i signed up for the Riverside drivers ed or i would’ve never met her

Vega Shetty

Mr. Banks was my teacher and he's the best one you can ever have! He is super nice and very funny and has a very structured way of teaching! He focuses not only on making sure you're a good driver but also makes sure you're prepared for the road test. He made sure I was ready in just a few lessons and has always offered very useful feedback. He's very encouraging and makes sure you're a 100% comfortable before moving on to the next maneuver. He offered a ton of practice before letting me sign up for my road test and it's been a great experience working with him!

Isaiah Patten

Ms. Pasha was my teacher and I felt confident driving with her and always made sure I understood what I had to do before I did it. I really recommend driving with Ms.P.

Emma Swope

Mr. Banks is an amazing driving instructor! He taught me so much and has given me great feedback on how to be an excellent and safe driver. I feel very prepared for my drivers test. Mr. Banks is not only an amazing teacher/instructor but he is also super funny and kind. I highly recommend Mr. Banks as a driving instructor.

Alaina Whitson

Ms Pasha is an amazing instructor. She is very encouraging and helpful. I always felt comfortable when driving with her and enjoyed our lessons

Sydney White

Mr. Banks is hands down the best drivers ed instructor there is! Whether he is singing to his favorite songs or cracking jokes in the car, it is such a fun time. He also is a very good instructor and knows how to teach the students. I honestly thought I was going to dread going to drivers ed and doing the behind the wheels, but Mr. Banks made it a very enjoyable experience and I looked forward to my behind the wheels. I will for sure recommend Mr. Banks and Arcade Driving School to anyone who asks!

Grace Ann

Mr. Banks is an amazing driving instructor! He is super nice when you make any mistakes and is very relaxed and chill. He has a great sense of humor, and is overall a fantastic instructor. I recommend him to everyone!

leah r

Mr. T was a great teacher and instructor. I learned a lot from him. He gave great examples in class that helped everyone understand clearly. With his help I managed to pass both the signs and written test.

Kate Blankenheim

mr banks was a very good teacher. i recommend.

Caitlin Neuman

Great. Mr. Banks was a great instructor during my lessons.

Evan Xiong

My teacher was Mr. T and I had a great time learning from him. He is kind and helpful teacher.

Erin B

My sister and I were both taught by Mr Banks and he is so kind and helpful and has helped me become confident and comfortable with my driving abilities. He’s an amazing instructor and I feel very prepared for my test!

Katie O'Loughlin

Ms. Pasha is absolutely amazing. She has taught me so many things about driving and life. I don’t know what I would do without her!! With her help, I am very confident that I will be successful driving in the future. I am so grateful for my purple, happy lady!

Jazmin Elliott

I highly recommend MR.DAVIS. I started off studying with him for my permit and he taught it as simple as he can for me and made things very simple and easy. Couple months later I had my behind the wheel lessons with him and he taught me phrases to say during my lessons and i studied it and finally was able to get it right. I just wanted to say thank you so much mr.D for having the patience for me and ! I really appreciate it . I passed my road test yesterday and got my license!!!!

Elijah M

Ms. Pasha is a great instructor! She creates a good and safe environment in the class and car while also letting you be comfortable

Aleana Xiong

Mr. T is a very straightforward and nice person. He’s blunt, funny, and engaging with the kids as well.

Evan Eirschele

Personally I feel like my instructor, Mr. D, was the best instructor possible for me because of the way he taught. He never yelled, but instead made me say phrases over and over agin until I did it right. This proves very effective because then I didn’t get frustrated but instead made me want to do it right so I didn’t have to repeat the phrase again.

Ugo O

Ms Pasha is a pretty good instructor, I appreciate her.


If you get Mr.T your in luck cause he's a good teacher who helps the student understand the content

Guitar her

Mr. T is a very humorous person whom tries to help student’s at his best abilities and knowledges.

Gretchen O'Neill

I feel prepared for my test because Mr. Banks did a great job making sure I am calm and confident while driving. I would highly recommend Mr. Banks.

Jalen Rochell

Ms.Pasha got me my license I did mess up a few times but I got my license on the first try

Yengkong Yang

Mr. T is a very kind and outgoing teacher. He teaches us everything that we need to know about driving. He makes sure we learn everything carefully and he makes everyone feel engaged. There would be times where I didn’t know what something meant but in the end, Mr. T goes over it and explains it fairly well. He is funny at times so that keeps me active here and there which is what I think not only good to me but great towards the class. Mr. T gives me a really good experience overall. Personally, I learned a lot within the few days he has been teaching which was great.

Grace Pagel

Mr. Banks is the best driving teacher ever! He is a wonderful and hilarious teacher and I feel very prepared for my road test. He has given me multiple helpful pointers that I continue to improve upon on to become a better driver. Thanks Mr. Banks!!

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