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REVIEWS OF WMST Driving School & DOL License Testing Center IN Washington

Nataza Shamayah

I was a student at WMST this summer and I loved it! Dan is a great instructor and not only does he teach your child about driving he teaches them life lessons along with the course. defiantly a fun environment and i feel like I learned so much. and without breaking my bank! lol.

Mirinda Atchison

I took the beginner motorcycle class. Marissa, Chris and Kevin were friendly, fun, safe, and effective in their teaching skills. They were able to coach me, a new rider, well enough to get my endorsement. As a female, it was comforting and inspiring to have such a bad ass female rider as a teacher. I hope to eventually take Chris's cornering class and learn some more advanced skills from a genuine professional racer. Can't recommend them highly enough!

Emily Chong

Cheri Potts is a great instructor and teacher.

Xulei Ren

Bill Is a Nice guy thanks for teaching me!!!

Andrew Smith

The best driving school hands down. The instructors acknowledge student's strengths and weaknesses and guide them to reach full potential by the end of the course. They consistently turn teen drivers who have never sat behind the wheel into smart, confident, safe drivers on the road. Attending WMST will NOT be a decision you regret.



Evert is bes

Gino Huarcaya

The Art of Lee

3 reasons why this place is great: It's a walk-in testing center with very little wait time so it is very convenient Both the instructor and the receptionist were nice and extremely helpful As long as you have read the driver's handbook and practiced driving, both the written and the drive tests are relatively easy to pass unlike other testing facilities where they throw questions at you that you've never even seen in a handbook nor were taught at any driving school

Vera Nochvay

Сдавала здесь вождение дважды первый раз я сделала ошибку, а второй все было идеально почти, но был очень плохой инструктор написал много нарушений которых небыло, и еще слепой какой то потеряла много денег и испортили репутацию. Ненавижу это место

Athena Stevens

Cory taught my drivers ed class for a make-up day, and he was super friendly and made the class fun!

My name is Steve

Tony Carnevale

Great driving school, staff is friendly, cars are clean, safe, and new!

Kristina Sapo

I loved going to class here!! I loved having Cheri P. as one of my instructors, she was my favorite. She taught me a lot of driving skills. I enjoyed driving with her.

Jade Highleyman

I had a wonderful experience with Gabby, she was a fantastic instructor on the test. She definitely eased the tension (because you know, it’s a test!) of driving, and explained ahead of time what to expect and what she’s looking for. She is a great person to take a test with. Thank you, Gabby!

Arnin Bonilla

Best people I've ever met..!

Josh Clogston

Kyle was a great instructor and had good advice!!

Lauren Morgan

Loved this class. Cheri is a great instructor. She is patient and is good at going over details.

Amy Harris

Luke Tyler

Keith Viall

Staff friendly, but so what!! They just want your money!!! Driving test is Tricky, used pulling over to the shoulder on right in empty residential area with looking well enough over shoulder to right side as failure point. Make sure you know that you must use center lane as turning lane not passing through it to get to lane you are turning to. Felt like instruction with this company is mandatory to learn what their tricks are! Instructor is very strict and directions are not adequately explained. Especially for anyone with English as a second language. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SPENDING THE EXTRA MONEY FOR CERTAIN FAILURE, GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!!!! SORRY Chris, not like I’m getting my money back. My wife has been practicing for over a year, just drove 100 miles safely to your school, always follows the rules better than most. Your instructor was Intimidating from the second he opened his mouth and said “as soon as we walk out the door I’m going to be in instructor/ inspector mode. He said I’m not going to trick you, or ask you to do anything against the rules...Blah Blah Blah, but had the tone of authority and superiority, I would say even condicending, I could see my wife was intimidated and nervous as they walked out the door. I understand he is there to conduct a test, but his poker face and robotic nature was that of a drill seargent. The guy didn’t even Introduce himself, can’t remember his name. Telling people who read this review........if you didn’t take their classes, don’t attempt to take the driving test! You will not pass!!! Fortunately I already had an appointment at Olympic Driving School My wife got a 92 there on our final drive test just two days later. The instructor there was awesome put her at ease Right away by introducing himself and told her what to expect and asked what she had been taught and how she had been taught. We went into great detail so he knew what style of the driver she is. I would recommend the drive and setting up an appointment with this busy office in Olympia, steer clear of WMST!

