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REVIEWS OF 911 Driving School of Everett and DOL Approved Testing Center IN Washington

Rowan Anderson

Great school, I feel like I learned a lot, and the class was very enjoyable! Drive Instructor Mike and Frank work hard to make the experience both educational, as well as fun and lighthearted. I would totally recommend this school, as it is taught by (former) police officers who’ve had lots of experience.

TheEverythingChannel 17

Best driving school around! Would recommend to anyone!

Hannah Choi

Passed on my second try! The lady at the front desk was really nice and she helped calmly nerves. The guy who tested me was very clear with his directions and was really nice about telling me what I did wrong.

Jamie Zundel

My twin 16 year-olds both went to take the driving part of their driver’s license test today at 911 Driving School Everett. The folks at 911 Driving School were great to work with from the helpful person who I called to see if they had an opening to the test administrator who was calm and straightforward with what he would have them do during the test. Also having Saturday hours is great!

Liliya Pavlus

Bradley Higgins

This man mr.g is the greatest instructor I’ve met so nice , funny , always in a perfect mood and makes you want to be there. Didn’t want to really pay the money to come here, but he definitely made it all worth it. I recommend him 100%

Fatoumatta Sanneh

Best driving school everrrr ! And the instructors and front are so patient and understanding

Cliff Tampake

mike is cool

Jess Adams

Frank & Mike are amazing. The staff is very helpful and very friendly. If you come here you will be taken care of. 100% recommend this driving school to everyone.


I just completed my driving training with 911 driving school in Everett. My instructor Frank is an awesome guy. He taught me really well and I was able to clear my driving test on first attempt. I would really recommend trying 911 Driving School if anyone is looking for driver's training in this area


Mike assaulted me with his kind words

Chrionna Dumale

Honestly an amazing place to go to! Frank was amazing made me feel like I had it in the bag. Highly recommend! Walked in with a permit walked out with a DL

Kloey Case

I loved going to this driving school. Very awesome friendly people and helped me learn so much about the laws n everything. Going to miss the people

Cl mottoS

The attention and service are excellent in this place. Excelente atencion del instructor como del personal.


Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold It's a cool place and they say it gets colder You're bundled…

Alice Sampson

Great classes and instructors!

Aidan Richer

Loved the school Mike is the best instructor ever!!!

Cj B

Imma be honest this class is wack, mike is just too macho for us and his weird obsession with giving kids candy, here is his story. “Good morning” mike sways his luscious locks While the lighting hits it perfectly on his nice looking forehead, and the beautiful hairline. “Are we ready to learn about...driving?” I stare into his ocean blue eyes. He is the type to go on long walks on the beach with his dog “Balrock, eater of worlds”... but there is something about him... something suspicious. His deep voice spoke throughout the class about right turns and drunk driving. Everyone in the class was in a trance, absorbing every word spoken. But I wasn’t phased, I knew something was wrong... different with this handsome driving instructor, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The class ends and mike asks me to stay after class to “speak to me”. I walk up to his desk with my bag and empty Starbucks coffee cup. Mike turns around with papers in his hand. “Do you know why I called you after?” “Not sure... Mike?” He glares at me while saying “how long have you known?” “Known what?” He paused for a long time.... “that I was a vampire.” To be continued...

grace cho

This is one of the best driving schools I’ve ever been to. I recommend Frank for anybody who is looking for a generous, patient instructor. Frank has given me the confidence to be a safe driver. For anyone who is looking for a driving school in WA, I recommend this driving school in Everett. All the staffs are very friendly and the school is very clean.

Travis Smith

This is hands-down the best driving school✓ My son has trouble reading' and they helped him every step of the way! He was able to pass the knowledge test✓ Got a 92 on the driving test!! This place is worth the money- The best part is your money helps retired law enforcement!

Theresa Nguyen

Just took my drive test today! The lady in the front was very kind and professional. Compared to Lynnwood location for 911 where they are very rude, I was shocked at how good the service was here. The guy who scored me critiqued me well and clear after the test. Recommended to all!

