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REVIEWS OF Pacific Driver Education IN Washington

Jordynn Allinger

Steve was a great teacher! I enjoyed every class and now feel I’m truly ready to be on the road and driving in my own. I feel very comfortable driving now and happy I took this class.

Janelle Calvin

Jade Studer

The instructors are amazing at what they do. Pao was my instructor. He provided information about situations that may happen even if they weren’t currently happening, and what to do in those situations. He gave me rules of the road, was calm and patient, and overall a great instructor. I passed my test with little problems. I’m glad I chose Pacific :)

Keeton Mitchell

Very nice people who are easy to communicate with and the instructor I had gave good feedback both in the moment and after the fact depending on how important it was to give. Overall positive experience.

N Kenny

Hi. I’m taking my driving test at this place end of this month and I have a question. What kind of cars do you guys use for the test? I’m super nervous about driving new car and it would be so different than what I am driving now for practice. I don’t want that to be the reason to fail the test, I’m worrying about driving completely different car for first time and could not control it. If you guys can give me some advice that will be great!! Thanks :)

Tage Novak

Everyone I dealt with @ Pacific Driver Education was courteous and professional. Their driving instructor made me feel very comfortable and at ease while taking my drive test.

Natasha Altman

I have enjoyed every bit of my driving lessons with everyone. They all explained everything when I got confused and was very very patient with me. I will be recommending this place to everyone!

Monea Jackson

My husband went through you and got his license, Matthew was a fun and polite instructor and honest and he enjoyed his experience with him, my husband is a very experienced driver but was quite happy with his license test and honest and sincere concerns of the instructor, we look forward to our family going through you guys over the next few years. Thanks, Matt and Monea

Nick Wise

Skip the best instructor ever !

Noella Ibahezagire

To day was my second time doing my text with Pacific driving education , both first and second time. Matthew Lents was my Examiner. I personally want to let you know that he is worst Examiner ever and I totally regret why I didn’t follow my heart to not work with him again because for the first time he was bad and he did that with my sister then second time I even paid $135 to take their class one hour and 30min before doing my test with Instructor Mark Rhodes, one of the best Instructor ever. But for the case of Matthew Lents he is not a nice person at all or maybe he choose to be nice one some people and worst one others!!! God knows what he follows???made me fail my test for only one mistake that he made me do telling me to turn left in the wrong lane !!!He gave me 64 percent am asking doing one mistake holds the rest of the marks???? Just because I can pay $50 first time and $75 second time plus $135 doesn’t mean that you guys have to make me fail so that you can make money!!!!

Liz Miller

I scheduled my Class C Driver's test through Pacific Driver Education because it was much faster than going through the DMV. They were able to schedule me right away. Everyone was very courteous and professional. The woman who scheduled my appointment and checked me in that day was great. The tester had a soothing way of giving instructions that calmed my frazzled nerves. I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing to take a driver's test!

Mz Oshun

*edited to add* LOIS you are specifically condescending even in this reply. I am NOT upset simply because I failed. I am very dissatisfied with your review. The way you spoke to me, some of the things you told me that were not true. Private family business are often corrupt because there is no accountability for customers that are not satisfied. You’ve done nothing to compensate me for this service that I paid for but this canned response. Change your response that’s my advice. People are upset with YOU. Stop saying “driving is hard” like we are children.* was I had a very bad experience at this place. Both my partner and I had similar issues with the tester Lois Lentz. I am wondering if she owns this business because when I emailed the place to complain about her, she replied. She was very condescending in her response. In fact my partner did not even get a response to the email they sent and I believe the only reason she responded is that I said I was going to call and come down there if the issue was not resolved. Immediately after failing both of us for subjective things they put as bad marks, they encouraged us to book another test with them again. I see them responding to negative reviews with rude and condescending remarks that seemed copied and pasted. This place is a scam they fail many people who do not take driving lessons with them as I have seen in reviews and then tell you to schedule again for another 50 dollar fee.

Leslie Oyoumick

My tester Matthew Lentz was a very nice young man treated me with respect, I've already referred your company to my neighbor. Thank you.

Cheap 'N Chic

Russ Bell

Thank you for stepping up and doing the right thing ! ! Marilee is a awesome instructor !

Emily Yarnell

I took my license test here. The lady at the front desk was very nice, and my instructor was fantastic. Very calm and understood that I was nervous. 100% recommend.

Lindsay Manning

Nick Van Horn

Failed twice at dmv. Drove in their car. Guy was very reassuring. Overall good experience. Passed.

Marlon Fernandes

Daniel Elder

Wonderful experience! Four great lessons with Marilee, then I nailed my driving test. Thanks!

