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REVIEWS OF Defensive Driving School IN Washington

sophie mehana

Anna was a fantastic teacher in the classroom! Also, German was an awesome instructor out on the road! They both know what they were talking about, gave great instructions, and helped me gain confidence in driving.

Alex N

They don't answer their phones, staff is lazy and incompetent. Go to 911 instead. Edit: This issue was not simply contained to "this past Friday afternoon and Saturday morning", but is something people have been dealing with for a while. Your call center also has a prerecorded fake Que that'll either say there's 6 people ahead of you or 4. whoever answers the phone is also usually short/rude with you anyway(even with ALL the extra time she/he is given).

Julian Blair

Did my driving test here. Matt was a very friendly instructor and the whole experience was enjoyable. Thanks!

Tarun Mathew

Anna is the best teacher ever and the class was so easy and I love to drive.

Thuc Nguyen-Le

The classes were okay but the drives were a great experience. German Yuen was an amazing instructor that taught me very good driving habits and techniques. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to succeed at driving.

vara p

Anna is a very good instructor and I had a great experience with defensive driving school.I would recommend my friends in future.

Julie Babbitt

Anna did a really good job in teaching my classmates and I the ways of the road. I have learned a lot from her. I enjoyed every class time. I liked her games and the way she taught.

Madelynn Butler

This is a great class!! They have a great teacher Sophie. She is a very good teacher that is good at explaining and is nice to all of her students. Would highly recommend this class to everyone!! Madelynn Butler

Kimberly Ellis

I found the class and the drives very interesting and fun. The teacher for the class was very patient and did not mind explaining things. The most outstanding thing about the school is probably the driving intruders, especially German Yuen. German did a remarkable job explaining the concepts of driving for me and even taught me how to back around a corner which was something I struggled on for a long time. And I can also back around corners with ease now. Thank you German.

Chloe K !!

Great school! I feel confident to drive on the streets and be safe :)

Guy Kalach

Anna was pretty cool, they try and make you intreged and make the class interested.

Ximena Hernandez

I had a lot of fun in DDS. Anna was great at explaining everything and driving with her is great, she is very calm and is very pasient. The class itself was entertaining and I loved playing all the games. I am very glad I got Anna as a teacher.

Arianne Sablan

Anna and Stan are very patient on drives and te class sessions are interesting and fun. I enjoyed my time at defensive driving school and Anna gave very helpful tips and instructions.


Anna is the best driving teacher

Mackenzie Shannon

Anna is a great instructor. She’s very calm, kind and respectful! I would recommend people to this location.

Nura J

Great class if you want to drive safe! We learn a lot about how to avoid accidents and collisions and the staff are really nice! Love Stan and Anna(:


Great class and Anna is a great teacher who is always very optimistic and informal.

Noogey Chicken

Stan is a real fun and good teacher. Very helpful with driving. Classes are fun and helpful. Overall, a fun time at school.

Emik Babin

I had Anna as my teacher and she was great. At times I'd mess around and get distracted, but she quickly got me back on track. I was able to learn a lot very quickly and it went very smoothly. I enjoyed taking this course very much :)


The class felt surprisingly fast for 5 weeks. My instructor Anna was a fantastic teacher who was always ready to help. Would definitely recommend.

Gabriella Gomez

Anna is a very good instructor, all the activities were very helpful and I learned a lot fast

Gregory Baimetov

Anna's class was a very good experience.

Manju Vipin

Anna is extremely patient, calm and brings in positive energy during the driving lessons. She has a passion for teaching and I am glad I decided to bring my daughter here . I Would highly recommend her to all.

Daniel Sun

The class is pretty comprehensive, and Anna is a great instructor both in the classroom and for driving. I definitely feel prepared for real world driving situations and have a solid theoretical grasp on defensive driving. The class has a lot of student involvement/engagement, which keeps it interesting most of the time. My only complaint is that the class goes very slowly at times.

Sonia Ionescu

Both the classes and the drives were so helpful! They do not drill extraneous information into your head, rather just focusing on what will really help make you a better driver. I am really glad I did my classes with Defensive, rather than a more formulaic driving school, which I don't think would really help in getting ready to drive in the real world.

yagmur erdem

Anna Nemesszeghy is a calm, understanding, and successful driving instructor. Before studying with her, I drove at most for 4 hours in an area with no traffic. Anna helped me learn driving extremely fast when I though it could not be that easy to learn how to drive. Anna taught me with patience and calm, even if I would do the same mistake over and over. She would answer all my questions one by one and with precision even though I did not know English well. Thank you very much, Anna!

