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REVIEWS OF 911 Driving School of Graham IN Washington

Tabitha Lufkin

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at 911 in Graham, I learned more than any of my friends had in other driving schools, and am a safer driver because of it.

Simply SDK

My mom made me do research on driving school's before she would pay for drivers ed. Several of my friends told me about the Graham 911 School. They were awesome there! Class was fun! When it came time to do my drive's I was really nervous, but the driver's at that school are super cool and very informative! I will be telling all my friends who still haven't done driver's ed yet. Thanks Guys Derek

Madison Query

Wade Murray

Chose to use this location after meeting the owner and instructors. Had a 45 minute drive each way but was well worth it. Had absolutely zero issues with drives or classroom instruction. Daughter enjoyed it as well. Thanks Scott

Amber Deacon

Class material is thorough with tests to ensure you will know the relevant information for the final knowledge test. Additional materials - such as videos, pictures, etc. - are used to demonstrate a important points and concepts. In-Car driving lessons include step by step instructions by the instructor on how to do difficult maneuvers. Maneuvers are repeated until the student can perform them adequately. Students are allowed to schedule driving lessons based on their own schedule through the school's website. If a student is having trouble scheduling drives then instructors are willing to work with them to figure out a solution. Overall, this is an excellent place to learn the rules of the road for your knowledge test and an excellent place to get behind-the-wheel experience for your road test.

Tori Calvin

Theresa McGuire

We put our grandson in the 911 Driving School in Graham and we were amazed at how well of a driver he became. The owners and instructors were very helpfull. We were so pleased when we read on facebook that they had a scholarship competion happening that we had our granddaughter apply for it. She applied and I believe there was 7 winners out of 52 applicants. She was one of them that that won half off the class. She is now enrolled in the 911 Driving School in Graham.

Bradley Toman

Sarie Mathews

Best experience. Fairly priced, great organization and wonderful instructors.

Monica Heagy

Cobey Uhlsbesorry

I had a wonderful 5 weeks at this school. My instructor was real nice and let us have breaks, I enjoyed those breaks because there is a lot of writing haha. But in the end I feel more confident on the road and I feel I learned more than stuff for the road but in life in general. So thank you 911 driving school of graham!


My son totally enjoyed his drivers' education at the Graham 911 driving school. He enjoyed both the classroom instructors and his driving instructors. And in my contact with the employees there, they were totally professional and thoughtful. Booking the class and drives online was very easy but I had to call the school to make a couple of revisions. Jeremy helped me each time I called and he was great to work with. Thanks Graham 911 Driving School for a terrific experience!

K. Nielsen

This school is definitely worth it. The driving instructors are phenomenal, and the class setting is perfect for learning and retaining information. I am overjoyed that I chose this school.


Great program with helpful instructors! Well worth the money!

Carla Pfeiffer

Couldn’t be happier with the service here. After my daughter had trouble with a rude instructor at another school we retook her drive test here. Amanda was so patient and understanding. She really made my daughter feel at ease and she passed her test with no issues! Thank you so much Amanda!

Christy McKenzie

I enrolled 4 of my kids in September 2016, and although there was not a discount for having a handful of kids in the class at the same time, it was worth every penny for each of my kids. Their favorite instructor was Mike. Mike went above and beyond to teach 3 of the 4 that were not confident at all, that driving was not a bad thing. They all passed the class, but three of them took a little longer after their test to get the actual license. However, just to get them through the class was a huge achievement. On their final drive test, Mike took extra time to explain to the kids on what areas they needed work. He then turned to me as a parent and explained what areas they needed to work on. My oldest whom is now 22, took his class here and was again, a great experience and that is why we went back. Our youngest has a few more years before she will need to drive and I sure hope this location and Mike are still there. This place is all around amazing and so thankful that now, I have 5 of my 6 kids licensed and all are very grateful for the experience of this place and can drive by themselves with confidence. Thank you again!!!

Tony Berlow

Unprofessional and pass the blame to me when the instructor did not show for my driving lesson. They weren't even open during the instruction time! Blow me.

Nervous Space

Tristan Anderson

The price is really great, and the service is amazing. 10/10 would take anyone here for a test.

Ryan Mueller

This was a great course. I would recommend it to a friend.