T.J. Pluhacek

I'm 22 and am moving to where I need to have a car to get around, so time was of the essence in getting my license. I went with the 4 lessons + drive test package. Steve O was my instructor for three lessons, and Pao was my instructor for one. Each lesson was extremely helpful, and my instructors were very nice and friendly. They know how to effectively teach the essential driving and driver safety rules in a very time-efficient manner. They worked at my learning speed but pushed me while making sure that I was comfortable with what they were having me do. With less than 10 hours total on the road, I was able to pass my drive test with a 95% (the 5% docked was due to my own carelessness and was a mistake my instructors had pointed out to me on multiple occasions), and these lessons were absolutely key to that happening. It was very well worth the money.

Lavanya Parimi

The instructions given by the examiner at the test are pretty understandable to make the correct action at correct time. It was amazing experience going through the Pacific Driver Education for my permanent drive permit.

DominiQue Arthur

Lorie Spencer

I'd love to talk about my experience but I've yet to get one. After numerous calls and emails I've got nothing but a voicemail. Once they finally did pick up they told me lessons wouldn't start for a month, and they needed the money now! Absolute crap. There's nothing on the website that indicates what the lessons entail either, for instance what will I be DOING during the lessons. Will be going to PCC driving instead. Invest in a receptionist and spend more than 5 minutes on your "website". Thank you for your response, in which is full of attitude just like all of your responses. All those gibberish sentences yet you still fail to justify why I could call for a week long during business hours and get nothing. BYEE.

Rutsuko Askew

Eman Abbas

Pao , is the best He know what he is doing and teaching it in excellent way . I really recommend to take classes with him

Chloe Anthony

I recommend Pacific Drivers Ed to anyone who has allowed anxiety towards driving build up over the years. I took the adult lessons with Mark and quickly felt comfortable behind the wheel. When I did get nervous or stressed, he was able to tactfully calm me down and redirect my focus, which was very appreciated! I did take one lesson with Lois too and that was also a very positive, supportive experience. They seem to really have their best interest in making sure you are comfortable and ready to succeed. I felt like four lessons and a little practice with my friends was sufficient to pass the test and I was able to pass on the first try—money well spent. Thank you!

Miguel Munoz


Way too stingy, got failed for not checking blind spot but got prased for all other aspects of the test. This is just a racket to get more money out of new drivers

Marc Windsor

Tracy West

Quick process and the examiners are really nice. It's more expensive than the dmv but the quality is better and again faster.

Raelene Schroeder

I'm so glad that my daughter took their drivers education course. She is an excellent, safe, knowledgeable driver. She really respected & got along well with her driving instructor. At the end of the course they can give your child the driving part of the test in order for them to aquire a license. Which is a wonderful benefit, then all you have to do is take the certificate to the DMV &do the written exam& provided that they pass that, then you can pay the required fees & they get a driver license!! They make it so easy. Both my daughter and I are so happy she was able to attend Pacific Driver Education!!!

Armoni Simmons

The test was very straightforward, the instructor made me feel comfortable. Very easy I must say! I passed (:

Salvador Ortiz

I'm taking my test today

Shanice Barber

I can’t say enough about the staff and instructors at Pacific Drivers Education. I’m 28 and I started out with severe driving anxiety. Mark was my instructor (highly recommend him!).He was so patient and informative in a way that didn’t feel overbearing or intimidating. I took my drive test today with Lois who again wasn’t overbearing or intimidating at all. Everyone there from the receptionist to the drive test examiners were incredibly friendly and professional. My kids have quite a few years before they’re ready to start driving but I wouldn’t send them any where else. Thank you so much!

Danya Alrawi

I'm very happy I did my drive test through Pacific drivers ed. I signed up for a lesson online and they called to schedule an appointment with me and were very accommodating and professional. The instructor I got was very helpful at pointing out mistakes and giving tips to improve my driving, and I had a good experience using their testing service as well.

Kamala Pati

The owners who instructed me were exceptional...kind..patient and comprehensive...i would recommend them to anyone, no matter their age. Well worth the money. Also provide valuable feedback.

Qiuren Wang

(Translated by Google) Awesome driving school. Jen is friendly and teach me a lot. As long as English is almost here no problem. (Original) Awesome driving school. Jen is friendly and teach me a lot. 只要英文差不多,这里没问题。

Shawn Moyer

Ashli B

Robert Rains

My experience with your company was absolutely awesome, all the staff were professional,very friendly, I wish I could remember my instructors name but was to nervous. He was great at making me feel comfortable so I could pass the test thank you to you all but especially him

Shayna Orum

Mansi Reddy

I took my driver’s text today and I PASSED!! I had Lois as my instructor, highly recommend this place! I had a very great experience. I was very nervous when I came in didn’t know what to expect, Lois made me feel very comfortable, she was very friendly and gave me great feedbacks (things that I should work on more). Overall, it was a great experience and I definitely recommend this place

Sophia Kabia

I must start off by saying that it wasn't very easy. I was so nervous and never thought I could drive. But Pacific drivers ed break the nervousness out of me. Lol. Pao is a very good instructor. Thank you so much. I would recommend anyone to go to Pacific driving school.

