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REVIEWS OF AA Driving Academy, Inc. IN West Virginia

Grant McKinster

Simple class, strait forward. no problems with the course or instructors. Easy sign up and easy to find

Dominic James

Very straight forward and swift. Cheap, good instructors.

Martin Morgan

Thanks for proving best services in driving..,

Laura Medina

Really helpful, amazing teachers, went by really quick! I would recommend to anyone

Jack Paxton

Relaxed environment, easy to learn and comprehend everything the teacher was saying. The day went by faster than expected and I learned a lot about driving that i hadnt known previously.

Gautam Ijoor

I took the 8 hr. driver improvement course at AA Driving Academy to get 5 positive points on my driving record. It was very convenient to my busy schedule and at one of their location(s) close to work. My instructor was Kaz (strongly recommend asking for him), who provided all the guidance to improve my driving habits, keep my driving record clean and insurance rates low. This fit perfectly with my objectives. He kept the class interesting and I really did not realize how the 8 hrs. passed. Don't waste your money on other programs in NOVA that teach you little and are a bother to complete. This class was the best use of my time and money to better my driving habits, improve my record and keep unnecessary insurance hikes to a minimum. Definitely wasn't a waste of time. I highly recommend it to those looking for a way to earn points.

changen pan

Good flexible hours and convenient location. Simple and to the point informative lessons.

Alex R

Sloppy customer service with instructors who need to be more punctual. Would recommend for you to choose another driving course, as this one was a terrible experience.

Elizabeth Scarcella

I would highly recommend AA Driving Academy to anyone who needs to take any kind of driving class. Such as drivers improvement, re-examination, drivers Ed, and behind the wheel. Everyone here is so nice and they really do everything they can to get you thought the class as fast as possible while still meeting all the requirements. i greatly enjoyed me time there and guarantee you would too!

Adam Lee

I received precisely what I expected to get, for my $75. 5 positive points on my driver's license, a review of common sense driving techniques that you have to re-learn when you get caught driving unlawfully, and a day of my life devoted to poorly acted videos and bored faces that I will never get back. Drive safely!

Zakey Faieq

I'm an 18 year old in high school and I was charged with reckless driving (89mph/50mph). This was my first ticket and I was in Fairfax County. I had my charge REDUCED TO SPEEDING and accrued only a $250 fine, all because of AA Driving. I signed up with AA Driving expecting 8 hours of pure agony and a repeat of high school Driver's Ed which is mainly just common sense rules. Boy was I wrong. My instructor Ali, spent a lot of time reviewing each of my fellow classmates' cases one-by-one in way that was extremely informative, helpful, and entertaining to the class. He told us exactly what consequences we were facing in each of our cases, and how to best go about minimizing them. After this, we briefly skimmed the common sense material and watched a couple videos, which weren't so bad. In my case, Ali told me to do community service, take the additional 4-hour reckless/aggressive driving class with AA, and have the lawyer show my school transcript and UVA admission letter to the prosecutor to show that I was a good student/citizen. The above recommendations were suggested along with having my speedometer calibrated, taking the 8 hour DIP class, and ordering my updated (5+) driving record from the DMV. Ali told me that if I did everything he suggested, I would most definitely have the charge reduced. And he was right!!! All the driving instructors at AA were extremely knowledgeable and will offer you the best advice possible regardless of your situation. Go to AA driving and you won't regret it!

Magdy Abdelmasih

I took a course in Arlington, VA this week with JJ as my instructor. It was a great experience. JJ was very informative and helpful. I would recommend this course and instructor to anyone

Denis Bermudez

Very bad customer service. Do not waste your money here!!! The sign said it opens at 9.30 and the open 15 minutes late. The woman her name is Eliana I think was very rude and demanding. She didn't apologize for opening late or even introduce her self. She started to ordering us to seat and gave us a form to fill. I didn't know what I was signing or how much would it cost. When I asked her for her name and the price she replied "I'm only here to collect your money" it turns out it was $275. Then a few hours later she asked us to move to another room because she needed the room where we were at. We where taking a test in the other room but what made it worse is that they have a Air Conditioning company and the people there where so loud and so noisy. We couldn't take our test properly. If I'm paying that amount of money at least give me a good customer service. Very unprofessional. I will not recommend anyone here. Ther eare other companies that care about their customers..

Liam Totten

The teachers are great. The class goes by fast. Ali and Kaz have cool names. Come out. It's real good. They don't just tell you about boring stuff, but things that will actually help and save you in real life situations with regard to laws, fines, regulations, etc. If you have to take this course already because of a DMV requirement, come to Herndon AA for it.