Stacey Monson

I found 911 Driving School in Everett to be extremely fast and friendly. It's so convenient to just walk in for your written and drive tests! And it's just 2 blocks North of the Everett DOL!!

mukami moreen

I did my drivers test here two days ago and passed. Nice instructors very polite, helpful and professional. Warm up class was very helpful

Yuridia Gallegos

I give many thanks to the instructor who made me enter in confidence and remove my nerves everything was fast and simple nothing complicated made my test written and the driving the same day in less than 2 hours I already had my license

Robert Rust


Good instructors

Alejandra Cumes

I took my driving test and the instructor was very nice and he explained very well. The test was only 15 minutes. I definitely I recomend.

Kolby Wheadon

The best driving school in the northwest.

Ghost _

Molly Georgis

mike was an amazing teacher and made class super fun!!

Netsanet Tizazu

They are really good nice instracter Frank tnx am a good and safe driver.....

brando perez

Awsome school teachers good front desk lady good all is fine if you go for dol test study driver guide first

nhyia marie

I genuinely believe that this school is awesome for all people that want to learn how to drive. The staff at the front desk are very kind, patient and helpful. I felt super comfortable in class and learned so much. The instructors are so nice and are willing to go the extra mile to help you with what you need. All of the curriculum is updated and will be used. They don't teach you what you don't need and don't have busy work (which is good). They're also very fun to be around. It was overall a great experience. Jeff, Mike and Frank are awesome people to learn from and be around. They really do focus on helping you as an individual and clearly care about your well being.

aroona nadeem

I had greattt experience I took my road test today with jeff. He was such and awesome person. So polite and explained me everything before my test. I told him I was nerves he made me feel better and confident. I just love love love the place highly recommended


The instructor was really nice and kept telling me u was gonna be fine even though I was nervous af. I passed

Yang Fu


Classes were hella fun. Drives were pretty rad.

Esther Bertash

Absolutely loved my experience with this school!! I attended their drivers ed program and it was great! Had a lot of fun with the students. The instructors have a great way of teaching you all that you need to know. Would 100% recommend!!

Kenneth Stephens

Anxiety after a bad experience put me off driving for over 10 years but, with Frank's guidance, I finally got my license. I would recommend this school to anyone with serious hangups around driving.

The Midnight Racer

Great school. Amazing Instructors.

Ben Hidy

Fast and easy. Staff was great. Did what I thought would take a week in a single afternoon. Highly recommend.

Tyler Huynh

10/10 learning experience

Jamie Lystrup

Omg I love theses people. I'm 27 and never thought I'd be able to drive but thanks to 911 drive school I got my license in 10 lessons. Jeff, Frank, and other Jeff are so awesome and chill, and the ladies who take calls were always so nice and understanding of my needs. If you need to learn to drive this is honestly the place to go. 15/10 have been suggesting them to everyone. I accidentally added this to Bothell's location. It is meant for Everett's

Veronica VanderMolen

Instructor Mike made learning boring road rules fun and memorable. Absolutely worth it.

Dillan Monson

Ben Chaban


Andrew Blackstone

Clean cut and professional. Probably the best facility from Seattle to Bellingham. Customer service is great. No appointment needed. Quick and easy. Don't waste your time anywhere else.

devika reddy

I just passed my driving test and my instructor Frank was too good in terms of explaining things, what to do and not to do. He is very encouraging and you will be loaded with positive vibes if he is around you which helps in learning and clearing the test.

Artem Gorbunov

I would really recommend this school. My brother in law not really speaking English yet and Frank ( instructor) was really helpful to make it done. They can go extra mile to help you get your driver's license. Thank you for your help really much... Best driving school around for sure!!!