Brenda Brumet

You can't go wrong choosing Grahams's 911 driving school. My son Ashton had Brenden as his class instructor and Kevin as his Driving instructor. Brenden was awesome at teaching my son everything he needed to know before getting behind the wheel. My son was very nervous about getting behind the wheel for the first time. Ashton and his Friend Gavin were scheduled to drive with another instructor for all their drives because of a review I read online about Kevin. We had to make a schedule change, so they ended up with Kevin for his first drive. I was freaking out thinking if he had a bad experience I would never get him back in the car. What a blessing that schedule change ended up being. Ashton and his friend loved their drive with Kevin and asked to have all their drives changed to have Kevin as the instructor. Kevin was amazing with the boys and made a few schedule changes of his own to accommodate driving with my son. Thank you so much Kevin, Brenden and the rest of the staff at 911 driving school Graham.

Maria Martini

BEST DRIVING SCHOOL!! Amazing teachers!

lindsay thompson

I am so pleased with the experience I had at Graham 911 driving school! Wonderful customer service and I was able to take my written and drive test same day! If you are looking for a great driving school this is the place to go.

Emily Warren

I absolutely loved my experience at this driving school. The in class lessons were extremely well taught and simple to follow a long with. I enjoyed going to class every week and learning about how to become a successful driver. Going here taught me much more than I could have ever learned on my own. They have wonderful driving instructors as well as a great staff whom are very patient and understanding. I recommend this over any other drivers education, 100% worth the price and the time!

Isabel Lucas

Katherine Velez

Amazing facility! All the instructors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Prices are exactly what you would expect for their amazing service. Owner is absolutely the best and is always there for students and parents. All the teachers, licensed driving instructors, and examiners are flawless and their devotion to student sucess is undoubtedly the best. I cannot rave about this facility enough!

Ciera Snell

teachers are fun learned a lot



Trenton Mathews

Great school, made drivers ed fun. 10/10 loved my experience here.

Gabriel Murillo

aaron argo

Top notch trainers and educational experience.

ashlyn clark

Absolutely loved this class. Everyone was so nice and friendly . Great learning experience. Going to miss this class

Carol Howry

My daughter and her friend just finished with their last drive yesterday. This has been a great experience for them throughout the class instruction and drives. Since the two girls wanted to do all their drives together we had to call/visit to schedule rather than using the online option. Nicole and Scott were always so helpful and patient in finding us a time with two open spots for drives with Scott. BONUS: Since the Graham location is now open for Walk In DOL Drive testing on Saturdays, the girls were actually able to take their drive tests yesterday as well (and passed YAY!). Couldn't be happier with the safety and drive education they received! Thanks Scott for putting up with these two!

Esther Pratt

Savannah Lynn

Had a really great experience with this school. Well worth what we payed for. Great lessons and drives are calm and easy. Scott and Brendan are awesome, and would definitely recommend. My only suggestion to change would be on the 4 tests we take throughout the course, it would help me in particular to know what I got wrong, because it seemed to me that I kept getting the same concepts wrong simply because I didn't know it was wrong. Other than that, an extremely high quality program and I would recommend to anyone.b

Beast boy78

You and the staff were fun and entertaining. Thank you for the great experience.

Jocelynn Robison

WARNING: SARCASM USED HEAVILY!!! I love this place! If you are on the brink of Freedom or 911, choose 911! The instructors and staff are extremely nice!!! Scott, the instructor of my class, was making the long two hours pass by quickly because of his witty humor. I can't recall a time in that class where I actually was bored. We go over all these specifics for driving to get us ready for the DOL written test. Because this information was so greatly covered, it is very likely to pass! For the drives, if you are a new driver, don't feel TOO intimidated. The instructors will try and help you feel comfortable in a vehicle and will crack some jokes to calm you down. ( Definitely recommend Stu Bracken and Scott Elliott. They were the MVPS! ) So grateful I have gotten to have this wonderful experience and Scott, if you are reading this, I hope you've gotten a laugh out of all the jokes you pulled on us ahahaha! SO GO AND ENROLL IN 911 NOW BECAUSE YOU WON'T REGRET IT! (Also, Scott likes cookies...Specifically homemade ones XD) -Jocelynn Robison

Angie O'Neill

Janna Kesterson

I am so glad that both of my boys took drivers ed through 911 in Graham. Both of my boys had Kevin as an instructor and he was so kind, patient and understanding. I have one teenager with anxiety and he was so comfortable with Kevin he didn't want to drive with anyone else. My other son wanted to do all of his drives with Kevin too. He is encouraging, helpful and totally goes out of his way to accommodate the needs of the student and the families. Kevin has gone above and beyond for our family and other families that I know that have gone through 911 in Graham. Kevin is very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you may have. If anyone asks us where they should send their teenagers I will for sure refer them to this location. Thank you so much for building the confidence both my children needed to be successful safe drivers. Also, thank you for being so patient and kind to the scared mom's that are having to let go of their teenagers. Keep up the amazing work!!!!