Yaz Fer

My first time taking a driving class do to a traffic ticket . This school is great!! Very friendly environment . Teacher is awesome the class is not a common boring driving course instead there is a lot of interaction between the students and the teacher . Good stories and helpful information. If I need to take a class again I will defenitely come back to this school.

Michele Thomas

My daughter scheduled two classes, the 4 hour class and the 8 hour driver improvement class. The 4 hour class was in Vienna at a location that was very difficult to locate. The instructor kept playing videos and leaving the class. The last 50 minutes of the class was "lunch", but no one could leave because, well, it's a 4 hour class. She's taking the 8 hr class today in Ashburn. She called yesterday to confirm the location. The class was to start at 9:00 am and the instructor arrived at 9:20. She then made each student find and print their payment receipts because the main office obviously isn't organized enough to provide the instructor with a roster. She then left the room to get coffee, because it would have been too professional to actually wake up, get your breakfast and coffee, and get to your job on time. Not exactly unprofessional. Once the class started, it turned out to be fairly interesting and the instructor was a former police officer who shared her experiences.

angelita sotiko

Charleigh Linde

They made it super easy to register and start/finish the class in the same day. Course was very informative. Definitely learned a lot and was able to satisfy court requirements. Thanks!

Heather Rose

I am a nineteen year old girl and I was charged with a reckless driving ticket in November (Prince William County). I was charged with this ticket, because I was involved in a accident. After that day I realized I need to do something to help me feel comfortable again behind the wheel and also help my case in court. I was looking on the internet for courses near me that would work with my full time job schedule and that I would be able to take before my court date. Then I came across AA driving academy website and it was perfect, has many location and offer both weekday and weekend classes. So after setting my date for the course, the price was defiantly reasonable in my opinion (considering my situation). I took the course in the Leesburg location and my instructor was Ali. I have to give this course 5 stars not just being nice, but because I feel it deserve it in my opinion. Ali kept the course interested and he was very helpful through out the class. Yes the course is a bit lengthy, but it is by far worth it and that is the only downfall. Before this class I was unbelievably nervous for my court date (given this was my first ticket and accident ever), but with all of Ali's advice and helpful tips I was able to calm my nerves a bit. With this class I learned a lot of valuable information and I have been trying to apply it in my driving every time I get behind the wheel. After taking this class and speaking one on one with Ali after the class, it boosted my confidents back to where I am not nervous behind the wheel anymore and I was able to walk in that court room with relaxed nerves. With this I felt that I was prepared, even maybe over prepared during court. I skipped my first turn to make sure I can speak to the prosecutor, since I did not have an attorney. After that I sat in the court room waiting for my turn and when I was called I found I had two options either pay fees now or go take a DIP course. I already took the class and presented the certificate to the Judge and my charges were dismissed. My advice for anyone who has a similar situation like mine, I suggest you take this class before you go in court just in case your situation works out as well it did in my case. Also feel free to talk to the instructors, especially with Ali about what you can do to help your situation, they will do what they can to help you and give you advice. After all is said and done you should take this course it will help you improve your driving, your record, and like in my case could help your case in court. Lastly I do apologize for the lengthy review.

Ryan Lee

It was a great and knowledgeable class. I learned a lot and the instructor is great. Definitely recommended for those who wanted to take this class.

Sharjeel Arshad

Hally Saba

Great school, great instructors, especially Mary and Kaz. I did the 8-hour DIP class and the 4-hour reckless driving class, both worth the time and effort. Very interactive and informative class. I am glad I did not do the online class and opted for the actual class. Very friendly staff.

Ben Wilson

This is a very fun class that also teaches you a lot about driving. Everyone in the class is very nice and helpful. i think if anyone needs help with their driving or just to earn five points.

Beth Muller

Ali taught 4 family members how to drive. He is incredibly patient, capable and can teach a variety of different types of learners. He communicates exceptionally well, is easy to work with and provides a very flexible timing for lessons. I would recommend him and Safe Driving Academy to other families looking for driving instruction.

Evan Pohl

It was a good class and the five good driving points are definitely worth it!

Peter McCauley

Had JJ for the driver improvement course today (the one you'll take if speeding under 20 year old) and it was great. You tend not to think that things can happen to you when you're driving and even the people you know aren't going to be involved in anything, but this class opens your eyes to that fact and it changes how you drive. Nobody wants to spend 8 hours on a weekend in a classroom but the information is presented clearly by someone who both knows it and cares about it, so it isn't so bad. PM

Riaz Haghiri

I took this course voluntarily to get positive point on my record. The instructors are extremely helpful and very informative. They know the answers to every possible questions and do what ever they can to help everyone become a better driver on the road.