B. Kallen

I was fortunate enough to take Josh's drivers education class through Pacific Driver Education my sophomore year and I loved my experience. The class was interesting and extremely informative. Outside of class I took six one hour driving lessons, and my driving skills skyrocketed. Pacific Driver Education helped me get comfortable behind the wheel and gave me the tools and experience necessary to be a safe driver. I highly recommend this course to anybody interested in becoming a safer driver.

Steve Ogden

Lois was the instructor. My wife manages around 60 union postal employees. She is not rattled easily, by any means. However Lois and her demeanor and her lack of attentiveness toward my wife's actions.was enough to bring my wife to tears.I'm not going to go into details. But, if she is your test monitor run. After tearing my wife down, she had the audacity to up sell the company. Based on the details I recieved from wife. You are better off waiting for an open time slot at a DMV.

Jaclyn Rowe

We were canceled on after waiting for 2 weeks and after our card was pre charged a refund was not provided when I asked for one. we rescheduled and took the test through pacific drivers educatation after their last minuet cancelation - during this test my husband fully stopped but for only 1second instead of 2 seconds - he was automatically failed- they charge over 50 bucks when the dmv charges 9 dollars- they were more concerned with rebooking us another 50 dollar test - horrible company - there not worth your time - they also failed the drivers we saw while waiting - go through someone else- Dont schedule Mark as your driver- he rushed his last appoutment to get off in time

Eden Levin

I took 4 lessons with Pao and they were fantastic! Pao was incredibly helpful and provided valuable feedback while greatly reducing my (severe) driving anxiety. I also took my road test with PDE and had a great experience despite my nerves. Marilee was a very kind and patient examiner with a great sense of humor, and she provided helpful feedback after my test was done (I passed). Overall, I had an amazing experience with Pacific Driver Education - would definitely recommend!

Yang Cheng

The CrookedFork

Needed to get my driving test done so I could get my liscense before the end of June so I could go to the coast this summer. Waiting room is clean, comfortable, and quiet. Matt was a complete professional. When the test was done, instead of telling me what I did wrong, he said I was a pretty safe driver and suggested what I could do to improve my driving. If you need to do your driving test don't wait the 45+ days it'll take before your appointment at the DMV, just come here and git'r'done.

jacob smith

Went in there to take the driving test. Within two minutes the instructor screamed at me as i was pulling into the middle lane to let out a line of people behind me. I asked "am i not allowed to do that?" He said "No i just didnt know you were going to," I thought the test went alright despite being rush hour and raining. The yelling made me a little nervous but i thought i worked through it alright. He gave me 73 of 76 needed to pass. At the end of the day i feel cheated out of $50 with a mediocre instructor. I feel a different instructor probably would have made all the difference.

Betty Yosef

I failed my driving test today but the instructor " John greisen" gave me good advice so I can do better for my next test and he was very nice

Theodore Nermal

I thought they were excellent, I have no complaints. John was lovely and so was Kiera(I’m sorry if I butcher your name). It’s so funny that they have a handful of bad help reviews, everyone I encountered was really nice, and everyone there including people I didn’t even personally speak seemed like there were in a good mood and happy to be working there, it’s petty to leave a bad review If you’re mad that you failed a test based on state requirements. I would recommend this over going to the DMV for testing, yes it costs more, yes it’s in Gresham, BUT they’re really nice and really professional and you can get in like two months sooner than the actual dmv, and for many of the Portland metro area denizens out there it’s a really great option for those who simply can’t find a car to take the test in.

Raul Fernando Labrada Galvez

Excellent service!! Friendly staff.

Nick B

I took the class with Steve and lessons with skip. I have to say that skip was a very chill teacher, and was patient with me, even when I got very nervous (which happened a lot at the beginning). By the end, I had become more relaxed. Unfortunately, my first test attempt was unsuccessful, but I learned from my critical mistake (last second lane change without looking) and came back three weeks later. The second time I took my test (both times were with Damon), he said that my driving was phenomenal and one of his best all week. I only lost 3 points on the test. In conclusion, it was worth the time and special thanks to Skip and Damon for helping me get the confidence I needed.

Joseph Eckhardt

Hawthorn Conner

Took my test,the instructor was great!

wogels Frog

Ok, to all of you out there. Please remember the instructor or passenger are not responsible for what you do as a driver. You are responsible. If someone tells you to turn left and its not safe to do so then you continue to drive safe without turning left. Its a no brainer. If you can do the instruction safe then do it , if you can not do it safe you can say no I can not do it yet, or I can't get over safely to turn. Even if its clear of traffic you can't cross the solid lines to turn either. Part of the test may be to see if you would do dumb things just to do what your passenger wants? I'm not saying be disobedient I'm saying use some intelligence while making decisions.