Emma P

Kyrstin Drawdy

Best place to get your drive done! 10 out of 10 definitely recommend!!!

Jason Leland

If your not apart of the school, your not welcome here. Take your drive test else where if your just trying to pass the driving test.

Madison L. Young

As a 2018 student of the 911 Driving School in Graham, I would HIGHLY recommend this place. I’ve completed all the lessons, tests, and drives. They also offer the final drive to get your license. The main reason I recommend this place is that the police officers that work there are absolutely amazing to be around. They’re all pretty funny but also straight to the point when teaching. The instructors teach you well and treat you more like an adult than typical junior high or high school teachers do (which is great). The lessons teach you everything you need to know without being overly boring, and when you drive with an instructor and fellow student, it’s a lot less scary than you’d think it would be because of how great the instructors are. Again, highly highly recommend.

Mason Hoffman

I just recently finished drivers ED at 911 driving school. Their driving instructors are very polite and patient. Scott is an awesome teacher and made going to class for two hours enjoyable. My overall experience is more than five stars worthy. Thank you Scott, the staff and all of the driving instructors for making my learning experience an awesome time!

troy chalcraft

Very helpful, I easy classes and very nice people. Highly recommended.

Uday Mahajan

The Driving Courses are great probably the best and worth your time and money but the customer service of the front desk is horrible. We went for walk in drive test and were told to wait 45 mins at 11AM and had the test after 1PM. So reducing the rating from 4.5 to 2 stars for this horrible experience.

Amanda Hursh

This driving school is amazing and I thought the cone exercise that Stu Bracken has us do was very helpful and wish I could have done that in my drive one as well.

isabella foxley

love love love this school. the instructors really engage with students. they are very on top of their things.

Alexa Christie

Alexandria Naseri

Scheduled my last ride and the instructor never even showed up and was never contacted about rescheduling despite many attempts at contact. I paid a lot of money for this stupid course and they can't even call me back.

Andon Turner

Very friendly and worth the cost

Annette DeVivo

Although all of offices for the 911 drving schools are the same company they are all franchise owned. This one stands above all others! Great customer service and you can walk in and take the knowledge test and then sign up for the drive test! I took my son to 2 other offices the where they had the knowledge test only certain days and times. Glad we found 911 driving in Graham!

Jake Dusek

Judy Beer

They are good and nice



Molly Kaur

eyenga wawa

The one in Graham is that absolute best couldn’t have asked for better. I was nervous, but realized it was for no reason. Scott is the BEST! Try to get a class with him, best driving learners program in Washington. Worth the money

Isaiah Williams

Not only do the 15 days of class fly by, but the fun lighthearted environment the teachers provide make it easy for any student to have a great time. I also really enjoy how streamlined the make the process compared to places like Freedom. Sure, 911 is more expensive than most other places, but when you get opportunities like a chance at taking the state knowledge test in class so you can save some scheduling headache makes it feel well worth the money.

N. Okamoto

My daughter and just passed her knowledge and driver's test today! We love this school and all the people that work there. All are very nice and even welcoming when you walk in the Graham office. Thank you for making our experience a pleasant one. A very happy mom.

Mark Smith

My wife is from Russia and so she needed an instructor who had the patients and understanding for such a situation. Scott was that instructor. He even took the time to get out of the car to point out different alignment points for maneuvers like parallel parking when my wife didn't fully understand what he was saying. She and I fully recommend Graham 911 driving and even more so Scott. Thank you Scott!

Hailey King

great driving school :)

Baddrifter 01

The staff at this school are amazing people and a pleasure to learn from. Not only do they give meaningful advice, but they teach you things that you might now learn from other sources, be it your parents or other driving schools. The fact that these classes are taught by officers of the law, the people that know the roadways and laws the best, make their experiences and words all the more credible. Their services are great, the instructors are great, and the class is a very useful one to take. I highly recommend people choose this driving school for themselves and/or their children. The high price is paid off in knowledge and skill. Thanks for the experience 911 Driving School, keep up the good work guys and gals! -Robert A. Wooley

Maggie Ly

captain bootys

First. I was forced to be here Second. I gladly would attend again Third. Thank you all for being so great at what you do