Jaime Myers

The staff was very friendly. The course was informative and I learned a lot. The class did not last as long as it was intended to, which was nice.

Mitchell Pittman

The driving class was very informative and helped a lot with overall driving intelligence. Very comfortable atmosphere to add on 5 points to one's point balance. It also did a great job with helping you reasses your driving tendencies and make you realize that driving should be taken VERY seriously.

Daniil Osminin

Thank you for hiring such an amazing and talented instructor Sam for your Drivers Improvement Program. This Past Sunday, our 8-hour class went very well and was super engaging, thanks to Sam. I truly and honestly would hope for all the school instructors to be so great! I referred my family to this class and they will be coming soon! Great job AA Driving Academy!

Sree Khanderao

Worst experience, not good at all we send my daughter all most 12 classes . Me and husband are very busy that’s why we send her 12 classes with 500$ , he just thought her only basic classes and give her License. We took her to practice on the road , OMG she is not doing good at all , as a teacher it’s his responsibility to teach her , we asked her what is wrong and she said he is always on the phone and talking to other Clint’s , we called him talking to him what happened why she is not doing, he said that is our responsibility to take her for practice. This is really not good at all , he didn’t even teach any techniques how to park and take reverse non This is worst driving school.

Callan Weir

I came here about a year ago to get my license and was able to complete the lessons in my own time. I was very happy with what I learned and made sure to come back after I had gotten a ticket. I took the 1st of the month Wednesday DIP class from 2pm to 10:30pm and was able to walk in and be registered right away without having to call ahead. The class was simple and the instructors were obviously very knowledgeable about the subject matter. I was able to complete my class on a date of my choosing and it was very easy. I would highly recommend AA Driving Academy if you need to complete a driving course. It's fast, easy and the instructors know what they're doing.

Michael Bagnoli

The instructors were very informative and, I felt, generally cared about my safety on the road.

Brian Melgar

It was a great class, had very interesting and knowledgeable information. Definitely recommend Kaz as the instructor

michael tillman

The best $75 I ever spent, though I hope I never have to return!

Bill McKay

July 13, took full day class with Kaz. First, the class was not painful. Next, the information was well presented, with discussion, and lots of videos. We did a short lunch, and skipped a break, so got out a bit early. Maybe the most important thing, at least for me, was the instructor Kaz (#940350) was cool. Best of luck.

Jonathan Fuentelzas

AA Driving Academy is awesome the instructors are very friendly and will answer any questions you have! Highly recomend them to anyone needing the DIP class or any of the other classes!

Virginia Fritsche

Wonderful Defensive Driving class, the material was well covered, and students were consistently given the change to ask questions and get more explanation and knowledge if needed. I had taken a similar class before I really didn't enjoy it as much because the teacher didn't engage the students, but the option to take this class over the course of two nights (8 hour class split into two 4 hour sections) really improved my attention on the subject and I believe my overall intake of knowledge. If you need to take a driving course I highly recommend this one! The staff was also very pleasant and helpful.

Bobby Smith

II felt that my instructor was very good for teaching this course, and clearly cared that all the students attained the needed material. While I do not like the idea of having this course (specifically since I was forced to take it), but I understand the reasons for having it. I feel that this course will help keep more safe drivers on the road.

Alex Hassan

Kudos to AA Academy Herndon AND instructor, Ali K. Signed up for the "Driver Improvement" 8 hour course, fully expecting to be tortured for the duration. Was happily surprised--Not only was it anything BUT tortuous, time flew. Ali is an extremely genial and engaging personality, and kept my attention throughout. Pip Pip Toot Toot!

Кыргызстан стронг

So so

Samuel Ofori

I had a great experience here. The teachers know what they are doing and they are always ready to help you understand any material that you are missing. One other thing I loved about this school was that they are willing to work around your on time and are 100% willing to help.

Rebecca Patton

The class was easy enough and simple to complete. The Instructor was kind and understanding and gave the class time to get comfortable. Best improvement course I've been to.

Madison Carter

My experince at AA Driving Academy was fantastic. I had heard horror stories about people taking classes elsewhere and coming out with multiple complaints, and I'm happy to say I have none after today. Finding classes were easy, their schedule is extremely flexible and so I did not have to worry about not getting in. The price was extremely reasonable and my instructor Ali was very well informed about the whole process. He had a lot of examples he could bring in from his years of teaching to apply to class concepts as well as experince with the court systems in the area. The class was great, painless, and my case is going to be dismissed. Great all around!!