Alla Kasimova

When i took a driving test the rep was so awsome very respectful an detailed and when my 16 year old took the test his rep was so detailed an just awsome.

Dasia Walker

Leyla Dunaway

I purchased the 4 lesson package and I couldn't be happier. Steve O was my instructor and he was great! Very friendly and professional, he was very knowledgeable and gave me the confidence to get behind the wheel (not an easy feat, as I'm 30 and thus far, been terrified of it). By the third lesson I already felt comfortable driving. I scheduled my Class C driver's test through them as well, which I had immediately after my last class. Matt was very good about giving me enough time to know when I had to do something, and at the end gave me some great advice. Oh yeah, I also passed! Would highly recommend Pacific Driver Education, whether you're a teen or an adult.

Deeb bndeeb

Corrupt school that will fail you if you do not take their course Don’t spend your money

Bernadette Enbysk

Very helpful and supportive. Kind of expensive but I guess pricing is necessary to cover costs

Jeffrey Geiger

So I signed up for four private lessons. My instructor was awesome professional and always gave what I needed to hear. You will want to sign up early as the time slots fill up quickly. I also paid for the drive test as well. I was well prepared for the test with the lessons as well as driving outside of just the lessons. Which I recommend as more time behind the wheel of a vehicle the better.

Blank Blank

At the bottom of this long text is a too long; didn’t read. In the Fall of 2017, I wanted my license as I had a trip planned to Eugene. Not having enough time to schedule through the DMV I decided to schedule through a private driving tester. I expected the private driving test instructors to be not as difficult as the state(government) testers. Upon my completion of the first test with the Southern Oregon Driver Education, I found that I had failed. I got a score of 70, keep this score in mind. After failing the driving test I had to wait a month. During this month I kept thinking about why I had failed the test. I decided to do the next test with a different tester, maybe this one would be less biased. I tested with the Pacific Driver Education LLC. I had done almost perfect in my book, but upon completion, I asked the instructor what my score was. He gave me a score of 70 just like the last testing agency. I asked what I could improve on, he gave me a couple of answers. He explained that at a railroad crossing I should look both ways. I thought that that was strange. A train crossing (with flashing lights and a guard) definitely would be shut down if an error was found. He gave me one more minor reason to why he had failed me. At the end the tester gave the following advice, “you can test with the DMV, or you can test with us, but in my experience we are nicer”. I thought in my brain; wow, I had just given two payments of $50 to each of these places and I have been had $100. I then decided, enough is enough, called up the DMV to schedule an appointment. I had to wait three months for the DMV appointment, which cost $9. I thought I had done just as good as at the previous testers. This time, surprise, surprise I had been given a score of 94. I got my license, that same day. It was 4-5 months after the initial test. DO NOT BE HAD. DO NOT BE LIKE ME. I DO RECOMMEND THE DMV WAIT TIME. IT WILL COST YOU TOO MUCH MONEY AND TIME TO TEST WITH PRIVATE INSTRUCTORS. I AM NOT EVEN SURE WHY THIS STATE ALLOWS THESE FAKE-*** CORPORATIONS TO RUN. EDIT: Upon looking at the extremely negative responses, questioning whether or not the reviewers "even tested with us", the only reason I created this account has been in order to protect my identity. I do not need these people looking up my name in their database. This was a reply to a review ---> "Please don't blame us for your inability to drive the rules." Well, please don't blame me for your inability to correctly test. Final EDIT: The indignant-unprofessional replier has struck me within 3 hours with an exasperated response. Here's a quick tip for the person responsible for making these replies: look at your own angry reply before posting it. Anger will always seem right, but it never is. A wise man once said "When the debate is lost, the loser turns to slander", your angry replies attacking my past missteps of choosing the private driving companies does not help your case. How can someone in the business world say those things? What does them failing me have to do with me passing a DMV test with a score of 94? The only help you gave me is to not take one of the "private tests". This does not help with word of mouth. I WILL BE TELLING EVERYONE IN MY LIFE TO BE AVOIDING THE PRIVATE DRIVING TESTERS, ESPECIALLY PACIFIC DRIVING EDUCATION, LIKE THE PLAGUE. Past performance has no guarantee of future results, as is the case in these companies.. that is unless you are willing to give enough money.

Phrawoody Vutthiyano-Phiku

Good school for get driving education. My friends study and driving test here.