Chuy Lopez

Just took my drive test and I passed highly recommended going here

Gabe Lopez

The class is fun and engaging. Dan and Cheri are both very good instructors who have made me a much better driver than I thought I would be. I would highly recommend WMST to any new driver.

jordan wilson

The class was easy to understand and the drives were pretty easy. Cheri Potts was a great inatructor

Chenda Larsen

Shout out to Cheri Potts for being the BEST instructor ever honestly you my homie !!!!!! WMST is superior ya'll !!

Tyler Tran

I loved doing drivers ed here. Especially if you have Shari as an instructor, because she teaches so well and is a very nice person.

Jens Henderson

WMST has amazing instructors who really care about the students learning. I am very happy to work with WMST and would refer anyone that ask to them. Thank you WMST>


Took the motorcycle endorsement course and had the most fun I've had in years! Extremely engaging with a trained professional. I will be coming back for the advanced courses for sure!

Norm Harshaw

Chey Chy

Very helpful! Cheri Potts is a great driving instructor and classroom teacher! Loved doing drivers ed with them!

Lou Boat

If you manage to get Cheri as your instructor than consider yourself lucky she will cheer you up to the end.

Autumn Lundgren

Let me tell you now, as a very anxiety prone individual-- this place was the BEST driving instruction facility available in my area. Shawn Ritchey was my instructor, and he was by far one of the sweetest and most understanding individuals I have ever had the pleasure of driving with. He not only taught you the rules of the road, but gave you valuable life tips to keep in your mind for later experiences. Even the individuals at the front desk were friendly and gave awesome pointers before the exam! Also, I would recommend if you can afford it, the hour lesson before your exam! With Shawn in particular, he was nice enough to explain terminology, and elaborate on any questions you have! This place deserves so much more than 5 stars, and now I have my license thanks to them! Highly recommend :^D

Brendan Wakefield

eiman ebrahem

I never liked the driving instructor because she has no patience with new drivers and she nervousness the worst lesson in my life.

Alyssa M

Evert was the best instructor/teacher and made class really fun and learn very easily.

perceus nguyen

Great program, the whole process was easy and hassle free, i had a great experience, and the instructors are super friendly, and great at teaching you how to drive properly. Was very happy that I took this course.

Gergana Georgieva

I liked the experience that WMST. Cheri was my instructor and she brought us donuts and pizza, which was great. :) She's pretty cool. :D She works hard to make her students successful!

Connie Chen

thank you to kyle for being an amazing drivers ed teacher. you made the entire classroom experience really fun ! i was able to pass both my tests with high 90s and i can’t thank you enough. i hope you recover quickly and to full health :) also thank you cheri for administering my drive! you were really sweet and kind !

M Dean

Sho Stenger

i just did my final drive five with chris.he taught me many tips and tricks and also is a very fun guy to just talk to if you have an intrest in cars.i enjoyed my time at this class and i would recommend it to friends.

helen angel

Evert was a good instructor! he brought us donuts here and there and he was really nice and funny

Michel Linehan

I'm absolutely thankful for WMST and Chris (My instructor) I was worried I was going to have an intimidating instructor or just not do good in general. Defintly wrong and I over thought things. I definitely recommend this place for CLASSES & LISENCE drive test. The availability was very quick too! THANKS AGAIN!!

Lilly Em

There was a never dull moment in class, Cheri was an amazing teacher. She taught me a lot of tips on driving/parking that I will use for the rest of my life. I connected to her very well and appreciated all the things she has taught me. 10/10 would recommend Cheri as your driving instructor!


I had Cheri as my instructor and she was great! She made me feel very safe during my drives and she corrected all my bad habits!

Natalie Powell

I had the best drivers ed experience with WMST! Bill was my instructer and he was super funny and a great teacher! He also brought us pizza a couple times which was super great. I would give this more than five stars if I could. WMST is definitely the way to go.

Luke Saufferer

Great driving school! Staff is friendly and a great new drivers education program.

Danna Phea

I have a question? So I have a knowledge book from 4 years ago and was wondering if its still good or the questions have changed?