Kuroda Sachiyo

I’m happy I chose 911 to take my tests. It’s a respectful environment with nothing but positive energy! They want you to do well! Frank is awesome I had to hug him twice when I passed! Thanks a ton for the good vibes Frank! I’ll definitely be back to touch up on my driving skills

Blake Stevens

This class was very fun I learned a lot about driving

Al Jeffrey De Villa

Morgan Rogers

The staff were very helpful and kind. The instructor was funny and friendly which helped me feel more comfortable during the test. I didn’t pass my first driving test, but definitely going back for my next test!

Simon Augusto Sosa Bermudez

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention. Very nice people! (Original) Excelente atención. Very nice people!


I thoroughly enjoyed my classes and drives here. Mike was a great teacher that maintained a relaxed environment full of jokes but also one in which we learnt a lot. Frank, who I've done my road drives with, is also great - he explains things well and keeps things laid-back while driving. I certainly recommend the Everett 911 Driving School! - Joe from EV19-0626

Xander Ganacias

mike and frank are cool

Ahamad Ceesay

Lara Lo

I just passed my road test with their help TODAY! My instructor Frank was very encouraging, calm and humorous sometime. He gives very clear instructions. I felt safe and not very nervous when I was on the road practicing. Great instructor :D Their reasonable price is another reason why I'm happy about their service. When I first called them, the lady on the phone told me I can sign up for 1 class first and see how many more I would need. So I did after my first class and they gave me the package price. I think that's very kind. Also they're flexible about pick-up and drop-off. Even though I used that only once, but as far as I know of, you do not need to pay for all the pick-ups & drop-offs in advance. Instead you may schedule it before hand and just pay for that time. Love their flexibility. I recommend this driving school to everyone :D

Mallory Swenson

For the most part I was very happy with the front desk and my instructors.On all my drives MOST of my instructors where very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Whoever on my last drive my instructor who I will not say the name treated me VERY RUDLEY he called me a horrible driver, said my backing skills sucked and was very degrading to my driving the whole time.I left that drive crying and when my parents called the front desk they gave the phone to the instructer who proceeded to be VERY RUDE!! with how he was speaking about me. My parents then emailed the owner to get a refund for the knowledge and driving test since they had paid for that along with my actual drivers ed course. The owner was very nice and opologetic with how the drive had gone. Overall the experience was good except for that one drive but that drive was so bad I don’t think that I would recommend that particular branch of 911 Driving School to anybody. On another note in your drives they have a camera inside the car and I wish that I could get that footage to show how rude that instructed was to me. Also I am not mad that he said I need improvement because I have driven less then 20 hours of course I need improvement but he was so rude about it that I don’t think I will ever be going back to that place.

Gericho Agustin

Zayda Barros

I don't have enough words to describe how amazing my experience with 911 Driving School of Everett was. The whole team are kind, warm and approachable people that make you feel confident in what you are doing. I went in for an adult driving lesson and for my road test. I wanted the lesson to ease up my nerves before my test, and to glance over what I was going to be tested in and feel confident when I took it. As soon as I shook hands with my instructor, any anxiety I was feeling melted away. He helped me with the things I was doing wrong in a respectful manner but always with a sense of humor, and reassured me on the things I was doing right. After my lesson, I felt prepared and actually excited for my test, instead of being a ball of nerves like I was before. The person who was administering my Road Test made me feel safe and secure even before starting the test. I never once felt judged or anxious during the actual test, and I passed with flying colors. I am so thankful to all the team for the best experience I've ever had in a driving school (and as a foreigner, that's been a lot). I can't say enough good things about the service, convenience of their hours, flexibility, location, payment process and most of all, about the quality of the people working there. Every single one of them made getting my license an easy and painless process. 100% recommended!