Suraj Sharma

It was my 1st class, or first time taking a class for reckless driving...After joining this class i should say eyes are opened now. I will be more cautious on the road, drive in limit. About the staff they were very clear.

Jatinder Singh

Christina Leeb

Attended the DIP driving course on a Sunday, Ali was my instructer and he was very informative and helpful. He made the class interesting. I feel like I not only learned a few good tips about driving, but I am also going to be more aware of my surroundings. I will definately will pass the word on about this course. Good experience all around.

Raj Patil

My experience at AA Driving Academy was out of this world superb. I learned so much from this class. I know I will become a better driver. The Instructor was entertaining and kept my attention.

Maddy Harwood

Took my driving improvement class through them and the class was much better then I was anticipating. Our driving instructor, Chris, did a great job of making the time go back quickly and going over some great points about road safety. Would absolutely recommend if you are looking for a DIP class.

Miguel Ribera

Came back to AA Driving Academy for my D.I.P. Class. Thought it was great! Got straight down to business in a fashionable manner. Will definitely be coming back in 2 years to do this class again!

Elvin Arbaiza

They make driving improvement class very interesting and very helpful with any questions. Also very corporative with you.

Joshua Bers

This is a fantastic place to go, if you would like 2 hours of material, and 6 hours of time wasting. During my experience, we arrived fir the 9AM start time, but the first lesson didn't begin until 10:45. The teacher simply pressed play on videos and walked out. The videos would end, and the class would be left sitting around for 5-10mins, waiting for the instructor to come back in and play the next video.

April Loizou

I did the 8 hour DIP course with Kaz and the 4 hour R/A with Ali and thought both courses were very helpful--probably the most interesting a driving course could be. I got my ticket reduced because I had taken these courses and would highly recommend coming here for the Driving Improvement program.

Brad Davis

Excellent class. Very fast and efficient. Learned a lot and was very easy to understand the point of what the class was about. I will for sure take a different approach to driving on the roads. Would highly recommend!!!!!

Paul Karabetian

These guys helped me out a lot. I was in a military academy for high school and due to my busy schedule was unable to take drivers ed courses and when I was home for the summer, I had a full time job to tend to. These guys were flexible and I was able to take the classes to fit to my schedule. They worked with me and I was able to get my license.

Zauresh Sharipova

It was really good experience with this driving academy! Overall course was very informative and helpful and met all requirements of the court!

Nate Grisius

Coming into AA driving in Vienna, my knowledge snd skill of driving was very limited. After repeatedly taking test everyday, i quickly gained insight and detailed information about proper technique. With help from NELLY, Saif (my boy), and Kaz i am now comfortable and able to strive beind the wheel.

Chloe M

The Drivers Improvement course I took at the AA Driving Academy was very constructive and really helped me improve my driving skills. I highly recommend this place!

Kevin Owens

this class is amazing. The instructor Ali was very helpful. I will be taking this again in the near future.

Courtney Le

I did Behind the Wheel with Kaz, an excellent, hilarious, and wise instructor. He helped refine my driving skills (I’ve actually noticed an improvement in my driving; my friends cannot attest to the same improvement because they did not drive with AA) and made our lessons enjoyable. At first, I was nervous to work with Kaz, but in the end- I’m really glad I chose to do so. Always ask questions if you have any, and don’t be afraid to talk to him or any of the other instructors. They’re all really kind!

5 Vooga

The class is well-outlined and very self-explanatory. Not only does it provide fantastic review of driver's education, but it provides new and advanced points of view about driving that I hadn't thought about before.


I have taken the class online have called over 5 times and not one answer about going in to be able to take the test. I left a voicemail and 2 business days later I got a call back with a number to call and they dont answer... super frustrating

Nicolas Terrazas

The class was very informative and reinforced key elements of defensive driving that I will be able to implement immediately. It has given me additional prospective with regards to habits I can work on to improve my driving techniques and the instructor (Mr. Ali Kazmi) was very engaging and kept the class involved in the learning experience.

D. H

I signed up, and the website say's you'l be contacted within 24 hrs. after I've not been contacted, I contacted them by phone, and was promised to be contacted by an instructor, after a week I tried again with the same reply, I was going to be contacted by an instructor. at the end I've never been contacted. How can I trust a company that does not do what they say, to pick up my child on time.