King K

I had Cheri as my instructor and she calmed me down and helped me become an amazing driver after I was done with WMST I wish she was my school teacher as well

Emily Nguyen

Cheri P. was my instructor for drivers ed and i learned so much, but at the same time i had fun. Cheri taught while telling interesting stories so drivers ed flew by quickly. this was cheri’s last day being an instructor because she will be moving to the office. thanks cheri!! Another thanks to shari for being my driver instructor! she was very kind while teaching and correcting my mistakes. she also helped by making my drives entertaining. i highly recommend!!

Jephri P

Came in to take our motorcycle test on a Saturday. Through no fault of theirs, we were on a very tight schedule and we called ahead and they said they could help us out. The desk staff was SUPER helpful. Heidi got us our test and graded it very quickly so we could scoot! Many thanks!

Sophie Martin

I took my driving test with Cheri Potts yesterday and she was really helpful in my warm up session!! She was also really nice and funny!!

Daniel Lavrentiev

Great driving school, staff is friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.

Hahsj Dnsjs

Cheri Potts was a great instructor-Jaedon

Kimberly Clark

I am very pleased with my experience here they made you feel very comfortable. While taken my driving test Cheri Potts the instructor was good made me feel relaxed and comfortable thumbs up all the way

Margaret Armstrong

Lisa & Shawn were absolutely fantastic! I will return to this Office in the future. Great people!

Adeena Santiago

they helped me be more confident in driving


Definitely the best school in the state. Cheri actually made class fun, but also made sure everyone learned what we needed to know.

Nicolas Ignoto

I got my motorcycle endorsement at this location. My instructor (Steven) was a great teacher. We learned a lot and had so much fun! I feel much more comfortable after the class . We had a fair amount of rain during the last day and the Skill test. Be prepared to bring your waterproof gear. On my way to the motorcycle dealership! :)

Jama Jhonny

I had a great time driving and taking the driving test...Gabi is one of the driving teachers who works at WMST and she has been so calm and really helpful towards helping me for my driving lesson iv never driven before but it literally took me 3 lesson to learn all about driving safley out on these crazy streets thanks to Gabi.. she is the star of that school and I am humbled to be tought by her

Eidi Razi

I went to Lynnwood DOL office for drive test, unfortunately they do drive test only on Wednesdays with appointment ,which for me it was around December!! With a little search on the internet I could find WMST (Washington Motorist Safety Training ). WMST is a DOL approved walking in testing Center. They were very helpful and could give me an appointment for the next day. My examiner , Chris, was very nice. He explained every thing before test so I was not be nervous! :) Anyway, I passed the drive test and whole process with all the paper work took 45 min. After passing the test they give you the score sheet , then you take it to DOL office and you are done. Thank you WMST

Andrew Ostergaard

Took the BRC course and staff was awesome, This is the top school to go to. Thanks again Chris.

Adaliz Rivera

This school is great. The instructors are nice, easy to talk to, humorous and very very helpful, especially Frank. I passed the first time I took the test! Great school

Peter Stout

High quality driving school, excellent instructor. Cross your fingers and pray you get Bill as your instructor - he's incredible. WMST - if you're reading this, give him a raise!!

Kappa Jones

I had an amazing experience going through wmst

sarah edward

The guy was testing me was the rudest I have never met someone so rude and angry in my life I was taking a driving test in this school because my driving license from a different state expired The guy tested me for 20 minutes and he did all the tricks on me at the end he failed me because when I was driving back on an angle I was away from the curb more than 15 inch !!!! I drove in and out of the United state and drove in many states I'm not saying I'm the best I just wanna show how was mean and nasty that guy was he treated me and my husband like trash.

Pitikalo Wassiwe

I passed my test for the first time thanks to Cheri P. She is the best instructor I ever had , encouraging, patient, calm and she gave me clear instructions. I came with no driving experience but she made me believe in myself I will 100% recommend her. Thanks once again Cheri and wish you luck in everything.

Sergio Sanchez

Cheri Potts was a great instructor. Not only did she teach our class the safty of the road but also made it fun with games and jokes! Would recomend to friends and family!

Theresa Leprozo

Cheri Potts, the instructor, was very thorough in her explanations. She was also very patient.