CHRISTINA M Engelhardt

I took my drivers test here and had the best experience! Let me tell you I was so nervous I almost thought about canceling. But as soon as I got in the car with Amanda all my anxiety and nerves went away. She made me feel comfortable and she was super nice! I’m so glad I chose to get my test done here!

mustache awesomeness

Amber Bauer

As a parent myself and also a student for Driver Ed, I can tell you, this is the place to go for teens or adults. 15yrs ago, I took drivers Ed and had horrible experience with instructors and felt unsafe, I also suffered from major phobia with driving and had serve anxiety and learning difficulties. Knowing this is done by police officers made me finally Feel comfortable trying again. Scott had me join one of his teen classes and took the time to explain things in a way I could understand. I slowly built confidence in myself and felt safe. They teach in a way to keep you engaged and learn. Also they help you be prepared for the knowledge test and everyone in our class (huge class) passed. They are very flexible with the (5) drives you take. It took a lot of family members and friends to try to get me to drive for years and years. This is the only place that made me feel comfortable, safe and helped me understand what I should be doing. Words can’t express how thankful they have 911 driving school. Thank you Scott for believing in me, and making me feel safe and comfortable with the roads. I’m now proudly a licensed driver and now can take my kids places safely.

Shane Hanrahan

I was a student over the summer of 2018 and I had an amazing experience. Scott made everything very easy to understand, and I feel prepared to be on the road. When it came time to take the written test, my entire class of 44 students passed, which goes to show what an amazing instructor Scott is. Thank you guys so much!

Scott Brewer

Rob Lightbody


Danielle Hall

My son learned how to drive from the professional folks at 911 Driving School in Graham. Scott and his coworkers did a fabulous job teaching my son the rules of the road and the responsibilities required, both in the classroom, and while in the driver's seat. As this teen's mom (and a single parent), it's a big relief to know that my son Connor has been taught by true professionals. Thank you!

Nancy Hill

We had a positive experience with the 911 Driving School Graham location. The instructor was supportive of my anxious driver when I took the time to ask for advice and assistance. The times for the drives listed to choose from did not work well for us, but I was able to work directly with the instructor to find a schedule that would fit. If you have any concern about your new driver or how the class/drives are going just let them know.

Josh Darkow

Teachers are fun to work with. Drives have the structure they need. Good environment and fun classes

Grace Autumn

I attended 7 weeks worth of classes at this establishment and I can honestly say I got a lot out of it. Scott and his team provided a constantly positive environment in which to learn. I was anxious to begin with, but they did an amazing job of keeping students calm and calculated while on the road. Major shout out to Scott for going above and beyond expectations as a drive instructor. Also, Kevin Kelly. On our fourth drive he bought us donuts. Five stars all around. Period.

Eunice Masiala

Really good driving school the instructors are friendly and make learning how to driver very easy

Aura L

Everyone I talked to at this location was very kind and friendly. I was a bit nervous about the testing but Amanda is awesome and made me feel at ease when instructing my drive test. I didn't have to worry about all the horror stories of the test when coming here. Thank you guys for doing what you do.


The instructors are all really great and take their time to ensure you understand what your learning! A few of them seem intimidating at first but their really nice after a while. Drives are fun and very informative. The tests aren't as hard as they seem. Everyone in the class is super quiet most of the time, but it makes it easier to pay attention! This class was definitely worth the money, especially since it's going to our futures.

Chris Barnes

They were very fast and accurate with the way they taught at the school. They kept us updated through the snowy weather on whether or not there would be class. I had enrolled on November 8th and finished my classes on January 13. My Instructor was Elliott Scott.. I would like to give him a personal shoutout/ thank you. He was a great mentor and helped the students and I schedule classes and driving practices.. as well he helped me see the confidence invested myself, due to timing, public school, family, and more issues I had at the time, he was able to help me look past it im order to succeed in my future.. and pass all my test. Very good service and I am glad I had the chance to learn with them.. I am definitely going to refer my under class-men to take classes here..

Bobby Agfalvi

no joke for anyone looking for a driving school, this is the one. they are all very nice, and they want you to pass. they give nothing but the important information you need to pass these tests and drives. 100% the best driving school. they are legends. thank you so much to all of you.

Dawne S

911 was a great driving school for me. Scott is the best instructor you could ask for. I highly recommend 911. Carley S.