Elliotte Wood

I like Anna she is very helpful

Morgan Beal

My teacher/instructor, Anna is amazing at what she has been teaching us. The defense driving skills and rules of the road. I will miss all who has helped out. Thanks in the process of me becoming a new driver on the road.❤️


Teacher: Anna She did a excellent job teaching and keeping the class engaging. I enjoyed the videos (even Red Asphalt V). I feel much more confident as a Defensive Driver. Over all good school good teacher. -RC

Wai Ling Yeoh

My instructor, Anna, is a wonderful driving instructor. She gives good and clear instructions which really helped me develop into a safe driver. She also doesn't overwhelm me with too much details all at one time, but give apt and easy to follow instructions. She also has the ability to make me feel calm behind the wheels. I would recommend Anna to any new drivers or anyone needing a refresher course.


Anna is a great teacher and makes learning skills easier to understand

Mohana M Shivashankar

Matt was my tutor and he is very astute, he would put me at ease before starting and during each road class. He is encouraging, patient, and quickly determines where your strengths and areas of improvement are. He also helped by generously pointing out where driving examiners are likely to catch you off-guard so you can be better prepared for getting your license. Also, the support staff are extremely courteous and professional when it comes to scheduling lessons so you are in good hands. I'd recommend Defensive Driving School for any individual - whether you moved into Eastside recently or a parent of a teen on the verge of first license.


ANNA IS AN AMAZING TEACHER!!! She teaches us everything we need to know. If you want to be a safe driver, come here! You will not regret it! ❤️❤️❤️

Preston Cribbs

Feel prepared for real life driving situations. Thanks Anna!

Michael Lund

Anna is a great teacher

Mark Amsberry

Matt did an amazing job teaching me how to drive a manual for my new job. He gave me the knowledge and confidence to move forward with my driving career as well as the actually understanding of how a manual engine works compared to an automatic. Overall extremely satisfied with my experience and would certainly recommended to anyone who needs to start from the basics to someone just need a quick refresher.

Sage S

Very easy-going and nice atmosphere. The instructors were very kind and patient. We played games like Jeopardy during class to get ready for the test. My teacher Anna was very funny and nice which made me look forward to sitting in a classroom for 2 hours 3 times a week.

Jared Yen

Anna was a very concise and helpful instructor in her lessons and during the drives! She helped pick out many mistakes I made during the driving lessons and helped me fix them. The way she explained and showed me how to fix them was very clear and has really improved my driving abilities.


Stan is the man! The course is very engaging and thorough.

Anagha D

experienced and helpful class teachers + guiding and supportive drive instructors

Donald Lee

Would highly recommend. I had a stick shift lesson at the Redmond location and Matt did a great job explaining everything in the classroom and answering questions before we went for the practice drive. Matt gave plenty of useful tips, was very patient and gave good feedback .


Very welcoming school with a small class size (a good thing imho). Our teacher, Anna, cares about the things being taught and does her best to make sure her students learn. The material itself is comprehensive and made very easy to learn. Overall, a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere that's just a good classroom environment.

Emmie Henriksen

Anna was so much fun and I learned a ton that will surely keep me safe on the road! Totally recommend!

Courteney Hori

Anna was duch a great driver's ed teacher and it was fun to have games. Great teacher! The two hours went by fast!

Shelly Cohen

I had a very wonderful experience! I had a stick shift lesson with Matt and he was amazing. He took the time to explain things so I felt more comfortable on the road. Once we were in the car he was patient, kind and instructive. I would go here again and recommend it to anyone!

Halle Carolus

Anna is very calm while driving and good at interacting with the class. - Halle

Lise Arrouye

Anna was a great teacher. Made the experience fun and really taught the course amazingly. Always answered questions and makes learning fun. Thank you Anna!

Danylo Malyuta

Douglas at the U District location has been simply an amazing instructor. Within a few lessons, I was driving comfortably in the city and on the highway. He is upbeat, professional and full of good advice. Would honestly go through the learning experience all over again, just to drive with Doug! Of course, I passed the driving test on the first go.