Xzanctriah Beltran

I did my classes with Cheri Potts and I have to say that we were DEFINITELY not an easy class and we put a lot of stress on our instructor but nonetheless she taught us our lessons effectively and we had a good time at drivers ed while learning tons of information(I didn’t dread going to classes). The drives were very informative as well. It’s one thing learning how to theoretically drive in a desk than actually being behind the wheel. Cheri helped me throughout my drives and the way she explains concepts really gets it engraved in your head which is definitely a really good thing coming from someone with a less than average attention span lol. Alsooooooooooo Cheri and the program in general brings a more personal sense into driving which is what I think most teenagers don’t really put into account. They gave driving safety a little more weight and importance which overall I think made us more responsible and cautious drivers on the road!

Martin Arriaga

Nice people

Nicholas Laman

Benji V

Cheri gave great support on my last drive and gave good info on what to do next after drives. Very positive and supportive!!!

Srikanth Reddy

Worst, Worst, Worst It is bad driving school. They are looking for money and when you will go for drive test defiantly they will failed you at any reason like slow driving and other reasons. I had bad experience with this driving school.

Jennifer Ibiam

Passed my driving test the first time with this guys...was so nervous and tensed but they made me feel more confident and believe in myself..Dan is fantastic and lovely and Chris is fabulous and nice..they both taught me different ways to ace the exam and made me believe I can do it... Great guys...

Anthony Navarro

If your looking for a fun and good place to learn how to drive come to WMST. Cheri Potts was my instructor at WMST and she was a fun teacher in the classroom and was serious and helped my driving skills in the car. She always made sure that I understood was learning, and the rules of the road. She gave me compliments when I did good and instructed me when I messed up. She was always respectful and honest.

sella Chikaphonya

Good place to go

Chris King

arpit singh

They make us comfortable while driving

Johnny Kamacho

Very friendly, easy scheduling, no hassle, highly recommend!

Tobias Atchison

The classes were pretty easy. Cheri Potts made classes more interesting and fun.

Ms. ChaiTeaLatte

This is an amazing driving school! Highly recommend it! The teachers are nice and very helpful! Had a great experience with this school which helped me to be a better driver! Thank you guys so much!

WhoKilledKenny Fortnite Clips

Helen Nagley

I had a wonderful experience with WMST. I did my knowledge test here, had my lessons with them and also did my driver's test. I had Everett, Bill, Dan and Jet. Each one was fantastic. A special thank you to Bill whom I had most of my lessons with. Thank you to Amy and Heidi too. I can't recommend WMST enough! Don't hesitate to go here

Jane Finne

Best place to go to , they make you feel so welcome, i was happy to pass my written and drivers on the same day. The staff are very friendly , i would recommend this place 5 stars, this was at 4929 evergreen way

Stephen Heins

I liked talking about severed heads on the side of the street. Cheri Potts is a good instructor. She made the class somewhat enjoyable sometimes.

Demetre Gvaramia

This place was great! Highly recommend their Stick Shift lessions. Evert, my instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He made the whole experience very low pressure and truly taught me how, when and why you need to take certain actions in a manual transmission vehicle. I felt much more confident behind the wheel by the time I was done. Very positive experience overall.

Ratanak Por

Shawn, Jet, and Cheri are really helpful. They taught me how to become a better driver!

Nick Sheridan

Cheri is the best female drivers ed teacher in the country

Random Fandom

I took both the knowledge and skills test today and Heidi and Cheri P. were amazing!!!!! Walkins are welcomed and process time was good. They are very straight-forward and kind. I highly recommend this location. They made this process that much easier with being so knowledgeable and patience with me. Thank you for such great service!!!

Shea Len

I took the drivers ED course with Bill during the summer at Jackson highschool and he was an excellent teacher. He made drivers ED fun and interesting (he also brought pizza once a week). Because of Bill I was able to pass both my written and drive test with a score in the high 90s! The test administrator Cheri that I had for both my written and drive test was very friendly and encouraging.

Laura J

My son took the WMST course with instructor Kyle at Kamiak. We were very pleased with the instruction he received. He passed both the state knowledge & skills test on the first attempt & we attribute that to Kyle's excellent instruction! I rode along on a couple of drives, at the suggestion of WMST & found that very helpful to reinforce what was taught in class. During the drives, Kyle was serious, yet calm & supportive. I appreciated that the owner came & spoke at the brief parent mtg at the 1st session. The ladies in the main office are incredibly patient & helpful! I called them a few times with questions & they were wonderful!