Alice McIntyre


Tanner Wisniew

Had a great time learning how to drive and use the road, met a lot of cool people and had a lot of fun, the instructors were nice and so we're the classmates, all in all five stars

Kerrian Shirley

The instructors are very friendly and professional .the staffers are very friendly .if i could give a hundred stars this driving school deserve every one of them .

eTraining Solutions

Originally I brought my daughter here because of the PRICES. They were considerably cheaper than the other schools we looked at. In the end, I would recommend because of the AMAZING STAFF!!! We heard horror stories about instructors at other schools, so we had our guard up initially. But all of the girls at the front counter were smiling and helpful everytime we had a question. My daughter said Frank and Mike made the classes and the drives something to look forward to each time. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND 911 of Everett. Plus they offer free daily driving tips on their social media. I sheepishly have to admit... Even I needed a bit of a refresher. GLAD WE FOUND THEM!!!!!!

Isaak Jacoby

Best teachers in Everett

Kristina Brown


Shane Johnson

Isaac H

I struggled for years to pass my road test. But with five lessons from this place, I was able to pass the test on my first attempt! Every instructor is extremely knowledgeable, and it's evident that they want you to pass. The school cars offer lots of visibility, and the routes that the school will take you on are very beginner-friendly. I highly recommend this place over Defensive Driving School.

hayden koolaid

Mike is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. Frank is one of the coolest and funniest people I’ve ever met. And this whole experience has changed my personal opinions of cops. Very nice staff, very informative classes, and the school is very clean. If your looking to get your license then go here.

Drake Miesel

I just finished the drivers ed course, and I’d definitely recommend 911 over defensive or school-offered programs. The instructors feel more like friends than teachers, and the class is easy to enjoy. There’s no ridiculous homework or projects (I’ve heard there are in defensive) and the instructors are funny, genuine people. Definitely the best driving school!

Sâmia Maria

I wanted to tell you that this has been a great experience for me. You have a well organized and operated Driving School. I have developed into a confident driver thanks to Frank, he is awesome.

Austin Craig

The instructors were very good and I learned really quick.


Staff is friendly and want to help you get your license. I paid for 5 adult lessons with knowing little to nothing about driving a vehicle. Frank, (my instructor) helped me feel comfortable with driving and ultimately pushed me out of my comfort zone and got me to take and pass my driving test within my course. I strongly recommend 911 Driving School of Everett to anyone who needs to get their license and does not have a lot of knowledge about driving.

Thuy Humphrye


Desi A.

Linh Pham

I’m happy that I chose this location for my driver ed. This place got the best Mike that no where else does. Great experience

Aaron Harbert

Great Experience, Awesome service, great staff. I will be recommending 911 driving school to anyone looking for a great school! Loved my experience!

Rusel Emir

Holly Haynes

This place really helped with my anxiety and helped me remember everything about driving and how to drive and everything (:

Ashelia Rose

Frank was an awesome instructor; I came in with no driving experience and took four 1-hour lessons (with no outside practice) and turned the fifth lesson into the driving test that I passed! I even felt confident during the process, which surprised me. Frank was patient with my myriad of questions during the lessons and never made me feel dumb for asking even basic things.

Destiny Miller

Amazing school and amazing people would so recomend this place so worth going

Tammi Brady

The instructor for my son's driver's test was both patient and kind. He really helped to put him at ease during the test.

Jean Carlos Gonzalez

The attention and service are excellent in this place, the instructor Mr. Frank a professional, thank you for the good treatment and patience.

Yulia Yang

they are EXCEPTIONAL, we dealt with MaryJo, David and Jeff (i hope i got the name right lol). they were so helpful and give tips before the driving test so that we don’t get surprised for points docked for small things such as hand signaling. and they managed to squeeze us in for an appointment after we tried to do the test on a very busy day!!! lol they literally saved our day cuz we NEED to do and pass the test on that day!!! really appreciate the help!!! and we are grateful for the excellent customer service!!! if u need to take ur test i really recommend here!! the road situation is not complicated in this neighborhood, and they patiently explain you what you will be tested on. they really help you to relax and feel confident about the road test!!!!

Beckett Tallmadge

This school made drivers ed fun!!

Wed Alobaidi

I just passed the driver test with 911 driving school of everett after only two lessons


As a new immigrant from another country with previous driving experience, I came in for an adult driving lesson prior to the drive test and they have an excellent instructor who is very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. There is a perfect balance of seriousness with wit and humor at explaining the things I needed to learn which I believe helps build confidence behind the wheel. I highly recommend taking driving lessons from this school.