Atanas Koralski

Loved taking the course with Anna. She prepared us for situations on the road and defensive driving. The class was a lot of fun and the drives were calm and she gave detailed instructions. Would definitely recommend!

Dolan Krause

Anna is one of the best teachers I’ve had in a while, I think I have learned a lot of different driving maneuvers and defense advice for when I’m on the road

Christian Nedelcu

Anna is a great teacher and the environment is very welcoming! Each lesson provides lots of valuable information about driving!

Sam Brick

Overall, this was a good experience. I liked the in-car instruction; I found my instructor (German) very helpful. The in-class portion was helpful, but the one piece of feedback I would give is that is was not as interesting as it could have been. If this driving school made more interesting in class activities I would definitely give it a 5 star review.

Angela Takagi

Anna is so nice and she works very hard to make sure the material is clear!! She makes up different activities&competitions to make class fun and I would definitely recommend my friends or younger siblings to go here!

Tomer Kalach

Anna is a pretty cool teach, but you can't use phones so...


Almost finish all my driving lessons, Anna was a great instructor, she helps me a lot on my driving skill.

Kaitlyn S

My instructor was Anna and she was very nice and I always had a good time in class. Sometimes she had candy for us which was delicious. I also had my first drive with her and I was so much better at driving after that.

Lizbeth Hernandez

Sophie is an great instructor, very calm and collected. She makes driving less stressful and her stories that go with what we are learning that session are always fun to hear. L.H

arif mandra

I would highly recommend, Anna. She is an an incredible driving instructor! My wife (Kaushar) got driving session from Anna. She really enjoyed driving session with Anna. Anna was a fantastic and patient instructor. We have waited 3 to 4 weeks before we start driving session with Anna and I must say wait was worth. She is an amazing teacher.

Lindsey Lund

Anna is a very good teacher!!

Angelina Maney

Stan is very big brain and the course is thorough and fun

Abby Mmmm

A really comprehensive method! Learning safe driving with Anna is a good time!!

Beverly Price

Anna is amazing. I learned so much from these classes.

Ray Yu

I had a great experience with this school and my instructor, Anna. She helped me learn a lot in a short period of time and definitely boosted my confidence on the road!

Vaithi Raj

I took the knowledge test with AJ and was lucky enough to get the driver test scheduled on the same day with Tyson. Both of them were very professional and the experience was quick and comfortable.

Kaja Ciglic

I felt really safe and in good hands with Anna who is the best instructor you can ask for. Thank you!

Whitney Alexander

I had such a positive experience here. I needed to learn to drive manual transmission relatively quickly for a road trip that I was taking. I only had three weeks to become proficient enough to drive a very long distance alone. I opted for the three sessions since I had had some difficulty in the past getting down the basics of driving a manual. Every lesson was awesome! My teacher, Matt, was very patient and really tailored each lesson to what I really needed to know. After the lessons, I successfully completed my road trip and now am proficient enough that I am mostly driving the manual transmission vehicle in my household. I couldn't recommend this high enough!

John Luo

I had a fantastic time taking a stick shift training with Ned. He was very knowledgeable and thorough with his explanations. We covered all of the basics required including starting from stop, hill start, up/downshift, creeping, and parking. He also went into the details on how manual transmission operates, explaining concepts such as rev matching, power band, etc. While on the road, Ned was patient and helpful with his hints and tips for driving more smoothly and safely. I would highly recommend this training if you are new to stick shift or want to refresh some skills.

Shane H

Anna is a great instructor and makes classes fun and interesting.

Ioana Dulan

Anna is a great instructor who makes the class very fun while still teaching all the information well. She’s very nice and always plays informative games with the class. We tried doing quizzing in pairs and it worked really well. Great teacher (deserves a raise)

Jason Xu

I wish I had more teachers like Anna. Even though there was a lot of note-taking, Anna made sure that the class was never boring by playing games of Jeopardy and having us discuss interesting scenarios. Overall, it was a very positive experience and I hope that more teachers will adopt the fun and interactive teaching method that Anna effectively utilized throughout our classes.

Rachel Stull

Would definitely recommend taking driver's ed here. Great teachers (I had Matt) and their goal is to be encouraging yet get you as experienced and most well equipped in the time they have with you. They also offer ACAT, Skid and extra driving lessons. We only had to reschedule once and they were very easy to work with and were never late to drives.