Bui Duc Kien

This school is place for you to get your driver license! Indeed, my experience with this school is convenient, comfortable, and successful. Chris is the one who you want to look into if you want to learn valuable lesson from.

keith brazell

Cheri Potts instructor and Amy and lea the ladies behind the desk were very helpful and courteous.. I recommend this office for the best sevice

Mia Lapingcao

cassy vando

They make drivers ed interesting and told us real life stories that will can learn from. I had a great time!

Kara Trejo

We are very impressed with this school. They are well organized, and helpful. My daughter enjoyed the instructor, and passed her test with flying colors! They are great, and we highly recommend this school! Thank you WMST for a great experience.

ben ben

Awesome experience! Took my motorcycle endorsement class here. It's was actually fun and enjoyable! while stern in the actual teaching they actually encourage you to have fun and make it an enjoyable experience. I will definitely be taking the other motorcycle courses here. If your new to motorcycles take the basic rider course, if you know bikes and just need the endorsement then take the basic rider course. It's fun and very informative. I've been riding for a grip and needed my endorsement, I had a lot of fun. Great times.

Wade Bais

Took my road test today! My instructor Shawn Ritchey was absolutely awesome. Super great guy to drive with and makes the whole process comfortable and fun.

Kristopher King

Very good driving school, very good instructors. I recommend Cheri as an instructor because she will give you the useful information you need to drive confidently.

Justin Chau

5 minuets testing and failed with a weird reason, it was speed driving

Zander Laird

Thought me to be a better driver


Excelente experiencia. El staff son muy amigable a pesar de no hablar bien Inglés hicieron todo lo posible en ayudar. Los recomiendo. No olviden de hacer cita ya que es un lugar muy ocupado. Above and Beyond.

Prime Jae

Great experience and we got pizza on the last day!!! Cheri Potts is a great instructor and kept us entertained.

Jose Rodriguez

Definitivamente se esforzaron. Por ayudarme. fui a ser mi examen practicó de manejó. A pesar de no hablar inglés. Ellos encontraron la forma de comunicarse con migo. Muy buen servicio la verdad. Y el personal. Todos bien buena honda. Definitivamente recomiendo que vayan. Allí. Estas personas si ayudan.

tsega zeab

Cheri was my instructor.she was a very good teacher.Also She Was Much Patient and helpful instructor.I am very happy .I did my class with her.

Debra Snydsman

The staff was amazing! Took the Kickstart riding class so see if motorcycles were for me and get basics concepts. Then took the endorsement class and not only did I have a great time learning from Chris and Brent but also left with some new friends. The staff and curriculum were very informative. They are not just focused on getting you endorced and out the door, but they have classes that go beyond endoncement to ensure you are a knowledgeable and comfortable rider and not the next statistic. I highly recommend them to anyone looking into mototcycles.

Marygrace Watson

cheri is the littiest instructor. she’s the funniest and most enjoyable person to be around. also she gives us food. pls give her a christmas bonus

Robin Radloff

I came here to take a driving test. I am a cautious driver that struggles with anxiety and waited 11 years to go from my permit to a license. The instructor immediately worked to keep me comfortable and tried to have a relaxing time on the test. He was friendly and very clear about what I did and didn't do right on the test. That is the right kind of criticism a student should receive. This school is definitely a good location to take your test!

Yaroslav K

Had my motorcycle safety training done here. I gotta say I had a blast! Stuff is very knowledgable, patient and professional! Nate, Lori special thanks to you! It was a pleasure!!!

Bill Golden

5 stars is shorting them by at least 7 stars. WMST's Basic Motorcycle Course was amazing (I say this after a less than stellar and very stressful experience with their competitor in Kirkland). Kris in the classroom was engaging and friendly. Steven and Joshua on the course were flat-out fantastic. Clear instructions and demonstrations made the exercises easy to complete. And no stress...ZERO stress (I can't stress this enough). A huge thank you to WMST and its staff for guiding me to getting my moto endorsement! I'll send everyone I know your way (and one complete stranger just the other day)! EDIT: The first time I went into the office, I had to wait behind a lady whose daughter had repeatedly failed the driving test and she wanted to know what WMST was going to do about it since she took WMST's class (her daughter drove way too slow during her tests and failed for being too tentative I guess). After about 10 minutes, the receptionist went and got Chris, the owner. He went well above and beyond, offering to take her daughter on a ride along (normally a hundred bucks or something but he offered it freely) and would do everything he could to help her pass her next driving test. Amazing customer service.