Julie Catungal

Rohan Sirupa

Naomy Tep

Very kind, and patient, deffinetly gonna recommend.

kaori Herder

Great and friendly staff

Soso Nhk

My experience was amazing, Damon was a awesome examiner. He is a cool chill guy who doesn't make you feel nervous at all. With him you can be confident. I heard stories about examiners being rude, mean etc but not Damon. He deserve a raise :)

Kathryn Graziano

Very good program for learning to drive.

Sam Schwartz-Horney

Went to PDE for my driving test. They were able to get me in a month before the DMV had any openings. My test was pleasant and efficient, all their employees were professional as well. There's a reason why there's really only 1 star and 5 star reviews and that is because the experience is great for everyone who passed and the people who didn't are bitter. That being said, I don't know if the owners should respond to every review by saying they didn't take the test or people who fail are bitter. I can assume that myself but it made me a little apprehensive when I saw the owner posting it to every negative review.

B. K. Ritter

The best way to teach your young person how to drive confidently and safely! I highly recommend it... certainly money well spent! Thanks Steve!

Jasmine Solis

i went into the drivers ed program not knowing how to drive, now that im finished with the class i’ve never been more confident with my driving skills! Steve is a great teacher and lois was a great driving instructor. worth the money and im glad i was able to take the course.

Gaya Haciane

don't go here. The most contradicting experience of my life I had it with these people.

Emily Peterson

Stuart Adams Railfan Videos

A great place! Skip was the best instructor! Matt was a great examiner too! Ivgot my license! Thanks PDE!

Kelli La

My son went to the Beaverton location and I have to say it was money well spent. His teachers were great his behind the wheel teacher Pao was also wonderful. They always keep me updated on his progress either by email or text. When I was looking for a place for my son to go it was hard to choose, but I'm very happy I went with my gut and ended up here.

Kellyr Gonzalez

Matthew was a great instructor ! And I felt calm taking my drivers test with him :) & happy I passed

Sam Clark

Eddie Wallace

Nannette Howland

My daughter loved drivers ed with Steve. Her driving improved tremendously after the first drive with Steve along with her confidence behind the wheel.

Yasmin Mohamed

I would not recommend people to take this drive test here at Pacific ED. They had failed me more than once I have had a bad experience with the first two instructor and my last one I happened to have the instructor and another person to test my driving. They surprised me with another DMV instructor and I had went along with it. I was confident and had practiced so much but the last instructor seemed to be cautious because of the second instructor in the back car. I would not recommend anyone to go here. As a student I have wasted so much money here and I am very disappointed in the way they find excuses to fail me. I did everything and followed what they had said . I don't even know why I took my last test here I had hoped that this last test I would pass. They are also are not helpful with anything. I have completely understood them I figured they only want to take YOUR MONEY and FAIL YOU!!! STAY AWAY!!! It's worth waiting at a DMV drive test than taking $55 every time you take a test here. #SCAM #STAY- AWAY

McKenna Chastain

I had an amazing experience, and I feel confident in my driving skills. Steve was an amazing teacher that helped me grow and learn throughout my experience learning to drive. I am glad I took this program.

Minh Ho

Pao and Marilee are patient and professional instructors. They made me feel comfortable during the lessons. Also, doing the exam right after the last lesson is helpful. It helped me refresh my driving skills. I would recommend this place.

Omar Hani Elgebaly

Corrupt school that will fail you if you do not take their course. It is in their interest to fail you as the more tests/courses you take the more money they make. Save your money and get on the waitlist for the DMV test. I failed this test for being supposedly "impatient" for peaking over the crosswalk while trying to take a right turn on a red because I wanted to see incoming traffic...I took the test a month later with the DMV and passed with nearly full marks. I do not normally post reviews but feel like it is my moral duty to inform people that the way to get your license here is by paying for a course. AVOID AVOID AVOID! EDIT: DONT pay to take the test here. They will fail you for anything they can to support their profit model. Just saying the DMV allows 8 mistakes, while they will fail you for anything they can. It is their incentive to fail you and make you take the test again. I received no helpful tips from them and passed the DMV test with an 88 a month later (also in gresham) with no problem.

Marc Clayborn

I do not recomend it

Katie Larsen

My instructor for my driving test was amazing. He made me feel so calm and collected and let me know exactly what to do since I didn’t know the area what so ever.

Salih Kuloglu

It was really good experience to have a test with Lois Lents at Pacific Drive Education. She is so kind and nice person. Thank you for kindness.

Rhiannon Miller

I was SO nervous to take my driving test but my examiner was really kind and relaxed and after the test very encouraging!! Thank you!

Jonathan Bogert

Zara Khan

Christian Figueras

So today 9-26-19 the best day ever happened to me. Thanks to John my examiner. i just wanna say sorry if i cried after the test when you said that i passed. I was so desperate to get my license for many reason. This is the best thing happen to me. And I’ll promise to you (my examiner ) that i be good and safely driver. Thank you guys so much. I don’t know what to say i’m overwhelmed when i passed and don’t know what to do. God bless for these people and keep what you’re doing. You made me feel so happy

Ranjit Marandi

victor swan

Very friendly professional people, The drive test was a pass and the final review with an issue was much appreciated and understandable,thank you for your time hav already referred friends your way......