Aaron Graf

German Yuen is a great driving instructor and has helped me learn a lot about driving. My class room instructor Barbra is also an awesome teacher. I believe they have helped make me a much safer driver.

Cooper Waters


Talia Heywood

Anna is amazing !!!! You should give her a raise because children (15-18) years old are very difficult to work with. She is a trouper. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Benjamin Ye

The course is great! Anna and Stan are great instructors, highly recommend. Overall pleasant experience.

Justin Humphreys

My instructor was anna.

Kensho G

Amazing how Anna (the instructor) brings the class together! Keep in mind that we are all teenagers who all come from different schools and have very little in common. Very fun and positive environment to learn in. The instruction is friendly and hands-on too!

Hailey Rose

Anna was a great teacher and very sweet. She was super helpful when there was a topic that was difficult to understand and very helpful.

Alexa Wirth

Anna is an amazing teacher we never leave her class without learning something new, playing games, having competitions and laughing.

Niłch'i Poni/F 109

Great choice for learning to drive


At first, I was nervous that I'd forget everything I learned and freaked out over the unit tests and especially the last one. I was also was a bit scared for the actual driving, since I've never driven before, but after my first drive, I realized that I was freaking out over nothing. With enough practice, I'm sure I'll get better. The in class course wasn't bag bad either. I was able to remember the facts, rules, right of way, etc with extra studying and the games that Anna assigned to us made them easier for me to keep the information in my brain.

Arpit Ranasaria

Would definitely recommend! Every class was interactive and fun, with plenty of games and activities, and actually kept me from falling asleep! I feel super prepared for both the road and the drivers license test. Anna is a great, great teacher and somehow put up with my countless shenanigans... plus she gave us cookies at the end of class. Additionally, Stan is an excellent drive teacher. Because of him, I always felt comfortable and safe during my drives, and I was able to develop my skills as a driver and pass my drive test. My one complaint is that we had to do an average of 15 minutes of homework every week over the entire course (oh no!). Oh and the fact that the course costs money... that sucks too. But overall, really really fun! REDMOND LOCATION IS THE BEST!!!!

Nicole Salas

Anna is an incredible driving instructor! I feel very prepared to drive after learning in her classroom. She is also very good to do drives with. I have learned a lot.

Sathya Venkatesan

Just completed my last test for driving. Anna, a great instructor, taught us all really well. The test went well because Anna taught us really well. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Rahma Bhurgri

I took a class with Defensive Driving School and my instructor was Anna, she was great and made two hours of classroom time fun! I learned so much and in a comfortable speed. Sign up your child with defensive driving now!!

Mason Panelo

I love Gayan because he is the best teacher and is very good -Mason


Teachers are pretty nice, driving can be stressful but they push you to build your confidence by doing things you might not have thought you could do before. Pretty good place. Classes are really long though.


The education is very thorough and they make sure no student gets left behind. Anna is a great instructor!

Emily Rivera

my experience here was great. I really enjoyed my instructor Anna. she did an amazing job teaching the class. highly recommend.

Summer DeBoom

I had a lot of fun at this school; even if it was during the summer. We played game and watched a lot of videos that made us gasp.

Amy Barry

A great driving course for teens. My 3 oldest kids have all taken driving lessons from here and enjoyed it. "German" is our favorite drive instructor and my kids have learned to request him for drives. He is pleasant, patient, knowledgable and puts the teens at ease when driving with them. I highly recommend Defensive Driving School and German as a driving instructor. Anna was also a great class instructor; don't have any experience with her for drives.

Joshua Parker

I found the Defensive Driving School Course to be amazing. My class instructor was Matt and he always made class fun. My main drive instructor was Anna and she helped me progress greatly as a driver. I also found the collision avoidance course to be very engaging and helpful as a student driver. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

Faris Khilfeh

The teachers are very kind and nice, they really helped the experience go by fast and fun!

GooGoo GaGa

The teacher Anna is helpful and laid back. The drives really are helpful and she gives good advice for driving in the future.

Seppo Morris

Stan is the man. The content is boring but it’s not Stan’s fault

Emma Carlblom

Anna's class was a lot of fun! There were lots of fun games and group activities. I really enjoy this class and I recommend this company to anyone who's learning how to drive.