My instructor, Bob was a very nice guy

Matthew Mason

Instructors are really nice and love how they teach. Cheri really helps me become a better driver when in class and during drives.


It was really a rewarding experience to witness my daughter training with WMST and then pass her driving tests, both the knowledge and practical parts. Chris showed a great teacher and demontrator skills and he was great help in showing the fundemantals of safe driving. Chris emphasized the practical points in a vivid way using demonistration and hand-on techniques, He and other members of the WMST driving school were very professional in their dealings and interaction with us. كانت تجربه ناجحه جدا ان اشهد مراحل تدريب ابنتي ومن ثم نجاحها في امتحان السياقه بشقيه النظري و العملي. السيد كريس كان خير عون و خير معلم حيث علمها الاصول العمليه للسياقه و قيادة السياره و بصورة امنه. و استخدم السيد كريس تقنية الايضاح و تقنية التدريب الفعلي وكانت هذه التقنيات سهلة وواضحه و اتقانها ميسور. جميع العاملين في مدرسة القياده (WMST) كانوا مهنين في تعاملاتهم مغنا.

James Bartley

My step son went here and he was a good little driver before starting the class. He is now I much better driver and is making good decisions while driving. He is even pointing out where I can improve. I wish this program had advance stuff for I would sign myself up. The cars are amazing here too maybe to good LOL! Real pros and super helpful staff too.

Jennifer Mijangos

They have an amazing way of teaching and make it fun! Would totally go through those 15 2 hour classes again! They bought us pizza on the day we finished our drivers Ed class

David Kim

Do not treat their customers with respect. Especially if you appear younger of age. Would not recommend and would be better taking your classes at a different location

Jonathan Perez

Cheri and Bob are the best instructors I've had so far! They really know what they are doing and helped me improve my driving skills a lot!

Azam A.

Great school! Learned a ton from Chris! He is a great and a fun teacher at the same time! Employees helpful. I highly recommend this place. Five Star!!!!!

Jake Corrington

Test with this place was nice. The instructor was nice and complimented me on my riding. I felt inspired to write a review after receiving a sales call today (5-6 months later) from an insurance agent who said he got my info from WMST. He wanted to make sure I was adequately covered... okay.

Areeba M

I did a walk-in test with Chris and it went great. Chris was super helpful and great.

Joseph Yi

Cheri is the sweetest teacher ever and always makes class fun give her a damn raise !!

lyla Okai

Question for WMST How many days to wait before you can retake a failed drive test? A friend took a drive test again after failing but she said the second test was more like a lesson than a test.and this time she was failed for not pulling up to a right position for a second stop to check for traffic after coming to a stop at a stop sign. She felt maybe she wasn’t suppose to take the test right after(being the following day). So I wonder if she was automatically failed the second time even before the test began. If so she wish that would have been communicated to her so she could have waited the appropriate days to retake.

Alex Fernandez

Amazing! You get great lessons and it's the best school you can find in the northwest! Great place for teens to learn how to drive. Also, best price compared to other driving schools.

Elchim Valdevieso

Ms. Cheri is a great instructor

Trevin Trang

Evert is the best if you get any other teacher try and switch

Yassine Hansen

They are a rip off please stay away. AWFUL EXPERIENCE WITH TASHA

Cisco Perez

Less than a 5 minute phone call and lovely Tasha have me all the information I needed. As a small business manager I appreciate a job well done. 5 stars!

Kaylin Bertalan

Alexandr Samsonov

Chris and Kevin were friendly, fun, safe, and effective in their teaching skills. This is an amazing driving school! I highly recommend this location.

Francisco Flores

Very good school, Bill was an awesome instructor , he helped me out a lot to pass my drivers test

Owen B

Evert is great instructor. He made the classes fun, he brought treats and joked a lot, and just made the classes go by so fast.

Señor Trotsky

Isra Haneen

Cheri was my instructer she is very helpful and kind i passed my test easily after the worm up session with her,i appreciate her great and proffesional work .

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