All the instructors at 911 everett are amazing!! I can’t say enough good things about everyone there. I had a lot of fun throughout the class and they gave me the knowledge to pass BOTH my test with ease!! They also communicate via email and Instagram post. You can tell that every worker there is committed and truly care about the safety of the students and new drivers. I would recommend 911 everett to anyone. -Kyden Gaffney

Ty Goodridge

Great service. Amazing place to take test at. I recommend doing a practice with the instructor before the test it helped me pass with a 94.

Davyd Monich

It was very cool

Slavik Paprotskyi


After taking just 2 (1 Hour) driving lessons at the Everett 911 Driving School location, I felt confident with my driving skills and the instructor I had, Frank, was very patient and kind. Having him as an instructor made my nerves go away and feel relaxed while driving. He helped me improve on the skills I was lacking on which caused me to do well on the road test! The employees working behind the desk are also very friendly and helpful. I recommend this location for those who are wanting to take drivers ed., driving lessons, knowledge test or the road test! :)

Bella Contreras

loved the school!

Amber’s Opinions

My instructor Mike was interesting and funny. I liked how he taught the class. Frank was fun to drive with and made me feel really comfortable. I tell my friends they should go here.


Best Place to get WA state driver license. I came from India and i had little to no experience in driving. On top of that in USA we have left hand drive and it was bit of a challenge for me but with the patience and experience of the the Frank the training instructor i passed my driving test. He was very professional in teaching as he is ex police officers and know all the rules what are there to follow. I will definitely recommend to try 911 driving school Everett.

Zenobia Frazier

Everyone in the office are all full of knowledge! Such positive people and happy to help personalities!!! Frank is amazing and marked such a great experience that I will always remember, appreciate, and recommend to everyone seeking this location!!

Pamala Richardson

Highly recommend This place to take your drivers test the guy I took my test with was really nice and helpful , I was really nervous and didn’t think I could do it but I did and scored a 90 ! The staff are awesome .

Kylina Mcgill

I really like this school because all of the instructors are very nice and made the classes entertaining. The front desk is very good with scheduling and they are very friendly.

Kayla Spencer

For as long as I can remember I've been terrified to drive. I wasn't sure if I'd ever get over that fear, but I knew I needed to conquer it eventually. And signing up for the drivers ed course at the 911 Driving school in Everett was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Mike and Frank, the two instructors there, are incredibly kind and absolutely wonderful at teaching. The employees at the front desk are very kind and helpful as well. I learned so much, and they make the classes very entertaining! I was honestly sad to leave once my course ended. But thanks to all of the amazing instructors and employees here, I passed my driving test and am now officially licensed! :) I definitely recommend this place to anyone learning to drive! You won't find a better driving school!!

Sarah Brown

This driving school is awesome! I couldn't have had a better experience. All the staff members are very nice. I especially want to thank Jeff for having such a calm, cool, and collected demeanor. I am very happy with my choice and will never forget it! Thank you 911 driving school, and thank you Jeff!!! You guys are awesome!

Hyrum Bullock

It was fun I learned a lot. Mike is the best!!

Sami Naji

This is the worst place you will go for your drive test. Try to avoid it!

Kimberly Jones

We were really hesitant putting our 16 year old in drivers ed. We questioned her being ready, and the commitment to every weekend. It turned out to be the best decision. She loved going and enjoyed learning. The instructors were encouraging and made learning fun. She excelled through this course, and we could not be more thankful to the instructors. The weekend classes were a great option! I highly recommend this school. Thank you!!