Isabella Bueno

I've learned a lot from my teacher, Anna.

Christopher Nelson

I had a great stick shift lesson. I came up from Portland for this class because there is no business offering a stick shift class and providing their own car. I have always wanted to learn how to drive a stick and was thinking about buying a stick shift car and this class helped me feel confident in driving a stick which I had only done once before 10 years ago.

Eli R

Anna let us win so I'll give 5 stars.

Koshiro Fujii

It was a great experience! German Yuen was a great driving instructor and he is a very experienced teacher. This school helped me become a better driver and I hope this school continues to grow.

Elizabeth Brue

The classes teach knowledge that some or most drivers forgot about or never knew about driving. Teens are learning specific information and techniques on driving so when they become experienced drivers they can be safe role models for others on the road.

Rodrigo Blaustein

Anna is a fantastic teacher. She is very patient, relaxed and friendly, which made the driving lesson an exiting and enjoyable experience as opposed to stressful for a new driver. I would definitely recommend Defensive driving school for anybody learning to drive for the first time or trying to improve theirs skill.

Shloak Jain

Anna is a great instructor at Defensive Driving School! The classroom sessions were informative, and she was quite patient and helpful during the actual drives. It was a good experience, overall, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Tina Wang

I just settled down in Seattle and my English is not so good. So I asked the admin to arrange a teacher who can speak Chinese. I'm so lucky to meet my instructor-German. He is a very nice teacher! He encouraged me so much, and give me a lot of great directions, such as to have big picture, follow your route not focus on the car in front of you and so on. Under his great help, I'm becoming more brave and making progress class by class. Now I could drive on the road with my husband's car. I like German so much! Many thanks to him!

Jonathan Lee

The 5 weeks passed by really fast and I had a pretty fun time here. I think I learned a lot, Anna's games and teaching style makes it easy to pay attention.

Jacob Davis

It was a great and informative class. We worked through the workbook that was provided and I learned many things that I didn't already know. My driving instructor, German was a brilliant teacher. I had not done much driving before my first drive because I started the class right when I turned 15, so I had only just gotten my permit. Despite the lack of practice, I still went through each lesson well and passed the road test quite easily, all because of German and maybe some help from parents! Anyway, it was a great class with well- trained instructors and I am driving safe because of it!

Ryan Egberg

Great place to learn some driving skills, Stan is the Man. Awesome guy in the class and in the car. Recommend taking defensive driving school

Ryan Fisher

My friends and I are learning so much about driving. This class moves at a great pace our instructor Anna teaches us defensive driving skills in our class.

Bilal k

Defensive Driving School with my instructor Anna was a fantastic experience. Anna was a pleasure to have as a teacher. She clearly knows the topic at hand and has a passion to help the students. As an almunus from the school, I recommend any aspiring driver to attend Defensive Driving School in Redmond.

Elise Cox

Anna is a calm and patient teacher as well as a driving instructor.

Amara Thomas

Very friendly environment. Anna made every session fun to learn. Taught me so much to enhance my driving experience

Kate Grady

I love the defensive driving school. It is very good with getting information into a teenagers mind. My instructor was very good. His name was Issac Hanna. He was kind, patient, and wasn't afraid to tell you when you were wrong. He made us laugh and smile with the little things he had to say. I loved this school and I hope more people will join and love it too.

Leo Shibata

Defensive Driving school was worth it. The class is nice and Anna was my driving instructor for half of my drives. She's very kind and motivational. I points out my mistakes but also had me think of mistakes that I made. That was helpful as it made me more careful on my weaknesses. Anna is also very social which made it easier for me to talk to her about my worries in driving.

Nathan Sodoma

Very fun and informational class. Anna is an especially good teacher, I always look forward going to class.

Vincent McMillan

I went here for a manual transmission lesson. MATT was great. He explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand. When needed, he explained the technical things that were going on with the engine so I could visualize what was happening in the engine. I left a lot more comfortable in my ability to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Adi Takei

Anna is very calm and understanding of the driver and it helps to drive without feeling nervous. Classes are fun and engages the students well.

max max

Both Anna and Stan are really good instructors and I learned a lot.

Kubra Dogan

Very good school! The trainers do their best of the utmost about their job. I studied with Anna, she is knowledgeable and teaching-oriented. I am foreign and new in USA. Although my English, she explained everything to me with patience so the trainings were very beneficial. Thank you!