Alpha stefan

Thanks.., Excellent drining school in Virginia. I am very happy with us.

ryan m

christian was my driving instructor and he made the lessons super enjoyable and informative. in my school newspaper there were so many options for behind the wheel and the prices were practically identical but im glad i made the right choice in going with aa. thanks guys

Miriam Hernandez

I took the 8hr driver improvement course here. It was very convenient to my busy schedule and close enough by that i didn't have to drive very far. It wasn't as boring as you would think it would be. The teacher, J.J, did a great job keeping everyone's interest through out the 8hr time. Whether you are there voluntarily or ordered by the DMV or court, it definitely wasn't a complete waste of time. I highly recommend it to those looking for a way to earn points.

mary domes

I would highly recommend this course. I felt it was very informative and will prove to be useful and helpful.

Ben S

Pakhi Chopra

I had Christian as my behind the wheel instructor and I definitely improved as a driver by taking my classes with him. His tips were very helpful and the sessions weren’t boring at all. I certainly recommended aa driving academy to anyone that’s looking to get their license.

sorein joseph

Overall: Good driving school that prepared me well and built my confidence,Thanks to herndon driving school.

Quinn Emery

I found this class to be very helpful. the small class setting allowed and questions to be answered in depth and all of the people were able to get along well with each other and the instructors. I ended up learning a lot even though I had gone into the class thinking I already knew everything.

Madhu Rikka

It was quick & easy and very informative! Would recommend for anyone who needs their points

Bobak Chiniforoushan

I took my drivers improvement program here and they were amazing.

Christina Jones

I recently took a course at AA Driving Academy and had a great experience. The instructor JJ was excellent. You could tell he was passionate about the material he taught and kept the class interesting and engaging. He used real life examples to help you relate the material to something in your own life that would be impactful. I highly recommend this driving school to everyone!

Talha G.

I took reckless driving course about hour ago. That was such a great class, and our instructor was Ali, who is friendly and keep the class attractive. I strongly recommend this course to anyone

Jakeline Argueta

I was asked by the DMV to take this classes and it was going to be helpful for my court day, I was lucky to have me going there because they were really willing to help me out proof the court and DMV that I was doing it. I haighly recommend you coming here if you need to or to get extra points in your driver licence.

Ian Thomas

These guys run a fine program here. The information was easy to comprehend and there was plenty of time for discussion. I honestly feel better on the road after this class. The time flew by and I would recommend AA to others.

Philip Pang

The driver's improvement course was very informative. The instructor not only gave out advise on general driving tips but on how to refute traffic tickets and how taking the course could nullify some of the penalties incurred by violating traffic laws. Overall i felt like the service was genuine. They try and help you out as much as they can.

Shannon Martin

I took this 8 hour class with Ali as my instructor. He was very informative, made class interesting, and gave us great tips on staying safe while driving. This class is definitely worth your time.

Himika Rahman

I took the Driver Improvement Program with AA Driving Academy and I highly recommend this course. I was surprised by how informative and even interesting this class was. This is the most efficient way to complete the Driver Improvement Program.

Pascal Inyama

I took a Defensive Driving Course (DDC). The class was very informative and although I have been a driver for 20 years I learned very important lessons about defensive driving. The instructor was also very informative and helpful. I'm also getting 5 positive points on my record!

Luke Argleben

Learned some new science about the effects of combining drugs, I will certainly stay away from doing any such thing at any time.

Scott Brown

AA Driving Academy gave a very good presentation on the Driver Improvement Program (DIP). Kaz answered all of our questions and was very knowledgeable on current rules and laws as it pertains to the Commonwealth of Virginia. I found the class very informational and would recommend to any that require this training.

Stephen Kim

The driving instructor was very informative and gave good tips and instruction. I would recomend aa to anyone looking for lessons.

Ahmed Mohiuddin

Hi, this is great and friendly driving school academy. the staff is great and the owner very helpful. I know them for long time. I took the classes.

Andy Lopez

My experience with AA driving academy was fantastic. The professor did a fantastic job of passing on all the information to the students. The professor did a great job of always asking the class if they had any questions over any of the topics, and when they did have questions, he did a great job of elaborating fully and answering the question thoroughly. The teacher also did a great job of making this process as least painful as possible. He was very polite and respectful. I have bad experiences with other driving professors that look down upon their students for getting traffic infractions. That was not the case at all with these professors. They genuinely were our friends and were just trying to help us.