Miriam Hamstra

Great driving school! Learned so much and had fun at the same time! Also Mike is the best

Scotty Sweet

I needed a Washington State license but my out of state license expired and didn't know it. I had to take a written and driving test! Crazy! I didn't want to deal with the DMV wait times and scheduling. I was told I would have to wait until January for a driving test!? So, I online registered with 911 Driving school in Everett on a Thursday, walked in on Friday, passed my knowledge test on my second try. I made an appointment next day! for a driving test and passed! All done within 48 hours! If you fail your knowledge test you aren't allowed to see what you got wrong, Washington State rules. It's odd because how can I correct myself while out on the roads? Make sure and study for the knowledge test and driving test. Practice in the car too. It was a great experience and they were all professional, front desk and instructors.

gauri kanitkar

Great experience with the staff! Very polite and friendly! They were very clear on instructions of the driving test and their expectations. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to everyone!

anthony mack

I haven't had my liscence in 12 years. I went here and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I was able to pass my written first try. And surprisingly they were able to schedule my drive later that day. I was very nervous for my drive and the last time I took the test the instructor was very intimidating. My instructor here was the complete opposite. He was very friendly and informative. He made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend this place. Make sure you read the book before u test

Calvin Hammond

Frank was an amazing instructor and would defiantly recommend him.

Alex Cradduck

This is a great experience and I recommend this drive school for everyone.

Ariana Salazar

I took my driving test here today and it was pretty fast. Also Frank was my instructor he is AWESOME!! I recommend this place to everybody!!

Abbie Wayson

Aneika Woolery

Did my road test with them today and passed . The best in the game ! I highly recommend

Camille Rose Valencia

This driving school has to be one of the best out there, period. Taking driving lessons here and eventually receiving my license was an incredibly smooth process aided by some of the kindest staff. The student experience is truly prioritized and the instructors are committed to making sure that their students have the most personalized and helpful instruction. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone that is looking for a great school to attend. From start to finish, I can personally say that the instructors would not give up until success was reached, which was something I really appreciated.


Devo John

Took classes and both my written and driving tests for 911. The workers are great, professional and there for your success.


Mr. Ragman


Pretty good

Gabii Chavez

EJeanne Zook

I really like this school because every one is really nice

Samuel Shigematsu

Loved this school

Keaton McElmurry

Very efficient and great for learning fast

lazi john

This is the worst place you will go for your drive test or knowledge test. Try to avoid it!

Danica Esau

911 driving school is THE PLACE TO GO! The entire experience was incredible with them. I had a DUI 5 years ago and they treated me with such respect and dignity. Angel was my instructor for my drive test and was extremely personable and friendly! I will forever recommend y’all to anyone!

Jack Sears

Very good

Virginia Quintana

Great experience! My daughter was so nervous to drive but they equipped her with so much driving knowledge she is confident in driving now. Passed both written and driving test first try!

Moctar Diallo

You guys rock

Alex Vickrey

6/5, would 100% recommend. I scheduled a group of 5 driving lessons and couldn't have been happier with the results. My instructor was very nice and helpful, had a lot of fun conversations, and he was very confident in my driving skills which helped boost my own. We ended up having me take the drive test on the 4th day because of it, which I passed, and got my license that day. Took the 5th lesson still for fun, but I didn't even need all 5!

Alyssa Lee

As an adult getting my first ever license my instructor Frank TRULY made me feel comfortable and safe, and changed my driving experience for the better. His friendly demeanor made me excited for every lesson, and his encouraging words helped me feel more confident in my driving. Every aspect of driving was covered clearly and was easy to understand and digest. Every lesson was tailored to fit perfectly into my schedule (Thank you to everyone at the front desk! And also to Frank for making the time!!). I had an amazing experience, and I wouldn't have taken my lessons anywhere else. By the time you leave you'll find yourself missi g your awesome instructor and all of the wonderful people at 911 :)

Josh Maritz

my man Mike was being an OG and i love him with my whole heart i wish he didn't have a wife so i could be his true love but in total seriousness it was a really good program but if you were gonna go i'd go for mike for all the ladies out there