Ash p

the course was ight


Shannon Tulloh


Avary Mendez

I recently finished my drivers ed course through 911 and my experience was great! The staff is very nice and helpful which made the whole process of enrolling, doing drives, and performing my tests a breeze. Scott, who owns the facility is an amazing teacher and over all a very genuine person. He made coming to class a joy and I don't think I've ever met a more easy going person! After finishing my course, I feel so confident in my driving skills, as I learned a lot of helpful material. I would definitely recommend 911 to anyone who is thinking about enrolling in drivers ed. It is a must!

Queen Potato

Our instructor Al was great and made it fun to be in class. The drives with the instructors are great. I've had Bob for most of my drives and he made sure I was relaxed and not nervous.

Rhys Anderton

My girlfriend did the adult driving package from here. As a teenager she was never able to take drivers ed and wasn't taught by her parents. She was nervous about driving and wanted to do the drivers ed course even though she is no longer a teenager, they wouldnt let her. She purchased the adult package instead as that was what they suggested to get some practice as she didn't have a car to practice with at the time. Her first 2 drives were with one instructor which she liked, said he was very nice and helpful. Her third drive she just took today left her in tears and having an anxiety attack due to the mans harsh attitude and treating her as if she was stupid. After that experience we are considering to not even take her already paid for drivers test here unless we are assured she will not have to take it with the instructor she had today, his name was Kevin Kelly. I've been driving with her and although she is a new driver she does decent when in the car with me. This man made her feel so uncomfortable she was having an panic attack most of the drive and couldn't think straight. Beware of some of their instructors, not saying all are bad but be careful you might get Kevin.

Janelle Rose

T. Cole

Brendan was a groovy instructor and my overall experience with 911 driving school was pleasant. Staff is very nice and helpful.

Briauna Bartholomew

The staff there are really caring and enjoyable to work and learn with.

Sheri Holmquist

Soke Cheesy

During my time there, while there were scheduling difficulties with instructors, it was still a positive experience and my learning experience was wonderful and education was wonderfully done.

Neva Braxton

Took my drivers test today and it went great. Amanda was amazing and I felt so confident! I would definitely give 10/10

SpyDuMbAss ;3

Smaller classes are better in my opinion and everyone is fun and nice ^~^ -Meow

Jenna W

I just had to respond to Gabi's review. I have had 2 daughters go through this driving school with 1 almost finished with the course. Both of my girls have had Kevin as an instructor and he has been amazing! In fact, my girls have always requested him as their instructor. He is very knowledgeable, patient and kind with my girls. He instilled confidence in their driving abilities. He spent extra time with us trying to find driving appointments for my girls that worked with our schedule. He always went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of. Our experience with Kevin was 5 stars! Thank you Kevin.

Katelynn Noble

I learned a lot and I made a new friend!!


Alexa Santos

Gracen Buchanan

This place is an amazing place to learn how to drive. Nothing is better than learning how to drive from someone who is tasked to enforce the rules of the road, and honestly has more experience and insider knowledge than any adverage instructor could offer. The officers are extremely cool, my time here couldn't have been greater. Being able to call you guys by your first names and listening to the fun stories you guys offer really downplays the stress of having a police officer in the room teaching you about the rules of the road. It was very relaxed, yet controlled environment, and I would recommend it to any of my peers who want learn how to drive from the real professionals. Thanks, guys.

Gabi S

This is just because of Kevin. I had a drive with Kevin and he made me feel so degraded and left me feeling so unconfident in myself that I didn't drive for three months because I didn't believe in myself. He made feel so stupid that after my drive I went into my car and cried. No one should ever make you feel that way especially because I am learning and I make mistakes but they shouldn't be pointed out so much that I end up crying because of it. However, everyone else at 911 is very nice especially Brenden. He is the reason why I finished my drives and have confidence in my driving abilities now. I still struggle with driving confidently and I absolutely hate driving now and I'm pretty sure that's because of my experience with Kevin. Please look into Kevin and make sure he knows that his words hurt and we are all scared and nervous about driving and the last thing we need is someone yelling at us saying that we did everything wrong. This is not meant to attack Kevin at all I just wanted to share my experience with him. I don’t believe he intended to make me feel that way I just think he was very passionate and got a little carried away. Nonetheless this was my experience with him and I just wanted to share it in hopes that this does not happen again. Aside from this incident I do believe that 911 is a great driving school because it thought me a lot about driving and there are a lot of nice instructors there.

Ricardo VA

I am going to start school tommorow here for driving.

Raziel Jeff

Andrew Murrow

Just had my drive test here this last weekend, everyone there took wonderful care of me and was really cool! If this place is an option for you, don't pass it up!

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