Kathleen Wilcox

Tawni Winkler

Pacific Driver Education has been a wonderful experience for my son and therefore for me as a parent! They are professional, clear in their communications and expectations and friendly to work with. I have noticed that my son has taken driving more seriously since he has begun the class. He seems more mature about realizing what a responsibility it is to be solely in control of a vehicle that can cause harm if handled irresponsibly. Pao has given us valuable weekly feedback and things to work on. My son has enjoyed his time learning from Pao. I highly recommend this company!


Great. I was less anxious taking my license test. They have more availability’s appointments than the dmv. I’m glad I did my test there because it was piece of cake getting it done.

Alex Garcia

These guys are awesome I highly recommend them,

John Bayer

The team was kind and the tester helped orient my wife to a new car -- she had only driven our car before. My wife, not a native English speaker, felt the team at Pacific Driver Education created the conditions for her to show her driving skills.

Rachel Anderson

I felt like my first tester was biased. I failed my first driving test. I passed my second with a different instructor. I'm 100% certain I did worse my second time around (not that I did bad either time). Just plan ahead and go through dmv to save money.

Shani Andreakis

Carlos Sabillon

Everyone at this business treated me with highest service provided. Highly recommend,

Paul Castro

Thank you so much pacific driver education, and specially to mark, such a great teacher very detailed and particular. And to Ery Bautista who help me to set my appointment kudos to your great team. Highly recommended for all who want to learn how to drive safely in road once again thank you Pacific Driver Education.

Mandy Deitering

Amazing team of people who love what they do and really do want you to succeed !

Niki Oberacker

I absolutely loved the adult driving class! It helped me not only to know how to drive, but it curved my anxiety as well. The instructors were kind and very helpful in teaching me tips and tricks to look for when I drove. I passed my license test the first time and couldn't have done it without Pacific drivers ed!

Matt Bush

Worth the trip out from Portland for my driving test. I was nervous before I arrived but the staff were so friendly and kind that it completely subsided by the time I was driving and I was able to focus on passing the test. Thanks!

Sabryna Damm

I took the Behind the Wheel course (4 hands-on lessons) with Steve from Pacific Driver Education, and it was such an overall great learning experience! Steve was so friendly and provided excellent instruction and helpful tips to make driving easier and safer. I highly recommend Pacific Driver Education.

Jaden Ludahl

Great place, environment and people. The drive tester I had was very knowledgeable, remained calm and gave me clear directions that I had enough time to prepare for where to go. I had an overall great experience here!

Sian Williams

Sarah Elliott

Perfect if you like private instruction. The instructors, testers, and other team members are very friendly and patient. I learned some great safe driving tips. Only downside is that the instruction is a bit inconsistent; because I was given two different instructors, they would sometimes give me different answers/tips for the same topic so I wasn't really sure which I should do. Other than that, I greatly appreciated their instruction. Thanks to them, I passed my drive test on the first go!

Ava Ward

Nice and friendly. I would recommend this place

srinivas kumar

I had 2 interactions with Pacific Driver Education First: I had a 1 lesson class with them and my instructor was Skip. I learnt a lot and he helped point out potential problem areas in my driving! I had been driving for 8 years and I didn't know I was making those mistakes! The acronyms he showed me helped me too! 100% would recommend classes with them Second: I scheduled my drive test with them because the DMV was backed up for about 3 months. The center was clean and the staff were so friendly! The test proctor was Maryliee I think. She evaluated me fairly and tested everything that should have been on the test. Her pointers on areas to improve were valuable too! Well worth the fee :) If you honestly prepared for your test and drive safe then they will really help you get your license quick since they have so many centers and it is much much easier to get a test there than it is to at the DMV (not because the DMV is bad, but just because their calendar is blocked till March and the nice folks at the DMV are overworked)

Chris Hernandez

I would like to thank both Pao and Skip for being one of the best instructors that I had while having them as my driving insturctors. They both taught me how to be aware of my surroundings and also to make sure to use my mirror, turning signal, left or right mirror and my blind spot. Taking my drive test today really prepared me a lot. I'm very thankful. Thank you to both Pao & Skip and also the Pacific Driver's Education.