Frank Zhang

I took the manual driving class here. I learn't how to drive manual in the past, but after 5 years not driving manual I wanted to get a refresher. The class was great and I got to pick up the skill I lost very quickly, including hill start, creeping forward, parking break start, etc. I would recommend anyone interested in learning manual or practicing manual to go here. No need to worry about damaging the clutch on your own car anymore!

Srikanth Chavali

This was an incredibly informative, rigorous course that will prepare anyone for driving safely, and with extensive knowledge on driving etiquette and laws. The teachers are very talented, especially Anna, who is patient with the students, and puts everything into knowing that her students are well-versed and confident in the curriculum.

Skyler LaPointe

Everett Defensive Driving School is great! Glenn is a great teacher and taught me so well. I highly recommended coming to this driving school. Thank you so much Glenn!

Rane Covington

Very great experience and loved my instructor Anna!

katherine leavitt

Anna's cool and her favorite reviews are the five star ones so here Anna

Braeden Buchanan

If I could give it more than 5 stars of world. Overall it's a blast and really a fun time. Anna the teacher is also very nice and and provides a fun experience. 10/10 would recommend.

Ryan Bracewell

Anna is a great instructor. The games we play in class help me learn and understand everything

Xia Qiu Xu

A very good experience! I’ve learned a lot and it is easy to be attentive and interested in the class Anna teaches. She’s very kind and a good teacher, highly recommend.

Kishor Natarajan

Anna was a pretty gud teaaher

Diana Antunes

I took stick shift driving lessons with Matt. The way he teaches was really helpful to me. On the first lesson, he explained the theory of how stick shift cars work. At first I thought we were just wasting time but it really helped me understand better what my hands and feet needed to be doing. He is a very pleasant and patient instructor. The car was also nice. I would recommend this place, and Matt especially, to anyone who is looking for a driving school.

Chloe Wones

I had a great experience here as a student. You really learn a lot about the road and how to be a safe and aware driver. My teacher Anna was a great instructor, and I would recommend it to anyone learning to drive.

Kagome Higurashi

I had a great experience with Anna! She was my driving instructor for all 6 of my drives and she was extremely patient and very understanding. She's also so sweet and doesn't pressure you too much. Apart from that, she's very calm and understands that you may be nervous. She's the best! You'll have a great time with her whether it's drives or classes! She also answers all the questions well and is up for making you feel comfortable and teaching you. She's a really good teacher as well, absolutely loved her! :)

Srijan Acharya

Course is worth it and Stan the man is great at teaching young students defensive driving and teaching them how to be safe on those dangerous streets. (P.S. the class is not cold)

Hannah Juel

Matt was really clear and concise teaching me how to drive stick shift. I'm much more confident on the road now! He ran late one session with another student, but we made up the time at the end of the lesson. I'll definitely go again if I need more instruction in the future.

Claire Wick

Overall a great experience with Anna! I’m excited to hit the roads thanks to the amazing teaching of Anna:)))

Eli Ali

Defensive driving school has been awesome. I has Anna as my in class instructor and she did a great job making sure that we learned and understood the material. The tests were fair and I always felt prepared for them from the Class. Matt was my driving instructor and he did an amazing job. He made everything seem simple and easy and Even in stressful situations he remains calm which helps. I feel like I am ready to get my license now and it's all thanks to them.

Phoebe Jenkins

Haha we are told to make a review right after a class game... this program is honestly a good one though. My instructor, Anna, is patient and explains things well while encouraging everyone to participate. The way the course is taught also really encourages safe driving, too.

Alejandra Whitney

We have a good driving instructor. Learning a lot. Instructor is a little politically incorrect, but they try. Made class entertaining. Would recommend.

Liv C.

My Reply: well the least she could’ve done was showing me the answer keys to make sure she grabbed the right ones, but instead she just ROLLED HER EYES and walked away. No excuses! Terrible knowledge testing experience! That Anna lady graded my test with the wrong score sheet and failed me, and wouldn’t let me check the score sheet! I went to another location for second attempt and passed with high flying scores. DON’T TAKE THE TEST HERE! GO ELSEWHERE and save yourself some time $30 dollars!!

Matthew Michalski

I had Anna as my driving school teacher. She was very nice, helpful, and made the class enjoyable. She knows what she is talking about and is very patient. I would definitely recommend this school.