Jeb Samuel

Took this session voluntarily today in Arlington. Thanks to JJ for making the session more lively, interactive and interesting. I would definitely recommend everyone to attend this training. This could be life saver in most scenarios.

Rachel Hoyt

Driving Improvment Program class started an hour and a half late, and teacher was not present during class. He would come in to play a video, and not come in again until 5 minutes after each video ended to play the next video. This class could be completed in half the time we were here. There was a lot if sitting in awkward silence. Not a good program

Rahul Dantuluri

oscar park

For behind the wheel I had Christian who was an amazing instructor. At first I was very nervous to be deiving with someone new and didn't want to mess up with him, but he was very nice and comforting to drive with. He made my worries go away and I wasn't freaking during the sessions. He also gave lots of advice and tips on driving to make sure I knew what I was doing so even without him I wouldn't get into an accident in the future. I highly reccomend driving with AA and especially Christian!

jingjing enriquez

Zulma Flores

it was my first class and i enjoyed it. the staff is friendly and i even may some good friends. i highly recommend it.

Felipe Cruz

Great team, super friendly staff. The content and teaching style made the class enjoyable! Even though this was court ordered I am glad I took it, very educational. Highly recommend this place.

dunya alaasemi

This place is the best i had many great experiences with them the place very comfortable and everyone there is so nice and helpful also they gave me many advice helpds me alot with my case and what do I need to prevent reckless charge ...

Ali K.

If you get a reckless driving ticket in Virginia, would STRONGLY RECOMMEND going thru AA Driving Academy for BOTH classes, 8hr DIP & 4hr Reckless, BEFORE going to court!! In addition, get your speedometer calibrated, 20+hrs community service and 2 recent awards or character reference letters.. All this together, will help you IMMENSELY to stand out and make a GOOD impression with the Prosecutor or Judge, so you can get your ticket reduced.. Follow the instructors advise! You'll be guided correctly with this valuable info, which is identical to what the top traffic attorneys will tell you. Many students said their attorneys recommended AA Driving also. Makes sense! They've been doing it right for MANY years with convenient locations and flexible schedule.

Ali Farazad

my life changed after i took this course

Conor Cudahy

My first time at the AA Driving Academy was a very pleasant one. The staff was excellent and efficient and made the class interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who has to take a driving improvement class and is looking to have a good experience doing it.

Joseph Michna

Arrived to AA Driving Academy at 9:00 a.m. to drop my son off for the class beginning at the same time. There were around fifteen attendees standing around outside of the business when we arrived. We opted to wait in my car until someone from the business started the course. I called the business at 9:30 to inquire about what was causing the delay, and no one answered despite allegedly being open for business. People didn't begin filtering in until about 9:40. I'm still unsure what the hold-up was? I'm anxious to hear about my son's classroom experience. Whoever is running that place needs to grab a dictionary and look-up the meaning of punctuality. I'm not impressed.

Janet Teodoro

The staff was helpful and I learned a lot. Being a safe driver takes time to learn and it should not take a ticket to realize our driving habits to change. Thanks a lot.


The class was great, I ended up learning more than I expected, no matter if your an experienced driver, the variety of techniques taught help understand other drivers which share the road with oneself; it also helps out giving ideas about how to help others improve and guide them succesfully when teaching other how to drive. The instructot was incredibly, and genuinely concerned about everybodies safety and despite this being a business expressed that he wouldnt like any of us to return except voluntarily to keep a good record and to learn more about safety. Great job for keeping a business up for so long. Hope it still runs in the family.

Qui Chung

AA Driving Academy is a great place to be to update and remind you about the safety of driving nowaday in this world. This isn't the first time I've been here at the academy. I've been here since high school for Driver's Ed and now returning to take Driver Improvement for some extra points. The class courses are great and the teachers are awesome especially Kaz and Ali. They are really good at what they do here at the academy. Not only do they want you to be safe on the road but they also inform and advise you of any questions or worries that might have now and in the future.

Michael Rocabruna

Was able to break up 8 hr class into 2 sessions convenient and easy

Flex Cas

A fantastic learning experience! I went into the class knowing much less then I know now, but also they made it not as bad to sit in a class room for 8 hours by keeping everyone engaged and interactive.

azraf Ullah

Awesome, Efficient and Quick Process, Instructors are great and very Helpful!

Yossi Lu

Great experience! Ali is really great in explaining the boring subject in a very edutainment manner and I really appreciate that. I recommend everybody who's supposed to take a driving course come to AAA driving school in Sterling, VA. CHEERS!

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