Ellen Bleau

My husband said he would not have done his test any other way. It was a lot less stressful than going to the the DMV. The staff were kind and professional. Well worth the fee.

vikas navratna

I had my drive test with Matthew. I passed. Matthew was great. I had practiced driving old models of Camry and Civic. My test was on a new SUV. So he gave me a couple of minutes to familiarize myself with the console before beginning the test. He was attentive, patient, and supportive all throughout the test duration. He reassured me a couple of times that I'm doing fine. I received constructive feedback after the completion of the test. The entire process, scheduling for drive test, drive test, and post test discussion was proficient and comfortable. I would definitely recommend pacific driver education.

Ginger Jordan Fair

Terrible experience! I was treated so unfairly during my test. The examiner was very incompetent and didn't notice anything I did such as checking my blind spots and looking both ways while going over a railroad. Instead he marked me down as doing none of that because he wasn't paying attention and flunked me. I had to report him. Do not recommend at all. Terrible service.

Scarlett Read

Lessons are spot on, but I wouldn't recommend taking the driving test with them.

Arthur Campbell

Safwat Farag

i drive for 10 years and i failed in the test.

Laura Roban

Took my third party drive test at the Gresham location and they were able to get me in months before the DMV could. 100% worth the $50. Matthew was a great person to test with, very helpful and clear with instructions.

George Rowe

I had a awful experience with Mark as my examiner, he said I failed for doing a 1-1.5 second stop instead of a 2 second stop, he admitted that I stopped but not for a full 2 seconds- he then asked me 3 times to pay his company another 50 dollars for a retake - I advise using the DMV to test

Liam Hawkins-Flood

Tim Croghan

My instructor was nice and professional. This is a great service

Carson Creecy

Gary McDowell

Kathy Rasmussen

Great program for teen drivers. Instructors are wonderful!!! Love that the final behind the wheel drive time counts for the DMV drive test:)

Mariana Camacho Díaz

I was very nervous about driving since I'm a late bloomer, but Pao was very patient and made me feel confident. I also took my driving test with Pacific Driver Education and felt really comfortable with my examiner. This is a great school to learn how to drive because they have flexible schedules and great instructors!

cheyenne powell

I currerently singed up for the adult course and i am scrayes n nervouse has anyone taken it or knoe n e thing about it

Daren T

I have put three of my children through driver's education here and they are both now licensed, safe drivers. The instructors are great with kids. If your students pass the class, they will not have to take the DMV driving test in order to get their license. Great insurance discounts as well.

s60polestar fan

We had our relative take drive test here older madam was the inspector. My relative doesnt speak much english, she did her best to make sure he understood everything she was telling him. I have seen at dmvs where instructors would say something and person wouldnt understand they wouldn't even give alittle bit of effort to try to explain they just fail them. At the end of the day you are just trying to see if the person knows how to drive and knows the rules. Nobody drives the language. Great job Pacific education.

Kailie Wheeler

My experience was awesome. My instructors and tester were great. Very judgement free, kind and patient people with great advice.

Shay Crawford

Wow... So I'm 29, never got my license due to having no living family that I know of, I guess I'm a rare case. I've got my permit and have practiced allot before coming here, when coming I decided to go for the lesson and test after talking to them. I'm a father of three living in poverty so at first it sounded very steep on pricing, but I wanted to get my license and learn some good habits so we went for it. I came in swetty palms and completely nervous, the lady who was my teacher was extremely nice and firm on her teaching which I loved. She got my nerves on point and got some great habits implanted into my head by using the same tricks teachers used to help me learn to tie my shoes, I got an hour and half lesson and by the end I was super exited more then nervous! My instructor was super chipper and nice, his directions where never confusing and when he thought it might be he would further explain the directions. I'm extremely happy with my experience here and I wouldn't change any part of it at all, I passed and didn't pass with a

Quinn Perrine

Jayne Palmer

Went here since the state was booked 2 months out. Made an appt online which was super easy. Got there about 1/2 hr early and only had to wait maybe 10 mins. My daughter said the instructor was nice and just had her drive around and wasn't hard at all. Took maybe 10 mins and they came back. The staff were helpful telling me where the closest DMVs were. We were able to take the form right to the DMV and she got her license that day. It may cost $40 more than taking it with the DMV, but was definitely worth it. Would definitely recommend.

Alicia Henry

Skip was an excellent instructor! He went above and beyond to get me prepared for my road test (which I passed!). I highly recommend this family-owned business. Grateful!

Rosie Spicer

My grandson went to this place twice and had the same instructor twice and I felt because of his age he was failed because twice he asked his age and was not even on the road with him five minutes (both times) and failed him. He failed him because he felt that he was not going to stop so never gave him the chance to stop when he was going only going two miles an hour slowing to clearly stop I thing it’s a money scam but I could be wrong so stay away from a bald headed white guy he’s a very nervous instructor as I have driven with my grandson many times and he is a very safe driver STAY AWAY THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY

George Benes

Satendra Pal

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to say, WOW! WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I walked nervous and I left feeling confident, relaxed and more knowledgeable with everyday driving. I highly recommend Pacific Drivers Education in Gresham for teens and beginner's.