Tyler Christian

my instructor was anna

Elyse Becker

We love our instructor Anna!! She's so happy, kind, and helpful. :) - Whitney and Elyse

John Weir

Anna is a good instructor who makes learning interesting


This class is amazing and I have improved my skills in driving and with the help of Anna my instructor I have learned the rules of the road and how to drive safely and defensively on any road!

Israel Gandara

Anna is a great instructor in class Stan the man is great with instructing drives

Vendy Pokludova

Anna is a great teacher and makes the classes fun and interesting with games and group activities.

Preston Drake

This class was amazing and really helped me learn about the course. Anna was very kind and was always happy spirited which helped a lot

Nathaniel VanDuine

I'm frustrated. I just paid an ungodly amount to have someone explain the inner workings of a transmission. My wife received less than 20 minutes of behind wheel action. She understood the function of a transmission already from me (I don't stop talking about cars... Ever). She needed practical experience. She is concerned about ruining the tranny on my new car. What she received was a low level understanding of a transmission verbally explained at a fast rate of speech. What's more, her practical experience was low level as well. No highway merging, no hills, no... Nothing. It was a joke. I don't want a refund. I want my wife to feel comfortable driving a manual transmission learning from an individual who is trained to do so. I am flabbergasted---less than 20 minutes behind the wheel?!! If you choose this service be prepared to receive a cookie cutter agenda that is not tailored to anyone but a textbook junkie. Disgusting. Sincerely Annoyed

Jennifer Hille

Highly recommend taking driving classes here. My son requires extra patience and time and his teacher, German, has worked with him extremely well. He is always encouraging and willing to go at a pace my son is comfortable.

Eric Zhou

Stan is the man

Celeste Pope

Defensive Driving School was great!! I had Anna supervise me on many of my drives and just took my DOL test with her and passed!!! She was very nice and had clear instructions on how to be a better and safer driver!!

Graciela Lagraba

Defensive driving is amazing to learn how to safely drive around. There were so many situations introduced that I never would have thought of. Anna is so sweet and makes the class fun!

Nicole Dolan Steadman

I took the stick shift driving lessons with Matt. He did a great job explaining what I needed to do and why I needed to do it so that I could apply it to other (more sporty) cars than a Honda Civic. We focused on practical skills (like hill starts, creeping out in traffic, and parking) and still hit on some real road experience. I walked away with more experience than I expected and feel more confident being able to get in the drivers seat of a friend's stick shift car (provided I'm not in traffic on a hill as we didn't have time for parking break hill starts).

amelie sharples

The instructor Anna does a great job of reaching all the content and making the class engaging, we do fun activities in class, and she is also a really good driving instructor

Adela Babin

Anna is a great instructor. Going to this class is the highlight of my year

Franklin Hua

Matt was a great instructor in teaching how to use a manual transmission car. I liked how he teaches the theory of the manual transmission, why it exists, and illustrates what does the driver has to perform to keep the car moving forward. After learning the theory, apply it is relativity simple and I was confidently driving around Redmond in a manual transmission car. His lessons gave me enough knowledge (well worth the lesson investment) to where I can continue to practice by myself when I get my own manual transmission car or diesel truck.

Kaitlin McGarvey

Heaton was an absolute delight to have in the car with me when I renewed my driving license. It has been two years since I had driven in the US, but she was patient, kind, and calm as she directed me during the driving test. I was never stressed or anxious with her. Her feedback at the end of the test was detailed, constructive, and helpful. Overall, I would highly recommend taking your test through Defensive Driving School in Bellevue. It was easy to make an appointment with them, all communication was clear, the emails were helpful, and on the day of the test the staff were incredibly friendly, which calms any nerves. Thanks for your help!

vienna wang

My instructor was Stan and he was definitely really helpful and entertaining in class. 10 out of 10 would recommend. They are generally pretty quick to respond to emails if you have questions or other needs. This place is also located near a boba tea place and Jimmy John's, so that's pretty nice to grab a snack before/after. My only complaint would be that the bathroom and building is a little worn, but in general the instruction is fine.

lizzy snyder

Anna is a great instructor super nice and really thoroughly. At the end of each session i feel better about driving on the road

sorrel r

Anna was a great instructor. She made it a fun and informative class!

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