Hussain Alameedi

swidney taylor

The driving instructor Frank is the realest, coolest, most helpful guy ever. I was extremely scared to get my license and learn how to drive, but Frank was able to keep me calm, confident, and even laughing the whole time. Frank goes out of his way to ensure that people are going to be 100% prepared and confident on the road, and I am very grateful that he was my driving instructor. I would also like to point out that Frank took time out of his day to check out a small mechanical issue with my personal vehicle, and even went as far as to call me personally to give his expertise. Frank and the ladies at the front desk of the 911 Driving School of Everett are outstanding, I recommend learning to drive or taking your driving test here! OFFICIALLY LEGALLY LICENSED WAHOO!

seanna shissler

my last day of this class was yesterday; it was truly sad knowing that the fun and loving environment i’ve come to love is no longer apart of my day to day life. everyone of my friends and family who are beginning drivers ed i tell about this school. all the teachers, staff and students are such funny, loving, and caring people. i highly recommend taking the classes here!

drumstick deck

Mike was a great teacher he is the best at assaulting the class with his kind works and his shooting is with his great jokes I will always remember when he would aggressively throw candy at me when I got a answer correct all in all he was the worst at being a bad teacher I hope I see him someday soon possibly on the freeway going a hundred and I hope to buy more street signs from him too and I’ll make sure to do the opposite of crashing in his honor I thank him for putting up with my insanity Gnight buddy

Zephyr Ryan

Good instruction especially when teaching freeway driving and driving laws.

Jesa Stockman

This place is a very good environment to have your kid learn to drive, everyone is really nice and you get to learn a lot of information you won't learn from other places due to this place being taught from retired police officers, I definitely recommend this place for your kids driving education. It is a very good experience to the jokes and games we play in class to the calming experience of driving, you are given clear instructions while driving so you get the best education possible, they give you tips about the road test so that you have the best chance of passing it. You get to bond and have fun with the class you are in, I reccomend the summer class it makes things go quick and you will be able to get your licence right away. Also Mike is the best.

Dihana Poole

I am extremely thankful for the staff at the 911 Driving School in Everett. I had little to no driving experience when I first began coming here for lessons. I have had my permit for about year and it was going to expire in October 2018. I'm 23 years old and got the 10 1-hr adult driving lesson package. Frank was my instructor and he was wonderful! When I first started, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. I first started out in a parking lot to assess what I knew already and went from there. Frank took me out of comfort zone when it came to driving - I was on the freeway by my 4th lesson and it provided me SO much confidence after that. He was easy to talk to and gave direction well. He would always tell me when I was doing things right and when I was doing something wrong, he would let me know a better way to approach it and provided helpful tips that made me understand it better. If you are looking for a place to take your driving test, knowledge test or you need driving lessons - look no further. This is the place to go. The staff here WANT you to succeed and get your license! I honestly never thought I would ever get my license but thanks to 911 Driving School in Everett, I not only have a license but I have so much confidence in myself as a new driver. Thank you so much 911 Driving School in Everett!

Indigo Kuehn

Aidan Atkins

LOVED THE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! Instructor made the class a lot better.

Nicole Leitner

Decided to do the 40minute warm up drive before my drivers test and it was definitely worth it. Frank was amazing and helped me work on what things I was unsure of. Definitely recommend this place for driver testing!

Elizabeth Freeman

I loved this place. It is a great place to take your driving test as they offer a test run prior to your actual test. You can discuss any issues with the instructor prior to the actual test. Clients are treated with courteous and friendly professionalism. We enjoyed and appreciated our experience at what can be an otherwise very stressful occasion.

Ronnie Johnson Drone Flights

Sydnie Wisniew

Best Driving School! All the instructors are so helpful. I had a great class, and learned a lot. I definitely I had the best drivers ED experience.

aaron Young

Lida Sokolenko

Very good school. Instructors and personnel are very knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are great. And best of all instructors and staff try very hard to help people with language barrier like myself. Thank you Frank and 911 driving school Everett. If you on a look for a good driving school look no further 911 Everett is what you need!!!!

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