Rick Manyo

Steven Cannoodt

Great testing facility with clear instructions!

Ruth Gargannah

Great education

jRocc Supreme

Great service,they got me in quick and Damon my instructor was awesome.everybody was friendly.6 stars

John Cimral

They recently changed their policy so new drivers have to use the company vehicles. This puts an unfamiliar car in the hands of a new driver and increased the risk of failure and an accident. We spoke to the DMV and apparently this policy is unusual. They are very nice, but look at other schools.

Marianella Madriz

Louis is super friendly, with wonderful patience, thousands of thanks!

Angie Allinger

This is our second teenager to go through the Pacific Driver Education program. They do a wonderful job working with the young drivers and teaching them how to get safely from point A to point B by helping them understand the HOW and the WHY of driving.

Miranda Holtmann

Skip was an excellent instructor. He was friendly and encouraging. He got me facing that which scared me or caused me anxiety (driving in traffic, then later the freeway) and got me comfortable with doing these things so much quicker than I thought possible. Thank you, Skip!

Tabitha Boschetti

I was initially nervous about spending the money for the four lesson package (How much can you really do in four lessons? Is it really worth it?), but Pacific Driver Education was a great investment for overcoming some of my anxiety around driving and gaining confidence. I was an adult learner and had checked out other driving instruction options that didn't seem like a good fit, but these folks are ready to work with you at whatever point you've decided to compromise with the car. I took lessons with Josh and Steve O. and they presented the right blend of working with where I was, and encouraging me to go further. After a couple lessons, I also decided to take the drive test with the company, which made scheduling pretty easy. I was able to take the test in their car, which was pretty much the same model I used for three of the four practice times. All around, it was money and time well spent.

Rosario Nunez

Excellent - Professional - Experienced - Respectful - Organized - High class customer service - Thank you for sharing all very important tips for driving safety with everyone who received your services. You should write a small guide because your knowledge is beyond the regular driving manual to get a driver's license. May of all you have blessing days. God be with you!! Kind regards to the Instructors Mrs. Merely and Mr. Damon.

Suhair Dababneh

My first test with examiner Mathew,I failed but I made a big mistake,which is right by him to fail me

Katia Black


I was nervous to drive. But after my first session with my instructor, i couldn't wait for the next chance to drive. I would recommend anyone to go "PDE". I am a confident and safe driver thanks to them!!

Amber Brinnier

Andrew Qualls

Ok I am going to give a complete %100 honest review, this review is not to bash or be negative to any of the driving instructors, I am just pointing out strengths and weaknesses, something you should know about me is that I am not the kind of person that overlook things just because he got his license on his first try after finishing the lessons whether it was a bad experience or good, first things first, do I recommend this place? Absolutely, it was a great experience for me, my instructors were Pao and Mark. Pao is a good instructor overall but I must admit he needs to work on his patience as Russ Bell mentioned. During the lessons, sometimes I had a reflex/bad habit of slowing down a little and always covering the brake pedal when I checked my mirrors and blind spot when making a lane change due to a lack of confidence while doing the full process. He kept asking me why I kept doing that even though I told him I didn't know. I feel that instead of asking me why I did that all the time, he should've tried to help me curve that reflex/ bad habit. his strength to me is that he gives specific direction early enough for me to execute them even if I failed to acknowledge his instruction accurately sometimes. He's good at explaining methods clearly such as the push and pull steering, the best way to know how close you are to the curb and if you are aligned right, I really admired that about his teachings. Now with Mark, I don't really have any weaknesses to talk about, he was patient the whole time, gave clear instructions and clear methods and again overall a great instructor. In this case there is no favorite instructor, I do not necessarily prefer Mark over Pao and vice versa, Just giving a %100 honest review. The examiner Mathew was awesome too, he gave me clear instruction early enough for me to execute them even though I failed to execute a couple of instructions accurately due to me not accurately acknowledging when he said to do them. He was calm, fair, and very informative about what he felt my weaknesses were and I agreed %100 with his thoughts on my weakinesses. So yeah great experience, highly recommended. Thank You Pacific Driver EDU for helping me get my license!

Jaysan Stevanovich

Instructors were very personable and informative.

Jose Marie Abalos

It was worth it. The instructors were Superb very professional and their passuon and patience, skills were commendable especially their way of teachings so conservatively neither negatively or positively. I will recommend you guys definitely. Keep up the good job. Cheers

Dan Yu

A great place to have your driving skills sharpened, a great group of staff and management, my classes were scheduled on time and my test was also finished with efficiency. In fact, my coach Marilee is no doubt the most energetic lady I have ever met, tremendous and useful on road experience, would recommend her to anyone!

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